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 Meltdown Results (14/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Meltdown Results (14/12/2007)   Meltdown Results (14/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:22 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first match of the evening, scheduled for one-fall, for the 6WF Internet Title. Introducing first, the challenger…The Golden One…Golden Gillespie.

The Golden One struts out wearing his new ‘futures bright…futures golden’ shirt. He enters the ring, before throwing his shirt into the crowd, where a fight breaks out between two women who both grab the shirt. Before it gets x -rated, the fight is broken up.

And his opponent…the 6WF Internet Champion…Worthy.

Worthys (very weird) entrance video plays, but Worthy is no-where to be seen. Suddenly the camera focuses on Worthy who is walking through the crowd. He enters the ring and goes nose-to-nose before offering his hand, which Golden Gillespie accepts.

The ref rings the bell, and the match is on. Both men go to their corners before circling each other. They lock up and the champ gets the early advantage, with a headlock, and then a series of body takedowns, keeping Golden Gillespie off his feet. Out of nowhere, from a bodylock, Worthy hits a release German Suplex and goes for a quick cover. The Golden One kicks out after the two-count but still has no foothold in this match, and this shown when Worthy hits a backbreaker, and Golden Gillespie rolls out of the ring, withering in pain. Worthy dives through the ropes attempting a suicido dive, but Golden Gillespie has it scouted and hits a spear, taking Worthy straight into turnbuckle pole. With the ref counting to 10, Golden Gillespie rolls Worthy into the ring and takes him into the corner and hits the shattered dreams. He brings Worthy into the centre of the ring and then takes him down with a suplex. Worthy is on the ropes in this match and the fans know this, but the Internet Champion counters a clothesline into a neck breaker. Both men struggle to their feet and Worthy hits a T-Bone Suplex, before going to the top-rope. Golden Gillespie falls into the ropes, knocking Worthys balance, giving the Golden One the chance to capitalize, which he does with a top-rope Curtain Call. The ref makes the count, and what is seen as an upset, makes the three-count a split-second before Worthy lifts his shoulders of the mat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner…and NEW 6WF Internet Champion…Golden Gillespie.

The referee rolls out of the ring to get the belt, and returns, handing it to the new champion. Worthy looks at the referee in disbelief, feeling he has been hard-done-by. Never-the-less, he stands and extends his hand to the champ, before exiting the ring shaking his head, tears visibly falling from his eyes.

This match is a handicap match. Introducing first…Finlay.

Finlay walks out through the curtain, but is attacked from behind by the Red Devils. They drag him into the ring and hit him with three conchairtos. Suddenly a familiar guitar riff rings through the arena and JSS races down the ramp with a Sledgehammer in hand. Both Devils take a shot to the head before scarpering to the back. JSS kneels by Finlay.
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PostSubject: Re: Meltdown Results (14/12/2007)   Meltdown Results (14/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:23 am

This match is for the number one contenders spot…and is a FIRST BLOOD MATCH. Introducing first, accompanied by Zi Zheng…Diablo.

Diablo walks out with a woman on each arm. He orders them to backstage and visibly says something to Zi Zheng, who doesn’t show any signs that he’s listening or understanding what his teacher is saying.

And his opponent…RockV2.

RockV2 walks out to the ring, not in his usual attire, but wearing jeans and a black tank-top.

Before he can get to the ring, Diablo hits RockV2 with a clothesline. Immediately he throws left and rights at RockV2s head, which is starting to show visible swelling. Knowing that this match could be over before it has begun, RockV2 battles out, and hits a Rock Bottom onto the steel ramp. With Diablo reeling, Zi Zheng interfered, hitting RockV2 with a Pedigree. The referee sends Zi Zheng to the back, and Diablo capitalizes on the attack on RockV2, with a back-breaker. Diablo takes RockV2 into the ring. He hits a Domi-Bomb, and then he goes to the corner and xposes one of the turnbuckle. RockV2 gets up and charges at Diablo, but misses and gets a taste of the unprotected steel. The ref immediately checks RockV2s forehead, and just as he does so…

…the lights go out, and the fans wonder what’s going on. After about 30 seconds, the lights come back on, to reveal RockV2 slumped outside the ring, and Diablo hanging above the ring…ON A CRUCIFIX!!! He is covered in his own bl00d. In the scarlet on his chest, a finger has written out ‘NEMESIS’ on Diablos chest.

Your winner and still the number one contender…RockV2.

EMTs run-in, and then an ambulance is called for Diablo. As he is put on the stretcher, the lights go out again. The lights come on and Diablo is no longer on the stretcher, but is in the Hang Man position in the ropes. Zi Zheng comes out to help Diablo into the back of the ambulance…

Acer backstage: Looking for another lumberjack. Goes into the locker-room. ‘Anyone want to be one of the Lumberjacks in the main event?’ No one offers. ‘Fine be that way’ and he walks out.

This match is tonight’s MAIN EVENT. Introducing first…accompanied by his lumberjacks Danny Dynamite, Diablo and Zi Zheng…he is the 6WF Champion…EZ Money.

EZ comes out followed by Danny Dynamite and Zi Zheng, Diablo not in tow because of his obvious injuries from his match.

And his opponent…accompanied by the 6WF Internet Champion Golden Gillespie…Acer.

Acer comes out before turning round and pointing at Golden Gillespie. They exchange words before both running into the ring.
Gillespie exits the ring, and EZ enters. The match is on….
Both men circle before grappling, with a test of strength. Neither man budges, until EZ hits a cheap knee to the mid-section, and applies a head-lock. Acer throws him into the ropes and hits a dropkick. He gets up and attempts a Suplex, but EZ counters and hits a neckbreaker. He then applies an Arm-lock showing the fans that he wants this match to be fought at his own pace. Acer rolls forward and applies the arm-lock to EZ. He then hits the champ with a Back-Breaker. Danny Dynamite stands on the ring-apron, and Acer pulls him into the ring. He hits Dynamite with a release German Suplex. Zi Zheng enters the ring but is dragged out by Golden Gillespie, who starts brawling with the Chinese star until Dynamite blindsides the Internet Champ. Suddenly the lights go out…and the titantron flickers….

…A video of Diablos ambulance is playing. The vehicle is in motion outside of the hospital, located on a ravine-edge. The ambulance stops outside of the hospital, and the EMTs get out. Out of nowhere a masked figure gets into the drivers seat and puts the vehicle into gear, and before it goes over the top…he jumps out, leaving Diablo inside! The vehicle bursts into flames on impact at the bottom of the ravine…

The lights come back on. Zi Zheng has seen all of this footage, and runs to the back, obviously trying to get to his teachers aid. EZ and Acer have still been fighting all through the video, EZ applying a figure-four leg-lock, which Acer counters, putting EZ into the Indian Death-Lock. EZ howling in pain reaches the ropes and Acer breaks the hold before the 5 count. Gillespie is thrown into the steel steps by Dynamite, who enters the ring attempting blindside Acer. Acer spots him and hits the Slam Of Our Fathers. He sees EZ on the top-rope and climbs to meet the champ. Both men are throwing left and rights. EZ gets the advantage and uses it, hitting Acer with a Tombstone Piledriver off the top-rope. He covers the commissioner and the ref makes the count.

Your Winner…The 6WF Champion…EZ Money.

EZ rolls out of the ring and gets his belt before walking up the ramp, holding his belt above his head. Acer, with the help of the ropes, gets to his feet and looks up at the ceiling. He realizes that he was beaten fairly
Dynamite again enters the ring attempting to attack Acer, who is saved by Golden Gillespie who hits the curtain call. Acer climbs to the top-rope and hits the shooting-star knee-drop on Dynamite, and the crowd goes wild.
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Meltdown Results (14/12/2007)
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