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 The Commissioner's New Year Speech 2007

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PostSubject: The Commissioner's New Year Speech 2007   The Commissioner's New Year Speech 2007 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 2:16 am

(The camera pans in on Acer, who is signing an important document, with others stacked on his desk. He puts the lid on his pen, puts it on his desk and addresses the camera).

Good tidings to one and all. This is your commissioner, with a few announcements. But first a few thankyous.

First of all, I would like to thank Kingofkings for giving me a contract. Since stepping into his shoes as commissioner, I would like to thank each and every wrestler for all the support backstage. Finally, I would like to thank EZ Money, who has carried the 6WF Title with a lot of integrity, although he has been known to resort to underhand tactics to retain his championship.

Now, my first announcement which are the winners of the 6WF awards. Let me remind of the categories:
Feud of the year
Newcomer of the year
The MVP (Most valuable wrestler)
Mr 6WF (Wrestler of the year).

The winners for award number one…well there can only be one feud that is worthy of this award: EZ Money and Diablo.

There have been a few notable newcomers this year, Phoenix Rose, Golden Gillespie and myself being examples, however the winner of the newcomer award…Finlay.

The award for the MVP, there is doubt about the winner…EZ Money.

And finally…the big one…the Mr 6WF award…the winner of this award will be able to call themselves “Mr 6WF” for the year. And the winner is…The Last of the International Playboys…Diablo. Now usually the winner would get a trophy, however seeing as Diablo has won it this year, not only will he get the trophy, he will also get a Hugh Heffner Dressing Gown, with Mr 6WF on the back…I hope you wear it to matches because it cost me a bomb.

Now to serious matters.

For the past few months, I have had wrestlers coming to my office looking for contracts, which I have given out. However these guys have not shown any interest in the feuds, promoing in this federation. So I have decided that there will be a match early next year, involving all wrestlers that do not promo regularly, the two examples I can think of are Danny Dynamite and the Red Devils. There will be a certain stipulation, which is the loser gets released from his contract. To get yourself out of this match, you must promo regularly.

Now to TAW, Trash And Waste…the company that has clung to our coat-tails when we, the 6WF, are flying high. TAW is nothing but a federation for wannabes. I have just signed this contract stating that no 6WF stars are accountable for their actions on your show, which is basically a backyard wrestling show.

Uryu, unfortunately I will be unable to meet you in the ring on Monday, however I hold an open invitation for you to come to the next 6WF show in the New Year, when you will find out what it is like to be in front of a sell-out crowd, not just a man and his dog.

My New Years Resolution is to erase TAW from the wrestling scene…FOREVER!

Now, farewell, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(Acer goes back to signing documents…)
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The Commissioner's New Year Speech 2007
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