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 Introduction to 6WF

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PostSubject: Introduction to 6WF   Introduction to 6WF Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 11:18 pm

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the 6WF held live from the Birmingham Bowl Arena. The 6WF is a UK based wrestling e-fed previosuly, based on the 606 BBC wrestling boards, but now has its home in the e-feds of 606v2. The 6WF was formed in November 2007 and proudly held its 3rd anniversary PPV named Born In Fire in November 2010. Since it's inception the 6WF has welcomed a wide range of new people into its ranks and have had invigorating and exhilarating storylines that have excelled and eclipsed some of today’s modern wrestling storylines. Any and all characters and people are welcome into the doors of the insane world of the 6WF.

6WF is run by the General Manager, Mat, who organises the weekly show, Thursday Night Lockdown. Every week, the show provides people with the chance to role-play with many different people and create and define the characters they wish to be. Along with two weekly shows, the feuds built up during them are showcased in a PPV event held each month in a different Arena throughout the UK. These PPV’s and weekly shows are expertly written and will provide you will a sense of excitement and thrive as you find your character winning World Titles, hitting finishers, getting betrayed by friends and much much more.

Along with Weekly shows and PPV’s we also have a board, trash talk, where we can all talk. Discuss football, recent shows, The WWE, TNA or just have a laugh with the people on there. So enter the world of the 606 Wrestling Federation and join the insanity, the excitement and the banter that goes with it.
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Introduction to 6WF
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