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 Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008)

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PostSubject: Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008)   Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 3:18 am

MATCH 1 : E-Val vs GWC

E-Val makes his entrance to the ring to the unusual chorus of cheers from the loyal 6WF fans. GWC follows, waving a TAW flag, to horrendous booing and bottle throwing.

The match starts at a furious pace, with E-Val and GWC trading quick punches and grapples which is halted when E-Val lands a powerful dropkick which the fans go wild for.

GWC rolls out of the ring to recover but E-Val takes the opportunity to take to the air and performs a suicide dive over the top ropes. E-Val takes GWC and rolls him into the ring but before he gets chance to get in himself GWC hits a baseball slide and the action again moves to the outside.

GWC hits a series of power moves outside the ring then slingshots E-Val into the steel steps. With E-Val slumped over the steps GWC reaches under the ring to get a steel chair and goes to slam it into E-Val’s prone head, but the referee grabs the chair at the last second. GWC pushes the referee over who lays ko’d on the floor. Unsure of whether or not to check on the ref, E-Val takes the break to jump up onto the apron and hit a hurracaranna.

Again rolling GWC into the ring, E-Val this time keeps the initiative, keeping GWC on the ground with a series of quick armbars and leglocks. E-Val retreats to the corner and waits for GWC to stagger up. E-Val hits the Rouge Spear and covers…but no referee.

Out of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Ashley slides into the ring and beats on E-Val with the TAW flag before scarpering away again. GWC covers E-Val for the 3 count just as the referee crawls back to the ring.

MATCH 2 : Trish Stratus vs Laurie Wills (6WF Women’s Title)

Both ladies got a huge reception on entering the ring for this inaugural 6WF Women’s title match. The referee showed off the new belt to the crowd before ringing the bell.

Both women were tentative to start with, unsure of each other’s ability as Trish has been retired for years and Laurie is making her debut. After a few non-committal grapples, Trish takes the initiative by hitting a snap-mare and uses her experience to keep control of the match. Laurie shows she is no slouch though when she reverses a Chick Kick into a quick, technically perfect leg lock. Trish just makes it to the ropes but Laurie keeps up the technical offensive and Stratus is visibly shocked by Willis’ talent. Another Figure 4 leg lock is just broken as Trish kicks Laurie in the face. This rocks Laurie and Trish re-takes the initiative and attempts a bulldog.

Just as the move impacts the arena lights go out. After 30 seconds they come back on with both women standing, but bloodbathed. On the canvas, scrawled in blood is “Diablo. Blood on your hands!” Diablo and Pheonix Rose run to the ring as the ref calls for the bell and a no contest. Diablo and Rose share a worried glance at each other and at the message on the canvas before escorting Trish and Laurie backstage.
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Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008)   Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 3:19 am

MATCH 3 : JSS & Finlay vs Pheonix Rose & Ethan Page (Non-Title)

The tag team champions make their way to the ring with JSS enthusiastically dancing and jumping to the ring and Finlay more serious slightly disgusted at how excited JSS is. They wait in the ring for a good few minutes before just Ethan Page walks out. The screen shows Pheonix tending to Laurie Willis who is still in shock backstage.

The action starts with the champs utilizing quick tags to gain early momentum. The two of them together are far too good for Ethan and they take him apart with a series of quick tags and double team moves. They look like a tag team of 10 years together they are so fluid.

After a few two counts Pheonix finally comes sprinting out to the ring. He takes out both Finlay and JSS with clotheslines and then throws Finlay over the top rope. Now the Pheonix Alliance take the opportunity to double-team on JSS. A double powerbomb is so ferocious that JSS bounces violently off the mat. Finlay gets back into the ring and the four brawl until the referee regains control and JSS and Pheonix are the legal men. A good technical battle follows then Rose hits a great hanging suplex, Ethan runs along the apron, leaps onto the top rope and dropkicks Finlay off the apron. Pheonix applies a sharpshooter on JSS who after a few attempts at crawling to the ropes taps out.

The Pheonix Alliance celebrate in the ring and signal to the champs that they want their belts as they walk up the ramp arguing with each other.

MAIN EVENT : Golden Gillespie vs EZ Money & Zi Zheng (6WF Internet Title, Handicap Match)

There is no confusing whose side the crowd are on in this one. They are furiously showing their dis-taste at this match-up as EZ and Zheng enter, and Golden Gillespie gets a heroes welcome as he makes his way to a match where the odds are stacked against him courtesy of “Commissioner” Diablo.

Right from the off it’s clear that Gillespie has no chance against the 6WF Champion and the Chinese Monster who have obviously been briefed by Diablo and are very much on the same page. They hit a double clothesline, a double powerbomb and a double suplex without reply and they both stroll around the ring with arrogant swaggers.

All of a sudden they see Stone Cold Steve Ashley and GWC outside the ring and make their way out to face off against them. The Golden One lies flat out in the ring as the 6WF and TAW stars brawl outside the ring. EZ grabs the ring bell and runs for SCSA who scarpers back into the crowd followed by GWC. The announcer grabs the bell back from EZ and rings it. EZ and Zheng have been counted out making Golden Gillespie the winner.

Diablo comes out to the ramp…
“Oh no…you must be mistaken referee. This is a falls count anywhere match. So no count-out! The match will continue!” This is met with a loud bellow of boos.

The double teams continue on Gillespie, but he manages to fight back and knocks them both to the floor. The Golden One slings EZ into the corner who falls spread legged in the corner. Gillespie follows up with a variation of Shattered Dreams by baseball sliding into EZ’s crotch.

EZ rolls outside the ring as Zheng takes out Gillespie from behind and mounts a stomping attack. EZ is furious at the Shattered Dreams and grabs two chairs. EZ and Zheng wait for Golden Gillespie to get up and hit a con-chair-to. The ref calls for the bell again.

Diablo appears again. “Are you stupid? This is No DQ too. Re-start the match you imbecile” Ferocious boos from the crowd ring out again.

EZ covers Golden Gillespie. 1…2…The Golden One kicks out. Then Zheng covers 1….2….kick out again! Then running down the aisle comes Golddust. He distracts Zheng on the apron and then throws some gold dust in his eyes. Zheng is blinded and turns around, bumps into EZ and then mistaking him for Gillespie, Chokeslams him onto one of the chairs lying in the ring. Golden Gillespie seizes his big opportunity and hits Zheng with the Curtain Call and gains the pinfall victory.


Gillespie holds his title aloft and stares daggers at the stand-in commissioner who stares back furiously, standing at the top of the ramp!
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Wednesday Night War Results (09/01/2008)
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