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 Season 1 Summary

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PostSubject: Season 1 Summary   Season 1 Summary Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 7:13 am

Hosted exclusively on, Next Gen is 6WFs latest development show. Inexperienced rookies are paired up with experienced pros and given the chance to fight it out for a chance to become the federation's next breakout star. The pro's job is to guide their respective rookies to stardom and to potentially earn a chance to compete with their partner for the 6WF tag team titles. It became so popular with the 6WF Universe, that even former world champion, JJ Johnson would make a one-off appearance as a special guest referee in the second match of the PPV card. It also sparked the official return of former European Champion, Uryu Ishida.

In the first and only confirmed season of 6NG, seven young rookies were given the chance to pit their wits against each other to claim the ultimate prize - a guaranteed title opportunity. With challenges and matches every week, the more able contestants were quickly separated from those who weren't quite up to the task. The cast was eventually dwindled down to a final three of Yarmouth Blade, James Eagle and Edan Ekram. On the show finale, it was scheduled that the final two would be revealed and we would know who would face each other at the 6NG pay per view for the final crown. However, the celebrity guest host, Stephen Mulhern, appeared and announced that we would find out at the beginning of the next show - the Next Gen PPV. It was revealed that James Eagle would be missing out at the last hurdle, as allies Ekram and Blade would face one-on-one with it all up for grabs. After a long fought out competition, Edan Ekram ultimately prevailed to become the champion of the first ever Next Gen series.

During the series premier, it was confirmed that all rookies, regardless of when they are eliminated will earn a contract to compete on 6WF's main roster. The only exception of this was Fernando Gonzalez, who was the first rookie to be eliminated from the competition. Upon his final appearance on 6NG, his pro, Blue Dragon sent the rookie through a glass table wrapped in barbed wire, thus putting out of action indefinitely. However, this was not the only case of inter-partnership tension. Throughout the course of the first series, there were a number of arguments between particular partnerships. Most notably, Longinus, who disagreed with the Church of Hero cult ended up feuding against the stable with his own group, the Athiests. Other splits include Frank Horrigan, who beat on his own pro, Max Adamson and the finalist James Eagle, who had frequent confrontations with his pros, Chaos and The Fanatic. In Eagle's case, he went on to form an alliance with the most dominating rookie of the series and eventual winner Edan Ekram.

As a result Ekram won the contract for a tag team titles shot with his pro, Jerome Dubois. Despite this, during the run up to the finale, Ekram and fellow rookie James Eagle, formed an alliance and it was originally believed that the aptly named 'Golden Element Alliance' would be the pairing to compete for the titles. However, as Eagle himself failed to win the show, he was prohibited from getting the same opportunity and it was declared that his partner had to be his series pro.

Edan Ekram and Jerome Dubois went on to team together for a while before finally cashing in their shot at the titles in a triple threat tag team match. However, the reigning champions remained as The Soldiers of Fortune, but the French Connection will continue their quest.
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Season 1 Summary
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