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PostSubject: Bliss Sorrows   Bliss Sorrows Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 6:16 pm

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Name: Bliss Sorrows
Nickname: Pleasant Dealings
Weight:200 pounds
Height: 6'3
Age: 35
Hometown: Co.Galway, Ireland
Class:Face/Tweener/Heel: Face
Gimmick: A down and out man who makes his break in wrestling.
Personality: Nice but gruesome when betrayed or mistreated.
Entrance Music: Enrique Inglesias Do you Know
Entrance Details: Walks to the ring calmly and greets fans.
Finishing Move 1: The Gailege Gong (Lionsault)
Finishing Move 2: Twisted Faces (RKO)
Trademark Move: Magic Man (Insuguri)
Submission Move: Figure 4 leg lock
Highflying Move: Frogsplash
Five - eight common moves:Punching, Dropkick, Powerslam, german suplex, Russian Leg sweep, Belly to Belly slam.

Taunts/Catchphrases: "For the greater good"
Match Tactics: Clean
Match Style: *Technical *Brawler *Hardcore
Weapon of Choice: Crutches.
Specialty Match: Hardcore

Info: Bliss was a stuntman and small time actor for 12 years before a horrible stunt accident left him hospitalised for a year. He struggled to fully recover and his bald head is covered with a scar stretching for his neck to his right eye. Despite his evil look Bliss is a kind hearted man who wants only good and will fight to eliminate the " Snakes" of the world. He continues to put his body at risk despite needing crutches and consistent injections outside the ring.

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Bliss Sorrows
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