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 Church of Hero

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PostSubject: Church of Hero   Church of Hero Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 1:23 am

• Hero
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Hero originally came up with the idea of the Church of Hero from his failed attempt at a stable known as Salvation, the burning desire to attain the Grand Slam took hold of him and he began to see his former Trash TV friend Hobo as the devil himself whilst he began to undergo a descent into a Messiah complex. He offered Enforcer the chance to side with himself but he refused so Hero labelled Enforcer a Judas to the cause, one that had slept with the devil and he become even more unstable.
It reached a point where Hero’s child was nearly taken away from him, where he was administering baptisms to innocent members of the public and he decided to create a Church for others to worship him.
Three came initially, Zachariah Spencer, Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch. Each of them new to 6WF but each quickly became loyal soldiers to Hero’s cause and Hero finally became the first ever Grand Slam Champion when he defeated Hobo for the European Title.
Marshall and Clarke were paired as a tag team, possibly the greatest tag team to have ever been in 6WF and they developed a feud with the current champions Max Adamson and Chris Patricks, Clarke also showed his potential by verbally sparring with some of the greats in the industry like Cassius and Saint, with critics often feeling he came out on top. Clarke cemented that growing status by permanently retiring Hobo, a constant thorn in the Church’s plans.
Others began to join, after Zachariah defeated Xeres and Vladimir in a triple threat match both men were baptised in the ring and joined the growing ranks. Mr Crowley briefly joined as the stable’s muscle but he swiftly returned to his dark lord and was instead replaced by Hero’s biggest acquisition so far...Crime Lord, a multi time title winner and it truely showed that the Church had become the single most dominant stable to have ever graced the industry.
With this dominance though came rivals, Longinus a one time pupil of Hero rebelled during the 6NG show and formed a break away group known as the Atheists, their sole purpose to rid the 6WF of the Church.
Then after two years without a World title in 6WF Hero showed the world exactly why he is the Alpha Male, why he is the best frickin thing in the world today and why he is a Wrestling God when he once again became the 6WF Undisputed World Champion by defeating Perfect Jack and Lex Hart at Mayhem.
Hero now speaks that of forewarning, that everyone will soon bow down at his feet and feel the might of his Rapture. Only time will tell what he means...
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Church of Hero
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