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 Retaliation Results (19/11)

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PostSubject: Retaliation Results (19/11)   Retaliation Results (19/11) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 10:57 pm

The Red Devils vs the Acer & The Renegade
After a slow start both teams went at it in an high flying clash. Both teams vied for the upper hand thru out the match. Even though there was a bit of hostility between acer and renegade in the past week both showed there proffesional side using double team manuevers and doing frequent tags. The end came when the sacked untouchable jake jackson ran in and laid out Acer with a steel chair shot. Python covered Acer while Jackson ran thru the crowd out of the arena

Hero Vs JSS.
This was originally scheduled to be a triple threat match but Double B had to drop out due to a knee injury so the match became just hero vs JSS. Double B was at ringside with a pair of crutches. This was an excellent technical match. Both hitting moves with plenty of holds and counter holds. Double B remained nutreal during most of the match but near end there were heated words between Jss and Double B. JSS got back in the ring and was preparing to hit hero with a superkick when Double B showing no signs of a injured knee grabbed JSS's foot allowing Hero to hit with a clothesline and get the pin on a stunned JSS. Double B ran from Ringside while the ref raised Hero's hand in victory

Eval vs Golden gillespie- Sheffield Steel Match: No DQ, No CO, No submission, first person to pin there opponent for the count of 5 wins and falls count anywhere -6WF Internet title Match.
This was an excellent match with both showing that they deserve to be in the title picture. Both wrestlers brawled thru out the arena and into the back areas. Eval used a camera, chairs and putting GG thru a table but could not get the 5 count. GG used a ddt onto a chair and a flying elbow from the top of a 8 ft ladder but he couldn't get the 5 count either. Both bled profusly during the later stages of the match but it was EVal who came out victorious when EZ involved himself landing a chair shot on GG and then draped the chair over GG's head and signaled eval to hit with a legrop. Eval covered the prone GG for the 5 count.

The rockV2+ The Reaper VS Tuberculoris + Gleebo
Both teams were almost dq'd at several points and the action was certainly heated in this grudge match. TB got the pin when he hit Rv2 with a powerbomb and got the pin

EZ Money vs Diablo- 6WF World Title match
The anticpation for this match was off the scale. Both started off with some catch as can wrestling but this descended into a brawl with EZ hitting with a low blow and turning it into a ddt. Diablo soon came back into it turning another ddt attempt by EZ into a small package and then attempting to damage the leg of EZ with a legdrop and a small package. Both were evenly matched and neither could get the upper hand to dominate. The end came when Diablo signalled he was going to finish EZ and went to lift him up. EZ grabbed Diablo in a small package and grabbed Diabo's tights. The ref counted to 3. Diablo couldn't beleive it and vented his frustrations in the ring.
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Retaliation Results (19/11)
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