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The 606 Wrestling Federation
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 6WF History - The Commissioners

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PostSubject: 6WF History - The Commissioners   6WF History - The Commissioners Icon_minitimeTue Sep 06, 2011 1:10 am

The 606 Wrestling Federation was set up in early November of 2007 by KingOfKingOwls. He ran the federation for just two weeks until officially handing over the keys to his successor, Acer. Although KingOfKingOwls' run as commissioner was short-lived, he had set the stage for years to come and the fed was destined for huge things.

However, Acer's run would also come to a sudden halt not long into his time at the top. Following the first show of 2008, Monday Night Mayhem, it was announced that the commissioner had been taken into hospital for an unknown cause. As a result, 6WF would witness a three absence from the man who was just beginning to get into his stride while running the federation. Stepping into the position temporarily was Mr 6WF, Diablo, who himself was out of action after a brutal boiler room assault. Despite both men having fully recovered, Diablo's contract as commissioner was extended and both men took care of the role, taking on separate brands for the federation following a merger with TAW. Over the course of this shared leadership, a number of special guest commissioners took charge, most notably Hero, The Saint and EZ Money. As Acer was subsequently suspended for poor quality staging and set-up, River Ace soon stepped into the shoes of 6WF's longest running commissioner. He took control of Monday nights for three weeks, before the unexpected return of Acer later on.

Eventually, in the beginning of April, Diablo announced his retirement from 6WF, allowing Acer to slot back in and run Shutdown for the foreseeable future. Following a 'Fill-In' show run by Crime Lord, Acer announced his official retirement from the federation, leaving River Ace temporarily as the sole commissioner for the first time in his career. However, it took little time for him to find a new recruit in The Saint.

For two months, The Saint and River Ace cemented their positions in the federation, running their Shutdown and Lockdown shows respectively. Soon enough, Nemesis came in and ended River Ace's 'tyrannical reign' as Lockdown commissioner, taking the full control into his own hands. It didn't take long for him to make himself some enemies in the locker room, pushing himself straight to the top of the card, starting with a world title match. Immediately afterwards, Trash TV decided to make their own way to the top of the business by setting up a new brand, Trashdown! They shook the whole federation up, making their own rules, firing and hiring whoever they wished and bringing monumental changes. The inaugural episode of Trashdown completely changed the 6WF landscape forever, as Hobo, Bezerker and co ensured things would never be the same again.

The Saint shortly restored order and brought back River Ace to run their respective shows for the time being. 

To be continued...
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6WF History - The Commissioners
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