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 Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (17/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:11 am

Dark Match

Crime Lord Vs The Wum

A short match dominated by Crime Lord who could pin The Wum from early on but showcases his moves before hitting The Stunner for the 3 count.After the match Crime Lord lights a acigar and stubs it out on The Wums chest

River Aces Monday Night Shutdown begins with fireworks and River Ace on the ramp

River Ace-Tonight you lucky fans are going to see the best and longest Shutdown to date and why am i doing it? Not for you fans but simply because i can

Crowd-A $$hole A $$hole!

Match 1
Brian Fantana vs Danny Dynamite

The debut match of Brian Fantana as he gets a warm reception from the 6wf crowd.The Albino is hyped up and controls the start of the match before Dynamite rakes Fantanas eyes and stays in control with some underhanded tactics.Fantana gets a second wind and after his helicopter throw he knocks Dynamite down with a strong uppercut and hits a neckbreaker off the top rope.An excited Fantana covers Dynamite as the ref counts 1...2......KICK OUT! Fantana gets frustrated and ponders what to do next and as he approaches Dynamite he gets his legs scooped up and Dynamite puts his feet up on the ropes that the ref doesnt see for the 3 count.Dynamite celebrates on the ramp and makes a belt signal surely aimed at Acer

Match 2


Randy Peeper vs Ethan Page vs Rasta vs Cruiser Jim vs E-val vs Uryu

With a man in each corner Rasta and Cruiser Jim start the match.A fast paced encounter ensues and Uryu is the first eliminated pinned by Randy Peeper.Peeper looks in control of E-val and Cruiser Jim but as he goes to pin Cruiser Jim,E-val hits Peeper with a chair getting disqualified and Ethan Page quickly takes advantage with a roll up.Etahns celebrating and Rasta hits a spear on him for the pin leaving Rasta and Cruiser Jim.Both men go back and forth for 5 mins before Cruiser Jim hits a brainbuster for the 3 count securing his job.

Match 4

Diablo vs Finlay

An even contest that is taken to the crowd who are strongly behind Finlay.Finlay hits some strong forearms in the ring and suprise Diablo by hooking in a figure four.Diablo makes the ropes and crawls out of the ring up the ramp.Finlay follows and throws Diablo back in before climbing up on the apron.Diablo drops Finlays neck over the top rope and stays in control of the match with a kneedrop,elbowdrop and bodyslam before throwing Finlay shoulder first into the ringpost.Diablo continues to work over Finlays shoulder and signals to the crowd he is about to hit his finisher.The cocky Diablo picks up Finlay who quickly rolls him up as the ref counts 1...2.....3!! Finlay rolls out of the ring holding his shoulder but puts an arm in the air as he laughs at Diablo who is throwing a tantrum in the ring

Match 4

Hardcore Match
To be No1 Contender for Hardcore Title

Rock v2 vs GWC

The match starts off with GWC challenging Rock v2 to a test of strength and Rock v2 looks at the crowd who chanting ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (17/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:12 am

As Rock v2 accepts and they lock hands GWC kicks Rock v2 in the stomach and gains control.Rock v2 fights back up to his feet and backbodydrops GWC.Rock hits a couple of clotheslines and an elbow smash.GWC is lined up in the corner and Rock v2 charges but GWC moves and takes control with a selection of his own moves the highlight of which is a cross bodyblock from the top rope.GWC goes to the outside and grabs a cane and starts working over Rock v2.GWC then goes to the top rope again but Rock v2 grabs the top rope and GWC lands crotch first.Rock v2 then superplexs GWC and heads for the weapons himself.Continued trash can shots have GWC rocking and Rock v2 hits a Rock Bottom.As Rock v2 is running the ropes for The Peoples Elbow he spots EZ Money at the top of the ramp and stops.This gives the chance for GWC to hit a spear and the ref counts 1...2......KICK OUT! GWC sets up a table as EZ Money walks down to the ring and picks up a chair.EZ Money climbs up on the apron and is arguing with Rock v2 who tells EZ to go to the back.As GWC goes to grab the back of Rock v2 EZ Money swings the chair at Rock v2 who ducks and the chair hits GWC.Rock v2 makes the cover for the 3 to become the number 1 contender to the hardcore title!

Michael Wire(On commentary)-Iv got to try and get a word with EZ Money.

(Michael Wire catches up with EZ Money in the back)

Michael Wire-EZ Money why did you come out? Who were you trying to hit?

EZ Money-Rock v2 looked in trouble so as his partner i helped him win the match

(At that moment Rock v2 comes through the curtain into the back)

Rock v2-You didnt help me you swung a chair at me you s.o.b.

EZ Money-You won the match due to me now get out my face

(EZ Money pushes Rock v2 who slaps EZ Money as River Ace comes into shot with security)

River Ace-This man is holding up my show and i dont want him interfereing in the mixed tag match,escort him from the building!

(Security go to grab Rock v2)

Rock v2-Touch me and il lay the smack down

River Ace-O and EZ Money your match is next!

Match 5

Nemisis and Trish Startus vs EZ Money and Miss Jessica

EZ Money and Miss Jessica come out as the crowd alternate chants of Miss Jess-E-Ka with WE WANT TRISH! Nemisis and Trish Stratus come to ringside and the girls have to be held back.The men start the match and the quicker EZ Money has the better of Nemisis in the early going before Nemisis's power takes over.EZ Money tags Miss Jessica and Nemisis tags Trish Stratus as the girls go at it pulling hair and slapping.Hero soon makes his way to ringside and as Trish is running the ropes he grabs her ankle sending her face first to the mat.This bring Zheng Zhi to ringside to even things up.The match continues and the crowd start to go nuts.Hero turns around as The Saint comes throught the crowd and jumps Hero.They battle through the crowd into the back.The girls are still in the ring and again as Trish runs the ropes EZ Money slaps her bottom.Zheng Zhi makes his way around and backs EZ up the ramp.In the ring Nemisis chokeslams Miss Jessica with the refs back turned and Trish makes the 3 count!
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (17/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:14 am

Trish jumps into Nemisis's arms as Zheng Zhi watches from the top of the ramp. EZ Money and paramedics get Miss Jessica onto a stretcher

Match 6

River Ace vs Real Dude

The lights go out in the arena and River Aces music Lose Yourself by Eminem starts to play as fireworks go off and EMINEM himself comes out rapping River Aces entrance music.River Ace comes out and shakes hands with Eminem before making his way to the ring.Real Dudes music hits and the crowd really want him to shut River Ace up although there are a few River Ace chants probably due to Eminem.The Internet champion has the better of the first 5 mins ashe locks on a variety of submission holds and is teaching Real Dude a technical lesson.River Ace makes a mistake when he charges at Real Dude who hits a big boot.Now it is Real Dudes turn to dominate and hes really stepped up his offence and gets 2 counts off a jawbreaker,insigiri kick and a snap suplex.River Ace pokes a finger in Real Dudes eye and hits a spinebuster and piledriver but gloats to the crowd instead of making the cover.River Ace goes for the Texas Hold-Em but Real Dude rolls him up 1...2......KICK OUT! River Ace is annoyed and after a couple of stomps hits an elbow off the second rope.Another 2 count and Real Dude is hit with a backbreaker after getting up.At this point a voice is heard over the arena

Voice-River Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Up here idiot!

(On the screen Randy Peeper is in River Aces office with his cards)

Randy Peeper-You want to try and cost me my career.You mess with me and i mess with you

(River Ace goes to leave but Real Dude spins him around and hits a vicious powerbomb.He puts an arm over River Ace and the ref counts 1....2........3!!

RJ-O my god we have a new champion! Ladies and Gentlemen Real Dude did it and he did it on the commisioners own show!

(River Ace rolls out of the ring and runs to his office as Real Dude is handed The Internet Title by the ref and kneels down holding it before climbing each turnbuckle and saluting his fans!)
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)   Shutdown Results (17/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:15 am

Hero v Saint

*The camera cuts to the carpark in the back.
Saint is sat looking bored on the bonnet of a car, a referee is close by playing Brain Gain on the DS. He has the volume on loud and its visibly annoying Saint.
A car slowly pulls in front of them and the driver window winds down
It’s Miss Jessica*

Jessica – Sorry to tell you this but Hero isn’t coming

Saint- WHAT!!! This is the biggest night of my career and he can’t make it! Why the hell not??

J – He’s washing his hair ready to go out.

S – You’re kidding me? I’ll kill him!

J – Hey don’t shoot the messenger! Anyway better get going, the table is booked at the restaurant in 20 minutes.

S- I’ve had enough of this, MOVE OVER!

*Saint pulls open the door and shoves Miss Jessica to the passenger seat, the car then speeds out of the carpark.
A minute later it screeches back in and the window winds down*

S- Ref get in! And if you play that bloody game in the car I’ll throttle you!

*The camera cuts to a busy street in Mayfair, it pans across the road to the front of Claridges restaurant and a car brakes heavily outside. Saint jumps out, throws the keys to the guy on the door and marches straight in.
Screams are heard from inside, glasses being smashed and a waiter runs out with a lobster attached to his nose.
Suddenly Hero is thrown through the window and lands with a crash onto the pavement. Saint strides out through the broken glass and goes to hit Hero in the face but Hero rolls to the side and Saint’s knuckles smash into the floor and glass shards, a pool of blood immediately spreads and goes down the cracks in the pavement.
Hero gets to his feet and delivers a knee to Saints gut to draw the wind out of him before he makes a break for it and starts to run down the street. The camera follows Hero as he looks for a way to escape the behemoth.
From behind the camera Miss Jessica’s car suddenly plough into view, Hero sees it at the last split second but he’s too late trying to jump out of it’s way and it smashes against him. He’s flung up over the bonnet and smashes against the windscreen.
Saint gets out of the driving seat and climbs on top of the car. The ref emerges from the backseat and begins to count 1…..2….Hero somehow kicks out and slumps off the bonnet.
Saint continues his onslaught and goes to deliver a chokeslam upon Hero when….
Miss Jessica rushes to her boyfriends aid and sprays her perfume directly into Saints eyes.
Saint releases his hold on Hero and drops to the floor cupping his hands into the puddles on the floor to calm the burning in his eyes.
The pain relieves and he prepares for Hero to strike….but it doesn’t come.
He opens his eyes to see Hero and Miss Jessica have vanished. Saint smashes his bloody fist down onto the bonnet of the car in anger but then stops.
A trail of dripping blood.
Hero’s blood.
Saint turns to the ref*
S - Follow me!

*With the light dimming the camera follows Saint through a couple of streets as he chases the trail. He climbs over a fence and emerges into a childrens playground, the trail goes dead.
Frustrated again he sits down on a bench.
Hero hiding in the bushes behind the bench sees his chance and slowly creeps up behind Saint with a tree branch in his hands.
Hero raises the branch above his head and swings down but Saint could see Hero’s shadow cast over the bench and dodges.
The branch smashes down on the bench where Saint’s head would have been and breaks in two.
Hero throws it to one side and jumps onto the top of the bench before leaping off and delivering a flying kick to Saint’s chest sending him towards the swings.
Hero connects again with a drop kick and Saint topples onto the swing. Hero sees his chance and whips around the swing and hits with a Tiger Feint Kick. Saint reels back, staggers then drops to the floor.
Hero leaps on top and goes for the pin.
1….2…..Saint throws Hero clear by a good couple of feet.

Saint slowly rises to his feet, Hero tries to stop the recovery by hitting with a couple of punches but to no avail. Saint grabs Hero and Irish Whips him against the climbing frame then follows with a body to body check.
Saint lifts Hero over his shoulders and climbs up the frame.
On top the frame Saint lifts Hero up clean over his head and throws him down 15ft onto the floor below.
Saint drops down from the frame and goes over to get the pin on the champ 1….2…shoulders up.
Saint looks in disbelief as he didn’t get the win and gets to his feet.
Hero with a second wind blocks a chop and hits a blow to Saints gut. Saint goes for another chop but again Hero blocks and strikes back.
Saint fights back with a big boot to the stomach and hits with a quick clothesline.
Hero crawls to the firemans pole on the climbing frame and uses the pole to get to his feet.
Saint sees Hero struggling and takes a runup for a spear.
Hero is feinting though and ducks, Saints shoulder cracks into the pole and he roars in pain and drops to his knees.
Hero rushes up the frame and stands at the top of the pole.
Saint looks up just to see Hero drop down the pole and drive his feet straight into Saint’s face.
Both competitors physically exhausted struggle to get to their feet.
They exchange blow upon blow, punch upon punch but neither buckle nor refuse to quit.
hero goes for a kick to the guts but Saint catches his foot and sweeps the other leg into the air.
He goes for the pin 1…2..Hero barely gets his shoulder off the floor
Both competitors crawl back to the climbing frame.
With every last breath they clamber up separate ladders to the top where they meet at the top.
Again they exchange blows but neither has any power behind their attacks.
They both teeter on the edge of the frame and at the same time both go to throw the other off.
Their bodies crash to the floor at the same time.
With what seems an eternity they remain motionless, until Hero’s arm raises and flops over Saints chest.
The ref counts 1….2……3
Miss Jessica rushes over to her boyfriend and helps him to his feet, his knees nearly buckling under him.
He looks down at Saint and then to Jessica.
Hero gestures to Jessica and between them they pull the giant Saint to his feet.
Saint looks at Hero and expects for one last attack but…
Hero puts forward his hand
Saint looks taken aback for a second but then grasps Hero’s hand with his and they shake in respect.
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Shutdown Results (17/03/2008)
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