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 Marshall Murdoch

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Name: Marshall Murdoch
Nickname: ‘The Chosen Disciple’

Weight: 232 lbs
Height: 6’1”
Age: 29
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Class: Heel
Gimmick: Former disgraced UFC Champion (See History), has come to the UK in order to try and resurrect his career. He remains bitter against the media and the public for turning against him and sees 6WF as a way of redeeming himself, whilst taking out his frustrations.
Personality: Very bitter about the way he has been treated in the past, blames everyone and everything for his past problems but himself.

Entrance Music: ‘Papercut’ by Linkin Park -
Entrance Details: Walks straight to the rings, no pyros or taunts, doesn’t acknowledge the crowd are even there.

Finishing Move 1: Marshall Law (Trouble in paradise)
Finishing Move 2: Faithless (Rock bottom)
Trademark Move: T-Bone Suplex
Submission Move: Coquina Clutch/Ankle Lock
Highflying Move: Elbow Drop
Five – Eight Common Moves:
Alabama slam
German suplex
Roundhouse kick
Pumphandle slam
Sidewalk slam

Match Tactics: Generally clean, although if frustration kicks in then he will resort to any means necessary.
Match Style: Brawling Hardcore High-Flyer Technical Powerhouse; Submission etc Submission, technical and brawler.

Weapon of Choice: Nunchucks
Speciality Match: Submission

History: A former (and hugely popular) UFC Heavyweight Champion, he was caught up in a steroids scandal, his name was dragged through mud in the press as a result of this and he was hit with a heavy fine and 2 year suspension. During this period, his attempts to clear his name were unsuccessful and he lost several court cases in failing to overturn his ban and sue various papers/TV shows for defamation of character. Upon his return to UFC he was humiliated (having lost the majority of his muscle mass) in being knocked out in just 12 seconds. With no fan support and no promoters or TV networks taking an interest he has come to 6WF to rebuild his reputation and career.

Title History
-- 1x Tag Team Champion
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Marshall Murdoch
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