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 Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:06 am

A pre recorded message airs.

The Saint: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to another edition of 6WF Monday Shutdown. Later this week, I will be flying to America to promote 6WF in the states. This unfortunately means that I will not be able to be commissioner for a show and means I cannot compete. Therefore, tonight, on Shutdown there will be a match to determine the Commissioner for next Monday. That person will havwe full responsibility in producing a show that will maintain Shutdowns reputation as the highest rated show in 6WF!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy the show!

-The Shutdown Credits roll.-

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:06 am

Match 1
RealDude vs. Mike Hill

RealDude's music hits as boos ring around the arena, he cockily struts down the ramp, as the crowd jeer him. He starts climbing up the apron as Mike Hill's music suddenly blasts out, Mike runs at RealDude and drags him off the apron and the bell rings and the referee starts counting.

Mike lays fists into RealDude's skull before kicking his back, he starts punching RealDude's head before dragging him back to the ring and lifting him into it as the referee's count gets to 5. Mike starts stomping on the grounded RealDude before rolling out of the ring and climbing onto the apron. He uses the ropes as leverage to hit a springboard frog splash. 1..2..kick out. Mike gets up and waits for RealDude to get up, he goes for a European Uppercut, but Real dodges and hits a spinning back wheel kick. RealDude climbs the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd before hitting a senton bomb.

DL- Strong showing from both so far.

RJ- Yep, the whole match still seems in the balance.

Mike slowly gets up and RealDude goes for a Super Kick to end it early. Mike ducks and then hits a Lariat, much to the crowds delight. Mike starts dancing before hitting a leg drop. Mike climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd roar as Mike goes for a moonsault. He hits it. 1...2...kick out.

RJ- Once again the new guy almost picks up the win.

Mike gets up and locks in a leg lock, making RealDude jump towards the ropes. He gets to them, Mike releases and RealDude tries to rest but is met with a dropkick, Mike goes to the turnbuckle but doesn't climb them, he waits for RealDude to get up and goes for a Spear, RealDude dodges. Mike turns around and is met with a Super Kick! 1..2...3kick out. RealDude looks shocked and grabs Mike's neck he roughly lifts Mike's head up and starts viscously hitting Mike's face causing blood to come out of his mouth.

RD- Never humiliate me like that!

He irish whips Mike into a corner and hits a shining wizard, Mike slumps in the corner, and RealDude starts choking him with his boot. RealDude lifts Mike onto the turnbuckle and he starts to fall he hits him with a hard Super Kick which catupults Hill into the air. 1..2..3! RealDude starts celbrating.

DL- In the end, Mike Hill was too unexperienced and RealDude viscous.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:07 am

Match 2
Xanthi Rose vs. Black Widow.

Dave Law: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for the second match of tonight’s Shutdown. It will be the mysterious Xanthi Rose going one on one with the powerful woman from Anarchy, Black Widow. Let’s hand you over to the announcer who will get things started here.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, weighing in at 214 pounds, she is Xanthi Rose!

Around The World by the Red Hot Chili Peppers rings around the arena as Xanthi struts down to the ring with her bodyguard Marlon following behind. The crowd give her a mixed reaction.

RJ: Xanthi Rose has looked impressive ever since her debut a few weeks ago. Let’s see if she can keep it up against her opponent tonight.

Announcer: And entering the ring next, she weighs in at 250 pounds, she is Anarchy’s First Woman, she is Black Widow!

The crowd boo as Anarchy in The UK plays and the huge Black Widow makes her way down to the ring. She has a mean look on her face.

Both women look at each other seemingly scouting the opposition. The bell rings and both women charge at each other with Black Widow getting the upper hand by shoulder barging Xanthi to the mat.

DV: That’s power right there!

Black Widow picks up Xanthi and slams her to the mat. She then runs to the ropes, bounces off and hits a huge Leg Drop on The Manbeater. Black Widow goes for the pin, 1…kick out.

RJ: Xanthi’s showing her resilence tonight!

Black Widow who is beginning to look a little frustrated hoists Xanthi above her head and walks around the ring showing her tremendous strength. After a few moments, Xanthi rakes the eyes of BW and slides off her back. As Black Widow turns around, she gets hit with a standing dropkick from Xanthi.

Xanthi then hits a Standing Leg Drop keeping the pressure on BW. Xanthi goes for the pin, 1…a huge kick out by Black Widow sends Xanthi flying. Xanthi gets back up quickly and runs at BW who stops Xanthi in her tracks with a huge Clothesline. Black Widow, who now looks very angry, drags Xanthi up by the hair and whips her into the turnbuckle. BW then charges at Xanthi and drives his shoulder into Xanthi’s gut.

Black Widow looks at Xanthi who is writhing in pain and sets up her for a Superplex. As BW makes her way to the top rope, Xanthi hits her with multiple right forearm smashes which sends Black Widow back down to the mat. As BW turns around to face Xanthi, she is hit with a impressive Flying Hurricarana.

After regaining her composure, Xanthi goes for the pin, 1…2…kick out at the last moment by BW.

DV: I don’t think we have ever seen anyone put up this much of a fight against Black Widow!

Xanthi looking to capitalize on her momentum picks up Black Widow who punches Xanthi right in the mouth busting open her bottom lip. BW then whips Xanthi into the ropes who performs an amazing counter and hits BW with a crossbody. Xanthi goes for the pin again, 1…2…kick out again by Black Widow.

Xanthi who is feeling quite confident at this moment in time slaps Black Widow in the face who retailiates with a huge slap of her own.

RJ: If there is one thing you DON’T do in 6WF, it’s slap Black Widow in the face!

Black Widow looking enraged whips Xanthi against the ropes and hits a huge Spinebuster on the Manbeater. She then proceeds to stamp on the chest on Xanthi before setting her up for a Suplex.

DV: BW is looking to weaken the back of Xanthi Rose here.

BW takes too long in performing the Suplex and Xanthi counters with a Suplex of her own.

RJ: It’s Xanthi who’s showing her strength now.

Xanthi signals that the end is near and waits for Black Widow to get up. She puts BW in a front facelock and is about to hit a Spike DDT when Trish Stratus comes out from underneath the ring and hits a devastating Chick Kick on Xanthi nearly knocking the Manbeater unconscious.

The ref calls for the bell as the crowd cheer at Trish’s interference.

DV: How did Trish Stratus get under there?
RJ: She must have been hiding there since the start of the show!

As Trish goes to leave the ring, she turns around and walks into a huge Clothesline From Hell from Black Widow.

DV: WHAT!? Why in the hell did Black Widow do that?
RJ: I don’t know but I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure Trish won’t let this slide.

Black Widow leaves the ring and has a sick smile on her face as she looks at the carnage in the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:07 am


CruiserJim vs. Gary 'The Angel' Johnson vs. Abe Abercorn

CruiserJim's music hits and he comes out to jeers, he's holding a clock and he weirdly walks down to the ring and climbs into it before sitting in a corner rocking back and forth looking at the clock. 'I Want It All' by Queen starts to play and loads of fireworks go off, some people cheer and some people boo as Gary Johnson comes out with the Hardcore Championship around his waist. He runs down the ramp before jumping into the ring, and climbing the turnbuckles showing off the championship before handing it to the ref. The crowd go wild as Abe Abercorn's music goes off, and fireworks go off, the 'Best In The West' walks out with a T-Shirt with 'How Ironic' written on it. He walks down to the ring and gets into it looking at both of his oppenants. The bell rings as the referee holds up the Title, and all the competitors immeadiatley leave the ring and start looking underneath it.

Gary gets a chair and runs at Abe, and hits Abe's back with the steel chair. Gary climbs onto the apron, still with the chair, and runs along it, jumping with the chair and hitting a leg drop. Cruiserjim comes out with a table and sets it up, before walking over to his oppenants. He lifts Gary by the shoulders and chucks him onto the barrier. Gary lands on his injured back. Cruiser lifts abe up and goes for a big boot, Abe dodges and hits a Lariat before locking in a ankle lock.

DL- This is a hardcore match remember, no subbmissions.

Abe puts on loads of pressure before releasing and kicking the back of Jim's head. Abe turns his attention to Gary who is laid awkwardly on the barrier, Abe walks over cautiously but is met with a boot to the side of the face, Gary climbs onto the barrier, and hits a moonsault. Gary gets up and runs at the recouparating CruiserJim, he hits a hurricana and then does a taunting flip. Gary is the only man left standing and starts looking under the ring, he pulls out a ladder and sets it up in the ring he climbs it and waits for either to get up, Cruiser starts to get up first, Gary jumps of the ladder with a crossbody but is caught in mid-air by Jim.

RJ- What strength!

Jim hits a backbreaker and then drags the table over to the two fallen oppenants, he lifts Abe on first before dropping Gary on top of him, the two men lay on the table before Cruiser climbs the apron and jumps off with an elbow drop, Abe rolls out of the way, causing Gary to fall over in the process. Cruiser lands crashing through the table, Abe gets up and surveys his surroundings, Gary is flat out next to him and Cruiser is laid in a pile of wodden rubble. Abe goes to pin Gary.1..2..kick out. Abe walks around to the other side of the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer.

DL- Oh my god!

Abe walks over with the sledgehammer but Gary kicks him in the gut and goes for a Canadian Destroyer, Abe manages to stop it and he and Gary lock up in a test of strength, they seem equaled and then Cruiser comes over and lifts both of them by the throat and hits a double chokeslam. Cruiser pins Abe.1..2..3kick out. Cruiser looks annoyed and drags a crowd member over the barrier but is stopped by security, in the meantime, Abe has got up and he picks up a steel chair and slams it into the back of CruiserJim and the crowd cheer. Gary has got up and has climbed into the ring, he uses the ropes to lift himself off the ground and hits a springboard shooting star press from the ring to the outside on Cruiser. 1..2.broke up by Abe. Gary and abe square off and they once again lock up in a test of strength, Abe hits a toe kick and then a DDT.

RJ - This Abe is starting to impress me and the whole 6WF locker room.

Abe gets into the ring and the crowd go wild as he taunts his fallen oppenants. Abe climbs each turnbuckle inturn and each time the crowd roar in delight. He's about to climb the fourth and final turnbuckle when Cruiser Jim grabs him and hits a Spinebuster. Pin.1..2..kick out. Cruiser gets out of the ring and grabs Gary Johnson and drags him up the ramp, Gary starts to get up and he uses a number of kicks to fight off Cruiser before hitting a Candian Destroyer to CruiserJim, Gary then starts to climb the rafters and stands just below the titatron.

DL- Don't jump! You're over 40 ft up!

Gary goes for a Swanton Bomb...but lands awkwardly on his neck and immeadiatley is knocked out, he flops off the ramp as loads of EMTs run to check on him, they take him off on a stretcher, but the match goes on.

DL- It seems we WILL have a new Hardcore Champion.

RJ- But I feel for Gary Johnson, I really do, it seems that might be a carreer ending injury.

Abe runs up the ramp and takes advantage of the situation going for a DVD to Cruiser, but Cruiser reverses it and hits a powerbomb, pin.1..2..kick out. Crusier lays a chair out and lifts Abe up again and hits three tombstone piledrivers causing Abe to bust open then goes for the pin. 1...2...3kick out.

RJ- Oh my God!

Cruiser lifts him up and chucks him off the ramp, then climbs down and lifts him back onto the ramp and hits a massive powerbomb onto the chair. 1..2...3! CrusierJim gets up and holds his arm up as he's given the Hardcore Championship as the crowd boo.

DL- We saw some terrible and great things in that match. Gary Johnson's career looks over, Abe Abercorn showed great resiliance, and CruiserJim became the Hardcore Champion.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:07 am

Match 4
Henchman vs The Saint

Henchman’s music plays as the big man makes his way to the 6wF ring to wait for Saint.

RJ: Henchman has a big task on his hands tonight.

The lights in the arena flicker about as St Anger rings around the arena; the cheers from the crowd can be heard over the music. Fireworks go off behind Saint as he starts a charge to the ring. As soon as Saint has two feet in the ring Henchman explodes into a flurry of left and rights onto the back on Saint. Saint tries to fight them off, but can only roll out the way. Saint jumps up quickly with a strong uppercut, before getting to his feet.

DL: Saint finally to his feet, can he takes advantage.


The crowd gives a look of shock as Acer begins walking to the ring; he pulls out a steel chair from behind the commentators and sets it up outside the ring, and sits down.

Saint advances to Henchman, as he hits a big left hand, before Henchman retaliates with a strong right hand. The pair exchange blows before Saint hits a quick right left combo, followed by a kick to Henchman’s gut. He puts him in a headlock, walking to the ropes. Still locking in the headlock Saint climbs onto the second rope, before diving back, hitting the implant DDT. Saint turns to look at Acer.

RJ: Smart use of the ropes there.

DL: Saint showing his experience.

RJ: But he must keep focus

Saint begins to stomp on Henchman’s gut and moves to his head, before picking him up, and whipping him to the rope. As Henchman comes back he ducks a Saint clothesline, before flying off the ropes and onto Saint. Saint gives a quick kick and gets behind Henchman, delivering the pumphandle slam; he turns to look at Acer who gives a sarcastic smile.

DL: Mind games form the former commissioner.

Saint wastes no time in picking up Henchman, but is met by a poke in the eye. Henchman quickly lands some strong punches, whipping Saint to the ropes. Saint comes back and ducks the big boot, and as he turns around is met by a thunderous-

RJ: SPEAR! Spear from the Shutdown commish!

Saint points at Acer before raising Henchman and hitting a sharp DDT, right onto the tip of his head. Saint picks up Henchman again, this time hitting a Jacknife powerbomb. He starts the cover. 1… 2...
DL: How the hell did Henchman kick out!

Saint hits the floor in anger, before stalking Henchman. As Henchman gets to one knee Saint charges and begins a beat down on his back, before kicking him in the stomach,

RJ: Henchman sent all the way to the Promised Land!

Saint looks at Acer, before picking up a bloody Henchman; he tucks his head between his legs and lifts him to his shoulder, before slamming him down and hooking a leg. 1… 2… 3….!

DL: Saint wins after the Divine Force! But what a message to Acer.

As Dave says this Acer gets up and walks up the ramp, Saint watches and points to him,


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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:07 am

Match 5
You’re the Commissioner Match.
River Ace vs. JJ Johnson vs. Rock V2 vs. EZ Money vs. Crime Lord vs. GWC

Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ plays and River Ace makes his way to the ring, the crowd giving him a hostile reception.

RJ: River has to be confident after his win over GWC at Explosion!

River gets in the ring as Crime Lord’s music blares and the hostilities continue as River is shown applauding his fellow Dynasty man. Crime Lord enters the ring and shakes hands with River. GWC’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring, not taking his eyes off River. He gets into the ring and stands on the opposite side to both Dynasty men, Crime Lord whispers something in Rivers ear and both start laughing.

‘Here comes the Money’ plays and EZ enters the arena, walking down to the ring looking confident about his chances.

Limp Biskit’s ‘Get your Groove On’ plays and the crowd erupts as JJ Johnson makes his way to the ring.

RJ: Surely the overwhelming favourite in this match, JJ’s already The Saint’s assistant and has proved by holding the internet title for so long that he is no lackey!

JJ slides into the ring and rubs his hands eagerly looking at all his opponents.

‘IF YA SMELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’’ The famous words blurt out over the arena and the crowd are even more excited as the Rock V2 makes his return to Shutdown.

DL: But you can’t discount this guy RJ, a man Undefeated in the last few months! Lady luck could be smiling on the son of Dwayne Johnson!

RJ: Folks the rules of this match are simple, the first man to score a pinfall here wins the right to be the commissioner for next Monday’s Bank Holiday Shutdown!

The bell rings and all 6 men split off, River and GWC teeing off at one another, JJ heading for Crime Lord and EZ heading straight for The Rock V2.

GWC sees off River, a kick to the stomach resulting in GWC sending the Lockdown commissioner over the top rope, JJ has the upper hand over Crime Lord, a boot to the stomach leading to a neckbreaker. EZ hits Rocky with a suplex but is immediately set upon by GWC who hit’s a dropkick that sends EZ into the corner. River gets back into the ring to hit JJ with a chopblock but isn’t quick enough getting up and is hit by an elbow drop by Rock straight to the back of the head!

DL: A hectic start to this match right here!

Rock and Crime Lord lock up and Crime Lord over powers Rock by gorilla pressing him out of the ring. Crime Lord turns into a GWC right hand before receiving a DDT by the former 6WF Champion. JJ is back up and takes out GWC with a german suplex. 1.………River breaks the pin before setting upon JJ, unleashing a flurry of lefts and rights. EZ pulls up River and turns him round only to be met by a thumb to they eye followed by a snap suplex. 1.……..2.……..Kick out. Rock gets in the ring but is cut off by Gwc who gets rock in a suplex position but Rock battles out and hoists him up for a Samoan drop but is sent out of the ring again by River who spears Rock with GWC on the top. JJ throws River out with them before Crime Lord turns JJ around and Gorilla presses the Franchise Initiative to the outside, right on top of the other 3 combatants!

RJ: We’re down to just 2 men here!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:08 am

EZ and rime Lord begin to trade blows as the other 3 men lie helpless on the outside. Crime Lord rocks EZ with a big right and whips him to the ropes on the rebound Crime Lord hit’s a Spine Buster before hitting a Crime Pays!


1.……….2.………..GWC breaks the count. GWC gets the better of Crime Lord, ducking a clothesline attempt to hit a CWG!

RJ: It’s gonna be GWC!

1.………2.……….River Ace pulls GWC off. 1.…………GWC breaks the pin again!

River and GWC begin trading blows before River hit’s the Poker Plex!

DL: Which way’s this match going to go next!

River locks in the Texas Hold’Em and GWC looks ready to tap for the second time only for a Scissor Kick by JJ to knock River out of the ring. JJ grabs GWC and sets him up for a VIP Experience………..

RJ: AND HE HITS! JJ’s gonna give Shutdown the VIP Treatment!


RJ: NO! Rock breaks it up!

Rock slides back into the ring and breaks the pin as GWC rolls out the ring, leaving both JJ and The Rock facing each other.

RJ: Friends facing off here!

Both men begin trading blows and JJ gets the better of the Rock, throwing him into the ropes going for a big boot, Rocky ducks and on the rebound lifts JJ off his feet with a clothesline!

DL: Rock’s getting fired up!

Rock stalks JJ and as he gets up hit’s a spine buster. He pulls him up and hit’s a Rock Bottom before ripping off his elbow pad!

RJ: here we go!


Rock hits it and just as he goes to, pin JJ , Crime Lord makes a dash for him, Rock see’s him coming and hit’s a Rock Bottom. 1.……….2.…………3!

RJ: Rock’s done it, He’s the commish for next Monday!

Rock stands on the top turnbuckle raising his arm in celebration!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:08 am

Match 6
Enforcer vs Nemesis

Dave Law: And now ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our 6th match of this evening’s show. It is the current TAW World Champion Nemesis going one on one with the man who has been chasing Nemesis’s title for months now, Enforcer.
Let’s hand you over to the announcer who will kick things off.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, he weighs in at 250 pounds, he is Enforcer!

Saturday Night rings around the arena and the crowd go wild as the man from Trash TV makes his way down to the ring. Enforcer stops in the middle of the entrance ramp and spots the Trash Heads in the crowd going crazy. He makes his way over to them and slaps the hand of every single Trash Head before sliding into the ring. He nods at the Riff Raff in attendance and then awaits the entrance of his opponent .

Dave Law: Enforcer looks more focused than usual tonight. It’s probably a result of his loss to Nemesis at Explosion and the fact that he missed out on the chance to become the next TAW World Champion.

Announcer: And making his way to the ring next, weighing in at 350 pounds, he is the reigning TAW World Champion; he is Nemesis!

The lights dim and an eerie glow appears on the entrance way. Nemesis steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at all the fans. He then makes his way down to the ring never taking his eyes off Enforcer. After a few moments, the lights return and the crowd boo like never before to show their obvious dislike for the TAW World Champion.

Enforcer and Nemesis have another stand off waiting for the bell to be rung.

RJ: You can feel the intensity between these two!

As soon as the bell rings, Enforcer charges at Nemesis and takes him down with a huge Spear. He then proceeds to nail Nemesis with huge lefts and rights to the delight of the crowd. The referee manages to pull Enforcer off of Nemesis but Enforcer goes back for more. Enforcer begins stamping on the ribs of the Monster who doesn’t show any sign of pain…yet.

Enforcer picks up Nemesis and whips him into the corner. Enforcer then charges at Nemesis who moves out of the way at the last second and Enforcer goes head first into the steel ring post.

Nemesis takes some time to recover before walking over to Enforcer who has been busted open.

RJ: My god, look at all that blood!

Nemesis lets out a sick laugh of pleasure as he drags Enforcer back to the bottom turn buckle. Nemesis then begins to punch Enforcer in the open wound making Enforcer bleed even more. Nemesis backs off for a few moments surveying the damage he has caused to the skull of Enforcer before going back to work. Just as Nemesis is about to hit Enforcer, Enforcer manages to get his feet up and kick Nemesis in the ribs. This kick causes Nemesis to fall back and knock the referee to the floor.

At this point, Enforcer has staggered to his feet and as Nemesis turns around, he receives a low blow from the man from Trash TV. As Nemesis is still recovering from the low blow, Enforcer spots his chance and hits a huge Clothesline on Nemesis which knocks the big man off of his feet. Enforcer then falls to the floor himself as a result of all the blood he has lost.

As the referee finally makes his way to his feet, he sees both men lying on the floor and begins to count. 1…2…3…4…5…Nemesis sits up and looks at Enforcer with a furious look on his face. He picks up Enforcer and begins to knee him in the head before whipping him against the ropes and hitting a huge Big Boot on Enforcer.

Nemesis then hits a Leg Drop before making his way to his feet. He stares at Enforcer and waits for him to get to his feet. When Enforcer finally makes his way to his feet, you can see his entire face covered in blood. Nemesis signals for the Chokeslam and grabs Enforcer by the throat. Just as Nemesis is about to hit it, Enforcer blocks the Chokeslam by elbowing Nemesis in the side of the head. It takes not 1, not 2 but 3 blows before Nemesis finally releases his grip. Enforcer then kicks Nemesis in the weakened ribs and hits a huge DDT on the Monster.

Enforcer then staggers to the ropes and gingerly climbs to the top rope and waits for Nemesis to get up. Nemesis sits up again and turns around to see Enforcer jump and fly at him.

RJ: Look at Enforcer fly!

However, in a incredible show of strength, Nemesis catches Enforcer in mid air by grabbing his throat.

DL: My god, how does he do that!
RJ: He’s a freak Dave!

Nemesis screams at Enforcer who is struggling to breathe before hitting a devasting Chokeslam.

RJ: That’s got to be it!

Nemesis goes for the pin, 1…2…no! Nemesis looks bewildered as the referee points to Enforcer who has his foot on the rope.

DL: What great ring awareness from this young man. There is still some fight in him left!

Nemesis looks absolutely enraged and signals the end is near by doing a slit throat gesture. He picks up Enforcer and sets him up for a Death Wish.

RJ: Oh no, this poor kid is going to have brain damage at this rate!

Just as Nemesis is about to hit the Death Wish, Enforcer manages to counter and flips over meaning Enforcer now has Nemesis set up for the Death Wish. Enforcer looks at the crowd for a few moments before hitting the Death Wish on Nemesis!

DL: Nemesis just had his own finisher used on him!

Enforcer goes for the pin, 1…2…3!

RJ: He did it, he did it, he did it! He defied all the odds and even with blood pouring out of his skull, he manages to find the energry and strength to beat the Monster!

DL: How many people have beaten Nemesis full stop, let alone how many people have beaten him while they were bleeding! You can bet your bottom dollar that the champ won’t like this one bit!

The rest of Trash TV and Trish Stratus come out to congratulate Enforcer and they lead him to the back leaving Nemesis sitting in the ring with a furious look on his face.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)   Shutdown Results (18/08/2008) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 5:08 am

Main Event
6WF Title Rematch
Hobo vs TGA (c)
Special Referee - ????????

RJ: And here we go folks, after their epic struggle just two days ago, TGA and Hobo will lock horns yet again but this time with a special guest referee, the identity of this referee though is still unknown.

'Hero' plays and the 6WF Champion makes his way to the ring, receiving a hostile reception from the Birmingham crowd.

RJ: Love him or Hate him, you can't deny that TGA isn't a great champion!.

TGA rolls into the ring as Don't Fear the Reaper plays and Hobo enters the arena looking, intense and focused.

He gets into the ring and shares a stare down with the champ as The Saint appears on the titantron.

The Saint: Now boys, don't start beating each other just yet as I need to reveal the small matter of your referee for this match!

Please welcome, one half of the tag team champions and former Undisputed Champion, HERO!


'Anarchy in the UK' plays and Hero makes his way to the ring, the crowd shocked into silence. He is wearing a referee top and he slides into the ring, Hobo and TGA stunned.

Hero calls for the bell and shocks the crowd, booting TGA in the stomach and hitting a Canadian Destroyer!


Hobo makes the cover. 1..........2..........Hero pulls Hobo off!

RJ: This is unreal!

DL: What the hell!

RJ: Canadian Destroyer to Hobo!

Hero hits Hobo with a Canadian Destroyer and laughs at both men before placing TGA on top of Hobo.


RJ: I'm in shock!

DL: He's got a microphone!

Hero: TGA! Hobo! Hero just made you both famous!

And Captain Dullpants (The Saint) backstage just made Hero NUMBER ONE CONTENDER!


The show closes with Hero standing above both men holding the 6WF Title in the air!

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Shutdown Results (18/08/2008)
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