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PostSubject: The Fanatic   The Fanatic Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 8:30 pm

Name: The Fanatic
Nickname: The Parasite Killer

Age: 24
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 325 lbs
Hometown: Camden Town, London

Class: Heel
Gimmick: Bodyguard/Protege of Chaos, Doesn't speak much
Personality: Quiet and overbearing, cocky.

Entrance Music: "Its an Omen" Screams out before fading into 'Warriors Dance' by The Prodigy -
Entrance Details: Usually enters with Chaos, when he enters by himself he taunts the fans and poses at the top of the ramp as his signature red pyro goes off.

Finishing Move 1: Fanatical Fury (Elevated Sit-out Powerbomb)
Finishing Move 2: F-Kick (Brogue Kick)
Trademark Move: Parasite Crusher (2 handed chokebomb)
Submission Move: F-Lock (Brock Lock)
Highflying Move: Top rope clothesline (Kane style)
Five - eight common moves:
Big Boot
Snap Powerbomb
Big Show Slap
Giant Swing
1 handed Chokeslam
Running powerslam
Double A Spinebuster

Taunts/Catchphrases: "Shut up you parasite"

Match Tactics: Dirty
Match Style: Brawler, Powergame, Big Man

Weapon of Choice: Steel Chair and Thumbtacks
Specialty Match: Tables Match

History: Not Known

Title History
• None
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The Fanatic
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