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 Duality Results (14/01/2008)

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PostSubject: Duality Results (14/01/2008)   Duality Results (14/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:19 am

MATCH 1 : E-Val, Zi Zheng & JSS vs Revolution

Commentator : Here we go folks. This is the start of what could be the most pivotal event in e-fed history. 6WF Duality is all about 6WF vs TAW, and by God I hope our boys do us proud tonight.

E-Val, Zi Zheng and JSS all come out to 6WF’s theme music, and an insane pop from the 6WF residents. The three of them take their time to milk the reception from the adoring crowd before the music is abruptly cut off by Hero’s fanfare and the entrance of Revolution.

The six men square up to each other and stare each other down for what seems like an eternity. The atmosphere is electric. And then all hell breaks loose. All six men brawl in the middle of the ring, and 6WF gain the upper hand when Zi Zheng launches Real Dude over the ropes, shortly followed by E-Val ejecting Hero. The match finally starts when Zheng and E-Val retreat to their corner and we begin with JSS and Cruiser Jim the legal men.

JSS tries to take down Cruiser with some quick offensive, a series of roundhouse kicks fails to take any effect on the big man who takes hold of JSS by the neck and launches him to the other side of the ring. Cruiser Jim stalks his prey around the ring and as JSS gets up he’s met with a powerful clothesline. Only now are we seeing how much of a powerhouse Cruiser Jim is, and his method of controlled aggression is too much for the Japanese Show Stopper.

JSS manages to gain a boost of energy and baseball slides through Cruiser’s legs and follows up with a rapid neckbreaker. 6WF’s own powerhouse, Zi Zheng tags himself in on JSS’ shoulder, as JSS climbs to the turnbuckle and lands a huge missile dropkick. Zi Zheng takes the advantage to Irish Whip Cruiser to the ropes and hit him with a powerful belly to belly suplex which gains a 2 count. Zi Zheng goes for a suplex which is reversed by Cruiser into one of his own and Cruiser gets the tag to Real Dude.

Real Dude DDT’s Zheng and gets a 2 count, and he follows it up with a Boston Crab. Zheng looks like he’s waivering and E-Val runs into the ring to break the hold. At this Hero leaps over the ropes to attack E-Val. This prompts Cruiser and JSS to return to the ring and the 6 man brawl starts again, the referee furiously trying to break up the melee.
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PostSubject: Re: Duality Results (14/01/2008)   Duality Results (14/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:20 am

Cruiser takes JSS to the outside and they start trading blows on the steel ramp. In the ring, Zheng and E-Val start controlling the action and Zheng picks up Hero and motions for E-Val to hit the Rouge Spear. As E-Val does his forward roll, Hero low blows Zheng and throws him into the path of the Spear. E-Val clutches his head in disbelief as Zheng doubles up in agony, and Hero slumps in the corner recovering, with a smile on his face for what he’d just done. Outside Cruiser double powerbombs JSS onto the steel ramp then throws him back into the ring. JSS slouches in the corner. E-Val and Hero appear to be the legal men now and E-Val signals for the Rouge Spear. He does his forward roll towards Hero and then sharply doubles back on himself to spear the recovering JSS.

Commentator : NO! NO! NO! E-VAL WHY???

Hero covers JSS for the 3 count and Hero, Cruiser Jim, Real Dude and their new ally E-Val begin a beatdown on the 2 remaining 6WF stars. E-val writes TAW in the air a la Bret Hart, and the other 3 continue to destroy JSS and Zheng.

Commentator : This is a bad omen for 6WF folks. Not only is the TAW roster growing….The 6WF roster is being taken out one by one!

Fight for the Right – Round 1 Match 1
Golddust vs Rock V2

After the events of the last match, it was always going to be hard for these two to follow up, but they put on a great match for the fans. Rock V2 took the early offensive, eager to prove that he was still number one contender material. Golddust’s ring rustiness was telling as Rock V2 always seemed to be one step ahead. Rock V2 pulled out a number of quickfire moves, an impact DDT, a spinebuster and some great snap suplexes. But Golddust’s experience was on show too as he reversed the final snap suplex into a small package, gaining a 2 count which rattled Rock. Golddust kept on top with a plethora of striking attacks, sensing that Rock was frustrated, keeping him down. But Golddust dropped his guard for a second and Rock V2 looking sharp hit a Rock Bottom and gained the 3 count.

Fight for the Right – Round 1 Match 2
Ethan Page vs The Saint

Another 6WF VS TAW battle tonight pitted Pheonix Rose’ young protégé against the invaders newest powerhouse. Diablo had ordered 6WF Security to surround the ring to counteract any kind of interference, and it was beneficial to what turned out to be a great technical match-up. The Saint started by using his power advantage to throw Ethan around the ring, but Ethan soon wised to this and his quick movement kept him well in the match. Ethan worked a few submission holds into the match, and an inverted STF looked like ending the match, but The Saint just made it to the ropes before having to submit. The match ended rather abruptly when Ethan saw the chance to please the crowd with a high-flying hurrancarana but The Saint caught his breath and caught his opponent in the air, turning it into a Jacknife Powerbomb and a 3 count that advances the newcomer to Round 2.
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PostSubject: Re: Duality Results (14/01/2008)   Duality Results (14/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 6:21 am

MAIN EVENT : 6WF Heavyweight Title Ladder Match
EZ Money vs Golden Gillespie vs Pheonix Rose
vs GWC vs SCSA vs Randy Peeper

Commentator : Here it is folks. The moment of a lifetime. The most important, most pivotal match in 6WF history. 6 men. 3 6WF. 3 TAW. Battling it out for the stolen…yes stolen…crown jewels of this company. EZ Money’s 6WF title. Come on boys…you can…

(Last of the Famous International Playboys by Morrissey unexpectedly plays. Diablo strolls to ringside, wearing his Mr 6WF gown, and takes a seat alongside the commentator)

Diablo: May I join you?
Commentator : Absolutely
Diablo : Then let’s get this show on the road. Let’s get our title back!

(Here comes the Money plays) Diablo : OK. Here he is. The rightful owner of that piece of gold hanging above the ring. The best damn wrestler in e-fed history. Champion since the dawn of time and I’ll be damned if that’s gonna change tonight.
Commentator : Love him or hate him, he’s our Champion, he’s our boy!

(EZ stares in contemplation at his title hanging above him, seemingly in a trance and then Stronger, Kanye West hits)
Diablo : The unbeaten Pheonix Rose. If EZ Money can’t win this match, there’s no-one else in the world more capable than Pheonix!
Commentator : I agree with you there Diablo. Commissioner Acer’s finest acquisition, Signing his hero, the UFC legend.

Pheonix runs down the ramp and grabs a ladder from underneath the ring and slides it straight to EZ who sets it up. The 6WFers are craftily trying to win this before TAW even enter the ring! EZ is halfway up the ladder when SCSA, Randy Peeper and GWC storm the ring and pull him down.

The battle begins and its 3 on 2 in favour of TAW, but it doesn’t take long before “Gold Digger” by Kanye West booms through the arena and Golden Gillespie joins the action. EZ Money gets the better of SCSA and starts punishing him in one corner. Randy Peeper executes a great spine buster on Golden Gillespie, and starts applying various submission holds to him on the ground. Outside the ring Pheonix Rose and GWC are having a slobberknocker, and the punching match is going on right in front of the commentary table. Diablo screams encouragement at Pheonix but its level pegging.

EZ Money bodyslams SCSA onto the ladder which has fallen in the melee and climbs to the top turnbuckle to execute a legdrop onto the steel. SCSA reels in pain and rolls out of the ring. Gillespie and Randy Peeper are now outside also. Randy irish whips GG into the steps but spots EZ making a break for the title. EZ climbs the ladder and Randy climbs the other side and they trade blows at the top.

Commentator : Can you believe this? The inaugural champions of 6WF and TAW are battling it out 12 feet in the air. Did you ever think you’d see the day? COME ON EZ!

EZ decides to take Randy out at his own risk and uses his weight to topple the ladder, grabbing Peeper’s head on the way down for a phenomenal bulldog to the outside. Both men are hurt. Pheonix and GWC are still immersed in their own personal battle, but Pheonix can’t resist putting him into a full nelson, allowing Diablo some cheap shots from the commentary position. “That’s for 6WF you son of a b****” can be clearly heard by the television audience.

Now Pheonix puts GWC on the commentary table and gets on with him. He goes to powerbomb GWC through but its reversed and they continue to fight on the table. GWC eventually gets the upper hand and drives Pheonix through the table with a backdrop, but injuring himself in the process.

Gillespie and Randy have recovered and resumed their battle, which is leading them both up the ramp, away from the ring and they disappear from sight. EZ Money realises if he can put out SCSA he will have a free run at the title. At that moment Cruiser Jim, E-Val and Real Dude run to the ring, pushing SCSA to the ground. Real Dude sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and E-Val sets one up in the corner. Cruiser helps EZ up and gets him to climb the ladder, E-Val points to EZ and applauds.

Commentator : Good god no! Hell no! Not EZ too! Diablo : No way…TRAITOR!

As EZ reaches for the title E-Val suddenly leaps from one ladder to the other, spearing EZ to the ground. Pheonix crawls to the ring to try and defend EZ but Cruiser Jim slings him into the corner ladder. E-Val runs and hits another Rouge Spear through Pheonix, bending the ladder beyond use.

SCSA enters the ring to shake E-Val’s hand, but E-Val rejects, hits him to the and Revolution start to take apart the TAW star. Commentator : What’s going on? I thought Revolution were with TAW?

6WF Security run to the ring to evacuate Revolution from the arena but the damage is done. Gillespie and Randy are nowhere to be seen. EZ, GWC, SCSA and Pheonix lie scattered around the ring. Diablo slams down his headset.

Commentator : Where are you going? What?

Diablo sets up the ladder and starts climbing for the gold.
Commentator : He’s gonna do it! Mr 6WF is claiming back the….(lights go out)…OH NO….NOT NOW DAMN YOU…..This isn’t about you now!

Lights come back on and Diablo is flat out, covered in blood in the ring. Trish and Zheng rush out to attend to him. He seems in a really bad way. With everyone pre-occupied GWC is the first to recover and makes his own break for the title. He slowly climbs the ladder and with no opposition around he has the title in his hands. He struggles to find the catch to make the title his and out of nowhere Pheonix takes the ladder from beneath him. GWC is left hanging on the title, tugging at it to release it and become champion. Pheonix jumps, using the ladder for elevation and karate kicks GWC clean in the upper torso. GWC falls to the ground, wincing in pain, Pheonix frantically checks him for the title but GWC has landed without it. The two of them continue to brawl, again moving to the outside of the ring.
Diablo is still out cold in the corner of the ring and Trish calls for help that arrives in the form of Ethan Page. Ethan and Zheng load Diablo onto the ladder as a makeshift stretcher and they carry him up the aisle, with Trish in tow holding Diablo’s hand.

SCSA and EZ Money resume their battle but they are both drained. SCSA starts dragging EZ up the ramp and they have a tired scuffle on the stage. They fight to the edge and through exhaustion they both run each other off, 20 feet to the concrete floor below!

That just leaves Pheonix Rose and GWC fighting it out, still on the outside of the ring. Then a stranger pulls GWC into the crowd and attacks him. He reveals himself and it’s Rock V2…and he’s beating on GWC in the crowd area.

Pheonix makes his way into the ring, but there are no ladders left! He shouts to the back but a stage hand just shrugs his shoulders. Pheonix looks around in disbelief and tries to set up the ladder broken by E-Val’s spear, but it’s no good and Pheonix slams it down in frustration. Then Finlay and JSS run to the ring and tell Pheonix that they’ll lift him to the title. Pheonix gets on their shoulders, they lift him up reaches for the title.

Commentator : Pheonix Rose is going to realise his dream. Pheonix Rose is going to save 6WF! Look at the unity in that ring… 6WF UNITY!

(A fanfare plays and a spotlight shines to the rafters)

Hero on a flying rope descends to the ring and kicks Pheonix down from Finlay and JSS’ shoulders. Commentator : WHAT THE HELL? NO…NO……..NO!
Hero unties the belt and the ropes lift him into the air again.

COMMENTATOR : THAT BA***** HAS STOLEN THE TITLE AGAIN! IT’S BEEN STOLEN AGAIN! I don’t believe it! I really don’t believe it! What does this mean for 6WF? Who is the Champ?

Hero : Vive la Revolution! Vive la Revolution! (to the crowd below as Duality goes off air)
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Duality Results (14/01/2008)
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