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 Betrayal Results (17/01)

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PostSubject: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:08 am

Dark Match
Steve Howell vs Blue Dragon

RJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, you are watching this 6WF.Com exclusive dark match where two new 6WF Stars gear up to take on each other.

DL: Blue Dragon and Howell are both scary, scary folk and this one could get interesting fast!

“Heart-Shaped Box” hits and the crowd descend into boos for the arrival of the psychotic Steve Howell who storms down to the ring. He steps through the ropes and wears a sick grin.

“Freak on a leash” blares out and the Liverpool crowd burst into a huge pop for the arrival of their hometown boy, Blue Dragon, he runs out with a snarl. He walks down the ramp and everyone offers him a hand to tag, his entrance takes around 5 minutes due to so many people wanting to tag him.

RJ: You may have noted that Blue Dragon is normally booed but tonight he is the hometown hero!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings and the two crazed monsters lock up, Howell puts BD into a headlock almost immediately. Howell then smashes the face of Blue Dragon into his outstretched knee, he continues to drive His face into the knee before lifting him up and throwing him across the ring. He hits a jumping boot and then rolls him to their corner. Howell jumps to the 2nd rope and springs up and down before coming off with a splash.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Howell slides to the outside and mocks the fans, Howell, who re-enters to loud boos, grabs him around the waist before lifting him up quickly and hitting a vicious back suplex dropping Blue Dragon right on his neck with a thud. Howell covers with a sick grin across his face.

Ref: 1..........2......Kick out!

Howell quickly gets up and he stomps down with a scary amount of delight, watching Blue Dragon crunch into the canvas. Eventually he stops stomping down and heaves up BD , he hits some stiff kicks into the stomach before bench pressing him into the air, walking and then dropping him face first. Howell then lifts Blue Dragon onto his shoulder, the crowd go deathly silent as he sets up for the Death Valley driver but then pop as Blue Dragon hits a reverse DDT!

RJ: That’s what the crowd needed.

DL: It sure was, up until this point Blue Dragon has been dominated!

SLAP! Blue Dragon is right in Howell’s face after the DDT, Howell throws punches that have no effect on Blue Dragon He then dodges a punch and headbutts Howell hard and he falls back against the ropes. Blue Dragon throws him across the ring, on the rebound he hits a beautiful high knee right into the face and Howell drops down to the canvas with a thud. Blue Dragon covers quickly...

Ref: 1..........2....Kick out!

The shoulder is up just after the two count but Howell gets no rest-bite, to the delight of the crowd!
Blue Dragon immediately begins to drop a series of elbows across the body of Howell, he then stops and begins to stomp his head into the ground. Blue Dragon eventually stops and he lets Howell rise to his feet before hitting a kick to the gut followed by a running powerslam, he gets up groggily and Blue Dragon spears him into the canvas. Blue dragon hooks both legs...

Ref: 1............2......Kick out!

Blue Dragon spins up onto his feet and throws Howell into the corner, he then begins to show the crazy side that RJ was talking about throwing some amazingly quick but hard elbows into the cranium. He throws at least 15 straight elbows before the ref steps in to stop the assault and Howell drops in the corner.

RJ: I told you he was crazy!

DL: But these fans love it!

Blue Dragon pulls Howell out of the corner and puts him in a bearhug before violently swinging him about like a rag doll, instead of going for a submission he spins him onto his feet, kicks him in the gut and lifts him up...


Ref: 1...................2.................3!

The crowd pop loudly as Blue Dragon climbs up and salutes the fans in the arena as Betrayal goes to air!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:09 am

*A video package begins Betrayal,an empty ring is shown in an empty arena and suddenly flames engulf the ring as a voice begins to speak the midst of battle Betrayal is rife...a key ingredient that has shaped every war since the beginning of time....who can we trust?...who are our allies?...are our enemies really who we believe they are?

*The video changes to JJ Johnson giving his speech on Shutdown followed by Diablo joining in.It then changes to a host of 6WF superstars but one is faded into darkness...the same happens with the 6CW roster

VO:Tonight is the night that changes sports entertainment forever...the casualties,the battles...every single drop of bllod,sweat and tears that has been shed comes down to this point...two sides...two sets of ring warriors....


*The video shoots through different members of each roster,they all have strange looks on their faces and it ends with a shadow stood underneath a waterfall and the show goes on air.The Echo Arena is jam-packed to the rafters as pyros erupt one after another all over the arena,the sound is deafening as the cameras pan around the screaming fans who look in great spirits for the pay per view extravaganza.The stage is a giant metal mass with two huge swords crossed just above the entranceway

RJ:Ladies and Gentlemen....welcome to 6WF from the sold-out Echo Arena in Liverpool and what a night this is going to be...7 championship matches,a night where 6WF can finally get even with 6CW...its been a long road but tonight will shape where the next few months go...can we even the balance?....will we settle the score?...will the steel cage be enough to contain the Saint and Snake Eyes

*The cameras show a shot of the gigantic structure above the ring and the crowd cheer at the sight of it

RJ:Thats our main event but there is so much amazing action here with my broadcast colleague Dave Law

DL:Thanks RJ and welcome folks to what should be a earth-shattering many great matches,I suggest you sit tight for the next three hours guys cos this one is going to be non-stop action...get ready because its time for 6WF Betrayal

RJ:Time to kick it off folks!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:10 am

Match 1
Internet Title
Jerome Dubois(c) vs Tyson Armstrong

RJ:First match of the night is for the 6WF Internet Title folks and what a road its been to tonight...Jerome Dubois has been the longest running Internet Champion of all time but his toughest test,his most formidable test comes now...can he stop the freight train that is Tyson Armstrong

DL:Of course he can RJ and he will....for too long has Tyson Armstrong run roughshod over the 6WF roster...he may be big and he may be powerful but he cannot match the intelligence of Jerome Dubois,the French Phenom and of course the greatest Internet Champion of all time

RJ:Well we arent looking at a battle of the minds Dave,this will be physical and Dubois will have to find a way to counter the big man

"BrainStorm" whips out and the crowd stand to their feet and cheer loud as strobe lights flitter out into the crowd.The curtain whips backwards and forwards and a firework whips along the aisleway and then up into the air and explodes above the ring

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen...the following contest is shceduled for one fall....and it is for....the 6WF Internet Championship...

*Crowd pop

Announcer:Introducing first............the challenger..............from Houston,Texas............weighing in at 315 pounds............Tyson Armstroooooooooooooooooooooooong!

The gigantic Tyson Armstrong walks out onto the ramp and breathes in the cheers from the sold-out crowd in Liverpool,he walks down the ramp and then stops at the bottom and raises his arms into an "X" and red and blue pyros explode into the air before he continues his march to the ring...

RJ:Undefeated in the 6WF....Tyson Armstrong has defeated anyone who has dared challenge him....a man that is favoured by these fans and very popular in the backstage area,but inside the squared circle he is as formidable as they come...tonight he hopes to become the Internet Champion...can he do it?

DL:No way RJ...Dubois has beat them all,JJ,Cassius,Saint...he has beaten everyone there is to beat and he will do the same tonight to Tyson'll be a great match but experience will tell

Armstrong climbs up into the ring and paces back and forth as the crowd divulge into loud boos as "" plays out and the French flag appears on the titantron,the curtain ripples again and jets of blue,white and red pyros shoot off in all directions...

Announcer:And his opponent.....from Paris,France...............weighing in at 275 pounds.....he is the current,reigning and defending 6WF Internet Champion.........Jeeeeeeeeeeeeerome Duuuuuuuuuuuuubooooooooooooooooooooois!

The masked phenom walks out covered in his usual blue robe and he bows at the booing masses before walking down the rampway into the aisle.He jerks his head back and forth and then reaches the bottom of the aisleway and unties his robe to reveal the the Internet belt around his waist and he smiles grimly before sliding into the ring....he tells the referee to make sure Armstrong keeps his distance as he holds the belt into the air

DL:What a champion RJ...and what a competitor,Jerome Dubois has been at the top of his game ever since he joined this company and he has only gone from strength to strength...when he wins here tonight there will be no-one that doubt just how good Dubois really is

RJ:I dont think anyone will dispute it anyway Dave,but tonight will not be as clear-cut as you have made out...Armstrong owns 3 pinfall victories over Dubois,he has chased him and chased him until finally he forced this match to take place by cashing in his Freshers Ball....Jerome Dubois will have re-thought his tactics for this one and it should be a great way to kick the show off

The bell sounds and Dubois inches slowly around the ring,always keeping close to the ropes,as Armstrong stands in the middle and invites him forwards...Dubois steps closer but moves back as Tyson moves towards him and he tells the referee to keep the Texan at a distance

RJ:Jerome Dubois does not look comfortable about getting involved in this match up

Crowd:Ty-son x5

The crowd begin to chant and Armstrong stands back and looks around at the cheering fans and he smiles...

DL:OH NO JEROME...Why did you do that?

Dubois takes advantage of the situation and he steps forwards and slaps Tyson in the face,the challenger doesnt move an inch but strokes his cheek and then laughs as he clutches Dubois by the throat and hauls him into the corner,he hits three huge right hands before grabbing Jerome's right arm and he whips him hard across the ring...he runs across after the Internet Champion for a body splash but Dubois gets his foot up and then stands on the second rope and leaps off..

RJ:Dubois caught again...

Dubois looks for a double axe handle but Armstrong gets a boot into the stomach and then underhooks both the champions arms and lifts him into a big powerbomb,the crowd cheer as Tyson walks off the ropes and lands a big legdrop across the throat of Dubois and covers........1.................2...........Dubois kicks out

DL:Jerome Dubois will not go down without a fight RJ...he is just sussing out the right tactic!

RJ:He's been sussing it out for 2 months and he hasnt come close!

Tyson grabs Dubois by the head and pulls him up,he looks at the champ for a moment and then lifts him into a hard scoop slam and drops an elbow across his chest,he stands and delivers again before rising for a third time and he drags Jerome up with him and whips him into the corner again,he runs after Dubois but this time the champion uses the ropes to elevate himself over the head of Tyson for the roll-up

DL:Oh Armstrong held on...

RJ:Alabama Slam!

1....................2..........Dubois kicks out in time and the crowd boo but Tyson just gets back up,he lifts Dubois now into a crushing bearhug and holds him in place in the centre of the ring,Dubois waves his arms around and tries to escape but he cant get free in the slightest as Armstrong presses him tighter and tighter...

RJ:That has to be excruciating stuff...Dubois looks in a whole world of pain

Armstrong continues to crank up the pressure and Dubois cannot break free,he is beginning to fade and his pounding becomes subsided as the referee has no choice but to check him....he lifts his arm up...

it drops....

He lifts it again....

it drops....

He raises it for a third time...

RJ:It dropped!

DL:He's fighting it!

The crowd cheer because they think Dubois is gone but he begins to shake but still cannot break free of the submission,he looks desperate so grabs the head of Tyson and rakes his eyes to a loud boo from the crowd,Dubois crumples holding his ribs and sidles to the corner to regain himself,Armstrong holds his face and tries to recouperate before charging at the Internet Champion...

RJ:Dropkick to the knee...

Dubois slams his feet into the knee of Tyson and rolls away,the challenger comes at him again but misses with a clothesline and Dubois nails a chopblock before grabbing the right leg and he wishbones Tyson three times before stomping on his leg time and time again,the challenger howls in pain as Dubois grabs his leg again and twists it into a standing kneebar and Armstrong beats the mat in pain as Dubois cranks it up even more...the crowd are willing Tyson on and he kicks Jerome with his left leg and tries to get up but Dubois nails another chopblock and this time he pulls Tyson into the centre and locks in a figure four leglock....

DL:He's got him....the leg is weak...Tyson has to tap!

The flashbulbs are going off as the gigantic form of Tyson Armstrong is shouting in pain and banging his fist on the mat,he can gain no leverage though as Dubois twists his legs at an impossible angle and jumps up and down to apply more pressure,there are "Wooooooooooos" from the sell-out crowd but Tyson cannot reach the ropes...

RJ:This is ripping and tearing at cartilage...there is only so much the human anatomy can take and Tyson Armstrong is being pushed right to his limits here by the Internet Champion

Tyson stretches for the ropes but he cannot make it as he shoulders drop............1................2...........he sits up just in time and shouts again in pain but he cannot escape the hold,he twists and turns but there is nowhere to turn as he raises his hand in the air

DL:He's gonna tap!

Armstrong's hand comes down to the mat to tap and then suddenly he throws all his body weight to the right and turns Dubois onto his stomach and reverses the hold,Dubois howls in agony but quickly scrambles and reaches the ropes...

RJ:Little taste of his own medicine for Dubois there but nowhere near what Armstrong endured,he looks in a lot of pain

Dubois gets up and taps his leg as Tyson crawls up in the corner and looks to be in considerable pain as Jerome runs across and flies through the air with a clothesline but Tyson moves...

DL:He scouted it....WHAT A BOOT!

RJ:It has to be over!

Dubois smacks into the turnbuckle as Tyson manages to move and hobble across the ring before returning with a huge boot to the face,he uses his right leg though and hobbles to the ground in great pain as the crowd try and egg him on but his leg is hurting him badly...he punches the mat in frustration and drags himself....


DL: He got him!


RJ:Its ov...........not is isnt!.....Dubois got the shoulder up!

DL:YES!...I told you he couldnt lose RJ...

RJ:You just said it was over....

DL:Reverse Psychology!


Tyson holds his leg and grabs the ropes with his free hand and helps himself up,he hobbles into position in the centre of the ring and then raises his arms to the crowd in his trademark "X" position...

RJ:Armstrong has the Tysonator on his mind...he has gold in his sights...TYSONATOR!


Dubois is spun in midair but manages to counter into a jawbreaker which sways Tyson on the spot,the big Texan staggers as Dubois runs off the opposite ropes and dives through the air at his challenger...

RJ:SPEAR!....Dubois retains!

DL:He did it!

*Crowd cheer

RJ:Armstrong got the ropes! word how close was that!

Dubois holds his head in horror as he realises that he hasnt won,Tyson managed to get the ropes just before the three count,he gets up and berates the referee but to no avail and then he grabs the challenger and hoists him up,he mockingly gives the "X" salute... artistic! ironic!



Tyson Armstrong is lifted by Dubois but manages to flip off the back,his amazing strength then allows him to hook both of Dubois' arms from behind and lift him into a crucifix position...

RJ:That is champion!

DL:Roll through!


RJ:How close can you get!

DL:What a slow count!

Dubois manages to roll back down Tyson's back into a pinning combination but only for a two count,both men get back up and Tyson lifts Dubois into the air and drives him back into the corner and hits two shoulder thrusts but on the third Jerome gets his knee up and Tyson staggers away holding his shoulder and Dubois steadies himself...




RJ:Had to be had to be...

DL:Referee didnt see it RJ...spinebuster!

Dubois misses with the spear and collides with the corner before turning back and Armstrong grabs him for the belly to belly slam but suddenly he stumbles away holding his groin area,the referee doesnt get a good look at things and allows the match to continue as Dubois nails Tyson with a big spinebuster...

RJ:He's damn well cheated and you know it Dave...its actually gonna end like this....

DL:Your damn right RJ....CULTURE SHOCK!


DL:Oh yes!.....

*Crowd pop

RJ:Oh no do you like that does that feel,you no-good cheat!

The crowd are cheering loud as somehow Tyson gets his shoulder up just before the referee's hand came down for the three count.Dubois looks in astonishment as holds three fingers to the ref but he waves it off and tells Jerome it was only two so Dubois gets up and kicks the ropes and looks around in desperation before climbing from the ring,he walks over to the announce table and grabs his Internet Title

RJ:Oh cmon,be realistic Dubois...he's gonna get himself disqualified again...

DL:Its the only way...go on Dubois,hit him and run for the hills...

The referee stands in Dubois' way but he shrugs him off and wills Tyson up before swinging the gold straight at his head...








ding ding ding


RJ:Its over....

Announcer:Ladies and is your winner.....and NEW 6WF Internet Champion.....Tysoooooooooooooooon Armstroooooooooooooooooooong!

The crowd is cheering as the referee picks the Internet Title up and places it into the arms of Tyson Armstrong,he looks at it for a moment and then lifts it high into the air,he beats his chest and then puts the belt over his shoulder and makes the giant "X" with his arms to yet more cheers

RJ:Tyson Armstrong has done it...after months of trying he is finally the 6WF Internet Champion...and what an effort....what a match folks..anything to add Dave?

DL:Not really....

RJ: If this match is anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a night...Jerome Dubois may be the greatest Internet Champion we have ever had but he is no more...there is a new man atop the Internet ladder and his name is Tyson Armstrong

The instant replays show Dubois get back in the ring and swing the Internet Title at Tyson's head but the challenger ducked and then nailed the belly to belly slam to become the brand new Internet Champion.

Match Time:12:12
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:12 am

*The action is backstage and in the huge 6WF lockeroom as Mike Hill walks out of a side door with a "6WF" t-shirt on,he stretches his arms and there is applause as certain members of the roster shake his hand and tag him on the back,Rasta comes back twice to shake Hill's hand and Hill breathes deep before heading to the door

RJ:Mike Hill is in action next folks as he goes one on one with Max Adamson in the first of tonights inter-company matches...can Hill get the ball-rolling

DL:Lets hope so RJ,its not been the best few months for 6WF but tonight we can set the record straight and it can begin with Mike Hill

*The camera shows Hill walk out into the corridor and then changes to the 6CW lockeroom,Max Adamson is flexing his arms and he tags hands with Prodigy before walking out towards the entranceway.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:14 am

Match 2
Mike Hill vs Max Adamson

RJ:Well we have a brand new Internet Champion folks....


RJ:And our congratulations to Tyson Armstrong for an impressive display and finally getting his hands on the Internet Title,a great match but that is only the beginning...up next is a very fierce rivalry that has been waging ever since Born in Fire

DL:Ever since Team Phenom stole the tag belts,Mike Hill and Max Adamson have been at each others throats...Max argues that Hill cannot get over that defeat and will stop at nothing to thwart Adamson at every turn but Hill is doing it for the 6WF,he wants rid of 6CW once and for all and the way to do that is get rid of their main players

RJ:Max Adamson certainly would be classed as that...

"Stay Too Long" rings out inside the Echo Arena and the lights dance through the darkness as Max Adamson walks out to an extremely hostile reception,He takes it in his stride and marches down to the ring whilst smirking at the fans and he flexes his biceps before climbing up into the ring.He walks around and trash talks the announcer and referee before walking to the corner and stretching for his upcoming contest

RJ:Such an arrogant and dislikeable man is Max Adamson...I have no time for him but I will testify to how good he is....former 6WF Tag Team Champion,European Champion and of course Australian Champion *Cough*

DL:Oh the talent is there RJ,and I was a fan of him when he was in 6WF but when he left he became a shell of his former self and an untrustworthy superstar...this whole arena will be behind Mike Hill tonight

RJ:There was a time when I thought Max Adamson would be world champion here in the 6WF but that wasnt to be,now I hope he gets what he deserves tonight and an all round ass whoopin from the hands of Mike Hill

Adamson stands tall in the ring as "The NExt Big Thing" is greeted by a huge pop from the Liverpool crowd.The arena is dark and pyros shoot up into the air and the lights come on as Mike Hill swaggers through the smoke.He has a "6WF" t-shirt on and he points at it and then takes it off as he walks towards the ring with a steely glint in his eye

DL:Former TAW Champion Mike Hill,he has accomplished so much at a young age in the 6WF and I believe he is one of the men that can step it up and lead us through this invasion...

RJ:Without a doubt,Mike Hill is extremely talented,fast and technically sound...he will cause problems to anyman and tonight he has a score to settle with Max Adamson

Hill vaults up over the ropes and the referee talks to both men before signalling for the bell to be rung to get the contest underway,Hill throws his arms in the air as the crowd work up a "6WF" chant and Hill smirks at Adamson and then both men lockup,they struggle and then break up and move away whilst still looking at one another before moving back for another lockup but Max knees Hill in the stomach and then clotheslines him across the back,he takes Hill by the head and lifts him into a big vertical suplex and covers laterally..........1............2......kickout!

DL:This is a match between two of the best in both companies,we could easilt have co-existed with 6CW but they started this war but best believe 6WF will end it

RJ:Couldnt have worded it better Dave...

Max rakes his elbow in the face of Hill and then stands up and he stomps on the former TAW Champ,Hill stumbles up and Max clubs him across the back and forces him into the corner where he hits several rights and lefts before whipping Hill across the ring,he follows Hill but Mike manages to spring onto the ropes and he moonsaults over the head of Adamson and then takes him down with a nice spinning heel kick as he turns around,both men stagger up and Hill backs Adamson against the ropes and goes for an irish whip but Max reverses and Hill flies against the ropes and comes back...

DL:Tilt-a whirl...Wow!

RJ:Great counter by Mike Hill!

Hill counters the tilt-a-whirl into a headscissors takedown and then he drop toe-holds Max when he gets back up,Hill springs onto the second rope and flies back into a legdrop on Adamson..............1...............2.........Max kicks out and Hill gets back up and hits a quick moonsault flip and then gets up and runs to the corner and vaults up....the crowd are cheering...


Hill slams into the canvass as Adamson moves out of the way in time and he shakes away the cobwebs and pulls himself up,he runs across at HIll,who has slightly recovered,and jumps into the air and connects with the Fa-Max-er.............1................2.........Hill pops his shoulder into the air and the crowd cheer as Adamson spits in anger and gets back to his feet before crouching in the corner and willing Hill to his feet...

RJ:Adamson is primed like a wolf...GORE!

DL:How did he do that??

Crowd:That was awe-some x3

Hill jumps into the air and manages to enzeguiri Adamson in the head as he looks for the spear,Max falls against the ropes and into the middle of the ring as Hill grabs the ropes and springboards off the top one back into the middle and connects with a huge tornado DDT........1..................2.........shoulder up from Adamson!

RJ:Amazing athleticism from Mike Hill and thats exactly what he brings to the table,he can move quicker than anyone in 6WF or 6CW

Mike Hill runs off the ropes and handsprings into another moonsault before standing up again,he breathes the cheers and then runs off the ropes and returns with a lightning fast rolling thunder...

DL:Max got the knees up...

Hill holds his back in pain and Max gets up and clotheslines Hill over the top rope to the outside,Hill lands and staggers into the security railing as Adamson laughs and then climbs onto the turnbuckle and begins to climb up the ropes,he looks down at Mike Hill from the top rope and then flexes his biceps and dives from the top at Hill...

RJ:Dont see Adamson up top very much...

DL:And thats why!


Crowd:Mike-y Hill x5

DL:That was incredible!

Adamson soars through the air but Hill moves and Max slams into the security railing as Hill slides back in the ring and runs across to the opposite ropes and then returns with a somersault senton takedown onto Adamson and he gets huge cheers before standing up and he gets back up on the apron and into the ring,the referee looks down at Max and then begins to count him out.............1...............2.............3

RJ:Brilliant move from Mike Hill and now Max Adamson must beat the count!

The referee gets up to eight when Adamson gets back in the ring,Hill grabs Max by the head and attempts the Over the Hill but Max manages to counter and shifts Hill onto his shoulders...


Hill elbows Max in the side of the head and slides out of the move into the corner,Max rubs his head and then runs over at Hill but he misses with a bodysplash and then he turns and Hill spins on his heel and leaps back into a brilliant Pele Kick,Adamson wobbles and falls into a seated position in the corner...

RJ:Mike Hill is on a roll....nice dropkick!

Hill runs into the corner and grabs the top rope and lifts himself up and then down into a dropkick to Adamson's face(ala Jeff Hardy)....he pulls Adamson by the arm...

DL:Mike Hill has set Max up....he is ready...NEXT BIG MOVE!



3.....................foot on the ropes!

RJ:That was close right there but Adamson showed his ring presence and made the ropes!

The crowd groan as the referee tells Hill that Max's foot was on the rope,Mike holds his head in his hands and then gets up and walks around the ring before grabbing Adamson by the head....

DL:Hill has come so close...OVER THE HILL!

RJ:Running powerslam!

Adamson catches Hill over his shoulders and runs him into a big powerslam,he gets up and a renewed smile crosses his face as Hill stumbles up and Max grabs him and flips him for a powerbomb and he runs Hill into the corner and throws him hard at the turnbuckle,Hill's neck hits hard and he staggers as Max grabs him around the waist...


one.............two.................three................four............five.........Max decimates Hill with five huge germans and both men lay flat out on the canvass as Adamson listens to the boos from the crowd and he grins before pulling himself across the ring and covering Mike Hill....

RJ:That'll do it.....


DL:Go on Hilly!

Mike Hill manages to get his shoulder up just in time and Max turns over and punches the mat several times before standing up,he pushes the referee out of the way and jumps from the ring before walking to the announce area and he pulls out a steel chair,the crowd boo him as walks back to the ring and climbs in...he ushers Hill up but the referee stands in the way...

RJ:Ridiculous from Adamson...this isnt a title match,it will just go down as a defeat

DL:His patienence getting the better of him RJ,he cant put Hill away!

The referee wont move from Max's path so the Australian walks into the corner and fixes the chair between the ropes,he smirks and raps his knuckles on it before turning around and walking towards Hill...

RJ:The end is nigh...Oh Mike Hill fighting back...

Max grabs Hill but is met by three right hands to the stomach and then Hill targets the head before running off the ropes,Max sways but recovers quickly and body presses Hill into the air and then drops him into a falling spinebsuter come powerbomb....

DL:Did you see Hill's snapped back in a whiplash effect...he could be hurt...

RJ:If he's hurt now then thats nothing to what is coming now....GORE....GORE....GORE!

Max grins as he runs across and dives into the rib-crushing spear,only problem is there is nothing to hit as Hill moves and Max's head slams into the steel chair in the corner and Hill rolls Adamson up..................1..............2................3!

DL:He got him!

RJ:Its all over...brilliant matchup and a great win for Team 6WF!

The instant replays show the end of the match again and then returns to real-time action as Hill stands outside the ring and the referee holds his arm in victory as Adamson kneels in the ring holding his head and looking furious...

DL:Max Adamson's own weapon came back to haunt him...there is no way Hill would have got a three count there if that steel chair hadnt come into play...Max Adamson virtually beat himself and that makes it all the more sweeter!

RJ:Mike Hill fought valiantly but I thought he was in for it...Max Adamson made one mistake and it has cost him the whole match...well done Mike Hill...a real morale boost for team 6WF and lets hope its a sign of things to come!

Mike Hill puts his thumbs up and Max in mocking and then he applauds the fans as he walks up the ramp towards the back,the crowd laugh at Adamson,who is booting the ropes in anger,as he shakes his head in frustration.

Match Time:9:32
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (17/01)   Betrayal Results (17/01) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 8:15 am

RJ:Time to head backstage folks where it is our understanding that Clarissa is standing by with Nigel Napalm

*The camera changes and Clarissa is stood next to Napalm and Lady Napalm,Nigel looks deeply focused

Clarissa:Thanks RJ and yes here I am with Nigel Napalm,and of course Lady Napalm,only moments away from the first bllod match where you,Nigel,will challenge GDC for the Hardcore Championship...are you prepared?

*Napalm sighs and Lady Napalm rubs his shoulder

Napalm:Clarissa I have to admit I didnt want this interview,I find your interview style boring,infact I find you dull as a whole if I get right down to it...I dont like dull,im not one for you can see from my beautiful Lady Napalm...

*Lady Napalm smiles and places her head on Nigel's shoulder

Napalm:And all I have heard for the past few weeks is "why Napalm do you keep attacking GDC?"...well let me fill you in....GDC is boring....GDC is a fraud...GDC is a fake...he prances around like he is something he is hardcore...haha dont make me laugh...Grant Daniel Campbell does not know the meaning of Hardcore...but he will Clarissa...oh he will...tonight here at Betrayal I will punish GDC...I will make him suffer for everyday he has held that title and lied to these fans...ive chased him down and now ive got him backed into a corner...alot of people say a cornered animal is dangerous...but dangerous is how I want it...I thrive on danger...i am the epitomy of hardcore...and tonight when I spill GDC's crimson all over Liverpool...I will be your new 6WF Hardcore Champion!

*Lady Napalm smiles and pushes Clarissa backwards as she walks away linking arms with Napalm.
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Match 3
Hardcore Title
First Bllod
GDC(c) vs Nigel Napalm

RJ: Up now we have a big match.

DL: A rivalry so heated that JJ has allowed it to take place in the middle of a war with 6CW.

RJ: That's right, these two men haven't been able to settle their differences outside of the ring, so JJ had no choice but to let them settle it inside of it.

'Killing in the Name of' hits out and the crowd start booing furiously. Nigel Napalm bursts out of the curtain, he looks around the arena with a sinister look before saluting the crowd Cena style. Napalm bursts out with laughter before walking down the ramp to the ring.

RJ: Nigel Napalm is one messed up individual.

DL: But there is no doubting the talent he has in the ring.

'Numb' is blasted out of the speakers. And pyros go off up and down the stage. GDC walks out to massive cheers, he lifts the Hardcore Title in the air before walking down the ramp, he climbs onto the apron and steps into the ring.

RJ: There is our Hardcore Champion. GDC.

DL: You know what JJ? I find it disgusting that GDC asked for this match, when he should be fighting against 6CW.

RJ: GDC only asked for this match so he could get over Napalm, who has been attacking GDC week in, week out.

GDC steps into the ring, and Napalm charges at him but GDC was ready for it and cracks him over the head with the belt.

RJ: Remember this is a first blood match up so expect a lot of attacks to the head!

GDC starts stomping on the fallen Napalm and then hits him with an elbow drop on his back, GDC drags Napalm closer to the turnbuckle and then climbs onto the second rope, he dives off looking for a diving headbutt but Napalm rolls out of the way and GDC hits the mat. Nigel rolls out of the ring and starts looking under the ring,l he throws steel chairs, dustbins, a table, he then pulls out a Singapore cane and a mysterious bag. Nigel puts the bag in the corner and slides into the ring with the cane, GDC is up now and Napalm whacks the cane of of his back and then hits him on the chest with it as well.

DL: Napalm holding nothing back here.

Nigel smacks the cane off the top of GDC's head and the cane snaps and GDC falls down. Napalm picks up a steel chair and starts smashing it on the chest of GDC, he lays the chair on Grant and stomps on it. GDC is holding his chest in pain and rolls around the ring. Napalm picks up the bag and starts manically laughing, he opens the bag and with a massive grin pours out the contents onto the mat.

RJ: They're tacks! Drawing pins! Why are they kept under the ring?

GDC groggily gets up and then Napalm grabs him and goes to throw him onto the tacks but before he can do it, GDC kicks him in the gut and lifts him up and hits him with a massive suplex onto the tacks. Nigel screams out and the camera shows a shot of his back which now has a lot of pins stuck in it. GDC walks over to Napalm but he is just low blowed, and Napalm struggles but gets back to his feet, GDC looks up and Nigel bites GDC's forehead. Nigel kicks GDC in the gut hits him with a European Uppercut, Nigel backs off and GDC gets to his knees, Nigel's eyes widen and he sprints at GDC and hits him with a punt to the head. Nigel laughs as he rolls GDC over with a gentle push with his foot.

DL: That was brilliant! GDC may be out of this!

Napalm picks up a steel chair and starts slamming it on the chest of GDC, he then slides the chair underneath the head of GDC and walks over and picks up another chair, he goes for the con-chair-to but GDC rolls out of the way and Napalm drops the chair, GDC groggily gets to his feet and Napalm charges at him and goes for a clothesline but GDC ducks, they both turn around and GDC hits a big boot to the face of Napalm. Nigel falls to the floor and GDC walks over to the table and starts setting it up. He lifts Napalm up and leads him over to the corner, he lifts Napalm up and props him on the top rope. GDC climbs up with him and sets it up for a superplex, he hits it and Napalm goes through the table.

Crowd: That was awesome! *Clap* That was awesome!

GDC picks up a dustbin and puts it on top of Napalm's head and starts stomping, the bin crushing around Nigel. GDC picks him up and he still has the dustbin over his head, he lifts Napalm up onto his shoulder and hits a big Samoan Drop. GDC drags the dustbin off Napalm and the referee checks for blood but there isn't any, GDC picks Napalm up by one arm and then whips him into the ropes, Napalm though holds onto the ropes and then GDC sees him and runs at him going for a clothesline, but Napalm ducks and uses GDC's momentum to throw him over the top rope. Napalm climbs to the top rope and dives off with a splash taking GDC down.

RJ: It's not often we see Napalm do big high-flying moves like that, it just goes to show how important this match is to him!

Both men lay on the outside catching their breath, Napalm is first up and he picks up GDC he punches GDC in the head before GDC kicks him in the gut, GDC spears Napalm and the two men go rolling up the ramp. They are now on the stage and the two men start exchanging fists, GDC hits a big uppercut on Napalm and then hits a slam onto the metal. GDC climbs down off the stage and there is a table there, he picks up a bottle from under the table and starts pouring the liquid over the table, he then picks up a box and strikes a match dropping it onto the table, it sets on fire.

DL: This does NOT look good!

GDC climbs back up and picks Napalm up, he sets it up for the Bankruptcy off the stage and through the fiery table, he goes for it but as Napalm is dropping he grabs GDC and both men fall down off the stage crashing through the table.


Both men lay knocked out in the smouldering wreck, paramedics run out and start checking on the two men, after around of minute of looking at them, GDC pushes one of them away and slowly gets to his feet, he lifts Napalm up and drags him back up onto the stage, Napalm when back on the stage punches GDC and lifts him up, he looks set to hit the Perplexed Plex onto the metal ramp, surely busting GDC open, but Nigel goes weak in the arms after the beating he has gone through and can't hold GDC wrong, but still manages to turn it into a vertical suplex. Nigel starts walking back towards the ring, he starts rummaging under the ring and takes out a massive ladder. He starts walking back towards GDC, but the Hardcore Champ is up and takes Napalm out with a massive Highland Hell.

DL: Both these men are going all out for it!

GDC forces himself back up and slides into the ring, he throws chairs back outside of the ring and then gets out of the ring and pulls out a barbed wire covered wooden pole. Napalm groggily stands up and GDC swings the barbed wire pole at him but he ducks and then spears GDC and GDC slams into the fan barrier. Nigel starts punching the head of GDC and then bites into it. GDC hits him with a low blow and Nigel falls to his knees and GDC kicks him in the head. GDC walks over and picks up a steel chair, he lays it on the face of Napalm and then climbs on top of the fan barrier, GDC goes to jump and land with his feet on the chair, but Napalm just smashes then chair on GDC's knees.

RJ: Anything GDC tries, Napalm has an answer for.

Napalm starts stomping on GDC's stomach before lifting him up and whipping him into the metal corner, GDC's shoulder crashes into the metal. Nigel Napalm starts laughing and then walks over to the ladder, he sets it up, and then slaps GDC's face while laughing, he lifts him up but his laughing stops when GDC punches him in the head and then spears him to the floor. GDC starts climbing up the ladder and gets to the top, the crowd are chanting his name, he wobbles a bit, and this gives time for Napalm to get up and he starts climbing the ladder as well, the two men are now on top of the ladder outside of the ring, they start exchanging punches on the top.

DL: Whatever happens, I can't see this ending well.

Napalm headbutts GDC and he looks like he is about to fall off, Nigel then grabs him and lifts him up and he is in the position to hit a Perplexed Plex off the top of the ladder, he starts laughing.

RJ: Don't do it! You'll kill him!
DL: I don't think Napalm cares RJ.

GDC though swings his legs and manages to get back onto his feet on the other side of the ladder, but Napalm still has a headlock hold. GDC starts punching Napalm and then reverses it so that GDC has Napalm in the headlock now, GDC lifts Napalm up and throws him into the ring from the ladder, Napalm lands with a sickening crunch and GDC lifts his arms to a massive pop. GDC pulls that was tied round the top of the ladder to reveal barbed wire. He stretches it and shows it to the crowd before climbing down the ramp.

RJ: I think GDC is going to end it right now.

GDC walks over to Napalm and grabs the back of his head, he gets ready to cut Napalm's head with the barbed wire, but Napalm rolls over and GDC falls away. Napalm uses the ropes to get up, and limps towards GDC, he lifts him up and looks to hit a Perplexed Plex onto the chair but GDC doesn't let Napalm lift him up, GDC pushes Napalm away and then hits him with a Highland Hell and both men go toppling over the top rope to the outside. They are now laying just in front of the announce table, they both get up around the same time, and Napalm has a chair in his hand, he swings at GDC but the Hardcore Champ dodges and Napalm takes out a camera man instead. GDC picks up the camera and smashes it into the face of Napalm, cracking the camera.

A replay is shown from the point of view of the camera just used as a weapon, it shows Napalm charging at it with a chair and then falling to the floor, it then shows being lifted up and smashed into Napalm's head, the glass cracks and blood is splattered onto it. Nigel has a real crimson mask, knocked out on the floor, the referee rings the bell.

A: And still your Hardcore Champion....G...D....Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

RJ: What a brutal match up. And once again GDC retains with a little bit of intuition and unorthodox means.

DL: Unlucky to Nigel Napalm he put up a big fight, and went through two tables, was thrown off the top of a table and had a camera smashes into his face.
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*After the first bllod match the action is in the back once again,Hero is shown and the crowd boo as he stands in his lockeroom and he picks his title belt up and places it over his shoulder...

RJ:Folks we are just moments away from the triple threat match for the European Title...will Hero retain or will either Cobra or Gabriel Rose bring the title back to the 6WF

DL:My money is on the kid RJ...I dont know why but Gabriel Rose hasnt lost yet,tonight seems to be a night for the youngsters,can Rose emulate Tyson Armstrong?...what the...?

*The lights in Hero's lockeroom flicker off and then come back on again with Hero looking a little bemused and the action changes to Cobra,the crowd pop and he finishes his mediatation before standing up,in walks Gabriel Rose

Rose:Cobra,just like to say no hard feelings tonight...


Rose:I mean I know you and Hero have history but its nothing personal when I win the European Title just the mvp baby and I cant disappoint all these fans who have turned up to see ME! if I was you i'd just sit back down and let me go out there and take care of business...dont really want you getting in the way

*Rose smirks and Cobra glares at him before smiling and getting in his face

Cobra:You know what and Hero have history but me an you...well we are on the same team,so keep talking to me like that and believe me we are going to have a future...tonight is about me and Hero...all you are is an after-thought...but if you get in my way..well you know how the saying goes...dont play with snakes...or you might get bitten!

*The crowd cheer as Cobra brushes past Gabriel Rose and walks towards his matchup
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Match 4
6WF European Title
Hero(c) vs Gabriel Rose vs Cobra

DL: Next up at Betrayal is triple threat action.

RJ: And it’s for the European title. This match has so been combinations, 6CW vs 6WF, New vs Old, America vs Mexico.

DL: It’s going to be interesting, I think the experience of Hero maybe the telling factor but Cobra has also got the big match experience.

RJ: And Gabriel Rose is one hell of an athlete.


*Crowd Pop

“Sandstorm” blares out through the speakers and the Liverpool crowd pop as the arena goes dark. The beat kicks in and Orange and Red lighting flashes and gets quicker with the beat. Eventually the top of the ramp is engulfed in pyros and Gabriel Rose bursts through them. He strides out down the ramp, arrogantly strolling before tagging the fans hands. He springs into the ring.

RA: Introducing the first CHALLENGER, Hailing from New York City, New York and weighing in at 275lbs, Representing 6WF.....GABBRRIEELLL ROOOSSSEEE!

RJ: Rose has pinned both Hero and Cobra this month and has been on an impressive winning run that has put him in this position.

DL: But whether he has the knowhow on how to cope is a different matter!

“King Of The Stereo” hits and the pop increases as Pyro’s explode off at the top of the ramp before Cobra runs through them to a big pop. He casually walks down the ramp, he has focused look on his eye as he tags the hands of the fans. He slides under the bottom rope.

RA: And the 2nd CHALLENGER, Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico and weighing in at 260lbs, Representing 6WF....COOOOOOOOBRRAAAAA!

RJ: Cobra will always hold a place in the hearts of 6WF Fans after joining the team at 6CW Warbrawl.

DL: And he is a former European Champion, He certainly has the drive to succeed.

The lights in the arena fade to black as “Hero” blasts out through the speakers and reverberates around the arena as the fans rise to their feet and throw a tirade of abuse. Pyro’s explode down each side of the ramp and a laser flickers through the smoke that has engulfed the arena. As the smoke descends a spotlight flashes around the arena until focusing up in the rafters where a figure is stood. Hero zips down a wire with the European title around his waist, he lands squarely in the centre of the ring and stretches out his arms to loud boos.

RJ: He sure knows how to make an entrance you’ve got to give him that.

DL: And he sure knows how to annoy these fans.

RA: And Hailing from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and weighing in at 220lbs, Representing 6CW, He is the reigning and defending 6WF EUURROPPEEAANNN CHAMPIOONNN, HERRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOO!

Hero holds up his title with an arrogant smirk across his face and the crowd boo. The ref walks around each participant, checking them to ensure they have no legal weapons. He grabs the European title and holds it up before passing it out to the timekeeper. The ref signals for the bell to be rung.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The three men all stare intensely around the ring, their glare never leaving one another. Cobra’s eyes stare deathly straight at Hero who is eyeing up the impressive figure of Gabriel Rose, who is still wearing an arrogant smile. The three men begin to circle the ring, with the crowd’s chants burning in their ears: “6WF,6WF, 6WF!” “Cobra gonna k1ll you” and “Hero sucks”. Eventually Rose is the man who looks to take the iniative, going straight for the former champion Cobra. Hero immediately steps out of the ring and let’s the two young guns go at it. The big figure of Gabriel Rose drives Cobra back towards the corner, he quickly drives some shoulder into the abdomen of Cobra, Cobra manages to springboard over one shoulder and then attempts to roll down the back of Rose into a sunset flip but Rose catches him over his shoulder, he walks him around the ring and then hits a running reverse gutbuster. Rose leaps over into the pin...

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Cobra gets the shoulder up but Rose is quickly back on the offence, he puts Cobra into a grounded sleeper. He continues to apply the pressure, digging a knee into the back of Cobra and bending his neck back with it. Cobra kicks away at the back of Rose’s head and eventually they get to a vertical base. Cobra throws Rose over with a hip toss but he lands on his feet, he turns to see Cobra running at him but in the quickest motion he runs and takes the legs with a painful looking STO takedown. Rose rolls Cobra up onto his feet and hits a quick flip neckbreaker. Rose places a foot over Cobra.

Ref: 1..............Kick out!

DL: Rose showing that arrogance that some would say has got him on the wrong side of a few people, such as JJ Johnson and that man Cobra.

RJ: In many ways he’s a bit like Hero, he’s definitely got as much arrogance.

DL: I don’t think that is humanly possible RJ!

Hero wanders over and picks a spare headset.

DL: Hero, should you not be in the match?

H: Woah Dave Law, You Dave Law are Telling Hero, Hero! The Five Times, FIVE TIMES champion of the world what to do. Listen Dave Law you sit here and do what you do best, Nothing at all and leave the wrestling to the best God Damn fricking thing in the world today, HERO!

(He drops the headset and grabs a chair and sits watching the match)

Rose gets to his feet after the aggressive kick out from Cobra, he drops a couple of elbows into the back before starting to kick away at Cobra like Jonny Wilkinson and a conversion. He boots Cobra around the ring and into the ropes. He throws Cobra across the ring and on the way back meets him with a powerful sidewalk slam, driving Cobra into the canvas. Instead of covering, he locks in a rear waistlock, he slowly rises dragging Cobra up with him before throwing him over with a German Suplex. He then makes the cover, this time hooking both legs...

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

RJ: Even though Rose has the least experience out of the 3 men, he is really dominating Cobra.

DL: RJ there is no substitute for raw strength!

RJ: Well in that case, I’m not sure how wise this is, Rose going up top!

Rose climbs to the top rope and steadies himself before signalling for the Hang Time.

Crowd: BOO! BOO! BOO!

Hero jumps out of his seat and pushes Rose off the top rope, and he lands in a heap on the canvas. Hero quickly slides in to the ring and makes the cover...

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

DL: I hate to admit it but that was great tactics from Hero, he knew just when to strike and now it’s his chance.

Hero begins to stomp down on the body of Rose, particularly focusing on the huge arms of Gabriel Rose, the former Kansas state running back. Hero twists the right arm around before swiftly pulling it down with a snap. He repeats the process on the left arm. He then locks in an Armbar, Rose uses his power to quickly get to a vertical base, He throws Hero over but he lands on his feet and before Rose can do anything he flips backwards and hits a perfect pele kick to the skull. Rose falls back in between the ropes, Hero runs and hits the 619, catching Rose flush on the jaw, he falls backwards into the canvas and Hero goes to the top and comes off with a springboard phoenix splash across the abdomen of Rose. He makes the cover...

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

Hero lays down for rest and the crowd cheer but quickly turn to boos as he kips up with the most arrogant smile you will ever see. He quickly walks around the body of Rose, taking methodical kicks and stomps at it before pulling the arms back, gently at first but then more brutally each time. He then places a foot across the back, drags the arm back and hits the Hero stomp(Curb Stomp). Hero waits for Rose to get up, he runs the ropes and gets a sunset flip.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

Hero pulls up the weakened Rose and begins to hit some vicious knees into the gut. He then whips Rose into the corner, he runs and hits a shining wizard that almost takes Rose’s head off. He then stays there, standing on the 2nd rope, Hero then jumps up and hurracanrana’s Rose out of the corner and even some diehard 6WF Fans quickly applaud the athleticism before descending into boos again as Hero flips them the bird.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

DL: That was close!

RJ: Hero’s setting up for the Encore!

Hero rolls Rose up quickly and kicks him in the gut...



Cobra sprints across the ring just as Hero is about to hit the stunner and spears him to the ground, Cobra then starts to reign in the punches on Hero’s head as he desperately tries to shield himself from the blows. Cobra continues to reign the blows in until the ref drags him off, Hero gets up and Cobra runs at him, Hero drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle and then goes for a running splash but Cobra moves and Hero hits the turnbuckle face first. He locks in a full nelson and then throws Hero over into a dragon suplex.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Cobra stays on the ground and locks Hero in a crossface with one hand and then starts to reign in blows with his stronger right fist. Eventually he pulls Hero up onto his feet, and then rocks him with some stiff lifters into the chin. Cobra begins to kick away at the legs of Hero with some roundhouse shots, eventually he grabs Hero by the throat and and T-Bones him over. Hero gets up groggily and is driven into the mat by a spinebuster, Cobra hits a standing shooting press and covers...

Ref: 1...............2...................Kick out!

RJ: Cobra almost got the European Title back then!

Cobra stalks the body of Hero, waiting patiently for him to rise before swinging his foot back...


Ref: 1.................2................Foot on the rope!

Cobra can’t believe it, he begins to remonstrate with the ref but then stops, he goes to the corner and climbs to the top, he turns to face the fans...

DL: No known cure...


Gabriel Rose sprints over and knocks Cobra to the ground, crotching him. He fires in a right hook, followed by a left kick, followed by a left hook and a right kick. He then drives a shoulder to the gut, Rose springboards backwards and as Cobra comes out of the corner knocks his head off with a storming clothesline.

Ref: 1...................2..............Hero breaks the hold!

Hero dives and breaks the pin, He picks up rose and tries to throw him to the corner but it gets reversed by Rose. Rose runs to the corner going for a splash but Hero pulls the ref in front of him and he gets squashed in the corner, Rose looks confused but turns straight into a low blow from Hero and Rose crumples to the ground. Hero slides out of the ring, he grabs his European title.

RJ: This one’s been a great match, Why do this?

Hero waits for Cobra to rise before running and smashing him to the canvas with the belt. Hero throws the belt out and tries to revive the ref, he drags the ref to Cobra and covers...

Ref: 1..................

RJ: Not like this!

Ref: 2....................

DL: No good

Ref: 3!


The crowd boo venomously as “Hero” kicks back in, objects begin to fill the ring up as Hero is handed his European title, he wraps around his waist before climbing each of the turnbuckle shouting 6CW. He stands on the turnbuckle facing the tron and then the arena goes black. A scream can be heard and then the tron flashes:


The lights flicker back on and Hero is stood in a state of shock, the crowd are silent before Hero escapes up the ramp.

RJ: What was....

DL: I don’t know but it looks like Hero has been chosen.

RJ: Well never!
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*The cameras change to a picture of Revolution standing together with the 6WF Tag Titles around their waists and they hug before moving towards the door

RJ:Great matchup we just saw for the European Title folks,one title we have failed to win back tonight...but hopefully up next we can bring the tag gold back to where it wont be easy to defeat Revolution,these two kids showed what they are made of back at WAR but tonight they face a real test

DL:Thats right RJ...its basically a 3 on 1 situation...we have three teams to 6CW's one,we have to win this one RJ...only question is,who will it be?

*The screen shows River Ace and Acer taping up and then standing and nodding at one another

RJ:Acer and River Ace have proven a capable team but with underlying difficulties,can these two continue to co-exist?...if they can then they have a real chance

*The crowd boo as the screen changes to Xeres,who is fixing his one black glove,and Crime Lord in the Syndacite lockeroom.They high five and then walk towards the doorway as Xeres lets out his trademark roar and Crime Lord smiles

DL:The most formidable team in this whole match RJ...probably the most formidable team this industry has picks cant go wrong with the Syndacite

RJ:I wont argue that Dave...physically dominating but skilled to boot,Crime Lord is a former 6WF Champion and Xeres held the European Title...these two men have as good a chance as any

*The crowd pop as the screen changes once more to Fist of Fun,Eddie Lee Creevie and Cain Ryder stand up and they smile before playing a little air guitar and then they touch knuckles...

RJ:The fan favourites and also the team on a roll...Fist of Fun have become huge in such a short space of time and tonight they can seal the deal by becoming the tag team champion...they came so close at War but tonight they can finalise it...the most charismatic and high-flying team in this match and I can see them walking out with the gold!

DL:You cant rule out Fist of Fun RJ,they have defeated the Syndacite twice and look like the team to beat...this could really be the night for the young guns,we will find out next RJ
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Match 5
6WF Tag Team Titles
Revolution© vs Fists Of Fun vs Xeres/Crime Lord vs River Ace/Acer

RJ: Another title match up next for you on this action-packed Betrayal Pay Per View.

DL: This match is huge, 4 teams, 8 Men, 1 title!

RJ: The 6WF Tag team champions Revolution defend against River Ace and Acer, Fist of Fun and the Crime Syndicate pairing Xeres and Crime Lord.

RA: The following match is scheduled for ONE Fall and is for the 6WF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing the first challengers, At a combined weight of 550lbs, The Crime Syndicate, XERES AND CRIMEEE LOORRDD!

“Rain wizard” blasts out through the speakers and the crowd descend into loud boos as Crime Lord strides out, flanked by Xeres. They stride down the ramp purposefully, Crime Lord rolls in as Xeres jumps on the apron and lets out his trademark roar.

RA: The 2nd challengers, At a combined weight of 470lbs, The Fists of Fun, EDDIIEE LLEEEE CREEVEEYY AND CAAAAINNNN RYDDDEEERRRRRRRRRR!

“Gagging for your love” blares out and the crowd pop hugely as the popular former Rock stars confidently stroll out onto the ramp. They start to play air guitar along the ramp, they stop and exchange a high 5 before running down the ramp tagging the fans hands. They slide into the ring.

RA: And the final challengers, at a combined weight of 420lbs, the team of AACCCCEER AND RIIIVVERRR ACE!

The crowd pop loudly as “Ace of spades” booms out through the speakers, River strides out and Acer follows. River continues to pace down the ramp, Acer shadows him, tagging the fans hands and exchanging high 5s with them. River slides, Acer jumps onto the apron and springs into the ring.

RA: And finally, At a combined weight of 495lbs, Representing 6CW And the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONNSS OF THE WOORRLLD, REVOLUTION!

Perfect Jack and Mike Logan pace out onto the ramp, the crowd descend into massive boos as the tag champs, run down the ramp avoiding various object that fly towards them from the partisan Liverpool crowd. They slide in.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

All 8 men are in the ring, they circle around the ring as the crowd noise dies down, Xeres eventually steps forward and Perfect Jack steps up to the challenge. They go in for a lock up as ELC moves back but Acer goes towards him and throws some big punches into the head. Logan signals for anyone to bring it and Cain Ryder sprints at Logan and takes him down with a huge spear and begins to reign in headbutts. River Ace and Crime Lord stare down at each other but they turn to help their team-mates. River and Acer start a double beatdown in the corner, they kick away at the abdomen of ELC, he pushes Acer backs but River grabs him over his shoulder, Acer gets to his feet and runs hitting an RKO on ELC from the top of River’s shoulder. He makes the first cover of the match...

Ref: 1.............2...Kick out!

The camera pans to Xeres and Crime Lord taking on Pefect Jack. Perfect Jack manages to grapple his way into putting a rear waistlock on Xeres, he quickly throws him over in a waistlock suplex. Xeres gets back up and goes for a clothesline that Perfect Jack avoids with a kick to the gut, he then snapmares Xeres over and boots him in the back with a loud thud, he then continues to ply away with big kicks to the back, he then runs the ropes, leapfrogs over Xeres before coming off the opposite side of the ring with a dropkick. He quickly covers...

Ref: 1............2....Kick out!

Xeres gets a good shoulder up but Jack is quickly back on the offence, he stomps down on the sternum of Xeres and then he puts him in a seated chinlock. From out nowhere, Crime Lord flies towards Jack and viciously boots him in the skull, he knocks Jack into the canvas and he and Xeres begin a double beatdown. They stomp down all across the body of Perfect Jack before they pull him up, Xeres locks in a double underhook and Crime Lord plies away with a series of massive shots to the head, eventually he stops and Xeres throws him over with a double underhook suplex.

Ref: 1.............2......Kick out!

Xeres locks in a headlock and Crime Lord stomps down on the head of Jack, the camera pans to Ryder and Logan. Ryder is still reigning in punches but then Logan pushes him off, he gets to his feet and fires some stiff uppercuts at Ryder who backs into the ropes, Logan goes for a big clothesline over the top but Ryder manages to back drop him over only for Logan to land on the apron. He hits a punch to the head and then suplexes Ryder out onto the concrete floor. Acer sees Logan celebrating on the outside, he runs off the ropes and onto the opposite ones before flying off with a springboard senton bomb ala Sean O’Haire straight onto Logan. Acer groggily gets to his feet and rolls to the apron but Xeres runs at him and knocks him to the outside with a punt into the head. Xeres starts to let out his trademark roar but before he can complete it, River runs and chucks him over the top rope.

He spins around, Crime Lord is in his face and Perfect Jack and ELC are down. A small smile cracks across the face of River but not for long as Crime Lord hits a huge headbutt. Crime Lord then starts to reign in some telling kicks to the gut, he suplexes River over, He doesn’t pin but lets River get up before spine-bustering him straight back down again. He goes for the cover....

Ref: 1................2......Kick out!

Crime Lord drags River onto his feet, he locks him in a headlock and then drags him towards a corner. He grabs River by the head and drives it into the turnbuckle repeatedly, he keeps drilling River’s head into the turnbuckle until he spins out of the corner, he then gives River a bit of his own medicine by hitting a Fishermans suplex, He then runs the ropes and hits a running punt kick for good measure.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

RJ: One man from each team in the ring, one man from each team in a heap on the outside.

DL: And Crime Lord looking good at the moment!

Crime Lord gets to his feet, he runs the ropes but Acer is the first up from the heap on the outside and pulls Crime Lord down neck first across the ropes. Crime Lord spins to the centre, River is still down but Perfect Jack is up and he hits a dropkick. Acer tries to get back in the ring but Xeres scoops him up and then powerbombs him down onto the hard concrete outside the ring. Xeres tries to get in but Mike Logan holds him back by the leg, Xeres tries to boot him off but Logan catches the other leg as well before throwing Xeres off the apron with a wheelbarrow facebuster, he slides into the ring and he and his partner start to double team Crime Lord.

Logan hits a headbutt, Jack then hits a punch, logan a headbutt, Jack a punch. They continue this combination but then on Jack’s turn he hits a suplex, he drags up Crime Lord for another suplex but this time he doesn’t suplex over Crime Lord, he stands there and Logan goes to the top rope and flies off with a crossbody, rolls to his feet and Jack picks him up in a wheelbarrow facebuster position and drops him down across Crime Lord. Logan covers..

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Crime Lord gets the shoulder up, Jack is quick to lock in a chinlock and Logan takes advantage of this reigning in a series of huge punches. Eventually Logan backs up, Jack locks in a seated rear waistlock and lifts up Crime Lord slowly before hitting a belly to back suplex, he doesn’t bridge but instead lifts him up and snapmares him over, Logan runs off the opposite rope and hits a dropkick and then jack covers...

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

RJ: Close!

DL: Unfortunately these two showing why they were undisputed champions.

Crime Lord gets up groggily and Logan locks in a bearhug, Jack rebounds off the ropes and hits a jumping clothesline(Hart attack) Logan goes for a cover but ELC rolls him up tighter than a sandwich for the pin...

Ref: 1..............2..........Jack breaks it up!

ELC is quickly stared upon by the two men, Jack turns around and Ryder flies off the top rope with a dropkick, causing Jack to roll to the outside. Ryder throws Logan off ELC and hits a picture perfect dropkick into the jaw and he crashes into the canvas. Ryder quickly hooks the leg...

Ref: 1...........2....kick out!

Ryder climbs up to his feet and he rolls Logan up to his feet as well. He hits a few knees into the stomach as Logan backs against the ropes. He whips him into the ropes, he then stops him abruptly with a low dropkick to the knee, Logan drops down Ryder hooks him by the leg and throws him over with a fishermans suplex. Instead of making the cover, Ryder drags Logan to the corner, he begins to speak with ELC. ELC goes to the outside, and Ryder lifts up Logan and hits a bulldog and then ELC springboards onto and off the ropes and lands a leg drop to the back of the head. He makes the cover...

Ref: 1..........2...Kick out!

ELC drops a couple of quick elbows across the sternum of Logan before lifting him up in a headlock. ELC twists him around before hitting a reverse DDT, he makes the cover.

Ref: 1.............2.....kick out!

Ryder joins in Fist Of Fun pound his back before lifting him into a double suplex but slamming him face-first....Ryder springs onto the second rope and flies back with an elbow drop before pulling Logan to his feet and hitting two european uppercuts and then a snap suplex...he stands up and plays some air guitar before kicking Mike in the gut and whips him into the corner...he charges in but Logan gets his foot up in the face and Ryder stumbles to the centre. As he lifts himself onto the ropes behind him and dives off...

RJ: CAUGHT HIM! Backbreaker!

Ref: 1...............2.........Kick out!

Ryder lifts Logan up and puts him in the corner, ELC comes over and sets up for the devils tune, unfortunately River comes from behind and drives Ryder’s head into the back of ELC’s. He then grabs him by the gut and hits a german suplex.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Acer slides to his feet on the outside and rolls into the ring, He and River quickly start to work over on ELC and Ryder respectively. Acer starts to punt the grounded Ryder around the ring like a football with massive kicks into his stomach and the crowd cheer Acer on vehemently. Acer eventually pulls Ryder up to his feet and then begins to reign in some stiff European uppercuts on the chin which don’t seem to faze him at all until Acer steps back and blasts him with a huge spin kick to the head and Ryder reels against the ropes. Acer lifts Ryder off the floor in a suplex position before walking him around the ring for a good 20 seconds and then suplexing him over and into the pin.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Acer gets up and he stands in one corner of the ring waiting for Blue Dragon to get up and he eventually does, he runs as Blue is one knee and hits a running hurracanrana. The camera pans to show River hitting a series of shoulder thrust to ELC in the corner. He lets ELC out and knocks him down he then knocks him down with a picture-perfect dropkick, he then spins around and then Acer throws Ryder in and he gets a boot to the head for his trouble. ELC rests in the corner, Ryder runs groggily at River who drop toe holds him into a rather painful area of ELC’s anatomy!

The camera goes to the outside and Xeres has Logan positioned on top of the announce table, He lifts him up into the air in a powerbomb position....



Back in the ring, River picks up Ryder and hits him with the All in!

DL: All In, It’s all over!

Ref: 1......................2.............ELC manages to fall out of the corner and place Ryder’s foot on the rope!

ELC turns around straight into a shooting star knee drop from Acer, who then covers...

Ref: 1.................2................Jack breaks the pin, Acer gets up and throws a wild fist that gets ducked by Jack who hits a Perfect-Plex.

DL: Surely they can’t retain???

Ref: 1...................2..................

RJ: I’m sure that was a 3 but where’s the ref?!

DL: Xeres dragged him out!

Xeres grabs the ref by the leg and pulled him out, The ref remonstrates with him but then River Ace runs and slides...

RJ: Baseball slide....


Everyone is down, River took out the ref and Xeres!

DL: Whoever gets up will surely win this match.

The camera pans to the east of the building, a masked figure is running through the stands quickly. He jumps over the railings and the crowd are in shock, ELC is starting to gather himself, the masked figure grabs the 6WF Tag belt.

RJ: What the hell?

DL: ELC Ducked the shot!

ELC ducks a wild shot, he goes for a kick to the gut but the figure catches his leg and then lifts him onto his shoulders and hits a move very familiar to the 6WF Fans.


RJ: Surely not?

He places Crime Lord’s arm over ELC’s body and then stirs the ref who slides in....

Ref: 1....................2......................3!


Crime Lord gets up groggily, helped by the ref and the masked figure helps Xeres up, he grabs the two belts and hands them to the two men. Crime Lord then smiles, The masked figure walks towards him and Crime Lord takes the mask off....


Rose smirks and the crowd boo heavily, all three men hug in the ring as Betrayal goes to a break!
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RJ:A shocking end right there to that tag team title match folks,Gabriel Rose has sided with the Crime Syndacite...I guess the only positive thing I can say is at least the belts are back in the 6WF...really shocked!

DL:Same RJ but I told you I was backing the can never doubt Crime Lord's ability to pull something out of the bag,the guy has so many links RJ

RJ:Well impressive stuff I hearing that Clarissa is in the back with JJ Johnson

*The cameras change and the crowd pop as JJ Johnson comes from his lockeroom with his white hoody over his head,Clarissa is stood there with a mic

Clarissa:JJ just a quick word please...

*JJ doesnt lower his hood but stops and turns towards Clarissa

Clarissa;Thankyou...just seconds away from your TAW Title matchup with of luck to you and just wanted to know,are you ready?

JJ:Clarissa,JJ Johnson was born ready....tonight is the night...we gone do this right....The Franchise is bringing it home and you can bet yo bottom dollar on that...its game time...holla!

*JJ walks off as the crowd chant his name and he heads to the stage

RJ::JJ looks more ready than I have seen him in a long while...he's heading out here because its TAW Title action up and exclusive at 6WF Betrayal on Eurosport!
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Match 6
TAW Title
Median (c) vs JJ Johnson

RJ: Welcome back, you are watching 6WF Betrayal, Live and Exclusive on Eurosport!

DL: And up next we have the first of our two world title matches this evening.

RJ: This next one is about more than just the title, it’s about 6WF and 6CW.

DL: It’s JJ Johnson looking to reclaim the TAW title for not just himself but the fans and the guys backstage!

RA: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the T...A...W HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOOOORRLLLLD!

*Crowd Pop

RA: Introducing first, He is the challenger. Hailing from Compton, Los Angeles and weighing in at 270lbs, Representing 6WF, The Shutdown Commissioner J..............J..........JOOOOHHHNSSSOONNNN!

“It’s a fight” hits and the crowd erupt as JJ Johnson strolls out to the ring. The lights dim slightly and a blue spotlight flashes around, JJ strolls down the ramp looking focused and relaxed in a 6WF Forever T-Shirt. He tags the hands of the fans before jumping to the apron and flipping into the ring. He gets on the turnbuckle and salutes the fans before rolling up his shirt and launching it into the crowd.

RA: And Now, Hailing from Places unknown to man and weighing in at 268lbs, Representing 6CW, The reigning and defending T....A....W HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, MEEDDDIIIANNN!

The crowd descend into boos as “Down with the sickness” blasts out through the speakers. He strides purposefully down the ramp with the TAW Championship wrapped firmly around his waist. Items begin to fly out of the audience but Median walks through the barrage and slides into the ring. He removes the TAW title and holds it up to the air before handing it to the ref. Median removes his cloak and the ref holds the TAW Title up.

RJ: This one means so much to everyone in this arena, they’ll all be hoping JJ Johnson can reclaim what is rightfully ours!

DL: Too right, Come on JJ! It’s on your terms now!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings and the atmosphere is electric, Like the Kop at a European Night. They are vociferously behind JJ as the crowd start up 6WF Chants and hurl abuse at the masked figure of Median, whose face remains completely still. JJ hops and skips around the arena, feigning and doing shadow boxing whilst Median strides around with a purposeful look on his face. He continues to circle, JJ grins but Median remains emotionless. Eventually he stops forward and JJ follows suit and the match begins. They lock up and JJ tries to push Median back and succeeds but Median places his head in between the ropes and the ref breaks up the hold. Median regains some composure before stepping back towards the centre for another lock up. This time Median gains an advantage before JJ manages to exert his own strength and drive Median back towards the centre of the ring. They break cleanly.

RJ: With only 2lbs difference this one is already going to be tight.

They lock up again and this time Median manages to gain the advantage, he grinds JJ down to one knee and then places him into a headlock, JJ snapmares Median over onto his rear. JJ then locks in a seated rear chinlock on Median. He quickly fights out of this and he arm drags JJ down and over, JJ rolls onto his feet straight from the arm drag and says; “That all you got?” JJ comes towards Median who greets him with a vicious knee into the stomach. He puts JJ into a hammerlock, JJ fights out and transitions it into a hammerlock of his own. He then changes it into a double underhook, Median elbows out and goes for a hip toss and hits it. JJ jumps to his feet and runs at Median who almost knocks his head off with a clothesline. Median leans over, he puts JJ into a headlock with one arm and then mockingly slaps him with the other. He slowly heaves up JJ and drives him face first into Median’s outstretched knee, JJ rolls to the floor and Median makes the first cover.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Median is up onto his feet speedily and then begins to stomp all around the body of JJ. He methodically paces around the body, he hits a stomp to the right arm, followed by another stomp to the left arm, he follows this up with one to the sternum, he then stomps down the right leg followed by one on the left. He then lets JJ get to one knee before stomping his head into the ground. He then lets JJ rise, then locks him around the waist. He then throws JJ across the ring, he meets him with another stiff knee, he runs off the ropes and hits a boot to the side of the skull knocking JJ to the canvas. Median then repeats the stomping process, before focusing on the head. The boos ring out loud and long as the stomps continue until the ref finally intervenes. Median smirks a sick smile before covering...

Ref: 1............2.....Kick out!

Median rolls JJ up to his feet, he then rocks him with some stiff lifters right into the chin. He backs JJ up and then whips him to the corner. Median runs and hits a big shoulder to the gut, he then hits a short-burst of high impact shoulder thrusts into the abdomen. He then lifts JJ up onto the 2nd rope and then climbs up there himself. He stands behind JJ before delivering an elevated back suplex and dropping on the ankle of neck and head. Instead of making the cover Median shouts 6CW and bottles immediately start to fill up the ring.

RJ: Median has incensed the crowd inside the Echo arena however it’s not just from that chant there.

DL: That’s right RJ, He’s frustrated the fans with his ground based offence which is giving JJ no chance to use his power.

Median then stands behind JJ, he steps across his back and then off. He then steps across the back again and hits a vicious curb stomp, he then lifts JJ back up and hits another and another. He steps off and then hits a jumping stomp across the head. He finally makes the cover...

Ref: 1..............2..Kick out!

Median grinds his boot down into the side of JJ’s head a few times, he finally let’s JJ up, JJ gets up and Median hits a few stiff uppercuts, he then lifts JJ up into a suplex position and quickly transitions it down into a big tombstone piledriver.

DL: Big move there from Median!

Ref: 1...............2.........Kick out!

RJ: That’s the closest we’ve come so far, Median really starting to dominate the match.

Median lets JJ get up, JJ rolls towards the ropes and pulls himself up using them. Median sprints at him going for a clothesline but JJ pulls the top rope down and Median flies over it. However, Median manages to land on his feet on the outside and JJ turns around into a headbutt, Median suplexes him down from the ring onto the concrete floor.

RJ: Folks that move was right in front of us and the thud was unbelievable, the damage that move may have caused to the rib and back of JJ maybe serious.

DL: It’s also had an effect on Median, he isn’t getting up very quickly is he.

The two stay down as the ref begins the count....

Ref: 1...................2...................3..........Median gets up first but JJ quickly follows. Median throws a booming punch that JJ blocks, he hits another punch to the head and then throws Median towards the steel steps....


Median flies into them shoulder first, and the crowd cheer JJ loudly as he gets to his feet and rolls into the ring, obviously unaware the title can’t change hand by count out.

Ref: 4................5...................6...................7.....................8....Median clambers up to his feet and edges towards the ring..........9........He just manages to roll in but JJ immediately hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

JJ gets to his feet, he pulls up his opponent and quickly whips him across the ring before knocking him down with a farooq like spinebuster. Median tries to roll to the corner but JJ runs and hits a hesitation dropkick and he falls out of the corner. JJ lifts him up and hits him with a knee, he then goes to run the ropes and hits a scissors kick. He covers...

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

JJ gets up, he boots Median in the gut and then hits the emerald fusion. Median rolls towards the corner, JJ sprints across and he springs up onto the 2nd rope and delivers a huge splash across the chest. Median gets up holding his ribs, He throws a wayward punch with his spare hand that JJ is easily ducks and then turns into a jawbreaker of his own followed by a big belly to belly suplex. JJ then hits a couple of jumping leg drops before making the pin.

Ref: 1..............2.....Kick out!

DL: JJ’s got a new lease of life, he’s on fire at the minute.

JJ kips up to his feet after the pin, he rolls Median up and whips him hard across the ring before spinning him on the rebound into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. He then spins Median from this position into a headlock and follows up with a vicious spinning neckbreaker. JJ hooks the leg...

Ref: 1...............2.....Kick out!

JJ gets Median up off his feet immediately and whips him into the corner, JJ then throws some punches into the abdomen before lifting Median up onto the top rope, he then climbs up there himself. He steadies himself before jumping into the air...



JJ managed to jump down and lock the legs around Median’s head but he jumped off the ropes and transitioned it into the sharpshooter. Median grins and the crowd begin to go silence as JJ desperately waves his arms trying to get onto the ropes, Median screams 6CW before dragging JJ right into the centre of the ring. The ref leans over and checks on JJ who is still fighting.

Median begins to pull back firmly on the hold, eventually he sits across the back to increase the pressure even more. JJ begins to struggle less and less until the crowd sense it might be the end. They go deathly silent as JJ no longer fights as Median screams at the ref to check on him...

His hand drops once...

RJ: It’s not looking good here folks, JJ could be about to lose...



It wavers and then stays up. JJ begins to inch towards the ropes, he slides and slides as Median tries to pull him back but with no effect. JJ clenches the rope tightly and the crowd pop hugely for him. Median drags JJ back towards the centre of the ring and covers his prone body.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

JJ barely manages to lift his shoulder of the ground, Median stands in disbelief as to how JJ is fighting to get out of these predicaments.

RJ: That’s 6WF Median, We fight for what we want!


Median lifts JJ up and whips him into the corner, He runs at JJ going for a stinger splash...



Ref: 1....................2................3.foot on the rope!

This time it’s JJ turn to be in disbelief, somehow Median manages to kick out of the stunner, JJ looks bewildered but the crowd cheer him on, he waits for Median to rise and then pulls him in...


RJ: Reversed!

Median pushes JJ into the corner, and then runs at JJ who jumps onto the ropes and springs over Median, who turns around....


Ref/Crowd: 1...................2............................3!



The crowd erupt as the announcer gives the result, The ref slides to the outside and JJ is handed the TAW Title, he looks at the title and kisses before the ref wraps it around his waist. He begins to climb the ropes and he looks weary and emotional, he salutes all the fans and begins to chant 6WF.

Crowd: 6WF! 6WF! 6WF!

DL: JJ Johnson has bought the TAW Title back to 6WF. JJ has done it for the fans, for himself and for all the others fighting this war!

RJ: You’ve got to hand it to Median, it really looked like he was going to win it there!

DL: He did but in the end JJ Johnson walks out with the TAW Title back in 6WF Hands!
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*An Advert plays
Sunday 14th February
From the Cardiff International Arena

"Who will survive the Valentines Day Massacre?"
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Match 7
Code Effrego vs Keith Leone

RJ:Could this night get anymore mesmerising...JJ Johnson did it folks,he brought the TAW Title home just like he said he would and now all we need is Snake Eyes to win the main event and we are in control once more...but up next is a grudge match folks

DL:JJ Johnson said he was tired of "in-house" fighting so he scheduled this match...Keith Leone made an impressive start to his career in the 6WF but Code Effrego has stalked him every step of the way...tonight they can settle it

RJ:Lets hope so Dave...these men are both new to the 6WF so they will be putting it all on the line to make an impression...who can come out on top?

"Kashmir" rings out and the crowd cheer as Keith Leone walks out onto the ramp,he looks around at the arena and seems to draw confidence from his reception and he walks down towards the ring and slides in.He adjusts his mask and then climbs onto the second rope and raises his arm in the air and then drops down into the middle and paces,waiting for his opponent.

DL:Keith Leone was inches away from winning an Internet Title shot but he was cost by Code Effrego...Leone returned the favour but it wouldnt end there...possibly tonight these two men can lay this to rest

RJ:Im a fan of Leone,very hardcore based but no fear whatsoever...the young man from Bristol could climb high in this federation,but the same could easily be said about his opponent here tonight

"Stan" plays out and the crowd boo as the eerie Code Effrego walks out through the darkness,he keeps his eyes on the fans and then into the ring at Leone as he stalks down the aisle.He stops at the bottom and stares at Leone before climbing onto the apron and over the ropes

DL:Code Effrego is a scary individual,a very unhinged and slightly psychotic man that seems to revel in causing pain....but he might have a match here!

Leone runs across the ring and throws right hands to the skull of Effrego to get the match underway,the crowd are all behind Leone as he continues to nail right hands and then goes for an irish whip,which Effrego reverses,but he flies back and then springboards onto the second rope and dives back and clotheslines Effrego to the ground...he hits right hands down into the head of Effrego and backs him to the corner and leaps up and rains in the ten punch,he reaches eight and then Effrego grabs him by the neck and pushes him down hard into the centre of the ring...

RJ:Keith Leone is starting with some serious venom here...he wants to inflict serious damage..can anything stop him!

DL:That did!

Leone gets back up and runs at Effrego but is floored by a huge boot to the face,Effrego lifts Leone up and then bodyslams him onto the canvass before stalking around his foe.He lifts Leone up and nails a big uppercut and backs him onto the ropes and whips him across the ring,he lifts Leone up into a flapjack and drops him across the ropes before hooking both of Keith's arms and he lifts him into a full nelson

RJ:Leone rolled through....

1...................2.............Effrego kicks out and flies back up and knees Leone in the gut before clubbing him across the back and he hooks him into a gutwrench,Leone struggles but Effrego keeps ahold and lifts him into a powerbomb but Leone reverses into a headscissors takedown and then he catches Code with a powerslam as he runs back in............1.............2...........Effrego pushes his shoulder into the air

DL:Leone has started really well here,can he build on this and pick up the win?

Leone grabs Effrego and headbutts him back to the corner before running in with a body splash but Code moves and then he catches Leone with a bicycle kick(ala Sheamus) before pulling him up and nails a huge brainbuster type suplex.............1...................2............shoulder up!

RJ:Code Effrego is a scary individual,there arent many guys in the history of 6WF that have been shrouded in so much mystery as this man

Effrego catches Leone with a sharp knee to the face and then picks him up and slams him back into the corner,he nails shoulder thrusts and then he scoops Leone up and places him on the top rope,he climbs up himself and grips Leone before hitting right hands and then he sets up for a superplex

DL:Leone is fighting it....he doesnt want to take a superplex...

RJ:OH!...He didnt want that either...

Leone fires off right hands but then he takes a hard uppercut that rocks him and Effrego backdrops him off the top rope and he lands hard on the mat below.Effrego shakes his head and then stands up on the top rope...


RJ:Moonsault!...he missed!

Effrego amazingly flies through the air but Leone moves away in time and Code smashes into the ground and the crowd cheer as Keith staggers up and grabs the arm of Effrego and rolls into a mahistrol cradle...................1................


shoulder up from Code!

DL:I had no idea Code Effrego could pull of such athletic moves but it almost cost him big there

Leone kicks Effrego in the ribs and then hits a standing moonsault before standing up,he backs to the corner and onto the second rope and leaps into a legdrop..........1.............2............Effrego kicks out again and this time Leone gets back up and he ushers Effrego to his feet...

RJ:Good contest here...and Leone looks like he wants to finish it off


Leone kicks Effrego in the gut and goes for the double arm DDT but then Effrego twists out of it and the grasps Leone around the throat,the crowd groan..

RJ:Effrego's got him...looking for the Death by Numbers!

Code lifts Leone up but he swings his leg and boots the big man under the chin and drops back to his feet,he dropkicks Effrego against the ropes and then ducks a clothesline as he comes back and he boots Code in the stomach and connects with a big powerbomb into the centre.....

DL:He got him....



3...................No Effrego kicked out

RJ:Close but Leone cannot put this man away...

DL:They do call him Unbreakable RJ....maybe thats what Leone is finding out here!

Leone pulls Effrego up by the head into a powerbomb position again but this time he cannot lift him,he beats the back of Code and then flips him into position for the Manic Depression but Effrego drops off the back and then he grips Leone around the throat as he turns around,he chokes him and then throws him hard back into the turnbuckle and grabs him as he comes back out and hits a big belly to belly suplex...........1..................2..........Leone kicks out!

RJ:Back and forth this match has gone but we are no nearer to finding a winner...

The crowd cheer for Leone but Effrego laughs them off and he makes a signal that the end is near,he stalks after his opponent and Leone gets up and walks into Code,who flips him up onto his shoulders...

DL:Looking for an f-5!

Leone spins through the air but lands behind Code and connects with a brilliant german suplex before crawling to his feet again,he staggers to his feet and gives a arm up to the fans and they cheer.Code is slow to his feet and Leone moves his hands as he anticipates himself...




RJ:Its over....

The replays play to the crowd in the Echo Arena and show Leone go for the Double armed DDT but Code Effrego drives him back into the turnbuckle and then backs away,he stalks Leone and then runs at him for the CodeBreaker but Leone leans back and Effrego lands on his back allowing Leone to bridge into a cover for the three count...

DL:Code Effrego looked to have sewn it up but from nowhere Keith Leone snuck it and took the victory...oh where not done!

The crowd are cheering but Effrego gets up and clotheslines Leone from behind,he stomps on his opponent and then picks him up for a chokeslam but Leone fights out and then rolls from the ring and grabs a steel chair as the crowd pop...he walks around the ring as Code watches him

RJ:Keith Leone is no stranger to hardcore rules...he wont be pushed around by Code Effrego,no way

DL:Doesnt look like he has alot of choice...

The crowd boo as Keith Leone stands outside the ring but turns around and is smacked in the head by a steel chair from Blue Dragon,Dragon looks up at Effrego and both men nod at one another as Blue picks Leone up and carries him to the ring and rolls him in,Effrego takes ahold of him and Dragon slides the chair in as Code picks Leone up and chokeslams him hard onto the chair

RJ:My word these two animals are in cahoots,and they have just destroyed Keith Leone...why?

DL:Well Leone got involved last week on Shutdown,he hit Dragon with a chair for no reason,guess this was payback RJ...looks like we have just seen a joining of forces and that is one formidable team...this Liverpool crowd dont know how to react to the action of their hometown superstar

The crowd are booing as Leone lies in a heap on the floor as Effrego and Blue Dragon stand over him and they both raise their arms as pyros explode

RJ:Well this does not bode well for the 6WF lockeroom...these two monsters are in tandem...I do not envy the position of Keith Leone one single bit!

Match time:8:40
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*The action is in the back and the 6WF lockeroom erupts into cheers as JJ Johnson walks in with the TAW Title over his shoulder,he receives many huge and claps before he seeks out Brandi,they look at each other and then embrace

Brandi:Well done baby...I knew you would do it...

JJ:Always got the faith all we need is you to go out there and do your thing...good look honey...I know you got this!

*JJ kises Brandi on the forehead and she walks towards the door,JJ holds the TAW belt up and the room cheers again as Christian Jerome passes JJ a glass of champagne and the celebrations continue

RJ:Well he did ir Dave...what an effort by JJ Johnson....Mr 6WF is the TAW Champion once again and I am so pleased...he's the leader Dave and he has led by example here tonight.

DL:Your right RJ and it was a brilliant feat...JJ is now a two time TAW Champion and he is back at the top of the mountain...lets hope Snake Eyes joins him there later on

RJ:Lets hope so indeed but before then its Honeyz Title action folks back here at ringside
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Match 8
6WF Honeyz Title
Brandi(c) vs Muffins vs Xanthi

RJ: We are now just one match away from the Main Event but up next is another big title match.

DL: Over the past few months the Honeyz title division has become one of if not the best and most competitive in the world.

RJ: And tonight will showcase the ability of three women who all want the biggest prize in women’s wrestling, The 6WF honeyz title!

DL: This match is real mish-mash, We’ve got the Seasoned campaigner, The young pretender and the champion, but who will prevail?

RA: The following match is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL!

*Crowd Pop

RA: And is for the 6WF HONEYZ CHAAMPPIONNSSHIPP! Introducing the first challenger, Hailing from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 214lbs....XAANNNTTTHII ROOSSEE!

“Around the world” hits and the crowd give a decent reaction to Xanthi, some boos can be heard from supporters of Muffins and Xanthi. She strides out onto the ramp, she then proceeds to pace down to the ring looking deeply focused, she slides in.

RJ: Xanthi Rose is a former Honeyz champion and one of the most dominant female wrestler in a long time, her and Brandi have had a storied past and by the end of this match she could be sat a top the tree of Honeyz once again!

RA: And the 2nd challenger, Hailing from Wolverhampton and weighing in at 145lbs, MUFFFINNSSS O’MMAALLLEEYY!

The lights go down and “Rooftops” plays, when the chorus hits red rocket pyros launch around the top of the ramp, the lights flicker around the top of the stage and Muffins appears behind them, she raises her hands before walking slowly down to the ring with a cautious reception for the fans ringing in her ears.

DL: Muffins was forever seen as the laughing stock of this division but due to the stick and ridicule she has received, her nature has changed we’ve seen her take out Stacey and then beat Brandi, will the young pretender step up tonight?

RA: And Finally, Hailing from Compton, Los Angeles, Weighing in at 135lbs she is the reigning and defending 6WF HONEYZ CHAMPPIOON, BRRRANNNNDIII!

The crowd are ready and then "Let me blow your mind" blasts out to a great reception for the faithful.The Honeyz Champion,Brandi walks out and holds her championship high above her head.Pyros explode and the strobes flash down onto Brandi and she sparkles a smile before walking down towards the ring,she tags hands with the fans but has a look of determination on her face as she looks at her two opponents

RJ:There isnt a more likeable woman in this business than Brandi,she is a hard-working,determined lady with a heart of gold...but she may also be one of the greatest female competitors I have ever seen,but can she walk through this challenge and keep ahold of her cherished championship?

Brandi gets up on the apron and then into the ring and hoists her belt in the air before blwoing kisses at the fans and then handing the championship to the referee.She beckons both women on as the bell sounds to get the match underway.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Xanthi looks at Brandi and then grabs Muffins by the hair and chucks her through the ropes to the outside before turning into a kick to the gut by Brandi.Brandi hits two hard rights and then attempts an irish whip but Xanthi reverses and attempts to tilt-a-whirl Brandi as she comes back but is taken down with a headscissors...Xanthi gets up and runs at Brandi but is drop-toe-holded into the turnbuckle and then takes a dropkick to the back of the head...Brandi stands and then runs across the ring and dropkicks Muffins back off the apron and she slams into the security rail as Brandi ushers Xanthi to her feet.

RJ: It’s pretty obvious to me that Brandi feels the best way to defend her title is to go out all guns blazing and so far it’s working.

Brandi covers Xanthi...

Ref: 1...............2.....Kick out!

Brandi gets to her feet immediately, she tries to lock Xanthi in a headlock but Xanthi is up quickly and whips her across the ring, Xanthi goes for a standing crossbody block but Brandi has the move well scouted and she spins in mid-air and delivers a perfectly-timed spinning wheel kick into the abdomen and Xanthi crashes into the canvas. Brandi waits for Xanthi to clamber up to her feet before quickly swiping the legs with an STO backbreaker, she holds Xanthi momentarily before dropping her with the 2nd half of the lethal combination, a reverse STO. Brandi quickly pins again...

Ref: 1..............2............Kick out!

Xanthi gets a good kick out but Brandi gains some confidence from how close she got, she leans over and slaps Xanthi silly, she climbs to her feet and stalks Xanthi from behind, Xanthi gets up...


Xanthi reverse the reverse DDT by lifting Brandi over and into a powerslam like move. Xanthi then rolls into the pin...

Ref: 1.............2.......Kick out!

Brandi kicks out but Xanthi quickly starts her offence, she looks down at Brandi and stomps down across her abdomen a few times before stepping onto the chest, she stands there and Brandi screams in pain and then Xanthi steps down. She goes to the back of Brandi and locks in a sleeper.

DL: Clever tactics from Xanthi, This match started at a break neck pace and she is slowing it down.

Xanthi sits on the ground, keeping the sleeper synched in tightly. The crowd begin to go quiet as Brandi seems to take the pain. Eventually she starts to get to a vertical base.

Crowd: Let’s go Brandi! Let’s Go Brandi!

Brandi elbows away at the stomach of Xanthi and eventually she releases, Brandi attempts to whip Xanthi across the ring but it’s easily blocked by Xanthi who herself whips Brandi across the ring. Brandi rebounds off the ropes straight into a dropkick from Xanthi. Xanthi gets to her feet and hits a standing leg drop and then covers...

Ref: 1.................2.......Kick out!

Brandi gets the kick out, Xanthi floats around to the front of Brandi’s body and as she gets to one knee Xanthi starts to fire in some massive forearm smashes with her right arm, eventually she hits so many Brandi is up on her feet. She is immediately back on the ground as Xanthi snapmares her over and then hits a big boot across the back, Brandi rolls in pain but Xanthi lifts her up and then back drops her down.

DL: Xanthi’s power coming into play!

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Xanthi get the closest pin so far, she gets to her feet and pulls Brandi up with her, Xanthi whips Brandi hard into the corner and then runs at her, she goes for a big clothesline, Brandi dodges and then smashes Xanthi’s head into the turnbuckle, she steps through the ropes to the apron and then springs onto the top rope.

RJ: Springboard DDT....

DL: Muffins pushed her off!

Muffins gets to her feet and shoves Brandi off the top and Brandi crashes into the canvas face first, Muffins covers her...

Ref: 1...............2...............Kick out!

Muffins immediately begins to kick away at the gut of Brandi, who eventually rolls up to her feet, Muffins drives some knees deep into the abdomen, she pulls Brandi towards her and hits a double arm DDT. Instead of covering, she runs the ropes and hits a big splash.

DL: A tribute to Trash TV Legends Ultimate Warrior and Mick Foley there!

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

Brandi gets the shoulder up, Muffins stalks her from behind and as she gets up, Muffins hits a German suplex, She then climbs to the top rope and flies off....

RJ: Double Axe Handle!

DL: Rolling thunder follows it!

Ref: 1.................2.................Xanthi breaks it up!

DL: I thought she had it, Muffins so close!

Muffins gets up angrily and stares at Xanthi, shoe smirks back, she turns but Muffins grabs her and starts to shout at her, Xanthi takes a fair torrent of abuse before slapping Muffins hard across the face, Muffins places her hand to her mouth and kisses it before turning and hitting a big slap to Xanthi.

RJ: uh oh!

Xanthi’s face rocks back before she turns and kicks Muffins in the gut before throwing her down to the outside. Xanthi turns and Brandi is up, she meets Xanthi with a kick to the gut...


Ref: 1...................2................thr kick out!


Brandi can’t believe it, she gets to her feet and pleads with the ref who signals a two to the timekeeper, Brandi spins and Xanthi kicks her in the gut, whips her to the corner and then places her body in between the ropes...


Ref: 1..................2................3..foot on the rope!

RJ: Un....Believable!

This time it’s Xanthi’s turn to stare in disbelief, she snarls at the ref and doesn’t see Muffins slide in...

DL: Roll up!

Ref: 1.........................




RJ: She’s done it, Who’d of thought it?

DL: Muffins is the Honeyz Champion!

Muffins rolls out quickly and she is handed the belt by the ref, she holds it up and most of the crowd pop, she has to wipe away a tear and then she walks up the ramp, Brandi is slowly getting to her feet and even she applauds Muffins’ efforts. Muffins spins and the Producers meet her and the tears begin to flood.

RJ: What a scene, Muffins O’Malley is your New Honeyz Champ folks!
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*The action is in the back one last time,the crowd pop as Clarissa is stood next to Snake Eyes,the challenger to the 6WF Title bounces from one foot to the other and stretches his neck

Clarissa:Snake Eyes we are just moments away from your steel cage match with The Saint for the 6WF Title,tonight we have seen JJ Johnson win the TAW Title and also the tag team titles returned to the 6WF....are you feeling confident of adding to that?

Snake Eyes:Hey good looking ....

*Clarissa rolls her eyes and the crowd laugh

Snake Eyes:Tonight I do feel confident...first of all I would like to add my congratulations to JJ Johnson for bringing the TAW Title home,I knew he would...but tonight,right now is the time for me...its time to forget Born in Fire,forget what happened at War...forget Seasons Beatings....for tonight is the hollywood nobody remembers acts one and two...its act three that sticks in the mind...the action finish...the explosion...the final battle!

And tonight is the final battle...after months of chasing the 6WF Title,I am down to my last chance....ive come withing touching distance but im sick of rubbing my hands on that glass ceiling...tonight I will smash through with both fists...I will reach the summit and people will call me the 6WF Champion...this is for all my fans...all of you that believed in me...tonight will be dedicated to all of you...

Clarissa:And quickly how do you feel about TGA's involvement...

Snake Eyes:We arent going to talk about Teej...I have no idea where his head is at but he has his agenda and Ive got mine...but just know that if they conflict then it will be Snake Eyes coming out on top...see Clarissa tonight is the night...the winds of change are surfacing...the dice of fate are about to be cast and we all know that Snake Eyes always comes up...


*Snake Eyes grins and then he rolls the dice on the floor,the cameras follow them and zoom in as they both land on one

Snake Eyes:Looks like Snake Eyes is a hit...

*The crowd pop as Snake Eyes smiles and walks off,Clarissa shakes her head and smirks.
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Main Event
6WF Title
Steel Cage Match
Special Guest Enforcer:TGA
The Saint (c) vs Snake Eyes

RJ:My word what a night....what an absolutely astonishing night this has been and what a night for the 6WF...we have reclaimed the Tag Titles,reclaimed the TAW Title and now its time for the main event...time for us to reclaim the pinnacle...the 6WF Title...can Snake Eyes finally realise a dream?...can this young lad from Newcastle become the 6WF Champion...he has tried for so long but everytime has come up short...have the winds changed,will the dice of fate fall kindly for Snake Eyes tonight?

DL:I hope so RJ...the Echo Arena has been treated to an amazing night here but we are not done yet.Main Event time thing though RJ...what role will TGA play in this match

RJ:It is certainly a talking point...will TGA call it right down the middle tonight,is he 6WF or is he 6CW?

*A video plays through the Snake Eyes/Saint feud,it shows the end of Born in Fire followed by the end of War and the crowd popping as TGA returns and dominates 6CW.The video then runs through the feud from the last month....the questions arising over TGA's alliance and JJ announcing the match as a steel cage match...the package ends with The Saint holding the 6WF Title in the air as Snake Eyes looks on from the rampway.

ding ding ding

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen...the following contest is the steel cage match for the 6WF World Heavyweight Championship

*Crowd pop

Announcer:In this match the competitors can win via pinfall,submission or escaping the cage either through the door or over the top

RJ:There you have it folks and look at that

The cage begins to lower towards the ring as silver spray flies from the stage and the titantron counts down from five and as it reaches "0" the stage erupts intop pyros and the crowd pop loud as "Good Life" screams out,the lights go down and silver lights shine through the darkness as more pyros go off...

Announcer:Introducing first.....the challenger...representing 6WF(Crowd ultra pop)...from Newcastle,England.....weighing in at 175 pounds.............Snaaaaaaaaaaaake Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

The lights shine back on as Snake Eyes seems to leap through the stage and lands before spinning around with his arms in the air and then he walks down towards the ring.The fans reach over and tag his back as he makes his way to the ring,he stops at the end of the aisle and looks at the steel structure in front of him.He looks for a long time before walking around the ring and he climbs up the steps and through the door into the ring....the crowd is absolutely rocking as Snake Eyes goes to the corner and climbs onto the ropes and poses before jumping down into the centre

DL:Tonight is the night RJ....after months of trying it all comes down to tonight...JJ Johnson said it all ends tonight...if Snake Eyes cannot win then The Saint will move on elsewhere but if Snake Eyes wins then he reaches the top of the mountain...

RJ:Alot of people didnt think it possible...after the horrendous injury that Snakey suffered at the hands of Crime Lord and the Syndacite it never looked good,but this young kid showed amazing heart and guts and here he is...main eventing again...for the 6WF tonight the night...can he beat this man?

The fans begin to boo as the lights switch off completely and there is a guitar roar and then "Cochise" roars out into the airwaves.Red pyros explode from one side of the stage to the other and through the smoke walks a huge shadow

Announcer:And his opponent...............from Manchester England.............representing 6CW(crowd boo)....weighing in at 290 pounds...........he is the current,reigning and defending 6WF Champion.....The Saaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint!

The lights flicker as the gigantic form of the 6WF Champion moves through the darkness towards the ring.There is a defeaning roar of boos and insults at Saint moves down the aisleway with his head held high and eyes on the cage in front of him.He shoulders the championship belt and walks towards the steps before climbing up and into the ring...he walks around and the referee keeps between him and Snake Eyes before requesting the belt from The Saint

DL:The Saint doesnt even want to give the belt up for a minute...he will not go down without a huge fight tonight,like him or not he is one of the greatest superstars we have ever seen here in the 6WF

RJ:Oh he is one of the best Dave,one of the absolute best and a dominant champion no doubt...but his actions of the last few months have been completely reprehensible,he has become a very unlikeable individual and I think everyone here tonight in the Echo Arena wants to see The Saint get his comeuppance

The lights are back on and there is a huge "6WF" chant as Snake Eyes stares across the ring at The Saint.The giant steel cage gleams menacingly all around them as the fans all watch in in apprehension...

DL:Its going to be a classic RJ...I can feel it,this night has been unbelievable but this will top it all...

RJ:Hold your horses Dave...we've got one to come!

DL:Jeez I almost forgot!

Suddenly both competitors along with everyone in the Echo Arena is looking back towards the entranceway,there is alot of murmuring and then the whole arena rises to its feet as "Just Close Your Eyes" plays out to the maximum.There are alot of cheers but mixed with a good few boos as blue sparks flay up and then the curtain ripples...

Announcer:And finally.....introducing your special guest enforcer for this contest............T............G..............A!

TGA walks through the curtain and stands on the stage looking down towards the ring,he has a stern look on his face as he looks around the arena and breathes in the atmosphere before marching down towards the ring.He has a vest on that reads "TGA-Nobodys B****" and he comes to stop at the bottom of the aisle and he stares through the cage at both men and points at his vest before standing his ground

RJ:TGA might be the greatest 6WF Champion we have ever had...he might also be the most volatile superstar in history...he is a ticking timebomb and I have no idea where his loyalties lie...I want to believe his is 6WF through and through but his actions have left an underlying doubt in my mind

DL:I agree RJ...with TGA on our side then we are going places but if he has jumped ship then 6CW becomes are more deadly opponent....can we trust him?...where will his loyalties lead him?....will he call it down the middle?

RJ:Thats all I want Dave...and I think thats all Snake Eyes wants...he is not interested in TGA helping him win...he just wants him to keep the playing field 6CW interference,just one on one

The bell sounds and the crowd cheers as Snake Eyes and Saint circle one another inside the steel cage,the crowd are literally rocking and the atmosphere is electric as Snake Eyes turns on his heel and jumps up onto the ropes...

DL:Snake Eyes is gonna escape right now...

Saint darts over and grabs the trousers of Snake Eyes and pulls him back down into the middle and throws a right hand,Snake Eyes ducks and hits two punches of his own and then ducks another punch before throwing three shots at the midriff and attempts an irish whip,Saint rverses with ease and Snake Eyes flies back at Saint,Saint pushes Snake Eyes by the waist and up through the air over his head...Snake Eyes manages to cling onto the cage and begins to climb

RJ:Amazing agility from the challenger...but he will need to keep Saint down!

Saint grabs Snake Eyes but the challenger stomps down on the head of Saint and then tries to climb again but Saint comes back and climbs onto the bottom rope and pulls Snake Eyes down onto the top rope,Snake Eyes kicks Saint in the head and then dives off and dropkicks him in the chest,sending Saint flying across the ring...Saint holds onto the ropes to regain his composure as Snake Eyes runs at him...

DL:Snake Eyes has started brilliantly here but can he keep this going?

RJ:Unfortunately not!


Saint uses Snake Eyes momentum and hauls him into the steel structure head-first,Snake Eyes sways and Saint grabs him and throws him into the cage again and again after that....Saint looks menacingly at Snake Eyes and grabs him again and throws him visciously into the cage again and the challenger collapses onto the mat and the crowd boo as Saint raises his arms in the air

DL:Saint said that we would all "bow-down" and right now there is no denying his dominance

RJ:Oh we have crimson....

DL:Oh my...

Snake Eyes kneels up and there is crimson streaking from a cut in the top of his head,Saint kicks him in the face and then walks to the cage...TGA is sat on a steel chair at the base of the ring as Saint begins to climb,he looks back down at Snake Eyes and shakes his head before hoisting himself up onto the ropes and begins to climb the cage...

RJ:Saint looking to finally rid himself of Snake Eyes...a win tonight and he never has to worry about the young man from Newcastle again

DL:OH....He'll worry about that haha!

The crowd cheer as Snake Eyes gets up and he dropkicks Saint's feet so that he falls into an uncomfortable position on the ropes,he grabs the champion's head and rakes it against the steel and bashes Saint's head against the structure before backing off....he looks at his foe and then runs at him and body splashes him against the cage...Saint stumbles off the ropes as Snake Eyes springboards off the ropes and hurricanranas Saint across the ring,the champion is in the corner and Snakey runs across and dropkicks him in the chest and then backwards rolls onto his feet and runs into the corner again....

RJ:Monkey Flip....he doesnt have the strength!

Snake Eyes cant flip Saint and is thrust onto the top rope and Saint nails an uppercut before grabbing the head of his challenger and he suplexes him from the top into the middle of the ring...............1................2............Snake Eyes kicks out and Saint gets up and stomps on him before bouncing off the ropes and he returns with a big elbow drop to the chest,he stands again and then runs off the ropes again and jumps into a big time body splash........1.........2...........kickout!

DL:Snake Eyes is bleeding heavily and he is being thrashed about....TGA looks disinterested

The cameras show TGA sat on his chair and Saint walks to the cage and looks through at him before walking back at Snake Eyes and he grabs him by the head and pulls him up and attempts a powerbomb but Snake Eyes pounds him in the head and drops down before hitting fierce right hand,the crowd are right behind him and he runs off the ropes but is almost flipped 360 by a big boot to the face from the champion...

RJ:That crimson loss is going to begin taking its toll on Snake Eyes if it hasnt already...

DL:Your right RJ....whats TGA doing!

TGA stands up from his chair and he picks it up and walks over towards the cage door,he looks around at the fans and then pulls the cage door open...Saint looks at TGA for a moment and then the Godsent Athlete slides the chair into the ring and shuts the door again....

DL:Whats that!....TGA just gave a chair to The Saint...he's double-crossed us RJ

RJ:I dont wanna make any clear judgments folks because the chair wasnt given to anyone in particular but it certainly looks bad

The crowd boo as Saint walks over and grabs the steel chair,he runs his hand along it and then walks into the middle of the ring and slams the chair across the back of Snake Eyes,he turns it on its side and drives it into the abdomen and ribs of Snake Eyes before holding it down in the throat area and choking Snake Eyes...the referee pleads with Saint but he just pushes him away and continues....

DL:I cannot believe the actions of TGA....why on earth has he done this?

Saint dumps the chair on the floor and the moves towards the cage door,he breathes in the boos as the referee on the outside opens the door and Saint goes to step through...he looks back over his shoulder and shakes his head in annoyance because Snake Eyes is getting up....

RJ:If there is one thing the last few months have taught me...its that nothing rivals the heart of Snake Eyes...this kid will take some putting down!

Saint shouts in anger and then picks the chair up again and smirks before thrusting it at Snake Eyes head......CRACK!....Snake Eyes moves and the chair hits the cage and then he dropkicks the chair into the face of The Saint as he turns around,the crowd cheer as Snake Eyes grabs the chair and he slams it over the head of Saint....the champion drops to his knees and Snake Eyes seems to swell in anger and then smashes the chair down into the cranium again....Saint lays flat out and the crowd cheer as the crimson-faced Snake Eyes holds the chair in the air

DL:Saint could have had the match won...but he wanted Snake Eyes down and out!

TGA has a new chair at the base of the ring and he smirks at Snake Eyes' rejuvenation,Snakey shouts to the crowd and they cheer loud as he walks to the corner and he wills the champion to make it to his feet...

RJ:Snake Eyes is primed...can you feel the atmosphere Dave....can you sense it?...VIPER KICK!


Snake Eyes leaps across and into the massive roundhouse kick but Saint ducks and Snakey wipes out the referee,Snake Eyes looks in dismay and then turns back and takes a rough low-blow from Saint...the 6WF Champion staggers up and grabs the chair and slams it into the face of Snake Eyes....

DL:Oh no the referee is down and Saint has just caved Snake Eyes' head in....

The boos are defeaning as Saint stands tall in the ring and he throws the chair down again and looks at Snake Eyes before pulling him up to his feet and throws him into the cage again,he then puts his hand in his tights...

RJ:Whats Saint doing....OH COME ON!

The Saint smiles eevily as he pulls a set of handcuffs out and dangles them in the air,he puts it around his fist and he slams the cuffs into the face of Snake Eyes and then grabs the right arm of his challenger...

DL:If Snake Eyes gets cuffed then he can kiss his chances goodbye!

Snakey kicks and punches and then he boots Saint right between the legs to a huge pop from the crowd and then grabs the cuffs and locks Saint to the ropes and then stands up,he laughs and then grabs the steel chair and walks over to Saint and drives the chair down into the face of Saint and floors him...

RJ:Climb son....go on Snakey...this is your chance!

The cheers are huge and Snake Eyes is bleeding heavily but he walks to the ropes and begins to climb,Saint is looking at Snake Eyes and desperately pulling at the handcuffs to the ropes....Snake Eyes climbs higher and higher up the steel cage,the cheers get louder and louder

DL:He's gonna do word he's gonna do it!

TGA stands and watches at Snake Eyes reaches the top of the cage,suddenly Saint rips the handcuffs clean from the ropes and stands up,he is now bleeding and he looks up at Snake Eyes,who is now stood on the top of the cage,and then looks at the cage door,Snake Eyes looks down at Saint

RJ:I cant believe the strength of Saint,he ripped the handcuffs clean....but now its a race....who will be the champion!


Crowd:Holy (Beep) x5


Snake Eyes looked down at Saint and then somersaulted off the top of the cahe towards the Saint,the 6WF Champion amazingly catches him in midair and nails an awesome Divine Force powerbomb into the canvass and both men lay slumped out.....the cheers,screams and applause are defeaning as the fans along with TGA look on in amazement

DL:Snake Eyes could have just jumped down,he's faster than Saint...he should have been champ....what a risk....but major props for a breath-taking counter from the champ!

RJ:What a match....what a night...this night has put sports entertainment on the map want PPV then you come to 6WF because there aint a show on earth that rivals us....this match has been the pinnacle and my word it hasnt disappointed!

Snake Eyes isnt moving as The Saint crawls towards the ropes,he is dripping crimson on the mat as he reaches out onto the ropes and pulls himself to his knees,he breathes hard and then stands up and walks over as the referee begins to come round...Snake Eyes looks lifeless as Saint kneels down and covers..............



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*Crowd pop


The crowd are rocking as Snake Eyes manages to get his shoulder up from the cover,Saint holds his head in frustration and he clambers up gingerely and then he takes Snake Eyes by the head and hoists him up,he looks around at the crowd and places Snake Eyes in a front facelock...

DL:OH no.....Snake Eyes about to join...SAINTS ROW!


*Crowd pop

RJ:He got him...he got him....this is it!

Snake Eyes is hoisted into the air but manages to scramble out back and uses the last ounce of his fibre to dive into the spinning roundhouse kick that takes the champion down,there is applause and a huge "Snake Eyes" chant as both men are flat on canvass...

DL:Finally RJ....this is the moment...

RJ:Whats this?

SRA and AJ Harvey walk out into the aisleway and the crowd boo them heavily as they look down towards the ring,TGA stands up from his chair and looks at Glasgows Most Wanted as they approach the ring

DL:Oh the backup has arrived....nows the time to see RJ,where is TGA's loyalties?

TGA looks at both men and then he backs off towards the ring,the crowd boo as Glasgows Most Wanted approach the ring,TGA fumbles for a moment and then he drags a black baseball bat from under the ring apron as the crowd pop


DL:He said he was bringing an old friend RJ...and we all remember that baseball bat!

TGA holds the bat in hand and he wills the 6CW members forwards,SRA comes but misses with a clothesline and he is hit in the ribs with the bat and then TGA goes after Harvey,who is backing away up the ramp,SRA holds his ribs but comes from behind at TGA .The Godsent Athlete manages to dodge and he holds the bat menacingly as Glasgows Most Wanted look at him with fury and begin to back of towards the curtain,the crowd are cheering as they exit to the back...

DL:He did it RJ...he levelled the playing-field...

RJ:He sure did...I didnt think he was gonna pull through but he did....WHAT THE HELL!

The crowd are in shock as a figure in all black and a ski mask jumps through the crowd and smashes a pipe into the back of TGA's head and leaves him sprawled on the ramp,the masked man looks down at TGA and then walks off towards the back as the crowd boo,in the ring both men are trying to get up

DL:What just happened RJ?

RJ:TGA showed that he was 6WF through and through but he has been brutally assaulted here....TGA has been taken out!

Snake Eyes is holding the ropes in the corner and Saint runs at him for a spear but he flips over him and Saint collides with the ringpost and then turns into a big DDT from the challenger,the crowd are eager as Snake Eyes looks up,crimson-masked and all,and crawls to the corner and climbs onto the ropes....

DL:This is it right here RJ....the culimination of months and months of agony...both men are crimson messes....

RJ:Both men having given their all....END OF THE LINE!

Saint moves and Snake Eyes slams into the mat with full force as the crowd groan,both men have given their all and look spent as Saint tries to reach his feet,Snake Eyes is trying to crawl but is holding his ribs in alot of pain...

DL:First man to his feet has the advanage...what a main event to 6WF Betrayal....

RJ:Saints' up....

DL:So is Snake Eyes!

Both men meet in the middle and trade sluggish right hands,Snake Eyes misses and Saint rakes his eyes to a big boo from the fans and then he grabs the challenger into a front facelock for the Saint's Row....Snake Eyes struggles in midair and Saint loses his balance and both men slam into the cage and to the floor...

RJ:Both men have given their absolute not sure there is alot left here...

DL:TGA's up RJ....and he looks (beeped)

The crowd look at TGA as he stands on the ramp and rubs his hand across the back of his head to reveal crimson,he seethes with anger and then marches down towards the ring and picks up the steel chair he was sat on,he walks to the door and shoves the ref away and opens the cage and gets in...

RJ:Folks I assure you I have no clue what TGA is doing here...he's got a chair!

TGA looks at both men trying to get up and he stands over The Saint with the chair in hand and shakes with venom as Saint reaches his feet,TGA turns and looks at Snake Eyes and approaches with a mad glint in his eye...

DL:Whats' he doing.....JESUS!

RJ:My god TGA has snapped!.....

DL:I told you he was unhinged RJ....
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RJ:Unhinged is right......but in our favour....Snake Eyes to the top....

DL:Ive got goosebumps RJ....






ding ding ding


DL:He's done it RJ....he has actually done it!

Announcer:Ladies and is your winner......and NEW 6WF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.....Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

The crowd are all stood on their feet as the cage is highered into the air,pyros explode and confetti begins to fall from the air as Snake Eyes kneels in a crimson stupour....he looks exhausted but exhillirated as the referee walks over with the 6WF Title and places it in his arms and pats his shoulder in congratulations...the cheers are defeaning as TGA looks on and then exits the ring

RJ:After months of back-stabbing,run-ins,screw jobs...finally this young kid from Newcastle has broke the glass ceiling....Snake Eyes has shown that the underdog can indeed prevail and he has reached the god ive got a lump in my throat...Snake Eyes is the brand new 6WF Champion

DL:What an amazing feat RJ...he gave it his all...and he dug out that little bit extra....sure he has a little bit of help but Saint has had help week after week in this feud...finally the dice of fate have come up trumps for Snake Eyes and he is the man...he is number one!

RJ:Thanks will go to TGA....there will be apologies down the line for doubting him....props to the Saint,a great champion and what a match he fought but tonight...tonight belongs to that man right there....Snake Eyes is the 6WF Champion and this is one of my proudest moments as a broadcaster...what a deserving champion...and this is brilliant!

Snake Eyes is stood with the 6WF Title as JJ Johnson leads a cohort of 6WF superstars towards the ring,they all climb in and JJ stands across from Snake Eyes,both men have their world titles and JJ grins and then holds his hand out and Snake Eyes takes it and is pulled into a hug from the TAW Champ...Cobra is next and he and Snake Eyes have a big hug and the crowd cheer as they lift Snake Eyes skywards into the air,he has a delighted look on his crimson-stained face and he hoists his championship into the air

DL:What a picture that is RJ....and it speaks volumes....finally the 6WF lockeroon has settled their differences and come together...we have regained what we lost and we have shown who is the dominant force in wrestling....what an amazing night!

RJ:Your right Dave...finally 6WF has shown what they are made of...we have defeated 6CW and won back both our world titles....this night not only belongs to Snake Eyes but it also belons to the whole 6WF lockeroom.....what a proud moment this really is...well done Snakey...well done did!....we did it!....thanks for joining us folks and goodnight!

Betrayal goes off the air with the 6WF roster and fans applauding Snake Eyes as he stands on the turnbuckle and holds the championship high in the air as more pyros shoot off into the top of the arena.

Match Time:24:16
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*After Betrayal

Trashdown Announcement

Hobo: Good evening 6WF. Who believes? Who believes that the greatest show ever is about to get better! TRASHDOWN 4 is upon us!

Crowd: We Believe! X 5

Hobo: good! You didn’t think I was going to let BZ return without giving a forum for his unveiling did you! Well let’s make ourselves a show! First of all, I want the fans in the arena to have a real treat, so I have decided to bring back the greatest match ever. That’s right! The BMPA match is back and its better than ever. Its going to be a feast or fired match.

(off screen legal adviser points out that the name is registered and copyrighted to TNA)

Hobo: Its going to be the BMPA ‘Dump the Chump’ match! (turning to the legal aid “is that okay?”)

Crowd cheer

Hobo: so you are most probably wondering how this will work? Well the board of directors have asked me to bring some changes to the 6WF. They need to reduce the wage bill and have asked me to fire someone. They have also asked me to bring in some new blood. And finally they have asked me to decide on some title challengers. And what better way to do it than through the medium of the dumpsters!

Hobo: I have set up 9 dumpsters around the arena. Each one of them has been hooked up to the titantron to reveal a message for the person who does the dumping. After several seconds, the screen will reveal what the prize is. And we have some great prizes! We are going to give away a TAG title shot!

Crowd: WOO!

Hobo: A Hardcore shot!

Crowd: Woo!

Hobo: A Euro Shot!

Crowd: Woo!

Hobo: and for the last man standing, he will receive a world title shot!

Crowd: BMPA! BMPA!

Hobo: but as I said – I’ve been asked to reduce the wage bill so someone is going to get fired. But if this dumpster is picked, it will be the person dumped, the ‘dumpee’ if you will and not the ‘dumper’. One final reward is the ‘SWITCH’ dumpster. Anyone who lands in this dumpster will be forced to switch companies. In other words, if you are a 6CW member, you must come to 6WF and vice versa – the 6CW board have already agreed to this stipulation.

Crowd: 6-W-F!

Hobo: So we got ourselves some rules – how about we get ourselves some wrestlers in the match? Each contestant will enter every two minutes. So let’s make the draw.

Muffins wheels in a large tombola with all the names of the superstars in it.

Hobo: Entrant number 1 into the BMPA match is.......(hobo holds up the paper to the screen)...MAX ADAMSON!

The crowd half boo and half cheer

Hobo: Entrant number two and starting the match with Max is.........URYU

The crowd are silent

Hobo: Didn’t know he was still around! Entrant Number 3 is........Keith Leone!

Crowd: LE-ONE! X 3

Hobo: entrant number 4 is........Perfect Jack

Crowd: Boo!

Hobo: Number 5 is the man who took my title from me......The Saint!

Crowd: Boo!

Hobo: Number 6 is.........Jerome Dubois!

Crowd: Boo!

Hobo: Number 7 is......Napalm!

Crowd: Boo!

Hobo: Entrant number 8 is.....Daniel Reiley!

Crowd: Boo!

Entrant number 9 is......Blue Dragon!

Crowd: yeah!

And the final entrant is.....HER- wait a minute. Let’s put that name aside – I’ve got something special for you. (hobo doesn’t even bother to redraw) my final entrant into the match is.......Salsa Pygmento!

Crowd: SAL-SA x 5

Hobo: so to recap “1. Max 2. Uryu 3. Leone 4. Perfect Jack 5. Saint 6. Dubois. 7. Napalm 8. Reiley 9. Blue Dragon amd last but not least number 10. Your next TAW champion...SALSA!”.

Hobo looks at the sheet of paper with Hero’s name on it.

Hobo: So what do I do about the guy who ended my career?

Hobo looks at a nearby monitor which is showing the last Trashdown. The Legends gauntlet with Max Adamson is being shown. Hobo clicks his fingers as if a light has gone in his head.

Hobo: Thats it! Mr Hero – you will run the gauntlet. But not just any gauntlet – a legends gauntlet. Have fun! But what about the rest of the card? Let’s see, why don’t I give two of the greatest tag teams today a run out in the dark match. The tradesmen of the apocalypse will take on the Producers!

Crowd: Primetime x 3 Hollywood x 3

And then let’s have one of the most talented champs in 6wf take on a rising star. Our first match will be GDC vs Code Effrego. After that, lets get our tag champs, the Iron Lions who will take on Fist of Fun. But not only that, both teams will have an extra little help in there corners. Gabriel Rose, the Iron Lions will take on fist of Fun and Tyson Armstrong.

Crowd: Fist of Fun x 3 Ty-Son x 3

Hobo: Haven’t had a title match yet. Shall I make one 6WF?

Crowd: JJ x 5

Hobo: Okay - the next match is for the TAW title! Your champ, JJ Johnson takes on Median for the TAW title. No gimmicks, no weapons, just a pure out war.

Hobo: So who does that leave? Ah yes, the 6wf champ and the man who had the 2nd biggest T-Shirt sales in 6Wf history (Hobo lifts up his shirt to reveal the ‘Born In Fire, Immortalised by Trash TV’ Tshirt and gesturing number 1 with his hand), TGA. Shall I put them in a match against each other? NA! Lets put them together against Glasgow’s most wanted!

Hobo: So there you have it folks – TRASHDOWN 4 is go! Hobo.....

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Betrayal Results (17/01)
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