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 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony

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PostSubject: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:03 am

A video promo is playing on the titantron at the Birmingham Bowl,which is set out in a different matter to what is normally accustomed.The fans are only sat in the rafters as a series of chairs are set up around the barriers,they are filled with 6WF Superstars past and present.

The ring has a podium set up in the middle with a microphone set up on it,the ring has a red carpet in as does the runway.

The video track is still airing,with "Thank you for loving me" by Bon Jovi playing in the background,The video shows an empty ring,the ring then starts to fill full of men,the ring gets bigger and bigger and soon the ring is surrounded by hoardes of screaming fans.

The video zooms into the ring and shows exactly who these men are with their name appearing below,King of Kings;

EZ Money

Randy Peeper


The music stops and a voiceover begins.

VO:The ring is where battle are fought,Grudges are formed,Grudges are ended.The ring is where epic moments in history occur,where fan's hearts jump with each move,where fan's hearts are broken.

The ring is where people fluctuate on a fine line between fame and infamy.The ring is where these men forge friendships,enemies,reputations...the ring is where these men form LEGENDS!

All these men are legends,and many more are just as deserving of a title so over-used in this modern world,but tonight,three true legends are inducted into the most exclusive of clubs,the 6WF Legends Club!

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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:04 am

*Pyro's begin to go off at the top of the ramp,RJ and Michael Wire walk out onto the ramp to loud cheers,they are both dressed in smart suits and carring microphones.

RJ:Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,and to all the 6WF Superstars in attendance tonight.

*The camera zooms in on some of the stars,The Association are sat together and the crowd boo loudly.

Tyson Armstrong is shown to a loud pop from the fans,Enforcer receives the same treatment but the reaction is not so nice for Crime Lord who just laughs.

The camera then shows a collection of 6WF greats from the past,Randy Peeper,Matt Lightning,Golden Gillespie,The Red Devils,Finlay,JSS and Fro.King of Kings is looking back relaxed whilst Tuberclosis is sat across two chairs.

MW:Tonight as you can see is a different night,these guys have taken time out of their busy schedules to join us tonight in a celebration of three 6WF Legends who are to be inducted into the 6WF Legends club.

RJ:Now to make things even more exciting for the fans,and for the rest of the roster,no-one knows who has been inducted.No internet leaks,no flurry of bets on Kayden Daniels,Pure suprise tonight.

MW:We aren't going too do much talking tonight,as these three legends will be inducted by 6WF Superstars tonight!

RJ:So without further ado,let the night begin!
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:06 am

RJ : And now folks, this can’t be right surely? We have... Cassius Zhi and Miss Jessica coming to the ring to say a few words about Hero? Oh give me a break!

“They Say” by hits and the crowd give a mixed reception as Cassius and Jessica step out of the red haze surrounding the stage. Miss Jessica poses with hands on hips, pouting at the crowd, as Cassius makes his way down the ramp with purpose. He stops halfway down and aggressively grabs a “Hero is a Legend” sign from a f@n. He puts it under his arm and continues to the ring, rolling in. Miss Jessica follows in,ducking through the ropes. Cassius holds the sign aloft and Miss Jessica sarcastically applauds before he scrunches it up and kicks it back into the crowd.


Cassius laughs

Cassius : hush up! I’m here to celebrate Hero’s induction to the Legend Club just as much as you are. Mainly because I’m hoping that this accolade will push him one step closer to being put out to p@sture! Don’t get me wrong 6WF… Hero has had a good career. But it’s so sad to watch his uncontrollable eg0 constantly highlight his past glories… reminding himself that his sad, p******* little life will never be as good as it once was.

Cassius looks to Miss Jessica and looks her up and down as she flicks her hair and laughs

Cassius : It’s sad 6WF... to see a once fit and healthy athlete, suff0cate and ch0ke on the misty shroud of past success. A dense fog that his aging eyes are too weak to see beyond! Hero can NEVER live up to the legacy he has talked up for so long. And in that respect, Hero is just like all legends... near fabrications, embellished over time, falsely represented... fables that make reality fade into a poor imitation.

You are indeed a legend Hero... but that's not something to be celebrated... it's tragic!

Cassius passes the mic to Jessica as the booing and jeering increases.


Miss Jessica : Seriously... who are you trying to kid? Like you really care about Hero. Hero... Hero.... Hero (mockingly). You don’t even mean it, you’re just shouting it so you don’t hurt his feelings – like I had to every night for like a whole year.

This is totally l@me. I thought legends were supposed to be winners, not total l0sers. This legend’s club is a total j0ke!

“Last of the Famous International Playb0ys” begins to boom out around the arena, and is greeted with a roar from the crowd.

RJ : OH MY! Business is about to pick up! It’s the Playb0y! Listen to this noise!

Miss Jessica rolls her eyes towards the stage and Cassius angrily leans over the ropes, staring intensely up the ramp. Diablo strolls out onto the stage with a mic and starts talking as he walks towards the ring.

Diablo : Oh Jeez... I can’t take any more of this. I’ve been sat back there for... (Diablo looks at his bare wrist, and double takes confused, then scratches his head)... for loads of minutes, listening to you demean our Hero, and now I’ve had enough!

Diablo stops and looks back and fore at Cassius and Jessica.

Diablo : Hey Jessie. Can’t you be the one leaning over the ropes? To be honest, he scares the h*11 out of me, and you’ve got one h*11 of a revealing top on. That would be Tele! It would be udderly awesome!

Diablo winks at Jessica who scowls at him and crosses her arms to cover herself up from his leering gaze. Diablo continues to walk towards the ring.

Diablo : How can you seriously stand there and talk about the greatest 6WF superstar of all time, The Alpha Male, Hero, and not even mention that he is one of the finest technical wrestlers of his generation... of any generation? How can you stand there, in the theatre that Hero helped build, and not acknowledge the influence that the best fr1ck1n’ thing in the world today has?

I’m talking about the reason the kids buy the merchandise. Why the yummy mummy’s show an interest while those kids watch the show.

Hero is the entertainer! The show stealer! If he was out here now you wouldn’t get a word in edgeways. If he wasn’t here he’d be in Jay Leno’s chair... or Jonathan Ross’ chair...or.... or.... a dentist’s chair from all the cheesy snack eating, cherryade drinking, party-starting! And once he's had his work done, and had a ticking off from the dentist, he'd do it all over again because he's fearless too!

Diablo rolls into the ring and Cassius and Jessica look at him with contempt.

Diablo : How can you seriously not mention that Hero is a five time...

Fans : FIVE TIME....

Miss Jessica : (interrupting, emitting a growling squeal) Seriously... let’s put this to bed once and for all. Hero did 1t five times, like, once. And that was when we started going out. AND he had to sleep all through the next day! So I wouldn’t brag about it. So annoying.

Cassius looks to Diablo laughing.

Cassius : I don’t think that’s what he is referring to.

Diablo laughs back

Diablo : No it’s not. Ha. What an 1d1ot.

Diablo turns to hi-five Cassius, who’s face drops and just stares evilly at his raised hand. Diablo slowly drops it and brushes his hair back, far too late to look cool. He continues.

Diablo : He’s a five time... five time world champion. That’s unprecedented in our company.

Cassius places a hard hand on Diablo's shoulder

Cassius : But Diablo. World titles in pathetic, no-name, no longer existent organisations, are not only not real world titles – they’re not even something to be proud of. Hero might want to climb to the rooftops to shout about it, but all he’s doing is setting himself up to be pushed off. His @rrogance will ultimately be his downfall. One day he’ll have his eyes on the past, and the present will come and flatten him once and for all. And now that Hero is officially a legend, I hope I am the one who gets to expose his greatness as a myth!

Diablo looks at his bare wrist again, tapping his foot.

Diablo : Have you finished already? Besides, even if you take those rubbish ones away, he still has more than you doesn’t he?

Cassius makes a step towards Diablo, but Jessica puts a calming hand on his shoulder

Diablo : Not only is Hero a great champion – with more titles than you - he’s a leader of men! Hero brought us Revolution, Anarchy AND Salvation!

Cassius and Jessica : WHO?

Diablo shrugs his shoulder

Diablo : I don’t know. That’s what it says on my cue card.

Diablo takes out a scruffy piece of paper and squints at it, then shrugs his shoulders

Diablo : I think it’s my researcher’s mistake. I only hired her because she’s cute. She makes loads of mistakes. (he sniggers) She said Hero was in Tr@sh TV! Can you imagine? Like I wouldn’t know that!

Diablo SCIAENCF then loudly whispers to Jessica

Diablo : And... between you and me Jess... we used to share one locker room back in the old days, the whole roster. And I know, that you know, that his ego is not the only thing b1g about Hero.

Diablo whistles and winks and Jessica blushes. Cassius shakes his head dismissively and leaves the ring muttering “this is r1d1culous”..

Miss Jessica : Well.... Um... Listen, I'd better go with Cassy. We've got to prepare for Born in Fire! Huge match.... Huge. Um... like... yeah. Totally.

Miss Jessica climbs out of the ring and looks at Cassius who is snarling at her.

Miss Jessica : What?

Diablo laughs and turns to face the crowd

Diablo : Ladies and Gentlemen, please show your appreciation for the second "biggest" star in 6WF.... probably the fiercest competitor I’ve ever faced... the saviour of 6WF... a true 6WF legend.... HEROOOOOOOOOOO!
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:07 am

*Out of charachter speech from Demon.

I cannot believe it has taken until Born in Fire VI to induct Hero into the 6WF Legend’s Club, because to me, and probably every other 6WF star past and present, he was a legend long before receiving this accolade. It is an absolute pleasure to be chosen to share my thoughts and feelings on the Big Macc Daddio with you all.

Hero’s contribution to 6WF can never be over-estimated. Back when this all began, with a handful of originals, and a void of e-fed experience, 6WF needed enthusiastic and committed individuals to help create a product and promote it to the 606 community (as well as defend its existence at times) – and they didn’t come more enthusiastic or committed than Hero.

I would go as far to say that 6WF would not exist today without Hero!

When it came time for me to look after 6WF, in my short tenure as Commissioner, I was coming from no experience with e-fedding, and no experience at role-playing whatsoever, and at this time Hero became an aide, and a confidante who helped me on a daily basis, and it was this time that helped build our friendship that I value highly, and that has managed to survive both of our outspoken, and occasionally fiery tempers.

Though Hero’s character is synonymous with ego, and though he probably wouldn’t like to admit it, Macc has anything but an ego, and always strives to do what is best for 6WF rather than himself – seen as soon ago as last week when helping fix our little tiff – and the thing that always struck me about him is how keen he was to help and advise, not only me, but everyone in 6WF – especially the younger members of the board. Finlay, Real Dude and EZ Money’s promos especially, flourished with the help of handy pointers and support from Macc. His commitment to 6WF was also epitomised by the fantastic website he took a long time to create for us - a valuable database of characters and move-lists, and a great place to document 6WF’s history – a website that he also pays to upkeep so selflessly.

He’s a fantastic guy, I have honestly never heard a bad word said about him, and the respect he commands on 606, and other boards, was a key factor in the acceptance of 6WF on the wrestling board – because at times it did face opposition, friction and negativity from other members.

I don’t think anyone who joins 6WF these days can appreciate how much of a pioneer and trendsetter Hero was back in those early days. He was the first to introduce so many aspects which are commonplace in modern day 6WF.

Hero was the first 6WF star to embrace comedy. Whilst we were all brooding, being angry and generally occupying the same pigeonhole, Hero was cracking the witty putdowns alone and carving out his niche. He was the pre-cursor to people like Trash TV, Max Adamson and Snake Eyes, and even to this day, remains the comedy benchmark in 6WF, producing some of the funniest moments in 6WF history... and Mr Squiggles.

Hero brought us our first stable. And what a stable it was! Revolution WAS a revolution, and came at a time when 6WF needed it like a shot of insulin. Diablo and EZ Money’s feud was done, and 6WF needed somewhere to go that was exciting, refreshing, and could kickstart the move from birth to growth. Hero and Revolution was our growth hormone – and 6WF passed the Wellness Test and was away on the road to where we are today! So it is no surprise that Hero descending from the rafters at 6WF Duality, to steal the 6WF Title from the 6WF vs TAW Ladder Match, is the image that I hold most dear as the defining, most iconic image of 6WF. I can picture it clearer than any other moment, and it is the first thing I think of when I wake up... ... Um... ... I mean when I think of 6WF’s history.

And of course, I don’t know if he’s mentioned it, but Hero was the first ever Unidisputed World Champion – and with it, the victim of the first ever cruel twist in a 6WF show, when Nemesis cashed in his Fight for the Right immediately after Hero’s victory, taking the TAW Title. But he took it all in good humour and the spirit it was intended, again proving that he isn’t as egotistical as he would have us believe!

I am constantly in awe of the promos Hero produces, and I am particularly blown away by those he produces in a one on one situation – I believe this is where his true, incomparable talent lies. In haste there is no-one better. Whereas I take time to craft what I believe to be a perfect response, taking an age and holding up the flow of the promo session – Hero will seem to quickly and effortlessly create something even better and put me immediately on the back foot again. It is almost impossible to get the upper hand over him due to his speed and skill, he possesses true wit, yet he is never so selfish to make you look poor in a session, even though you know full-well he could so easily! He always places something to work off in one of his promos, some kind of self-flaw, rather than make them impenetrable. Hero is a true inspiration to me, because I know I could never do what he does, whereas he probably could perfectly imitate Cassius. I look to him as doe-eyed as Morrissey did to Marr, or Robbie does to Gary, always attempting to be as good as him – always hoping to match the class that he creates.

Hero, along with possibly JJ alone, create promos so rhythmically beautiful, and paced so correctly, that they are almost poetry. Hero is like a beat poet when he is in full flow, and with it he has created a signature style, with a unique structure and rhythm - tinged with his unmistakeable brand of humour - that is instantly recognisable. For this reason he is easily the most defined and living character in 6WF.

I can’t believe that we have been here for 3 whole years yet still not had that massive Cassius vs Hero feud that I would love to have. We’ve scraped and scuffled, but I really look forward to the few months when we will eventually get to go at it all guns blazing – I think we’ll tear the joint up. Hopefully the Miss Jessica connection will eventually bear fruit and be the catalyst to make the dream happen!

I am so grateful we have Hero here in 6WF with us. I’m grateful for the support and advice, both virtual world and personal world, he has offered me. He’s always been there to lend a ear, as I believe he is for everyone. I’m grateful for the help he’s given me with the Cassius character, and more recently the Miss Jessica character. And I’m grateful for the amazing gift that was Miss Jessica – he was so selfless in letting me run with her, and allowing me to take her in the direction I have done, and it is his approval that I am always looking for when I promo with her. Most of all, I am grateful to have another 6WF pensioner around here, to stroke each other’s egos once in a while.

It blows my mind to think that I have talked to Macc almost every day for 3 years... and enjoyed almost every conversation. If there was anyone in 6WF that I would like to meet up with and be friends with in reality, it would be Macc. I value his opinion on absolutely anything, from Cassius’ latest promo to the merits of 80’s Indie music or even who should win Britain’s Next Top Model. He is the nicest, most tolerant and most supportive person on the board – and his real world family and friends are lucky to have him.

As are we.

He’s is the humble legend, and I am a wide-eyed fan – always looking forward to seeing what he does next! He is 6WF’s Hero! And when this show finally comes to an end, I hope I’m sat at the bar at the after-party with him, reminiscing like romantic drunken fools. Though I’d probably have to join a very long queue.

To Hero – the 6WF Legend!
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:08 am

*There is a huge roar of applause and cheers as JJ Johnson walks out,dressed in a stylish suit and sunglasses.The big screen is playing a montage of Acer's best bits and JJ orchestrates the crowd along with a huge "Acer" chant.JJ walks over to the podium and looks out at the banks of fans and 6WF superstars and then begins to speak.

JJ:Good evening 6WF!

*Crowd pop

JJ:You know every year we do this,we induct a fresh batch of 6WF alumni into the Legends Club and this year,finally,we are aknowledging one of the names most synonomous with 6WF wrestling...my former Coalition teamate....The Welsh Dragon,ACER!

*Crowd pop and the chants begin all over again

JJ:And when my homeboy called me up and asked me to do this I gotta say I felt humbled,a felt mighty proud to be given such an honour.JJ Johnson is a man that has seen and done many things but to be able to induct one o' my greatest friends in the world into the 6WF Hall of Fame ranks right up there at the very top.

I know alot o' y'all got an opinion on our inductees here tonight but I aint interested in bad times cos everything that has happened is in the past.For every one of you with an opinion there is twice as many as you who dont have one clue what went down back in the day.Back when times were tough,back when times where bad...back when we where facing opposition from every damn side.

But tonight aint about that,tonight aint about what went before but tonight is about remembering the man,the legend,the 6WF masterpiece that is my Coalition representing homie Acer.


JJ:We talking bout a man that took this federation when we where rolling in some backyard lot.No television deal,no sponsors,just a loyal fanbase that steadily was builiding.Acer signed the hottest talents around and he gave them to platform to showcase their abilities.He put on shows of pay per view quality night after night as he took this company national,it was Acer that put this place on the map and he laid the foundations for the success that followed.

Not only was Acer making waves in the business world but he was cementing his legacy as a top draw performer.A European Champion and easily regarded as one of the greatest never to reach the promised land.From his feuds with Hero,Diablo,River Ace and The Dynasty...Acer brought it to the max each and every time and he left nobody in any doubt that his spirit would live around here forever.

After an amazing first tenure in this federation my homie returned in a blaze of a glory...I was just wetting my appetite as the hottest property around and it was Acer that took me under his wing.We formed The Coalition with Sainty and Rocky and we took the 6WF by storm...it was under the guidance of my closest friends that i finally claimed a world title and forever I will be in debted to my playas for making that possible.

Acer was not only a great wrestler,a great businessman but he was also a great individual.There was never a time when Acer was too busy,too caught up in everything else he was doing.Whenever I had a problem,whenever I needed a discussion or a point in the right direction he was there for me and he had my back.And sure we had our problems,we had our disputes and fights but friendship shone through and i'm proud to to call Acer one of my closest confedants.

Born in Fire is the time when legends are born and careers are defined,this year new stars will shine through and maybe in the future some of the current roster will be remembered in this capacity.But tonight we celebrate the Welsh Dragon...tonight we celebrate the Monday night draw....tonight,6WF,it gives me great pleasure to ask y'all to stand up and bring your hands together for the one the only Acer!

*Everyone in the hall stands on their feet and begins to applaud.JJ smiles and looks at the screen at Acer's finest moments.Suddenly the screen goes fuzzy and the crowd all pop as a familiar figure walks out...


MW: It's him RJ! It's him!

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen, mere months after his horrific accident, a possible career ending car crash, The Saint is stood right in front of our very eyes! We don't know why he's here, what his intentions are hell, what mind-set he's in. But all we know is that here on the night of Acer's induction into the Legend's Club, The Saint is back on 6WF television and what a welcome sight it is.

MW: He looks like a changed man, both physically and mentally!

-The crowd are on their feet, applauding the man mountain, physically smaller than last seen, stood on the stage applauding his ovation. Even JJ looks in shock as the man once known as The Divine Force smiles at his long-time friend before pulling him into an embrace. The Saint gestures for the microphone on the podium and JJ duly obliges, patting The Saint on the back as he once again surveys the 6WF crowd in all their glory.-

The Saint: Ladies and Gentlemen, before I get to why I'm here, let me just say what a pleasure it is to be here tonight, for this special, special cause.

-The crowd warmly respond.-

I can see the shock, the joy, the jubilation that I'm stood in front of your very eyes but there won't be any bravado, no front, no address to those who wronged me, for that'd be wrong. I'm here tonight, for one reason..........

-A voice from the crowd can be heard shouting 'TO KICK THE ASSOCIATION'S A55!!' The rest of the crowd laugh, as do The Saint and JJ.-

The Saint: Another time maybe, but no, I'm here tonight to honour the man who made this company what it was, the man who created The Saint, the man who plucked us two men on this stage from obscurity, and catapulted us in to the successful wrestlers we are today, I'm talking about the man, who wasn't afraid to risk his body, his livelihood, his career to make 6WF the global juggernaut it is today. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to witness the induction of a living legend into the Legends Club, the Welsh Dragon, the heart of the 6WF, Acer.

-The crowd cheer and begin another Acer chant, The Saint smiles and cups a hand to his ear as the noise elevates.-

The Saint: You see, I wasn’t invited here tonight, I was in Birmingham, visiting friends, family, a specialist or two and of course my boy right there…..

-The Saint points to JJ and for the first time in years gives off a Coalition salute, to which the crowd pop for, JJ laughs and returns the gesture before applauding the future hall of famer stood in front of him.-

…..And I gathered word that tonight, days away from the biggest show in 6WF history, that Acer was getting honoured….And well, I couldn’t let that bad boy happen without a divine seal of approval! You see, The Saint, the man in front of your eyes, has done it all, 3 time world Champion, Former Internet Champion, Former Tag Team Champion, Trashie winner, 6WF Commissioner. But all of the accolades, the prestige, the honours, the awards, the fast cars, the money, the women……..And believe me there’s been a lot of them, isn’t that right JJ?!

JJ: Damn Straight!

The Saint: You better believe it! But all of that was made possible by one man, a man with the business acumen of Sir Alan Sugar, the tactical noose of Jose Mourinho, the creativity of Picasso, a man who turned two so-so developmental wrestlers more worried about notches on bedposts than titles and wrestling into the two superstars that are here now….even if I’m still topping JJ in the women stakes!

This one man saw something in me and gave me the platform to ascend, he was there to give me advice, he was there to lend an ear when life got tough, he was a friend, a true professional and a damned good commissioner! He’s still all those things now! When I found myself lying flat out in a hospital bed with shattered ribs and a collapsed lung, he was there, every step of the way and for that, I’ll forever be grateful.

Not only was he an excellent friend, but he was a fantastic athlete. I’ve had some absolute battles in my career; I’ve been pushed to my limits countless times but it was Acer who took me to war on that cold October night at Payback 2 years ago. That was a match for the ages, a match that gained 5 stars everywhere, a match still watched this day! My limits weren’t only surpassed that night, they were shattered. It was JJ that said he was one of the greatest men to never win a world title, well JJ, with all due respect friend, I’m going to go one better and say that Acer is THE Greatest 6WF superstar to never win a world title. In fact it’s a travesty because the man on that screen is the best wrestler I’ve had the pleasure of facing!

Tonight 6WF, we honour and pay homage to a hero, a legend, the spine of the greatest wrestling federation to ever grace this planet. Tonight 6WF, join with me and pay tribute to the Welsh Dragon, Acer!

-The crowd all stand and applaud as The Saint smiles.-

The Saint: Everybody join in with me: AC-ER, AC-ER, AC-ER, AC-ER, AC-ER!

-The whole of the Birmingham Bowl are in unison as The Saint, JJ, RJ and Michael Wire chant Acer’s name.-
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:11 am

*Acer walks out to a large round of applause. He waves to the crowd, and shakes the hands of everybody on the front row. He steps up to microphone as a cheers of ‘Acer Acer’ ring round the arena. A broad gleaming smile is seen on his face as he waits for the crowd to die down.*

WOW! Never in a million years did I expect that reaction. I thought that I had been away for so long that you people would have forgotten about me Haha! When I heard about the forming of the Legends Club last year, I was intrigued to see who would be the first members of the prestigious ceremony. This year, well to be honest, I completely forgot about them. I only found out when my good friend JJ rang me and told me that he had a money-can’t-buy ticket to the event just for me. And boy, was he right!

Everyone in this arena will know about my history with this company that we know and love, the 6WF, well the ‘storyline’ history anyway. The truth is I got lucky. When KingofKings looked to sell this company, back in the days when financially the 6WF was not viable, I was the first one who offered to take it off his hands. Had anyone else got their before me, I would have been stuck in dark matches, wishing I had the opportunity to show people what I could do. Yes, I did rise up the ranks thanks to my position as owner of the company, but if you look at my win/loss record, I looked at the lights for a count of three way WAY more times than I had my hand raised.

I only ever held one championship during my time in this company, and that was during the takeover of TAW, where I captured the TAW European Title. To this day, that belt takes centre-stage on my mantelpiece at home, along with many in-ring photos of myself, and pictures of myself with my two great GREAT friends, the Saint and JJ Johnson.

Those two friends...well without them, I’m not sure 6WF would be around. Back when I ran the company, well the Monday Night Shutdown side of the business, some of the backstage politics was really getting me down, and it felt that 6WF was taking over my life, these two both helped me out, coming up with ideas for storylines, coming up with finishes, to even working out the basics of the matches. These two men, who I have the honour of knowing, let alone being friends with, are truly special people, and I am so proud with what they have done with their careers, especially JJ, who has taken Shutdown from being a great show to the Greatest Show.

Now on to the old guard. Phoenix Rose, E-Val, EZ Money, Hero, and the last of the International Playboys himself, Diablo. These guys made my job so easy during my fledgling months as owners, basically sorting out their storylines between them. Who can forget the epic feud between EZ Money and Diablo, with Hero always popping up out of nowhere. There were plans for Diablo and I to form a Pro-Welsh Faction, which I had high hopes for, which unfortunately never surfaced, and to this day it is one of biggest regrets.

Finally onto to the man that simultaneously made my life hell and made the company bigger and better. The man that booked himself to beat two Legends, well one legend one average wrestler, in loser leaves 6WF matches. The man that stole my name and took of the ‘R’. The one and only River Ace. On screen we had a love/hate relationship, he loved himself, and I hated him!!!

*Crowd laughs in unison*

Haha only kidding, but we did have a love/hate relationship on screen, and in real-life also. You see, River would always push the boundaries of what we could and couldn’t do, whether it be by squeezing an extra match into the TV time we had, to stripping Finlay of his well deserved Internet title. But what he did, even though I have ever admitted it until now, what he did was take this company to the next level. And it was only when I left that I realised that I wanted to keep the company in my comfort zone, and not try to improve the product. Without him, I know for certain 6WF would be just a memory like WCW and ECW.

Even though I’m being inducted into the Legends Club, I do not consider myself be a ‘legend’. I have fought legends, I have worked with legends, and I am friends with legends. Me? I was just an average wrestler who was lucky enough to run a company where the legends and future legends came to play. Without me, I’m certain the 6WF would still be around in some sort of capacity. Without them, there would be no 6WF.

Now to sign off, I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to work with, both in the ring and behind the curtains, everyone who made my job easier, and I would like to thank you, the fans. The people who spent your hard-earned cash to help me live my dream. The people who cheered for me. The people who boo’ed me. The people who, nomatter what **** was going, always made it worth it.

*Acer exits the stage after embracing Johnson and The Saint.
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:12 am

JJ and The Saint on Acer:

Over the 3 years that the 6WF has been up and running, we’ve seen some pretty memorable people come and go, some one match wonders, some that have worked their way into stories and then gone AWOL and then there are those who will forever be remembered for making this internet roleplay into an institution. I know King of Kings created this crazy place but it’s thanks to Acer that we are where we are right now. He took this on and transformed the 6WF, he devoted hours of his time writing matches to raise our profile and keep people joining. He also provided the foundations for the likes of Demon, River, myself, JJ and all the other past and present commissioners to build from. Say what you want about his extra-curricular activities but to me Acer is a top, top bloke, he had time for everyone, he was there when I first started and helped me establish The Saint as, hopefully, one of the characters synonymous with 6WF. He was a cracking commissioner, he was never afraid to take a risk and make things enjoyable and it was him who I drew inspiration from. In my eyes, 6WF, 6WF is Acer’s brain-child, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him and I for one, am eternally grateful.

Thanks for everything Acer, you are an immortal!


"I'd just like to say what a great guy Acer is.During my time in the 6WF I have been blessed to get on with everyone(barring some ups and downs) but Acer along with Saint where true friends to me right from the very beginning.I still keep in contact with Acer and I sincerely feel that he deserves every success in life.

It was Acer that inspired me to get into the role of commissioner,his drive and desire to put on a better show each and every week gave me the confidence to take risks and really push my writing to the very limit.I have always felt that in his early days he deserved to be a world champion but instead he sacrificed his chances of success to make sure that everyone enjoyed their 6WF experience and for that i always admired him.He went through A levels and University whilst still dedicating an unlimited amount of time into making the 6WF the best e-fed around.

It makes me proud to see a friend of mine be inducted into the hall of fame as I think he deserves it more than anything.I always hoped that one day he would return on a full time basis but even if he doesnt, his 6WF memory will live forever.

Thankyou Acer"
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:12 am

Hobo strolls out stage and shimmies up to the podium.

H: thank you very much for this award tonight. Who would have thought that just 2 years ago, that I would be being inducted into the legends club. It’s unexpected to say the least but thanks. I would like to tha—

Primetime comes running out and moves Hobo away from the podium and starts talking to him away from the microphone.

(H: Its not for me? What do you mean, I am here to present only? Who am I ‘inducting’ exactly?

PT: (inaudible)

H: well that’s just great! Why me? What did I do? Is this yet more punishment for the whole Association thing?

PT motions for hobo to go back to the podium)

H: As I was saying, it is a great pleasure to be here, if only in a presenting capacity.

(Hobo looks over at the autocue running)

H: This man has given his all to 6wf. He is a good, kind natured man, who never had a bad word to say to anyone. His love for the community and well being of the 6WF staff is unparalleled. (Hobo begins to squint as he reads on ahead). This is ludicrous – I am not saying this BS!

Hobo jumps down and heads towards the autocue and punches it, smashing the screen.

Cameraman – there was an off switch you know!

Hobo jumps back up to the podium.

H: Okay. Where was I? Oh yes – the legends club. Think Hobo, think – nice things about him. Errrr.....He used to date Miss Jessica......actually that doesn’t really narrow it down. Err.....He has a nice Limo with doors which are welded shut. (Hobo thinks some more) He is the longest ever European champ. He is the man who doesn’t play with a full deck. He hasn’t been seen in the 6WF for months even though he has a flat right across from the Birmingham Bowl! Which also leads to the question, ‘why does he need a limo anyway?’.

PT is gesturing for Hobo to get on with it.

H: You can’t help but think of him when 6WF is mentioned. He has ended more careers than the recession could ever hope to. He is the former overlord of 6WF. Without him, there would be no 6WF. Without him, we wouldn’t all be here tonight, which is a shame because I had some really good tickets to go and see a firework display.

A man who kept this place going, even during the dark days of River Ace’s rule. In fact he was the man responsible for River Ace’s rule. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls......your class of 2010 legend......Riiiiiiiivvvveeeeeeerrrrrrr AAAAaAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!

PT motions over to Hobo that they aren’t ready.

H: Looks like I have some time to fill. So now that we all know who it is, I suppose I can let you in on a few secrets about Mr Ace. For example did you all know that River is banned from all the casinos in las Vegas? Nothing to do with being a good gambler – he once refused to accept that he had bust at blackjack as he was too drunk to see his hand added up to 24. He also can't go in to the Anne Summer shop in Solihull, as he once took a rampa-----looks like we are ready now! ......Riiiiiiiivvvveeeeeeerrrrrrr AAAAaAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:13 am

Hobo waits in the ring with the Producers alongside RJ and Michael Wire,they stand looking at each other as there is no sign of River Ace.

They continue to wait and after a while the crowd begin to boo.

MW:Well it looks like we are having some um...technical issues here.

PT:Technically he hasn't turned up!

Suddenly the whirring of an engine can be heard and a sleek black limo edges out onto the rampway,he drives out and all the way down to the ring.The driver leaps out and around to the door of the limo.

He goes to open the door but it is stuck,he continues to pull but the door does not budge.

H:Go help him then!

The Prdoucers and Michael Wire and RJ all take it in turns but the door doesn't budge.Hobo joins them and he can't open the door.Just as they are about to give up the door on the other side opens and River Ace steps out cool as you like.

All 5 shake their head and River signals for them to leave.He steps into the ring in his suit.

RA:Well,After so many years of service as a commissioner and they wouldn't even let me drive a limo out there.Utterly ridiculous,I had to find a chauffer quickly luckily Adam Davey was on hand for me to consult and he said James over there was the best chauffer around,but looked pretty rubbish if you ask me.What chauffer can't open a damn door!

But anyway,I digress from what is really important tonight.I look out to all these faces and I think,wow.wow,wow,wow.I don't know who some of these guys are,I know who some of them are,some like me,some hate me,But it was great to see so many up on their feet applauding me.

I know we didn't leave on the best of terms but I appreciate the reception given to me by these great 6WF Fans,the real heartbeat.And believe it or not,every single decision I made,everything I said was to try and get the fans the best I could.

Now at points,I will admit it didn't go too well but just to take in this reception is brilliant,thank you!

But as this is a speech,perhaps should say a bit more,maybe a few thank you's.Anyone who supported me in my time here,anyone who hated me,let me tell you I thrived on it,that's what pushed me.

Now I'm just going to say a few more things.I'd like to pick you all up on something Acer said earlier,that I took this company to a next level.

Well he's right folks,If you'd have been left in Acer's control you'd be sitting in mid-table mediocrity,you'd be like West Brom!

But I took things to a new level,I took risks that Acer would not even have dreamt of,I made decisions that didn't please everybody but took the company up once again.I worked alongside Acer,he wanted to play things safe,he portrays this image of a dare-devil but far from it.

I added extra matches,I made those conrtoversial decisions because I am a risk taker,an entrepeneuer,a LEGEND!This is my rightful place at the top of the legends club...

"When I get down" blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly as Acer walks out.

A:God damn what is your problem River.Why for once in your life can you not be humble!Like I said,we had a love hate relationship,but I put that aside tonight to show my appreciation to you,just like everyone else in attendance.

And what did you do,threw it back in our faces.I'm sick and tired of this,it's caused countless internet debates,so how about at Born In Fire we settle it,Acer vs River Ace,One last battle.

Not using others,not over TV ratings,just a down right,pure and simple wrestling match,what do you say?

RA:I don't need to fight you Acer,what would it prove?Everyone knows I'm already the better competitor,a real legend...

*Acer suddenly comes sprinting down from the top of the ramp,removing his tie and jacket along the way,He slides into the ring and runs at River,Hitting a Lou Thesz Press and beginning to pile away with a series of fists.

Security hit the ring quickly and manage to force Acer away,River dusts himself down before nodding his head.

Acer smirks at him as Security hold him back.
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:14 am

Hobo on River:

Firstly, congrats to Clint on your award

I can seriously say that you are the 6wf’s MVP. Not the 6wf version of the rubbish WWE wrestler but 6wfs most valuable player EVER. Although as a 6wf wrestler you were kind of on MVPs level as well!

Without your dedication and hours of sitting in your limo, we wouldn’t be here reading this speech today. You carried 6WF for the longest time and set the ball rolling on how it should be done. Your dedication and commitment to the cause is exemplary – I for one thank you for all of the effort and time you gave up to 6WF.

But then again we all know that.

What people don’t know is what type of guy you are out of the ‘F. And once again, you should be commended on that too. Yes you may have some views that most don’t agree with, but that doesn’t change the stand up guy you are. You consistently showed your dedication to making a great forum for us all to inhabit. You made it, to paraphrase a friend of mine, the best forum in the world. You didn’t do it for money or fame – you did it for the sake of giving other people a little joy. And for that I thank you as well.

During my time in 6Wf, we had a few fallings out but then again that’s what friends do. You quite rightly berated Vladismicer for chasing a ghost around and giving it a haircut – whatever happened to that guy? You threw your toys out of the pram on numerous occasions but always calmed down and did the right thing....eventually and after much coaxing by others! You even made the incredibly brilliant decision to make me your opposing GM – that’s when your downfall started, methinks!

You have given the 6WF some brilliant storylines, some even involving wrestlers other than yourself . Your legacy is assured as one of 6wf’s greatest – of that there is no doubt. And that’s even taking into consideration the Hatton vs hooligan storyline.

And that leads me back to this article. I am proud and honoured to be the one inducting you into the legends club. This honour should be all about you but I can truly say that being chosen to induct you, is one of the biggest highlights of my 6wf career, as you are the true beacon of excellence.
I for one hope that you make it back to 6WF one day. And I for one hope that people remember you for the effort and dedication you put in to this place.

Congrats on a overdue and well deserved award


Actually one final thing that I want you to remember - they are not inducting you into the legends club. They are being inducted into the River Ace club.
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:15 am

Hero: Now it’s usually expected as this point that the winner comes out delivers a speech and gives thanks to all and sundry. That Hero is now meant to thank his friends, his family, God, and all the Heromaniacs and Heroholics watching.
So let’s cut to the chase and go through them shall we???
Firstly how can any of them really be called friends? Acquaintances is stretching it. Colleagues more like it. Frankly for 90% of the guys backstage Hero wouldn’t peepee on if they were on fire.
But let’s kick off with a guy from Hero’s first stable, Revolution, the man that we know as Saint. Now Saint is known in the industry as a ‘go to guy’. Now for those not in the know that means if you need someone reliable to put on a show he’s your man, he’s solid, dependable, it does what it says on the tin etc.
Baloney, fudge and mustard. Saint isn’t reliable! He’s had more hiatus’s than Hero. Only Acer has made more comebacks than you!
He’s a grade A Diva backstage and whines and moans about the slightest thing!
His dressing room has to be void of all colour in case it gives him one of his migraines. No-one is allowed to get direct eye contact with him and he never signs autographs for the fans. Tell him he’s not in the main event and he throws a strop that Mariah Carey would be proud of. ‘Saint’? His halo fell off a long time ago.
Timewise I’ll move onto what is widely regarded as the best pure tag team to have ever graced 6WF. Anarchy. My partner in crime there was a man known as EZ Money.
And why was he known as EZ? Because two letters were about his limit on spelling. Seriously, sometimes he’d still get that wrong. That dyslexic freak somehow became 6WF’s first ever World Champion, jeez times were bad back then.
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:16 am

Mike Hill. Hero doesn’t have really a bad word about Mike Hill. Because frankly even after Mike Hill has been in 6WF for what 2-3 years Hero still doesn’t even know who he is. Personality of a dead fish.
Crimey, the current champ, but the only place he’d ever Lord of is the club known as G.@.Y., only got as far as he did by not going anywhere for so long. That’s because nowhere else wants you! We’re just stuck with you.
Anyone left? Solomon, oh Mr oh so frickin wonderful Solomon with his mysterious ways and tales of forgotten deities. Wake up freakazoid, this isn’t Indiana Jones, you ain’t Quetzalcoatl’s lost child.
Chris Patricks: Who’s he? The janitor? The coach driver? Never heard of him.
Lex Hart: Pink pants, enough said there.
Perfect Jack: Spent far too long hanging around with a guy in pink pants. Next.
Xeres: Went away, no-one cared.
Keith Leone: Came back, no-one cared.
Gregers: Don’t they sell pies?
Tyson Armstrong: Prefer his brothers Neil and Lance.

Right that’s got to be it on the roster, frankly if Hero has missed anyone then seriously he does not give two flying blue meanies about you, no ‘oh Hero is sorry, it was a slip of the mind, you simply don’t feature high enough in Hero’s mind to care about, end of’
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 9:17 am

Should I thank all the Heromaniacs in the arena or all the Heroholics sitting watching at home? Why? What did they do apart from line Hero’s pockets by purchasing cheap tacky merchandise? Sheep the lot of em, ooh look wrestler A that you booed last week has suddenly helped someone, lets now cheers him. It’s not a pantomime you shmucks!

There’s one reason and one reason alone that Hero is up here becoming the first fully active member of the roster to claim this award.
The 5 time, 5 time World Champion
The only undisputed Champion in 6WF history
And soon to be first Grand Slam Champion.

Hero has no-one to thank for this but himself because frankly Hero did it himself.
Each and every other person that Hero has mentioned simply was either a stepping stone or a stumbling block and when they had ceased to be useful in Hero’s grand scheme of things simply got tossed to the side like the piece of worthless trash that they are.
This award is for Hero, no-one else, it has Hero’s name on it right here.
Not Hero’s fans, not Hero’s family, and not Hero’s friends. Just plain and simple HERO.
I am Hero, hear me frickin ROAR!!
Now play Hero’s music and get that spotlight on Hero so the masses can look upon their idol.
Clap your Hero!
Cheer your Hero!
Because Hero made Hero famous.
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PostSubject: Re: 2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony   2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony Icon_minitime

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2010 'Legends Club' Induction Ceremony
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