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 Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:19 pm

Dark Match
Zheng vs. Matt Lightning

This match could have gone either way as both men went all out for the victory. The mute Zheng tried to use his power to stifle Lightning’s ever improving arsenal but Lightning kept the big man on the back foot with speed over doing power in this scenario. Lightning got a close 2 count after a chopblock led to Lightning taking to the air with an elbow drop from the top rope . The fans who are filling the seats in the arena are impressed with what they see as Zheng as he battles back with a flurry of big moves earning a 2 count with a sidewalk slam. The match however came to a shocking halt as Zheng attempted a big boot off the ropes what Lightning impressively reversed into an inside cradle to gain a 3 count and a good win which was received well by a now full crowd.

RJ and Wire make their way to their announce booth, signing autographs in the process. The lights flicker and a siren wails throughout the arena.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. WELCOME TO 6WF SHUTDOOWWWWWWNN!

The crowd go wild as the credits roll and the usual pre show fireworks go off around the arena.


Wire: Your right my over excited friend , not only is Diablo back but tonight he puts his 6WF Internet Title on the line against not 1 but 3 men in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match in tonight’s main event!

RJ: But without further ado, what a way to start the show. The wounded commissioner The Saint taking The two Johnsons, The producers!

Wire: But let’s see what happened to The Saint last Thursday against Crime Lord!

-A video package airs showing The Saint picking up the win but Crime Lord attacking him afterwards and finishes with a slow mo of the attack on The Saint’s leg leaving The Saint screaming in pain.-

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:19 pm

Match 1
The Saint vs. The Producers

The Producers make their way to the ring to a decent reception and look pretty confident about their chances.

RJ: And if The Producers ever had a chance of causing an upset, it would be tonight against a wounded Saint.

Wire: But you know what they say about wounded animals RJ. They bite twice as hard.

RJ: I said wounded Saint dumb ass !

St Anger plays and The Saint slowly makes his way out on to the stage. His leg heavily strapped. He slowly gets into the ring and winces slightly but then looks at Gerrie and Steve. The referee rings the bell and The Saint taunts his opponents by shouting “Come get Some”. Gerrie and Steve look at each other and nod and slowly move towards The Saint. Fixed at his leg both men try to go low but are rebounded by blows by The Saint what in turn knock each man down. This happens a couple of times and Steve and Gerrie back away and talk a battle strategy as a barely mobile Saint stands and watches.

RJ: Steve and Gerrie need to try and ground The Saint if they stand a chance of winning here tonight.

The Producers circle The Saint and Steve moves in to take The Saint down but is grabbed by The Saint who lifts him from the floor. This gives Gerrie the chance to toe kick The Saint in the injured leg. The Saint drops Steve and doubles over as The Producers begin to go to work on the big man to bring him down. They finally get him on his back ensuring the transaction with a couple of stomps and then both lock in holds to The Saint’s legs which immediately cause The Saint to double up in agony.

RJ: Here we go! Even so early in the match you’d debate whether The Saint can hold on such with his damaged leg being pin pointed like this!

The Producers up the pressure and The Saint seems to be passing out and the referee approaches Saint and raises his arm and it falls. He raises his arm and it falls again…………

Wire: The Saint’s gone, the pai……..OH MY GOD! HE’S STILL IN THERE!

……..As Saint’s arm falls for the third time, halfway to the mat The Saint’s arm stiffens and he sits up much to The Producers shock. The Saint begins throwing lefts and rights at the heads of The Producers which makes them lose their grip on the holds and they relinquish their grip on the commissioners legs. All 3 men reach their feet, The Saint Is up first followed by Steve who runs the ropes but is flattened by a head ripping clothesline. 1.…..2.……Gerrie breaks but backs away as The Saint gives him the “you shouldn’t have done that!” look. Gerrie backs into the corner and The Saint hobbles towards him before going full steam ahead and squeezing the life out of him wityh a running splash. The Saint grimaces as Gerrie falls to the floor and is met by a barrage of blows by Steve who knocks The Saint off balance before a boot to the leg that brings the big man to his knees. Steve signals for a shining wizard and runs the ropes but on his return trip is snapped in half by a spear out of no where by The Saint.

RJ: Steve has just been broken in half!

The Saint slowly gets to his feet, favouring the leg as Gerrie, who is now recovered begins to fire in shots on The Saints back but they don’t seem to faze The Saint as he turns and caches Gerrie’s hand and with his uninjured leg knees him in the stomach and lifts him high in the air.

Wire: The Saint’s putting a lot of pressure onto that injured leg but I think we all know what’s coming!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:19 pm

RJ: Jackhammer to Gerrie! The Saint starting to go into cruise control!

The Saint executes a Jackhammer to Gerrie and leaves one half of the producers spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. Steve is only just stirring from the spear he received and The Saint stalks him and as Steve faces him The Saint gives him a kick to the gut and hits with a sit down Pedigree.!

RJ: WIRE?! What the hell was that?!

Wire: I believe The Saint calls that The Promised Slam!

The Saint feels the effect of the move by holding his leg momentarily but then gets up and pulls Steve to his feet and places his head between his legs as the crowd give out a decisive roar and The Saint hoist Steve up onto his shoulders as the attention turns to whether the leg will hold out…………… does and The Saint hit’s the Divine Force to Steve on top of Gerrie. The Saint makes the cover. 1.…….2.……..3! It’s academic as The Saint winces and gets up and salutes the crowd as the referee holds his hand into the air.

RJ: The Producers had their moments but The Saint proved how dominant he can be on one leg, just imagine what he’ll be like on two!

Wire: And he’s sent a message to Nemesis!

The Saint stands on top of the turnbuckle and motions a belt around his waist.

Match 2
6WF Hardcore Title
Gary ‘The Angel’ Johnson © vs. Hooligan

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, in a match of firsts Gary Johnson defends his Hardcore Title for the first time against Hooligan in his first ever appearance on Shutdown. Hooligan won the right to this match and surely the easy money will be on him!

Wire: But RJ, Gary is no pushover! He’s proved that time and again!

‘God Save the Queen’ plays and Hooligan enters the ringside area to a cascade of boo’s and jeer’s. He fails to acknowledge and gets in the ring and awaits the champion. ‘I want it all’ plays and Gary Johnson enters the fray to a good reception from the sold out crowd. Hooligan makes the just bring it signal as Johnson slides into the ring and instead o handing the referee his belt he takes a swing at Hooligan what Hooligan ducks and he kicks the champ in the back of the leg and immediately begins his assault, kicking Johnson repeatedly in the ribs. After a while Hooligan stops and makes a cover. 1.……2...kick out! Johnson shrugs off Hooligan but Hooligan hauls Johnson to his feet and asserts his dominance with a scoop slam, this followed by a nee drop to the face gets another 2 count and Hooligan drags Johnson to the ropes and begins a blatant choke what in usual circumstance would earn him a disqualification.

RJ: Sheer brutality by Hooligan, Johnson’s not had a look in thus far!

Hooligan chucks Johnson to the outside and climbs out of the ring. He pounds on Johnson a little bit before dragging him and sitting him up by the steel ring steps. He punches Johnson in the head to ensure he doesn’t move and backs away. He steps right back to the time keepers table and goads the crowd. He runs at Johnson and aims a punt at the face of the champ but Johnson rolls out of the way leaving Hooligan to collide with the steps and cripple with agony on top of them. Johnson slowly gets to his feet and looks at the slumped Hooligan.

RJ: Johnson looks ready to display his hardcore instinct!

Johnson pulls a chair from under the ring and looks at the slumped Hooligan. He swings the chair and connects with Hooligans back in a sickening thud in a steel sandwich! Johnson connects again.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:20 pm

Hooligan yells in pain as Johnson throws the chair down and makes a cover. 1.…2.…..Kick out! Johnson pulls Hooligan off the steps and bangs his head on the ring apron which sends Hooligan sprawling into the announcers table. Johnson gets on the apron and waits for Hooligan to get to his feet.

Wire: It looks like The Angel is going to fly!

Johnson leaps off the apron and attempts a hurricarana but is caught by Hooligan, Johnson’s momentum makes Hooligan turn with him but Hooligan plants Johnson onto the announcers table. The table doesn’t break but Johnson rebounds off it back onto the floor. Hooligan rips off the cover and yanks out a cable and yanks it round the neck of Johnson. Hooligan tightens the cable as again he initiates a move that in usual circumstances would get him disqualified. Hooligan then hears a fan badmouthing Fabio Capello and he lets go to confront the fan. Hooligan gets in the face of the fan and Security split them up. Hooligan turns around to be clocked in the face by a ring bell wielding Johnson.


Upon impact Hooligan is busted wide open by the ring bell and is lay flat out. Johnson removes monitors from the announcers table and lies Hooligan atop of it as Wire and RJ quickly clear the area. Johnson mounts Hooligan and begins raining lefts and rights down onto Hooligans wound. Hooligan is cleary out for the count as Johnson gets the crowd going and climbs off the table. He stands atop the turnbuckle looking down upon the fallen Hooligan.

Crowd: Johnson, Johnson, Johnson!

Johnson looks to the ceiling, draws his breath and takes off executing a shooting star press, hitting Hooligan. The table doesn’t’ break but both men are lay flat out. After a while Johnson stirs and places his arm over Hooligan and the referee counts. 1.……….2.………..Kick out!

Johnson drags himself off the table and is followed by Hooligan back into the ring. They groggily begin to trade blows. Hooligan seems to gain the upper hand u an attempt of a clothesline is ducked by Johnson waits for Hooligan to turn and face him and boots Hooligan in the gut!

RJ: Are we back Michael………..

Wire: Yep, sure am and it looks like it’s going to be a Canadian Destroyer!

RJ: He hit it! Game over now for Hooligan surely!

Johnson hit’s the move and slowly crawls to Hooligan before making the cover. 1.………2.……3!

The referee hands Johnson his title as he lifts his arm in the air! Johnson celebrates before heading to the back.

RJ: What a match that was, Hooligan put in a sterling effort but Johnson had the heart and instinct of a champion!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:20 pm

Match 3 - Written by JJ!
EZ Money vs Enforcer
"Saturday Night" by Nickelback hits as the newest member of Trash TV makes his way to ringside,suprisingly without Trish,there is a huge ovation for him.

MW:Enforcer is here and he looks ready to show what Trash TV are made of,tonight he squares off with one half of Anarchy.

Anarchy in the U.K plays over the speakers and EZ Money strolls to ringside looking focused but unsatisfied with his opponent.
RJ:Both men have come to ringside without assistance for their stablemates but will this continue throughout the match Michael?

MW:I think it will,both men are looking to substantiate a claim for championship gold and a clean victory for either of them would be extremely advantagious
RJ:erm ye exactly what I thought
Both men stare across at each other without blinking as the referee checks them for weapons,both men are clean.They lock up in the center and EZ takes the advantage standing on the back of Enforcer's heel and forcing him to his knees.Enforcer tries to power-out but EZ knes him in the stomach and arm drags Enforcer to the mat and locks in an arm-bar.
MW:Quick movement from EZ Money and he has Enforcer trapped here.
Enforcer makes the ropes easily and the referee breaks up the hold,both men are back to their feet and EZ laughs at Enforcer making the big man run at him and take him down,unleashing a flurry of punches.
Enforcer sits up and his moment of concentration lapse allows EZ to grab him and headbutt Big E to the floor.He follows up with a knee-drop to the head and a quick elbow to the chest.
1..2..kick out
MW:quick pin by Anarchy's finest but it will take more than that on this night.
EZ continues to assualt Enforcer,rights and lefts drive him into the corner and he lifts him onto the turnbuckle before superplexing him hard on the mat.1..2.kick out,Enforcer has no time to recover as EZ comes back taking the fight to him again.Two standing suplex and a running leg drop 1..2..kick out
Enforcer is rocked from this attack and EZ senses this,The Anarchy member goes to the top rope and stalks his opponent
RJ:Whats EZ got in mind?A flying he reversed it
Enforcer catches EZ coming down with a kick to the midsection he follows it up with a huge powerbomb that plants EZ right in the back of his neck.
1.2..kick out
MW:That was close,EZ might have got hurt there
Enforcer clubs the back of EZ's neck and then belly-to-belly suplexes him straight into the turnbuckle
RJ:Oh my god that was hellacious
Enforcer signals to the crowd that its over and strolls over to EZ and places one hand on his chest..
MW:HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT,he got his shoulder up!extremely lax by Enforcer though and that may come back to haunt him later in the match.
Crowd:Trash TV!Trash TV!
Enforcer responds to the crowd and lifts his opponent up onto his feet,he whips EZ into the ropes he attempts a clothesline but EZ ducks on the rebound though Enforcer catches EZ flying through the air and...
RJ:What a fall away slam,should be game,set and match
Enforcer stares at EZ on the floor and instead of going for the pin he heads to the top rope
MW:Is he crazy?he should just pin him,I think Trash TV has affected his mind.
EZ Money is flat out on the floor and Enforcer salutes the crowd before flipping around and going for a moonsault,executed to perfection but...
RJ:He moved!
At the last second,EZ Money rolls out of the way and Enforcer crashes hevily onto the canvass and doesnt move,the referee starts his count.
RJ:EZ's got his arm over
1..2..kick out
MW:thats just instinct from Enforcer thats all it can be,he is struggling here,what on earth possesed him to do that move.
RJ:This is all about making a claim for championship gold
EZ stumbles to his feet at awits Enforcer to get up,Enforcer is clearly hurt but EZ punches him hard in the side of the head and facebusters him,1..2..kick out,EZ tells the ref it should have been 3 but the ref waves him away telling him whos in charge.
MW:This is a great match and without any interference,seems unbelievable with Anarchy's track record but EZ is a former world champion and can get the job done alone.
Enforcer regains his footing and him and EZ Money trade blows in the centre of the ring,each man is physically drained but neither will give an inch until EZ rakes the eyes of his opponent
RJ:Thats what we are accustomed to seeing from the Anarchy member,cheap tactics.
EZ is unfazed by the crowd's reaction and continues his assault on Enforcer,reigning in blows.Both men are by the ropes and Enforcer pushes EZ into the ref who stumbles and turns his back on the action which gives Enforcer enough time to low-blow EZ and force him away
MW:Enforcer with a page out of EZ's book,but he wasnt in the Dynasty for nothing,this could be all,here we go FACE CHECK!!!
Enforcer runs at EZ and flys through the air to initiate his finishing manouvre but EZ ducks and Enforcer crashes hard into the turnbuckle and turns back to his opponent.
MW:What a match!EZ Money pick up a fantastic win over Enforcer,the turnbuckle really came into play in this match and Anarchy have got one over on Trash TV.
RJ:Two young athletes really gave it their all tonight and the crowd may not be too happy but these men showed resilience and in the end EZ Money had that little more in the tank,great match-up.

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Match 4
River vs Hero

Anarchy in the uk blasts around the arena.The fans cheer for the Hero.

RJ- The fans are cheering?

Wire- They will cheer anyone facing River!

The Ace of Spades plays as River makes a quick entrance. He runs down the entrance way and hurtles under the bottom rope. Both men start hitting each other closed fist.

RJ- The bell hasn’t even been rung and the refs lost control!

River takes Hero outside the ring busting his leg around the the ring post. Hero not to be outdone,Grabs rivers face and starts to slam it against the ring post. Hero grabs River by his hair and flings him over the announcers table straight in to Wire’s lap.

RJ- Isn’t this a usual Friday night for you?!

Hero goes to pick up rRiver but is met by River spraying him in the face with the fire extinguisher kept under the announcer's table.

Wire- Where did that come from?

River continues to hit hero over the back with the instrument as he writhes in pain. Hero manages to get in the occasional punch but on every effort his met by a shot with the instrument.

RJ- There working there way up the walk way to the back…Are we not going to see the match?

MW- I don’t think a cage could hold these two!

Hero finally starts to mount some offence, Sending River in to the guard rails……..

RJ- Now the security arrive…What happened to them when River was assaulting hero?!

The security split both members up and guide them to the back.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:20 pm

Match 5 -Matches 4 and 5 written by EZ
GWC vs Hobo vs Rock V2

If you smell what Rock v2 is cooking hits as the popular Rock v2 makes his way to the ring. He stands and waits for his opponents. GWC makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Not taking his eye off his opponent.

RJ- I think these 2 men have forgotten. There a 3rd participant yet to make his way to the ring

GWC and rocky start to exchange punches as trash TV’s entrance music starts to ring around the arena. The crowd go Bezerk as hobo, in know rush too get to the ring soaks up the admiration.

GWC Irish whips rocky in to the rope and hits a Samoan drop. He immediately picks him back up and plants a kick to the midsection. And tries to go for DDT which is reversed in to an Irish whip by rocky.

MW- That was a thunderous spine buster. He’s setting up for the peoples elbow. It could be over before it’s even started.

Rock runs to the ropes after chucking his elbow pads in to the crowd. In the process GWC nips up and meets rocky with a decapitating clothesline.

R- Both men are down….hobo finally in the ring…

Hobo tries a quick pin on rocky….1…2 KICKOUT. He then tries the same on GWC….1…KICKOUT. Hobo picks up Rocky and chucks him over the top rope as he starts to pummel GWC with rights and lefts. He picks up GWC and hits him with an eye poke. The ref goes over to stop rocky enter the ring with a chair as Hobo seizes the opportunity and hits a low blow.

1….2….Rocky stops the 3 count. Rocky picks hobo up and forces him in to the corner. Rocky starts to punch hobo as he then lifts him to the top rope and performs a superplex inches away from GWC’s body.


Gwc is first up. He heads straight for Rocky. He locks in an arm bar but he’s to close to the ropes. The referee starts to count for the release. GWC finally obliges. But he locks in a camel clutch instead. Once again to close to the ropes the ref starts to count. Before the ref reaches 5 both opponents are met with a drop kick from Hobo.

RJ- That must of hurt…All 3 men are down. The refs up to 5…….6

All 3 men slowly get to there feet. Exchanging blow after blow. In sync. Rocky and GWC. Knee hobo to the mid section and chuck him over the top rope.


The two men stare off as GWC takes the advantage hitting a dragon screw. Mounting the offence he hits multiple suplexs followed by a pile driver. GWC is signalling the end. Hes going for a emerald fusion…Its reversed…Rocky is going for the rocky bottom.

RJ- Its reversed again…GWC finally has rocky on his shoulders. That must be it now.

MW- Its TGA….GWC had spotted him running to the ring………..The starting exchanging punches. The refs seeing to rocky who hasn’t moved

TGA sends GWC flying in to the metal steps and hides under the ring……

MW- Its hobo….hes got the pin 1….2…..3…..

Hobo celebrates with the crowd before motioning a belt round his waist.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Match 6
TGA vs. Nemesis

TGA’s music plays and he is met by probably his best reception since being in 6WF. He runs to the ring and slides in. He immediately fixes his eyes upon the titantron where the arena and goes dark and the TAW Champions music plays. Nemesis, slowly but deliberately walks to the ring holding his TAW Championship high in the air as a way to goad TGA.

Nemesis hands over his belt to the referee and goes eye to eye with TGA, there isn’t much of a size difference between the two of them as the bell rings and TGA invites Nemesis into a test of strength Nemesis refuses and rakes TGA’s eyes. Nemesis begins to go to town on TGA, clubbing him upon the back forcing TGA to the ground. Nemesis kicks TGA in the ribs mockingly telling him to get up. Nemesis yanks TGA to his feet as he was slowly getting up and whips in to the ropes. He hits with a sidewalk slam. 1.…2.….kick out. Nemesis locks in a choke hold and the referee begins to count. 1.…2.….3.…..4.…..Nemesis lets go.

Referee: I will disqualify you if I have to!

Nemesis stares at the referee as TGA sweeps his legs from underneath him and the crowd ‘s noise level rises in support of the former Dynasty man.

RJ: Come on TGA, Get him!

Wire: We’re supposed to remain impassive RJ!

TGA hit’s a leg drop what gets hardly a 1 count and he backs away waiting for Nemesis to regain his footing. Nemesis gets up but is greeted by a running big boot by TGA. Nemesis falls flat to the canvas and doesn’t seem to move.

RJ: TGA’s got it! What force by that boot of his!

TGA makes the cover. 1.…….2.…….Kick out. Nemesis get’s his sholder to the disbelief of TGA. TGA circles Nemesis who is groggily getting to his feet and hits him with a suplex followed by a head scissors.

RJ: A coming of age display by the impressive TGA here!

Nemesis breaks out of the head scissors and gets t his feet and begins trading blows with TGA. Nemesis’s size and power advantage aid him as he pins TGA back into the corner before rattling the young superstar with an explosive uppercut. TGA is sat in the corner and Nemesis hits with a charging knee. TGA slowly gets up but Nemesis runs the ropes and hits with a venomous clothesline. 1.…….2.……..TGA get’s his shoulder up to the shock of Nemesis!

Wire: RJ, you can really see that TGA wants this!

Nemesis ready’s himself for a chokeslam and menacingly holds his hand in the air and as TGA get’s to his feet Nemesis’s hand constricts around his throat.

RJ: This is the beginning o…….TGA REVERSED, TGA REVERSED!

Wire: Oh my god….Angel Bomb!

Nemesis raises TGA into the air but TGA forces him to release his grip of him and upon landing kicks Nemesis in the gut and hits with The Angel Bomb.


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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Nemesis is struggling to get to his feet and TGA points to the ground signalling To Hell and Back.

RJ: Here we go! TGA is sensingthe end as he begins his run up…………Wait th…..THAT’S GWC! He’s got TGA ‘s leg!

As TGA runs the ropes GWC appears from nowhere and grabs TGA’s leg and TGA turns and punches GWC to get him off, GWC is knocked back but TGA turns into a Death Wish by Nemesis who makes the cover. 1.……2.…..3! Nemesis backs away knowing how far he was pushed by TGA before snatching his Title off the referee and leaving staring at GWC who has now got in the ring staring down at TGA who is dazed and confused.

RJ: GWC screwed TGA who was inches from beating Nemesis and he ‘s not done yet! CWG by the Champ and what a statement he’s sent!

GWC holds TGA up and has him by the head screaming abuse at his challenger at Against The Wall. After doing this he hit’s the CWG and leaves TGA sprawled out in the ring as he leaves.

The camera reverts to a picture of all four participants in the main event making their eway to towards the ring as Shutdown goes to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Main Event
6WF Internet Title
Fatal Four Way Ladder Match.

RJ: Here we go then folks! One of the most eagerly anticipated Main Event’s in Shutdown history. Four men, One title and only one man can leave as Internet Champion!

Announcer: The following match is for the 6WF INTERENT TITLE! The first man to climb the ladder and take the Internet Title will be the champion!

The camera shows the belt suspended above the ring.

Crime Lord’s music plays and The Dynasty man makes his way down to the ring to a barrage of abuse from the crowd who are buzzing at the prospect of the match. Crime Lord looks at the belt and goads the crowd by motioning the belt round his belt. He is interrupted by Abe Abercorn’s music as ‘The best in the West’ makes his way to the ring shaking his head at Crime Lord and is heard shouting, “that belt will be round my waist boy!” Abe get’s in the ring and Crime Lord squares up to him.

The confrontation is interrupted by ‘Get your Groove on’ meaning the arrival of JJ Johnson who gets the loudest reception so far and gets in the ring and points at the title and then to himself.

Wire: There’s one man left RJ!

The crowd are in raptures as they know what’s coming next. ‘This will be Tele’ booms around the arena is lifted off the roof as ‘Last of The Famous International Playboy’s plays and Diablo makes his way to the ring.

RJ: Here’s the champ! The man who made his dramatic return at Trashdown and surely everyone here will have their money on Diablo to retain here tonight!

Diablo enters the ring and all four men stand in a separate corner of the ring as the bell rings.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Abe and Crime Lord begin trading blows as Diablo and JJ head outside the ring to bring the two ladders positioned at each side into the ball game. They get into the ring, ladders in hand and both look at Abe and Crime Lord trading lefts and rights. JJ and Diablo look at each other, nod and charge with ladders in hand at Abe and Crime Lord, sandwiching them between both ladders.

Abe and Crime Lord fall to the ground and JJ and Diablo back away from each other before deciding to charge each other down using the ladders like Jousting poles. They connect with each other at the same time and go to the ground dropping the ladders in the process.

RJ: All four men are down!

Crime Lord is the first man to his feet and surveys what is happening. He sees all the other 3 men are barely stirring and immediately grabs a ladder. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins to climb.

RJ: Early chance for Crime Lord this could be over!

Crime Lord reaches the top but doesn’t realise Diablo and JJ back on their feet. They both tip the ladder over sending Crime Lord to the outside, sending the ladder with him. They turn and begin to trade blows as JJ gets the better of Diablo, planting him with a double power bomb. JJ then turns for a ladder but Abe hit’s a drop kick that sends The ASC man to the outside of the ring. Abe, instead of going to set up the ladder tips it up and drives it into Diablo’s ribs causing the 6WF Legend to scream in agony.

Abe takes his chance and then sets up the ladder himself and begins climbing but is cut off by Crime Lord who belly to back suplexes him off of the ladder. Crime Lord taunts the crowd but then is set up upon by JJ who is now back in the ring. JJ slams Crime Lord’s head into one of the rungs causing him to fall back. JJ puts the ladder in the corner and turns to duck a Crime Lord clothesline that makes Crime Lord go head first into the stationary ladder. Crime Lord turns around to be hit by an oncoming spear by JJ that upon impact causes the ladder to buckle.

Crowd: Holy S***! Holy S***!

Crime Lord writhes in agony and rolls out of the ring.

RJ: My god, this is turning into utter chaos!

Diablo and Abe are back into the equation and both men begin trading sluggish blows and JJ joins in only to be double irish whipped into the corner. Abe charges and hit’s a clothesline followed by Diablo doing the same thing. Diablo turns into an Airplane spin by Abe who drops Diablo who stumbles around helplessly before getting superkicked by Abe. JJ Johnson comes out of the corner to meet Abe and both of them lock up JJ gets the better of Abe using his strength and plants him with a spinebuster that is felt throughout the arena.

RJ: It’s just JJ, go on kid, realise your dream!

JJ sets up the decent ladder and begins his ascent but Diablo then climbs the other side and slows JJ’s progress with blows to his stomach. Diablo attempts to reach but is hit on the back by Abe who pulls Diablo off so he can climb. Abe I met by a couple of Right hands by JJ though and he reels and JJ reaches and gets his hand on the blt but is stopped by Crime Lord who is now back in the ring. JJ slips off and holds his ribs and Crime Lord climbs and begins trading blows with Abe. Neither man gives an inch and are joined by Diablo and JJ who have both climbed up on the same ladder. Diablo on the same side as Crime Lord and JJ on the same side as all four men trade blows to the men next to them, across to them and opposite them.

RJ: My god! This only going to end in disaster for 1 of these men!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)   Shutdown Results (07/07/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:21 pm

The ladder is teetering as all four men are trying to rid the ladder of their 3 foes and Crime Lord catches Diablo in the rib with an elbow what sends Diablo down the ladder. This coupled with Abe and JJ hitting Crime Lord with a massive pair of right hands causes the ladde to topple. The ladder lands on Diablo and Crime Lord and takes JJ and Abe out of the action.


A replay shows the ladder fall and one of the rungs lands on Diablo's throat.

RJ: Oh my God., Diablo hasn't moved since the ladder fell on to him!

Diablo is lay out on his back with his hand on his throat.

Abe and JJ are up and Crime Lord slowly follows but is hit with a death valley driver by JJ. JJ turns and is hit with a lariat by Abe what puts him on his back. Abe sets up the ladder. He begins to climb.

Wire: Abe Abercorn is going to win the title!

Abe gets to the top and reaches for the belt but doesn't get it cleanly and is joined on the ladder by Crime Lord and both men trade shots, Abe rocks Crime Lord with an upper cut and sets him up for a DVD.

RJ: DVD off the ladder is it?! It is ! DVD off the ladder! Crime Lord is out of this for sure.!

Abe hits the DVD which leaves Crime Lord Motionless on the ring floor and Abe again climbs the ladder but is cut off by JJ who climbs up the same side and both men swap blows until a headbutt by JJ knocks Abe off balance. JJ sets up Abe for The VIP Experience and connects, sacrificing himself in the process.

Wire: All four men are down AGAIN! But....wait....JJ is up!

JJ resets the ladder and reaches the top.


Johnson gets his hand on the title, steadies himself and unclps it! The bell rings and he holds the belt above his head at the top of the ladder.

RJ: JJ Johnson wins! He's the new Internet Champion! What a match, it could have gone either way!

Wire: Hang on RJ, Diablo's in a bad way!

The show closes with medics shown treating Diablo who is bleeding from the mouth and seemingly unconsious.

Shutdown goes off the air.

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Shutdown Results (07/07/2008)
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