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PostSubject: E-Val   E-Val Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 2:42 am

Name: E-Val

Class: Heel

Finishing Move: Rogue Spear (a forward roll into a jumping spear)
Submission Move: N/A
Highflying Move: E-Val guillateen (a flip off the top rope into a leg drop)

Special Match: All forms of cage matches including hell in a cell.
Type: High Flyer/Luchador and Dirty/Cheat

Little is know about this Mexican monster except that hes an evil luchador who wears a black mask with red details that look like a cross between a vampire and a demon and the mask has horns too.
E-Val is known to enter the ring in a black lether trench coat and is famous for jumping from the the top of cages and likes giving people blood baths by pouring fake blood on them when they are not expecting it.
His mask does not cover his mouth because he spits blood at his opponents behind the refs back.

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