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 Lockdown Results (13/03/2008)

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PostSubject: Lockdown Results (13/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (13/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:36 am

Michael Wire : Hello and welcome to 6WF/TAW Thur….What? I’m being corrected over my headpiece. Sorry. Hello and Welcome to Diablo’s 6WF/TAW Thursday Night Lockdown…..what a jerk!
(Marilyn Manson’s “The New S***” plays and the Lockdown titles roll)

MATCH 1 : 6WF Tag Team Title Match
GWC & The Saint
vs Marvelous Mike Manning & Finlay
vs Rock V2 & EZ Money

Metallica’s “St Anger” booms around the arena and The Saint and GWC make their way to the ring. GWC seems aggrieved that he isn’t allowed his own separate entrance and he lags slightly behind the big man. The Saint steps over the top rope and GWC slinks though the middle ropes. They both hold their titles above their heads as Finlay’s music hits. Finlay is half way down the ramp as his music is cut off by a small explosion on the stage, and MMM rises through a ring of fire. Finlay looks disgusted at being cut off and continues to make his way to the outside of the ring. MMM eventually joins him after showing a few members of the crowd some simple card tricks. With Finlay and MMM outside the ring watching every movement of the tag team champions inside it, “Here comes the Money” plays and EZ Money accompanied by the megastar Rock V2 make their way to the ring. EZ gives Finlay a playful slap as they move past their rival competitors and Finlay reacts furiously, unleashing them Irish fists on the former 6WF Champion.

Wire : Here we go folks. This one should be a cracker…6WF Tag Team Championships on the line….

Finlay and EZ exchange punches on the outside whilst MMM and Rock V2 dive into the ring and start fighting with The Saint and GWC. Rock V2 ducks a GWC clothesline and hits him with a backdrop. Rock hits GWC with an elbow drop then picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Rock goes to Spinebuster GWC but the tag champ counters and DDT’s Rock V2 into the mat. On the other side of the ring The Saint lands some powerful punches on MMM sending him reeling into the corner. The Saint hits MMM with some forearm chops but when he goes for a third MMM takes hold of his arm and slams it into the turnbuckle, then he kicks Saint in the extended elbow before taking him down with an armdrag and implementing an armbar. On the outside Finlay drives EZ into the ringpost then powerslams him onto the mats. Finlay jumps up onto the apron signaling for a double axe handle smash but Rocky spots it and knocks him off into the barriers. EZ lifts Finlay up and slams his midriff across the barrier, the fans give EZ a few tags as he does so. Whilst Rock was assisting EZ, GWC took the opportunity to take another advantage, rolling up the megastar for a near two count. The Saint has kicked out of MMM’s armbar and clotheslines him to the floor, following up with a big leg drop. The Saint then picks up his opponent by twisting his arm behind his back, then slams him to the mat. The Saint repeats but this time hits a pumphandle slam, then covers for a 2 count.
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (13/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (13/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:37 am

On the outside EZ legdrops Finlay and follows up with a kneedrop. Then EZ Irish whips Finlay into the ringsteps, following up with a knee to the chest, driving Finlay’s back into the steel. EZ attempts to pick Finlay up but Finlay strikes him in the ribs and DDT’s him into the steps. Finlay picks himself up and rolls into the ring, attacking The Saint from behind to allow his partner MMM to recover. GWC has the better of Rock V2, powerbombing him into the corner. Rock’s back bounces off the turnbuckle and he recoils in pain. GWC gives him no opportunity to fall, European uppercutting him back into a standing position, then lifting him up onto the top rope to perform a superplex. GWC shows great athleticism in keeping himself hooked on the turnbuckle and hits a moonsault, hooking the leg. 1….2……..EZ Money breaks the count from the outside, getting in the ring himself. Now MMM and Finlay double team The Saint and EZ Money and Rock V2 double team the GWC. The tag team champions are worn down by double team moves and EZ and Rock nearly score a victory with a double powerbomb. In the other corner The Saint recovers and starts taking out Finlay and MMM on his own. The Divine Force attempts to gutwrench powerbomb MMM but Finlay intervenes. The Saint keeps hold of MMM and punches Finlay off him, following through with the gutwrench powerbomb. Then The Saint lifts a running Finlay above his head and Gorilla Press Slams him to the outside. Finlay hits his head on the steps and is knocked out cold. The Saint aids GWC and buys GWC the time to roll out of the ring. Now EZ and Rock continue their unity and work on The Saint. EZ softens the Saint with a kick to the ribs then lifts him above his head, Rock V2 jumps into the air and neckbreakers Saint for the elevated position. EZ covers….1…..2…..

Wire : Oh…How did the Saint kick out of that?

The Saint battles back and throws Rock V2 to the outside. GWC takes him down with a fishermans suplex and climbs back in the ring where The Saint has the upper hand over EZ. The Saint signals for his finisher and grabs hold of EZ…..GWC drops to his knees and low blows his tag team partner.

Wire : What the hell? Why GWC?

EZ Money Ace Cutters The Saint and covers. The ref counts…1….2….3!

Wire : We have new tag team champions…EZ Money and Rock V2! But why did GWC just turn his back on The Saint? Why?

The ref presents EZ and Rocky with the tag titles but they don’t celebrate together. Diablo makes his way out onto the stage and gives GWC a thumbs up.

Wire : What does this have to do with Diablo? This guys out of control….which is worrying…because he is in control!!!

MATCH 2 : Random Card Match
River Ace vs Next Card in the Pack
River Ace draws Ethan Page

This match had a quick pace to it with River Ace and Ethan Page exchanging quick moves and submission holds.

Wire : I am so impressed by River Ace…he’s just a rookie. I’d rather he kept more amiable company however.

River Ace dropkicks Ethan into the corner and hit him with a spear into the corner. Then he lifts Ethan up to the top and armdrags him off. River hits Ethan with a flying clothesline then applies a crossface submission hold. Ethan gets to the ropes to break the hold. Ethan comes back with a snapmare and a triangle hold which River gets out of. Ethan then hits a leg drag takeover followed by a figure four leglock. River reaches the ropes and reverses the hold, turning the pressure onto Ethan.

They both get up and Ethan runs at River who ducks a clothesline and hits a superkick gaining a two count. With Ethan still on the floor, River applies his signature hold, the Texas Hold-Em. Ethan seems in paid but he can tolerate it due to his UFC background. River keeps the hold locked on whilst lifting him into the air to hit a modified powerbomb. River waits for Ethan to rise and runs at him. Ethan evades the clothesline and runs the opposite direction. Ethan goes for a flying body assault but River spots it and baseball slides underneath. Ethan gets back to his feet only to be met with a Poker-plex pin…1….2….3!

Wire : Another impressive victory for the 6WF Internet Champion…I predict big things for this guys future!
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PostSubject: Re: Lockdown Results (13/03/2008)   Lockdown Results (13/03/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:39 am

MATCH 3 : Handicap Match
Real Dude vs Nemesis, Diablo & Zi Zheng

The show comes back from a commercial break with “Last of the Famous International Playboys” by Morrissey dying out and Diablo, Zi Zheng and Trish patrolling the ring.

Trish : “Ladies and Gentlemen. Please put your hands together for your TAW World Heavyweight Champion…..NEMESIS!

The crowd hiss and boo as Nemesis makes his way to the ring with his TAW title held aloft. Suddenly Real Dude bursts out of the curtain with a chair and plants it on the back of Nemesis’ head. The fans erupt as Real Dude takes it to the TAW champ.


They are soon cut off as Diablo and Zi Zheng make their way up the ramp to stop Real Dude’s assault. Zheng rips the chair out of his hands and Diablo spears him to the floor. Real Dude counters and rolls on top of Diablo, unleashing a furious combo of punches on his face. Zheng has seen enough and lifts Real Dude up by the back of his neck. Zheng attempts to suplex him onto the steel stage but Real gets a foot up and replies with a suplex of his own.

Wire : This is unbelievable! The lamb is bringing the slaughter…all three of Real Dude’s opponents are on the floor!

Zheng and Diablo get to their feet at the same time and Real Dude shares his punches between the two, then he goes to clothesline them both at the same time. Zheng an Diablo both duck then react quickly to double clothesline Real to the floor. The two start stomping Real into the stage as Nemesis gets back to his feet. Nemesis pushes Zheng and Diablo out of the way and picks Real up by the throat. He pushes Real then follows up with a big boot. Nemesis pick up Real and runs him into the setting, smashing his head through a glass panel. Zheng and Diablo retrieve Real Dude and double lift him into the air, then Nemesis presents his knee for them to drop him on. Real rolls over in agony as the fans continue to chant his name.

Wire : Oh my…they could have busted his ribs right there…come on!

Zheng abdominal stretches Real Dude, pulling on his ribs, and Diablo lays into him with rapid kicks to the sides. Then Zheng lifts Real up, still in the hold, and slams him into the steel. Nemesis lands a big legdrop across Real’s chest.

Wire : That’s enough already…that’s enough…you’ve made your point!

Zheng picks up Real again and powerbombs him into the stage. He picks him up again and throws him into the path of Diablo who quickly whips him up into the air for a Domi-Bomb. Real is completely out of it now as Nemesis picks him up by the throat and walks him to the edge of the stage.

Wire : Oh no…..This is too much! NO…….

Nemesis chokeslams Real off the stage. The crowd boo violently at the destruction caused by the Commissioner’s team. Nemesis rips his top off to reveal his referee top underneath, and Diablo calls to Trish to join them on the stage. Diablo talks to her and they all laugh as Trish delicately climbs down the steps to where Real Dude lies. She hooks his leg and Nemesis gets to his knees…1…..2…..3!

Wire : Oh come on….you’ve humiliated him enough! This is a disgrace!

Nemesis and Trish make their way to the ring for the main event as Diablo leaves for backstage in an hysterical fit of laughter. Zheng follows without cracking a smile.

MAIN EVENT : Hero vs Randy Peeper
Nemesis as Special Guest Referee

“Let the Bodies hit the Floor” explodes out of the speakers and Randy Peeper makes his way to the ring. Trish Stratus claps him all the way and Nemesis stares a hole right through him. Randy gets into the ring and Trish pats him on the back. Nemesis man-handles Randy quite roughly under the pretense of checking for weapons. Then the crowd go wild as the Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK” bellows out and the 6WF Champion Hero walks down the ramp accompanied by Miss Jessica. Hero jumps into the ring and takes off his cape, and he is respectfully left to prepare by the Peeper. Nemesis repeats his heavy handed weapons check as Trish screams threats at Miss Jessica on the outside.

Nemesis calls for the bell and Hero dives straight at Peeper with a flying elbow smash. Peeper gets up quickly and Hero grabs him and smashes his head into the turnbuckle. Hero punches Peeper in the corner and Peeper responds with an eye rake which Nemesis turns a blind eye to. Peeper spinebusters Hero and jumps up onto the turnbuckle. Randy waits for Hero to get up and hits him with a double axe handle smash. Randy mounts Hero and punches him in the face a few times before Nemesis breaks it up. Randy angrily asks Nemesis what he is doing and pushes him. Hero takes advantage and atomic drops Randy from behind. Hero keeps hold of Randy and backdrops him. Hero takes hold of Randy’s legs and elbow drops his knee before applying a legbar. Randy gets to the ropes to break the hold and Nemesis forces Hero to release it. Hero picks up Randy and goes to DDT him, but Randy lands a punch in the ribs and hits Hero with a facebuster across his knee then applies a sleeper on the fallen champ. Hero gets to the ropes but Nemesis ignores the necessity to break the hold, allowing Randy to keep it on for about 10 seconds. Randy drags Hero into the centre of the ring and runs to the ropes, landing a springboard asai moonsault and a cover. Nemesis gets down and counts a very slow 2 count. Randy stamps Hero and goes to the top rope. He goes to leap but Miss Jessica holds his foot. Trish quickly spots it and chases her around the ring. Randy now free goes for a frog splash which is telegraphed by Hero who rolls out of the way. Hero takes to the top himself, waits for Randy to get up, and hits a missile dropkick. On the outside Miss Jessica trips over a cable and Trish allows herself a smile as she mounts her and begins a slapping tirade and a few hair pulls. Hero picks up Randy and whips him into the ropes and then runs at him to hit a Canadian Destroyer. Nemesis gets to his knees……….1……………….2………he stops. Nemesis says Randy got his foot on the rope, which he didn’t and Hero punches the special referee. Nemesis retaliates and throws Hero into a recovered Randy’s path who hits his finisher. Nemesis gets down again………1……………..2………….very long pause and he stops. Randy gets up to confront Nemesis who hits him with a big boot.

Wire : What the hell is this? Nemesis won’t allow anyone to win this match.

Diablo and Zheng run down the ramp and begin beating down Hero and Randy. Hero and Randy fight back but Nemesis makes it 3 on 2. The Commissioner’s team start wearing down the other two when Real Dude runs to the ring and starts attacking Nemesis.

Wire : Here we go…3 on 3 now! How do you like them apples Diablo? GWC….GWC IS HERE!

GWC runs to the ring and helps out Diablo, Nemesis and Zheng to get the upper hand back. GWC and Diablo take out Hero with a double suplex. The Saint comes out of the crowd and pulls GWC out of the ring. The Saint hits him with the Divine Force on the outside and then spots Trish. Saint stalks Trish away up the ramp, Trish backs away, never taking her eyes off him. Then River Ace bursts out of the curtain and takes out Saint with a chair, protecting Trish.

An all out brawl breaks out in the ring between Diablo, Nemesis, Zheng, GWC and Hero, Peeper, Real Dude and EZ who also came through the crowd to help his Anarchy team mate. Rock and Finlay are next to run down the ramp and they join Anarchy in taking the advantage over Diablo and co 6 onto 4. One by one Diablo, Nemesis, GWC and Zheng are ejected from the ring.

Wire : Take that! Take that! The 6WF locker room have just showed the boss who’s boss! Things are going to explode here next week! Goodnight folks!
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Lockdown Results (13/03/2008)
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