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 Shutdown Results (14/04/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (14/04/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/04/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:27 pm

Diab-low v Zheng. (Dark Match)

Not much to talk about here, except that Diab-low is the modern day Mikey Whipreck, in that he had no offensive moves in this squash match where Zheng finished the match in a 6WF record time, after a triple powerbomb.

Beserker v Matt Lightning (Dark Match)

Matt Lightning, as good as a high-flyer as he is, had no chance against Bezerker, who kept the ‘Lightning One’ grounded for the whole match, ending this match with a rear naked choke.

EZ Moneys memorial of Diablo

He was the star of the show...the headliner. The only established star in 6wf. Through hate...throught matches...through hell came respect. We lit the ring on fire night after night for nealrly 2 months. We gave the fans what they wanted....We created 6wf....we made the world title......I owe that to diablo......It was all him...

My promos derive from what you put out daily...My matches are enhanced by watching you. You should of held a title. In my books. U r the greatest to enter this ring and never hold the belt...

through sweat blood and tears diablo. I thank you. Anarchy would not be what they are today with out ur influence. Let alone EZ Money.....You made me....If ur listening. U owe me 1 more match...1 more classic...1 more match of the year

Hero v Finlay

RJ: Hero has brought the lead and what I presume is ‘Mr Squiggles’ attached to it, down to ringside.

The match starts, and Hero obviously hasn’t lost any of his in-ring skills. He completely dominates Finaly, and the end looks near when he hits the Canadian Destroyer.

RJ: Hero has almost won, all he has to do is pin Finlay. Hang on…Cruz has just kidnapped Mr Squiggles, and hero has gone in pursuit. I don’t believe this, Hero has lost by count-out, Finlay wins.

River Ace’s memorial of Diablo
Well what can i say,i guess the old mans gone for good so i can cut him a bit of slack.He was one of many reasons i got into the buisness and i wanted to test myself against the best and Diablo once upon a time was the best.But like the millenium,Noahs ark and Watfords chances of promotion that time has passed long ago. You see the old man was good,no he was great but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and he got to big for his boots,he thought he was invincible so along comes someone lets just say a little bit smarter,a little bit cuter and a little bi...........................

(Camera wobbles from side to side then down to the floor as voices are heard)

Camera man-River you Ass you were told to do a proper tribute and agreed

River Ace-Look, I ain’t the second rate commisioner i do what i want when i want

Camera Man-You know River it may not be today,it may not be this week but real soon your gunna pay for the things you have done

(River Ace walks off laughing)

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (14/04/2008)   Shutdown Results (14/04/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:28 pm

Nemesis v Hobo.

Evenly fought contest. Hobo took a battering at the start of the match, but got his way back into the match. The ending to this match was controversial.

RJ: Hobo is sitting on the top turnbuckle, while the referee is talking Nemesis out of using a chair… WHAT THE F888??? RIVER ACE WITH A CHAIR TO HOBOS SKULL!!! Hobo falls from his perch, and Nemesis is going to steal one, just so the River Ace Dynasty can have the TAW title in their stable.

Nemesis’ memorial of Diablo

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may know me as Nemesis, the bad guy! But tonight is not about Nemesis, tonight is not about River Ace tonight is all about one man and that is Diablo....

You see back in the days of SMV when me and Diablo were a tag team, we were unstoppable, we looked like we were going to take the world of wrestling apart and dominate, but it didnt quite work out that way.... Why? Because Diablo stabbed me in the back! He got greedy and he payed the price, I tortured his soul....

Then SMV went belly up so me and Diablo were left with nothing, years went by where we didnt see each other, i was waiting for an opportunity to get back into wrestling and 6WF offered me that opportunity, so i signed up but i wanted to use a different character, a fresh start so Golden Gillespie came to 6WF...

First man i met was Diablo, of course he didnt recognise me uner the Golden Mask so i thought what a chance to get revenge on Diablo and i did.... i made him suffer and he met his demons!! But even through all we went through i have alot of respect for the man and after our brutal brawl we got together and up until his retirement we were a force to be reckoned with and am glad i was on his side when he retired because it was justice to what was a great career....

But with every legend, there must be a man to step into his footsteps and that man is River Ace, River Ace retired Diablo, he retired one of the greatest wrestlers in this business, River Ace is the new King of the castle! Diablo is gone and i for one am glad to see the back of him!

I told Diablo when we were a tag team in SMV, I'll still be a world champion when your retired, and he laughed at me.....

Well whos laughing now old man??? Nemesis is laughing hahahaha!

This appreciation night is nothing short of a farce, who wants to show respect for a has been, certainly not me.....

River Ace v Realdude Highlights…

Realdude with a WEST COAST POP!!! OMG!!! River Ace rolls through, he’s got the tights, my god he has the tights…no…no…NO!!!! River is the European Champion.

EZ/RockV2 v GWC/TGA v Saint/Peeper v Crime Lord/Enforcer for tag team titles highlights...

RJ: Hero is out here, still looking for ‘Mr Squiggles’. EZ slides out of the ring to aid his friend. He’s going backstage with Hero, leaving rockV2 on his own.

RJ: Saint and Peeper are on the outside with GWC, and they are fighting up the ramp. TGA is down, Rock is down, the referee is down, and the only men standing in the ring are Crime Lord and Enforcer. Enforcer goes to get a chair…hang on HERE COMES PHOENIX ROSE!!! He steals the chair off Enforcer and starts running through the crowd, Enforcer in pursuit. RockV2 is getting up, and Crime Lord is getting a chair. He turns to hit RockV2…MONDAY NIGHT GORE!!! MONDAY NIGHT GORE!!! Oh my…Acer entered the ring and just broke his agreement. TGA goes to hit Ace, but the Commissioner ducks. ANGEL BOMB BY ROCKV2 ON TGA!!! TGA rolls out of the ring, while PEOPLES ELBOW!!! RockV2 hit Crime Lord with the peoples elbow. The referees stirring…come on ref….1 …..2 …….3. The champs retain, the champs retain.


RJ: Look at Crime Lord. He looks murderously at Acer, while the Commissioner raises Rocks hand on the ramp. Acers Rebellion, hasn’t split, it’s as strong as ever..

Acers memorial of Diablo

Diablo…what is there to say about him? He was great…awesome in fact. People talk about the great wrestlers in this industry, and they throw around names like Flair…Hogan…Hart…Race…Diablo. Diablo was the bonafide legend in this industry. Fans loved him, and sincerely hated to boo him.

The thing is…well, his career started off like the self proclaimed ‘Great One’ The Rocks did,with a gimmick that didn’t draw. Rock had Rocky Mavia, Diablo had Electric Demon. But you have a look at the difference in this guy, from monotonous Electric Demon, to the charismatic International Playboy.

His feud with EZ Money was legendary. That feud alone kept the 6WF afloat during some very dark times. His feud with Nemesis was captivating.

I always knew that the guy would one day be a commissioner in the 6WF. The fact is, when I took over the 6WF, despite his age, Diablo was mentally too immature to run a show. When I was out of action around January, he took the role of acting commissioner, and he then proved to me that he was mature enough to run his own show.

Now he’s gone the only thing that I have left of him is this photo of him and I, at Twickenham this year supporting the boyos in their quest for the Grand Slam.

Looking at this photo brings up a lot of anger, directed at River Ace. The thing is, when he came to the 6WF, Diablo and I thought we had found a strong ally. Now, however he is the enemy. So…River, I am getting really emotional reminiscing, that…once I have eradicated your crony, Crime Lord, from the wrestling scene, I am challenging you to a match the week after PAIN, on my show Shutdown…in front of my fans…in front of DIABLOS fans…and why don’t we put everything on the line? The winner wins both shows…the loser….leaves the 6WF…FOREVER!!!

Let me know whether your man enough to accept this challenge.
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Shutdown Results (14/04/2008)
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