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 Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:42 pm

Dark Match
Belinda vs Stacey

As the crowd begins to fill the Birmingham Astrodome, Belinda and Stacey are both stood in the ring ready as the bell rings and the both lock up. Belinda gets the better of Stacey and plants her with a suplex what earns her a 2 count. Stacey fights back by punching Belinda in the gut and retains a vertical base and they both start trading blows before a DDT by Stacey is followed by a single legged Boston Crab. Belinda reaches the rope and pulls herself up and turns into Stacey charging at her, Belinda stops Stacey in her tracks with a clothesline. The crowd are loving what they see as Belinda stalks Stacey and puts River’s assistant down with a bulldog. 1.…2.….3!

Belinda celebrates with the crowd by throwing muffins into the crowd and signing peoples heads.

The titantron turns on and displays a countdown of 30 seconds as RJ and Michael Wire make their way to the announcer’s table as the countdown reaches zero and the lights fade.


The credits roll and end with an aerial of the arena as fireworks explode and the crowd are in raptures.

RJ: After an amazing night of CHAOS! Tonight we get all the reaction and repercussions!

Wire: Yes RJ, what a night it was at Chaos! Some amazing matches and tonight we don’t ease off in the slightest!

St Anger plays and the roof is raised off as The Saint makes his way to the ring with a microphone and his TAW Championship over his shoulder. He gets in the ring and milks the reception he is receiving. He raises his hand to indicate he wants to speak.

The Saint: Ladies and Gents. I’m sure you will agree that Chaos was a night to remember but don’t worry tonight will be even better!

-Crowd Pop!-

Now, in exactly there is set to be another PPV. Now, at this PPV GWC will defend his 6WF Title. However, his opponent has yet to be decided, so this is a notice to the whole 6WF Locker Room including you RJ!


Wire: Haha!

The Saint: Over the next 2 weeks I will watch every wrestler in every match before I decide who will face GWC! Now Ladies and Gentleman, Enjoy the show!

St Anger plays and The Saint leaves the ring to a huge reception.

RJ Wow, The Saint is now on a scouting mission for the next number 1 contender!

Wire: Yes! And it could be anyone!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:42 pm

Match 1
Matt Lightning vs Steve ‘Hollywood’ Johnson

Steve Johnson makes his way down to the ring with his signature camera mounted on his head.

Crowd: Tele, Tele, Tele!

Matt Lightning’s music plays and he makes his way out alone to a fair reception from the sold out crowd.

RJ: Matt Lightning will be looking for retribution tonight, if he wants a title he’ll have to get back to winning ways tonight!

The referee calls for the bell and they lock up. Lightning gains the upper hand by a couple of sharp toe kicks to Steve’s mid section. Lightning goes round he back and puts Steve down with a Russian leg sweep. 1.….2.……kick out! Lightning circles the grounded Steve and as the Producer begins to stir he is met by a thunderous dropkick to the face by a focused Lightning.

RJ: My god, I swear I just saw one of Steve’s teeth fly out!

The camera zooms in on Steve’s tooth to confirm this as Lightning makes another cover. 1.…2.…..kick out. Lightning looks slightly frustrated as he attempts to pull Steve to his feet but gets a punch to the gut that allows Steve regain his footing and surprise Lightning with a standing dropkick. 1.…..kick out. Steve waits for Lightning to get up and locks in a headlock.


Lightning is bought to his knees as Steve cranks up the pressure and the referee checks if Lightning can carry on as he begins to fade. He lifts his arm once and it falls. He lifts it again but he manages to keep his arm stiff and Steve looks shocked and slightly worried as Lightning begins to battle out and plants Steve with a belly to belly suplex. Lightning smells blood in the water and hit’s a Rolling Thunder and drags the fallen Producer towards the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Wire: Here we go folks , Lightning poised and YES! There’s the Swanton Bomb! Surely this ones over!

Lightning holds his back briefly then crawls over to Steve and makes the cover. 1.…2.….3!

Lightning celebrates his win by saluting the fans and then waits for Steve to get up, he shakes Steve’s hand they head to the back.

RJ: Now let’s see the highlights of the match thanks to the Trash TV Pain Cam!

The best bits of the match is shown by the pain cam as Shutdown goes to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:42 pm

Shutdown returns to air with a video package of Gary Johnson’s brutal Hardcore match with Crime Lord from Chaos.

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman welcome back to Shutdown and what a night it was for Gary Johnson at Chaos Michael!

Wire: Yep, Gary Johnson realised a boyhood dream by claiming his first piece of gold here in 6WF when he defeated his former boss in an epic match!

Match 2
Gary ‘Angel’ Johnson vs Gerrie ‘Prime Time’ Johnson

Gerrie makes his way down the aisle to the ring and as he gets n the ring he sees Steve’s tooth and puts it in his pocket. ‘I Want it All’ plays and Gary Johnson stands at the top of the ramp with his newly acquired Hardcore Championship around his waste. He raises his arms in the air and then runs down to the ring and slides in.

He hands his title to the referee and stands facing Gerrie. The bell rings and Johnson goes straight after Gerrie and they lock up.

Crowd: We want Headlocks! We want Headlocks!

Gerrie gets the better of Johnson and hit’s a belly to belly suplex. 1.……Johnson throws him off. Johnson gets straight back up and laughs as Gerrie looks a bit more confident. Gerrie charges at Johnson who floors the other Producer with a drop toe hold. Gerrie gets to his knees as Johnson runs the ropes and hits him Gerrie with a Shining Wizard.

RJ: Ouch!

Wire: Johnson’s in ring repertoire is astounding!

Johnson makes the cover. 1...2.…kick out! Johnson can’t believe and goes to pull Gerrie to his feet who surprises the hardcore champion with a dropkick. Johnson stays down briefly but gets to his feet and pulls Johnson to his feet and locks in a headlock.



Johnson tightens his grip on Johnson who is slowly starting to get out of it so Gerrie stops his momentum with a bulldog. 1.…2.…kick out. Gerrie primes himself for a Key Grip(mandible claw) and Johnson gets up and ducks Gerries oncoming hand by running under. Johnson then wows the crowd by flattening Gerrie with an excellent Springboard Cross body.1.…2.….kick out!

RJ: Both men won’t give in!

Johnson goes to the top turnbuckle and stands looking down over the fallen Gerrie. He hit’s a 450 Splash and after briefly holding his mid section , he pulls Gerrie to his feet and hit’s a Canadian Destroyer. 1.……2.……3!

Johnson celebrates before checking on Gerrie and leaving through the crowd.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:42 pm

RJ: Next up we have an apparent grudge match! At Chaos, Punisher walked out on Abe Abercorn and left him at the mercy of The Producers! Let’s relive what happened.

A brief video package airs showing Punisher screw Abe at Chaos and finishes with Abe screaming “What Happened!”

Match 3
Abe Abercorn vs Punisher

Abe Abercorn’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring, he looks like he could about snap.
He stands in the ring waiting as Punisher’s music plays and Abe darts straight out of the ring to eet his former partner!

RJ: Oh my, Business is about to pick right up!

Abe reaches Punisher and they begin to trade blows, Punisher catches Abe with a hard right that knocks Abe rolling back down the ramp. Punisher follows up with a stiff kick to Abe’s mid section. The referee urges them both to get into the ring but they continue to fight outside so the referee cannot officially start the match.

Punisher whips Abe towards the steel ring steps but Abe reverses and it is Punisher who crashes in to the steps. The impact uproots the stairs as Abe mounts Punisher and begins to punch with a closed fist on Punisher’s head. Abe has no luck in busting his former partner open and pulls him to the up rooted steps. He lifts Punisher up and spine busters him on to the base leaving Punisher writhing in agony.

RJ: Come on Abe, get him in the damn ring!

Abe pulls Punisher to his feet and tosses him into the ring, he follows him in and the referee finally calls for the bell and the official start to the match. Abe mockingly kicks Punisher in the back shouting at him in the process. Abe mounts Punisher again and begins hammering away at his head. 1.…..2.…..3.…..4.……Abe lets go and stalks him. Punisher groggily gets to his feet and as Abe riun s at him he attempts a clothesline what is ducked by Abe who grabs Punisher round the waist and executes a German Suplex in which Punisher lands straight onto his neck. Punisher immediately holds his neck and screams in pain.

RJ: OH MY GOD! I Think Punisher may be in need of medical attention!

The referee tells Abe to back away so he can check upon Punisher. Punisher is struggling to move and ref motions for the medical team to come down. Abe, in no mood to wait grabs the grounded Punisher and pulls him into the middle of the ring despite the referee telling him not to. He turns Punisher over and hit’s a leg drop right onto Punisher’s injured neck. Upon impact Punisher yells in pain and Abe has a sick look in his eye.

Wire: Come on Abe, the guy’s in pain!

Abe pulls Punisher to his feet and sets him up for his finisher , The Derg Valley Driver(spike piledriver).


Abe hit’s the DVD and Punisher lies motionless as Abe makes the cover. 1.….2.…..3!

RJ: That’s it, Abe won but you can’t help but fear for Punisher’s well being!

Abe stands over Punisher who is being attended to by EMT’s as Shutdown goes to a commercial break.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:43 pm

Match 4
Trash TV/The Saint vs Crime Lord/Henchman/GWC

Shutdown returns with Henchman and Crime Lord in the ring as GWC’s music plays and the crowd boo as the 6WF Champion makes his way to the ring.

RJ: At Chaos, GWC was pushed all the way by Rock V2 but he showed his champions instinct and pulled through to retain his title!

GWC gets into the ring and talks strategy to his team mates. ‘PREPARE TO BE TRASHED’ booms around the arena and Video Killed the wrestling Star plays and Hobo and Bezerker make their way to the bottom of the ramp as the noise level rises tenfold.

RJ: What a reception for the tag team champions! The men that defeated Anarchy are here!

Hobo and Bezerker wait at the bottom of the ramp as all goes quiet. Suddenly, fireworks go off and St Anger plays as the noise level again rises as The Saint stands at the top of the ramp holding his TAW Title in the air. He makes his way down the ramp to meet his partners. They look at each other , nod and all get in the ring. Hobo is elected to start for his team and Crime Lord is chosen to start for his, the referee rings the bell.

Hobo and Crime Lord circle each other before locking up, the referee spots something illegal and breaks them up. Crime Lord throws a punch but Hobo grabs his hand and kicks him in the mid section. Crime Lord reels and Hobo capitalizes by whipping the big man into his teams corner. Hobo tags in Bezerker and the man in the mask begins to punch away at Crime Lord forcing him into a sitting position in the corner. Bezerker grabs Crime Lords legs and pulls them out and up and pulls off a unique sitdown powerbomb. 1...2...kick out. Bezerker pulls him out of the corner and locks in a leg lock. Crime Lord, in pain, reaches towards his corner where both his partners are reaching out towards him. Crime Lord pulls Bezerker along the ground and reaches Henchman who accepts the tag and climb s in the ring bootin g Bezerker in the face. Henchman and his team continue to work on Beerier , isolating him from Hobo and The Saint who hasn’t even been involved in the match yet. After Crime Lord and GWC have been in and out Henchman is took down by a double armed DDT by Bezerker. Both men crawl towards their corners where they both make hot tags. Bezerker tagging in The Saint, Henchman tagging in GWC.

RJ: Here we go, Champ on Champ!

The Saint makes a beeline for GWC and flattens him with a clothesline, Crime Lord charges at The Saint and is greeted by a huge back body drop. Henchman tries to slow The Saint’s momentum and is greeted by a Jackhammer.

Wire: The Saint is on fire here!

The Saint sets up Henchman for a Divine Force but at the last second his leg, injured at chaos, is chop blocked by GWC who wastes no time in locking in an ankle lock.

Wire: Here we go , GWC is exploiting The Saint’s injury from Chaos!

The Saint’s face is screwed up in agony as GWC ups the pressure. The Saint rolls through and manages to tag in Hobo who drop kicks GWC off The Saint who rolls pout the ring. Henchman takes Hobo out with a clothesline and Crime Lord and Henchman begin stomping away at Hobo. Bezerker then eneters the fray and hits Crime Lord with a Bezerker Bomb. Bezerker then turns into a Black Hole Slam by Henchman who goads the crowd but doesn’t realise that Hobo is stood behind him. A Hobom Cuddle follows and Hobo covers Henchman. 1.…2.….3!

RJ: Hobo , Bezerker and The Saint have done it! A miserable time for the Dynasty is made even worse!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:43 pm

Match 5
Rock V2 vs TGA

TGA's music plays and the man beaten by JJ Johnson in the cuufs on a pole match at Chaos comes to the ring looking focused as ever.

Crowd: Boo!

RJ: This crowd really do have no love for TGA here tonight!

TGA swears at the crowd.

Wire: And you wonder why?......


The crowd erupt as Rock V2 appears walking down the ramp mouthing at TGA.

RJ: And how close did Rock V2 come to realising his dr........Here we go! Their not wasting any time!

Rock dives into the ring and TGA meets him as they begin trading blows. After a good minute of trading blows Rock gets the better of TGA and hits a DDT 1...2...kick out. Rock begins to stomp a mudhole into TGA and hits a leg drop. 1...2....kick out. Rock pulls TGA up and hits a samoan drop. 1...2...kick out.

RJ: A good start by the Rock V2 but TGA wants this too much!

Rock again pulls TGA to his feet but TGA meets him with a punch to the mid section followed by a gorilla press slam.1.....kick out. TGA drags Rock to the bottom rope and puts his foot over the back of Rock's neck and begins to choke him. 1....2....3....4......TGA lets go.

TGA pulls Rock to his feet and Rock begins to unload with right hands out of no where!

TGA is rocked by the combo and is floored by an uppercut. Rock then locks in a Sharpshooter.


Rock, starts to bend TGA's back as he screams in complete agony. He desperately grabs at the ropes but can't reach. He begins dragging himself along the mat and tries to reach all the time. He looks ready to tap but gives one last pull and reaches the bottom rope!

Wire: You have to admire the resilience of TGA!

The Rock ready's himself for the Rock Bottom. He stalks TGA who slowly drags himself up using the ropes. He turns and........


1.....2.....Kick out!


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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:43 pm

The Rock can't believe it and pulls TGA to his feet, he whips him into the ropes but out of no where TGA hits a Hell and Back!

Wire: Hell and Back! Out of no where, TGA is making a cover. 1.....2.....NO! Rock kicked out.

TGA can't believe it himself and waits for rock to get to his feet. He hoists him up and hits The Angel Bomb, he makes the cover.

RJ: TGA with the Angel Bomb, this has got to be over! 1......2......3! It IS over!

TGA celebrates by standing over the Rock V2 and goads the fans before heading to the back!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:43 pm

Match 6
EZ Money w/Hero vs Enforcer w/Trish

Anarchy in the UK plays and EZ Money and Hero head to the ring to a mixed reception from the crowd.

RJ: Anarchy were defeated by Trash TV at Chaos so EZ will be looking for a win but so will Enforcer, the man who was defeated by The Saint!

Saturday Night plays and Enforcer, accompanied by Trish, makes his way to the ring.

Enforcer gets in the ring and the bell rings and the men lock up in a test of strength. It goes either way before Enforcer starts tro dominate, he forces EZ into the corner before kneeing him in the gut. Enforcer follows it up with a bull dog 1....kick out. He stomps on EZ and then hits an elbow drop 1...2...kick out.

Enforcer steps away and looks at Hero and turns to find EZ just getting to his feet but gets put back down again by a boot to the head by Enforcer. Trish screams in approval.

Enforcer mounts EZ and begins hammering away at him before the referee intervenes. Trish starts yelling at the referee and the referee is busy telling Trsish to calm down as Hero gets in the ring and hits Enforcer with a Canadian Destroyer.

RJ: Hero helps his partner with a Canadian Destroyer and the referee didn't see it!

Both men are lay out on the canvas as the referee begins tio count. 1......2......3.....they bregin to stir.....4........5.....6.....EZ begins to crawl towards Enforcer and makes a cover. 1....2....Kick out!

On the outside Hero can't believe it as Trish is remonstrating with the referee about Hero's intervention. The referee sends her to the back. After a minute if ciomplaining Trish heads up the ramp and as she heads towards the entrance she is flattened and sent sprawling back onto the ramp. Out of the entrance comes a huge woman dressed in black with the letter BW etched on her outfit!

RJ: Oh my god, it's the Black Widow!

Wire: This women's huge!

Enforcer sees' what happens and goes to leav the ring but EZ pulls him round and hits the Ace Crusher and makes a pin 1....2.....3!

Hero gets in the ring and celebrates with EZ as The Black Widow pulls Trish into the ring.

She stands a groggy Trish up and hits a clkothesline from Hell on her and the 3 Anarchy Members staqnd in the middle of the ring as Enforcer lies out cold with Trish next to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)   Shutdown Results (23/06/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:44 pm

Main Event
Nemesis vs JJ Johnson.

Get your Groove on plays and The Franchise Initiative makes his way to the ring with the crowd giving him a mixed reception. He gets into the ring and turns to stare at the titantron.

The lights in the arena dim and fire shoots into the air from the titantron as Nemesis' music plays around the arena and the crowd give him a mixed reception. Nemesis slowly walks down the ramp.


Nemesis stands in the ring opposite JJ Johnson who doesn't seem fazed by the obstacle in front of him.

The bell rings and JJ straight away rocks Nemesis with a couple of right hands what knocks the monster back slightly. Nemesis laughs and JJ just looks at him in a perplexed manner. JJ again goes in for an attack but Nemesis knocks him back and asserts his dominance with a vicious clothesline.

Wire: Nemesis about took JJ's head off his shoulders there!

Nemesis puts hsi foot over JJ's throat and begins to choke him out as the referee counts.1...2....3....4 and Nemesis let's go.

Nemesis pulls JJ to the corner and stands him up, he takes a step back and charges at JJ who at the last moment dives out the way making Nemesis charge into the padding and rebound back into JJ who hits him with a sidewalk slam.1.......Nemesis throws him off.

RJ: You have to do a lot more than that to keep Nemesis down!

JJ stalks Nemesis and kicks the big man in the ribs to take the wind out of his sails. JJ takes his chance and pulls him to his feet and hits a DDT on Nemesis that again takes the big man to the ground. 1....2....kick out.

RJ: Johnson is more than holding his own here.

Nemesis gets to his feet and JJ begins to trade blows with him, they trade rights and lefts before Nemesis sends JJ reeling with a throat thrust. Nemesis attempts a big boot but JJ catches his foot and spins Nemesis round and hits him in the stomach. JJ then hit's a double powerbomb and looks in the ascendancy.


JJ stalks a groggy Nemesis and Nemesis gets up and is hoisted high by JJ.

RJ: Here we go, a new experience for Nemesis, THE VIP EXPERIENCE! That's it, we have an upset surely! 1.....2.......NO NEMESIS KICKED OUT!

JJ is stunned by Nemesis's resilience and pulls Nemesis up clearly going for another VIP Experience. He pulls the groun ded Nemesis up who then out of no where grabs JJ round the throat and hits a Chokeslam!


Nemesis circles JJ like a shark smelling blood and as JJ groggily gets to his feet Nemesis hoists him up and hits The Death Wish!


Nemesis crosses JJ's arms and makes the cover. 1.....2.....3!

RJ: And it is over! Nemesis prevails despite a game showing by JJ Johnson!

The Show finishes with Nemesis standing over JJ motioning a title round his waist.

RJ: That's all we have time for here, what a show! Goodnight!
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Shutdown Results (23/06/2008)
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