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 Born In Fire Results (12/11)

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PostSubject: Born In Fire Results (12/11)   Born In Fire Results (12/11) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 10:16 pm

TKO, The Big Bang Vs Red devils - 6WF Tag Team Championship

This was a spectacular effort from both teams with both coming close to lifting the titles. It was the team of TKO and Big Bang who came out on top with The Big Bang hitting with the Big Boot to Python and TKO falling up with a shooting star press to get the pin and the titles
The winners - TKO and the Big Bang - 6WF World Tag Team Champs

The Reaper Vs Gleebo

This was a battle of the extreme as both wrestlers took themselves to the limit to achieve victory. It was The Reaper who came out on top after hitting with the DDT. However after the match Gleebo attacked Reaper leaving him battered and bloody
The winner- The reaper

Hero, Captain Blade, Golden gillespie VS The Unforgetable Jake Jackson, Eval, Double B
Extra stipulation whoever scores the pin wind the 6WF Internet Title

Shortly before the match it was announced that whoever scored the pin would be rewarded the 6WF Internet title. Both teams worked well together with some spectacular exchanges between Eval and Hero. Shortly before the end the match degenerated into a brawl with Double B, Hero, Golden Gillespie and Jackson fighting outside the ring. In the ring Captain Blade was just about to hit the swanton bomb when Double B shook the ropes causing him to fall. Eval hit with a legdrop and scored the pin and recieveing the 6WF Internet championship
The winners- The Unforgetable Jake Jackson, Eval, Double B. Eval- the 6WF Internet Champion

The rock V2 vs Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis completely dominated the match punishing the Rock v2 with strong powermoves. After a brief resurgence from rock, Tuberculosis looked like he was going to finish it with a powerbomb. However as Tuberculosis lifted him up The rock managed break the lift to somehow roll up Tuberculosis and get the pin
The winner- The Rock v2

Diablo VS Ez Money 6WF World Title Match

It was time for the world title match. Diablo and EZ Money both went at it with a passion switching from brillantly executed technical moves to brawling. Towards the end both hit their finishers and both kicked out of the following pins. The turning Point came when the referee was knocked out after Diablo accidently hit him with a clothesline. EZ money pulled some brass knuckles from his tights and hit Diablo laying him out. Before EZ could revive the ref Golden Gillespie ran out and laid out EZ with a chair evening the score. Diablo was the first up and seeing the chair struck EZ with it as he struggled up. However the referee had seen this and Disqualified Diablo. Normally the title can not change hands on a DQ but with the title being vacent and no stipulations in the contract to stop this the title was awarded to the winner EZ Money
The winner- EZ Money - 6WF world Champion
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Born In Fire Results (12/11)
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