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 Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)

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PostSubject: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:56 pm

The Titantron Flickers on….’1 minute to go before TRASHDOWN premiers’

RJ: here we go folks….the first and last ever Trashdown. I’ve got to tell you folks it seems strange sitting here without Micheal Wire but those guys at Trash TV just hate him!

RJ: Looking at the crowd, it looks like Hobo has invited some friends from the soup kitchen. They are lining the ramp either side. I also believe that Trash TV were handing out gifts as people entered tonight. We’ll just have to wait to see wha… we go…

Titantron: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 ,3 , 2, 1……..

The lights go off and the words ‘NOW’ appear…..The whole crowd blow their Trash TV party blowers as the tramps on the ramp all light their Trashdown sparklers lighting up the ramp.

RJ: well I knew that it was going to be different but that was extra ordinary. I am actually finding myself enjoying this already!
Titantron lights back up…"Have a Nice Day!" – Mick Foley makes his way out and joins RJ to the echo of huge cheers.

RJ: welcome Mick!

MF: That is some welcome from this crowd in….BIRMINGHAM, EAST MIDLANDS!
Crowd pop loud!

MF: I haven’t seen a reaction like that since I was thrown 20 feet from the top of a steel cage! Bang Bang!

RJ: So are you looking forward to tonights show, Mick?

MF: This is going to be…..BOX OFFICE! Sorry Hobo asked me to say that. I am personally looking forward to the first match tonight – the Honeys BMPA match.

RJ: remind us mick the rules of this Bin Men Protection Agency match.

MF: Its quite simple – get your opponent in a dumpster and close the lid to win. And don’t forget it’s a elimination match – the match continues until all 3 opponents have been….TRASHED!


RJ: well lets get started, because here comes the first contestant…..

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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:57 pm

Match 1 – Honey 4 Way Battle Royal – BMPA Rules

Belindas music plays and she comes out to huge cheers from the muffin loving crowd. She makes her way to the ring which has 2 large dumpsters positioned on either side.
Next out is Stacey who comes to the ring to indifference from the crowd. She climbs in and starts to perform stretches. Next up is Black Widow who has huge heat on her way down. She climbs in and wastes no time in attacking the two honeys already in the ring.
Before her music even hits, Trish runs down to ringside climbs the turnbuckle and missile dropkicks black widow. Although she is stunned, the big girl is still on her feet but not for long…belinda and stacey double clothesline her to the floor!
Trish gets back to her feet and immediately mounts Widow and starts to pummel her with left and rights. Both Bel and Stacey are stunned at Trish’s intensity and look at each other. The peace doesn’t last long as Bel pokes Stacey in the eye to huge crowd laugh’s!
MF: I taught that move to hobo who obviously passed it on to belinda!
Although Trish is reigning down punches they are having little impact on BW. She presses Trish off her 5 feet across the ring. Trish jumps straight back up and runs back at BW but is met with a big boot to her chest.

RJ: Ouch that’s gotta hurt!

Trish is down to one knee whilst trying to get breath when BW scoops her up and holds her up in a jackhammer supplex.

MF: what strength she has. She must have held there for a good 10 seconds.

Meanwhile Stacey is still stumbling around holding her face. Belinda sees her opportunity so runs the ropes and dropkicks BWs knees whilst she still has trish in the air causing BW to fall dropping Trish onto stacey. Belinda gets back up and looks at the other 3 lying on the floor. She motions to the ref at ringside to open one of the dumpsters. She picks up trish and tries to revive her a little.

RJ: clever stuff from the former cook – shes getting trish to help get rid of the biggest competitor in the ring.

The two girls stomp on BW to weaken her further and then lift her from the mat. They both try and struggle to lift her over the ropes and into the open dumpster but cant quite manage it. Meanwhile stacey has risen and seen what they are up to and decides to bounce off the ropes and try cross body BW over. Unfortunately by the time she reaches her, BW has pushed both Bel and Trish away and catches Stacey mid air. One rollaway slam toss over her shoulder and Stacey flies over the ropes into the dumpster with the lid closing on impact.

MF: that looked like it hurt – like when I was thrown 25 feet from the top of the steel cage. Bang bang!

The match continues with Bel and Trish once again double teaming BW with an unusual double drop kick which sends black widow into the hopes which tangle around her arms causing her to be trapped. The two honeys standing look at each other, smile and begin to punch and kick the stricken BW before finally both rolling out of the ring.

RJ: what are they doing? They’ve certainly hurt Black Widow but they cant win until they untangle her from the ropes and put her in the dumpster – and when they do she is going to be mighty peeved.

MF: They are using their heads, RJ. They know they need to beat her down more before they attempt to finish her off – they are getting chairs from under the ring! They are going hardcore – like me the hardcore legend! Bang bang!

Whilst both the honeys are looking under the ring for weapons, hero runs down to ringside to help his Anarchy team mate. He manages to free her before the ref intervenes and sends him to the back. However, BW is now standing and although she is in pain, shes ready to fight. She jumps from the ring on Belindas side and delivers a elbow drop to the hunched Belinda. She then proceeds to pick up belinda and performs a sit down powerbomb leaving the Muffin Crew gal in a heap. On the other side of the ring, Trish is looking on in horror at the brute strength of BW.

BW lifts a motionless Bel onto her shoulder, moves towards the other dumpster and eliminates Bel.

RJ: We are down to just Trish and BW and although Trish has a chair, I don’t fancy her chances.

MF: Nonsense, RJ. I was dropped on a million tacks, hit with a flaming 2x4 wrapped in barb wire, thrown through a cage ceiling and still won!

BW picks up Bels chair from the ring apron and the two honeys stand staring at each other, chair in hand. BW is now at the side where Trish is standing and infers to Trish to fight without the chairs. They both throw their chair away as BW charges and clotheslines trish to the floor. She then picks the chair back up before clocking Trish across the back, knocking her back to the floor. Chair in hand, she lifts Trish to a vertical base before hitting her in the gut with it, folding her in half.

RJ: Oh come on…shes had enough. Just put her in the dumpster!

BW seeing trish doubled, places her head between her legs. She puts the chair on top of the closed half of the dumpster lid and puts her hands either side of trish ready to lift her for the powerbomb. Suddenly, Miss Jessica rises from the dumpster, picks up the chair and clocks BW before she has a chance to lift Trish. Jessica hits her with the chair for a second time whilst trish is still Between BWs legs.

Miss Jessica: Cmon Trish…lift her.

Trish begins to lift the giant Honey on her shoulders, with a little help from Miss Jessica still in the dumpster and between them manage to get her in. Jessica climbs out and closes the lid leaving the ref to ring the bell.

MF: Trish did it! She beat that monster. All thanks to the already eliminated Miss Jessica! But a win is a win but I wouldn’t want to be in those girls shoes when BW realises shes lost.

Trish and Jessica go and check on Belinda and help her out of the dumpster. Although they don’t usually see eye to eye, they had a common foe today. They all leave together to a huge crowd reaction in most probably the most brutal Honeys match in 6WF history.

Match Time 8.49

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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:57 pm

Some guitar based heavy music hits and a figure walks calmly to the ring.


He has a zipped hooded top jeans and trainers with head down – he climbs into the ring and gets handed a mic

RJ-Who is this? I bet you these idiots have brought back the Ultimate Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:58 pm

The music continues and reaches the chorus – its Motorheads ‘Ace of Spades’

The top is unzipped as the hood is pulled back to reveal RIVER ACE!

The crowd gasp in amazement!

Mick Foley-Il be a son of a sock

RJ-It cant be! I saw him BURIED..............ALIVE! With my own eyes!

Crowd boo before finally calming and a small section of fans break into a River Ace chant

River Ace-Well look whos back in his ring! Iv been gone for a little over a week and what do we have and already the inmates are running the asylum. Come on did you really think you had seen the last of River Ace? Always bet on Ace,i may of lost but what did you think? That i would be BURIED ALIVE? Its entertainment folks not a live killing! The grave has an exit or you would be witnessing a death live!

Crowd-A55hole A55hole

So now im back and it looks like iv lost Lockdown.................o wait a second.Losers in the back run the footage

The titantron shows Saint in his office

“Saint goes backstage after his match to find a message on his phone from the Board Of Directors

We have the contract for this weeks Lockdown for you to sign.Come and see us at 2pm please

Saint-Bout time Saint drags Lockdown up to Shutdown standards”

River Ace-Thats right the contract Nemisis signed was for last weeks Lockdown and may I say what a good show it was...Not its usual standards but a good show none the less

Crowd(alternate)-We want Saint! Nem-i-sis!

River Ace-That may be who you want but right now i want to bring out former Womens Champion Trish Stratus

Trishs music plays as she makes her way to ringside with a big smile and gets in the ring before going to give River Ace a hug.River Ace puts a hand out

River Ace-Hold on there missy

Trish Stratus-What?

River Ace-Im talking! I was just talking to MY 6wf fans


River Ace-You see theres only one reason i lost at BURIED ALIVE and that reason was........................YOU!

River points at Trish

River Ace-Thats right if you were not going out galavanting with Enforcer you would of had The Dynasty make sure i win the match but no your busy with your new friend

Trish Stratus-Im sorry

Trish goes to hug River who pushes Trish back with his arm catching her jaw and sending her to the mat


River Ace looks remorseful as he puts out his hand to help Trish up and he moves it and grabs her hair

River Ace-You think you can get away with what you put me through? You have a lot of making up to do

Suddenly Enforcer runs down the ramp and slides into the ring before going face to face with River Ace

RJ-O my god! Rivers back but The Dynasty is falling apart!

Enforcer takes his fist back to hit River but then stops and pie faces Trish back to the mat

Mick Foley-No way RJ. Rivers just fooled everybody and so has Enforcer

River Ace and Enforcer holds up each others hand

The lights fade again before Pyro hits and Nemisis walks to the ring.Trish Stratus runs past the TAW Champion crying . He stands at the top of the ring with mic in hand and is about to talk when Hobo comes out. He whispers into nemesis’ ear before getting a nod from the champ.

Hobo: As you are full of surprises River – I have one for you. The big guy here has agreed to add you to the main event.

Nemesis: As you know, River, I thought that I had got rid of you once but I don’t mind doing it again tonight. And as for you Enforcer, I didn’t much like you to begin with but your treatment of Trish is disgraceful – you will pay for it later….

Nemesis drops the mic and leaes.

Hobo: In the words of our commentator…HAVE A NICE DAY! Bang bang!

Hobo leaves as Enforcer and River smile in the ring and leave…

Time for the next match…

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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:58 pm

RJ : This next match is huge – it will determine a new number one contender to Bezerker’s Internet Title. Crime Lord vs Abe Ab....


RJ is cut off by “Bombtrack”. Bezerker makes his way to the ring carrying his Internet Title, he makes his way round to the commentary position.

RJ : What are you doing here?

BZ : I’m commentating on this which one of you shall I move along? (He looks at RJ, then looks at Mick Foley. Looks at RJ who looks petrified, then looks at Foley who gives a “BANG BANG”. BZ jumps) RJ.....Get out of here...

RJ : But we won’t have a qualified commentator....

BZ : Qualified?? You’ve just qualified to get the drinks in.... (BZ removes the headset from RJ’s head, RJ turns around to get his briefcase, and BZ kicks him in the ass, sending RJ tumbling over the barrier into the crowd where the fans go wild and mob him) I’ll take Pepsi! Mick?

MF : I’ll take milk...I need the calcium since that 25 ft fall from the hell in a cell knocked a few of my teeth out!

BZ : Really? I’ve never seen that...(he lays his title across the desk)...why don’t you tell me about it over this commercial break?!?

MF : WHAT??? You’ve never seen it...get my dvd...Greatest Hits and Misses...still available in all good video stores! Probably even ones, right here, in Birmingham, England! (pop!) Where do I start? Well...I was up against the Undertaker....


When we come back, Abe Abercorn, JJ Johnson and Crime Lord are in the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Crime Lord and JJ eye each other up and Abercorn nods to let them go at it. Johnson and Crime Lord lock up as Abe slouches in the corner.

MF : So if you could choose anyone to win this match, who would it be?

BZ : Randy Peeper!

Crime Lord wins the test of strength and forces JJ down to the mat. He stomps on his chest the wrenches in a headlock. Abe watches on from the corner as Crime Lord picks JJ up, whips him into the ropes then meets him with a powerslam. Crime Lord hooks the leg and gets a 1 count. Crime Lord looks up at Abe who is laughing. Crime Lord picks up JJ again, and whips him again, this time he launches him at Abe in the corner. Abe evades the oncoming Franchise Initiative, who violently collides with the turnbuckle. Abercorn grabs JJ and whips him straight back at Crime Lord who hits him with a ferocious clothesline. Crime Lord again stares at Abe then walks over JJ to go face to face with Abercorn.

BZ : The intensity here is cutable with a knife or something!

MF : Absolutely.... (everytime Mick and BZ try to get some commentary going, it falls to an awkward silence – BZ clearly isn’t a good commentator)

Crime Lord and Abercorn stare at each other then both me explode at the same time, launching punches at each other, back and forth. Crime Lord grabs Abe’s head and tries to drive him into the corner but Abe fights back with elbows. Abe tries to lift Crime Lord into a sidewalk slam but the former hardcore champion fights it. They eventually break away from the deadlock and stare each other down again!

MF : This has barely resembled a match so far. It’s been scruffy and intense...I guess there is a lot at stake here.

BZ : You can say that know...I loved that skit you did with McMahon in the hospital. That was tele!

Crime Lord and Abe Abercorn are still trying to psyche each other out. Then Abe smiles. Out of nowhere, JJ Johnson backdrops Crime Lord from behind. CL falls behind him and Abe laughs, but JJ charges at Abe and takes him over with an armdrag, locking it out into an armbar on the ground. CL gets up and boots JJ in the head, releasing the hold on AA. JJ gets straight to his feet and runs at CL who takes him over with a belly to belly suplex. AA gets up and runs at CL but is met with a Samoan Drop. CL quickly covers AA for a 2 count. As CL gets to his feet, JJ takes him by the neck and hits him with a DDT. Then quickly picks him up again to hit him with a swinging neckbreaker. AA recovers and runs at JJ with the intent to clothesline him. JJ ducks the attack and immediately lashes out with a superkick. JJ makes the cover for a 2 count. JJ gets up off AA but keeps hold of his head, bringing him to his feet then landing him with a snap suplex. JJ keeps his grip, pulls himself up, and hits a second snap suplex. This time JJ releases and finishes the combo with a legdrop. JJ makes the cover....1.....2.....The count is broken by a recovered Crime Lord.

Crime Lord picks up JJ and hits him with a forearm smash that sends him into the corner. CL lifts JJ up onto the turnbuckle then climbs up himself. Crime Lord gives a thumbs down sign to the crowd in front of him before hitting a Double Arm DDT on JJ from the top rope! CL shakes off the fall then covers JJ....1.....2......foot on the rope! CL stomps on JJ’s head then turns his attention to AA who is getting to his feet. Crime Lord strikes him then whips him to the ropes. AA hooks on to the ropes as CL commits to a dropkick, and kicks thin air. As he gets back to his feet AA runs at him and hits him with a spinning heel kick. AA stalks CL waiting for him to get up and when he does he hits him with a German Suplex, holding on for a bridge pin....1.....2......Crime Lord kicks out. AA lifts CL to his feet and attempts a powerbomb, but CL pushes him away then knees him in the stomach. As AA crouches over CL launches a scissors kick attack. CL picks AA up then whips him into the corner, then lifts him to the top. Crime Lord sets Abe up for a superplex. AA fights back then performs a perfect hurrancarrana from the top. Both men are laid out next to each other.

JJ staggers to his feet and sees the carnage AA just created. JJ scales the turnbuckle and whips up the crowd. A few hundred flash bulbs go off as JJ flies into a graceful frog splash, connecting with both of his opponents. JJ covers AA....1.......2.......AA just kicks out. JJ quickly jumps onto Crime Lord.....1......2.....he kicks out too. JJ thumps the mat in frustration. He picks up Crime Lord who replies with a quick jawbreaker.

Crime Lord leaves the ring and grabs the Internet Title from in front of Bezerker. Bezerker gets up to chase him as CL climbs into the ring and gets ready to flatten the recovering Abe Abercorn with it. Just as he goes to strike him, BZ grabs the belt back. BZ holds it up in front of CL screaming at him not to dare to do that again. Suddenly BZ bolts forward and clocks CL with the belt, knocking him to the floor.

MF : Did you see that? JJ Johnson just pushed Bezerker who inadvertently laid out Crime Lord!

JJ pushes Bezerker out of the way and hits an unsuspecting Abe Abercorn with a quick VIP Experience then gets down to pin him. 1......2......3!

MF : JJ Johnson is the new number one contender to the Internet title...and I’m left alone on commentary...when I took this gig they didn’t say I’d have full responsibility.....but its a great opportunity for a cheap plug....MY BOOK.....6WF.COM!!!

JJ says a sarcastic thank you to BZ then victoriously makes his way to the back. BZ looks down at Crime Lord then shrugs his shoulders and leaves too.

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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:58 pm

Match 3 – The Producers vs Matt Lightning/ Gary Johnson vs Anarchy

MF: The producers are already in the ring for this elimination tag, where both members have to be pinned to be eliminated.

RJ: I am not sure whether we have had this type of match before in 6WF but then again we’ve never had a bmpa match before.

MF: Tonight is a night for firsts – that’s for sure. By the way, I like the producers – they use Mankinds mandible claw – that rocks. Like the floor did when I was thrown 25ft from the top of the cage.

Matt Lightning comes down with Gary to the “I want It All” by Queen. They climb into the ring and high five each other.

Anarchy in the UK blares out and here comes the team of Hero and EZ money.

MF: these two have impressed me with their ruthlessness recently. They beat trash TV in a fatal four way the other night but have also taken every opportunity to hurt the tag champs – just like a certain undertaker did to yours truly at Survivor Series….

RJ: What did he do? You must tell me some time….

MF: He threw me 30…

RJ: Never mind, the ref has rung the bell and the match is under way with Hollywood and Hero squaring up leaving the other participants in their respective corners.

Hero and HJ circle each other before locking up. After several seconds Hollywood manages to manipulate Hero into a side headlock.

Crowd: Headlock! Trash TV!

MF: this is quickly becoming the signature of the producers – some wrestlers are high flyers, others are obviously not!

Hero manages to escape the headlock by throwing HJ to the ropes. Hero hip tosses HJ to the floor who gets up and runs again at Hero, who hip tosses him for a second time and then a third…HJ sees the pattern and stays on the ground to catch his breath leaving Hero smiling and milking the crowd. HJ runs to Lightnings corner and tags him in quickly before rolling from the ring and running back to his own corner.

Lightning comes in and squares up to Hero. Hero calls for a test of strength and raises his hands in the air, prompting lightning to copy. Before they actually lock up, Hero kicks lightning in the gut and performs a swinging neckbreaker on the folded superstar. He lifts Lightning from the mat and performs a muscle buster.

RJ: My god, I havent seen that move from hero before. This could be the quickest that I have ever seen Matt lose a match

Hero quickly gets up and tags in EZ who flies from the top with a quick money shot and cover. Ref 1,2,3!

RJ: He’s gone! Matt Lightning is beat without even making one offensive move! That’s a real shocker! Belinda has obviously got him partying a little too hard for his own good. Anarchy are really on fire tonight.

As EZ is milking the crowd, in runs Prime Time and bulldogs him from behind. He climbs on top of EZ and starts to apply a chin lock. After several minutes of applied pressure its obvious that EZ is not going to tap, so PT releases, delivers a forearm to Ezs head and gets to his feet. He picks him up and applies a standing arm bar and moves towards his corner and begins to climb the ropes whilst still applying the hold.

RJ: I believe Prime Time calls this the ‘Walking the Red Carpet’

Prime Time walks along the ropes still holding the armbar before jumping off half way to deliver a smash to the back of the head.

MF: Classic old school undert…I mean Prime Time there! Bang Bang!

Prime Time picks up EZ and is set to repeat the move only this time Hero shakes the top rope causing PT to fall into the ring awkwardly. EZ is still in pain but sees his opportunity to tag in…Gary Johnson.

RJ: A strange tag maybe, but it looks like Anarchy are using their heads.

Gary although a little surprised runs into the ring and lifts PT to his feet and performs a suplex. He doesn’t let go and performs a second suplex, followed by a third before letting go. PT is visibly shaken in the centre of the ring but the hardcore champ doesn’t let up with the impact moves. He lifts PT to his feet, throws him to the ropes and connects with a side walk slam and goes for the cover. 1….2……kick out!

MF: that was close – 2 and 7/8ths!

Gary picks up primetime and puts him into a full nelson before turning it into a full nelson slam. At this Hero begins to come into the ring however the ref is straight onto him to push him out. Gary gets up to go and see what is happening whilst EZ climbs in the blind side of the ref and picks up an unsuspecting Gary Johnson and delivers a Canadian Destroyer. He then picks up a horizontal PT and hits him with a canadian destroyer. EZ then proceeds to place Gary Johnson on top of PT before sliding out of the ring, just in time for the ref to turn around and make the count 1…2….3 – PT has been eliminated. Quickly Hero runs in and pins the motionless Gary Johnson….1…..2….kick out.

MF: Unbelievable – the hardcore champ kicked out of Ezs Canadian Destroyer.

Unfazed, Hero picks up a limpless Gary and picks him up and performs a muscle buster. Once again he tags in EZ for the frog splash…1….2…..3 – Gary Johnson is gone too.

RJ: you have got to fear for Hollywoods chances here – its now a handicap match.

Hollywood runs into the ring and quickly gives EZ a bad review (poke to the Eye).. Hero complains and goes to climb in but the ref once again goes to push Hero out. During the distraction, Gary johnson who is still at ringside and who has now come to, climbs back into the ring to help Hollywood. He delivers a quick doublechoke sit down powerbomb and rolls out of the ring. On his way from the ring he pulls hero from the ring apron and starts to brawl with him up the ramp. HJ is now in the ring with a prone EZ. HJ goes over to the ropes, points at Mick Foley and says “this is for you, Mick”

MF: I wonder what he is going to do?

HJ pulls out Mr Socko from his tights and applies the Key Grip to EZ who immediately begins to convulse.

MF: Nice touch there! I like these guys more and more!
Hero sees what is happening and tries to get back to the ring to help his partner but Gary Johnson still has him occupied.

After a minute EZ appears to have passed out and the ref confirms that EZ is out of the match. By this stage Hero has managed to down gary johnson and get back in the ring and immediately runs at HJ, delivering a huge clothesline, knocking down hollywood, as Mr socko flies off his hand and out of the ring. Hero picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle facing the middle of the ring. Hero climbs up and although HJ tries to fight back with some left and rights, Hero manages to deliver a face first supplex off the top rope.

RJ: My God! That was a huge move! And I’ve got to say that looked painful…real painful.

MF: It certainly did RJ. That was a unorthodox move but it might have done the trick. Hero goes for the cover in the centre of the ring. 1…..2….kick out.

Hero unfazed gets up and locks in a sharpshooter in the centre of the ring. After several seconds, HJ taps and the ref rings the bell to signal an Anarchy win. Hero continues the hold and applies more pressure.

RJ: Cmon’ve won. Let Hollywood go.

EZ has now come to and sees Hero still applying the sharpshooter.

RJ: whats EZ going to do?

EZ smiles and climbs over the back of HJ and applies a crossface whilst Hero applies the sharpshooter.

‘PREPARE TO BE TRASHED’ blasts out and out run hobo and BZ. As they pass the announce table, Mick Foley also joins them. Upon seeing this, anarchy let go of the holds and leave the ring. They jump the barriers and make their way out through the crowd, as Trash TV check on HJ. After lifting him to his feet, a visibly shaken HJ gives a thumbs up to the crowd to show he is shaken but okay.
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PostSubject: Re: Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)   Trashdown Results (30/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:58 pm

Enforcers Signing on Ceremony.

MF: well that was some match we’ve just had. Lets hope that HJ is okay..

The bmpa have been at ringside for the last 5 minutes setting up the ring with bunting and an official looking desk in the ring.


‘Video killed the Wrestling Star’ blares out and out come the 4 Trash TV members. HJ looks a little shaken but he’s okay.

RJ: what do you think is going to happen, Mick? I mean Enforcer looked pretty, pretty loyal to River earlier in the night – he even turned his back on Trish.

MF: sometimes you have to align yourself with the right things. Like when I aligned my body with the announce desk 30 feet below the steel cage!

Hobo picks up the mic.

H: Hope you are all enjoying the show so far! This is the bit that I have been looking forward to all week. The induction of our newest member, taking the place of my beloved Hulkster as the 5th member of Trash TV.

BZ: Ladies and gents I give you Big E’…

Crowd: Big E! Trash TV! Big E! Trash TV! Big E! Trash TV! Big E! Trash TV!

Enforcers music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. As he approaches, the tramps light their sparklers again. Enforcer seems angry at the attention and hits some of the tramps sparklers out of their hands before climbing into the ring.

BZ: Before you join the most feared stable in 6wf history, we have a few incentives for you. Guys….

The producers grab a large sack from ringside and bring it into the ring. They hand one incentive at a time to hobo and BZ.

H: Firstly, your very own Trash TV Tshirt…on the front “Big E’”..on the rear “prefers Trash to Trish”

Hobo places the Tshirt over Enforcers shoulder.

BZ: Next we have a new car for you……we made the first payment and signed a contract for you. You only have another 48 monthly payments at a competitive APR of 12.4%pa. Here are the keys to your new lime green Fiat Punto.

BZ holds out the keys for several seconds before placing them in E’s hands.

H: your penultimate present is this…..your very own hockey mask cam. You can wear this wherever you want and get it all on film….during matches, during shopping trips, romantic walks with Trish and wherever else you wear it. Just get the footage to the Producers and they will make you a DVD within 4 to 6 working days.

Once again Hobo places the mask onto Enforcer who is now beginning to shake with rage.

BZ: Finally we have this. …

BZ pulls out a oversized remote with one button which reads “E’” – he pushes the button. From high up in the Astrodrome a huge banner unfurls to reveal a picture of the new Trash TV line up. In actual fact its an old picture of Trash TV with Enforcers head crudely photoshopped onto Belindas body and a large potted plant superimposed over Hulkster. The words “welcome Enforcer” are written at the top.

BZ: So what do you say, E’ – are you in?

Enforcer picks up the contract looks at it for a few seconds before crumpling it and throwing it in BZ’s face. He then proceeds to turn over the table and throw it across the ring.

MF: it looks like that Enforcer has decided not to join the Trash Tv revolution after all.

Enforcer grabs the mic from BZ’s hand.

E: Get this straight – I was never gonna join you. Why would I want to leave the Dynasty, especially now we have our leader back and are at full strength. I only went along with this because you promised to leave me alone if I did. Now get out of my way, I have to prepare for my MAIN EVENT.

Enforcer storms off back up the ramp, threatening some of the crowd who are now booi ng him on the way.

RJ: well to say I’m not surprised is not an understatement. Why would anyone voluntarily join this circus?

MF: These guys are my friends, RJ. I would join them..right here in Birmingham, West Midlands!

BZ picks up the crumpled contract before having hobo putting a consoling arm around him.

H: never mind, BZ, we tried. We’ve got a show to carry on with and its the former champ up next...

The BMPA quickly clear the ring as Trash TV leave ready for the TGA s Saint match....

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RJ : We’ve got the recently de-throned TAW Champion up next against the agressive TGA! This promises to be a thrilling tactical battle between Coalition and Dynasty!

St. Anger plays and The Saint appears on the stage to thunderous applause. He makes his way to the ring and steps over the top rope.

MF : The commissioner looks ready and refreshed from having a night off from decision making! I remember when I was commissioner of WWE – I should write a book about it!

TGA’s music hits and the crowd noise sours. TGA paces to the ring looking determined. He rolls in and stares at his opponent whilst the referee pats him down. The ref is satisfied and calls for the bell. There is a tense stare off as both men stay in their corners, warming up in different ways. TGA bolts at Saint who dodges and TGA puts the brakes on to stop himself flying into the turnbuckle. Saint lightly pushes him into the turnbuckle and backs away laughing.

TGA warms up his neck then charges at Saint again, this time stopping himself, making Saint evade nothing. The Saint looks at him angrily then offers a lock up which TGA makes to accept. As soon as TGA and Saint’s hands touch, TGA ducks and unloads a barrage of punches in the Saint’s ribs, forcing him back into the corner where he continues his onslaught.

RJ : Looks like that time spent with the punchbag has paid off!

Saint nudges TGA away with his knee, then grabs hold of TGA’s head and throws him into the corner. Saint replies with some chops across TGA’s chest before whipping him to the other corner and chasing him to deliver a big boot. The fans chant Saint’s name as he makes a cover for a 1 count. Saint picks TGA up who pushes him away and delivers a dropkick. TGA mounts the Saint and starts aggressively landing blows on his face. TGA picks the Saint up and lands a DDT before dropping an elbow across the back of Saint’s head. TGA waits for The Saint to get up and attempts a suplex. The Saint blocks it and delivers a suplex of his own, then runs off the ropes and hits TGA with a leg drop. Saint again makes a 1 count cover. Saint picks up TGA and scoops him up for a Fallaway Slam, which sends TGA rolling towards the ropes and out of the ring. Saint whips up the crowd noise before leaning through the ropes to grab TGA, but TGA is waiting with an eye rake. Saint staggers away and TGA leaps over the ropes, hitting The Saint with an overhanging neckbreaker. TGA makes the cover for a 2 count. Saint kicks him off and TGA gets to his feet and runs at the ropes, as Saint gets up TGA attempts a clothesline. Saint ducks and TGA follows through, rebounding again. Saint prepares to backdrop TGA by bending down but TGA rolls over the top of him. TGA now has the advantage by being behind Saint and uses it to hit an Angle Slam. TGA quickly covers The Saint....1......2.....foot on the rope!

MF : This match is fantastic RJ. Both men have each others card marked!

TGA hooks Saint’s leg off the rope and makes the ref count again..1.....2......kick out. TGA complains to the referee, giving Saint time to get to his feet. When TGA turns back around, Saint greets him with a gutwrench powerbomb. Saint waits for TGA to get back to his feet then scoops him up for a powerslam with a pin attached....1.....2......kick out by TGA. Saint picks TGA up this time and readies him for a piledriver.

MF : This will end the match right here RJ!

TGA gains a burst of energy and flips Saint’s legs from underneath him, then pouncing as quick as a cobra he wraps a sharpshooter on Saint. Saint struggles to hide the pain he is feeling as TGA arches back as far as he can physically manage. The Saint shows brute strength and resolve to reach the ropes, but he’s hurt. TGA takes advantage by stamping on Saint’s lower back to keep him down. TGA scoops his opponent up and hits him with a backbreaker before whipping him back into a corner and charging at him, spearing the former TAW champion into the turnbuckle. TGA stops Saint from slumping and sets him up for a powerbomb.

RJ : Oh my! He’s going to powerbomb him into the turnbuckle!

TGA struggles to lift Saint who makes himself deadweight, then Saint launches TGA over his shoulders into the turnbuckle. TGA crumbles into a heap in the corner, and Saint stalks him looking to finish the match. Saint drags TGA to the middle of the ring and signals for a Divine Force as TGA stumbles to his feet. Saint grabs TGA and initiates a Divine Force. TGA slips out of it at the last possible moment and Saint turns around in shock. TGA grabs Saint for the Angel Bomb. He lifts Saint up, who uses all his strength to counter himself.

RJ : we go...its the divine force again! This one is over this time!

Once again Saint positions TGA for a Divine Force but he lacks the strength to carry it out, TGA’s earlier attack on Saint’s back pays dividends as he slips out of his opponents finisher for a second time. TGA slips free and baseball slides through Saint’s legs, grabbing his pants on the way through and rolling him up. The ref gets down....1.....2......3!


MF : What an upset! What a scalp for TGA to add to his already impressive CV! He’s beaten the former TAW Champion! The Shutdown Comissioner!

RJ : But he had the pants Mick!

MF : They all count RJ! What the ref doesn’t see, doesn’t happen....BANG BANG!

TGA takes leave of the ring and walks up the ramp with a huge smile. He gives a cut throat sign to a member of the crowd who is booing him. Saint is on his knees in the ring, holding his back and looking bemused at what just happened, but he gives TGA a nod of respect as we go to a commercial for one of Foley’s books.

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Match 5 – Trash Tv vs The Rock v2 and GWC

“If you smell what the rock is cooking!”

RJ: here comes the former number 1 contender, the peoples champ.

MF: Did I ever tell you when I teamed with his father? We were the Rock and Sock connection just after I was thrown 25 feet from the top of a steel cage. Bang bang!

The rock makes his way down to the ring with his usual strut and climbs in to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Out next is the current 6WF heavyweight champ.

RJ: well if Rocks reaction was mixed, you can definitely tell what the fans think of GWC. This place just woke up and they are booing the champ with all of their might.

MF: GWC climbs in the ring and starts arguing with rock already. These two are going to have a tough night if they are to win tonight. The Rock and I always use to argue – remember when he handcuffed me and hit me over 20 times with the steel chair – that’s because I am a hardcore legend!

“Prepare to be TRASHED”

RJ here comes the commissioner and BZ, and the crowd seem to be loving the show tonight. And I never thought that I would be saying this but I also have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

The tag champs climb into the ring and go to shake their opponents hands – which is met with disdain. The champs go back to their corner where they play rock, scissors, paper to see who goes in….and Hobo wins and goes in first. On the other side of the ring GWC and Rock are still arguing – they both want to go in but GWC climbs in to the Rocks protest and the ref rings the bell. Before GWC can get to Hobo, Rock makes the blind tag and climbs in leaving the Rock smiling whilst the ref gets GWC to leave the ring. However, Rocks smiles don’t last long when hobo pokes him in the eye to start the match – GWC finally breaks a grin. As Rock staggers around, hobo gives him a quick soft shoe shuffle (face first russian leg sweep). Hobo stands back up to get fan reaction. He leaves rock to get back up and make a tag to GWC– hobo tags in BZ.

MF: The two champs are in the ring – this could get interesting. Like when I was speared through a burning table. That was hardcore…

BZ and GWC circle each other before they lock up. Quickly GWC knees BZ in the gut, folding him in half. He bounces off the ropes to deliver a big boot but BZ is too quick and dodges it delivering a vicious clothesline to an off balance GWC. BZ quickly goes to GWCs arm and applies an armbar. GWC begins to scream at rock to help him and begrudgingly Rockv2 comes in to kick BZ off. They both get up quickly and GWC tries to throw punches which are easily ducked by BZ. GWC quickly changes from swinging to running the ropes and a flying shoulder barge, knocking the internet champ to the floor. GWC climbs on top of bz and gets him in a front facelock and starts delivering damaging knees to bz’s shoulders.

RJ: This is rough house tactics at its best from the champ.

GWC lifts BZ to the his corner and tags in the Rock v2. They both stomp onto BZ before lifting him and performing a double suplex. GWC then climbs out leaving a prone BZ in the hands of Rock. The Rock continues to stomp on BZs shoulders before trying to bounce off the ropes to deliver a elbow. However, hobo pulls down the top rope as rock touches it and he goes over to the floor outside. Hobo jumps from his position, delivering a double axe handle to Rocks neck. BZ has now recovered in the centre of the ring and tells hobo to throw Rock back in which he duly does. BZ lifts him up before whipping him into a neutral corner. BZ goes to the other corner and runs the length of the ring to deliver a big splash which connects knocking rock to the floor, sitting in the corner turnbuckle. BZ tags in hobo who goes to perform the bum rush (running bum to head in corner). However, GWC pulls Rock out just in time leaving hobo to connect with the full force into the turnbuckle.

RJ: these two seem to be working as a team – I cant believe that a week ago, that GWC would have helped Rock like that.

Rock comes around and climbs back into the ring and makes a quick tag with the fresh man. GWC is quick to get to a shaken Hobo and picks him up and places him on his shoulders for a torture rack in the middle of the ring. Hobo begins to scream in pain. BZ tries to climb in but is stopped by the ref. Meanwhile GWC makes another quick tag to Rock who climbs to the top rope whilst GWC carries on with the rack. Rock jumps off and grabs hobos head performing a bulldog from the rack position in one fluid movement.

MF: My GOD! That must have hurt. What brilliant team work from these guys.

Rock makes a cover…1,….2,……BZ pulls rocks foot from the ring floor and pulls him off hobo.

RJ: that was close…this unlikely pair nearly had the win.

The ref warns BZ whilst rock picks up hobo and performs a perfectly executed backbreaker. GWC starts clapping as hobo lays in the middle of the ring writhing in agony. He tags in GWC who quickly lifts hobo into a face first supplex. GWC moves onto hobo grabbing his legs in a boston crab. Hobo starts to crawl to the ropes but GWC has the move in tight. The ref asks hobo several times whether he wants to tap or not, to which the answer is ‘no’. Meanwhile BZ has seen enough and climbs to the top rope.

MF: the big man is gonna fly – like I did from the top of that steel cage!

BZ delivers a big elbow to the back of GWC causing the hold to be broken. The ref starts to get angry with BZ warning him if he keeps intefering he will disqualify Trash TV. GWC recovers first and drags hobo over to Rock who makes the tag. Together they double team with GWC delivering another face first suplex and rock following up with a leg drop to the back of hobos neck. Rock stands up taunting BZ who thinks about coming in but remembers the warnings of the ref. Rock lifts hobo to his feet and goes for a Rock Bottom but it is countered by Hobo who delivers some stiff elbows to the side of Rocks head who drops the tag champ. Hobo starts to crawl towards BZ for the but Rock gets there first and knocks BZ off the apron with a forearm smash. He then proceeds back to hobo who manages to punch Rock in the gut to buy time. Both men are now face to face, on one knee each and start to trade blows. They get to their feet at the same time and Rock whips hobo to the ropes who bounces back, as both men are floored with clotheslines to each other.

RJ: you gotta feel Mick, that Rock And GWC still have the upper hand.
MF: Hobo has been in there for a while but if I know him as well as I think I do, hes a tough SOB!

Both downed men try and make it to their corners. As hobo is inches away from BZ, Rock suddenly jumps up and runs over and drags hobo back.

MF: I don’t believe it – Rock was only playing possom! He wasn’t as hurt as he was making out – he was just teasing this crowd, here in Birmingham, West Midlands! Bang bang!

Rock picks up hobo to his shoulders and delivers a samoan drop to hobo in the middle of the ring and tags in GWC. The 6WF champ climbs to the top rope to perform a huge elbow drop. He waits for the ref to move, who is checking on Hobo. As he begins to fly, hobo grabs the ref back over him who takes the full force of the elbow from GWC.

RJ: A clever move there from the tag champ – the ref is down and here comes the cavalry.

BZ comes flying into the ring and lifts GWC and delivers a perfectly executed belly to belly suplex. Rock climbs in to the ring to be met by a huge boot to the head. All the men are down except for BZ who rolls out of the ring and gets a chair from ringside and climbs back in. As Rock is rising, BZ strikes him on the back sending the champ reeling. At the same time, GWC is getting up and sees BZ with the chair and lifts his hands telling BZ to stop. BZ notices that Rock is about to turn around again so throws the chair to GWC who catches it. BZ drops to the mat playing possom leaving Rock to see GWC standing there with a chair in hand.

Rock: what are you doing – we are partners you idiot!
GWC: No – it wasn’t m….

Rock runs at rock and delivers a forearm smash through the chair that GWC is holding, knocking him down before picking him up and delivering a rock bottom. Rock climbs down from the ring and begins to leave up the ramp. BZ jumps up and picks up chair shocked GWC and delivers a bezerker bomb to him on to the chair. BZ then begins to shake the ref to wake up before dragging a now recovering hobo to the corner. The ref comes around to see hobo make the tag with BZ who picks up rock.

BZ: H B O time!

BZ throws GWC to the ropes as hobo and BZ bounce off either side to hit GWC high and low with body checks.

MF: They hit it – the Hobo Bezerker Onslaught! GWC is done! He’s been hit with a rock bottom, a bezerker bomb and now the HBO. There’s no way he’s leaving tonight a winner!

Hobo leaves the ring as BZ makes the cover.

Ref: 1…2….3…

BZ and hobo embrace in the ring as Video Killed the Wrestling Star plays and the crowd goes wild. At the top of the ramp, Rock is smiling, unconcerned that he has lost his match.

MF: that sure was a humdinger of a match and it looks like the rivalry between Rockv2 and GWC has just been cranked up a notch. But let’s not also forget the tag champs and what a message they just showed to Anarchy. They just beat the 6wf champ and number 1 contender.

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RJ : So here we go comes the main event, and I have to say...I’ve enjoyed this show. It’s been a pleasure to work with you Mick!

MF : Well I wish I could say the same RJ....but next time I think I’ll stick with WWE! But it has been a pleasure to be here in Birmingham, England!

Fans : (POP!)

RJ : Its just a shame we have to end with this...River Ace has declared himself in this match tonight – and that means Nemesis is in for a handicap match in all but name! He might regret the day he buried River Ace!

MF : I don’t know RJ...Nemesis reminds me a lot of a young Undertaker...if anyone can overcome the odds its him! Speaking of Undertaker...did I ever tell you about the time I fell 30ft from a Hell in a Cell?

Foley is cut off by “Saturday Night” by Nickelback, and the crowd ferociously boo Enforcer as he makes his way to the ring. Enforcer takes a Trash TV sign on the ramp and tears it up then throws it at the camera. Enforcer rolls into the ring and awaits his opponents.

The arena lights dim and the stage glows as Nemesis makes his appearance. He slowly paces down the ramp.

RJ : This man buried River alive 2 weeks ago! He must have thought he’d seen the last of him..but....OH MY GOD...WHAT A CHEAP SHOT!

River Ace runs from backstage and bulldogs Nemesis into the steel ramp. Enforcer sports a wry grin watching from the ring. River Ace stomps Nemesis and starts to kick him in the ribs, sending him rolling down the ramp. Enforcer climbs out of the ring and tags River’s hands before scooping Nemesis up and arching him backwards over his knee. River Ace axe handles Nemesis in his chest, bending him further over Enforcer’s knee. Enforcer releases Nemesis and River Ace picks him up, whipping him shoulder first into the steel steps. Enforcer, tagging River again, whips River towards Nemesis and the commissioner delivers a huge flying knee sending Nemesis sprawling over the steps. River Ace falls to all fours and Enforcer runs and uses him for elevation, flying over the steps and clotheslining Nemesis. River Ace stalks around the steps and picks up Nemesis, rolling him into the ring. Enforcer and River climb into the ring themselves and surround Nemesis as the ref calls for the bell.

RJ : Finally this match gets under if the Dynasty didn’t have enough of an advantage in this match.

MF : You should read my debut novel “Tietam Brown”, still available in all good bookshops and the 6wf website for a limited time only (Foley gives a thumbs up and a toothy grin to the camera)....that’s a great tale of someone trying to overcome the odds in life....

Nemesis staggers to his feet but Enforcer and River take it in turns to land punches on him. Enforcer whips Nemesis into the ropes and links hands with River to double clothesline him to the mat. River Ace takes hold of Nemesis’ head and Nemesis kicks to life. He swings a leg upwards to kick River off him then he rolls away from Enforcer’s grasp. Nemesis land a huge punch on the incoming Enforcer then follows through using his body’s momentum to ferociously big boot River. Nemesis returns to Enforcer and whips him into the corner with such strength that Enforcer’s neck whips backwards and he slumps to the corner. River gets to his feet and swings for Nemesis who ducks the punch and lands a Release German Suplex on the European Champion. As Enforcer clambers up in the corner, Nemesis charges at him with a big clothesline, sending him falling back to the mat.

RJ : Hey...Hey! Here we go – Nemesis is back in control!

Nemesis again returns to River and picks him up. River lands a few punches in his mid-riff but Nemesis brushes them off. Nemesis drives River between his legs and lifts him up for a powerbomb. As he is about to execute, Enforcer makes the save from behind by kneeing Nemesis in the kidneys. River lets himself down and takes advantage of Nemesis’ stooped position to DDT him. Enforcer lands a leg-drop across Nemesis’ neck, and River follows with an elbow drop across his chest. River gets up and climbs the turnbuckle and calls for Enforcer to bring Nemesis over. Enforcer helps River to lift Nemesis onto the turnbuckle...

MF : I’ve seen my good friends the Dudleys use this manoeuvre a few times! This could finish the match right here....then I can go home and give Dewey this Trash TV shirt he wanted....

RJ : THEY LANDED IT....What a move...

River Ace powerbombs Nemesis from the top turnbuckle, with Enforcer adding force from the ground. Enforcer makes the cover...1.....2....River shoves him off. Enforcer screams at River asking what he’s doing! River says he wants the cover over the man who buried him alive. Enforcer stares intensely at River, then gives way. River makes a cover...1....Nemesis kicks out and Enforcer shakes his head in disappointment. River picks up Nemesis and Enforcer helps him to whip the big man into the ropes. They attempt another double clothesline which Nemesis ducks, then on the rebound Nemesis launches into a flying body splash on his two opponents. All 3 men fall to the floor and stay there.

RJ : What a gutsy performance from the big man tonight. He’s far from a fan favourite but he’s getting some respect from this arena tonight!

All 3 men stay down as Trish Stratus makes her way down the ramp to a reception of some cheers, some boos, and a lot of wolf whistles. She makes her way to the apron where Enforcer is lying and starts banging the mat. “Come on E!”.

RJ : Well it looks like Trish still has faith in Enforcer, despite the altercation earlier!

Just as the fans join in the banging with claps, Nemesis sits bolt upright and stares a hole in Trish who stops. Nemesis signals for a chokeslam as Enforcer starts to stir. Enforcer gets to his feet and turns around to be grabbed by the throat. Just as Nemesis goes to lift him, Trish grabs Nemesis’ foot. Nemesis kicks her off, but it buys Enforcer enough time to land a kick to Nemesis’ ribs, releasing the hold. Enforcer whips Nemesis into ropes, and on the return he attempts a ferocious Face Check. Again Nemesis ducks an attack and he returns with a whip of his own for Enforcer, then launches him over the top rope, narrowly missing Trish. As Nemesis smirks at Enforcer’s fall, River gets to his feet and takes advantage with a pumphandle slam. River leans over the ropes and berates Trish Stratus.

River : What the hell are you doing here? We’ve got it covered – go to the back you stupid bitch!

RJ : Oh my god – that’s completely unnecessary.

MF : And I think Nemesis is far from under control – he’s getting a fair share of the match.

Enforcer pulls himself up and speaks to Trish, he looks confused as to what to do then apparently tells her to stay, which earns him an earful from River. River turns his back on them and walks straight into a chokeslam. Enforcer slides into the ring to stop Nemesis making a cover. Enforcer strikes Nemesis and lifts him up for a suplex. Nemesis slides free and spins Enforcer around, grabbing hold of his throat. Enforcer lands a low blow with his foot and rolls out of the ring clutching his throat. Nemesis is staggering but laughing, then he waits for River to get up – signalling for a Death Wish. Enforcer’s seen enough and he throws the timekeeper from his chair, then folds it up and heads to the ring. Nemesis lifts River up for the Death Wish but sees Enforcer with the chair – Nemesis starts laughing. Enforcer gets ready to strike when Trash TV slide into the ring. Hobo grabs hold of the chair while BZ grabs Enforcer’s head...saying something to him. Hobo lets go of the chair and Enforcer stares at him...then Bezerker. Then Enforcer turns back to Nemesis who is still holding River in position and raises the chair, before changing his mind and dropping it at Nemesis’ feet. Nemesis smiles and hits the Death Wish on the chair.

Trash TV explode out of the blocks and hit the HBO on Nemesis, before picking him up and launching him over the top rope. They turn to face Enforcer who laughs as he drops to his knees and covers the commissioner....1......2.......3! The fans go wild and start chanting “BIG E! TRASH TV! BIG E! TRASH TV!”

RJ : My god....Enforcer just screwed River Ace. He just helped Nemesis plant River Ace on a steel chair! Nemesis gets to his feet as Enforcer’s music is playing and tries to get back in the ring, but from behind The Producers knock him down with Trash TV’s tag titles. Then they start dragging him to the stage where Saint comes flying out to meet Nemesis with a clothesline. Nemesis gets to his feet and they trade blows and make their way to the back as The Producers leave them to it, shrug their shoulders and return to ringside. In the ring, Bezerker reaches into his boots and pulls out a crumpled up contract. Hobo passes Enforcer a pen and he kneels down on the mat to sign it with a big smile.

Hobo, Bezerker and Enforcer embrace as River gets to his feet. Enforcer charges at him and hits him with a face check. Trash TV laugh as Trish looks confused and angry on the outside. Bezerker rolls outside and grabs a microphone as Enforcer continues to beat down River Ace with the chair, smashing it across his back. Each shot gets a huge cheer from the fans as Hobo helps whip the fans into a frenzy with a bit of cheerleading.

Enforcer drops the chair and stands over River’s body and takes the microphone. “Thats right muffin munchers! Big E! Trash TV! (Cheers) A match made in heaven! You see River Ace – your Dynasty stands for nothing – your Dynasty is crumbling – and I won’t let you hold me back anymore. You need to be taught a lesson – and Trash TV are going to teach you that lesson....Trash TV is where I belong...where I ALWAYS belonged!

He passes the mic to Bezerker who takes the position standing over River Ace. Hobo and Enforcer shake hands and hug again before watching on.

“Haha! Now we are ready! Listen here because this is a message to you – Anarchy out back – The Dynasty....and River Ace right here at our feet. (He adds a little kick to River Ace). Trash TV are taking over. I’ve waited a long time for this. I’ve waited a long time for revenge – but now the most dominant force in 6WF history is fully assembled and we WILL take over. We WILL make your life hell River Ace! Please welcome Trash TV! (The fans cheer). Please be standing for the Producers down there (points outside the ring where Steve and Gerrie are still getting their breath back from keeping Nemesis down)...the bezerkaholics, riff raffers, tele heads and muffin munchers out there(pointing to the crowd), ringleader of the tormentors and one half of the tag team champions right here (grabbing Hobo’s hand and raising it), and the newest recruit, the future of this organisation, the man who will finish River Ace off for good – ENFORCER!!!! (Fans cheer very loudly).

Oh.....and not forgetting....the other half of the tag team champions....
Your 6WF Internet Champion...
Your Legend....

(Bezerker rips off his mask and throws it at River. Trish Stratus looks on in shock, she looks like she’s going to be sick as the fans enter a state of euphoria and raise the roof with cheers, and Trashdown goes off air to chants of, “DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO! DI-AB-LO!”)

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The Titantron flickers on......

'Trash TV presents....TRASH TALK at 12.30 today.

All questions answered....6WF will never be the same again.......The legend RETURNS'

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Trashdown Results (30/06/2008)
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