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 Survival Results (07/02)

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PostSubject: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:46 am

Dark Match
Prodigy Vs Dynamo

Dynamo waits in the ring as

'Going down in flames' by‘ Three Doors Down plays on the arena speakers and Prodigy stands at the top of the ramp in his mask and bottoms. He jogs down to the ring slapping the fans hands. He stands on the apron and faces the ramp shouting, 'I am Prodigy, and I am the highest flying 6wf'er'

Dynamo jumps Prodigy and stomps him a few times before Prodigy begins to fight back with right hands before hitting a Snap Suplex 1...Kick out! Prodigy climbs onto the apron and hits a Sprinboard senton into hurracana 1...2......Kick out! Dynamo counters with a poke to the eyes and sets up for a piledriver but Prodigy backdrops him. Prodigy whips Dynamo into the corner before following with a running knee. Prodigy slams Dynamo and goes for a Moonsault and connects with just his head 1...2......3!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:47 am

RJ: Hello and welcome to 6WF SURVIVAL exclusively live on setanta sports 1 from here in the errrrrr compact Deeside centre in Flintshire,Wales
DL: And What an event it’s shaping up to be, The ASC Are back for 1 night only to face Project X.
RJ: Trash tv take on the New Dynasty and we have a 4 title defences
DL: Including Crime lord vs Phoenix Rose.

Match 1
European Title
Snake Eyes Vs JSS

JSS’ music hits and he Appears at the top of the ramp with Fro by his side and they walk down the ramp to heavy boos from the welsh crowd. JSS Climbs into the ring and Fro waits on the outside.

DL: JSS Looks pumped up for our first title match of the evening.

Announcer: And introducing the 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION, weighing at 180 pounds SNAKE EYES.

Good Life Hits and single spotlight appears at the top of stage as Snake Eyes comes out to a huge pop from the large crowd. He runs to the ring spotlight following him as he slaps hands with the fans. He stares at fro before entering the ring and climbing the turnbuckle to salute the fans.

The Ref takes the title and rings the bell.

Snake Eyes and JSS Circle each other in the ring before tentatively moving towards the centre and locking up. The Two Men are equal in strength and lock up again. Once again they are equal. They lock up for a third time and JSS overpowers Snake eyes and locks in armbar. Snake eyes reverses this into an armbar of his own before whipping JSS into the ropes and hitting a Deep arm drag takedown.

RJ: Good chain wrestling from the European champion
DL: it’s early doors yet RJ.

Snake eyes waits for JSS To rise before hitting a Snapmare and running the ropes and hitting a dropkick. He goes for the cover.

Ref: 1,2.kick out

DL: You won’t win a defence with moves like that.
RJ: he’s wearing him down.

Snake eyes attempts a Dropkick but JSS moves and then lifts snake eyes up into a sleeper hold. He Holds Snake eyes in with all his strength but it’s countered into a Jawbreaker followed by a spinning wheel kick to the temple of JSS Who hits the floor. JSS begins to stir and rises to his knees only to be met by a sickening Buzzsaw kick.

Crowd: Snake eyes, snake eyes.

Snakes eyes hooks the leg.

RJ: Oh 2 ½ from that sickening kick.
DL: He almost had a very quick defence of his title.
Snake eyes goes to run the ropes but fro grabs his leg. Snake eyes turns round and stares fro down and JSS Rolls him up.

Ref: 1,2..kick out

RJ: He has to be aware of what’s going on around him.

JSS Begins to work over the back of Snake Eyes. He locks in a bow and arrow submission hold and digs his knee further into the back of snake eyes whilst slapping him on the face.


JSS Gets distracted by these chants but fro tells him to keep the hold locked in. Snake eyes grabs the middle rope and JSS Release at the count of 3. Snake Eyes turns round to be met by a kick to the gut followed by a backbreaker. He goes for the cover.

Ref: 1,kick out

RJ: Good strong kick out there
DL: But he wants to watch this move.

JSS Attempts a wheelbarrow facebuster but snake eyes turns it into a victory roll pin.

Crowd: 1,2,3...AHHHHHH

The Ref gives a two count as the crowd boo and chant for snake eyes. Snake eyes acknowledges there support before hitting a Kick to the left knee and then the right knee followed by a spinning back fist and finally running the ropes and hitting a calf kick.

DL: Even I have to admit that kid is fast.
RJ: The speed which he hit those kick was unbelievable

Snake Eyes Irish whips JSS Into the corner and springboards off the rope to hit a triangle dropkick. He then lifts JSS Onto the top rope and goes to the opposite corner.

Snake Eyes runs and Springboard from the bottom rope to the top and hits a picture perfect Frankensteiner.

Crowd: HOLY SIHT. SNAKE EYES clap clap clap Snake Eyes

The European champ places an arm over the prone body of JSS.

RJ: Oh that no good cheat
DL: That’s called being a good manager.

Just as the ref was going to make the three count fro placed JSS’s leg on the rope. The ref gets up and sends Fro to the back as Snake eyes looks on from the top rope where he has just climbed. JSS Kips up and comes running toward the corner but snake eyes punches him a few times sending JSS off the turnbuckle and hitting a flying superkick.

Snake Eyes Runs to another corner and climbs to the top before saluting the fans.


He Dives off.

DL: OH END OF THE LINE (Corkscrew 630 senton.)
RJ: this one’s over.

Ref and Crowd: 1,2,3


Announcer: your winner of this match as a result of pinfall and STILL 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION, SNAKE EYES.

RJ: A good defence for snake eyes in what was a testing challenge against the veteran JSS
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:48 am

Match 2
Laurie-------Vs---Black Widow
Trish Stratus-----Brandi

Brandi's music hits and Brandi with Clarissa come out to a mixed reception from the crowd.

They go down to the ring and then Xanthi Rose comes out to booing from the crowd in Flintshire.

Black Widow comes out to more booing and the 4 stand outside the ring.

Trish's music hits and the crowd pops HUGE for Trish and Belinda as they make their way out, Belinda with a tray of Muffins which she hands out to the fans at ringside, and she leaves one on the announce table for RJ but Xanthi walks up, snatches the muffin, bites a chunk out of it and throws the rest of the muffin at RJ.

RJ: That was uncalled for!

Trish goes at Xanthi but the referee holds her back, and Trish and Belinda get into the ring as Laurie's music hits.

Laurie walks down to the ring, looking as focused as ever, she gets into the ring and Stacey's music hits.

Stacey walks down with the Honeyz Title over her shoulder, she gets in the ring and holds the Title high, with all 7 women looking at her...

DL: That is definately a big target for Stacey to have on her back!

Brandi and Trish start the match and Brandi whips Trish to the ropes, Trish ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes to hit a Lou Thesz Press, she hits Brandi with several punches before getting up and saluting the crowd!

Trish drags Brandi to her corner and tags in Belinda, who stomps at Brandi and picks her up, then goes to whip Brandi to a neutral corner, but Brandi counters and Drop Toe holds Belinda to the mat.

Brandi picks up Belinda and goes for a VIP Experience, but Belinda rolls up Brandi...

One, Two, kickout by Brandi.

Brandi gets up angrily and blocks a Clothesline attempt from Belinda, before hitting a Access All Areas and Brandi makes the cover...

One, Two, Three!

*Belinda is eliminated*

Honeyz Champion Stacey gets in the ring next and starts throwing punches and kicks at Brandi. Stacey whips Brandi to the ropes and hits a Spinning Heel Kick to Brandi, and covers...

One, Two, Xanthi breaks the count!

Stacey gets up as Xanthi goes back to the apron, Stacey trash talks Xanthi and Xanthi tags herself in at Brandi's expense.

Xanthi and Stacey get in each other's faces, but then Xanthi tags in Clarissa!

RJ: Clarissa looks as shocked as anyone about that tag!

Clarissa gets in the ring and looks at Stacey.

Clarissa slaps Stacey in the face and looks apologetic almost immediately, Stacey knees Clarissa in the ribs and whips her to the corner.

Stacey charges the corner but Clarissa moves, Clarissa turns around and straight into a Big Boot from Stacey.

Stacey covers, One, Two, Three!

*Clarissa is eliminated*

Black Widow comes in and overpowers Stacey immediately, Widow Clotheslines Stacey to the floor, then stomps her a few times.

Black Widow picks up Stacey and Gorilla Press Slams her to the mat, before picking up Stacey and whipping her to the corner.

Black Widow charges in and Stacey ducks the Clothesline, then dives to her corner to tag in Laurie Willis!

A section of the crowd chant Laurie's name, as she goes at Black Widow with a series of Punches and Kicks.

Black Widow is reeling and Laurie Dropkicks Black Widow to the mat.

Laurie covers, One, Two, kickout by Black Widow.

Black Widow shoves Laurie away and it gives her enough time to tag in Xanthi Rose.

Xanthi and Laurie stare at each other before Xanthi whips Laurie to the ropes.

Laurie bounces off with a Clothesline, which sends Xanthi falling back but now down, Laurie goes for a Clothesline over the top rope but Xanthi Back Body Drops Laurie all the way to the outside!

Laurie hits the floor hard, and as Xanthi distracts the ref, Black Widow whips Laurie shoulder first into the Steel Steps!

Laurie is favouring her Right Shoulder and as Black Widow rolls Laurie back into the ring, Xanthi goes for it like a target.

Xanthi wrenches the shoulder of Laurie, and stomps it a couple of times.

Xanthi picks up Laurie and hits a Shoulder Breaker to Laurie, followed by a cover...

One, Two, Th... Kickout by Laurie!

DL: Laurie barely kicked out but it's surely a matter of time...

Xanthi puts Laurie's hurt shoulder in an Armbar Submission, striking her Shoulder as Laurie is on the mat in pain, Laurie struggles and fights for about 30 seconds, she then eventually has no choice but to tap out!

*Laurie is eliminated*

Trish runs in going at Xanthi, but Xanthi immediately tags in Brandi.

Brandi goes at Trish with a Clothesline, which connects, followed by another which Trish ducks and hits Brandi with an Atomic Drop, then a running Knee to the jaw of Brandi!

Trish covers, One, Two, Xanthi breaks the count to booing from the Flintshire crowd!

Trish is peed off, and she throws Brandi to her own corner, telling Xanthi to tag herself in!

Xanthi looks at Trish and Black Widow tags herself in, Black Widow and trish going at it with counter punches to each other, Black Widow overpowers Trish and whips her to the corner.

Black Widow splashes Trish in the corner, and picks her up looking for a Powerslam in the ring.

Black Widow has Trish in the air, but Trish lands on her feet, and hits a Chick Kick to Black Widow!

Trish covers Black Widow, One, Two, Three!

*Black Widow is eliminated*

Xanthi blindsides Trish with a club to the back, and hits a Back Drop to Trish.

Xanthi Leg Drops Trish on the mat, and covers her, One, Two, kickout by Trish.

Xanthi picks up Trish by the hair, and goes for a Spike DDT, Trish hooks the bottom rops with her foot and Xanthi lands on her back, Trish covers Xanthi, One, Two, kickout by Xanthi!

Trish picks up Xanthi and goes for a Stratusfaction, Xanthi holds on to Trish and slams Trish to the mat face first!

Xanthi picks up Trish and while looking at Stacey, hits Trish with a Spike DDT.

Xanthi covers, One, Two, Three.

*Trish is eliminated*

RJ: The Champ Stacey left in a 2 on 1 situation here!

Stacey gets in the ring and hits Xanthi with a few punches, and whips Xanthi across the ring, Xanthi counters and whips Stacey to the ropes, Stacey Sunset Flips Xanthi and the ref counts...

One, Two, Th...kickout by Xanthi!

Stacey looks aghast that it wasn't three, but goes after Xanthi again!

Xanthi manages to tag in Brandi who Dropkicks Stacey to the mat!

Brandi whips Stacey to the corner and kicks her in the corner.

Brandi mudhole stomps Stacey and chokes her, the ref tells her to break the hold which she does.

Brandi picks up Stacey and goes for an Access All Areas, but Stacey drops underneath Brandi and rolls her up...

One, Two, kickout by Brandi!

Stacey whips Brandi to the ropes and hits a Heel Kick to Brandi, which catches her square in the face!

Stacey covers, One, Two, Three!

*Brandi is eliminated*

Xanthi is waiting behind Stacey as she gets up from pinning Brandi, and Xanthi hits a sick looking Neckbreaker to Stacey...

RJ: She never saw it coming!

Xanthi covers, One, Two, Three!

*Stacey is eliminated*

RA: Your winner and sole survivor, Xanthi Rose!

Xanthi stands in the ring, arms raised, as Stacey sits holding her neck and is handed her Honeyz Title.

Xanthi stares at Stacey, and smiles, before leaving the ring.

DL: This is surely a sign of things to come, Xanthi is the sole surviving Honey and she wants Stacey's Title!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:48 am

Match 3
Internet Title Match
Abe Abercorn(c) vs Cassius

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the 6WF Internet Championship

"They Say" by Scars on a Broadway plays and the capacity crowd in the Flintshire centre descends into raptous boos for Cassius who strolls out from behind the curtain,he grins evily at the crowd's reaction,he makes his way down the aisle to ringside where he climbs in and awaits his opponent.

RJ:Well Cassius is here,not of course a fan favourite but I doubt that matters to him...he has his sights set on proving a point here tonight and showing everybody why he is the Super-power

DL:I believe we are looking at the next Internet Champion

RJ:Hmmm time will indeed tell

"Rambling man" by The Allman Brothers is next and the fans cheer as Abe Abercorn comes out with the Internet Title round his waist,he walks slowly to the ring and looks at Cassius who stares straight at him,his gaze never wavering,Abe slides in the ring and holds his title up high before handing it to the referee

RJ:Abe looks a little nervous,this is some challenge he faces here tonight.

The referee explains the rules to the competitors,Abe nods in understanding and Cassius just glares,both men back away and the referee calls for the bell to get the contest underway.

DL:Here we go...a real test for the champion here tonight,Cassius Zhi is some competitor

The two men circle each other and then lock up in the centre of the ring,Cassius forces Abe back with his superior strength and chops away at the chest


Abe's chest looks red as he ducks another chop and begins to return the favour to his adversary,the Chineseman's chest takes on a redish tinge until he halts proceedings with a stern knee to the abodemen,he clubs the back of Abe and then performs a gutwrench suplex and a quick cover...1...2...kickout

RJ:Early test for Abe

Cassius puts Abe in a grounded headlock and tworks away with pressure,the Irishman is quick to his feet but the pressure is telling and he is struggling,he attempts a few elbows but Cassius holds on like a pitbull,Abe is down on one knee when he begins to shake...the crowd get behind him and begin to chant

Crowd:Aber-corn Aber-corn Aber-corn

Abe reacts to the crowd and lifts Cassius high into a back suplex and the hold is finally released,Abe is flat-out on the canvass as the ref begins his count

1...2...3...4...Cassius is stirring...5...6...Abe is clutching the ropes as he gets up

DL:Neither of these men are taking a countdown result

They meet in the centre and trade blows,the fans greet Abe's with cheers and boo Cassius,he seems to be spurred on by them and dropkicks Abe's knee out from underneath him and quickly puts him in a single leg boston crab

RJ:Oh this could be bad

Cassius applies awesome pressure and sits down on the back of Abe who omits a cry of pain,he struggles towards the ropes but Cassius drags him back to the middle and sits down again as Abe begins to fade from the pain he is being caused

DL:Champ is fading...check him referee!

The referee has seen enough and decides to check on Abercorn...he drops his arm...




RJ:He got it up!

On the final check Abe got his arm up and rose up into a crab like stature and drags himself and Cassius to the ropes where he clings on for dear life

Ref:Break the hold Cassius

Cassius grins and uses the 5 count to his advantage before releasing,he stomps on the leg and back of Abe before retreating on the orders of the referee.Abe looks in alot of pain as he staggers up,Cassius is stretching as Abe comes back into the centre.

RJ:Abe looks in a bad way,I dunno how long he can last against this monster

Cassius stomps at Abe's leg who immediately buckles,Cassius drags him up and headbutts him,Abe fires back with some right hands that rock Cassius,Abe flies at him with a shoulder block that sends Cassius against the ropes,as he comes back Abe ducks an attempted clothesline and punches to the stomach,he lifts Cassius and begins the Airplane Spin,he drops his opponent who staggers and Abe hits the ropes,he stumbles on his leg but hits the spear...

DL:BorderTown Takedown


RJ:He kicked out!

DL:The injured leg took something out of the spear

Cassius kicked out of the spear and the camera gets a shot of him laughing on the canvass,Abe looks agitated as he gets up,as he reaches his feet Cassius nips up and the two are face to face

RJ:Damn that is some athleticism

Abe looks shocked and does not react quickly enough to the shining wizard that sends him through the middle rope to the outside,Cassius watches him hit the hard floor before vaulting over the ropes and dropping an elbow to the chest on the outside

DL:Impressive manouvre

Abe is down as Cassius pulls him by the leg to the steel steps...once...twice...three times he lashes the injures leg of Abercorn against the steel before he climbs back in the ring

RJ:Foolish by Cassius really...I mean Abe is in a whole world of hurt but he cannot win the title by count-out

DL:Well you heard Cassius this week,perhaps its not about winning the title,he just wants to show his dominance

Ref...4...5...6...Abe is almost up...7...8...he grabs the apron and heaves...9...

RJ:He's just have to give him credit,he is a fighter

Cassius seems amused by Abe's effort and bounces off the ropes and Yakuza kicks the champ against the turnbuckle,he shoulder thrusts him three times before hoisting him up and planting him on the top-rope...he goes up to

DL:Could be a superplex?

Abe elbows away at Cassius and shoves him off the top-rope hard onto his back,he looks around the arena and the fans urge him on as he takes off...


Cassius rolls out of the way and Abe hits the mat with serious force,Cassius scrambles up and screams at Abe to get up aswell,the champ begins to get up...

DL:He has no idea how close he is to losing that title

Abe is up,his back is to Cassius and as he turns around Cassius goes to administer the Shockwave,Abe ducks and kicks Cassius in the stomach,as the head drops he reels him in

RJ:He was playing possum DVD!

Cassius drops to his knees and punches the injured leg ,Abe falls back and Cassius jumps to his feet and then into the air in a flash hitting a beautiful Dragon's Fury

DL:Thats it!

1...2.....foot on the ropes

Cassius bangs the floor with frustration and spits at the ref before hauling Abe up and body pressing him above his head

RJ:I thought Cassius had him...but look at this strength...oh no wait


RJ:He got him!

Announcer:Ladies and is you winner....and STILL 6WF Internet Champion Abe Abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrcorn!

RJ:I dont believe it!

The replays show as Abe was being body pressed in the air he rolled down the back of Cassius and into a pinfall position.

Cassius sits in the ring,a look of absolute fury on his face,Abe is handed his title on the rampway and holds his leg as the fans cheer his victory

DL:Well tonight was Abe's night but boy did Cassius push him to the absolute limit...Cassius Zhi might have lost but he injured Abe here and there is no way he will be satisfied with that

RJ:I feel your right Dave...Abe Abercorn is still our Internet Champion but Cassius will defintely have some payback on his mind.

DL:Well its been one helluva night aleady but there is still plenty more to come,stay tuned folks.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:49 am

Match 4
Trash Tv-------New Dynasty
Enforcer-------Mike Hill
Producers------Rock v2

White Stripes Seven Nation Army' hits as The New Dynasty come out. The three of them stand at the top of the ramp together as the crowd boo

Dave Law-There they are RJ the team thats going to win this thing and i think they may just have an Ace up their sleeve tonight

RJ-Well i think Trash TV may have something to say about that

Dave Law-The New Dynasty have been discussing who can represent them and i cant wait to find out who it is

'Movies' by Alien Ant Farm plays as The Producers come out onto the ramp

Dave Law-Hey we have to find out the 4th member of The New Dynasty team

99 problems by Jay-Z plays as Hero comes out and high fives The Producers

'Saturday Night' plays and Enforcer comes out to loud cheers as Trash TV make their way down to ringside

Dave Law-These guys arnt on the same page RJ

RJ-Well with the New Dynasty having 3 men id wager 50 quid with you Trash TV will advance

Dave Law-Il take that bet

Hollywood starts off against Rock v2 as Rock v2 turns Hollywood around and backs him into the New Dynasty corner before taking a cheap shot to the chest of Hollywood and taking a step back. Mike Hill and TGA take cheap shots to Hollywood as the referee has his back turned warning Rock v2. Prime Time comes in the ring to try and stop the New Dynasty but only makes things worse as TGA has the tag rope around Hollywoods throat. Mike Hill tags in and sets Hollywood up for an Over The Hill and connects 1...2...Hero breaks up the count

Dave Law-That should be a DQ right there

Mike Hill tags TGA and TGA hits Hollywood with the Angel Bomb(Batista Bomb) 1...2......3!

RJ-Its all even

Dave Law-Damn right RJ

Enforcer comes on and clothesline TGA before slamming him down and dropping an elbow

RJ-The former Dynasty member going to work

Enforcer back TGA up with 3 chops before a whip across the ring and a backdrop. TGA rolls out of the ring and Enforcer tags Hero and tells him to go up top. Hero ushers Enforcer back before diving off the top rope onto TGA


Hero throws TGA in and tags Prime Time. Prime Time waits for TGA to get up and locks on 'The Turkey'

Dave Law-Your kidding me

RJ-Its The Turkey Dave

Dave Law-I can see

TGA Back Suplexes Prime Time as he tags Mike Hill and Enforcer tags in. Mike Hill goes for fists but Enforcer blocks them and strikes back with Right Hands. Enforcer Gorilla Presses Mike Hill before slamming him down. Enforcer goes to set up for the Facecheck but Hero tags himself in and climbs to the top rope. Hero flys off with a Crossbody 1...2......Kick out! Hero sets up for a Canadian Destroyer but Rock v2 comes in with a clothesline before rolling out of the ring. Hero crawls over and tags Prime Time

RJ-Mike Hill tags Rock v2

Prime Time ducks a swinging arm and connects with a Double Arm DDT

Referee-1...2...Shoulder up

Dave Law-My heart skipped a beat i thought he'd got him then

Prime Time runs the ropes straight into a Spinebuster. Rock v2 sets up for The Peoples Elbow but as he runs the ropes Enforcer clips him on the back of the head and Rock v2 turns around. Prime Time rolls him up 1...2......Kick out! Rock v2 goes to pick up Prime Time who crawls through Rock v2's legs and tags Enforcer. Enforcer punches to the body,a headbutt and a forearm uppercut before lifting Rock v2 into a Torture Rack. Rock v2 looks in trouble before wriggling out and sliding out of the ring. Rock v2 pulls Enforcer out and slams his back agaisnt the apron. Rock v2 stomps on Enforcer a few times before picking him up and going to smash his head off the ringside barrier in the aisle


Rock v2 goes to get in the ring but Enforcer holds onto his leg. Rock v2 picks up Rock v2 and drives his back into the ringpost


Enforcer rolls in

Ring Announcer-Rock v2 and Enforcer have been counted out
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:50 am

RJ-Enforcer was in

Dave Law-No way RJ double count out

RJ-That leaves it 2 on 2 with Hero and Prime Time Vs Mike Hill and TGA

Dave Law-And i tell you who's liking this. Project X and ASC

Hero comes in and pulls Mike Hill over the top rope into the ring before hitting an Oklahoma roll 1...2...Kick out! Hero hits a Shining Wizard 1...2.......Shoulder up. Hero tags in Prime Time and holds Hill open as Prime Time kicks him in the ribs before slamming him down and tagging Hero back in. Hero climbs to the top rope and hits a Moonsault gliding through the air connecting 1...2........TGA breaks up the count. Hero sets up for a Canadian Destroyer but its countered with a backdrop. Hero tags Prime Time as Prime Time goes to prevent Mike Hill making the tag but cant. TGA comes in and misses a clothesline as Prime Time sends him back with Forearms before whipping him across the ring and hitting a Clothesline himself. Prime Time slams TGA before going to the top rope. Prime Time comes off with a Double Axhandle but TGA catches him into a Hell and Back(Black Hole Slam) 1...2......3!

Dave Law-Now we're talking

Hero suprises TGA with a roll up 1...2......Kick out! Hero chops TGA before lifting him onto the top rope. Hero climbs up and lifts TGA up for a Superplex but cant as they trade blows on the top rope. Mike Hill watches on as TGA lifts Hero up and drops him face and body first to the mat.TGA still on the top rope comes off with a bulldog 1...2......Shoulder up!

Crowd-Lets go Hero (clap x 5) Lets go Hero (clap x 5)

TGA lifts Hero up and hits an Angel Clash (Belly-to-back inverted mat slam) 1...2.......Shoulder up at the last moment

RJ-2 and 9/10th there

TGA tags Hill and the TAW Champion hits a Running Splash in the corner before locking in the MHND (Liontamer)

Dave Law-Backs are not meant to bend that way

Hero's body is bent in an un-natural way as hes too far from the ropes to break the hold

RJ-Hills going to do serious injury

Hero trys to crawl in vain before Hill lets go

Dave Law-Hero gave up

RJ-No he didnt.Whats Hill doing

Dave Law-This guys sadistic he just wants to give Hero more pain

Hill drop numerous knees to the already injured back before tagging TGA. TGA comes in and waits for Hero to stand before hitting a Back Cracker 1...2......Hero gets a foot on the rope as the crowd pop

Dave Law-I dont believe it

TGA German Suplexes Hero before locking in a Torture Rack

RJ-Hero needs to live to fight another day

The crowd suddenly pop as Enforcer comes tearing down the aisle sliding into the ring. TGA drops Hero but cant prevent Enforcer taking his head off with a chair as the referee rings for the bell. Hill blindsights Enforcer and picks up the chair but as he swings it back Enforcer kicks him in the chest and Hill drops the chair. Enforcer picks it up and swings at Hill who rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Hill runs round and collects his 6wf and Hardcore Titles as Enforcer helps Hero up

Crowd-Trash TV! Trash TV! Trash TV!


Enforcer takes off Heros head with the chair as the crowd are stunned into silence. Enforcer picks up Hero's head and theres crimson running down his face

Enforcer-'I've moved on!'

RJ-This is sick! Whats come over Enforcer

Dave Law-This is brilliant Enforcers finally seen sense. O and RJ you owe me 50 quid
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (07/02)   Survival Results (07/02) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:50 am

Match 5
Tag Title Match
Scotsmen Vs Nemesis/Misfit Vs River Ace/Hooligan

'Ace of Spades' plays as River Ace comes out with Hooligan. They walk down to the ring as the small crowd start a River Ace chant

RJ-The Deeside Centre showing respect for the Lockdown Commish

'Epilogue' plays as Nemesis makes his way out with Misfit behind him

RJ-Here come the odd couple of the 6wf

Dave Law-Hey Misfits odd all by himself

Bagpipes plays as the 6wf Tag Team Champions come out booed by the Welsh crowd

Hooligan starts off against GDC as Hooligan backs GDC into the corner before breaking cleeanly. GDC goes for a cheap shot that Hooligan blocks and knocks GDC on his a55. GDC rolls out of the ring. GDC rolls back in and tags Misfit who comes in and locks up with Hooligan putting him in a headlock. Hooligan pushes Misfit against the ropes and they both collide neither moving. Hooligan runs the ropes and shoulder charges Misfit but neither man budges again. Hooligan trys again and ducks a Misfit clothesline before Misfit connects with a Big Boot. Hooligan rolls to his corner and tags River

RJ-See if River has any more luck

River comes in and challenges Misfit to a test of strength


Misfit nods his head laughing before going to lock up before River goes to boot Misfit in the stomach. Misfit anticipates it and catches the boot before making River hop about on one leg. River counters with an Insuguri kick that sends Misfit to one knee. River goes to the top rope and goes for a Double Axhandle but Misfit counters with a Belly to Belly suplex before tagging Nemesis. Nemesis comes in and stands over River who scurrys across the mat and tags Allan Grant

RJ-River doesnt seem over being Buried Alive

Dave Law-I think he just knows how good Nemesis is

Nemesis overpowers Allan Grant back to a the neutral corner before landing back elbows in the corner. Allan Grant staggers out into a Sidewalk Slam 1...2...Kick out! Nemesis locks on the Black Dream(Sleeper hold) as the combatants all watch on hoping Allan Grant escapes. GDC comes in and clubs Nemesis from behind breaking the hold as Nemesis stalks GDC outside the ring. Nemesis steps over the rope as Allan Grant pulls the ropes up with Nemesis having one leg either side


GDC climbs to the top rope and hits a dropkick off the top rope sending Nemesis into the ring 1...2...Nemesis kicks out so strongly that Allan Grant flys through the ropes. Allan Grant tags GDC and they double suplex Nemesis 1...2...Kick out! Allan Grant tags in River who comes in and as Nemesis gets up hits an Atomic drop and a clothesline 1...2...Kick out! River tags Hooligan who comes in and runs at Nemesis who hits Hooligan with a suprise Clotheline from Hell. Nemesis tags Misfit who comes in and locks on a Crossface on Hooligan. Hooligan reaches for the ropes to no luck and lifts his hand up to tap before GDC breaks the hold with a kick to Misfits head


Hooligan tags Allan Grant who comes in with a Shining Wizard before climbing to the top rope and going for his Shooting Star Press

Dave Law-He got it!

Referee-1...2......Nemesis picks Allan Grant up and Chokeslams him bringing in GDC with a club to Nemesis's back. They begin to exchange blows as River Ace flys off the top rope with a Crossbody on both. Hooligan grabs Nemesis's leg and pulls him to the outside. River Ace locks in a Poker -Plex on GDC with everyone else down 1...2......Allan Grant breaks the count

RJ-Where did he get the energy

Nemesis has the better of Hooligan on the outside and places him against the ringpost before running in but Hooligan moves so Nemesis collides with the ringpost as you hear the thud

River Ace hits Allan Grant with right hands before whipping him across the ropes and hitting a Spinebuster. River turns around straight into a Powerbomb from Misfit 1...2...Hooligan breaks up the count and throws Misfit to the outside. Hooligan goes to pick up GDC who low blows him with the referee trying to clear the ring. GDC scoops up Hooligans legs and puts his own on the ropes 1...2......3! GDC rolls out of the ring before pulling Allan Grant out as they collect their Tag Titles from the referee. Nemesis boots the steps on the outside as The Scotsmen somehow escape still Champions
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Match 6
ASC-------------Project X
The Saint-----Max Adamson
JJ Johnson------Marlon
Leroy Smith-----Ivan Petrov

Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'All around the world' plays as Project X come out along with Ivan Petrov

Crowd-You suck! You suck! You suck!

The lights go out as the crowd wait in anticipation

RJ-This is what they have been waiting for

A rev of a bike can be heard as

Logans 'When i get down' plays as Acer comes out on his bike. Strobe lights go around the arena as Acer slowly rides down to the ring and around it. Meanwhile 'Cochise' by Audioslave blasts out as The Saint comes out onto the stage

RJ-This crowds at a fever pitch

The Saint walks down to the ring and slides into the ring with Acer as Project X and Ivan exit

Dave Law-These idiots have gone wild

Three 6 Mafia's 'Its a fight' plays as JJ Johnson comes out with Leroy and joins Acer and The Saint in the ring

Crowd-ASC! ASC! ASC!

The crowd finally die down as JJ Johnson starts with Uryu. JJ puts Uryu in a headlock and gets pushed against the ropes. They collide in the middle and Uryu hits the mat. Uryu gets up and runs into an arm drag twice as JJ holds on the second time

Crowd-JJ! JJ! JJ!

Uryu makes his way up and plants a couple of elbows into JJ's ribs breaking the hold before taking a couple of steps back and tagging Ivan. The Saint screams for the tag and JJ obliges as The Saint is tagged in. The two men meet in the middle of the ring exchanging blows as The Saint gains the advantage rocking Ivan back. Ivan is whipped across the ring but takes Saint down with a Spear hitting fists before placing Saint in the corner and stomping him. Ivan places a boot on The Saints throat as he stands

Referee-1..2..3..4..Ivan breaks

Marlon tags in and apologises to Ivan before driving a shoulder into The Saints ribs. The Saint is whipped across the ring and Marlon follows in straight into a Big Boot. The Saint sets up for a Devine Destroyer(Crucifix Powerbomb) connecting 1...2.......3!

RJ-ASC take the lead

Adamson blindsights The Saint with a clothesline from behind before hitting a Triple German Suplex 1...2......Kick out! Adamson throws The Saint into the ropes before going for a dropkick but The Saint hangs onto the ropes and tags in JJ. JJ clotheslines Max twice before hiptossing him. JJ runs the ropes and Ivan kicks him in the back warned by the referee. Adamson hits a Gore on JJ 1...2......Leroy breaks up the count. Adamson tags in Uryu who hits his Brick Break (on opponent back, drives both knees into spine 3-5 times) 1...2...Kick out!

Dave Law-Come on Uryu

Uryu slams JJ down before going for a 450 corkskrew splash (split second) but JJ rolls out of the way. Uryu gets up to be hit with the VIP Experience (Sit down Tombstone Piledriver) 1...2.......3!

Dave Law-Oh no

RJ-Not looking good for Project X

Ivan comes in and picks up JJ going for a Running Powerslam but JJ slides out the back and Spinebusters Ivan before tagging Leroy. Leroy comes in with a Crossbody off the top rope 1...2......Kick out! Leroy hits a DDT before tagging Acer. Acer comes in with a spinning kick to Ivans gut before hitting a Downward Spiral 1...2......Adamson breaks up the count. Acer goes over to Adamson as the referee gets inbetween Acer and Adamson. Ivan takes advantage by Low Blowing Acer 1...2......Shoulder up! Ivan headbutts Acer holding him up before hitting him with a Razors Edge 1...2.......Kick out!

RJ-Ivan trying to even this up a little

Ivan gets frustrated and rips off a corner turnbuckle before going over to Acer. Acer jawdrops Ivan before hitting a Rolling German Suplex. Acer holds Ivan and tags JJ in. JJ runs the ropes and swings at Ivan who ducks and JJ floors Acer

Dave Law-Woah

JJ apologises and goes to pick up Ivan but Acer spins him around and pushes JJ. JJ slaps Acer

RJ-Oh my god

Acer spears JJ to the mat and the two of them throw fists at each other as Saint and Leroy try to break them up Adamson and Ivan hit them from behind. Acer and JJ continue to fight on the outside and into the crowd

Dave Law-Theres more to that than we know

Ivan hits Leroy with a Pump Handle slam 1...2.......Kick out! Ivan tags in Adamson who takes Leroys head off with a Big Boot before dropping an elbow and a legdrop 1...2......Kick out! Ivan tags back in and starts to strangle Ivan


Ivan breaks

Referee-This is your last warning

Ivan picks up Leroy and is warned by the referee not to drop him on the exposed turnbuckle but Ivan pushes the referee back and drops Leroy on the turnbuckle. The referee signals that Ivan has been disqualified and Adamson comes in quickly covering Leroy 1...2......3! Adamson takes a step back as The Saint gets in the ring and the few fans in attendance stamp their feet in anticipation

RJ-Here we go

The two meet in the middle exchanging fists

Crowd(Saints blows)-Yeah

Crowd(Adamsons blows)-Booooooo

The Saint begins to get control before Adamson plants a knee to The Saints ribs. Adamson goes to lift Saint up into a Powerbomb but Saint slips through after Adamsons got him up and kicks Adamson in the stomach before hitting a Saints Row(Jackhammer) 1...2.......3!

RJ-Saint advances

Dave Hill-Yeah but hes got TGA and the 6wf World Champion in the Finale. Good luck punk
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Match 7
6WF Title Match
Crime Lord(c) vs Phoenix Rose

*A video package airs,including Phoenix Rose defeating Rock V2 for his shot at the title,The Crime Syndacate beating down Rose and the pick your poison match ups

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Shutdown Main Event...and it is for the 6WF World Heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd cheer

"Stronger" by Kanye West is the first out of the speakers as the fans get on their feet for the challenger Phoenix Rose who runs out from behind the curtain and raises his arms for the fans who cheer his arrival

Announcer:Introducing first...the challenger...from Birmingham England...weighing in at 235 lbs...Phoenix Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooose!

The fans cheer Phoenix as he climbs in the ring,he aknowledges them and then the referee checks him for concealed weapons,he finds nothing and Rose awaits.

DL:Time for the champ and we must mention that as order of new Shutdown comissioner Mr King...the Crime Syndacite are banned from ringside.

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath rings out and the crowds boos are screams are deafening

Announcer:And now...from Lancaster England...weighing in at 325 pounds...he is the current 6WF Heavyweight Champion of the World Crime LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!

Crime Lord raises his arms mockingly,he strolls to the ring and climbs over the ropes,he goes to square up to Phoenix and raises the belt high above his head

RJ:Well there you have it ladies and gents,these two will momentarily square off for the richest prize in the game...Crime Lord defends the 6WF Title against Phoenix Rose

The ref talks to both competitors,holds the belt in the air and then hands it to the timekeeper,he then gives the signal to get the match underway.

DL:Its game time as the Franchise would say

Phoenix wastes no time in jumping at Crime Lord and landing a flurry of rights and lefts to the cranium,CL staggers backwards and throws some stray haymakers but Phoenix ducks and dodges and works over the stomach and body,the big man is winded and Rose hits a quick snap DDT and a cover


Phoenix stomps at the legs,arms,head and chest of Crime Lord,he drops three knees to the head and then mounts the champ and begins to fight furiously,he headbutts CL and is relentless in his attack until the referee steps in and drags him off

RJ:Phoenix Rose is like a man possessed,he wants the 6WF Title but his hatred for Crime Lord runs deep

DL:Thats for damn sure,the ref could easily have stopped it there!

Crime Lord stands up and wipes some blood from his lip,he smirks and tells Rose to bring some more and the challenger obliges,this time he isnt as quick and cannot block the boot to the gut,or the thunderous uppercut...

RJ:Was that a tooth?

Crime Lord takes advantage with a sickening powerbomb,he hooks both legs...1...2...shoulder up

DL:Wasnt far away

Crime Lord shouts at the ref who waves him off,CL gets up and stands in the corner,he watches as Rose begins to rise and then charges at him...

RJ:Mafia Mow-down connects!


DL:HE got the shoulder up just in time!
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Crime Lord pummels at Rose's head and back,he drags him up and hits some stiff european uppercuts,he slaps the face of Phoenix in mockery and then whips him against the ropes,he drops his head and receives a boot in the head for his trouble...Phoenix uses a small package...


Both men fly up and Phoenix ducks a shot and pummels the back,he locks his arms around the waist and throws him with awesome strength...a beautiful bridged German Suplex


RJ:What a fierce contest,back and forth action

Phoenix is back up and bounces of the ropes,he slides through the legs of Cl and then runs up the ropes in a complete uncharacteristic move and leaps off with an excellent missile dropkick


Crime Lord hits the mat and Rose runs over to the other turnbuckle and sets his sights on the fallen champ,he beats his chest and then takes to the skies,he twists in mid-air...


CL gets his knees up and Rose's stomach crashes hard,Crime Lord drags him up onto his shoulders

DL:Lock and ...Tornado DDT!

Phoenix reverses the F-5 into an impressive DDT that leaves both men down on the canvass as the fans applaud their efforts

Crowd:This is Awesome x5

RJ:These two men are leaving it all in the ring,what a performance.

The referee begins a count as both men stagger up,they use each other for leverage as they come face to face in the middle of the ring,they trade blows,Crime Lord slaps the face of Phoenix who falls back,he attempts the follow it up with a clothesline but its reversed...


Crime Lord slides down the back after a battle and drags Rose to the centre

RJ:The Custody


DL:HE kicked out...I dont believe it!

RJ:Amazing mental strength from the challenger

Crime Lord punches the canvass in anger and then stands up,he body-presses Rose and chucks him at the turnbuckle,Phoenix hits the ringpost with a sickening crunch...


RJ:Oh my...

Phoenix stumbles around,his face is a complete crimson mask and he is hauled into the air and slammed with ferocious force by a well-timeed spinebuster


RJ:He just will not give up!

Crime Lord picks him up again and punches away at the deep cut in Rose's head,the blood is everywhere,and Crime Lord seems like shark in the water,he whips Phoenix against the ropes and then runs at him,he pushes Rose into the air and with awesome strength catches him in a outstanding belly-to belly suplex...


DL:I must say this is some show of intestinal fortitude

Crime Lord looks at the referee and for the first time a look of pleading is seen in his eyes,he does not seem to know what it will take,he goes back to the corner and urges Rose to raise his head...

RJ:He's looking for that Mafia Mow-down again and you have to believe that will be all

DL:Its just has to be

Crime Lord charges at Phoenix and blasts forwards with all his body weight...

RJ:He caught his leg!

Rose in what can only be described as an act of desperation grabbed Crime Lord's leg and flipped him to the ground,he grabs the ankle and he begins to apply immense pressure

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RJ:This could be all...a new champ?

Rose is a proverbial picture of SURVIVAL as his face is coated in bl00d,but he will not give up,he tworks the ankle time and time again,Crime Lord howls in pain and stretches for the ropes but every time he gets close he is dragged right back to the centre...Phoenix looks like a man possesed as the referee asks if Crime Lord wants to give it up but he screams that he wont

RJ:The champ is by god fading...he can feel that 6WF Title slipping from his grasp...will he tap?

Crime Lord seems ready to tap,in one last ditch effort he rolls forward and Rose stumbles into the ref who falls against the turnbuckle,as he turns around Crime Lord hits him with a great right hand straight to the face,Rose drops to the mat

DL:What a punch...count it ref!
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Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner....and STILL 6WF Champion Crime Loooooooooooooooooooooooord!

The fans boo as Crime Lord is handed his 6WF Title,he kisses it and looks relieved but the pain is visible in his face,he climbs from the ring

DL:Well what an absolutely fantastic performance from Phoenix Rose but on this night he could not match the champ

RJ:Beaten perhaps by a right hand but you have to give your full praise to Phoenix Rose,he looked unstoppable,what heart but in the end I think the loss of red crimson caught up with him...oh wait a minute
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*The video replays are being shown and while the referee was pushed into the turnbuckle Crime Lord can be seen messing in his pockets and pulling out brass knucks that he used in his punch to gain victory

RJ:Well there you have it folks after a phenomenal matchup...our so-called 6WF champ realised he wasnt good enough to beat his challenger without cheat 1ng...what a down right joke!

Crime Lord is on the ramp,he holds the belt aloft and sm1rks as he pats his pocket,the crowd boo.Phoenix Rose is a red crimson mess in the ring as the referee helps him out and a few more come down and help him to the back and all the fans give him a standing ovation.

DL:Well there he goes...a true champion in the eyes of these fans...and up next its the Main Event!
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An advert plays for 6wf Let It Rock

Live from the Skydome Arena Coventry

Only on Setanta Sports 14/3
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RJ-This is what we came to see here in Wales

Dave Law-The New Dyansty will prove once and for all that they are the dominant faction in the 6wf

RJ-Well The Saint is up against it but you can never count him out after all hes done in the last year starting with a victory at last years SURVIVAL


'Seven Nation Army' by White Stripes beats out as the 6wf Champion Mike Hill and TGA make their way to the ring booed to the rafters

'Cochise' by Audioslave plays as The Saint comes out looking a little refreshed after the tough battle already

Mike Hill and TGA try to intimidate The Saint before the match but the referee gets inbetween. Mike Hill and The Saint start off and The Saint backs Hill into a corner hitting big slaps to Hills chest


The Saint hip tosses Hill across the ring before running and connecting with a Clothesline. The Saint sets up for a Promised Slam before TGA steps in the ring. The Saint leaves Hill and clobbers TGA knocking him through the ropes. The Saint turns his attention back to Mike Hill who is ready with a Standing Tornado DDT 1...2...Kick out! Mike Hill quickly takes advantage with a neckbreaker before climbing to the apron and hitting a Springboard Splash 1...2......Shoulder up!

Dave Law-Your seeing right here why Mike Hill is the TAW Champion

Hill tags TGA who comes in with a German Suplex

RJ-I think if The Saint is to stand any chance hes going to need to get this to a 1 on 1 as soon as possible

Dave Law-Thats why your the second best colour commentator in wrestling RJ. The little things you realise

TGA hits an Angels Wings (Lifting double underhook facebuster) 1...2.......3!

RJ-No shoulder up JUST

TGA locks on a headlock on the ground

Crowd-Lets go Saint! Lets go Saint! Lets go Saint!

TGA has The Saint down for a good minute before his hand begins to signal hes going to try and escape. The Saint moves round to his knees as he stands up and plants 3 elbows to TGA's ribs. The Saint runs the ropes ducking a TGA clothesline and bouncing off the other ropes but Hill knees The Saint in the back from the apron. The Saint turns around and punches Hill in the jaw sending him reeling from the apron before turning into a Hell and Back from TGA 1...2......Foot on the rope. The crowd go wild

Dave Law-Hes got to be running on empty

RJ-A champions instinct maybe
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TGA kneels looking in shock before standing up and tagging Mike Hill

RJ-I dont know how The Saints going to combat the odds here

Dave Law-He needs to let his damn pride go and realise The New Dynasty have and forever will be the dominant faction

Mike Hill shouts at the crowd from the ring

Mike Hill-New Dynasty rules!


Dave Law-Ha the ASC is dead i think Acer and JJ confirmed that

RJ-But The Saints still alive and kicking

Mike Hill slams The Saint to the mat and drops an elbow before tagging TGA

TGA-Now i finish it!

TGA goes for an Angel Bomb (Batista Bomb) but The Saint backdrops TGA. TGA holds onto The Saint as The Saint wobbles as TGA trys to take him down. TGA lifts his legs back and The Saint hooks them 1...2......3!

Dave Law-No way!

Mike Hill stalks The Saint and as he gets up Mike Hill knees him in the back before pulling him to the corner and hitting a Diamand Dust.Mike Hill places one boot on The Saint 1...2......Kick out!

RJ-Its just natural instinct i dont think Mike Hill can beat The Saint you know

Dave Law-Shut up RJ

Mike Hill looks in utter shock as he places The Saint upside down in the corner before hitting a running dropkick to The Saints face. Hill sets The Saint on the mat and climbs to the top rope

RJ-All or nothing

Hill launches off with the amazing Corkscrew 630 Senton but The Saint moves as Hill hits the mat backsode first. The Saint somehow gets to his feet before booting Hill in the stomach setting Mike Hill up for The Saints Row (Jackhammer) 1...2......3!

RJ-The ASC win it!

Dave Law-Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

The crowd go wild as The Saint pins Mike Hill. TGA has run down to ringside but couldnt make it in time as The Saint lies on his back with tears in his eyes

Dave Law-How did he do it?

Suddenly The Saint is hit with a splash from a hooded man from the top rope

RJ-What a cheap shot. Who the hell is that

TGA screams at the referee who counts 1....2.........3!


Dave Law-What the hells going on RJ?

Rock v2 has also made his way out as TGA,Rock v2 and Mike Hill stand in the ring facing the hooded man. Mike Hill grabs a mic

Mike Hill-Let me introduce to all you idiots the the 4th member of The New Dynasty.................

Hill pulls the hood back of the hooded man to reveal a smiling........
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EZ Money


Dave Law-


Dave Law-I told you RJ! I told you they had a 4th member. I told you they would win. I told you they were the dominant faction

RJ-EZ Money has sold his soul

Dave Law-No RJ. You wanna talk about Soul? Hes the sole survivor (Evil )

The 4 members of The New Dynasty have stand in a line holding each others arms up as SURVIVAL goes off the air
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Highlights of SURVIVAL are shown

Snake Eyes pins JSS

Xanthi as the sole survivor

Abe escaping with the belt against Cassius

Enforcer turning on Hero

GDC with legs on ropes pinning Hooligan

Acer and JJ brawling

Saint surviving pinning Adamson

Crime Lord retaining and Phoenix covered in blood

Saint pinning TGA then Mike Hill before The Money Shot and ends with Mike Hill,EZ Money,TGA and Rock v2 in a row arms up
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Survival Results (07/02)
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