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PostSubject: Diablo   Diablo Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 2:38 am

Name: Diablo

Nickname: The Last of the Famous International Playboys

Weight: Fears Weighing Scales
Hometown: Pontypool

Class: Face
Gimmick: Manager of Trash TV. 6WF Original and Legend. a charming way.
Personality: Joke a minute, crowd pleaser, a little a charming way. Diablo has a dark past which rears its ugly head in times of crisis.

Entrance Music: "Last of the Famous International Playboys" Morrissey Entrance Details: Accompanying any member of Trash TV

Finishing Move 1: Domi-Bomb (Powerbomb to Facebuster)
Finishing Move 2: The B Movie (Michinoko Driver)
Trademark Move: HDTV "Hobo-Diablo Television"
Submission Move: Crossface Chickenwing
Highflying Move: Afraid of heights.

Five - eight common moves: Clapping, Cheering, Working the Crowd, Distracting the Referee, Improper Dancing on the Apron, Chasing People, Clowning around with Trish Stratus while the active members of Trash TV get the job done!
Fighting Style : Chinese influenced grappling.

Weapon of Choice: Barb-Wired 2x4
Specialty Match: Tibetan Torture

Tag Team Name: Trash TV
Tag Team Partner: Hobo
Tag Team Entrance Music: "Video Killed the Wrestling Star" Buggles - edited by Bezerker Tag Team Entrance Details: Occasionally a golfcart.
Double Team Finishing Move: HDTV

Faction Name: Trash TV

Faction Members: Diablo, Hobo, Enforcer, Steve "Primetime" Johnson, Gerry "Hollywood" Johnson, Belinda, Dr.Necro, Trish Stratus.

(Honourary members : Ultimate Warrior, Mick Foley and Cyndi Lauper)
Faction Entrance Music: "Video killed the Wrestling Star" Buggles - edited by Bezerker

Additional Information:
Diablo is formerly Bezerker. When River Ace ended Diablo's career in a Loser Leaves Town Ladder match, Diablo decided to don a mask and start again - with the ultimate aim of gaining revenge on River Ace. This aim was soon lost as Trash TV picked up steam and life just got too damn funny to hold grudges!

Diablo is no longer allowed to compete in 6WF due to injury in a ladder match for the 6WF Internet Title. He is now a full-time manager of Trash TV.

Positions Held : Comissioner of 6WF Lockdown. Host of the 2007 6WF Christmas Party.
Catchphrases of Old : "A dark day a cometh...", "After 12 long years in Tibet..." and "Zheng...Zheng....ZHENG!!!"

History: With long dark hair covering his facial features, and arms covered with scar tissue, anyone would think that Diablo is a tortured, monster like character with an unknown past.

The truth is more intriguing.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia in a wealthy family and pleasant surroundings, Diablo was a keen amateur wrestler. The star performer in his high school and college teams, he went on to be selected as standby for his grandfather's native Cyprus Olympic Team in 1992.

He caught the eye of Smokey Mountain Wrestling and signed a contract at the same time as another young prospect of the time. Thrown together as an exciting, technical new tag team they impressed quickly.

As SMW wound up in late 1995, Diablo was offered a contract with ECW, his partner however was not. In his last performance for SMW his partner took a cheap shot with a chair in an apparant bout of jealousy, fracturing Diablo's neck, destroying his ear and his centre of balance, and causing slight brain damage.

Diablo never showed up at ECW the next night and was not seen for 12 years - pronounced officially dead in 2004.

Until spotted in 6WF's crowd on a cold November night in 2007, SMW chair in hand. Rumour has it that his SMW partner currently works for 6WF and Diablo is only here for one reason - revenge.

Diablo's balance is still damaged, rendering him useless in ladder or cage matches, and his brain damage causes him to forget if he is a face or heel, and who he can trust.

Title History
• Internet Title
• Tag Team Title
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