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 Shutdown Results (31/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (31/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (31/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:50 pm

Dark Match

Matt Lightning/Brian Fantana Vs Immortall Cruz/Gary'Angel'Johnson

The tattooed Angel says a prayer in the corner before the match as Fantana and Cruz start.Both teams tag in and out in quick sucession before Gary'Angel'Johnson hits a huricarana on Lightning.Cruz and Angel double team Lightning as Cruz hits a snap suplex,elbow drop and hooks on a headlock.Lightning fights out and makes a tag to the fresh Fantana and the Albino Mexican cleans house.Matt Lightning comes back in as the four men battle in opposite corners and Lightning and Fantana whip Cruz and Angel into each other.Matt Lightning clotheslines Angel over the top rope followed by a moonsault off the top to the outside as Cruz hits Fantna with a facebuster in the ring for the 3 count

After the pyrotechnics The Saint starts the showon the stage

The Saint-Ladies and Gentleman tonight marks the first Shutdown run by The Saint and i promise you a night to........

(River Ace walks out on stage mike in hand with no music)

River Ace-What are you doing on MY show?

The Saint-Our show,i think we should watch this first match together

(Saint puts his arm around River Ace and leads him to the back as Peepers music plays for his match and Peeper and River Ace eyeballeach other)

Match 1
Randy Peeper Vs Ethan Page Vs Rasta

Ethan Page and Rasta start the match as Randy Peeper sits on the top turnbuckle watching the action.Both men eventually realise and go after Peeper who holds his own until he misses a suicide dive over the top rope.Ethan Page hooks on a crossface chicken wing to Rasta who quickly taps.Ethan stands up to be hit by a spear by Peeper 1...2......3!

Michael Wire-Peepers saved his job in a quick match. That s.o.b. River Aces plans have backfired and i have a feeling it may of been down to The Saint that River wasnt out here

Match 2
The Saint Vs GWC

The crowd is solidly behind The Saint who starts the match with armdrags and kness to GWC's chest before running the ropes.GWC counters by dropping The Saint throat first on the top rope.GWC puts The Saints throat over the 2nd rope and chokes him before breking on the refs four count.GWC drops a knee across The Saints throat.A strong irish whip to the corner is followed by a backbodydrop as GWC gets a 2 count.With The Saint in the corner GWC charges and The Saint gets a boot up into GWC's face followed by a bulldog for a 2 count himself.The Saint slams GWC and hits a legdrop for another 2 count.Saint throws GWC into the ropes and attemps a dropkick but GWC holds onto the ropes as the back of The Saint head hits the mat.GWC rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair

RJ-This isnt a no dq match,The Saint wanted one but it isnt,GWC's going to get himself disqualified if he uses that chair

The Saint punches the chair into GWC's face and as the ref is getting the chair out of the ring GWC hits a low blow and rolls Saint up.The ref turns around 1...2......3!

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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (31/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (31/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:50 pm

RJ-GWC was holdin the ropes! The referee hasnt seen it,i dont believe this GWC has cheated his way to a victory but was The Saint fully focused on his match with all thats been going on!

Camera shows River Ace and Hero talking in hallway in back but camera is too far away to hearwhat they are saying

Match 3
Nemisis Vs Crime Lord Vs Finlay

The TAW Champions possible last appearance as Champion before he defends against 6 guys starts with him dominating Crime Lord and Finlay.A big boot sends Finlay through the ropes as Crime Lord jumps on Nemisis's back.Nemisis runs back first into the corner and follows with stiff elbows to Crime Lords face and follows with a hiptoss across the ring.Nemisis turns around as Finlay hits a clothesline from the top rope for a 2 count.He mounts Nemisis hitting him with forearms.Crime Lord pushes Finlay off and stomps on Nemisis's chest before picking him up and hitting an atomic drop.Finlay throws Crime Lord from the ring and hits a legsweep on Nemisis.Crime Lord gets back in the ring and he and Finlay brawl.Finlay is spun around and WHACK! Nemisis clocks him with a chair.WHACK! Another shot this time to Crime Lord.The referee signals for the bell as Nemisis picks up a mic

Nemisis-Theres no disqualification this Thursday and the ring will look like this after 60 minutes except there will be 6 bodys laying instead of 2

Nemisis raise his title

Match 4
River Ace Vs (Opponent chosen by Diablo on night)

The cocky River Ace struts to the ring waiting for his opponent and The Saints music hits!

River Ace-You!?

The Saint-Im here to announce River Aces opponent...............RANDY PEEPER!

Peeper runs past The Saint to the ring and hits River Ace with a flurry of fists and clotheslines.River Ace trys to escape through the crowd but they wont allow it and block River Ace in.Peeper smashes River Aces head into a ringpost.River Ace trys to fight back to no avail as Peepers punches send River Ace staggering up the ramp and threw the curtain as the ref throws the match out
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (31/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (31/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:51 pm

Match 5
Acer/Real Dude Vs Rock v2/EZ Money

Opponents at Liberation Acer and Real Dude both get cheered by the crowd during their entrances as does Rock v2 who argues with EZ as to who should start the match.Rock v2 starts against Real Dude as they exchange chops before Real Dude takes control by putting Rock v2 in an armbar.A tag to Acer who double axhandles Rock v2 before hittnig a low dropkick to Rock v2's knee. Acer locks on an ankle lock but Rock v2 reverses it and sends Acer flying into EZ Money knocking him from the apron.Rock v2 goes for the tag but EZ is not there and Acer drags Rock v2 back to the other corner.A tag to Real Dude sees them hit a double suplex and Real Dude powerslams Rock v2.Real Dude puts Rock v2 in a bear hug and the referee holds Rock v2's arm up once and it drops.A second time and it drops.A third time and Rock v2 holds it up and cauliflower ears Real Dude.Rock v2 makes his way to the corner and EZ is their for the tag this time and accepts.EZ rushes into the ring to be hit with a superkick by Acer who has also tagged in 1...2......KICK OUT! Acer drops EZ with a gutbuster followed in quick sucession with a DDT 1...2......KICK OUT! Real Dude tags in and continues working over EZ Money before tagging Acer back in.Real Dude holds EZ up so Acer can superkick him but Acer misses and Superkicks Real Dude.EZ tags Rock v2 as Acer trys to apologise to Real Dude who looks knocked out.Rock v2 waits behind Acer and hits a rock bottom for a 3 count

RJ-The team of Acer and Real Dude were not on the same page but that cant be said for Rock v2 and EZ Money who may not like each other but make one heck of a team

EZ Money grabs his tag belt and walks up ringside as Acer and Real Dude get to there feet and start pushing each other blaming each other for the loss.They go nose to nose as the ref goes to hand Acer his Europeon title and Real Dude hangs onto it.Acer yanks the title and holds it up in the air between the pair of them

Michael Wire-The Internet Champion Real Dude has the chance to become a double champion at Liberation but can he get past Acer

Camera shows in back River Ace and Randy Peeper still fighting as River Ace makes it to his Limo and makes a getaway

Diablo Vs (Opponent chosen by River Ace on night)

Last of the international Playboys hits and the crowd go wild and there is a lot of Diablo signs in the crowd.

RJ-Could this be the last time we see Diablo on Shutdown or has River Ace made so many enemys he wont be able to focus on Diablo and who has River Ace chosen as Diablos opponent?

Saints music hits and he announces that Diablo's opponent will be............THE 6WF CHAMPION HERO!

Hero abseils from the roof with his world title and Diablo attacks him before he can even take his harness off.

Michael Wire-Diablo is focused.He knows whats on the line Thursday and he isnt ready to leave 6WF yet!

Diablo has Hero in the ring and headbutts Hero before dropping him with a neckbreaker.A Spinebuster and belly to belly later and Diablo hits a 2 count

Michael Wire-Diablo's on fire.Hero's the best in the buisness but Diablo's dominating

Diablo hits Hero with a running clothesline and Hero rolls to the outside and grabs his belt

RJ-Heros trying to leave

Diablo follows Hero out and Hero swings the title at Diablo who ducks and continues his assault with punches before throwing Hero in the ring.Diablo follows Hero into the ring which gives Hero an opening to jump on the last of the international playboys.Hero is warned by the ref to keep his fist open handed and with Diablo in the corner rakes his eyes before putting him on the top rope.Hero hits a superplex for a 2 count before going back up to the top rope to hit a dropkick

Michael Wire-Hero really can fly,what a great comeback from the champion

Hero slaps a sleeper on Diablo and has it locked on for a couple of minutes before Diablo counters with a jawbreaker.Diablo hits a running forearm smash,a clothesline and a neckbreaker to regain control

RJ-Both these men have huge matches in just 3 days but neither is prepared to give an inch tonight

Hero knees Diablo in the stomach and goes for a powerbomb but Diablo counters with a huricarana and holds on to Heros legs

RJ-1...2......3! He got him!

Michael Wire-No,Hero kicked out it was a 2 count

A frustrated Diablo looks at the crowd and waits for Hero to stand up before hitting a backcracker 1...2......Hero didnt kick out this time but got a foot on the rope

Michael Wire-What a match!

Diablo cant believe it as Trish runs to ringside and passes Diablo some brass knucks. Diablo has the knucks but throws them away and hits Hero with a brainbuster 1...2......3!

RJ-Diablo is ready! Diablo is back! Hes not past it and River Ace is going to find that out on Thursday!

Diablo celebrates in the ring with Trish Stratus as the crowd chant his name and he picks up a mic

Diablo-I think you all know how important this match with River Ace is on Thursday but i assure you il be here next Monday,same Diablo time,same Diablo place!

Diablos music hits as he makes his way up the ramp

RJ-Whats going to happen at Liberation.We are going to see the last of River Ace or could it be Diablo.Who will be holding the TAW title at 60 minutes and with the Europeon and Hardcore titles on the line what an event,we're out of time folks!

After the camera goes off Hero is still in the ring and given a standing ovation for his efforts!
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Shutdown Results (31/03/2008)
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