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 Jerome Dubois

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PostSubject: Jerome Dubois   Jerome Dubois Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 8:19 pm

Name: Jerome Dubois
Nickname: The Pride of France, Le phenomene Francais, The French Crusader.
Weight: 275 lbs
Height: 6'3"
Age: 27
Hometown: Paris, France
Class: Heel
Gimmick: A proud Frenchmen who is trying to bring intelligence culture and class to average low life people of wrestling. Showing also why France is better than everywhere else in the world

Entrance Music: The bell from Aerodynamics starts (rings three) then la resistance plays out come Dubois, when he is about to enter the ring la Marseillaise plays.
Entrance Details: Comes out with a blue Cape with his hood on. Wearing a mask with the French flag on it. (the mask he was using to attack The Saint. The Colour Red on the mask was painted with The Saints blood.) He wears White tights and Red boots.

Finishing Move 1: Au revoire (Sitout side slam spinebuster )
Finishing Move 2: Culture Shock (Dominator)
Trademark Move: Powerbomb
Submission Move: Sharp Shooter
Highflying Move: 360 spin leg Drop!
Five - eight common moves:
Scoop Slam
Spear (French Connection)
Single Leg Boston Crab
Chop (Flair Style!)
Powerbomb (Garlic Bomb)

Taunts: Slap the opponent in the Face and scream "Vive la France!"
Start French dance moves
Smiles in a cocky way and starts slapping and showing disrespect to his opponent while screaming. "Allez!!!"
Insult the people and the opponent in French with 1 arm in the air

Match Tactics: Dirty always!
Match Style: Wrestler, Grappler, Power Game
Weapon of Choice: The French Flag
Specialty Match: Ladder Match

Title History
• 2x Freeweight Champion
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Jerome Dubois
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