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 Betrayal Results (10/01)

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PostSubject: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:08 am

Dark Match
Nemesis Vs Misfit


'When i wake' by Draconian plays as Misfit makes his way to the ring as lights go out , music starts , blast of red light , slow pace , almost creeping towards ring, the Liverpool Echo Arena hardly has any empty seats. Dave Law and RJ are already at ringside

RJ-Well welcome everybody to the BETRAYAL dvd. What a choice you've made im sure tonights action is going to be brillaint

Dave Law-Starting with the destruction of this Misfit by Nemesis


Epilogue begins as the former TAW Champion Nemesis makes his way down to the ring

Dave Law-I would not want to be Misfit right now

(Dave pauses and thinks about what hes said)

Dave Law-Or anytime for that matter

Nemesis steps over the top rope and the referee checks both men are ready before signalling for the bell to be rung. Misfit uses his quick fit to move around ready to lock up as Nemesis just stands there. Misfit stops and offers his hand.Nemesis just shakes his head. They lock up and Nemesis leans back before pushing Misfit across the ring onto his derriere

RJ-Misfits not going to win a power contest

They lock up again as Misfit moves behind Nemesis. An annoyed Nemesis just backs Misfit into the corner before turning around and hitting a huge uppercut sending Misfit from his feet. Nemesis whips Misfit hard across the ring before running in. Misfit gets both feet up before going for a Spinebuster but Nemesis is too big and just clubs Misfit in the back. Misfit gets up as Nemesis puts him in a bear hug. Misfits eyes almost pop out of his head as Nemesis squeezes. Misfit leans for the ropes to no avail

Dave Law-This ones over already RJ

Misfit trys to seperate Nemesis's hands unsucessfully before beginning to fade. The referee looks at Misfit whos not moving before raising his arm once and it drops. A second time and it drops. A third time and it drops but Misfit somehow holds it slightly up showing the referee theres some life. The 6"9 Misfit claps his arms around Nemesis's head as Nemesis holds his ears and Misfit puts him in a Full Nelson

RJ-The monster caught offguard look at this

Nemesis trys to escape before pausing and using all his power to push down and hes strong enough to break. Nemesis goes for a big boot thats misses as Misfit applys a sleeper jumping on Nemesis's back. Nemesis cant shake him off and Misfit moves into a Million Dollar Dream position before Nemesis takes a step forward and grabs the rope

RJ-Nemesis possibly underestimated Misfit here

Dave Law-Hes just toying with Misfit RJ

Nemesis knees Misfit in the midsection before Chokeslamming him

Dave Law-I told you RJ

Nemesis drops an elbow before covering without hooking a leg 1...2...Kick out! Nemesis picks Misfit up onto his shoulders and Snake Eyes him before hitting a Big Boot 1...2......Shoulder up! A sidewalk slam and Nemesis gets up slowly

RJ-Nemesis in total control it seems

Dave Law-What else did you expect?

Nemesis waits for Misfit to get up before hitting a Clothesline from Hell 1...2......Shoulder up! Nemesis seems a little suprised but shrugs and smiles. Misfit is picked up for as Powerbomb and hangs onto Nemesis's leg to prevent it but Nemesis clubs him in the back before hitting a release Powerbomb. Nemesis walks over and places a boot on Misfit 1...2......Misfit places a foot on the rope. Nemesis puts his hands on his hips shaking his head before picking Misfit up and whipping him into a corner followed by a brutal clothesline. Nemesis picks up Misfit and places him on the top rope. Nemesis climbs up to set up for a Superplex as Misfit trys to fight back. Nemesis punchs him but again Misfit retaliates. They trade blows before Misfit bites Nemesis's forehead

Dave Law-What the hells he doing?

RJ-Trying to survive Dave

Misfit pushes Nemesis who falls like a tree from the top rope onto his back before standing on the top rope and jumping as high as he can into the air before coming down feet first on Nemesis's chest. Misfit quickly makes a cover 1...2.......3 Kick out!

Dave Law-That was close

RJ-Dave he got him

Misfit rolls out of the ring as the referee follows Nemesis sits up claiming it was a two count. Misfit jumps around shocked at his win before putting his hand on his chest and apologising to Nemesis. Nemesis punches the top turnbuckle before looking at Misfit at the top of the ramp.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:18 am


A package plays for the BETRAYAL matches before Fireworks go off from the Liverpool Echo as the sold out crowd go wild prepared for the night of action

RJ-Welcome to BETRAYAL Live from the Sold Out Liverpool Echo Arena. Tonight we see TGA defend the 6WF Title against Crime Lord and Enforcer

Dave Law-And might as well be Hobo. We finally see Cassius end Hero but we dont know how yet

RJ-The Hardcore,European and Internet titles are on the line too

Dave Law-The one im personally looking forward too is Rock v2 kicking The Saint out the 6wf again

RJ-The ring announcers in the ring and we're ready for action

Match 1
River Ace Vs Hooligan


The National Anthem plays as Hooligan comes out in an England home top with Rooney on the back

The crowd dont realise at first until Hooligans in the ring and points it out once the National Anthems finished

Crowd-Booooooooooo! Wank3r! Wank3r! Wank3r!


'Ace of Spades' plays as the crowd cheer the Lockdown Commisioner River Ace. River walks down to the ring stepping through keeping an eye on Hooligan as he climbs a rope

Dave Law-These fans are so fickle,they used to hate this guy

RJ-River changed his ways Dave and the crowd appreciate it and Hooligan hasnt enderred himself to them tonight

The two lock up as the larger Hooligan backs River into the corner. Hooligan goes to break cleanly but River pushes him back just incase. They lock up again with River getting behind Hooligan in an armbar before taking a big elbow to the jaw. Hooligan hits shoulders to the midsection of River in a corner before stomping him down to the mat and putting a boot against his throat 1..2..3..4 Hooligan breaks before picking River up and hitting a Sidewalk slam 1...Kick out! Hooligan puts his legs around Rivers waist and squeezes as River's face is contorted

RJ-Hooligan using them strong powerful legs to squeeze the life out of River

River's shoulder hit the mat 1...2...River sits up.The Lockdown Commish manages to connect with 3 punches forcing Hooligan to let go before they both get up. River connects with a Jawdrop before running the ropes and Choplocking Hooligan. River holds Hooligans leg as Hooligans on his back and trys to pull it out the socket before locking on a Figure Four. Hooligans clearly in pain as River cranks up the pressure

Dave Law-This doesnt look good for Hooligan

RJ-Rivers got him in the middle of the ring

Hooligans shoulders hit the mat 1...2......Hooligan sits up and River slaps him 1...2.......Hooligan sits up and River slaps him again 1...2......Hooligan sits up and begins to turn River and sucessfully does it

Dave Law-Woah this changes things,now Rivers in trouble

River manages to roll again into the ropes and the referee breaks up the legs. River gets outside the ring and as Hooligan makes his way up River grabs his legs and pulls him from the outside to a corner. He places one leg either side of the ringpost before smashing Hooligans leg once. The referee rolls out and warns River before he does it again and rolls into the ring. The referee follows as River lifts his arms posing for the crowd

Crowd-River Ace! River Ace! River Ace!

River decides to roll back out and apply Hooligan in a Figure Four around the ringpost


The referee breaks up the hold as River squares up to him. Hooligan begins to get to his feet so River leaves arguing with the referee and climbs to the top rope before coming off with a Bulldog 1...2......Kick out! River places Hooligans leg on the bottom rope and jumps up sitting down on it


River waits for Hooligan to get up before lifting him up folding one of Hooligans legs before crashing it down on his own thigh. River goes for a second Figure Four but Hooligan pushes him off as Rivers shoulder collides with the ringpost

Dave Law-That has to hurt!

River stays attached to the ringpost as Hooligan crawls over and rolls him up 1...2......Kick out! Hooligan pulls himself up on the ropes and can barely stand as he goes for the 'God save the spleen' but River scoops him up before hooking on the Texas Hold-Em. Hooligans in agony as his legs are in real pain as he reaches for the ropes to no avail. River cranks up the pressure and Hooligan refuses to tap before making an effort and trying to push out by lifting himself up by his hands but he just doesnt have the strength as he flops to the mat

Referee-Hooligan talk to me! Talk to me Hooligan or i gotta ring for the bell

The referee lifts Hooligans arm up which flops down and he signals for the bell as River lets go and falls forward. River sits in the corner as the referee holds his hand up in victory before River pulls himself up and pats Hooligan on the back before leaving. Hooligan rolls out of the ring as a couple of referees try and help him as he cant stand. Hooligan punches one square in the jaw as he swings at the other missing and falling to the floor. Hooligan stands up by himself and pulls himself along the barriers by the fans as some applaud him

Dave Law-Hooligans a real mans man RJ

RJ-No doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:18 am

Match 2
Internet Title
Abe Abercorn vs Max Adamson

RJ: Welcome back to Betrayal and up next we have our first title match of the evening
DL: yes, the Australian phenom max adamson takes on the ramblin man Abe Abercorn
RJ: for the internet title.

Lets talk about it by white denim hits and The challenger max adamson walks down to the ring to boos but looks calm and composed as he enters the ring and waits.

Ramblin Man by the allman brothers hits and Abe Abercorn walks down to the ring to a loud pop from the crowd with the internet title wrapped around his waist.

The Ref Takes the belt off him and rings the bell as the two men circle the ring before deciding to lock up. The larger max adamson pushes abe into the corner and hits 3 body blows before hitting a snap suplex. He goes for the cover.


Adamson Has The interent champ grounded and locks in a seated chin lock. He holds it in and then after a few minutes hits a deep armdrag takedown before locking in armbar.

DL: Max showing some great chain wrestling skills
RJ: Yes Dominating the Champ so far.

Abe fights back and grabs the rope before getting up and hitting a few punches on max before locking in a sleeper. He wrenches the hold pulling back with increased pressure before turning it into an inverted backbreaker. He goes for a quick cover which is kicked out of easily by the challenger. The two men once again lock up as Abe pushes the large adamson to the corner and hits two running shoulder thrusts before attempting a third but the phenom moves and Abe’s shoulder crashes into the steel ring post.


Max Begins to work abe over, he hits a few punches to the back before hitting a snapmare. He locks in a dragon sleeper and abe begins to fade as his hand drops once before he starts to fight back. Max releases the hold and hits a shining wizard to abe sending him to the floor. He runs the ropes hitting a back senton before going for a cover.

Ref: 1,2
RJ: Kick out from abe, close call though.

Max gets up frustrated and stamps down on abe’s head continuously until the ref steps in. Max argues with the ref giving Abe time to get up and lock in an abdominal stretch on max. He pulls back before lifting Max up onto his shoulders and spinning him around(airplane spin) He drops max to the floor who is dazed and hits a running neckbreaker.

RJ: The internet champ showing some good moves
DL: That was impressive and so has Max Adamson.

At this moment abe runs the ropes and hits a neck snap before locking in a seated sleeper. Abe holds onto max for dear life. Max manages to pick abe up, piggy back style and forces him against the turnbuckles three times before whipping abe to the otherside of the ring and hitting a stinger splash and then a back body drop on abe sending him high in the air. He goes for the cover

Ref: 1,2 foot on the rope.
RJ: Ah so close
DL: max almost realised a dream there.

Max picks abe up and locks in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. He increases the pressure on abe’s sternum and after the hold has been locked in for a good 2 minutes, Abe starts to fade. The Ref is checking on him. His hand drops once.
Crowd: Let’s go abe
His hand drops twice
Crowd: Abe,Abe.Adamson sucks
The ref drops abes hand but abe holds it in the air and begins to fight back. He wriggles about with the hold still locked in. He reaches the rope only for max to pull abe back into the centre.

RJ: The no good cheat, c’mon ref disqualify him
DL: IT’s clever tactics RJ

Ref: 1,2,3,4

Max Realises abe but not in the usual way. He drops him on the count of 4 with a big spinebuster. Max then calmly proceeds towards the ropes. He climbs to the top and waits for abe to rise. He leaps off landing a huge crossbody.

Ref: 1,2,3..No kick out

Abe just manages to raise his shoulder and max looks up to the heavens. Max then waits menacingly in the corner as the crowd boo he runs and hits a decapitation clothesline to abe. Max then runs the ropes and hits a huge splash but then attempts another splash but abe kips up and jumps at max.

DL: Abe knows just when to hit it.

The Spear takes max to the floor where abe lands a few punches to the cranium of max before getting off him. He waits for max to rise before running and hitting a lariat, he then waits again and hits a leg lariat and goes for the cover.

RJ: Max powers out of that lariat combo
DL: yes, great strength was shown there.

Abe now goes onto hits a series of knifedge chops sending max to the corner. Where abe hits two snap suplexes before releasing the hold. He runs the ropes and hits a knee drop on max and then attempts this move again only for max to move and hit a knee drop of his own. He waits in the corner for abe to get up before running and hitting

DL: Oh my god, Gore From Max. He’s Going to realise a dream.

Max Hooks the internet chmaps leg as the crowd boo and hiss.


DL: NO, Foot on the rope.
RJ: Great ring awareness from the champ
DL: I call it luck
RJ: Not in my book

Max goes to the top rope and waits for the rambling to rise before jumping off attempting a double axe hammer. Abe However kicks him in the gut and attempts the country roads (angle slam) But max rolls down his back and puts abe on his shoulders and attempts the Cyclone(F5) He spins abe in the air but he manages to somehow reverse it into a ddt. But insted of going for the cover Abe goes to the top rope.

DL: Could be a big mistake from the champ
RJ: He doesn’t normally fly
DL: OOHH, what a move.

Abe dives off landing the Ulster fly(Savage Elbow)and hooks the leg as the crowd chant
ABERCORN before counting with the ref
Ref and crowd: 1,2,3!!

RJ: Abe’s retained his internet title
DL: But what a showing by max adamson.He pushed him all the way.
RJ: This really could of gone either way, but experience may have been the difference.
DL: I think it was RJ

The ref hands Abe The title belt as he climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the crowd as the camera shows max adamson getting up and looking dejected.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:20 am

Match 3
European Title Match
Snake Eyes vs. Uryu ©

RJ: An awesome start to this PPV can only get better now Dave, as we see a battle of he flyers, Snake Eyes going for his first title against Project X’s newest recruit Uryu!

DL: Project X is a stepping stone for greatness for Uryu he’s already won that belt thanks to them and their influence and know how must surely improve the mans chances!

Kanye’s ‘Good Life’ blares throughout the sold out Echo Arena and the crowd stand applaud as the crowd pleasing Snake Eye’s makes his way to the ring, high fiving the fans in attendance on the front row before enthusiastically jumping into the ring and climbing one of the turnbuckles to acknowledge his support!

RJ: A good reception for this much loved newbie!

Black Mage’s “Those who Fight Further” plays and the crowd boo as Project X’s Uryu confidently strides to the ring, raising his European belt in one hand before reaching the bottom of the ramp, he goads the crowd a little before sliding into the ring, handing his belt to the referee. Who briefly divulges into the rules before checking each man for any concealed weaponry.

Both men share a stare down and the bell rings and Uryu petulantly slaps Snake Eyes across prompting the Geordie high flier to respond by unleashing a barrage of quick punches that send Uryu reeling into the corner. The European champion looks bemused at his opponents response to his mind games and Snake Eyes merely invites Uryu for more.

DL: Go on Uryu, don’t take this guys mind games!

Uryu walks towards Snakey and they lock up, going back and forth a couple of times before Uryu slight height and weight advantage kics in ad he forces Snake Eyes into the ropes before whipping him into and allows him to run and rebound of the opposite set giving Uryu chance to hit a forearm putting the challenger down. Uryu opts against the pin and goes down reeling off a number of mounted punches before being counted to 4 by the referee, he backs away and watches as Snake Eye’s gets up, looking a bit disorientated from the abuse his head just took. Uryu charges and Sanke Eyes, who uses the ropes as an aid to stand, pulls them down and Uryu goes hurtling out of the ring.

RJ: An intense opening here!

Uryu slowly gains his feet as he is met by a vaulting body press from the ring to the outside by Snake Eyes, leaving both men on the arena floor.

The crowd applaud the high risk manoeuvre as both men groggily get back up and beat the referee’s count back into the ring. Uryu is up first and capitalises on his advantage by kneeing Snake Eyes in the gut before hitting an implant DDT from which he covers. 1.…2.….Kick Out. Uryu doesn’t dwell and immediately goes back to his opponent, picking him up and hitting a well executed standing droop kick. 1.…..2.…..Kick out again.

RJ: Snake Eyes showing resilience here but he needs to mount some offence.

Uryu looks a bit annoyed at Snake Eyes kicking out again and takes to the top rope, Snake Eye’s however is equal to it and dives onto the ropes making Uryu slip and hit his “area” on the buckle.

DL: Ouch! I felt that from here! What about you RJ?


Snake Eyes collects himself before running and jumping onto Uryu on the top rope. He vaults up onto Uryu’s shoulders and hit’s a beautiful Hurricarana!

Crowd: That was Awesome! That was Awesome!

RJ: Brilliant athleticism by Snake Eyes there, COVER 1.……2.…….New Champion….NO!

Uryu gets his shoulder up as both men lie in the middle of the ring. Snake Eyes gets up and quickly pulls Uryu to a standing position. Snakey hit’s a quick “Snake Eyes” (eye poke) and ducks Uryu’s flailing arm, running the ropes and hitting a picture bulldog. 1.……2.…….3!

RJ: New Champion NEW CHAMPION!

DL: No, Uryu got his shoulder up in time!

Snake Eyes can’t believe it and readies him self for a super kick, stamping his foot ala Shawn Michaels. Uryu groggily gets to his feet and amazingly ducks the onrushing Snake Eyes, responding with a rotating DDT.

DL: He’s got it, Uryu’s got him!

1.……2.…………Kick Out!

RJ: These guys are giving their all!.

Uryu can’t believe it and stomps Snake Eyes down before rolling him over and going upstairs to the top rope!

DL: This one’s gunna be ovger, Split Second com…….


As Uryu goes to execute his finishing move Snakey rolls away and Uryu hit’s the canvas hard and both men are down. They slowly get up and Uryu turns around…


Uryu goes straight back down, spread eagled on the canvas.

DL: No!

Snake Eyes promptly climbs the top rope and steadies himself…


Snake Eye’s performs his finisher and lies next to Uryu momentarily before rolling over and making the cover!



RJ: YES, Snake Eyes has done it! He has defied Uryu here and won his first 6WF Title, folks your looking at a new European Champion!

Snake Eyes is presented the belt and punches the air before climbing each turnbuckle raising the title high above his head, before rolling out the ring and reaching the top of the ramp where he raises his belt again just as Uryu stirs.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:21 am

Match 4
The Rock V2 vs The Saint

RJ: Well ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from what probably is the most anticiapated match of the evening and may well be one of the matches of the year!

DL: The only thing Im looking forward to is seeing Rock V2 wipe the smile of The Saints smug face!


Over by Mercy Drive begins to blast out of the speaker as the Rock V2 appears from behind the curtain. He raises his hands above his head and poses as pryotechnics fire off behind him. Rock then slowly makes his way down to the ring. He steps into the ring and climbs all 4 turnbuckles posing every time.

DL: What an athelthe Rock V2 is, Saint has absolutely no chance tonight!

Cochise by Audioslave plays and the lights flicker as the matrix like code spells out the name, The Saint with fireworks and pyrotechnics piercing the sky. The Saint makes his way to the ring wearing his Aviators and leather coat. He gets into he ring a climbs each turnbuckle before removing his attire.

RJ: What an ovationg for The Saint, we never thought we'd see this man wrestle again but can you feel the electricity from this crowd!

DL: Yeah yeah shut up RJ, were about to get under way here!

The referee calls both men over and talks them through the rules before signalling for the bell. Rock V2 and Saint stare each other down before locking up, both men struggle before Rock V2 gets the upper hand and sends Saint crashing to the mat, Saint is barely back on his feet before Rock V2 hits him with rights and lefts before clotheslining The Saint over the ropes!

DL (laughing): Told you RJ, Rock V2 is cleaning house here!

Rock V2 steps through the ropes and goes to the outside where Saint fights back with a combination of punches, he then tries to whip Saint into the steel steps but Rock V2 reverses it and sends Saintcrashing into the steel steps, dismantling the steps in the process!

RJ: Woah, did you see the force of that ?

Rock V2 grabs Saints head and rolls him back in the ring before taunting the crowd with a "Dynasty Eyebrow", he then rolls into the ring and covers The Saint!

1..............2........... Kick out!

DL: This one was nearly over already, looks like were seeing a different Saint than the one we did before he was injured.

RJ: He does look ring rusy I'l give you that but he has been away for quite some time!

Rock V2 lifts Saint to his feet before whipping him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Saint ducks it and hits a huge clothesline as the crowd go wild, both men get to their feet and exchange right hands before Saint gets the upper hand and bounce off the ropes going for a clothesline but Rock V2 counters it and hits Saint with a huge spinebuster!

DL: Thats the way to stop a bit of momentum Rock V2 is on fire tonight!

Rock V2 waits for Saint to get to his feet before going for a kick to the gut but Saint grabs his foot, Rock V2 stutters a little before hitting an inzaguri (jumping kick to the head) which knocks Saint to the mat, Rock V2 hooks the leg covering Saint.

1.........2.... shoulder up!

Rock V2 picks Saint up and delivers a swinging neckbreaker before looking for another cover but again Saint kicks out at 2.

RJ: As much as I hate to admit it Rock V2 is looking very impressive here tonight!

Rock V2 begins taunting the crowd, he stand on the turnbuckle with his arm raised up, he then walks around the ring chanting taunts at the Liverpool crowd.

RJ: Rock V2 may be getting a little overconfident if........ wait a minute!

Saint with a quick roll up almost snatches the victors but Rock tumbles out of the pinfall at 2 and a half, Rock V2 looks insenced and gets to his feet stomping on The Saint, he then delivers a quick fire DDT before standing over The Saint.

DL: Whats Rock V2 got in mind here?

Rock V2 stalks Saint as he gets to his feet, he is waiting to deliver the Rock Bottom, Saint gets to his feet and Rock V2 sets Saint up for his finishing move.

DL: Here it comes RJ, if he hits this its over!

Rock V2 pauses for a second before...... ROCK BOTTOM!

RJ: Damn it Rock bottom this one is over!

Rock V2 smiles at the crowd before lying on top of The Saint


DL: He done it, Rock V2 has beaten the returning Saint!

RJ: Well credit where...... Wait a minute the referee is saying Saints foot was on the bottom rope?

Rock V2 is furious in the ring and argues with the ref for a few seconds before dragging Saint to the middle of the ring and setting him up for "The Dynasty Elbow", he takes of his elbow pad before throwing it into the crowd, he bounces of one rope jumps over The Saints body, bounces of the other ropes and..... SPHERE!

RJ: What a counter from The Saint, he flipped up to his feet lightning quick before delivering that sphere as Rock V2 was poised to deliver the final blow! Both men are out on their feet!

As both men lay on the mat the referee begins a ten count, he reaches 7 before both men begin to stir and just before he calls 9 both men are back on their feet, Rock V2 goes for a right hand but Saint blocks it and delivers a right of his own, Rock V2 goes for another right hand which again the Saint blocks before connecting with a right of his own that sends Rock V2 through the ropes and outside.


RJ: The crowd are trying to urge The Saint on here! Oh my God hes just defied gravity!

The Saint takes a run up before bouncing of the ropes and diving through the ropes and landing on Rock V2, Saint stumbles back to his feet before going to work on Rock V2, he slams his head off barriers as the crowd pat him on the back, he then walks around the ring dragging Rock V2 with him as he smashes his head off every turnbuckle on the way around!

DL: Come on Rocky!

Saint walks over to the announce tables clearing all the monitors and stuff on the desk before throwing Rock V2 on top, the referee jumps outside the ring and blocks Saint saying he will DQ him if he does it, Saint reluctantly grabs Rock V2 and rolls him back into the ring going for a cover.

1..........2............. kick out!

DL: YES! Rock V2 got a shoulder up this young man has the heart of a lion!

Saint lifts Rock V2 to his feet but Rock V2 throws Saint into the referee knocking him out of the ring, he then hits Saint a low blow before hitting him with a Rock Bottom!

RJ: You cant do that thats blatant cheating twice!

DL: What are you talking about? I saw nothing?

Rock V2 rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair before rolling back into the ring, he waits for Saint to get back into the ring before steadying himself and cracking the chair over Saints head busting him open in the process, Rock V2 throws the chair back outside before shaking the referee, the referee begins to stir as Rock V2 makes the cover.

1.............................2.............................................. Shoulder up!

DL: How slow was that count ref come on!

RJ: Rock V2s own fault he deliberately threw Saint into the ref so I guess what goes around comes around!

Rock V2 puts his hands in his head in disbelief before steadying himself for another Rock Bottom, Saint gets to his feet and counters the Rock Bottom by delivering a Promised Slam of his own!

RJ: Great reversal by The Promised One!

A "Saint" chant starts up as Saint starts bouncing up and down waiting for Rock V2 to get to his feet.

RJ: A bloody Saint seems to be still going on adrenaline alone, this crowd is keeping him going!

Saint waits for Rock V2 to get to his feet before kicking him in the guy he then puts him into position for "The Divine Destroyer" which he successfully connects with!

RJ: Pin him Saint pin him!

Saint thinks about the cover before feeling his forehead he looks at his hand which is covered in blood then looks at the crowd before smiling!

DL: Oh know I think I know what is coming now!

RJ: You better believe it Dave, The Saint is back!

The Saint waits for Rock V2 to get back to his feet before signalling for The Saints Row, he hooks it in and is just about to deliver it before Rock V2 kicks Saint in the crown jewells as the referee signals for the bell!

RJ: That cheating Son Of A (Bleep)

DL: What are you on about I saw nothing wrong terrible call from the ref!

Announcer: And the winner of this match as result of a Disqualification................ The Saint!

Rock V2 rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp and backstage, Saint gets back to his feet in the ring and is giving a tremendous reception before heading backstage.

RJ: Well what a match that was, just a shame it had to end like that!

DL: End like what? With Rock V2 being cheated? Your paranoid RJ, Anyway folks dont go anywhere still to come tonight we have a Triple Threat match for the 6WF Title, Dont go anywhere!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (10/01)   Betrayal Results (10/01) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 5:25 am

-Backstage River Ace is talking with Hobo-

River Ace-You've known we are going out to do the big announcement whats wrong now?

Hobo-Iv told The Producers il help them stretch

River Ace-

Hobo-Jeez chill out Acey the crowd arnt going anywhere we can go and do the announcement before Hero beats Cassius in a 3 stages of hell in a cell over shark infested waters match

-At that moment Saint walks past-


Hobo-Congratulations on your win

The Saint-Not the way i wanted and it isnt over but im kind of glad this means one of you two will hopefully give me a rematch with that S.O.B.

-Saint walks off holding his little Saints-

River Ace-After the Tag Title match no excuses Hobo!

-River Ace walks off-
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Match 5
Pheonix Rose © vs Mike Hill (Hardcore championship)

DL: Next up it’s the New Dynastys hottest talent-

RJ: Against the hard hitting, fast talking-

RJ is cut off by ‘Stronger’ as it booms around the arena. The Liverpool Echo Arena rise to their feet to show their appreciation to the Champ. The crowd split as Pheonix comes running through the crowd and over the barrier. He slides into the ring and clisb the turnbuckle, taunting with his belt. He throws it to the ring announcer…

DL: Here comes Hill!

‘The next big thing’ plays as pyro’s explode either side of the ramp. Pheonix is standing near the front ramp, ready to ambush Hill. But from behind Hill comes and clobbers him over the head!

RJ: He came from behind!

The bell goes as Hill continues punting Rose’s head as he sinks to one knee. Hill runs off the ropes and lands a dropkick, sending Pheonix sprawled across the mat. Hill goes for a quick cover 1…2…

DL: Hill almost catching Rose out!

Hill looks pumped up and picks up Pheonix, whipping him into the turnbuckle, before splashing onto him. As Pheonix stumbles out the corner, Hill goes for a hurracana into pin 1…2… Kick out!

RJ: The champion not having time to settle!

Mike stalks Pheonix as he gets to his feet, running at him with a kick to the gut. He holds Pheonix’s arm and whips him at the ropes, and as Hill bends down to flip Pheonix, Pheonix rolls over Hill’s back. BANG! As soon as Hill turns back around, Pheonix hits a vicious super kick, sending back the New Dynasty man.

DL: Possibly the break Pheonix needs now…

Pheonix dives in with several chops and punches, before a well placed sweeping kick takes Hill off his feet. Pheonix grabs one of Hill’s legs and turns him over, dragging him towards the centre of the ring. He holds it as Hill screams in pain, trying to reach for the ropes. Seeing that he’s not going to tap, Rose crouches with it, upping the pain. Hill stretches out his hand, before missing the bottom rope by an inch.

RJ: Pheonix could retain here!

Hill holds his hand up again, but uses its momentum to spin himself around, and kick Pheonix through the ropes! Pheonix walks around outside, before picking up a chair from under the apron. He shows it to the crowd and they cheer, but Hill performs a baseball slide, causing Rose to eat steel.

DL: That’s got to hurt!

Hill runs at the ropes again, this time flipping over the top rope. Purely out of instinct Pheonix moves out the way, Hills back slamming off the concrete floor.

Pheonix drops the chair to the floor and walks over to Hill, dragging him to hit feet. He boots his stomach, before lifting him up and powerslamming him onto the steel chair. Hill holds his back in pain as Pheonix waits…

RJ: Looks like Hill’s hurt!

Rose walks over and stomps repeatedly on Mikes back, before picking him up. He lifts him up for a poweslam, but lifts him further, showing his strength. He drops him and winds him off his knee. As Hill struggles for breathe, Pheonix locks in a sleeper hold.

DL: You can’t win by submission out here!

RJ: He knows that! He’s just weakening Mike!

Hill holds onto the barrier, trying to shake Pheonix off but only loosening his grip. Mike holds onto the barrier for dear life, and eventually flips over it, crushing Pheonix on the other side. Hill gets to his feet, taking in some air, before grabbing a fans drink and taking a sip.

Pheonix stands up and goes to punch Hill, but Mike spits the drink into Rose’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. Mike low blows Pheonix and hooks his head and body to his side, before lifting him up and cracking his back on the barrier, before he collapses onto the other side.

DL: Pheonix now the one in pain!

Hill clambers over the barrier, before picking up Pheonix. As soon as they’re level, Rose pokes Hill’s eye and whips him into the steel steps hard. Rose follows it with a running knee to the chest, again taking the breathe out of Mike Hill. As Hill lies trying to get some more air, Pheonix brings out a table, chair, ring bell and baseball bat and sldies them into the ring, all except the table.

Pheonix turns around into a right hand by Hill, but Pheonix responds with a quick left. The same pattern occurs twice more before Hill takes the advnatage, smashing Pheonix’s head off the ring, before sliding him in. Hill follows him in and stalks him.

RJ: Neither man giving an inch!

Mike slaps him mockingly as he stands up, eventually pushing Pheonix back. Pheonix retaliates with a big forearm and an irish whip to the turnbuckle. Rose is quick behdin, as Hill stops hiself and hits the Pele kick! As Pheonix is sprawled backwards, Hill takes advantage and hits a standing tornado DDT!

Mike soon walks over to the chair and sets it up just infront of the turnbuckle, before grabbing the baseball bat. He clocks Rose over the head, whipping him into the turnbuckle. Hill drops the bat and runs at the chair, leaping off it and going for a hurracana, only to have Pheonix powerbomb him straight through the chair.

RJ: MY GOD! Hill just got snapped in half!

DL: What a move!

RJ: 1…2…3…! YES!

DL: NOOO! Mike kicked out on the last second! Call it Champs instinct RJ!

Hill is rolling pain as his back is causing him immense pain. Pheonix is still in shock that he hasn’t retained yet. He walks over with the chair, and goes to smash it around Hill’s head, but Mike ducks and lands a dropkick on Pheonix. Pheonix is sent back, but the chair is still in his hands, Hill decides a roundhouse kick is the best approach… and it is. The chair drops, as does Rose but only on to one knee.

Hill grabs the chair and slams it over the skull of Pheonix, before putting it on the ground. He slams Pheonix down to the floor and places his face over the chair. Mike runs at the ropes and flips back, htiting a leg drop on his flip, smashing Pheonix’s face onto the chair. The cuts open and blood pours out the head of Pheonix. Hill grabs his hair and lifts his face up. He points at Pheonix shouting ‘I’m THIS DAMN GOOD PHEONIX!’.

RJ: Pheonix busted open badly, but you’ve got to worry about Hill’s back problem!

Hill smacks Rose’s head back off the mat, before lifting him and whipping him at the ropes, and flipping him onto the table on the outside. Hill climbs onto the table and elbow drops Rose, but it merely shakes. Hill glances at the blood covered chair, before grabbing it and placing it over Pheonix’s gut.

Mike Hill slides in the ring and climbs to the top rope, taunting to the fans before hitting The Next Big Move onto the chair. The tables breaks and both men are in pain on the floor, Hill knowing he’s just risked his back.

DL: Both struggling to their feet- Hill’s up and rolled Pheonix in the ring.

Hill hooks the leg Pheonix, clearly exhausted. 1…2…3…

DL: YES! Hill’s won!

RJ: I’ll amdit it, the kid was impressive tonight!

DL: And what a way to win your first title, Hill quite simply moved!

As Hill is handed his title, he hugs it and his eyes begin to well up. On the tron, it shows Crime Lord and TGA in the New Dynasty locker room, smiling and clapping Hill. The tron goes off as Hill walks up the ramp holding his belt…

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posted Jan 11, 2009

-An advert plays for 6WF SURVIVAL 7/2-
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Match 6
Tag Title Match
The Producers vs GDC and Allan Grant

The crowd boo as the familiar White and Blue Limousine pulls up, and out get GDC and Allan Grant.

The video is playing on the Titantron but no music is playing...

RJ: Apparently we're having some technical faults with the music not playing, I hope this isn't a bad omen for these two as far as they're concerned.

DL: It won't be, this is one match i'm very sure about the winner!

Ring Announcer: Introducing the challengers, GDC and Allan Grant!

(The crowd boo as the pair raise their hands)

'Movies' by Alien Ant Farm plays and the crowd go wild for The Producers!

DL: Oh I get it, their music plays alright, I bet this is just another desperation tactic from Trash TV, well it won't work!

Ring Announcer: And the opponents, The 6WF Tag Team Champions, Hollywood and Prime Time, The Producers!

(The pair walk around the outside of the ring, to the announce table, where PT steals Dave Law's water and HJ squeezes his nose)

DL: Hey, get off, get away...

RJ: (Laughing) That's what you get for talking them down constantly!

In the ring, GDC and Grant have had enough, and attack The Producers from behind in front of the announce table.

GDC whips HJ to the steel steps and Grant bangs PT's head against the announce table a few times.

DL: Serves them right, I hope they lose their belts now!

RJ: You wanted them to lose anyway!

GDC stomps away at Hollywood, while Allan Grant stalks Prime Time, PT backing away but counters with a poke to the eye!

DL: That's illegal, surely a DQ ref!

RJ: The match hasn't started yet!

Grant responds with a hard kick, a low blow, which even makes the onlooking GDC wince...

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen, I think Prime Time can no longer be a father...

Grant picks up PT and smacks his head against the ring post, following up with a DDT on the floor. GDC kicks HJ in the head a few times, and the Scots are in total control of this one. The referee is signalling for someone to get into the ring and start the match, but Grant and GDC are individually beating down their opponents.

GDC realises the match hasn't started yet and picks up a Steel Chair...

RJ: Ouch! What a chair shot to the head on Hollywood!

DL: This is brilliant!

Allan Grant goes under the ring and brings out a Barbed Wire 2x4, and the crowd don't like where this is heading. Grant swings at Prime Time, who ducks, and Grant smashes the wood into pieces against the ringpost, PT then rolls into the ring, and Grant follows.

RJ: Finally this match can start!

On the outside GDC has left Hollywood bleeding and battered, after using the steel steps and a chair on him.

DL: This is basically a handicap match now, we're gonna have new Champions!

Grant is in control of Prime Time, and stomps him to the ground before hitting a standing moonsault to PT. Cover, one, two, kick out by Prime Time. Grant picks him up, and hits a neckbreaker to PT, before climbing to the top rope.

RJ: Allan Grant's looking to finish this one now, SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

DL: Missed!

(The crowd pop as PT rolls out of the way somehow, and both men are down)

RJ: This could be the turning point!

DL: But only Allan Grant has a partner to tag in!

Grant crawls over to the waiting GDC, but just as he's about to make the tag, Hollywood recovers enough to drag GDC off the apron! GDC's head bounces off the apron on the way down, and HJ puts GDC in a headlock!


HJ squeezes GDC's nose and the crowd are loving this, Allan Grant looks on in astonishment but Prime Time sneaks up behind Grant and rolls him up....

One, two, three!

DL: No way.

RJ: Way! Producers retain! Just like that!

HJ grabs the belts from ringside as PT rolls out of the ring celebrating!

GDC looks down and Grant is going crazy in the ring!

DL: How did he lose!

RJ: You never turn your back on an opponent Dave, a rookie mistake for Allan Grant, and these two will have to try again if they are to become Tag Team Champions.

DL: But... So quickly too!

RJ: That's wrestling, all it took was three seconds!

And that might even be a record time for a Tag Team Title match, we're not sure yet folks but all we can tell you is somehow, The Producers have pulled it out of the bag!

DL: They're not even wrestlers, they're cameramen!
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RJ-Well Dave what an event we've had so far but still got the big grudge match and of course the 6wf Title Match

Dave Law-Thats right and........

(Dave is cut off by)


'Dont fear the Reaper' by Blue Oyster plays as Hobo comes out with his TAW Title before getting about 4 steps down the aisle before


'Ace of Spades' plays and River Ace walks out.Hobo has turned around and River walks up to him before pushing him gently to the side and continuing to the ring. Hobo walks behind him shaking his head before they both step into the ring and River signals for the music to be lowered. Hobo goes over and also gets a mic

River Ace-Sorry to be interupting the show but im here....

Hobo-We're here.....

River Ace-Because we have a big announcement that hopefully will take the 6wf to new levels.First of all we're set to announce next months PPV Survival on the 7th February will come from a venue iv left up to Hobo

Hobo-Thats right folks 6wf for the first time next month is going to......Flintshire!

River Ace- Where?


River Ace-Wheres that?

Hobo-Clues in the name

(River Ace and Hobo whisper as the crowd laugh)

Hobo-So next month 6WF SURVIVAL comes from the Deeside Leisure Centre in Flintshire,Wales. Tickets will be available from 9am Friday morning

River Ace Now as many of you have noticed i havnt been around a lot recently and the reason is iv been in negotiations

-The crowd listen on intently-

River Ace-Iv been in negotiations to get Lockdown a 2 hour time slot. Thats an extra half an hour per show Hobo

Hobo-O very funny i know

River Ace-Now 6th February makes a year of Lockdown and as good as UK Living have been to us its time we went Prime Time

Hobo-Hey thats copyright infringement!

River Ace-From 29th January the show that completes 1 year of Lockdown we have a 8pm till 10pm slot on........well just look

-River points at the TitanTron-


Hobo-Boxing? You've been hanging out with that damn Hooligan too much

River Ace-Setanta! The new home of boxing AND WRESTLING!

Crowd-Setanta! Setanta! Setanta!

River Ace-And we start with a 3 hour show! Enjoy the rest of BETRAYAL

(Hobo nudges River)

River Ace-What?!

Hobo-And TRASHDOWN the no1 show in the 6wf is also moving to Setanta as part of the deal!

Crowd-Trashdown! Trashdown! Trashdown!

(Hobo and River Ace continue to bicker as they leave)
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(As they are bickering they are passed by about 8 workmen who have large metal equipment with them)

Hobo and River ask the last of the workmen whats going on and you can see a suprised look on Hobo's face as you can faintly hear him asking if River knew about this as the camera goes to the back

RJ-Enforcer tonight you have a big chance of becoming World Champion although with TGA and Crime Lord as your opponents maybe it may be one of the hardest matches of your career

Enforcer-RJ iv been on Ice Hockey rinks with 8 men looking at me and cowards on my side and have gone into the battle maybe knowing im not going to win but il give it a damn good go. Now tonight may be like that or maybe just maybe il win this fight. Maybe TGA and Crime Lord are not on the same page like Hobo says

(Hobo comes into shot with a referees top on)

Enforcer-Or maybe i have a little something up my sleeve for TGA and Crime Lord

(Enforcer walks off smiling)

A video package plays of Cassius and Heros 3 months feud with the Tiberton Torture match at BORN IN FIRE and Hero teaming with Acer,Leroy and Enforcer trying to take the Tag Titles before Lockdowns match where Cassius and Nemesis beat Hero and Phoenix Rose meaning Cassius decides the Stipulation at BETRAYAL
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to the music


Match 7
-Stipulation to be added-
Cassius Vs Hero


Cassius's music plays as he comes out onto the top of the ramp as he is passed a mic and looks around the crowd

(Cassius talks as he walks to the ring and climbs in)

Cassius-Hero,Hero,Hero even i pity what you have let yourself in for. You see iv beaten you over and over and over again but you always seem to come back wanting more. I thought you would learn but it doesnt look this way so im going to have to put you out once and for all. This structure behind me is a Scaffold and i think you losers know the rules. A Scaffold match has no rules except the first one to be thrown off to the ring below loses and could lose more than the match.

Cassius laughs manically before being jumped from behind by Hero. Hero pounds Cassius in the back before rolling to the outside quickly and grabbing a power cable bringing it into the ring and choking Cassius with it. Cassius begins to fade as Hero looks up at the structure

Dave Law-Well i dont know what Hero's going to do now its all good getting Cassius down but this is a Scaffold Match

RJ-I dont think Hero should be agreeing to that. Cassius is a Monster who just doesnt care. He lives to make others miserable

Hero goes to the outside and slides a table in before setting it up in the corner. He gets another table and slides it into the ring setting it up in the middle of the ring

Dave Law-What is he doing?

Hero goes over to Cassius who uppercuts him and grabs him round the throat before Hero low blows him. Hero goes to put Cassius on the table but hes too big as Hero rollls out and gets a third table and sets it up in the middle next to the other one. Hero quickly rolls out again and brings a ladder into the ring setting it up but Cassius is moving and Hero cant put him through the tables so just dives from near the top of the ladder onto Cassius. Hero punches over and over Cassius in the forehead before waiting for him to get up and whip him into the table thats propped up longways in the corner. Cassius uses his strenght to prevent himself being thrown through the table and whips Hero into a turnbuckle before charging with a clothesline

Crowd-Lets go Hero (clap x 5) Lets go Hero (clap x 5)

Hero is slumped in the corner and Cassius sets up the table in the corner on top of the other two before placing Hero on the top rope. Cassius climps up

RJ-Oh my god hes going to superplex him through the three tables

Dave Law-Hes too far away

Hero begins to battle Cassius who steps down. The two men stare at each other for a moment before Cassius points up at the 30 foot structure before smiling

RJ-This is crazy!

Cassius climbs the structure as Hero watches while climbing down from the top rope. The referee has a word with Hero possibly saying he doesnt need to go through with it before Hero pushes the referee aside and begins to climb the structure himself. Hero gets to the top before having one hand stomped on by Cassius. Hero wobbles before Cassius stamps on the other hand and Hero just about swops hands hanging on again by one hand before going to clim down. Hero climbs across the structure before climbing up but sees Cassius again above him waiting to not even let him on the Scaffold

Dave Law-Come on Hero you coward!

RJ-Cassius wont even let him up Dave

Hero climbs back in the ring speaking with the referee while Cassius lifts his arms in the air


Hero grabs a chair and throws it at Cassius as it misses but stays on the structure. Hero throws another chair that Cassius virtually catches and Hero begins to get frustrated

Crowd-Cassius sucks! Cassius sucks!

Cassius turns around to retaliate to the crowd as Hero quickly climbs the ladder that was set up between the Three tables and the Scaffold as Cassius turns around and Hero dives off the top of the ladder with a Spear on Cassius on the structure. Hero quickly puts Cassius in a Bostan Crab

Dave Law-This isnt fair Cassius has nowhere to go!

Cassius powers out as Hero is off balance and has to put a hand down to make sure he doesnt fall off. Hero stands up as Cassius swings with a clotheslines and Hero hits a few jabs before Cassius swings again and misses. Hero hits a couple more jabs as Cassius takes a step back a little closer to the edge


Hero takes a step back and walks with a huge fist straight into Cassius's big boot. Cassius turns around and picks up a chair not realising Hero has done the same. Cassius turns around and sees Hero also with a chair.They look at each other before taking a step forward and swinging as the chairs collide. This happens 3 times before Cassius's fingers are caught by the chair and he drops his. Hero clocks Cassius again and he holds his head before a second shot as he goes down to one knee and back up. Cassius takes one more shot leaving him on the edge of the structure


Cassius drops to his knees and low blows Hero. Both men are down on the dangerous structure as the referee in the ring can only stand on the second rope and watch. Cassius waits for Hero to get up still with a chair in hand. As he walks over Hero dropkicks the chair into Cassius's face. Hero kicks Cassius in the stomach and sets up for a Canadian Destroyer looking down on the tables

RJ-Dont do it you'll end both your careers Hero!

Hero pauses and Cassius goes to backdrop him slowly but Hero pounds him in the back over and over. With both men down Hero hits another punch before Cassius uppercuts him towards the crowd. Hero swings and misses with his back now to the Ladder and 3 tables. Cassius hits another uppercuts as Hero wobbles before Cassius grabs Hero around the throat

Dave Law-Chokeslam off the Scaffold!

RJ-No Hero pokes Cassius in the eye!

Cassius hits another uppercuts and holds Heros hair by one hand connecting with a headbutt. Cassius finally pulls his fist back once more swinging but Hero ducks and backdrops Cassius off the structure over the ladder and through the 3 tables

Crowd-HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!

The referee calls for the bell as Hero collapses on the structure and EMT's rush into the ring to check on Cassius. The referee climbs the Scaffolding and raises Heros hand as cameras go off all around the Liverpool Echo Arena. Hero eventually climbs down as Cassius is taken away on a stretcher

Crowd-That was awesome! (clap x 5) (clap x 5)
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TGA © vs Crimelord s Enforcer
Guest Referee – Hobo

RJ: here we go folks and what a match to finish!

DL: I have a bad feeling about this match – Hobo is hardly an impartial referee!

RJ: Well after Born in Fire, this was the only way that Hobo could be sure that we got a fair referee.

‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ plays and out walks the TAW champ in a referees uniform. He gets a huge pop from the crowd before sliding into the ring and milking the crowd for more cheers. He then points up the ramp….

‘You will be Enforced!’ is blared out before ‘Saturday Night’ by Nickleback kicks in and out walks the Trash TV superstar.

DL: I love it! His music that is…Cant stand Enforcer though – he’s in for a dynasty style beat down tonight….

Enforcer walks to the ring and slides in and goes over to Hobo and they shake hands to a huge cheer.

‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath plays and out walks Crimelord looking incredibly focused. He ignores the crowd jeers and makes straight for the ring and slides in. He goes nose to nose with Enforcer with both men refusing to blink at each other. Hobo walks over and tells each man to go to a corner.

RJ: Just the champ to go now. And here he is….

‘Hero’ by Nickleback plays and out comes the champ with the belt slung over his shoulder. He stands at the top of the ramp as the pyros go off and he signals ‘TGA’ using his fingers. He cockily strides to the ring, ignoring the various debris being thrown at him and climbs the turnbuckle on the outside, as the crowd go into booing overdrive.

Hobo tells him to get in the ring and checks each contestants boots and hands for foreign objects. He then signals to the bell ringer to bring a microphone over.

H: Okay I want a good clean fight and may the best man win. That’s you Enforcer! But before we start, I have one last surprise for the viewers at home…..Salsa….

“Last of the International Playboys’ rings out as the crowd realise what’s going on and start to cheer.

Crowd: DI-AB-LO x 5

RJ: Looks like we are going to have company on commentary Dave.

DL: That’s all we need – its official. The main event has turned into a freakshow.

Diablo walks down the ramp and joins RJ and Dave.

Diablo: Evening Dave…evening RJ. Man this is going to be a real doozie!

RJ: hadnt you better change your entrance music? Your engaged now – hardly a playboy!

DL: What exactly are you doing here?

Diablo: I am here to see my boys be the double champs – I’m here for the return of the Beacons of Excellence! And I’m here to tell you about my new semi autobiographical – ‘Diablo Loves You!’ – it’s a self help book that will help you with the opposite sex too.

RJ: well we can hear more about that after the show but it looks like we are already underway.

The camera pans back as Dave Law is seen putting a copy of the book in his suitcase.

In the ring, Crimelord and Enforcer have locked horns whilst TGA sits back and watches on. Enforcer begins to get the upper hand in a test of strength before TGA comes over and boots him in the gut. This gives Crimelord time to lift Enforcer and hit an atomic drop, sending the ex hockey player to the mat. TGA nods at Crimelord who lifts enforcer and holds him in a full nelson for TGA to hit with a flurry of punches to the mid section.

Enforcer, although being held, kicks out and sends TGA reeling backwards just as he was about to hit a low punch. He then bends down and pulls Crimelord over his shoulder and slams him to the mat.

Diablo: I taught him that! The golden rule is to protect your tool!


Enforcer is quickly met by TGA who he monkey tosses over his shoulder before driving a elbow into Crimelords midsection. Enforcer gets up to see that TGA is already on his feet and running at him. Enforcer goes for a face check but misses as TGA runs through to the ropes and bounces back with a shoulder block sending Enforcer backwards. Crimelord gets up and leg sweeps the stumbling Enforcer, sending him down to the mat.

RJ: The numbers game beginning to show there.

Crimelord lifts enforcer as TGA climbs the opposite ropes. Crimelord whips Enforcer towards TGA who jumps off and takes down Enforcer with a perfect missile drop kick, as the crowd boo. Crimelord goes over and makes the cover…1….kick out. TGA taps crimelord on the shoulder and motions a ‘what are you doing’ gesture.

Diablo: looks like paradise is disappearing before our very eyes!

DL: They know what they are doing – and at the moment it looks like pain for Enforcer! I Love it!

Enforcer gets up as TGA puts him in a headlock.

TGA (to Hobo): How do you like that headlock, Trash TV?

Crimelord joins TGA and they perform a double supplex, holding Enforcer in the air for a good 30 seconds before slamming him to the mat. TGA once again climbs the ropes and performs a moonsault, as Crimelord holds Enforcer in place.1………..2………kick out!

RJ: That was a slow count if I’ve seen one!

Crimelord goes over to Hobo to remonstrate the count but is met with a signal of ‘2 only’. TGA lifts Enforcer and whips him into the corner. He then gets Crimelord and whips him into Enforcer, allowing the Crimelord to hit a huge clothesline that sends enforcer to the floor, sitting in the corner. Crimelord and TGA begin to speak and Crimelord nods before he goes over and starts stomping on Enforcer. TGA goes to the other corner and tries to remove the turnbuckle pad which Hobo sees. The ref goes over to stop TGA, giving Crimelord the chance to choke Enforcer with his boot.

Diablo: H-bomb – E’s being choked!

DL: Sit down will you – your not in the match!

RJ: Cut it out Dave! Diablo is looking out for his man.

Hobo runs over and physically pulls Crimelord away and warns him that if he sees that again, he will throw him out of the match. TGA comes over too and the Dynasty men both start going nose to nose with Hobo giving Enforcer the chance to stand up and run at the backs of TGA and Crimelord. Hobo spots this nad drops to the mat as Enforcer connects with a double bulldog. Hobo and Enforcer get up at the same time as hobo gives his stablemate a huge grin and Mick Foley double thumbs up.

Diablo: Nice tribute there – good to see the boys still have it!

Enforcer goes over to TGA whos on the mat and starts laying knees into the small of his back. He then moves over to crimelord, lifts him up and scoop slams him onto the back of TGA. Enforcer then climbs the ropes and looks down at the dynasty pile up in front of him.

Diablo: I always get a bad feeling when big E’ takes to the air.

Enforcer flies through the air to hit a flying elbow but Crimelord rolls off in time meaning that TGA gets the full impact in his back. Crimelord quickly gets up starts to kick Enforcer who’s just rising. He then picks him up and drives him into the corner. Crimelord then delivers several shoulder thrusts before lifting Enforcer onto the ropes. He climbs up and goes for a super plex.

RJ: My god! He hit it! The arena is still shaking from these two giants impact.

Diablo: It doesn’t look like TGA is too happy though. He only just rolled out of the way – do you think Crimey meant that….sciaeacf

DL: Just an oversight, D. These men are still tight!

Diablo: just like you at the Xmas night out – didn’t see you get a round of drinks all evening!

Back in the ring, TGA is in Crimelords face, shouting at him as Enforcer stumbles up. Both TGA and Crimelord stop their arguing to turn and hit a double punch to enforcer, sending him back down. They return to arguing before TGA breaks away and locks in a armbar on Enforcer.

Crimelord watches on as Hobo goes to check on Enforcer.

H: C’mon, E’ – get to the ropes, buddy.

Enforcer starts to crawl to the ropes but everytime he goes to reach for them, Crimelord kicks his hand away. On the fourth attempt to grab them, hobo falls forward, ‘accidentally’ stopping Crimelord from kicking enforcers hand, allowing him to grab the bottom rope.

H; Oops – sorry about that! TGA break the hold….

Crimelord and TGA get up and start to argue once again with Hobo who is just smiling away. TGA goes to hit Hobo (who doesn’t flinch) but Crimelord stops him in time which leads to more shouting between the Dynasty brethren.

Diablo: H’ really is clumsy! I was always having to clean up his mistakes. But it made me stronger – I talk about it in chapter 4 of my book available at all book shops from Monday.

Enforcer is now up and surprises both men with a double clothesline, sending TGA out of the ring and Crimelord to the mat. Enforcer picks up Crimelord and lifts him on to his shoulders. He starts to crank up the pressure on the torture rack he has locked in. Crimelord seems to be fading as Hobo checks on him.

DL: Cmon Teej – get in there!

RJ: I think we are about to have a new champ!

Diablo: The 6th chapter talks about never winning the big one.

TGA slides back in and takes enforcer down with a huge spear, pushing E into the ropes and dumping crimelord over to the outside. TGA waits for Enforcer to get up before going for the Hell and Back.

DL: Hes hit it! This ones over!

Diablo: That reminds me – excuse me gents!

Diablo gets up from the announce table and climbs the apron as TGA makes the cover.

Diablo: Hobo! Over here….

Hobo (ignoring the pin): what is it?

Diablo: I forgot to tell you that Mick Foley wanted to pass on his best for your refereeing debut! He hopes it goes alright.

Hobo: thanks but do you mind if I get back to the match now?

Hobo slides back down after a good 20 seconds and makes the count…1….kick out! TGA gets up and starts screaming at Hobo who just shrugs and gestures that’s its not his fault. Meanwhile Crimelord climbs the apron as Enforcer gets to his feet. Big E’ sees this and knocks crimey back off again with an elbow to the face. Enforcer goes over to TGA and spins him around from his confrontation of Hobo and hits some huge combos before whipping him to the ropes.

RJ: Facecheck! Go on E’!

Enforcer hits a devastating facecheck that takes the champ off his feet and goes for the quick cover…..1……2……3.crimey puts TGAs foot on the rope. Enforcer gets up and starts celebrating as Hobo tells him that TGAs foot was on the rope.

Diablo: what are you doing H’!

Enforcer looks peeved but carries on and tangles with Crimelord who is now back in. They start exchanging punches as TGA begins to stir. Enforcer begins to get the upper hand and lifts Crimey back into the Torture Rack once more. Once again TGA hits a big spear but this time TGA and Enforcer go through the ropes as Crimelord is dropped back into the ring.

RJ: Everyone is down – Enforcer and TGA outside and Crimey in the ring. Whose getting up first?

All 3 men get up with TGA and Enforcer brawling sluggishly on the outside, as Crimelord takes a breather from inside the ring.

DL: Brilliant tactics from Crimey – what the hell are these two doing?

From down the ramp, GDC and Alan Grant run down. They begin to attack both TGA and Enforcer on the outside before concentrating on Enforcer. Hobo slides out to stop the interference as TGA slides back in to join Crimelord. As he does so, GDC throws thye 6wf title belt to crimelord who clocks TGA square in the eyes. Crimelord then throws the belt to the outside and makes the cover. Hobo sees the cover and leaves enforcer to fend for himself and makes the count.

RJ: 1……

Diablo: 2……

Hobo: sorry E’….3…..

DL: I love it! I think!?! I’m not sure!

Ring announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner by pinfall and new 6wf champion….Crimelord.

Crowd: boo! Booooooo!

The grants leave Enforcer and slide into the ring to join Crimelord, raise his arm and hand him a mic.

Crimelord: you 1d1ots! No one saw this coming! Your commissioner Hobo thought it would be funny to try and spread rumours about me wanting to leave the Dynasty. Somehow that fool was right! I was fed up of being another member of someone elses gang. I am not a follower – I am a leader. And now I am a champ as well, and the 6wf will change for ever. The dynasty is dead – theres a new power in town and we have the gold…..ladies and gentleman, all those in the locker room and all those at home…..the era of the Crime Syndicate has began……..and the three of us will rule the 6wf!

RJ: my god! I cant believe what we have just seen!

DL: Nor can I RJ – I’m speechless!

Diablo: £14.99 in Borders from Monday, ‘Diablo loves you’…..

RJ: Well I guess that’s the end of the show but questions need answering and hopefully we’ll get some soon….goodnight 6WF!
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Betrayal Results (10/01)
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