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PostSubject: Jason Young   Jason Young Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 1:12 am

Name: Jason Young
Nickname: The Fame Destroyer

Age: 24
Height: 6'8''
Weight: 272
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Class: Heel
Gimmick: Loves to push his limits and take people to the Extreme.

Personality: Is an all out kinda guy, imagine Festus but not stupid, Normally calm and collected outside of the ring, but goes crazy when the bell rings

Entrance Music: Inside the Fire by Disturbed
Entrance Details: Walks slowly towards the ring holding his head like somethings wrong, makes no contact with fans

Finishing Move 1: No Survivors: A Powerbomb in which Jason does a flip and his opponent lands head first. (similar to the Canadian Destroyer)
Finishing Move 2: Go to Hell: A chokeslam from the top rope

Trademark Move: Side Slam
Submission Move: Hells Gate
Highflying Move: Leg Drop (rarely used)

Five - eight common moves:
Big Boot
Kane Uppercut

Taunts/Catchphrases: "Welcome to Hell", Cutthroat taunt

Match Tactics: Dirty

Match Style (Pick three): Brawler, Hardcore, Dirty

Weapon of Choice: Barbed Wire Bat

Specialty Match: Last Man Standing

History: Jason was born in San Diego, CA. His parents both died in a car accident after he was born and he was forced to live in an orphanarium. The kids at the orphanage always picked on him and he started to go crazy. When he turned 18 he went into Pro Wrestling, the one way he found he could vent his pent up agression towards those who made fun of him.

Title History
-- None
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Jason Young
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