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 Chaos Results (03/07)

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PostSubject: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:29 pm

*Chaos goes live to air and "Rest in pieces" blares out through the speakers,an array of different coloured pyro's go off around the top of the rampway and then the camera pans around the arena:



MW:I'm Michael Wire and that was my broadcast partner RJ,who has just deafened me with his shouting.But he is right,tonight is a historic occassion with it being the first Pay Per View of the joint 6CW and 6WF Era.And how ironic it is that just as 6CWF is getting started, there will be plenty of long-running,historic feuds ended tonight!

RJ:None more so than the Loser Leaves Town match between Lex Hart and Perfect Jack.Hero will defend his undisputed title in a triple threat match with Chris Patricks and Chaos, and we will find out who the next freeweight champion will be.

MW:And much,much more! Let's get this shown on the road!
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:30 pm

*The action starts backstage with the Soldiers of Fortune, the tag team title belts are rested across their shoulders as their interview with Clarissa is about to begin.

Clarissa: Please welcome my guests at this time, the 6WF Tag Team Champions Angelo Anneire and Castiguer, The Soldiers of Fortune.

*Crowd pop

Clarissa: Quite a familiar situation for yourselves?

Anneire: Well yes it seems a bit like De Ja Vu Clarissa, it seems we are in a never-ending competition with The Church of Hero to discover who the best tag team in 6WF is...and at the moment that is us!

Castiguer: We’ve grown a severe disliking to the way the Church conduct themselves here in 6WF. They’ve got such a great talent but the way they have to always cheat, and the blatant lack of self-respect and confidence every single one of them has by bowing down to a false god is just sickening.

Anneire: Hopefully tonight we will be able to wash them from hair for the last time. We no longer have the pressure of chasing the belts, we now have to keep them. And we know that there is plenty of teams here waiting in the wings who would take advantage of any small slip-up we make.

Clarissa: Finally your thoughts on the merger with 6CW?

Castiguer: Personally, this is great for us. When we first came to 6WF, we wanted to prove ourselves the best 6WF has. We’ve done that, and now if we win tonight, it would be great to test our stuff against those from 6CW and become the 2nd team to unify the tag team titles!

Clarissa:Thank you for your time, and good luck this evening!
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:30 pm

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to witness the first PPV match under the new 6CWF banner, you are watching history in the making tonight.

‘Those who fight further’ hits and the crowd lets out a cheer as Uryu Ishida enters the stage, he stops at the entrance to soak in the atmosphere before running into the ring.

Announcer: This match is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Nottingham, England, weighing in at 200lbs, Uryu Ishida!

Uryu acknowledges the announcer and awaits his opponent’s entrance by laying across the top corner turnbuckle.

MW: I can’t stand this guy, who does who he think he is prating around like that, he’s heading for a fall with an attitude like that, mark my words.

‘The Final Countdown’ hits as James McManus enters the arena to a much more hostile reception, he stands at the top of the stage and holds aloft a pair of brass knuckles, which he places on to his fist with a smirk.

Announcer: ‘And his opponent, from London, England, weighing in at 12 stone, James McManus!

MW: I like this kid, he reminds me of me in a lot of ways

RJ: How? Name one

MW: Well he doesn’t like Uryu Ishida either

RJ: Okay I’ll give you that one

McManus enters the ring and gets right in Uryu’s face, he smirks again and rubs his brass knuckles against the noticeable cut on Uryu’s forehead.

RJ: This isn’t right, the ref needs to step in now!

As RJ says that the referee grabs the knuckles out of McManus’ hand and places them under a corner turnbuckle. McManus follows him and begins to argue with the referee, he starts to get in the ref’s face and pushes the ref against the turnbuckle

MW: Well even I’ll admit this isn’t really on

RJ: Hang on!

Uryu sneaks up on McManus from behind and rolls him up

1...................2...............McManus kicks out

McManus gets up looking shocked

RJ: Clever from Uryu there, he saw an opportunity and so nearly cashed in to perfection
MW: Cowardly you mean, he knows he can’t beat McManus 1 on 1, and he showed there that he knows it

Both men rise to their feet from the early pin attempt, McManus is first to react and slams a knee in Uryu’s stomach. He begins to stomp away at Uryu, he uses the top rope for leverage as he begins to choke away at the neck of Uryu


McManus breaks the hold just in time, he looks at the referee and holds up 5 fingers, to indicate how much time he has, he looks back down on the prone body of Uryu and begins to choke away at Uryu again


This time McManus breaks the count himself shouting ‘5’ as he does, he smirks at the referee again holding up the 5 fingers.

McManus lifts up Uryu, he hits a couple of big European uppercuts which send Uryu stumbling back in the turnbuckle. McManus steps away from Uryu before rushing at him head first into the gut! McManus pauses before using his head as a battering ram against Uryu’s stomach three times.

RJ: This seems to be a ploy by McManus, all his offense so far has concentrated on sucking the oxygen out of Uryu

McManus steps ahead from Uryu before picking him up and nailing a snap suplex out of the corner, he lifts Uryu up before turning him around and slowly hitting a brutal looking neck breaker. He dives into the cover

1............2..........kick out!

Uryu gets his shoulder up as McManus gets up and goes straight back on the attack, he runs at Uryu kicking him hard in the stomach again

MW: Someone in the back should get some oxygen ready pretty sharpish I think!

McManus looks down at Uryu and slaps him around the head several times, he looks up at the crowd before shouting

‘I am the future!’

Uryu takes advantage of this momentary lapse in concentration by dropkicking McManus blindsided over the top rope!

Uryu takes a moment in the ring to regain his breath before running off the ropes and diving over the other side hitting McManus square on with a big suicide dive!

Crowd: 6WF! 6WF! 6WF!

MW: Its 6CWF! 6CWF! Morons

Uryu now seems pumped up as if feeding off the crowd’s energy he lifts up McManus and whips him hard into the arena side padding, Uryu charges at McManus and hits a running baseball slide planting McManus further into the side padding

Uryu pauses for a second, he allows McManus to rise unsteadily to his feet, as he does so Uryu climbs onto the side arena wall, he runs around the padding before jumping off, spinning McManus around and hitting a huge tornado ddt on to the arena floor!

Crowd: Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t!

RJ: You’ve got to admit that’s impressive

MW: I’m not unimpressed

RJ: McManus could be out here

Uryu picks up McManus before slamming his head into the announcement table, he attempts to repeat this but McManus blocks the second attempt. Uryu staggers away as McManus picks up a cup from the announce table

RJ: Hey that’s mine!

McManus throws the content of the cup into Uryu’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. Uryu covers his face and lets out of a cry of pain.

RJ: This has got to bring back painful memories for Uryu

McManus smiles a takes a sip of what’s left of the coffee, before rolling Uryu in the ring. He throws Uryu off the ropes before hitting a big spinebuster on Uryu’s way back. He dives into the cover

1..............2..............Kick out!

McManus looks at Uryu with a look of disbelief, he stares at the referee at indicates 3 with his fingers to which the referee shakes his head. McManus looks around the arena for a second, before a smile breaks his face as he notices his brass knuckles still placed under the turnbuckle.

McManus gets to his feet and picks up the brass knuckles, but the referee promptly grabs them out of his hands, McManus turns around looking shocked at the interference, before walking into

RJ: ‘Brick Break!’

Uryu drives his knees into McManus’ spine 3 times, before leaning back before hitting a huge backstabber!


Uryu gets up in celebration, before noticing the referee indicating that McManus had his foot on the bottom rope!

RJ: Great awareness from McManus there

Uryu looks on shocked but he clambers up to the top rope, he dives off looking for a 450 splash!

RJ: He’s caught him!

MW: Reversed!

Crowd: 6WF! 6WF! 6WF!

RJ: 1............2...............................3...........He’s got him!

‘Those who fight further’ hits as the referee raises Uryu’s hand in victory, the action replay shows Uryu attempting the 450 splash, but being caught across his shoulders by McManus who attempts to hit a death valley driver, Uryu manages to sneak around the side of McManus before rolling him up for the victory.

RJ: It’s time for a break now, but that is how you start a pay per view, both men hugely impressive here tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:31 pm

*The camera's return to the backstage area, they head into a darkened room where there are 3 men sat around a table, the camera zooms in on the table to show a big H emblem across the middle of the table. One light flickers on and stood at the head of the table is Hero,the undisputed title lay out across the table.

Hero:Tonight a new era begins
But this era is going to have the brightest start
this era will remain the same as the previous era
The Church will be the religion of this era,the last era and the next era.

The Church will establish themselves at the top of 6CWF Immediately
Crime Lord and Marshall, you have been loyal disciples
But loyalty only does so much,as you saw with Clarke James.
You two are different to Clarke,He lost his way.He lost faith.
You have kept your faith,and this will be rewarded tonight when you bring back the Tag Team Titles.

Longinus will tonight see the grave error he made turning his back on the Church
Rapture you made a brave decision,you saw the light,you saw the supreme relgion,the supreme leader.
And Longinus will have to suffer the Rapture tonight,as you claim the freeweight title.

And finally,two men will have the honour of sharing the ring with a God.
Chris Patricks will have his moment,then return to where he belongs.
And everyone will see just why I am the only prophet of 6WF
Chaos will be unveiled as a fake,whilst my power continues to rise!

*Hero holds up his title, and in an almost trance like state the rest of The Church hold up their right arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:31 pm

*The action continues in the backstage area with La Pulga Loco stood alongside Danny McGraw in the commissioner's office.

Danny McGraw:It is nearly time La Pulga,It is nearing the time when Mike Hill will be shown up as the has-been he is!

La Pulga:I can't wait ese.For too long Mike Hill has run around this place running his mouth,telling everybody he carried me through The Association,that when he warned me about the supposed perils of working alongside you was because he cared.

I know that this is false,Mike Hill only told me this because he knew if I stuck alongside Danny,showed a loyalty that Hill has never had,that I would be guided to the top,overtake all the achievements that Hill has ever had or could ever dream of having.

Mike Hill,you have lived up the next big thing moniker for too long,you've been that since you arrived.Now is time to step aside,linger in mid-table like you should always have been,whilst my unpreventable,unstoppable rise to the top continues.

Danny McGraw:I'm going to enjoy this!

*Goes back to ringside
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:32 pm

RJ: First title match of this evening up next for you on 6CWF Chaos, and a match that has been quite a constant over the past few months.

MW: The Church of Hero successfully defended their tag team titles against the Soldiers of Fortune for a long while before finally becoming unstuck at our last Pay Per View, Mayhem.

RJ: Now the face of the COH team has changed since then, with Clarke James being removed from The Church, it is now Crime Lord teaming with Marshall Murdoch whilst the SOF remain the same.

MW: It will be an interesting test for both sides tonight, for so long they have been used to being the prey and the predator, and now the roles are reversed.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first the challengers, at a combined weight of 552lbs...representing the CHURCH OF HERO...MARSHALL MURDOCH AND CRIME LOOOORRRRDDDDD!

“Papercut” blares out through the speakers, the crowd boo as Marshall Murdoch stomps out onto the ramp holding aloft his necklace with a big H as the emblem. He stands waiting as “Rain Wizard” hits the speakers and Crime Lord walks out on to the ramp. The fans begin to boo furiously at the sight of a 2nd Church of Hero member as he kisses his ‘H’ pendant and struts down the ramp. He trash talks a few fans along the way before climbing into the ring and doing his final preparations, whilst Murdoch follows slowly behind sneering at the fans.

MW: I have to say I think the Church of Hero have upgraded here, they got rid of James and brought in Crime Lord, a proven competitor, a former world champion!

RJ: Please Michael. James was an integral part of this system, him and Marshall had a great chemistry, and I’d argue that James was the most loyal of Hero’s disciples. He lay down for Hero when he had the chance to win the fight for the right tournament.

RA: And now...THE CHAMPIONS... at a combined weight of 480lbs they are the reigning and defending 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...THE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE...ANGELO ANNEIRE AND CASTIGUUUUUEEERRRR!

“Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans holding their tag team titles.

RJ: After such a long process, it was great to finally see these two win the tag team titles after all the effort they put in, and the time they take out to look after their fans.

MW: That’s all well and good RJ, but can they change now? Will they do what it takes to keep those title belts wrapped around their waist?

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Castiuger starts off for the tag team champions, up against Marshall Murdoch. The two men lock up and Murdoch’s weight advantage allows him to drive Castiguer back against the ropes. Murdoch whips him out across the ring and is quickly on the offensive with a leaping knee into the face.

Murdoch has the grounded Castiguer into a seated rear chinlock, he drives a couple of hard knees into the back. Murdoch then relents with the knees allowing Castiguer to rise, he drives a couple of elbows into the ribs to escape the hold and he then bounces off the ropes but Murdoch meets him with a sidewalk slam, nonchalantly hooking the leg.

Ref: 1................Kick out!

Castiguer gets a powerful kick out before the two count, Murdoch gets to his feet and begins to stomp away on Castiguer, who rolls back towards the ropes. He pulls himself up using the ropes, Murdoch drags him forward and goes for a roundhouse kick which Castiguer ducks and then counters with a Yakuza kick.

Murdoch stumbles backwards and Castiguer moves menacingly towards him, hitting a couple of European Uppercuts before whipping Murdoch across the ring and hitting a spinning wheel kick on the rebound, Castiguer then runs the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault.

Ref: 1..................2.....Kick out!

Murdoch forces the shoulder up off the canvas, Castiguer drags him up and goes to irish whip him to the corner but Murdoch uses his power advantage to whip Castiguer to the corner, running behind him however Castiguer uses the ropes to flip backwards behind Murdoch and hit a back-cracker.

RJ: Tremendous innovation and athleticism from Castiguer!

Castiguer covers.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Castiguer rises to his feet, waiting for Marshall to do similar before booting him in the stomach, lifting him onto his shoulders and hitting a running green bay plunge, Castiguer rolls through to the corner making the tag to his partner Angelo Anneire.

MW: SOF on fire so far!

Anneire drags up Murdoch and lifts him onto his shoulders for a powerslam but Murdoch drops down the back and shoves Anneire into the corner where he quickly follows up with a big splash, crushing Anneire into the turnbuckle. Murdoch spins Anneire around in the corner before hitting a running bulldog! He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Anneire gets the shoulder up, Murdoch drags him to the corner where he tags in Crime Lord.

RJ: The freshest man in the match, the Church will look to press home an advantage now!

Crime Lord hits a running clothesline in the corner, he then waits for Anneire to fall forward before drilling him down to the canvas with a spinebuster. Crime Lord doesn’t cover, instead choosing to cause as much punishment as possible. He waits for one half of the tag team champions to rise before throwing Anneire down with a suplex, he rises and Crime Lord crushes a big boot into the skull! Anneire falls slow motion to the mat, Crime Lord covers.

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

Anneire powers out at 2 ½ , Crime Lord waits for Anneire to rise before booting him in the stomach and lifting him onto his shoulders for a powerbomb which Anneire counters with a hurracanrana!

RJ: That is brilliant athleticism from such a big man!

MW: He could do with a tag here though.

Anneire runs the ropes but Crime Lord is up to his feet and takes out Anneire with an STO!

MW: Trying too much, he just needed a tag there and Crime Lord was isolated. It seems like that the situation maybe the opposite now!

Crime Lord tags in Marshall Murdoch, he goes to the top rope...

RJ: Dynamite Headbutt!

Ref: 1............2.........Kick out!

Murdoch rises to his feet following the kick out, He drags up Anneire and whips him out across the ring, he ducks his head for a back body drop but Anneire spots it, he goes for a sunset flip however Murdoch has a counter of his own, blocking the sunset flip and gets to his feet and drills Anneire to the canvas with an alamba slam.

RJ: The Church just seem to have a counter for every move that the Soldiers of Fortune throw at them, they even reverse the reversals!

MW: That’s what being taken on by Hero gives you, he has given these two an insight into how to become the very best at what they do.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

As soon as Anneire gets the shoulder up, Murdoch moves to the corner and tags in Crime Lord. He steps into the ring and Anneire stumbles up, Crime Lord sprints over and knocks him down with a big spear! Crime Lord doesn’t make the cover, instead waiting for Anneire to rise before hitting a Fisherman’s suplex, bridging over into a pinning predicament.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out

Anneire is close to being pinned, Crime Lord rises to his feet and drags up Anneire, he sets up for the custody but Anneire shoves him into the ropes. Crime Lord spins around and Anneire meets him with a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker! Both men are down and then to the crowd’s delight, Anneire kips up to his feet!

Crime Lord stumbles up only for Anneire to knock him down with a flying shoulder block. He then runs to the corner where he knocks Marshall Murdoch off the apron with a big clothesline. He spins around and Anneire boots Crime Lord in the gut before hitting an electric chair drop which Anneire somehow manages to fall back into a cover!

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

Anneire gets to his feet quickly, He runs off the ropes but Crime Lord boots him in the knee knocking Anneire down to the canvas. Crime Lord quickly runs the ropes for a Mafia Mow Down...

RJ: Anneire rolls out of the way!

MW: He knocks Murdoch off the apron inadvertently!

Crime Lord then turns around into an implant DDT from Anneire, who makes the tag to Castiguer...


Ref: 1........................2.........................3!


*The SOF Celebrate in the middle of the ring as 6CWF goes to a commercial.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:32 pm

*Mike Hill is stood alongside Clarissa in the backstage area, he is joined by James Hamilton.

Clarissa:Mike,you've seen what La Pulga has had to say,what is your response to this?

Mike Hill:Maybe it's just me Clarissa,but La Pulga seems mightily worried to me.It seems to me that he needs Danny McGraw stood behind him,shouting him on,whispering sweet nothings in his ear to try and convince La Pulga he is good enough.

He descibres me as a liar,when it was clear to every neutral observer and even those people who hate me that I carried us when we tagged together.La Pulga is too rash,he let's the emotion get the better of him in that ring and that will be his downfall tonight.He'll be desperate to prove how good he is,to himself,to Danny McGraw,but most of all to me.

But La Pulga will forever remain in my shadow,even wehn I am long gone from 6WF!Because the fact of the matter is,he simply is not good enough to beat me.Never has been,never will be.And I'm not one to boast,but I will delight in telling him "I told you so" when Danny McGraw throws him away and comes running back to me,but this time I'll tell McGraw exactly where he can take his offer!
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:32 pm

*Jerome Dubois is shown in his locker-room,where he is joined by Edan Ekram.

Jerome Dubois:Mon Ami,tonight is going to be le beginning of a wonderful partnership.Tonight I shall show ze Saint that I have always been ze better man.And then you will show zat chump Blue Dragon and the two others in your match just how good you are.

Tonight we shall walk out of this arena with a title belt each,Dubois ze new European Champion and Edan Ekram ze Hardcore Champion! Zen we shall capture the tag team titles next month,from ze Soldiers of Fortune!

Edan Ekram:We are definitely befitting of such titles Jerome. You are European in every sense of the word and the hardcore title is perfectly suited to me.I set alight 6NG with breath-taking stunts and moves that you wouldn't dare in trying in a million years. That's why I'm hardcore. I'm prepared to go as far as my mind and body allows me to put on a show and get the win. The only elements I'll be using at Chaos will be wood and metal; a solid 4x4 or possibly a tough steel chair.

It seems that James Eagle and The Saint have one major thing in common,both possess the same inferiority complex!
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:33 pm

Match 3
Grudge Match
Mike Hill vs La Pulga Loco

RJ:Big grudge match here at Chaos now between two guys who were once the best of friends.Former tag team champions...but unfortunately in this game when one thing goes bad,everything else is soon to follow...

MW:I blame that idiot James Hamilton.He came in here and he turned Hill's head,The Association were a dominant team with dominant tactics.They changed their whole dynamic and it alienated La Pulga...he was pushed out into the cold...but not tonight,tonight he will show why he is the future and why Mike Hill should have stayed in line.

RJ:Should be a great contest to say the least...

"Next Big Thing" roars out and there is a mixed reaction as Mike Hill walks out and he applauds the fans in attendance.He looks psyched up as he walks down the ramp and then climbs onto the apron.He paces and then vaults over the ropes and circles the ring...

RJ:Former world champion is Mike Hill,he has held more gold than most superstars that have ever walked though those hallowed halls of 6WF....

MW:But he has had his time,now he needs to move over and let greatness reign...

"Papi Chulo" is greeted by huge boos as pyros explode into the air and La Pulga Loco struts out onto the stage.He points down at Mike Hill and then begins to sprint to the ring...

RJ:Doesnt look like La Pulga wants to wait around here...

Hill moves towards the ropes but Pulga slides under the bottom and through his legs.Hill turns around as Pulga gets up takes him out with a flying heel kick.Hill gets back up and Pulga dropkicks him into the corner before running in and nailing a shining wizard...he grips Hill in a headlock and runs out for a bulldog....

MW:Oh no...

RJ:Beautiful counter into the german suplex by Mike Hill,he will not be daunted by Pulga's speed one single bit...

Pulga stumbles up and Hill nails him with an inverted atomic drop before spinning heel kicking him to the ground and following up with the Hill Walk (Standing Shooting Star)..........1...........2........shoulder up.Hill pulls Pulga up and then snapmares him back to the mat and kicks him hard in the base of the spine...he drags Pulga up but is quickly pulled into a schoolboy...


RJ:His foots on the ropes...

Hill just kicks out despite the foot on the rope.Both men scramble up and Hill pushes La Pulga in the chest,Pulga pushes him back and Hill kicks him in the gut and forearms him back to the ropes before whipping him across the ring.He comes back and Pulga tilt-a-whirls him...


MW:Jeez that was an impressive counter...

MW:Mike Hill should know that turning his back on The Association will not benefit his career...Danny McGraw runs Lockdown,hell he runs 6WF now so what does Hill expect to acheive...

RJ:Whatever he is destined to....Hill has the ability to match anyone on the roster...

Pulga staggers up and Hill whips him into the corner,he follows in but Loco spins around the ropes and kicks Hill over the top (ala Christian).Hill stumbles back into the centre of the ring as La Pulga climbs up top...

MW:Missile...OH WOW!

Crowd:That was awe-some x3

RJ:Talk about "in tandem"....

La Pulga launches into a missile dropkick as Hill leaps up and greets him in midair with a dropkick of his own.Both men slowly stagger back and Hill looks for a clothesline...

MW:Ducked it,reverse DDT scores!


RJ:Nice move from La Pulga....thinks really coming along nicely here at 6CWF Chaos...the first pay per view event of the newly merged 6WF and 6CW...

Pulga waistlocks Hill and looks for a chaos theory but Hill holds onto the ropes and elbows Pulga away.Hill quickly springboards onto the ropes and soars back into a crossbody takedown.........1..........2........kickout.Both men get up and Hill runs off the ropes,Pulga looks for a superkick as he comes back but Hill ducks it and runs to the opposite side before springboarding onto the ropes again and flying back...


1..........................2................Pulga kicks out!

MW:Cmon Pulga,get it together...

The crowd are applauding as Hill picks Pulga up and scoop slams him to the mat.He goes to the corner and climbs onto the second rope before coming off with a legdrop.Pulga staggers back up and Hill grabs him by the head....



Pulga counters with an excellent chaos theory suplex that leaves both men sprawled out.The referee is counting them down but they are up on four,Pulga kicks Hill in the gut and looks for a suplex but Hill floats over back and looks for a full nelson facebuster...

MW:Small package!

1..............2..........Hill kicks out.They scramble up and Pulga charges at Hill but he is leapfrogged and crashes into the corner.Hill runs in and nails a monkey flip that plants Pulga in the centre of the ring and then leaps up top...

RJ:Mike Hill is very comfortable up here....and this crowd are cheering him...

MW:Haha what a dummy...

Hill seems a little stunned by the cheers and it allows La Pulga up,he runs across and executes an athletic jumping enzeguiri that crotches Hill on the top rope.The crowd boo as Pulga smirks and then climbs up...

MW:Mike Hill should know better....What a frankensteiner...forget about it!



La Pulga looks angry as the referee tells him that Hill got the shoulder up.He drags Hill to his feet and shakes his head before planting him with an orange crush bomb.He stands over Hill and trash talks him....

RJ:La Pulga wants to concentrate on this match...

MW:A little showboating hurt nobody....ROLLING THUNDER!

RJ:You were saying?

The crowd cheer as Hill drives his knees up into the back of La Pulga as he looks for rolling thunder.Pulga is clutching his back as he hobbles up but Hill is already on his feet and he grips Pulga by the shoulders and drops him with a backstabber...

RJ:Pulga's trash talking is gonna cost him here.....NEXT BIG MOVE!

The crowd pop as Hill nails the corkscrew 630 and then hooks the leg.................1...................2.................3!

RJ:Hill wins.....Hill wins....


The crowd groan as the referee points at Pulga's foot and tells Hill that the pinfall doesnt count.Hill looks slightly crestfallen as he crawls back to his feet and he stares at his groggy opponent...

RJ:Mike Hill is pulling it all out here tonight but he needs something else to put La Pulga away....

Pulga staggers up and into Hill.Hill swipes his legs and looks to synch in a liontamer but Pulga pokes him in the eyes and Hill staggers back into the corner.La Pulga slowly climbs up and he manages to duck the oncoming clothesline from Hill before running off the ropes and returning with a wheelbarrow facebuster...Hill is unsteady as he makes it back to his feet and La Pulga kicks him in the stomach...


Hill just manages to spin out of his own finisher and he pushes La Pulga back into the corner before running in and nailing a huge boot the face.Pulga is dazed and confused as Hill lifts him up top and then climbs up after...

RJ:Dangerous territory for both men to be in here...

Hill climbs up and the crowd cheer as he grips La Pulga in place for a superplex...the flashbulbs go off....


The crowd cannot help but applaud as La Pulga shoulders his way out of the superplex and then nails a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope,Hill lands badly on his neck and the crowd wince.La Pulga slowly gets to his feet and he looks at his former tag team partner...

RJ:He's hurt dammit...just make the cover....

MW:He wants to be sure....ROLLING THUNDER!


The bell sounds and the crowd boo as "Papi Chulo" roars out and La Pulga is declared the winner.He stares down at Hill with arrogant eyes and then crawls up as the referee raises his arm in victory.

RJ:Hats off to both men but La Pulga has made a big statement here tonight...Mike Hill matched him all the way but in the end the young Mexican just had a little bit too much...

MW:Like I said that he cant buy that sort of ability RJ,La Pulga is a future world champion,mark my words...

RJ:Hopefully Mike Hill's neck is going to be ok....that was one heck of a fall that he had...

La Pulga rolls from the ring with a smug look on his face as the referee checks on Mike Hill in the centre of the ring.
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J:Right now folks,we've got exclusive footage from backstage of The Scorpion,James Eagle and Blue Dragon preparing for their upcoming match.

*The Scorpion is shown first,he is sat down with a towel over his head.Miss Jessica walks in through the door where she is talking away on her phone.She removes the towel from over Scorpion's head,and points to him outside the door.

Scorpion blocks the camera off from seeing what is there, and then turns around and smiles.

*James Eagle is shown next,he is watching tapes of all his opponents.The camera's zoom in on a piece of paper which turns out to be a handful of money,he then shows a betting slip in the other hand which has a James Eagle win on it.He smiles at the camera.

*Finally,Blue Dragon is seen in his locker-room.He has a punch-bag set up and is firing away on the bag, he then picks up a kendo stick off the floor and smashes it into the bag repeatedly until it snaps in half.He then lifts up the Hardcore Title and stares down the camera intensely.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Results (03/07)   Chaos Results (03/07) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:34 pm

RJ: It has been the first ever Pay Per View of the 6CWF era tonight, and we are just under half way through the show, which has so far been packed with some tremendous matches and we’ve already seen some blood spilled.

MW: And I have no doubt that this next match will be just as good, with there being so much history involved probably even more so than the match we just witnessed between Mike Hill and La Pulga Loco.

RJ: The Saint defends his European Title against Jerome Dubois, a man who at the very beginning of his time in 6WF made it his goal to destroy The Saint, even wearing a mask with The Saint’s blood on.

MW: But The Saint remains, and is one of the most successful stars in 6WF history and will surely look to cement his legacy following the merger.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd pop

RA: Introducing first, the challenger...he hails from Paris, France and weighs in at 275lbs...the pride of France...JEROME DUBOOOIIIISSSSSS!

'C’est Le Bien Qui Fait Mal' echoes throughout the arena, as the entire attendance jumps to their feet for the Hall of Famer, Jerome Dubois. He swaggers onto the stage, sporting a “Est-ce que tu m'aimes ?” T-shirt. Dubois runs to each side of the ramp, making the fans get to their feet and make some noise. Dubois begins to make his way his down the ramp towards the ring, slapping the hands of some fans en route before sliding into the ring.

MW: Dubois has been a tremendous success since returning to 6WF. He won the freeweight title and then mentored Edan Ekram to success in Next Gen. Within a month, Dubois could be a double champion!

RA: And now introducing the champion...he hails from Manchester, England and weighs in at 270lbs...the reigning and defending 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION...THE SAINNNNTTT!

“Monster” screams out around the arena and Saint steps out on his own, he raises one arm in the air as the crowd give a mixed reaction. Saint slowly strides down the ramp as some of the crowd extend their hands for him. He slaps a couple of hands before sliding into the ring and holding the European Title up.

RJ: The Saint has been European Champion for two months and has already faced some great opponents, I’m sure that he will be hoping that a good run with this belt will propel him back towards the world title scene.

MW: This is going to be one hell of a test though RJ. These two know each other’s styles very well, I think that whoever is willing to take a risk, do something out of the ordinary will win this match.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The Saint and Dubois go in for the lock up as soon as the referee hands the title belt down to the outside. The Saint’s power advantage allows him to force Jerome Dubois backwards towards the corner. Dubois places his body in between the 2nd and 3rd rope meaning The Saint has to break and step away.

Dubois then moves forward out of the corner, The Saint goes for a clothesline but Dubois ducks underneath and then hooks the arms of The Saint for a backslide, The Saint spins and tries to hit Dubois with an impaler but Dubois shoves The Saint into the ropes. He spins and the two stare down, The Saint smirking at the frenchman.

Jerome Dubois then sprints at The Saint who lifts a hard knee up into the face, Saint then whips him out across the ring attempting a gorilla press slam but somehow Dubois manages to land on his feet behind The Saint. He spins The Saint before booting him in the stomach and drilling him face first into the canvas with a DDT. Dubois hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

The Saint gets the shoulder up off the canvas, Dubois rises to his feet and waits for The Saint to do so before irish whipping him into the corner. The Saint is then met with a series of stiff knife-edge chops that leave red marks etched across his chest. Dubois then retreats, The Saint stumbles forward and Dubois hits a snap powerslam into the canvas.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

The Saint again kicks out, Dubois lifts him up and attempts a scoop slam but The Saint drops off the back however Dubois immediately counters with a snapmare into a sleeper hold.

MW: Dubois looking every inch a TRUE European Champion here.

RJ: What do you mean by that Michael?

MW: Well he’s from France RJ, that makes him truly European!

RJ: You do realise that The Saint is from England, which is also in Europe?

MW: Yeah but it’s not the same is it RJ?

Dubois drags The Saint up to his feet where he is met with a jawbreaker, Dubois hits the ropes and then The Saint grabs him on the rebound flinging him to the canvas with a German Suplex into the pinfall.

Ref: 1..............2......Kick out!

The Saint rises to his feet following the kick out, he drops a couple of knees into the side before applying a seated abdominal stretch. He slowly drags up Dubois before drilling him to the canvas with a pumphandle slam, he hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

The Saint rises to his feet, he drags up Jerome Dubois and hits a couple of hard punches before trying to whip Dubois to the corner, but he reverses sending The Saint to the corner. Dubois follows up but The Saint grabs Dubois around his waist, spinning and hitting a belly to belly suplex. The Saint waits for Dubois to rise and shows his strength once more by hitting a gorilla press slam.

Ref: 1............2...........Kick out!

Dubois kicks out, The Saint walks to the corner where he goes to the top rope.

MW: What on earth is The Saint doing up there? And why’s he stood still?

The Saint is stood waiting, eventually Dubois rises.

RJ: That’s why! Crossbody...


Ref: 1..................2...................Kick out!

MW: Dubois nearly stole that one!

Dubois rises up quickly and before The Saint can do anything he hits a vicious boot into the side. He then drags The Saint into the corner where he boots away until the ref has to pull him back. Dubois nods his head as the referee lectures away at him before moving straight back in with a running knee to the face.

The Saint rolls out of the corner, Dubois bounces off the ropes and hits a leaping double leg drop across the chest before going to the top rope.

RJ: You said it may take something out of the ordinary to win this extra risk...

MW: 360 spin leg drop!

RJ: That could win it...

Ref: 1................2.....................3.Kick out!

RJ: Great heart from The Saint! Shoulder up just in time.

Dubois rises to his feet, he quickly has The Saint locked into a sharp shooter. The European Champion struggles desperately, edging towards the ropes very slowly only for Dubois to drag him back but The Saint continues to fight.

MW: You can how much this final bit of revenge means for The Saint...

RJ: He’s still crawling...HE GOT THE ROPES!

Dubois releases The Saint, he gets up and shouts at the ref before turning his attention back to The Saint. He lifts him up and sets up for the culture shock...

RJ: He’s going to win it!


Ref: 1......................2....................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this match by way of pinfall and STILLLLLLLL YOUR 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION THE SAINT!

RJ: That was amazing! What a move! Let’s have a look at that again.

*The replay shows Dubois flipping The Saint forward for a dominator which he counters quickly with a RKO!

MW: I thought Dubois had that won, but you have to hand it to The Saint, what a piece of innovation!
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RJ: Further title action up next here on 6CWF Chaos, which has so far been a fitting occasion for the first ever 6CWF Pay Per View.

MW: And things are only to get better and a lot more violent now as the hardcore title is on the line in a fatal four way match. Imagine the carnage of a normal hardcore match, and then add two extra competitors into that and you have a recipe for disaster!

RJ: Blue Dragon is undoubtedly one of the greatest hardcore wrestlers this company has ever witnessed, whatever Michael Wire says about him, and has been a constant force throughout this division during his time in 6WF.

MW: But tonight he faces a new breed of challengers, three graduates of 6WF Next Gen, Scorpion, James Eagle and the winner of the show, Edan Ekram. Dragon has had it easy in one on one defences, this is a real test.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following if a FATAL FOUR WAY HARDCORE MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd pop

Introducing the first challenger, hailing from Telford, England and weighing in at 201lbs...the golden one James Eagle!

“Burn, Burn” hits and A spotlight focuses on the centre of the stage, as Eagle jumps out of the entrance. He performs his signature taunt inside the spotlight at the top of stage with money in his hands. He gives out money to the fans by the barrier down the entrance ramp. He claps hands with a few fans at ringside, before walking the steel steps and climbing up to the turnbuckle from the outside. He puts one arm in the air to acknowledge his fans and jumps down into the ring. In centre of ring he repeats the signature taunt, while money shoots out of corners of ring.

RA: Introducing the 2nd challenger, hailing from Birmingham, England and weighing in at 222lbs, the winner of 6WF NEXT GEN, EDAN EKRAM!

“Elements of life” blares out and The lights go black and all that can be heard is a whisper through the speaker system... 'Ekram.' As soon as the music starts, Edan through a thin layer of smoke dressed in wrestling shorts and starts to jog down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans as he goes by. When he starts to reach the end of the ramp he starts to speed up before jumping onto the apron and leapfrogging over the ropes to land in the ring. He soaks up the cheers before turning to face Eagle.

RA: And now the 3rd challenger, from Colorado Desert and weighing in at 235lbs...THE SCORRRRPPPIOOONNNN!

The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling across the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as he rides his bike through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp. Some fans start up a “Scorp-Eons” chant which are hounded out by more boos!

RA: Finally, hailing from Liverpool, England and weighing in 266lbs, the reigning and defending 6WF HARDCORE CHAMPION...BLUE DRAGON!

“Freak on a leash” begins to play and the crowd burst at the seams in adulation for the hardcore champion who sprints out onto the ramp, holding aloft his title belt. He sprints down to the ring before sliding in, he goes around every one of his opponents holding up his hardcore title in their faces.


RJ: Shut up Michael!

MW: Look at how disrespectful he is to his fellow competitors! And you wonder why I hate him?

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings and immediately, Edan Ekram, Scorpion and James Eagle fly at Blue Dragon with fists and boots flaying everywhere as the three rookies seek to take out the champion early. Scorpion is booting away at the gut with Eagle and Ekram pummelling down on the back of Blue Dragon who falls back into the corner.

RJ: These three never normally seem eye to eye, except maybe on the fact that they think the best way to win this is to get rid of Blue Dragon early!

With Blue Dragon back in the corner, Ekram and Eagle continue their beatdown of Blue Dragon whilst telling Scorpion to go to the outside and grab a chair, which he does. He leaps onto the apron where Eagle steps back and runs off the ropes, hitting a pele kick into the chair knocking Scorpion down to the outside, crashing into the railings head first.

MW: Already we’re seeing a double cross!

Meanwhile Ekram rests Blue Dragon’s head up against the 2nd turnbuckle before hitting a vicious spin kick, throttling the neck against the turnbuckle! Ekram Blue Dragon back to the corner before lifting him and hitting a suplex into the turnbuckle, he then steps away allowing James Eagle to takeover. He drags the Hardcore Champion out of the corner and then hits him with a stiff T-Bone suplex, he walks over into the cover.

Ref: 1............2........Kick out!

Eagle gets to his feet following the kick out, he waits for Blue Dragon to rise before hitting a leaping leg lariat. He goes for a running neckbreaker but Blue Dragon side-steps only for Ekram to hit a stiff double axe-handle into the back of the head. Ekram rises to his feet and stomps away on Blue Dragon, he then steps back allowing him to rise before whipping him out across the ring and then on the rebound hitting a high-angled dropkick. Ekram then waits once more for Blue Dragon to get to his feet before hitting a running neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out!

Blue Dragon just about forces the shoulder up, Ekram rolls away to the outside allowing Eagle to take control once more whilst Ekram hits a hard stomp on Scorpion just for good measure, before burying under the ring and throwing out a variety of weapons.

Ekram throws into the ring a trash can, which Eagle removes the lid from and proceeds to smash over the head of Blue Dragon until it is so dented that it won’t cause any damage. He then places the trash can in the corner, but not to use it immediately instead turning back around and booting Blue Dragon in the gut and hitting a double underhook DDT!

Eagle makes the cover.

Ref: 1............2........Kick out!

MW: We haven’t seen any weapons used so far.

Eagle motions for Ekram to takeover, he steps into the ring and hits a couple of knee drops down into the face before lifting up Blue Dragon who he whips to the corner, Eagle hits a drop toe hold and Blue Dragon crashes head first into the trash can set up in the corner. Eagle is quick to take advantage, hooking the leg.


Ekram removes the trash can from between the 2nd and 3rd ropes and cracks it down across the back of Eagle who rolls away in pain. Ekram lifts up Eagle and drags him to the corner, he quickly removes the turnbuckle cover and then proceeds to smash the head of Eagle into the uncovered steel! Blood is pouring down from the face of Eagle who slumps down in the corner, Ekram runs over and hits a stiff boot into the head.

Ekram picks up the Trash Can, Blue Dragon stumbles up from behind and Ekram uses the trash can to hit a modified clothesline which sends Blue Dragon spiralling to the outside. Ekram turns his attention back to Eagle who is up and runs at him, he throws the can at Eagle who manages to catch it only for Ekram to hit a dropkick onto the can, crashing it into Eagle’s head!

Ekram smirks at the bloodied Eagle, he steps out of the ring onto the apron where he starts to walk to the corner, Scorpion sprints across with a kendo stick in hand and crashes it into the stomach. Ekram keels over in agony and Scorpion then proceeds to crack the stick down across the back of Ekram until it is bent so out of shape that he can no longer use it.

The Scorpion then moves the steel steps around to behind him, he lifts up the head of Ekram and then suplexes him down viciously across the steps. Ekram rolls away clutching at his back, Scorpion picks up the steps and whacks them across the back of Ekram. Scorpion then removes more weapons from underneath the ring, including a barbed wire 2x4, baseball bat, two steel chairs and a solitary table. Scorpion spins around and Eagle comes bouncing off the ropes and leaps over the top rope, knocking Scorpion down to the canvas with a phoenix splash! The crowd pop loudly, and cheer even louder as Blue Dragon slowly gets to his feet. He grabs the hardcore title and sees Ekram, Eagle and Scorpion all laid out.

Ekram is the first up and Blue Dragon crashes the hardcore title into his face, Scorpion the next man up and he is met with the hardcore title into the face. Finally Eagle rises, he ducks a shot with the hardcore title and swings for Blue Dragon with a chair but the hardcore champion blocks it, he boots Eagle in the gut before whipping him straight into the steel ring post.

RJ: Tremendous action here!

Blue Dragon lifts up Scorpion over his shoulder, he goes for a powerslam but Scorpion drops down the back, Blue Dragon around and Scorpion goes for a spinebuster but Blue Dragon counters this with a DDT onto the hard flooring! Blue Dragon rolls Edan Ekram into the ring, and he brings with him two steel chairs and the barbed wire 2x4.

Ekram rises to his feet and in desperation prods Blue Dragon in the eye, the hardcore champion is temporarily blinded and he stumbles into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Ekram lifts Blue Dragon onto the top rope, he then stands on the apron and hits an X-Factor facebuster into the steel. Blue Dragon stumbles back and Ekram picks up the barbed wire 2x4 and cracks it into the face of Blue Dragon, he then makes the cover.

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Ekram gets to his feet angrily, he sits up a steel chair in the middle of the ring and then drags Blue Dragon towards it, he sets up for a DDT but Blue Dragon fights his way out, he then boots Ekram in the gut.


Ekram rolls away in pain, Blue Dragon grabs the 2nd chair he has and follows Ekram around maniacally crashing the chair into his back and head. He then drops the chair, picks up Ekram and drives him down into the canvas with a powerslam. Ekram picks up a chair as he rises groggily but Blue Dragon nonchanlantly boots it into his face and hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2................Eagle breaks the pinfall with a running dropkick!

Eagle has a 2nd table with him and he is quick to set the table up in the corner, he drags up Blue Dragon and goes to whip him towards the corner, Blue Dragon uses his strength to launch Eagle towards it.

RJ: He’s gonna go straight through the table...amazing!

MW: He did a backflip using the table as leverage! Outstanding!

Blue Dragon looks on in utter shock, before running towards Eagle who picks up the baseball bat lay errantly in the corner and drives it up into the stomach. Eagle goes to his knees and then cracks the bat into the face of Blue Dragon who falls backwards! Eagle turns his attentions to Ekram, he lifts him up and has him set up for the Golden Eagle, looking to put him through the table in the corner however Ekram fights his way out and then grabs Eagle by the head, he cracks him into the table and Eagle falls to the mat. Ekram stands next to the table waiting for Eagle to rise before hitting the Burn Out, before he can do that Scorpion is in the ring...



RJ: This is what Hardcore Wrestling is all about! Bodies strewn everywhere, this is tremendous action!

Eagle and Blue Dragon rise up at the same time, the two start to exchange groggy, exhausted punches Eagle gains the upper hand in, He then runs towards Blue Dragon who hits a back drop down to the outside!

Blue Dragon goes up to the top rope, he waits for Eagle to rise before flying off attempting a diving clothesline but Eagle counters with a boot into the gut, and then a reverse STO onto the hard flooring. Eagle hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

Eagle gets to his feet, he then goes up to the top rope and steadies himself before attempting a somersault leg drop...


Eagle crashes to the floor in a heap, Blue Dragon rises about a minute later and brings around a table, he lifts up Eagle...

MW: This could potentially be the last we see of Eagle for a while, his back must already be messed up from that missed move moments ago...OH DAMN IT! DEATH NOTE THROUGH THE TABLE!

Blue Dragon slowly rises to his feet, he is leant up against the commentary table exhausted...





Ref: 1.................2.........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


RJ: Sorry for how unprofessional my partner is...

MW: Shut it RJ! Get in there Scorpion, another tremendous client of Miss Jessica, another on the way to world domination!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winner of this match by way of pinfall and your NEEEEEWWWW 6WF HARDCORE CHAMPION...SCOOORRRRPIIONNNNN!

The majority of the crowd boo however his loyal scorp-eons cheer him loudly, he is handed the belt and slumps on the outside, all his opponents strewn in various areas around the ring.

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*Scorpion walks through the curtain backstage,the hardcore title clutched firmly to his chest.He is greeted by The Saint who just come out of the medics room following a routine check after his victory.

The two stare at each other momentarily and then The Saint extends his hand to Scorpion,who accepts the offer of a handshake.

The Saint:You enjoy that title Scorpion!

The Scorpion:Don't you worry about that I will! I'm on my way to becoming the next world super-power with Miss Jessica's backing!

The Saint:Just make sure you keep your eyes open,people have got different ways of winning that title Scorpion.They can do what they want in that ring,you have to be prepared to take risks.

The Scorpion:I will do anything to get to the top Sainty,don't you worry about that!

The Saint:That's what I like to hear!You better go find Jessica,I bet she's dying to see you!

*Scorpion's eyes light up.

The Scorpion:I Hope so!
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*Longinus is shown backstage alongside Clarissa.

Clarissa:Longinus,just moments away from your match with Rapture.A chance for the Atheist to get one over on the Church,A chance for you to win your first title in 6WF...

*Longinus snatches the microphone.

Longinus:Clarissa,The time for talking is nearly over.After all the stupid games, after all the rubbish he talks, we finally get our match.His delusions of a grandeur will crash to the ground.

All this time Rapture has portrayed himself as someone who is high and mighty.Yet he says he is doing this to prove to Hero that he chose the correct disciple.

Are you afraid of me Rapture? You should be. I beat your Lord in the ring. You should remember that night well. It was the moment you turned your back on a friendship. I saved you from your own personal demons and you stick the knife in my back for all the help I gave you. But now you are worse off! Instead of being poisoned by your own demons, you are now brainwashed by the Church. And I pity you for it.

The Atheists don't need you,dont' need a pathetic individual who turned his back on us,joined the enemy!And your punishment will come to the fore tonight!

*Longinus motions a title belt.
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Match 6
Freeweight Title
Rapture vs Longinus

ding ding

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen.............the following contest is scheduled for one fall.....and it is for the vacant 6WF Freeweight Championship!

RJ:Hugely personal contest here folks for the vacant Freeweight Title.These two men were a tag team,they shared ideas and the same hunger but it was all stopped short by one man's betrayal...

MW:More like one man's desire.Face it RJ,The Church of Hero had much more to offer than the Atheists,and tonight you will see that...

RJ:But what about the fact that Longinus' girlfriend is still missing....and we know Rapture had something to do with it...

MW:Meh....not really interested in alll that rubbish...

"God Gonna Cut You Down" roars out and the boos begin as a hooded figure walks out through the mist.They kiss a pendant on their chest and then raise their arms in the air as a jet of pyros explode...

Announcer:Introducing first..........from San Diego,California......weighing in at 200 pounds....representing the Church of Herooooooooooooo..................Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppptttttttttuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!

Rapture begins to walk down the ramp and climbs into the ring.He lowers his hood and grins evily as he stares around the crowd.

MW:Rapture is another athlete who really found the light when he was inducted into the Church of Hero....he shed his old persona and he has found a new lease of life...

RJ:Another mindless thug who needs bringing down a peg or two...we have watched in recent weeks as he has attempted to play midgames with Longinus....the man is mentally unhinged and needs a lot of help....hopefully he will get a reality check here tonight...

There are big cheers from the sold-out crowd as "Fight Song" roars out and a procession of green fireworks explode into the air.Rapture continues to stare with an amused look...

Announcer:And his opponent...............from Newcastle,England..........weighing in at 245 pounds..................."The Atheist"............Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuussssssssss!

The cheers are loud as Longinus runs out onto the stage.He stares down with wild eyes and drops his coat onto the stage before sprinting down to the ring,He slides in as Rapture moves towards him and he quickly launches into a full takedown and floors Rapture...he rocks him repeatedly with huge rights and lefts...

RJ:My god Longinus is wasting no time here....he wants Rapture to feel his full wrath....

MW:Referee you need to control this madman...

Rapture kicks Longinus away and rolls from the ring but his opponent follows him.He grabs Rapture and slams his head against the announce desk before pulling him around the ring and slamming his head against the steel steps...

MW:Disqualify him ref....this is uncalled for...

RJ:The bell hasnt been rung to start the disqualifications in a match that hasnt begun...

Longinus lifts Rapture up and drops him rib-first onto the security railing before grabbing him and throwing him back in the ring as the referee finally calls for the bell to start the match.Rapture clambers back up and Longinus pummels him back to the corner before stomping on his midsection and whipping him to the opposite side...

RJ:I have never seen this fire from Longinus before...

Rapture slams into the turnbuckle and flips up (ala Ric Flair),he staggers back down as Longinus darts towards him...


Rapture grabs the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring at the last available moment and the crowd boo.Longinus shakes his head and runs off the opposite ropes before returning with a baseball slide that sends Rapture into the security railing.Rapture tries to shake away the cobwebs as Longinus gets back up and shakes his head before running off the ropes again...


MW:What a fool...

Rapture moves at the last minute as Longinus flies through the air and clatters head-long into the security railing as the crowd groan.Rapture stomps a few times on the back of Longinus neck before rolling back in the ring and ordering the referee to count...

MW:Remember RJ,because the belt is vacant...a count out or disqualification win means you walk away as champion...

RJ:Im full aware of the rules and I know Longinus is in real trouble here...

1........2........3......Rapture is resting against the ropes and Longinus clutches his neck on the outside......4..........5.........6......Longinus tries to crawl to the apron but falls down......7........8.....

MW:Get the belt...

9......The crowd cheers as Longinus just manages to slide back in the ring.Rapture shakes his head but then grins as he seems to vision something in his mind.He drags Longinus up and smiles at him before hitting him with a t-bone suplex.Longinus tries to crawl up as Rapture nails him with a running leg lariat that sends him crashing into the corner...he staggers out as Rapture grabs the middle of the ropes and leaps into a springboard...

RJ:Right into the reverse DDT on the back of that injured neck.....

1..........................2..........Longinus kicks out.Longinus is in pain as he tries to get up,he staggers into Rapture and feels the full force of a release belly to belly suplex...........1...............2........shoulder up.

MW:Rapture taking full control now...Longinus has blown himself out,rookie mistake...

Rapture hammers fists and elbows into the neck of Longinus,he tries to whip him into the corner but Longinus reverses it,Rapture runs up the ropes though and returns with a beautiful whisper in the wind...

RJ:Longinus is really losing his foothold in this match...

Longinus staggers up and takes a stiff kick to the stomach as Rapture underhooks his arms...


Longinus manages to spin out of the DDT and runs off the ropes before returning with a flying clothesline takedown.He staggers back up and he grabs the arms of Rapture....

RJ:Spinning impail...

Rapture pushes Longinus chest-first into the turnbuckle and then waistlocks him into a crunching chaos theory suplex....................1...........................2.............shoulder up.Longinus is really feeling it in the back of his neck,he tries to get up but Rapture knees him hard in the hard in the face and then quickly climbs the ropes...

MW:Rapture gonna finish this.....SHOOTING STAR...

Longinus manages to move but Rapture lands on his feet.Rapture staggers as he turns around and Longinus wipes him out with a standing dropkick.Rapture gets back up and Longinus kicks him in the stomach and nails a neckbreaker before pulling himself to the corner and climbing up....

RJ:Longinus maybe taking a big risk here.....MISSILE DROPKICK!

The crowd cheer as Longinus takes out Rapture with the flying dropkick,he staggers to his feet and raises his arms as the crowd cheer....

MW:Oh no...

RJ:Here it comes.....SPEAR OF...


The crowd boo as Rapture manages to leap into the air and counter the spear into the gogoplata.Longinus is shouting in pain as full pressure is applied on his neck..

MW:Haha this is spectacular....right after the injured can he survive that RJ?

RJ:Longinus has to be in a world of pain...

His arms are wobbling as he teeters on the edge of submission.Rapture applies more and more pressure but Longinus screams "NO" over and over...

MW:This is it...

Longinus amazingly gets to his feet and rams Rapture backwards into the turnbuckle.He staggers back and blood drips from his mouth as he wills Rapture to bring it on...

MW:How did he fight out?

RJ:Thats his will and that is his desire....this kid has got the heart of a lion...

Rapture spits on the floor and walks into Longinus as both men begin to trade right hands.Longinus wins the fist fight but Rapture rakes his eyes and the crowd boo....



The crowd pop as Longinus spins from the DDT attempt again and nails the impailer.He slowly crawls to the corner and kneels by the ropes and spits more blood onto the mat and beckons for his foe to get up...

RJ:After weeks of torment Longinus has his sights locked.....

The big screen flashes on and a woman screams.Longinus stops in mid run and looks up as he sees the fearful eyes of his girlfriend...he holds his head in his hands as he sees her tied to a chair and Xeres and Vlad Reznikova sit by her with evil smiles...

RJ:This is sick...that is Longinus' girlfriend...


RJ:This is a disgrace


ding ding ding

RJ:I cant believe this...

Announcer:Ladies and is your winner................and NEW 6WF Freeweight Champion...........Raaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppptttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!

The crowd are booing wildly as Rapture is handed the Freeweight Title.He has a little cut on his eye but he brushes it away and smirks as he glares at Longinus and then around at the crowd.He stands up and raises his arms in the air..

MW:There he is RJ....your new Freeweight Champion....the dominance of the Church continues...

RJ:This is awful....Longinus had the match won....these sickening mindgames are getting too much...

Rapture hugs his Freeweight Title and he kneels over Longinus before kissing his "Hero" pendant and smiling.The screen switchs off as "God Gonna Cut Ya Down" continues to scream out...

MW:Chaos is just getting better and better...aslong as Hero retains in the main event then it is happy days...

RJ:I dont agree with what just happened but I agree that this has been some event...

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*A VT Begins to play, it starts with a clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly.

Jack and Lex are shown stood alongside Abe Abercorn,all wearing Pure Wrestling T-Shirts.

They are then shown in the ring,capturing the tag team titles and then defending them, each man scoring a winning pinfall. The two are then shown hugging,both clutching tightly at the tag team titles.

*The VT then changes to a black sky,with thunder rumbling and lightning flashing.

Jack and Lex are shown losing the tag team titles,and the eventual combustion of their tag team.

The classic match at Born In Fire where Jack is seen out cold,Lex Hart being declared the winner and then keeping the hold synched in.

Lex Hart:We will never be able to co-exist, we will continually be embroiled in a feud,directly or indirectly, if we both remain in 6WF.

Jack:This feud needs closure.We need to find out who is the better man...once and for all.

*Hart is then shown winning the 6WF Title,and then Jack defeating Cassius Zhi to win the TAW Title.

Hart:I won a world title before him,surely that proves I am the better man?

Jack:I had no help winning my world title,Lex needed Jessica to help him.And now she's too busy sulking over Cassius,who I beat!Hart will be the next client of Miss Jessica who I get rid of.

Hart:This is all he talks about.Jack refuses to fact facts,Jack refuses to acknowledge how I carried him in our tag team days.How I beat him at Born In Fire,How I was the first to a world title.

Jack:Lex is the one in denial,that title belt went to his head but now neither of us have one of those to fight for.What we are now fighting for is pride,we are fighting to the bitter end.We are fighting until we finally discover just who the better man is!

*Jack and Lex are shown brawling and then a fire is shown,the flame is starting to dwindle signifying the end of an epic battle.

Jack:Tonight is the end...

Hart:Tonight is the final battle in the most bitter of wars!
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J: Welcome back to 6CWF Chaos, and what a match we have got lined up for you next here. A match where history is not fitting a way to describe what these two have been together.

MW: Tag Team Partners, Enemies, World Champions and following tonight’s match, we will finally discover who the best man is and for the one who loses, that truly is the end. They will be gone from 6WF!

RJ: I can’t think of a more fitting way to end a feud that has always been simmering even when Perfect Jack and Lex Hart were tag team champions. You could see that both men were striving to be the best in that team, the first to a world title. There was always the competition.

MW: I think the realization that they needed closure came when they lost their titles to Hero at Mayhem, they knew their feud had to end somewhere, they cannot continue whilst the other one remains, otherwise that burning desire will still remain.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman, the following is A LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH! There will be no disqualifications, no count outs, the only way to win is to either pin your opponent or make them submit!

Introducing first, he hails from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, America. He weighs in at 260lbsPERFECT JACK!

“I am perfection” blares out through the speakers and Perfect Jack’s arrival is met with a mass of cheers from the crowd. He stands tall taking in the reception and the importance of the match before striding down the ramp!

RJ: Jack has been in these pressure-cooker situations previously, but this is something completely different. His career in 6WF rests on this match.

MW: Can he deal with the pressure situation though? He couldn’t last month could he!

RA: And now introducing, hailing from Calgary, Canada and weighing in at 240lbs. He is known as THE ICON...LEXXXX HAARRRTTTTTTT!

“Burn in my light” blasts out and the crowd descend into a hysteria of boos and whistles as Lex Hart walks out onto the stage amidst a flurry of pink fireworks. Hart stares down at Jack from the top of the ramp, he is wearing shirt that reads “I’m here to stay” in pink lettering, he swaggers down the ramp before sliding into the ring.

MW: Lex Hart is a brave, brave man we know that, I mean he wears pink pants. However, in all seriousness we have seen Lex come through a simmering rivalry with Cassius Zhi still in tact, and in fact he remained whilst Zhi left.

RJ: I don’t think that can really be accredited to him. However Michael, you are correct in that Lex has come through some very tough situations however so has Perfect Jack, most noticeably a match they shared at Born In Fire, a submission match!

MW: The match of the year RJ, let’s hope for a repeat tonight!

RJ: Here we go folks, this clash of titans about to begin!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Perfect Jack and Lex Hart stare across at each other, loud chants for Jack circling around the arena. Hart puts his finger to his lips, motioning the crowd to be quiet. His glare then quickly turns back towards Jack and the two start circling the ring. Jack feigns forward towards the centre of the ring, but then takes a step back. Hart does a similar and then we are still at a stalemate.

Eventually, the two men do lock up but the evenness in strength and ability is shown as no-one is able to gain a clear cut advantage. They break the hold, and lock up once more, and again there is no clear advantage. For a third time, Jack moves forward to lock up however Hart has a counter this time lifting his knee up into the stomach.

Hart then places Jack into a standing armbar, which he manages to counter with a hip toss only for Hart to land on his feet. He throws a discus clothesline that Jack ducks, he then goes for a backslide which Hart spins his way out of and then bounces off the ropes, Jack attempts a back body which Lex leapfrogs, Jack then slides underneath Lex on the rebound from the opposite ropes. He rolls to his feet where he goes to snapmare Hart to the canvas, he blocks whipping Jack out across the ring and on the reverse hitting him with an inverted atomic drop.

Hart quickly has Jack into a side headlock. Jack claws his way up onto his feet and attempts a belly to back suplex, but Hart back flips to land on his feet. Jack spins around, Hart goes for a boot to the gut which Jack catches. Before Hart can attempt his trademark enzaguri kick, Jack spins him by the boot and as Hart spins back into the face of Jack he suplexes him down to the canvas.

MW: From that opening exchange, it’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t know an awful lot about these two’s history how they were tag team partners, then bitter enemies. They seem to know each other’s every move and counter move.

RJ: I guess that’s why they wanted this match Michael, they knew that otherwise because of how close they are in terms of ability and the symmetry of their careers, this feud could continue throughout their wrestling lives.

Jack gets up to his feet, he allows Hart up to his feet before snap-maring him down to the canvas and hitting a boot into the back, with the thud reverberating around the arena. Jack hauls up Lex and whips him across the ring, he attempts a standing dropkick but Hart clutches onto the ropes and Jack falls backward, crashing his head on the canvas.

Hart sprints over and as Jack rises to one knee he hits him with a running neckbreaker. Hart has Jack into a seated hammerlock, with his spare arm pummeling elbows into the side of the head with increasing anger and speed, with Jack’s face already starting to trickle with blood.

Finally, Jack manages to get to his feet and Hart goes for a German suplex which Jack manages to block. Hart attempts the German suplex again and this time he just about manages to fling Jack down to the canvas. Hart retreats, allowing Jack to rise before going for a jawbreaker but Jack hits a right hook into the stomach and Hart keels over.

Jack then applies a front facelock, and starts to lift a series of knees into the face repaying the punishment which Hart had previously dished out. He has Hart up against the ropes and he whips him across the ring and then running after him, hitting a lifting knee into the stomach. Jack follows this up with an atomic drop and Hart stumbles into the corner.

RJ: Such an even match, and tempers have already started to reach boiling point with a long way to go yet.

Jack moves menacingly into the corner, he goes for a punch to the head but Hart blocks, he spins Jack into the corner and then hits a series of stiff backhand chops across the chest until Jack slumps down in the corner. Hart then work him over with a series of stomps into the face, Hart then retreats back allowing Jack to stir to one knee before sprinting across and crashing a hard boot into the stomach.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Hart has Perfect Jack into an armbar, jack begins to fight the hold and rises to his feet where Jack tries to reverse with an arm drag but Hart holds him up, with his other hand he begins to flow away with a series of backhand chops on Jack once more, he falls back into the corner. Hart continues with the backhand chops to loud boos from the crowd, Hart motions them to be quiet, before hitting a running stunner out of the corner.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Hart rolls up onto his feet, he waits for Jack to rise before hitting a boot into the stomach. Hart runs the ropes attempting a springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT but Jack somehow counters with a powerslam!

A bloodied Jack then sets to work on Hart, stomping down on both of his legs with equal brutality before dragging Hart towards the corner where he goes up to the top rope and hits a double foot stomp down across the legs of Hart. Jack doesn’t cover, instead applying a leglock, he then forward rolls through to increase the pressure applied before releasing. He drags him back to the centre of the ring and covers.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

Jack has Hart onto his feet quickly, he attempts an Irish whip to the corner but Hart uses the momentum to flip backwards only for Jack to catch him and nail a shoulder-breaker. He then puts the grounded Hart into a bow and arrow submission hold.

RJ: A hold so commonly associated with Abe Abercorn, a move that undoubtedly Jack picked up from his mentor.

MW: You’d have thought that the time Hart also spent with Abercorn would allow him to know the counter to this move.

RJ: He was never the keenest of learners though was he, he always felt that he was too good for Abercorn. He was too arrogant!

Jack wrenches up the pressure on the move, The pain visibly etched across the face of Hart who shuffles around in a desperate attempt to get to the ropes but they are all too far away. He then attempts to counter, slowly edging his way to a vertical base. Finally he is up and counters with a vicious spinning impaler.

Jack rolls to the corner, pulling himself up using the ropes. Hart sprints towards him.

RJ: That is going to hurt!

MW: Back Body Drop to the outside. Desperation stuff from Jack, but hell it was effective!

The camera pans around to show Hart lay on the matting on the outside. Jack slowly goes to the outside, he picks Hart up by the hair and launches him into the steel railing separating fans and wrestlers. Jack then boots away at Hart repeatedly, by now both men covered in blood. Jack then stops with boots instead choosing to beat away with a series of fists into the face.

Eventually Jack relents, He moves the steel steps away from the ring post and then grabs Hart by the head, smashing him straight into the ring post. Hart stumbles around towards the announce table, Jack runs towards him.


RJ: Hart had a chair! Michael, why do you keep a chair under your desk?

MW: Security RJ, you can never be too careful!

Hart has a devious grin on his face and the crowd boo loudly as Jack is slumped over the announce table. Hart picks up the chair and smashes it onto his back for good measure before throwing it into the ring. Hart then drags Jack a little bit back from the announce table before smashing him head first into it repeatedly, the crowd boo even louder.

Hart then leaves Jack against the table, hitting a couple of boots for good measure before dragging the steel ring steps across. He grabs Jack from behind before hitting a vicious german suplex onto steps!

Hart stands on the announce table and poses to the fans immediately behind the desk who throw all sorts of items at Hart who just walks towards them casually, he grabs the beer out of the hands of one men and brings it back to ringside. He turns around and Jack is stumbling around, Hart throws the beer right into his face before hitting a DDT to take advantage of Jack temporary blindness!

Hart then goes up to the top rope, he stands looking down at Jack before making a cut-throat gesture...


Hart nails the high-flying move, he rolls up to his feet slowly and throws Jack into the ring before making the cover.

Ref: 1..............2.....................Kick out!


RJ: How did he kick out of that one?

Hart gets to his feet in disgust at the referee, then looks to the sky in desperation before going back to work on Jack where he immediately locks in a crippler crossface!

RJ: This one is over, I just can’t see Jack managing to get out of this one!


Hart has the crossface applied viciously, Jack is screaming in pain as Hart increases the force and the screams begin to die down and Jack starts to fade. Blood is streaming down his face, with it flowing onto the hands of Hart. The ref checks on Jack at the shout of Hart...

His hand drops once....


RJ: NO! Jack’s fighting back!

Jack manages to keep his hand up off the floor, the crowd start cheering...


He starts edging towards the ropes...he grabs the bottom rope! Hart however doesn’t have to release with there being no disqualifications, but Jack now has some adrenaline and he boots his way out of the submission.

He stumbles to his feet, Hart boots him in the gut and then goes for the canadian destroyer, which Jack blocks and then throws Hart down, bridging over into the pinfall...

Ref: 1...............2................3.Kick out!

Hart just about forces the shoulder up, he gets to one knee but Jack hits a vicious kick to the head and Hart slumps down. Jack then boots away on the right leg of Hart before going to the outside, he brings in a chair and smashes it down onto the leg repeatedly, he then throws the chair out...



The crowd cheer loudly and Hart is now the one in agony, with seemingly no energy remaining. He is clutching a mid-air, trying desperately for the ropes but they are not getting any closer. Jack lifts himself up on his arms to increase leverage and pressure, blood is pouring from both their faces.

Hart is still clawing for the ropes but then the movement begins to stop, his head is slumped down on the canvas...his arm lifts...



Ding, Ding, Ding!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman, the winner of this match by way of submission...PERFECT JACK!

MW: I can’t believe it! No more Lex, No more pink pants! What a man! What a service he has given to 6WF,A true champion!

RJ: A truly tremendous competitor, and a match befitting of his end. What hell these men have been through together, but now there is some culmination!

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*Perfect Jack rolls onto the outside,he slumps down against the ring but the camera is quickly back into the ring.

Lex Hart rolls towards the corner where he pulls himself up,and the normally hostile crowd give him a big round of applause.

RJ:Lex Hart has many qualities that make you want to hate him.He is arrogant,brash,outspoken with a questionable fashion sense.But one thing that you cannot question is his wrestling ability.

MW:Lex Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers to have graced this company,I think that these fans should have held him in a lot higher respect than they did.Having said that,this is a tremendous reception he is receiving.

RJ:Hart has given us so many memorable matches,none more so than the submission match at Born In Fire which was of course against the man who defeated him tonight.

MW:Take a bow Lex,take in this reception!You deserve it damn it! There must be a loophole,get him back Jessica.

*Hart sits in the corner,slowly he pulls himself up and nods to the crowd,thanking them for the polite applause. He smiles and bows to them before leaving the ring and heading to the top of the ramp.He takes one last look before leaving the stage for the final time.

Perfect Jack gets to his feet, he slowly rolls into the ring and gets to his feet.He holds his arms aloft and the cheers are massive.Suddenly the titantron starts flashing black and white.


Jack looks around puzzled,seemingly out of nowhere a man appears behind Jack...





MW:I don't know RJ,I can't see his face.

*The man is clad in black,he stands over Jack,a hood and mask covering his face.

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*Chaos is shown backstage behind the curtain, where he is having a final talk with The Fanatic.

Chaos:Never has a pay per view been more aptly named. Tonight I win my first world title at the Pay Per View I was born to headline...CHAOS! Everyone will see tonight who the true prophet is, they will finally see past the lies and fabrications fed to them by that phoney Hero.

Chris Patricks will see that just like Max Adamson,he is not at my level...

??:Is that so?

*Patricks strolls into the picture...

Patricks:Tell freakozoid over there to get out of here, world title contenders only! So you know, you might as well go with him.

Chaos:Very amusing Patricks, just like your buddy Adamson and remember what happened to him.

Patricks:Oh I remember Chaos, I've lodged that deep in my memory.I'm going to save that memory for the match, that moment when you'll hit the wall.When you don't know what to do to get the pinfall,I'll think of what you've said to me, what you said about Max and what you did to him and that will drive me on to punish you, and get my revenge, and get my world title.

Chaos:I don't know where you've got all this belief from Chris, but I have to say it is very impressive especially when you consider Max was the talented one, and if he couldn't beat me, then why should you be able to?

Patricks:Motivation, Desire, Revenge! See you out there punk!

*Patricks strolls off, Chaos smirks.
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RJ: Ladies and Gentleman it is with regret that I have to announce that we only have one match left this evening...OUR MAIN EVENT!

MW: And like a lot of tonight’s matches, there are a few scores to settle and plenty of history between these three opponents.

RJ: Hero defends his undisputed title for the first time since victory at Mayhem over Perfect Jack and Lex Hart, and he faces off against Chris Patricks and Chaos.

MW: Hero and Chaos have had their fair few spats over who the “True Prophet” is, whilst Chaos clashed with Patricks this month after Chaos cut short the career of Max Adamson at Mayhem.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is YOUR MAIN EVENT...It is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF UNDISPUTED TITLE!

*Loud pop

RA: Introducing the first challenger, hailing from Brighton, England and weighing in at 173lbs...CHAOOOSSSSS!

"Its an Omen" screams out over the loudspeakers and the green pyro goes off. A searchlight then roams before stopping on the top of the ramp as Granite plays. Chaos appears through more pyro before swaggering down the ramp,he slides into the ring where he stares down the ramp awaiting his opponents.

RJ: Chaos proclaims himself to be the true prophet, you can see why Hero has taken issue with this, he has in fact described Chaos as Hero-Lite, or Diet Hero.

MW: I can think of things far worst to be called. Chaos should take that as a compliment, maybe Hero sees him as a threat. Besides, if Chaos has half the career that Hero has had, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy.

RA: Introducing the 2nd challenger, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, America and weighing in at 220lbs...CHRIS PATRICKKKSSSS!

“Refuse/Resist” plays and the crowd pop as pyrotechnics explode at the top of the stage and through the sparks and smoke comes Chris Patricks. He looks at the initials tattooed on his knuckles, kiss them, points to the sky and then sprints to the ring, sliding into the ring and climbing the nearest turnbuckle, saluting the crowd, who are cheering him on profusely.

RJ: Patricks has had more experience in these world title matches than Chaos, however that’s not to say he’s a veteran of these occasions, far from it. But maybe that slight advantage he has can be put to good use.

MW: I think that one thing that plays into the hands of both Chaos and Patricks is that all these men are of a similar size, there is no 300lbs, 6”6 dominating force, they all have similar styles which will give them more chance of grabbing a victory.

RA: And finally... he hails from Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, USA and weighs in at 220lbs... he is the leader of the Church...he is THE REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF UNDISPUTED CHAMPION...HERRRRROOOOOOO!

“Here comes the king” hits and the lights in the arena fade to black, the crowd are booing loudly as a single feather drops from the air. A spotlight begins panning the arena stopping in the rafters where Hero is shown attached to a zip-wire. He stands tall momentarily before zip-wiring down to the ring, he lands in the centre of the ring arms outstretched, title belt around his waist. He unhooks himself from the Zip-Wire and climbs to the top rope to mock the fans.

MW: Hero has a stranglehold on the 6WF Record books since joining. The first ever undisputed champion, the only man to be undisputed champion, the first man to win the grand slam and tonight the first man to defend the undisputed championship!

RJ: You’re very confident Michael?

MW: Why shouldn’t I be? He’s got the most experience of all these competitors, and he has been in great form since the Church formed.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to signal the start of the match-up, the crowd are cheering for Patricks whilst Hero and Chaos get boos from the crowd. The three men circle the ring before finally Chaos makes the first move, and goes straight for Hero. Patricks is quick to take advantage of this by moving away, allowing those two to fight it out.

RJ: Chaos heading straight for the champion, inexperience showing maybe?

MW: Or he just wants to prove himself the best by beating the best, I mean everyone beats Patricks.

Chaos and Hero lock up. The two men are quite evenly match and break cleanly, they lock up once more but again break. They go in for a third lock up and Hero goes for a boot into the stomach but Chaos catches it and then swipes the legs of Hero.

He quickly has the undisputed champion into a side headlock. Hero gets to his feet and attempts a belly to back suplex but Chaos manages to land on his feet behind Hero, he then hits a couple of hard lifting knees into the back which send Hero keeling over. Chaos bounces off the ropes and connects with a running bulldog. Chaos dives down into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2.Kick out!

Hero gets the shoulder up off the canvas relatively quickly, Chaos rises up to his feet and leans over to drag Hero up but he is booted in the face sending Chaos into the ropes. Chaos bounces back off the ropes as Hero rises and he counters this with a low dropkick into the knee. Hero then delivers a snap DDT, he kips up to his feet and hits a standing moonsault into the cover.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Chaos gets the shoulder up, Hero starts to boot away on the right leg of Chaos before dragging him into the corner. Hero goes up to the top rope and then hits a double foot stomp down across the chest of Chaos who rolls away in agony to the outside. He is rested up against the railings, Hero runs the ropes and springboards over attempting a springboard plancha which he hits to perfection!

Patricks is outside the ring quickly, he grabs Hero and rolls him into the ring. Hero gets to his feet and he catches Patricks off guard with a jawbreaker, which he follows up with a drop toe hold that sends Patricks into the 2nd rope. Hero runs the ropes going for a 619, Patricks moves but Hero lands on his feet only for Patricks to grab him from behind and nail a Russian Leg Sweep. He makes the cover.

Ref: 1............2....Kick out!

Patricks rises up onto his feet quickly, he places Hero into a front facelock and allows the COH leader to get to a vertical base before drilling him down to the canvas with a jumping DDT. Both men are down but then the crowd pop as Patricks gets to his feet, he goes to the corner where he waits for Hero to rise.

RJ: Superkick!

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Hero gets the shoulder up, Patricks once again is up quickly and booting away on Hero. He then looks to slow the match down by placing Hero into a seated rear waistlock. Again Hero is slow to his feet, Patricks hits him with a German suplex. Patricks goes to the corner and up to the top rope.

MW: Split-legged moonsault!


MW: Chaos hit the ropes, Patricks crotched himself on the top rope!

Chaos turns his attention onto Hero momentarily, booting away at him until he falls to the outside. He then lifts Patricks from the corner onto his shoulder before hitting a running backbreaker. Chaos rolls to his feet and stomps away on the back, Patricks gets to his feet but Chaos continues the attack on the back with clubbing blows.

Patricks drives Chaos back into the corner, only to be hit with a stiff knee into the face. Chaos then whips Patricks shoulder first into the turnbuckle, and then rolls him up into the pinfall.

RJ: Patricks and Hero have both had a good set of offence without really pressing home an advantage, maybe Chaos can do so?

MW: He’s got a great opportunity, with Hero on the outside.

Ref: 1..............2....Kick out!

Patricks gets the shoulders up, Chaos rises to his feet and waits for Patricks to do so as well before attempting an irish whip but Patricks uses his weight advantage to launch Chaos to the corner, but he counters by hitting a reverse crossbody! Patricks rolls up to his feet and Chaos knocks him down with a running clothesline.

Chaos doesn’t cover, he instead stands on the outside waiting for Patricks to get to his feet before springboarding into the ring and hitting an arm drag, Patricks rolls up and runs groggily as Chaos who hits a leaping reverse elbow smash. He covers.

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Chaos is up onto his feet, Patricks stumbles up and Chaos drills him down to the mat with a double A spinebuster following an Irish Whip. He then goes up to the top rope...

MW: Spinal Tap!

RJ: Tremendous Athletic ability on show from Chaos there, he’s pulling out all the stops to try and win that title!

Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

Patricks just about kicks out following the high-impact combination, Patricks stirs to one knee and Chaos runs the ropes lining up a punt kick however Hero is onto the apron and hits a vicious Hero sidekick to the back of the head and Chaos falls forward looking out cold.

MW: Great awareness from Hero, he sensed his title was in danger and got back in that ring.

Hero walks towards Patricks who slowly gets to his feet, He stumbles back into the corner where Hero hits a shining wizard. Patricks collapses down and Hero boots away on him until the ref drags back. Patricks crawls to the centre of the ring Hero then delivers the Hero Stomp repeatedly until the ref intervenes. He steps back momentarily before covering.

Ref: 1.............2.......Kick out!

Patricks gets the shoulder up, Hero rises to his feet not looking too bothered about this as he once again sets to work on Patricks with boots down into the face and chest. He then steps back allowing Patricks to rise before whipping him into the ropes, he leaps up and connects with a hurracanrana that sends Patricks into the 2nd rope once again, and this time the 619 connects!

Hero keeps it simple, stepping back in and covering.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

RJ: Patricks has taken a hell of a lot offence so far!

Hero hits a couple of elbow drops before rising, he spins on the spot ala Kurt Angle with H pendant spinning also. He removes the pendant and forces it to the lips of Patricks before returning to offence. Patricks is lifted up by Hero who whips him to the corner, he lifts Patricks onto the top rope and follows him up there.

MW: What’s he thinking here? Not a frankensteiner surely...


Ref: 1...................2...........................Chaos breaks the pinfall!

MW: Just about saved the match for himself and for Hero!

Patricks rolls away in pain, Chaos rises to his feet and brings Hero up with him, he boots him in the stomach and sets up for the G-Force but Hero reverses with a back body drop, Hero is the first man up to his feet where he hits some stomps for good measure before going up top...


Ref: 1.................2....................3.Kick out!

MW: He got it! He got it!

RJ: No shoulder up Michael!

Hero gets to his feet in anger, he lifts up Chaos and waits for the right moment to hit the encore but Patricks catches him off guard with a gore!

RJ: He’s going to win the title with Adamson’s move!

Ref: 1...................2....................3.Foot on the rope!

MW: Tremendous resilience from all three men!

The crowd are on their feet cheering for Patricks, he goes up to the top rope but Chaos is over quickly and hits a roundhouse kick to the head. Patricks falls forward, Chaos is leant up against the ropes exhausted but finds that last bit of adrenaline to put Patricks into position for the G-Force...WHICH CONNECTS!

Chaos is slumped against the ropes, he pulls himself up and stumbles towards Patricks slowly but Hero to everyone’s shock is back on his feet, he clutches at his stomach and Chaos goes for a boot to the gut, Hero catches the boot and spins Chaos...


Ref: 1.....................2.........................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


RJ: Hero is the first man ever to defend the undisputed title!


MW: What an absolutely tremendous contest, a great way to end this show!

RJ: Be sure to tune into 6CWF Escalation tomorrow night, and then Lockdown on Thursday where you will see all the fallout from this tremendous Pay Per View.

*Chaos ends with Hero stood tall with the 6WF Undisputed Title!

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Chaos Results (03/07)
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