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 Betrayal Results (29/01/2008)

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PostSubject: Betrayal Results (29/01/2008)   Betrayal Results (29/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:22 am

MATCH 1 : EZ Money vs Rock V2 (Number One Contender)

“Here Comes the Money” plays and EZ Money makes his way to the ring looking determined, still sporting a plaster from Hero’s spinning hell attack.

Commentator : You gotta believe that Hero is watching this one intently out back. He’ll be facing the winner of this match as soon as Friday!

Rock V2 enters the ring and the two men shake hands.

Commentator : There is a lot of respect in that ring tonight between these two young men. But once that bell rings its every man for themselves, there will be no place for respect in a championship match against Hero.

The bell rings and the combatants circle each other, neither prepared to make the first move. Rock offers the lock-up and EZ accepts. The two men struggle in a test of strength, neither willing to give in, until eventually EZ gets the leverage required to force Rock to the floor. EZ lets Rocky get up before hitting him with a quick clothesline. EZ lands a elbow drop across Rock’s chest and covers for a 1 count. Rock kicks out and pushes EZ away. EZ runs back at Rock who dodges to the side but gets a knee up to strike EZ in the ribs and when EZ gets back to his feet, Rock takes him over with a hip-toss, applying a sleeper hold on the mat. EZ struggles to his feet and elbows himself free of the hold, taking Rock in a DDT, which he again follows over with a 1 count.

Commentator : EZ seems eager to finish this one off as soon as possible, and get his title shot wrapped up.

Rock V2 lands a kick to EZ’s midriff and scoop slams him back down to the mat, following with a leg drop across EZ’s head. Then he takes to the top turnbuckle, to land a flying elbow drop that gets a 2 count. EZ kicks out and wraps up Rocky in a small package for another 2 count. The two men back away from each other, cooling down the intensity before EZ whips Rock into the corner, charging at him to hit a flying legdrop. EZ picks up his opponent and sits him on the turnbuckle, preparing to hit a top rope suplex, but Rock recovers and pushes EZ to the canvas. Just as Rock prepares to take flight again, Randy Peeper appears from the crowd. Rock diverts his attention and flying clotheslines Peeper on the outside. After getting a few stomps in on his nemesis, Rock returns to the ring where EZ is recovered and waiting for him. EZ whips Rock into the corner again and sets him up for the Ace Crusher. EZ lands his finisher and covers Rock V2…1….2….Rock V2 gets his foot up on the bottom rope, but just as the ref looks up Randy Peeper gets to his feet and knocks it off….3.

Commentator : Randy Peeper just screwed Rock V2. EZ Money will face off against Hero for a 3rd time…and this time I know he’ll bring home the gold…he has to!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (29/01/2008)   Betrayal Results (29/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:22 am

BACKSTAGE : Real Dude is walking along the corridor talking to a couple of ladies. The Saint comes out of his locker room and bumps into him. They stare at each other for a few seconds. Then Real Dude punches Saint to the floor and stomps on him ferociously. “Those tag titles are mine…those tag titles are Revolutions…Don’t you ever…EVER…get in my way again” Real Dude walks off with the girls and leaves Saint clutching his head in the corridor.

MATCH 2 : Nemesis vs Ethan Page

Ethan makes his way to the ring with Kaye West’s “Stronger” ringing around the arena.

Commentator : Ethan looks focussed tonight folks, but I can’t help but feel he’s a lamb to the slaughter. He’s gutsy is Pheonix’ protégé, but I can’t help but feel he’s bitten off more than he can chew with….(The lights go out)

They come back on dimmed to almost pitch black, but enough to make out Ethan in the ring, and Nemesis making his way there, to loud jeers almost drowning out “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

Nemesis calmly enters the ring and Ethan runs at him to land a few punches that fail to rock the monster. Nemesis grabs Ethan by the neck and slings him to the corner. He puts his boot across Ethan’s throat, choking him in the corner. The ref tries to break Nemesis off but he gets pushed across the ring.

Nemesis whips Ethan into the ropes and hits him with a nasty elbow into the face on the rebound which splits open the youngster. Nemesis lifts up Ethan onto his shoulder and running powerslams him. Not content he lifts him onto his shoulder again and runs him into the corner, leaving him in the tree of woe position. Nemesis again puts the boot across Ethan’s throat.

The crowd go wild as they see Diablo running down the ramp. Immediately the titantron sparks to life showing Trish Stratus tied up in Diablo’s office. Diablo and Nemesis stare at each other before Diablo returns backstage. Nemesis turns around as Ethan roundhouse kicks him, knocking him to the floor. Nemesis simply rolls it off and returns to his feet, grabbing Ethan by the throat again, this time chokeslamming him for the 3 count.

The screen shows Diablo kicking his office door open to find no-one there. Nemesis laughs in the ring before grabbing Ethan by the throat on the floor and chokeslamming him for a second time. Pheonix Rose runs to the ring only to be halted by a return to pitch black. When the lights come back on Nemesis is nowhere to be seen, Ethan has been left a bloody mess. Pheonix puts the youngster over his shoulder and carries him to the back.

MATCH 3 : Finlay vs GWC

Commentator : The fans go wild for the arrival of Finlay who will be eager to get his own back on GWC for his heinous attack on JSS which screwed the tag team champions of their titles.

GWC makes his way to the ring with a TAW flag. The crowd still hostile towards anything TAW give him a frosty reception chanting “Acer…Acer….Acer” and “6wf…..6wf…..6wf”.

The match starts frantically as both men try to get the upper hand in a slugging fest. Finlay gets the first advantage, using all his experience from his bare-fist days, utilising a beautifully executed European Uppercut to floor the TAWer. Finlay wastes no time hitting the mat and applying a wristlock on GWC, taking advantage of the burns on GWC’s wrists from the electric current Acer shot through his handcuffs. GWC gets his foot on the bottom rope. As the ref breaks the hold, Finlay goes to pick GWC up, but GWC pushes him away and rakes the eyes of the Irishman. As Finlay turns around to nurse his eye, GWC takes him out with a chop-block, following up with an elbow drop across the back of Finlay’s head. GWC then applies a Camel Clutch to Finlay, really taking the punishment to the ex tag team champion. Finlay gets to the ropes and manages to kick GWC in the face to free himself.

Finlay takes down GWC with a Lou Thesz press and starts pounding on the TAW star’s face. The ref tries to break the hold but Finlay continues punching away at GWC. GWC manages to use his legs to turn it over, and starts unloading a few punches of his own. The ref breaks them up this time and Finlay reacts quickest, baseball sliding through GWC’s legs and hitting him with a German Suplex. The cover gets a 2 count and Finlay resumes the offensive with a snap suplex. Finlay attempts another suplex on his opponent which GWC blocks, pushing Finlay away and hitting him with a thunderous clothesline. Finlay gets up and runs at GWC to spear him but GWC catches hold of his opponent to piledriver him. GWC gets a 2 count from the cover and stomps Finlay back into the ground. GWC climbs to the turnbuckle and signals for a diving headbutt to finish Finlay off. Suddenly the sound of a motorbike throttle can be heard and GWC turns round to see Acer revving up on the stage. As GWC turns back, Finlay has recovered and he powerbombs GWC from the top rope, following up with a pin, using the ropes for leverage and gaining the victory.

Finlay celebrates with the fans as GWC runs up the stage, but Acer rides off into the backstage area.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (29/01/2008)   Betrayal Results (29/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 7:23 am

MATCH 4 : Bodybag Match for the TAW titles. E-Val vs Randy Peeper

(Promo shows E-Val stealing the titles from the TAW arena, and then Randy Peeper’s agreement with Diablo followed by the war of words in the TAW camp over the deal)

Commentator : Can there be any bigger stakes than this in a match folks? Randy Peeper fighting for TAW’s crown jewels. But if he wins…will he hand them straight to Thursday Night Lockdown’s Commissioner…even after the warnings from his TAW compatriots?

Randy’s music hits, and he is greeted by the best reception 6WF has heard for a TAW star. He enters the ring and applauds the fans.

“Reload” by Rob Zombie plays and E-Val makes his entrance, carrying the TAW belts. Behind is a stage-hand rolling a table with a body-bag on. E-Val gets to the ring and vaults himself over the top rope, and then immediately launches an assault on the TAW star. E-Val beats Randy to the floor, stamping him into the ground. The referee manages to split the two, allowing Randy to regain his composure and re-start on an even playing field. Peeper attacks this time, exploding out of the blocks to spear E-Val to the ground, following up with a punch-fest. Again the referee breaks them up.

E-Val is the first to regain momentum, taking Peeper into the corner, landing some kicks to the ribs that leave Randy gasping for air. E-Val leaps to the top turnbuckle and blldogs Randy to the mat, following up with a crossface hold. Randy struggles to the ropes to break the hold. He uses the ropes to help himself to his feet and E-Val prepares to Rouge Spear him into the corner. Randy evades E-Val finisher and sends him crashing into the corner post. E-Val staggers to his feet and is hit with a Tornado DDT from Randy. Randy gets the body-bag from outside the ring and un-zips it, then he starts rolling E-Val towards it. After a short tussle, E-Val avoids being put in the bag and fights back to his feet. At this point GWC appears on the ramp and comes down to ringside to take the TAW titles. Randy Peeper runs to the outside to brawl with his fellow TAWer over the belts. GWC smacks the TAW World Title across Randy’s head, knocking him to the floor and busting him open. Suddenly Diablo runs out to the arena and takes out GWC from behind, slinging him into the ring. Diablo grabs a chair and starts beating on GWC in the ring. E-Val sees his opportunity and takes the body-bag to the outside where Randy is laying, and starts to roll him into the bag. E-Val picks up the TAW titles from the floor and goes to put them in with him. Diablo spots E-Val trying to dispose of the TAW titles and the first ever TAW World Champion and takes to the outside with his chair, going to lay out E-Val, but E-Val spots the oncoming Commissioner and hits a Rouge Spear.

With Diablo flat out on the floor, GWC out in the ring and Randy in the body bag, E-Val is alone to zip it up, but at the last moment Randy’s hand shoots up through the opening, grabbing E-Val by the throat. Randy pulls E-Val into the body bag with him and zips it up from the inside.


A blade can be seen cutting the body bag open from inside and Randy Peeper rolls out, TAW titles in hand. E-Val seems to have passed out in the bag. Randy takes the belts with him up the ramp, showing them off to the crowd. In the ring GWC starts to stir and he stares straight at Randy as he walks away. Randy coolly stares straight back, holding the belts aloft.

Commentator : What will Randy do now? Give the titles back to Revolution? Or give them to the Commissioner? What now?

MAIN EVENT : Cruiser Jim /w EZ Money vs Real Dude /w Hero.

“Reload” by Rob Zombie plays, the pyros explode and the strobe lighting fills the arena. Real Dude makes his way to the ring being booed by the fans, in the ring Hero descends from the skies, raising his revolutionary fist. The two meet in the ring and share an embrace, Hero giving Real Dude some words of encouragement.

Next Cruiser Jim’s music plays and he comes out of the curtain, but he’s alone. He makes his way down the ramp and never takes his eyes off the two Revolutionaries in the ring. Then from behind, entering through the crowd, EZ Money takes them both out, and throws Hero to the outside, following him out to fight. Cruiser runs to the ring to take advantage of the fallen Real Dude. Cruiser picks him up and puts him into the torture rack position, before throwing him back down to the mat, following up with a leg drop.

Jim picks up his opponent again, whipping him into the ropes and waiting for the return so he can hit a big boot. Real Dude is struggling to get any momentum and doesn’t get help from Hero who is locked in combat with EZ Money. Jim picks him up again, showing off his power against his former tag team partner, and whips Real Dude to the ropes again. This time Real Dude catches hold of the ropes, stopping himself before charging at Cruiser to take him down with a dropkick to the knee. Real Dude goes to the outside, looking fed-up of the battle already, and grabs a steel chair, bringing it back into the ring to use on Cruiser Jim. Jim manages to avoid the swinging chair and take Real back to the mat with a backdrop.

On the outside, EZ launches Hero into the ringpost, and follows up by slamming his head into it a second time. Cruiser Jim is in no mood for messing around and signals that he wants to end things with the Jacknife Powerbomb already. He lifts Real above his head but as he rests him on his shoulders, Real Dude reaches down and gouges his opponents eye. With Cruiser blinded Real leaps off his shoulders taking hold of his head on the way down and driving a DDT into the discarded steel chair. Real Dude covers Cruiser for the three count as Hero stops EZ getting into the ring by grabbing his foot. Hero takes the ring bell and lays out EZ Money outside the ring and gets in to start beating on Cruiser Jim. E-Val runs out from backstage and joins in the mugging, making it 3 on 1. At this the tag team champions, GWC and The Saint appear, running to the ring to avenge the numerous beatings they’ve taken from Revolution over the past few days. The Saint goes straight for Real Dude and GWC takes on E-val, but the 3 on 2 is quickly too much for them and they get take into two corners to be beaten on with a series of Ric Flair style chops.

Then the crowd go wild as Randy Peeper makes an appearance. Commentator : I guess we are gonna get our answer right here, right now folks. Is Peeper gonna join the evil Revolution?

Randy stands in the ring for a moment, looking at Hero, then looking at his fellow TAW stars, and then he takes out Hero, punching him straight in the face, making it 3 on 3. The TAW men quickly get the upper hand, GWC throwing E-VAL over the top rope, Randy launching Hero and The Saint disposing of Real Dude. The three raise each others arms in victory and Randy writes TAW in the air. Out of nowhere GWC punches Randy to the floor. “You’re a traitor Peeper”, “You’re a traitor to TAW!”. And then he starts beating him on the floor. Then The Saint joins in, both stamping a hole in Randy. Hero, E-Val and Real Dude get to their feet and get back in the ring. Saint and GWC stare them down, then the 5 of them hug before resuming the beating of Randy Peeper.

Commentator : Oh no. Oh no. Don’t tell me the tag team champions are Revolutionaries? Please tell me this isn’t happening.

Cruiser Jim and EZ Money get back to the ring and try in vain to stop the mass assault, but the rejuvenated Revolution are too strong. The new members Saint and GWC double powerbomb EZ Money and grab a chair.

Commentator : I don’t like this folks…The tag team Champs both have a history of being ruthlessly aggressive…almost barbaric in their attacks.

GWC takes EZ Money’s leg and threads it through the chair. Then Hero takes to the top turnbuckle and Swanton bombs the chair. EZ’s screams can be heard echoing around the arena. Hero takes another chair and slams it down on top of EZ’s leg.

Revolution leave the ring, Hero, E-Val, Real Dude, GWC and The Saint, with “Reload” bellowing around the arena. Behind them they leave the battered bodies of Cruiser Jim, Randy Peeper and EZ Money…who is still visibly in extreme pain clutching his leg.
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Betrayal Results (29/01/2008)
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