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 Shutdown Results (10/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Shutdown Results (10/12/2007)   Shutdown Results (10/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:10 am

Promo: Acer walks out to the ring, with a microphone in his left hand. He addresses the crowd. ‘I know that everyone saw what went down at Meltdown last Friday. I had three large gashes on my head…these gashes needed over 50 stitches. One gash cut down, right down into the bone. Tonight I go one on one with the person that created these wounds…Diablo. This match is already a 2 out of 3 tables match, but I am going to raise the stakes. The winner will get a shot at the 6WF Heavyweight Title.’

Match 1: Finlay v Danny Dynamite v Angel Of Dath.
(To AoD, sorry for the mispelling, but my computer blocks the words)
‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one-fall and is a triple threat match, and may be won by pin, submission or disqualification.
Introducing first...from Ireland…Finlay.’
Finlay walks out to the ring, with a shillelagh in his hand. The crowd cheers when he climbs the top turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air.
‘And his opponent…Danny Dynamite.
The chords of Metalingus by Alter Bridge ring round the arena, and Danny Dynamite comes jumping through the curtain. The fans give him a luke-warm reaction, as this is only his second match. He jumps through the ring-ropes, and walks over to shake Finlays hand.
And their opponent…From the darkest corner of this Earth…Angel Of Dath.
The lights go out, then suddenly a ring of fire ignites on the ramp, and a cloaked figure rises out of the fiery pit: Angel Of Dath. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring.
The referee calls for the bell.

Finlay and Dynamite double-team Dath, with clotheslines and double-DDTs. Dath managed a slight come-back knocking Finlay to the outside. Dath then suplexed Dynamite, before locking in an illegal choke-hold. Before the referee managed to get to a 5 count, Dath released the hold, but then locked in a head-lock. Danny tried to fight he hold, getting to a solid base before striking Dath in the ribs with elbows, but was stopped by a knee in the gut. Dath kept the headlock on, until Finlay re-entered the ring and hit Dath with a clothesline. Dynamite hit a DDT on Finlay, and then on Dath. Finlay got to his feet and threw punch after punch at Dynamite, and got him on his shoulders for a F5, but was speared by Dath, dynamite falling on top of him. 1, 2…only a two-count. Finlay got up and threw Dynamite out of the ring, and then locked the Tazzmission on Dath. The fans stood in unison, expecting Dath to tap. Finlay took Dath to the ground and held on to the hold. Neither Finlay nor Dath noticed Dynamite climbing to the top turnbuckle. He hit an inch-perfect sentan bomb, and Finlay released the Tazzmission in pain, leaving Dynamite to cover Dath. 1, 2…another two-count. Finlay grabbed Dynamite and hit the Celtic Cross, and turned and locked in the Irish Leg-break on Dath. Again the fans stood, and cheered as the pain was too much for Dath, who tapped rapidly.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by submission…Finlay.’

With Dynamite holding his neck and head, and Dath holding his leg, the referee raised the triumphant Finlays hand, and he motioned that he would have a title around his waist soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (10/12/2007)   Shutdown Results (10/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:11 am

Backstage: Golden Gillespie is with the backstage commentator. When asked why he asked for his match with Zi Zheng, ‘Why? I’ll tell you why. On Friday I was in a one-on-one match with Acer, but our match was a no contest when that son of a b*tch Diablo attacked both me and the commissioner with that steel chair. When he tied me to the ring ropes, I saw him bludgeon the helpless Acer, and it made me mad. Here is someone who thinks that he should be 6WF champion, attacking a helpless wrestler who beat him in his own match. I wanted this match, so that I can show you what will happen when you get in the ring with me, Diablo. Trust me, when your protégée enters the ring with me, he will exit a different man.’ Golden Gillespie walks out of shot.

Match 2: Acer v Diablo

‘This match is a two-out-of-three tables match. The winner will be the man who puts his opponent through two different tables. The winner will also become the number 1 contender for the 6WF Heavyweight Championship.
Introducing first…Diablo.’
Diablo entered the ring to a round of ‘Boo’s’, giving the fans middle finger.
‘And his opponent, the commissioner…The Monday Night Draw…Acer.’
Come to Life my Alter Bridge blared out of the speakers as Acer walked through the curtain, still looking sore from Fridays beat down. Diablo exited the ring and met Acer halfway up the ramp, but The Monday Night Draw hit a belly-to-belly suplex on the steel. Diablo withered in pain as the crowd ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahed’. Acer grabbed Diablos head and then hit a DDT. Diablo came back with elbow strikes and then hit a powerbomb. The ramp gave way, leaving Acer in the middle of a whole in the ramp. Diablo dragged him out and then rolled him into the ring, before obtaining a table. He opened it up in the ring, and then put Acer on it. Diablo went to the top rope, and attempted a cross-body-block. Acer reversed it and hit the ‘Slam of our Fathers’, straight through the table. 1-0 to Acer. Even though he had the first fall, Acer was still suffering from that fall through the ramp, and that was obvious when he got caught in the ‘goozle’ by Diablo. Diablo then dragged his opponent out of the ring, and before smashing him with a chair, causing Acer to bleed profusely. Diablo opened up another table and this time it was Acer who went through it with a black-hole slam. Score 1-1. Diablo picked up Acer and put him on top of the announce table, before pile-driving him through it. Acer laid motionless as Diablo obtained another table, and then another. He went for another chokeslam, but Acer, in desperation kicked Diablo in the groin. Acer then clambered back into the ring, and went to the top rope, but was thwarted by Diablo knocking the ropes. Diablo then climbed up to the turnbuckle that Acer was stationed on, and gripped Acers jeans. The crowd stood up expectantly and Diablo provided, hitting a Superplex that put both he and Acer through the two tables set-up outside the ring. With the fans calling ‘HOLY SH*T’ the referee called for the bell.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by two falls to one…and the NEW Number One contender to the 6WF Heavyweight Championship…Diablo.

Diablo struggled to his feet, looked down at Acer, who was wearing the crimson mask. He got two chairs, put one under his fallen opponents head, and hit a devastating one man conchairto. The referees from the back protected Acer and told Diablo to go to the back, to the crowds Boo’s.
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PostSubject: Re: Shutdown Results (10/12/2007)   Shutdown Results (10/12/2007) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 12:12 am

Match 3: Golden Gillespie v Zi Zheng.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one-fall, and is a no-disqualification match. Introducing first…’
The announcer had no time to announce Zi Zheng, as he came flying through the curtain, quickly followed by Golden Gillespie. Gillespie picked up the chair that Diablo had left behind, and put it to good use, pile-driving his opponent onto the seat. Golden then threw uppercut after uppercut, before hitting his finisher, the Curtain Call. He dragged Zheng into the ring and went for the cover. 1, 2.. Zheng only just kicked out. Gillespie dumped Zheng onto the top turnbuckle and hit the Curtain Call again. This time Zheng did not kick out.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner….the Golden One…Golden Gillespie.’

Golden Gillespie stood over his fallen opponent, and the words ‘Welcome to the 6WF’ could be heard; the same words that he had promised to say to ZI Zheng at Meltdown.

Video Promo: The EVAL alliance…one of the best, if not the best stable in Professional Wrestling history. However now, with one member injured indefinitely, one jumping to another company, leaving two men to fly the flag for the EVAL alliance. EZ Money and E-Val. Both champions in their own right, but one was significantly in the shadow of the other.

At Meltdown, EZ Money fought Phoenix Rose in a non-title match. (Commentary: EZs got the title, he’s…he’s going to use it as a weapon. He charges, Phoenix ducks and MY GOD! MY GOD!! E-VAL WITH THE ROGUE SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE. PHOENIX MAKES THE COVER. 1..2…YES, FINALLY EZ HAS BEEN BEATENONE-ON-ONE ALL THANKS TO E-VAL!!)
With the EVAL alliance no more, E-Val has changed his ways, and is now known as Worthy. What will happen when the two major champions in the 6WF collide?

Match 4: EZ Money v Worthy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is tonight’s MAIN EVENT…Introducing first…he is the 6WF Heavyweight Champion…The Ratings Winner…EZ Money.

EZ walked to the ring with the boos of the crowd echoing around the arena. He entered the ring, and stood in the corner.

And his opponent…the 6WF Internet Champion…Worthy.

The chants of ‘Worthy, Worthy’ echoed around the arena. But Worthy did not recognize the fans, he was looking at EZ with a look of murder.

He entered the ring, but did not have a chance to stand, as EZ went on the offensive straight away, with hellacious stomping. Worthy then caught EZs leg, and locked in an ankle-lock. EZ quickly got to the ropes. Worthy then threw punch after punch, and EZ did not have a chance to defend himself. EZ rolled out of the ring, and without the referee seeing, grabbed Worthys internet title, before smashing it against his former ally’s skull. The ref rang the bell instantly.

Ladies and Gentlemen your winner…Worthy.

EZ got a table from under the ring, rolled Worthy into the ring, and then set-up the table on the turnbuckle, turned round and…(Commentator: THE ROGUE SPEAR!!! EZ HAS BEEN HIT WITH THE ROGUE SPEAR, STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Oh my God, this isn’t just a battle…this has become A WAR!!!)
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Shutdown Results (10/12/2007)
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