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 Billy McFadden

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PostSubject: Billy McFadden   Billy McFadden Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 9:50 pm

Name: Billy McFadden
Nickname: Four Eyes, The Jolly Good Fellow

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 245 lbs
Class: Legendary Face
Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Speciality Match: Singles
Fighting Style: Southpaw boxer/kick boxer stance with lots of mixed martial arts

Finishing Move 1: Highland Games (A rugby tackle from behind that makes his opponent collapse onto the second turnbuckle. He then jumps up and knees the opponent in the back of the head.)
Finishing Move 2: Scottish Pride (A half nelson that is held until he decides to hit them on the head with his elbow, before taking up the half nelson again)

History: He trained at a local martial arts club when he was a youth, after being bullied. He took up every kind of fighting he could get, and as he grew older joined a wrestling school where Yokozuna trained. They teamed up around the world winning titles everywhere.
When he signed into professional wrestling he was a big thing. The red and black glasses he wore got him instant attention in the business and his rough and ready attitude saw him beat many greats. After he won the world title for the 1st time (as well as a tag team title for 3 times, once for 3 years with Yokozuna) he retired, due to persistant back injury.
Now he owns his own training school in Scotland and Canada, and has come to 6WF to help young wrestlers improve their skills.
He will help out anyone who needs him, and hates people who disrespect his wrestling past.
However, he no longer wrestles, unless he is forced to.
He sometimes attacks heels when the ref isn't looking.

Theme music: Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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Billy McFadden
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