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 Mayhem Results (05/06)

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PostSubject: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:07 am

*Mayhem goes live to air and "Rest in pieces" blares out through the speakers,an array of different coloured pyro's go off around the top of the rampway and then the camera pans around the arena:



MW:I'm Michael Wire and that was my broadcast partner RJ,who has just deafened me with his shouting.From now folks do not move from your seat as tonight promises to be one of the most historic nights in the history of 6WF.

RJ:Tonight in our Main Event...Lex Hart,Hero and Perfect Jack will fight it out for the right to be called 6WF undisputed champion,and the winner will be only the 2nd person to do so with Hero being the only man to have currently won the Undisputed title!

MW:Alongside that we have title matches galore,as well as some of 6WF's newest talent on display.Let's get this show started!
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:11 am

6NG TUESDAY PPV! This Tuesday exclusive on!

Who will win?

James Eagle/Yarmouth Blade or Edan Ekram!
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:11 am

We return to Mayhem where all of a sudden some music starting playing…….

RJ: Who could this be? There’s only one guy I know who likes that sort of music, but it couldn’t be, surely?


Pushin’ On by REO Speedwagon is playing out and red and white pyro is in full effect, and it is quite clear that Abe Abercorn has just appeared.

RJ: ABE ABERCORN IS HERE! And you know Michael, with his history with all three men in tonight’s Undisputed World Championship match, I think we all know he must be out here to give to his opinion!

MW: Oh great, I thought we’d seen the end of endless metaphors and analogies that only he himself gets!

RJ: That may be your view Michael, but perhaps Abe has seen his career as a whole metaphor, we don’t know. All I can say is folks, remember; 6WF Champion Lex Hart and TAW Champion Perfect Jack formed the Pure Wrestling Alliance with Abe Abercorn. Also, Hero, the challenger has had a long and storied rivalry with Mr Abercorn.

-The crowd are popping like wild, and finally Abe Abercorn gets into the ring and speaks.

AA: Good evening. It has been three years since I began this quest, and two months since I decided to take a break from active wrestling. Before I go on, I want to say that I will not be returning to active wrestling for some time yet. I need to take a long look at myself, but I tell you this, every day I am still actively campaigning for there to pure wrestling to be the dominant force in wrestling today. There is much more to be accomplished outside the ring and that shall take time. However, I still keep close tabs on the 6WF situation, and two things have got my attention.

The first was that Cassius Zhi has had to be taken into mental care. It is quite clear that he has went mad. I have also heard that I am the man who made him go this way. What nonsense! Let me tell you, the reason Cassius Zhi went mad is that when all that he held dear was taken away from him, his past deeds came back to haunt him. He knew, no matter what support he got, that what he did was wrong! Oh yes, I may have pointed this out to him to many occasions, but I wasn’t doing his deeds, was I? What made all the more strange was that he only snapped whenever I left the place. And I tell you, that’s what the clincher was. He no longer had that voice telling him that he was wrong, or so he thought! The guilt stayed with him! And that is what led him to defeat. You heard me right. Defeat. And I tell you why it was defeat. Yes, I am no longer active. But I am still standing here. He isn’t. His deeds finally caught up with him. Just like I said they would. I can only hope that he will come out a changed man, and become good.

So here, we stand at our Cold War moment. The hammer and sickle is gone. But (and excuse me if I sound like your typical outspoken Ulsterman) we must make sure that we don’t take a step back and enjoy the gains like our so called ‘leaders’ did 20 years ago. It has come to my attention that there is to be Undisputed World title match here tonight. That raises both potential joys and grave concerns. Let me be clear, it is a guarantee that after tonight is out, one man shall hold all the power in world. No checks and balances, no devolution, just one all powering figure. One party government! And you know what makes the matter more pressing? The three men of which this new found power will be given to one of them. Perfect Jack. Lex Hart. Hero. You all know the story. I don’t trust Hero. And I founded the PWA with Jack and Lex. So what is the problem? You must all be thinking, Pure Wrestling has a 2/3rds chance to walk out as the winner. Well you are wrong. Let me give you a little history lesson.

Why was there a need for me to move to a Pure Wrestling platform one year ago, as unpopular as that was? I tell you why, it was because wrestling became corrupt! You see, wrestling used to be Pure Wrestling, it held all the power. But its leaders failed. They didn’t govern by those principles. They operated a closed shop that in order to make it, you had to be in the know. It didn’t matter who was the best wrestler, what did matter was who had the rub backstage. Ohh of course, they all said the wrestling mattered to them, but it didn’t. It only mattered to a few, who believed in fairness, ability and meritocracy, no matter what race or creed. What followed then was revolt. ‘Pure’ Wrestling disintegrated and it had to make a pact with the Dark Side. It had to make a pact with folk called ‘hardcore’ wrestlers, who believed in wanton violence, profane language and other adult matters. But it was all ok, because people rejoiced that Pure Wrestling was dead, or so they thought. But the reality was that Pure Wrestling had died long ago. It was left for a few men, who believed in the core principles which I set out earlier, the real principles of Pure Wrestling. We started the fight back. And we were successful. We ensured that despite the negative connotations, Pure Wrestling was no longer a dirty word. And perhaps, most important of all, we saved wrestling from total defeat. Wrestling is still about wrestling, but that not may have been the case. In fact this Sword of Damocles hangs over wrestling, and it always will. Especially tonight.

Quite simply, if Perfect Jack wins tonight, then we don’t have anything to worry about. Pure Wrestling shall be in full control, and it shall be a true Pure Wrestling. However, if Lex Hart wins, then, whilst it may be a victory in name, it shall be a victory in name only. You know what will happen? The same policies that were enacted all those years ago that gave Pure Wrestling a bad name around the world will be enacted again, and some years down the line those that believe in Pure Wrestling will be forced to make a pact with the enemy. We don’t want that, do we? And what if Hero wins? Well then, the enemy has total control, even more so since the cordon santiare of a divided championship seems now to have gone. And with it, we shall have an authoritarian regime, no church at all. He is a false prophet of a false church. I am not fooled by his words, but I fear many will be enslaved.

In essence, to quote Yogi Berra, it really is déjà vu all over again. In essence, we can’t the same mistakes as we did in the past. But what we can do is put right what once went wrong, and we are doing that right now. But we must never, ever lose sight of who we are and what we believe in.

Thank you for listening to me. God bless you all.

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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:13 am

*Mayhem goes to the backstage area with Sanchez and Longinus sat in their dressing room, Sanchez is preparing for his match with Crime Lord as Longinus gives him instructions and advice. Sanchez then stops and starts to stretch, Longinus rises to his feet and the pair leave the dressing room, only to be confronted by the Lord of Crime himself.

Crime Lord: Well isn’t this cosy, what you here for Longinus? Moral support? Or have you finally come to accept the only way to beat me is when you have a 2 on 1 Advantage?

Sanchez: It’s easy to talk trash back here Crime Lord, what about when we get into that ring and the mission to abolish the myth of the Church picks up momentum as you’re the first one thrown aside.

Crime Lord: The Church is no myth Sanchez, you only have to look to our leader, our lord...Hero. He is in the Main Event tonight, he is going to win the undisputed title. Who could ask for a better leader than that?

Longinus: Crime Lord, I was in the Church of Hero. I know it’s a myth, I’ve seen the inner workings and what goes on. You, James, Murdoch, Spencer, Xeres you are all the same, you are nothing to Hero. He has no super-mystical powers, you are all just naive and want to believe in Hero when he is just using you for his own gain. I saw the light and escaped to The Atheists.

Crime Lord: You didn’t see the light Longinus, you were thrown into the light by the Church because you weren’t good enough. No matter which way you try to portray it, you didn’t leave you were kicked out. Hero saw that you were a non-believer, that you would never reach the standards Hero expects from the disciples of this great Church.

Sanchez: Who are you trying to kid Crimey? You know just as well as us two that the only thing Hero wants you for is back-up, to help him achieve his goals. I can understand James, Murdoch and Longinus being lured in, they were inexperienced. What’s your excuse? You’re a former world champion, where’s being a part of this Church got you?

Crime Lord: My journey to spiritual replenishment has only just begun. Hero is cleansing me of my sins, when this is done I will reach a whole new level. And the journey takes an upward curve tonight when you are dominated, decimated and destroyed!

*Mayhem returns to ringside.
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:14 am

Match 1
Sanchez W/ Longinus vs Crime Lord

RJ: What a tremendous atmosphere here tonight for 6WF Mayhem, and the crowd noise is about to pick up for our first match of the evening, which pits The Atheists against the Church.

MW: And I can only see one winner in this one, The Church. Crime Lord wants some revenge, these two idiots have cost him shots at two title belts so as soon as he throws these wannabees to the trash he can move onto bigger and better things whilst Sanchez and Longinus are confided to 6WF history.

RJ: Well I’m not sure it’s as a foregone conclusion as your predicting, Sanchez and Longinus have in my opinion had the advantage throughout this month, so why can’t they continue that momentum into this match?

“The Fight Song” roars out through the speakers and the crowd cheer as General Sanchez strides out onto the ramp with an atheists shirt on. He is followed out onto the ramp by Longinus who is also in an Atheists T-Shirt. They storm down the ramp, Longinus paces around the outside of the ring as Sanchez slides into the ring. He climbs up the ropes and salutes the fans.

“Rain Wizard’ tears out into the arena and the crowd descend into loud boo’s as Crime Lord slowly walks out onto the stage, the gold ‘H’ hanging around his chest. He walks to the ring but doesn’t slide in instead walking around towards Longinus, he gets right into the face of The Atheist member holding up his H necklace. “Do you regret leaving this?” He then slides in and faces up to Sanchez.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Crime Lord and Sanchez move towards the centre of the ring and lock up. Crime Lord forces Sanchez back towards the ropes, he hits a couple of stiff fists into the face before placing Sanchez into a headlock. He is whipped out across the ring by Sanchez, who goes for a clothesline but Crime Lord ducks underneath it, he comes back off the ropes with a clothesline of his own. Crime Lord has Sanchez down into a headlock once more.

Sanchez fights his way up to a vertical base who twists his way out and goes for an arm drag which Crime Lord blocks then nails a hip toss. Sanchez rolls up onto his feet groggily, he runs towards Crime Lord who drives him down to the canvas with a spinebuster. Crime Lord hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2...Kick out!

Crime Lord rises up to his feet, he stomps down on the back of Sanchez before placing him into a seated rear waistlock. Sanchez manages to get up onto his feet, he drives elbows into the side before spinning out and throwing Crime Lord down with a big German suplex. Sanchez retreats allowing Crime Lord to get to his feet before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a spinning heel kick. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

RJ: Even start to the match so far, not quite the procession you predicted.

MW: We’ve got a three hour Pay Per View to fill out, he’ s probably under instructions to give Sanchez a bit of a chance.

RJ: Hope you’re not suggesting Wrestling is fake...

MW: No, Not at all!

Sanchez rises to his feet, he holds up his sweat band with a big A representing The Atheists on it. He places it back over his wrist and Crime Lord is up, he swings a big fist towards him which Sanchez ducks and then counters with a T-Bone suplex. Sanchez bounces off the ropes and hits a rolling thunder, but he doesn’t cover instead choosing to place Crime Lord into a sleeper.

Crowd: Atheists! Atheists! Atheists!

MW: How disrespectful!

Longinus continues to build up the crowd as Crime Lord fights his way up to his feet, he fights his way out of the sleeper and goes for a jawbreaker but Sanchez shoves him away to the floor. Sanchez then hits a running boot to the face, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a neck snap for good measure, then covering.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

Sanchez rises up to his feet, he waits for Crime Lord to rise before going for an Irish Whip to the corner, Crime Lord uses his power advantage to propel Sanchez into the corner but he uses the ropes a springboard to hit a reverse crossbody. Crime Lord spins to his feet and Sanchez connects with a running enzaguri kick.

RJ: Sanchez is completely dominating this match.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up, Sanchez gets to his feet and hauls up Crime Lord and with him being significantly weakened, he manages to whip him into the corner. Sanchez lifts Crime Lord up so he is sat on the top rope and then goes to the top rope himself and lines up a hurracanrana...

RJ: Devastating counter!

MW: Powerbomb from the top rope! That was outstanding!

Ref: 1................2..................Kick out!

Sanchez just about kicks out following the big move from Crime Lord, the COH member allows Sanchez to rise before knocking him down with an STO. Sanchez rolls up to his feet and Crime Lord bounces off the ropes and slams a sickening boot into the skull of Sanchez who collapses to the canvas.


Longinus joins in with the chanting and Crime Lord moves towards the ropes, leaning over towards The Atheist member who looks set to come to blows with Crime Lord but steps back to prevent a disqualification. Crime Lord spins around and Sanchez is stood up behind him, swaying around and Crime Lord connects with a Fishermans suplex, bridging into the cover.

Ref: 1..................2..........Kick out!

Crime Lord is up to his feet, he waits for Sanchez to rise before hitting him with a suplex. Sanchez rolls away to the corner, using the ropes to pull himself up. He falls out of the corner and Crime Lord knocks him down with a spear. He then lines up a Mafia Mow Down...

MW: Vicious knee!

Ref: 1.................2................3.Foot on the rope!

Crime Lord gets to his feet in celebration but the ref points out the foot across the bottom rope, Crime Lord is apoplectic with rage and begins to get in the face of the ref who tells Crime Lord to back away or risk being disqualified. Longinus is now on the apron as well, he motions Crime Lord to come towards him. Crime Lord snarls and paces towards Longinus who continues to trash talk Crime Lord from a safe distance.

MW: What a coward!

Crime Lord swings at Longinus who ducks just about, Crime Lord goes for another punch which is again ducked, Sanchez rises to his feet groggily and walks towards Crime Lord, he gets the roll up.

Ref: 1......................2..............................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: No way! No way!

RJ: He got it! He got it! Sanchez wins!

MW: Cheats! You say the Church use the numbers game, what about this? Where’s your complaints now?

RJ: Longinus didn’t actually do anything wrong, Crime Lord just lost his concentration!

*Sanchez slides out of the ring quickly, Longinus lifts him up and the two celebrate pointing towards the A’s on their shirt.

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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:14 am

*The action once again goes backstage where Blue Dragon is training hard for his match, his trainer walks up to him.*

T: You ready Blue?

BD: Oh, I'm ready. I'm gonna show that Riddick exactly what I'm capable of. I'm a Freak not on a Leash tonight Bob, and I'm gonna show the world exactly why I'm Hardcore Champion.

B: But are you REALLY ready? Prepared to put your body on the line, ready to have your bones broken, your blood shed and more?!

BD: It's what I live for Bob! I am HARDCORE! I have been ready for this my WHOLE life!

B: Good, now you go out there and you teach that son of a <censored> a lesson!

*It switches to a dark room where Solomon Riddick is stood in the centre of the room*

SR: is simply a word, but that Dragon, he defends the word like it his own kin, as if it is sacred. Well if he truly wants to make the word holy, I will tear down the temples, I will desecrate the icons and I will do everything in my power to tear that belt from his lifeless hands.

*A flash lights up Solomon's white mask.*

SR: Tonight, Solomon Riddick becomes...HARDCORE!

*Solomon laughs loudly and the sole candle in the room goes out, leaving him in darkness.*
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:15 am

Match 2
6WF Hardcore Title
Blue Dragon (c) vs. Solomon Riddick

RJ: Welcome back to ringside here at Mayhem, I am RJ, and beside me is Michael Wire.

MW: I’m pretty sure everybody knows who we are, we’ve been doing this job for four years now!

RJ: Okay Michael, right, up next we have what could end really brutally, the Hardcore title is on the line! This title has been through some intense battles in the past, blood has been split to hold onto it, bones broken, muscles torn and a hell of a lot of ‘Holy <censored>’ chants from the crowd have accompanied this title.

MW: But for the good of 6WF we are going to see a competent wrestler gain the title tonight, Solomon Riddick is going to destroy the current champion; Blue Dragon. Solomon Riddick is going to decimate Blue Dragon and he is going to send him packing to the hole he crawled out of...Liverpool.

RJ: Stop with this weird hatred you have for him! Blue Dragon has embodified the hardcore division, a two time hardcore champion he has put his body on the line, time and time again to hold onto that title, but he faces arguably his hardest task tonight when he takes on Solomon Riddick.

MW: Not ‘arguably’ at all. Solomon Riddick has taken on the biggest names in 6WF, and come out on top, and tonight he will gain his first singles title and finally get rid of that joke known as Blue Dragon!

Smoke billows onto the stage, the crowd are silent in anticipation as the lights dim. Blue lights shine on the stage as ‘Freak on a Leash’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd go wild. Blue Dragon steps out onto the entrance way, he is wearing a vest top with; ‘Real Hardcore’ printed on it. Blue Dragon beats his chest before ripping off his vest top and throwing it into the crowd. Blue Dragon keeps on walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans.

RJ: Blue Dragon is a fan favourite here in 6WF, and he does his best to give back to his loyal fanbase-WHAT THE-?!


Solomon Riddick has run down the ramp and just cracks a steel chair over the back of Blue Dragon, before the Hardcore Champion can react Solomon drops the chair and grabs hold of Blue, smashing his head into the fan barrier. Dragon elbows Solomon in the face though and spears him hard into the other side of the ramp. Blue Dragon grabs hold of the chair and takes a run up before smashing it into Solomon and going for a big kick, but Solomon dodges it and Blue Dragon’s foot connects painfully with the steel chair.

RJ: This match has already degenerated into what we would expect from a Hardcore match!

MW: What a brilliant start by Solomon Riddick!

Solomon picks up the Hardcore Title and as Blue Dragon gets up, Solomon smacks the title over Blue Dragon’s head to boos from the crowd. Solomon storms down the rest of the ramp before starting to root under the ring, he pulls out table after table until there are five tables strewn around by ringside, Solomon pulls out some steel chairs, and then a big load of barbed wire. Solomon turns around to be met with Blue Dragon’s boot. Solomon falls to the ground as Blue Dragon starts stomping on him, the Hardcore Champion lifts Solomon up and slams the Associate’s head hard into the steel ring post.

RJ: These two men are already trying to tear each other apart, if this is what we have seen in the first five minutes, what else do they have in store for us!

MW: Hopefully Blue Dragon’s unconscious body being stretchered out of here for good!

Solomon stumbles backwards and Blue Dragon quickly grabs another steel chair and swings it wildly at Solomon, but Riddick ducks underneath it and connects with a hard spear on Blue Dragon smashing his back into the ring apron. Solomon punches Blue Dragon hard in the mouth, busting his lip before whipping him towards the fan barrier. Blue Dragon slams into it and Riddick grabs hold of Dragon, lifts him up and drops him chest first onto the barrier. Dragon slams hard into it and rolls on the ground holding his rib cage.

RJ: Ouch! Solomon is really looking to punish Blue Dragon tonight.

MW: Good.

Solomon lifts Blue Dragon violently up and throws him back into the ring apron, he goes to slam Blue Dragon’s head on the ring apron, but Dragon reacts too quickly and slams Riddick’s head hard into the apron. As Solomon stumbles backwards, Blue Dragon lifts up the chair and hits it hard in Solomon’s mid-section before slamming it over his back. Solomon is on his knees now, and Blue Dragon lifts the chair in the air to a big cheer. He lays the chair down, and lifts Solomon up and looks ready to connect with the DDT onto the chair.


MW: Reversed!

Blue Dragon is thrown over Solomon’s head and lands hard on the ground, Solomon lifts the chair up himself and when Blue Dragon steps towards him, he smashes it over his head, greeted with jeers from the sold out arena. Solomon lifts Dragon up by his arm and drags him over to the tables, he sets one of the tables up and slams Blue Dragon’s head on the table. He throws Dragon into the table, smashing his ribs on the edge of the hard wood. Blue Dragon falls to the floor holding his chest as Solomon lets out a loud laugh.

RJ: It’s moments like this when it’s hard not to be frightened by Solomon Riddick!

MW: Blue Dragon is probably wishing he was anywhere but here right now.

Solomon lifts Blue Dragon up again, he is met with a hard fist from the Hardcore Champion, Blue Dragon connects with a second punch, and a third, and a fourth before slapping Dragon hard across the face. Blue Dragon pushes Solomon into the table before chopping him across the chest. The crowd “WOOOOOO!” Blue Dragon takes a run up before charging at Solomon.

RJ: Blue Dragon is charging...



As Blue Dragon charged at Solomon, the former tag team champion used his momentum to lift Blue Dragon up and spinebuster him through the table. Blue Dragon lays moaning in the wooden wreckage and Solomon Riddick lifts up a chair and sets it up before dragging Blue Dragon over to the chair and slamming his head down onto it, he sticks Dragon’s head in the gap of the cheer and looks ready to snap the chair and Dragon’s neck with it, when Blue Dragon quickly pulls himself out of it, he swings the chair at Solomon but the ‘Ghost of the Amazon’ just stomps on Dragon’s head and slams the chair down onto his face.

RJ: No matter what Blue Dragon does, Solomon does not want to release the grip he has on this match, it’s going to only get harder for Dragon to get back into this.

MW: Solomon Riddick is an impressive wrestler, in a hardcore situation or not. Blue Dragon is in his own playground but being toyed with.

Solomon lifts Blue Dragon up, and he grabs the barbed wire. Riddick rolls Dragon into the ring before climbing in after him, Blue Dragon is kneeling in the centre of the ring and Solomon takes the barbed wire and starts wrapping it around Dragon. Blue Dragon looks in serious pain as the barbs cut into his flesh, Solomon is actually smiling as he does this.

RJ: Solomon is torturing Blue Dragon, there is no other word for it; TORTURE!

MW: He is showing Blue Dragon, that he can do everything that he can do, but so, so much better! Yes, he’s pulling his arm back, that can only mean one thing RJ; DEVIL’S ADVOCATE!

Solomon goes for his big punch to finish Blue Dragon off but the Hardcore Champion grabs hold of his first with huge cheers from the crowd. Blue Dragon stands up, and headbutts Solomon, before ripping the barbed wire off of him. Blue Dragon runs backwards and bounces off of the ropes before connecting with a hard clothesline, when Solomon starts groggily getting back to his feet Blue Dragon connects with a thunderous spear! Blue Dragon rolls out of the ring and starts rooting underneath it, he pulls out a huge ladder and slides it into the ring, as well as a couple of steel chairs. Blue Dragon starts setting up the other four tables, and he puts two down, before putting another two on top of those two, setting up two tables on top of each other; side by side.

RJ: Blue Dragon looks like he has something very nasty planned with those tables Michael.

MW: Not if Solomon can use them first....BOOM!

Solomon connects with a huge chair shot to Blue Dragon, busting the Hardcore Champion open. Blue Dragon doesn’t actually fall over though, he stays up on his feet, wobbling slightly. He puts his hand up to his head and then looks, realising he’s bleeding his eyes widen and he shakes his head. Blue Dragon charges at Solomon and connects with a huge clothesline before urging Solomon up and when he does, he lifts him up and connects with a huge chokeslam!

RJ: It seems the sight of his own blood sent Blue Dragon into a rampage! Solomon Riddick could be in trouble!

MW: No way! Blue Dragon is useless, and the fact he’s so stupid as to get angrier when he sees his own blood will prove to be his downfall.

Blue Dragon starts to climb the ladder and the crowd are chanting; “FINISH HIM!” Blue Dragon gets to the top of the ladder and beats his chest, he points at Solomon before pointing at his elbow to a big cheer from the crowd. Then Solomon starts moving, the crowd groan in unison, Blue Dragon starts climbing down from the ladder and he walks up to Solomon who goes to chop him across his chest but Solomon punches him in the stomach. Solomon jumps up, headbutting Blue Dragon before throwing him hard into the ladder.

RJ: Blue Dragon nearly had Solomon finished, but Riddick does not feel done just yet!

MW: Dragon is still bleeding and Solomon could easily gain the upper hand here.

Solomon walks over to Dragon but he elbows Riddick, and then starts climbing up the ladder, Solomon starts climbing the other side of the ladder, mid-way up the ladder Blue Dragon kicks through the rungs and manages to put Solomon off-balance and he falls down a couple of rungs. Blue Dragon gets to the top and then so too does Solomon, they start exchanging punches on top of the ladder, but then Dragon connects with a hard headbutt.

RJ: Solomon is in a really perilous position! Those tables are still set up!





Blue Dragon uses his finisher on Solomon, and the ‘Ghost of the Amazon’ goes crashing through all four tables, his body just lays in the wreckage. Solomon isn’t moving at all as Blue Dragon beats his chest.

RJ: Blue Dragon isn’t finished yet!

Blue Dragon looks down at Solomon before diving...




A: The WINNER of this match and......STILL 6WF Hardcore Champion.....BLUUUUUEEEEE DRAAAAAAGONNN!!!

RJ: The crowd are loving it, Blue Dragon overcame the odds and defeated Solomon Riddick!

MW: This is a tragedy!

Medics rush down to ringside, as Blue Dragon walks up the ramp lifting up the Hardcore Championship, he holds it close to his chest as the blood continues to pour from his forehead. The medics are checking on Solomon Riddick, and he seems to be in really bad shape, as they call for a stretcher.

RJ: Solomon Riddick looks in really bad shape, but that’s the cost you pay when you fight for the Hardcore Championship, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Solomon is going to be wrestling anytime soon!

MW: This is dreadful!
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:16 am

*Frank Horrigan is backstage in a gym, he is seen lifting huge amount of weights.*

FH: Tonight, Frank Horrigan will make the biggest impact of the night.

*It then switches to James McManus who is running on a treadmill.*

JM: I am going to beat those others guys, they are nothing compared to me!

*Then The Scorpion is shown tying tape around his fists*

TS: If I get the chance tonight, I'm going to end a career! That's a promise!

*James Eagle is seen skipping really fast and intensly.*

JE: Tonight is my night, first Mayhem, then to win 6NG! I am showing everybody that there is more to me than just my money.
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem Results (05/06)   Mayhem Results (05/06) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 2:17 am

Match 3
The Scorpion vs. James Eagle vs. James McManus vs. Frank Horrigan

RJ: Last Lockdown The Scorpion made an open challenge to anybody in 6WF, that he’d take them on at Mayhem. I don’t think he, or anybody else, was expecting this though. Three different people accepted his challenge, James Eagle; finalist of 6NG. James McManus, somebody associated with the dangerous Chaos, and the giant Frank Horrigan!

MW: The Scorpion certainly has his work cut out for him tonight, Frank Horrigan is still my favourite thing to come out of this whole 6NG ordeal, and at least McManus has some sense in him. Can’t say I see Eagle as much as a threat today.

RJ: I think everybody is a threat in this match, especially as it’s a Fatal Fourway, a pin could come from anywhere or anyone!

MW: Horrigan to win!

‘I won’t do what you tell me’ blasts out of the speakers as the crowd mainly boo but a small group of fans are cheering for him. The Scorpion steps out onto the stage, he runs down to his small group of fans and starts slapping their hands before he shakes his head at the rest of the crowd. He walks down the ramp cockily, before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. The Scorpion climbs up to the top rope and beats his chest.

RJ: The Scorpion achieved a huge upset when he managed to pin Hero only a few weeks ago, many have him down as the weakest of these four guys, so can he overcome the odds again?

MW: Yeah sure, sure. And you know what, he’ll probably end all their careers as well...

‘The Final Countdown’ plays out of the speakers and the crowd boo, James McManus steps out onto the entrance way and the crowd are hurling abuse at him. McManus shakes his head at the jeering crowd before he walks down the ramp. He ignores the jeering fans as he slides into the ring, he squares up to the Scorpion who flips him the bird.

RJ: James McManus is a traditional London bruiser, short on words, but big on action, he’s my dark horse for this match.

MW: He’s not as bad as some of the other guys, and hopefully he is taking on board the advice he gets from Chaos.

‘Rock the Night’ blasts out of the speakers and the crowd continue to boo, the huge freak of a man steps through the smoke onto the ramp. Frank Horrigan looks manically down to the ring, he strides down the ramp, one fan starts shouting at him. He grabs them by their collar, lifting them high in the air as they look terrified. Horrigan puts them back down again before getting to the ring, he climbs onto the apron before stepping over the top rope into the ring.

RJ: Frank Horrigan is quite possibly the biggest guy we have ever had in a 6WF ring, the man is HUGE! A real genetic freak!

MW: Not unlike you then RJ.

‘Burn Burn’ by the Lost Prophets plays out of the speakers and the crowd quickly change to huge cheers, James Eagle steps out and pyros go off either side of him, they shoot out money into the crowd and James smiles. Eagle quickly runs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans as he goes, he slides into the ring and climbs up to the top rope, and raises his arms to big cheers before flipping off and landing in the centre of the ring, surrounded by the other three guys.

RJ: James Eagle is the favourite for this match, and rightly so, James has seen these other three guys drop out of 6NG while there is only man left in his way before he can be named the winner.

MW: He’s a joke, and it’s only sheer luck that he has made it that far in that terrible competition!

RJ: Not Eagle’s biggest fan then Michael.

MW: Not at all.


As soon as the bell rings, Frank Horrigan connects with a huge boot to James Eagle sending him flying across the ring, James McManus kicks The Scorpion in the mid-section and connects with a hard jawbreaker, as McManus turns around, Frank Horrigan grabs hold of his neck and throws him violently into the corner. Frank Horrigan connects with a lot of hard punches into McManus’ body before lifting him up to the top rope.

RJ: James Eagle INCOMING!

James Eagle dives from the other top rope and connects with a hard missile dropkick to Frank Horrigan, which forces the big man over the top rope to the outside. James Eagle quickly jumps up and connects with a hard kick to James McManus who falls from the top rope. Out of nowhere The Scorpion connects with a viscous clothesline to James Eagle, before hitting a knee drop on his arm.

MW: The Scorpion is trying to show that he is no push over in this match.

RJ: With only one real convincing victory under his belt, albeit a brilliant one against Hero, he has something to prove tonight at Mayhem.

The Scorpion raises his arms and most of the crowd boo, although his small group of fans give a big cheer. As The Scorpion walks over to James Eagle, Frank Horrigan grabs his leg from outside of the ring and drags him out of the ring. Horrigan slams him into the fan barrier and lays into him with punches, Horrigan grabs hold of The Scorpion’s arm before whipping him violently into the ring post. Meanwhile in the ring, James Eagle starts getting back to his feet, James McManus kicks him hard in the chest before lifting him up.

RJ: James McManus looks ready to hurt James Eagle.

MW: Some good news at last!

James McManus kicks Eagle hard in the mid-section, but before he can do anything more Eagle connects with a Pele kick. McManus falls hard to the mat and Eagle jumps back to his feet, Frank Horrigan and The Scorpion are fighting outside of the ring, James Eagle looks at them before taking a run up and he sprints across the ring and uses the ropes to propel himself to the outside and crashes into the other two guys.


RJ: James Eagle just put his body on the line to take those two out of this match!

James Eagle rolls over and pushes himself back to his feet, he grabs hold of The Scorpion and rolls him into the ring, James starts climbing up to the top rope, ready to hit his Corkscrew Crossbody splash. He is about to dive off from the top rope when James McManus jumps up to the rope and connects with a snap superplex from the top rope. McManus lays one arm over Eagle.

1..................2.........kick out!

RJ: James Eagle is not going to lose that easily, but I think without McManus’ interruption there, Eagle could have won it!

MW: Nonsense.

James McManus gets back to his feet quickly and then The Scorpion kicks him in the mid-section.


MW: The Scorpion has won?!


RJ: No he hasn’t! Frank Horrigan violently disrupting the pin!

MW: Good on you Franky!

James McManus stands up and he starts shouting at Frank Horrigan, he starts punching him but the big man just stares him down before headbutting him hard and grabbing hold of him.


MW: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Frank Horrigan goes for the pin.

1...................2.................3broken up!

RJ: James Eagle just saved this match!

MW: Damn it!

James Eagle comes running across at Frank Horrigan and connects with a good kick to his chest of Frank Horrigan, Eagle turns around and The Scorpion comes running at him, but is met with a superkick!

RJ: The crowd is going crazy for James Eagle, with good reason as well, he is doing superb!

MW: Come on Horrigan! Yes, you’re back up to your feet!


James Eagle is about to pin Frank Horrigan when The Scorpion charges across the ring and just pushes James Eagle away. The Scorpion goes for the pin.



A: The winner of this match is....THE SCORRRRPIOOONNN!!

The majority of the crowd boo, apart from the small section of the crowd who cheer.

RJ: I can’t believe it, The Scorpion has pulled off another upset, but only just!

MW: James Eagle is distraught, he had the match won!
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*Dexter Morgan is walking backstage when he bumps into Jerome Dubois.*

JD: Ahhh Dexter.

DM: Frenchie.

JD: I can zee dat you are keeping moi title warm, merci.

DM: Oh, I can assure you, I'm keeping this title for good Dubois!

JD: You are miztaken Monsiour Morgan, I am going to regain dat title tonight, and den you will be nudding but a small dent in my brilliant career!

DM: We'll see about that Dubs! We'll see about that when I face you out there!
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RJ: And now we feature a huge title rematch from Pain!

MW: Dexter Morgan cashed in his Fresher's ball contract on an already worn down Jerome Dubois at 6WF's most recent pay per view.

RJ: That's right and after a challenging battle, Morgan proved his doubters wrong in lifting the Freeweight title. But tonight, the French crusader, Dubois, wants back what he sees to be rightfully his.

MW: Tonight, young Morgan has a great opportunity to really prove himself as a formidable competitor.

Three chimes of a bell play, before breaking into 'C'est Le Bien Qui Fait Mal'. Fountain-like pryros go off at either side of the stage in the blue, white and red colours of the French flag and the crowd go wild. They jump to their feet, as Jerome Dubois strides out wearing a T-shirt sporting the tri-colore flag of his home nation. Dubois runs to each side of the stage and pumps his fists in the air. He begins to make his way his down the ramp towards the ring, slapping the hands of some fans along the way. The crowd chant his name while he enters the ring and takes off his t-shirt, before rolling it up and throwing it into the mosh pit below from the top turnbuckle. Dubois jumps back down into the ring, while a lucky member of the crowd can be seem holding the frenchman's T-shirt aloft. He stands in the centre of the ring and looks back up the ramp, while making a title belt gesture around is waist, as 'Le Marseillaise' fades out.

RJ: Dubois wants this badly. He clearly wont tolerate this supposed robbery of his title.

MW: And now for the champ!

‘Dexter’ by Rolfe Kent begins to play, as the crowd go wild for the reigning freeweight champion. Dexter Morgan steps out onto the stage and raises the title in the air, sparking a massive reaction from his fans. He runs down the ramp slapping all the outstretched hands, before climbing the steel steps and entering the ring. He stops face to face in front of his challenger, before walking straight past him and stepping up to the middle rope in the corner. The noise in the arena increases once more, as he holds his championship belt up for the whole arena to see.

The referee talks the two men through a few formalities of the title match, before showing the belt to the crowd and handing it down to ringside.

Dexter offers out his hand to the challenger, who seems reluctant at first. After a ten second stare down, Dubois takes Morgan's hand and pulls him in. He locks the champion into a headlock, as the referee points for the bell to be rung.

MW: Jerome Dubois doesn't trust anyone. He won't want any nonsense from Dexter before they even start.

RJ: That's the sign of a truly experienced wrestler.


Dubois immediately pushes Morgan away hoping to lock up again. Instead, Dexter runs the ropes and charges at the frenchman, who hurdles the freeweight champ. Dubois counters the second charge from the ropes with a picture perfect hip toss.

RJ: Textbook move from Dubois!

Dex immediately jumps back to his feet, but facing the wrong way, Dubois goes for a cheap roll up.

2..... OUT!

MW: He hasn't done anywhere near enough work on the opponent to warrant a pinfall just yet.

Morgan rolls through onto his knees, as Dubois get straight back up to his feet. Dubs taunts Morgan, telling him to get back up, but the champion only does the same to his opponent.

MW: Stale mate! This just gets better and better.

RJ: Oh, so you're enjoying it then, are you?

MW: Of course not! Ever heard of sarcasm?

Dubois walks slowly towards Dexter and grabs him by the head double-handedly. He tries to wrap his arm around the less experienced opponent, but is met with a violent headbut to the sternum leaving him winded, caught of guard. Dexter takes advantage; driving his challenger back into the far turnbuckle, before hitting a stiff knee to the stomach.

RJ: Dubois looks to be in serious pain at the moment. I think we ought to get a medic in there!

Dubois drops to the ground, clinching his midriff. Dexter shows no remorse and instead lifts the Frenchman back to his feet.

MW: Fisherman's Suplex!

Dexter Morgan bridges the suplex into a pin.


RJ: Dubois won't give in that easily... no matter how much pain he is in.

Morgan throws in a series of stomps to the grounded veteran. He looks to the crowd with a crazed look in his eyes, before taking a seated position on the top turnbuckle. The crowd go wild, anticipating a high flying move. Dexter moves up further and stands right on the top while making a throat cut gesture. He takes off.

RJ: The Dark Passanger!

MW: Oh my god. What a brutal counter from Frenchy!

RJ: I think he may have just busted Dexter wide open!

Dubois rolls out of the way and hits a huge boot to the face of Morgan, sending him flying onto his back.

MW: This is why Frenchmen shouldn't be allowed in 6WF!

RJ: What about French women?

MW: That too.

Dubois scampers over to the motionless body of the freeweight champion. He pulls Dexter's hair forcing him to his feet and hits a dodgy DDT, flooring him once again.

Dubois begins a slow clap, as the crowd join in too. He waits for the champion to get back to his feet and plays with him for a second before lifting him in the air.

MW: Au revoir amigos!

RJ: Dude that's not French.

MW: Whatever. Nobody really cares.

Dubois dives down onto Morgan after hitting his finisher.

RJ: This is it. Dubois regains his title!

MW: Wait for it.


The crowd count along with the ref and cheer as Dubois makes it to three.

RJ: See what I mean? Nobody kicks out of that in time!

MW: Apart from Dexter Morgan you mean?

RJ: What are you on about? Dubois just won back his freewight title with the 1...2...3!

The referee picks up a microphone from ringside, while Dubois celebrates a huge victory.

REF: Its not over. Dexter Morgan lifted his shoulder!

MW: What?! This things still going on!

Dubois hops down from the top rope clearly fuming to have to continue the match. He grabs hold of his own mask and almost pulls it off with pure anger.

He walks over to the corner and kicks the turnbuckle, as Dexter remains laid out on the canvas. Dubois returns to his opponent and decides to continue with a brutal beatdown, but Morgan slaps the Frenchman clean in the face. He quickly jumps to his feet as the crowd go mad with joy and excitement. He lifts multi-time champion onto his shoulders and...

RJ: M99!

MW: What a counter!

RJ: Dubois hits the Culture shock! No! Countered again.

Dubois ducks a clothesline attempt and runs the ropes before charging the 2011 Fresher's ball champion.

MW: French connection! What a spear!

RJ: Dubois is going up top!

Dexter rolls out of the way, just as Dubois is about to leave the turnbuckle for a 360 leg drop. He clambers over to the rope and jolts it down, pushing Dubois off balance. Morgan runs at the Frenchman and ascends the ropes. Both men battle on the top rope with punches, before the champion hits a huge high-flying dropkick and rolls back to his feet in the centre of the ring. Dubois slips off the top and ends up painfully straddling the turnbuckle, as Dexter returns to the corner.

MW: The crowd are deafening me! Please tell them to calm down.

Dexter Morgan hits a superplex and hooks his legs around the ropes.

RJ: Huge belly-to-belly suplex off the too rope from Morgan.

MW: Dubois has landed on the back of his head! Ouch!!!

RJ: Morgan needs to take advantage, but at the moment he's just hanging upside down.

Morgan hauls himself back up to his feet and turns around to face the grounded opponent.

MW: Wow!

RJ: He takes off... and connects!

MW: Great athleticism!


MW: Is it?


MW: It is!

RJ: The crowd are ecstatic and rightly so.

MW: Morgan retains with the Dark Passenger.

RJ: At the end of an epic battle, the younger man wins and I think he is definitely deserving of it, showing an awful lot of resilience.

MW: He has been really impressive tonight and really could be the future in 6WF! I didn't know he had it in him!

After being handed the belt by the ref, Dexter Morgan climbs up to the top rope and celebrates with his fans.

RJ: What a match! And I'm sure that's not the only one we'll see tonight!

MW: Don't go away folks! We have lots more action in store!
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The camera pans to an expensive looking hotel lobby, across a table which has an extravagant looking cocktail and a closed Playboy magazine upon it. Then the camera pans up from the table to The Last of the Famous International Playboys, Diablo lounged upon a chaize-long in his legends club gown. The fans pop.

Diablo : Jeez. I can't believe 6WF stands on the verge of crowning an Undisputed World Champion tonight at Mayhem! Tonight, the greatest accolade in sports entertainment will be thrust upon either Lex Hart, Perfect Jack or Hero! Wow. Simply Wow!

Diablo shakes his head in disbelief and takes a long draw of his cocktail through a straw.

Diablo : You know, I was there at Born in Fire One, *cough* main event *cough*, and I've either been there, or watched every 6WF show ever since that day - I'VE SEEN THEM ALL - and I tell you right now, in all those years I haven't seen any more deserving competitors for this accolade than these three men. Two men I wish I had the opportunity and the pleasure to fight more than any other, and the man I ALWAYS had the most pleasure fighting. The two men who put on the show of the year, hell - the show of the past two, maybe three years at Born in Fire Four. And the man who pretty much put on this whole show we call 6WF!
The three best technical wrestlers this company has ever seen!

Lex Hart. Perfect Jack. Hero.

Diablo sits up and leans forward to look into the camera. He picks up his cocktail and swirls it around in the glass.

Diablo : A lot of these new guys won't know... a lot of the new 6WF fans won't know - but I brought the TAW World Heavyweight Title to 6WF. I promised TAW when we took them over, that I wouldn't destroy its legacy and consign their title to the garbage bin. It was worth more than that. So when I saw Hero win the Undisputed Title back in 2008, I saw that legacy disappearing, I saw that title prematurely amalgamating with the 6WF title, and I had to make a quick decision... to send Nemesis out to stop that.

I sent Nemesis out to screw Hero and liberate the TAW Title once more!

Diablo looks around, deep in thought for a moment. He looks regretful and proud interchangeably. He shrugs and takes a drink of his cocktail.

Diablo : So I have a vested interest in this match. It IS now the right time for that amalgamation of titles to take place - and Nemesis, nor I, nor anyone else can stand in the way of that this time around.

The Undisputed World Heavyweight Title. Four years and two companies worth of history. Hundreds of wrestlers and thousands of matches of history. TAW and 6WF's HISTORY!

Diablo seems to be welling up with the emotion but he laughs it off

Diablo : This really is the greatest match of all time. And with the greatest prize - History, Honour and True Legendary Status!

Diablo looks beyond the camera, as if listening to someone directing him.

Diablo : Who do I want to win?

When you consider the history that is on the line. When you consider all of the fatal moments that have collided and conspired to create this moment Four years. Two companies. Hundreds of wrestlers. Thousands of matches.... You will probably find one constant present throughout...

Diablo holds his finger up as he says "one"

Diablo: ... a man that has given more to 6WF than anyone else - Hero!

The fans can be heard booing over the VT as Diablo raises his eyebrows as if surprised. He takes another suck of his straw. Then he leans further forward towards the camera, a serious look in his eyes.

Diablo : But if I was there in that arena tonight, I'd screw him all over again!

The fans can be heard cheering

Diablo : Because the Church of Hero is a most deadly poison. And Hero may have given more to 6WF than anyone else, but if he takes this unprecendented power tonight... then he will proceed to take more than even he has given!

And tonight at Mayhem I would not be worried about TAW's legacy that I promised to protect...

... But 6WF's too!

Diablo stares into the camera solemnly for a few seconds. Then he laughs, as he beckons two beautiful, young chinese girls over to sit with him and puts his arms around them.

Cassius : Luckily I'm not there. So I can just sit back and enjoy the biggest, most spectacular, most grandiose match ever made, a match that every single person who has ever fought a match or contributed a promo in a 6WF ring has played a part in making! I'm going to sit back and enjoy that, and you all should too! I am so proud to be part of the company that is able to deliver a match as awe inspiring as this. Please enjoy tonight, as much as I am going to.

He looks the girls up and down and offers each one a sup on his cocktail as they stroke his shoulders.

Diablo : Who do you want to win?

The two Chinese girls both look at him, as if with limited understanding.

Girl 1 : Cassius Zhi?

The second girl claps and Diablo shakes his head.

Diablo : You two need to learn so much about wrestling if you're going to hang with me. Come on... This afternoon's lesson is Tag Team!

Diablo gives the camera a Foley-style goofy thumbs up then he takes them both by the hand and pulls them up, walking them away towards the hotel rooms with his arms around their waists. On the back of his gown in reads;

"Sunday 5th June 2011 - the real legend is born"

Diablo playfully pokes one of the giggling girls on the nose.

Diablo : And that minibar won't drink itself either.
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*Max Adamson is stood backstage with Clarissa, the crowd can be heard cheering as Max is smiling.*

C: Well Max, you asked me to organise this interview with you before your big match tonight, so why's that?

MA: Well Clarissa, I have been doing a lot of thinking recently and something that has been repeated quite a lot by different people really hit home. "Always the challenger, never the champion." And it's true Clarissa, so many times I have fought for a world title, but never have I took home the gold.

C: You just have to keep on trying Max.

MA: Oh I am going to, I know tonight that won't change. I can't win a world title tonight, but I could become a challenger again. Now Clarissa, if the unthinkable happens and I DO lose to Chaos, then I am not even good enough to be a challenger anymore.

C: So what are you saying Max?

MA: What I'm saying Clarissa, is that if I do lose to Chaos, and am not even a challenger, it means my career is going the wrong way, that people are overtaking me. I'll have to go away and reassess.

C: Are you saying, what I think you're saying?

MA: Mhmmm. If I get beaten by Chaos tonight, then I'm going to be leaving 6WF. I'm putting my career on the line tonight.

???: Excellent!

*Chaos walks into shot with The Fanatic and the crowd boo.*

Ch: Not only do I get to become the No.1 contender tonight, but I also get to end your pathetic excuse of a career. Oooo the parasites out there would hate that!

*Max looks fuming.*

Ch: Can't stay long though Max, I've got a career ending match in a couple of minutes. See you out there, Australian Chump.
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Match 5
Max Adamson vs. Chaos

RJ: I can’t put into words what a huge show we have had so far tonight, we’ve had some shocks and we’re certainly far from finished. Up now we have one of the biggest and most important matches of the night; Max Adamson and Chaos are both desperate to get their hands on a world title.

MW: They have been told that they have one more thing to do before they get that chance though. Beat the other. One of these men will be walking away the new No.1 contender for what will be the Undisputed World Championship after this match.

RJ: Max Adamson has been in this position before, but he has vowed that this will be the last time he is just a challenger, it’s time for him to be a champion. Earlier tonight, he promised that if he didn’t beat Chaos tonight, he would leave 6WF!

MW: Even more reason for us to hope that Chaos wins tonight, we’ll finally see the back of that fool; Adamson! And Chaos will rise up 6WF ranks!

‘Terra Firma’ blasts out of the speakers and the crowd pop, pyrotechnics go off on the stage as smoke fills the entrance way. Three huge explosions go off at once and Max Adamson steps through the smoke, he quickly removes his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd. Max jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans as he passes them. Max climbs up the steps and onto the aprons, he raises his arms in the air and pyros go off from the corners next to him, Max steps through the ropes into the ring and the crowd are chanting his name.

RJ: Max Adamson has been very successful in 6WF, a former European and Tag Team Champion he has had his fair share of gold, but despite being close to it before, he has never managed to capture a big one; a world title.

MW: There is a perfectly good reason for that; he isn’t good enough! Max Adamson needs a reality check that he is only getting further away from world championship gold, Chaos will give him that reality check tonight.

“IT’S AN OMEN!” screams out of the speakers and the cheers quickly change to boos, ‘Granite’ kicks in and green smoke billows onto the stage. Chaos steps out into the smoke, with his head bowed before he lifts his head, with his usual grin and pyrotechnics go off all around him. Chaos quickly runs down the ramp, ignoring the jeering fans before he jumps up onto the apron, he climbs up to the top rope, and does a 360 degree flip into the ring, landing on his feet right in front of Max. Chaos cockily slaps the side of Max’s face before he beats his chest.

RJ: Chaos is a former European Champion in his own right, and was completely distraught when he lost his title to The Saint, however should he earn himself a world title shot, he will forget all about his past glories.

MW: The greatest...GREATEST Cruiserweight in the world is going to show exactly why he is better than Max Adamson tonight. He is on a one way road to the main event.


The two men circle each other in the ring, their eyes locked. Max makes the first move, going to grab Chaos, but he slips out of his reach and rolls behind him, Chaos connects with a hard kick to the back of Max’s knees sending him down to his knees. Chaos runs and bounces off of the ropes before kneeing Max hard in the back. Before Max can get back to his feet, Chaos stomps on his chest before walking over to the ring ropes, Chaos steps through them onto the apron and springboards off of them.

MW: Springboard leg-drop!

RJ: Max dodges it!

Chaos smashes into the mat after going for the high-flying move, Max Adamson rolls over and pushes himself back to his feet. Chaos also starts getting up, but Max runs at him and connects with a hard clothesline, flipping Chaos over. Max quickly grabs Chaos, and twists his arm and digs his knee into his back. Chaos cries out in pain as Max puts pressure into his submission hold. Chaos reaches out for the ropes and grabs hold of them so Max releases the move.

RJ: Max nearly had Chaos in a perilous position there

MW: Nearly isn’t good enough RJ.

Max lets go of Chaos’ arm and stands back up, Chaos rolls away from Max before jumping to his feet, Max runs at Chaos, but Chaos jumps up and connects with a hard kick to the side of Max’s head and the former Tag Team Champion falls down between the ropes. Chaos looks at Max’s position and then kicks him hard in the chest, Chaos runs back and then jumps up and stomps on Max’s back. Max falls out of the ropes and rolls around holding his back. Chaos drops down for the pin.

1...................2....................kick out!

RJ: Chaos is really coming at Max, the Australian Phenom is struggling to cope with the sheer pace of Chaos.

MW: I’m not surprised to be honest. Adamson is the bigger guy in this contest, and with the agility and speed of Chaos, he will struggle to even touch him.

The crowd boo as Chaos stands up and taunts the crowd, Chaos turns around and grabs hold of Max, lifting him back to his feet. Chaos punches Max, and again, and again, he goes for a third punch in a row but the crowd cheer as Max grabs hold of Chaos’ fist on the third attempt. Max connects with a hard punch of his own to Chaos which sends him stumbling backwards, Adamson charges at Chaos and connects with a hard knee to his mid-section, Chaos flips over his leg and lands hard on his back. Max lifts Chaos up, and whips him into the corner.

RJ: Some nice offence from Max there.


RJ: You’re supposed to be neutral Michael.

MW: Whatever.

Max runs at Chaos, but the cruiserweight quickly jumps up to the top rope and Max connects chest-first into the corner. Chaos dives off and connects with an amazing hurricanrana, as Max is flung across the ring Chaos jumps to his feet. Chaos climbs to the top rope, and beats his chest.



As Chaos flies through the air, Max jumped up and connected with his huge spear, taking Chaos completely out.



The crowd boo furiously as Chaos just manages to kick out of the pin attempt, Max is slumped, leaning on Chaos’ body as he can’t believe what happened. Max punches the mat angrily, before getting back to his feet, he urges the fans on and they start cheering for Max, Adamson grabs hold of Chaos and lifts him over his shoulders. Max stands in the centre of the ring; ready to hit the Cyclone.

RJ: Chaos has slid down his back!


Both Max and Chaos lay out cold on the mat after Chaos manages to connect with the flying kick, the referee looks at both of them and starts counting.








The Fanatic runs down the ramp to the ring, the referee stops counting and starts shouting at The Fanatic to go back up the ramp, The Fanatic climbs up the apron and the referee is getting in his face, meanwhile in the ring, Chaos has rolled out of it and is messing around under it, Max is groggily getting back to his feet. The referee is screaming at The Fanatic...




Chaos has smashed a steel chair over Max’s head, busting him open, Chaos quickly throws the chair out of the ring as The Fanatic makes his way backstage up the ramp and the referee turns around to see Chaos pinning Max.









Max just managed to get his foot on the rope in time and the crowd go absolutely crazy, Chaos does the same. He grabs the referee by his collar and starts screaming in his face, claiming that Max never got his foot on the rope in time. Chaos is furious and he starts kicking Max furiously in the ribs before the referee pulls him away. As Chaos is being talked to by the referee, Max crawls over to the ropes, he grabs hold of the ropes and pulls himself up, Max wipes the blood away from his face and Chaos runs at him, Max ducks down and pulls the rope down and Chaos goes flying over them and crashes into the fan barrier.

RJ: Max Adamson is far from finished in 6WF, he is determined to win this match.

MW: The match is getting out of control though, Chaos is now outside of the ring.

The referee starts counting Chaos out when Max steps out of the ring restarting the count, Max grabs hold of Chaos and slams his head into the fan barrier before whipping him into the announcer’s table. Max rolls Chaos on top of the table and then slides back into the ring, climbing up to the top rope, the crowd are going mental as Max dives off with the flying elbow.


RJ: OW-WOAH-*scuffle*

MW: GET....MY....WAY *scuffle*

Max smashes through the announce table with Chaos as RJ and Michael Wire quickly get out of the way. The referee is counting both men out, and Max groggily manages to get back up, he grabs Chaos and rolls him into the ring. Max climbs up onto the apron, and then steps into the ring, he crouches in the corner as he urges Chaos to get back to his feet. Chaos really groggily, slowly steps back to his feet.

RJ: We’re back guys on the spare announcer’s table and- GORE! GORE! GORE!





Chaos just lays down on the mat, breathing heavily as Max is lying next to him, crimson mask and all. The referee starts counting them both down again, but Chaos rolls over and manages to push himself up to his knees, and then using the ropes gets to his feet. Chaos slowly starts dragging himself up to the top rope. Chaos is on the top rope and the crowd are booing him like crazy.

RJ: Chaos is going to fly...



1........................2....................kick out!

Max rolls out of the way just in time, dodging the finisher, he rolls Chaos over and goes for the pin but Chaos kicks out. Max and Chaos both slowly get back to their feet, they stand in the centre of the ring, they exchange punches in the middle of the ring, but both men are clearly exhausted, Max hits a big punch and Chaos stumbles backwards, before kicking Max in the mid-section causing him to bend over, Chaos quickly takes advantage of this and connects with a one-handed bulldog. Chaos grabs Max’s legs and puts him in a G-Force.

RJ: There’s Chaos’ Sharpshooter, and Max could be in big trouble.

MW: Wouldn’t that be brilliant! Max leaves the company after being forced to tap by the greatest, GREATEST Cruiserweight in the world.

Max is screaming out in pain as he tries in vain to reach the ropes, the crowd are chanting for Max, but the Australian Phenom seems to be losing consciousness. He shakes his head and actually physically drags himself closer to the ropes, Chaos is biting down on his lip as puts more pressure into the submission hold. The crowd cannot believe it as Max just refuses to give up, Chaos is screaming at him to tap, and Max just keeps on trying to grab the ropes.


RJ: The crowd are trying to give Max some energy to come back into this match, but he really looks on the edge of consciousness.

MW: This is excellent! LET’S GO CHAOS!

Max’s arms flop down to the mat, and his head slams down too. The referee walks over to Max and grabs his arm, and lifts in the air.

Ref: ONE!

He lifts it in the air again, and it drops.

Ref: TWO!

The referee lifts it up again, and he drops it.

RJ: It’s over...

Max’s arm stays in the air, his fist clenched and the crowd cheer like crazy. Max punches the mat and then dives across the ring, dragging Chaos with him, and grabs hold of the ropes. The referee pulls Chaos off of Max, and the former tag Team champion uses the ropes to get to his feet, he turns around to Chaos and starts punching him, again and again. He grabs hold of Chaos’ arm and whips him into the ropes when he comes running back Max connects with a thunderous spinesbuster!


MW: This can’t be happening. Chaos was so close to defeating Max!

Max roars and flexes his muscles to the crowd, he turns around and grabs hold of Chaos lifting him onto his shoulders.

RJ: Take cover guys, cover your heads, because it’s CYCLONE time!

Max goes for the big F5....

MW: Bang! Chaos connects with a codebreaker!

As Max swings Chaos through the air, the former European Champion connects with a hard codebreaker, and Max’s face seems to start bleeding more. The crowd are booing furiously as Chaos rolls Max Adamson over.

1...........................2.......................3kick out!


RJ: Max just refuses to lose this match! Chaos is trying everything to beat him, but Max just will not die!

MW: Damn it!

Chaos gets back to his feet, and he starts to climb up to the top rope, the crowd are booing him like crazy as Chaos gets to the top. He beats his chest before he sees Max moving, Max starts using the ropes to get himself up and Chaos dives across the ring.


MW: That has GOT to be the end!

1..............................2.......................3kick out!


RJ: What can Chaos do to beat Max I just don’t know?

Chaos starts punching the mat as he waits for Max to get back to his feet, Chaos is urging him to get back up, and Max groggily pushes himself back to his feet as he stumbles forward Chaos kicks him in the mid-section and looks ready to hit him with a G-Force, Max pushes him away and when Chaos comes running back.

RJ: Big boot by Max!

MW: He should be unconscious, out of this, but Max is fighting still. I just don’t understand.

RJ: Max is fighting for this world title shot, for his 6WF contract and for himself and all his fans!

Max Adamson pushes himself slowly to his feet, the crowd are cheering him as he uses the ropes to walk across the ring, he wipes his face again, the crimson mask obscuring his vision, Max starts to climb up to the top rope. He raises both arms in the air before putting his back to the ring.

MW: I think Max might be going for a moonsault...but that is 6 foot 5, 296 pounds of a moonsault, surely not?



Chaos just about manages to roll out of the way in time, sliding out of the ring at the same time. Max lands hard on the mat and Chaos is out of breath on the outside of the ring and the referee starts counting him out. Chaos starts to climb up to the top rope and when he gets there he points at Max and makes a cut-throat gesture, he dives off with a flying headbutt.


MW: Chaos is busted open! MY GOD!

Chaos flies through the air and Max drills his head into the mat with a furious DDT as the crowd go mental, Chaos’ is busted open as well now. Max rolls Chaos slowly over and puts one arm over his chest.


RJ: Has Max done it?


MW: No way!





RJ: Chaos managed to kick out of that move, somehow!

Max rolls over onto his back and just holds his head in his hands as he realises the match is still going. Max starts pushing himself up, and then he crouches in the corner, he urges Chaos to get to his feet, he’s shouting at him to get up, and the crowd are chanting.


Chaos slowly gets to his feet and he turns around...



Chaos manages to hit his finisher out of nowhere, reversing Max’s huge spear, Chaos doesn’t stop though, he grabs hold of the ropes and drags himself up to the top rope.





RJ: It’s all over. Max Adamson is gone from 6WF and Chaos is the new No.1 contender.

‘Granite’ blasts out of the speakers as the crowd boo, the camera shows members of the crowd crying as Max is left pretty much unconscious in the ring. The Fanatic runs down to the ring and helps Chaos up, and they walk down the ramp, as Chaos laughs at the booing and crying crowd. Max is laid out cold in the ring, as medics rush down to the ring to help him. With the medics two old faces also run down to the ring.

RJ: That’s Xanthi Rose and Marlon, two of Max’s old friends here in 6WF.

The medics do some emergency stitches, and the crowd are all cheering for Max.


MW: I am going to be honest, before this match I wanted to see the back of Max, but after those amazing scenes in this ring, I am not sure it’s for the best of 6WF. That was one of the best matches 6WF has seen, both these men gave it their all.

RJ: Max Adamson fought valiantly for his career, but in the end Chaos was too good for him. What a statement from Chaos, the way he overcame Max in this match.

Marlon and Xanthi are helping Max, who is still only semi-conscious as they walk up the ramp. They help him backstage and the PPV goes backstage.

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*As Max is being stretchered away backstage, a figure in a hoodie steps up to him, Xanthi and Marlon look defensive before they see who it is and they just smile. The figure touches Max's face.*

???: I won't let this go unanswered for.

*We go back to ringside.*

RJ: Was that....? Surely not.

MW: I hope not.
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*Mayhem returns from a commercial, The Soldiers of Fortune are stood alongside Clarissa and the crowd pop loudly.

Clarissa: Guys, this is the third time you’ve attempted to win the tag team titles, are you confident now is the time for you win them?

Castiguer: We sure hope so Clarissa, each and every time we have gotten a little bit closer but the facts do not lie and we are not the tag team champions. We hate to let our fans down, they have supported us from the very beginning and it feels like we owe them big time. There aren't many bigger and better teams than the two we are facing but on our day we know we can defeat them, in fact I would go as far as to say we will defeat them.

Anneire: I share my partner's enthusiasm and I echo his sentiments. We have fallen at this hurdle twice before, we have taken our eyes off the ball and it has cost us big. But we have gone away, we have hit the gym and we have learned more and more techniques. The Association can run their mouths and they can bring in James Hamilton to teach them a trick or two but it will never make them as talented as us. Many people don’t know this, but we’ve faced Hamilton before. There is no denying he is an expert in tag team wrestling, and if he was tagging with Hill we perhaps wouldn’t be as confident as they, like us and any of the other great tag teams, have a brilliant chemistry. But Hill and La Pulga don’t, they are just two ego’s. That is why they will never be a success in this division.

Clarissa: And what about the Church?

Castiguer: What about the Church Clarissa? We know exactly what to expect from them, underhand tactics and double teams, all we have to do is make sure that we have each other’s back 100% of the time. That is what you need when facing the Church, they have the advantage of a numbers game but we have 100% trust in each other, that is what will bring us through this match to our first tag team titles.

Anneire: Them and The Association, have shown us no respect, they ooze arrogance and shallowness to the point of no return. They have made this more personal then it ever had to be but if that is the way they want to play then I fully hope that they are ready to play properly.

We can play their games better than they know and this sunday at Mayhem, perhaps all our fans and our opponents will see a side of the Soldiers of Fortune that they were not expecting.It is time for us to send a message, time for us to make a statement and time for us to get even.

Clarissa: Thank you for your time...

*The camera switches to the COH pairing sat in their locker-room watching the interview, Murdoch is handed a microphone.

Marshall: Well they can’t half whinge! Woe is me, they show us no respect. Blah, Blah, Blah! We don’t need to show people respect, they need to earn it. We have earned respect because we are the best at what we do. Maybe you will earn the same respect if you beat us.

Clarke: But you won’t beat us. You can’t beat us, you’ve not got the mental strength. You can wrestle, we will hand you that but when you get in that ring with us, we have a psychological advantage that you cannot breach. You don’t have the right mindset, which is why we will walk out champions. See you out there chumps!

*Mayhem returns to ringside.
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Match 6
6WF Tag Team Championships
Church of Hero(Marshall Murdoch/Clarke James) vs The Association(LPL/Mike Hill) vs The Soldiers of Fortune

RJ: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to 6WF Mayhem, what a show we’ve had so far tonight and it only promises to get better with three more matches yet to come including our Main Event, where 6WF will crown it’s undisputed champion!

MW: But up first is our 3rd title match of the evening, where the Church of Hero will be defending their tag team titles in triple threat action against the Soldiers of Fortune and The Association.

RJ: Throughout their tenure as tag team champions, The SOF have been neck and neck with them throughout and most recently The Association have also re-entered the tag division, marking one of the hottest periods of tag team wrestling in 6WF.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman...The following match is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM TITLES!

*Crowd pop

RA: Introducing the FIRST CHALLENGERS, at a combined weight of 480lbs they are the team of CASTIGUER and ANGELO ANNEIRE...The SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE!

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans.

MW: The Soldiers of Fortune have repeatedly lost out to the Church of Hero since joining the 6WF, it seems somewhat like the Church have the wood over these two.

RJ: But they have run them close each time...

MW: Yes but is that good enough RJ? I’m not sure they have the mental toughness to deal with these repeated shortcomings when involved in the big match scenario. I think they are destined to be perennial nearly men in 6WF.

RA: Introducing the SECOND CHALLENGERS, At a combined weight of 417lbs...the team of MIKE HILL AND LA PULGA LOCO...THE ASSOCIATIOONNNN!

The lights raise and “Papi Chulo” hits to loud boos from the crowd. La Pulga Loco somersaults onto the ramp through an array of pyro’s. He stomps down the ramp with a big smirk on his face before sliding into the ring.

“Next Big Thing’ is blasted out and the crowd boo as Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage, he raises an arm in the air and the crowd boo as Mike cockily walks down the ramp, he taunts some fans on the way down before jumping up onto the apron and flipping over the ropes, He goes to the top rope he raises both arms in the air as the crowd boo and he flips down, landing on his feet.

RJ: No James Hamilton out here tonight, as we found out earlier he has been banned from ringside following constant interference in The Association’s matches throughout this month.

MW: There’s no denying the effect he has had on The Association though, they have become more consistent this month and Mike Hill in particular seems to have become a lot more focused and relaxed in the ring.

RJ: That’s because he knows that if things start going wrong, Hamilton will be there to cheat for him and get the victory.


‘Papercut’ is blasted out and Marshall Murdoch steps out, he kisses his necklace which is just a ‘H’, before taking it off and holding it tight in his hand. He strides up the ramp ignoring the booing crowd, and he slides into the ring. He grabs the ropes and starts pulling on them all, making sure the ring is in good shape before he points up and then does the sign of the ‘H’.

“Spotlight” blares out and the crowd’s boo continue as a hooded Clarke James strides out onto the stage, he takes off the head and the crowd boo louder. He then walks down the ramp almost transfixed before stepping in to reveal his own necklace with “H” on it, He also kisses it before he and Murdoch sink to their knees and pray with their necklaces. They pass their titles to the outsides.

MW: Get on your feet and applaud the disciples RJ! Applaud these wonderful servants to the Church of Hero religion! Applaud our champions!

RJ: But will they be champions for much longer? This is a tough test for them tonight.

MW: But they’ve already passed it once, it can only get easier. Like I said, they have not only a physical advantage in that they are very capable wrestlers, but they have the psychological advantage, particularly over Anneire and Castiguer.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Marshall Murdoch starts off in the middle of the ring, waiting for any of his team’s 4 opponents to step forward and lock up with him. Eventually, Mike Hill decides The Association will start off against The Church by motioning La Pulga forward. La Pulga looks at Hill momentarily before wearily moving towards Murdoch. The pair lock up and Murdoch forces LPL back against the ropes, La Pulga places his body in between the 2nd and 3rd ropes and Murdoch is forced to retreat.

LPL steps forward away from the ropes, Murdoch goes for a boot to the stomach but La Pulga grabs the boot. He spins Murdoch 360 before lifting a knee into the stomach, La Pulga then runs off the ropes attempting a sunset flip pin but Murdoch blocks, then showing his strength by driving to his feet and hitting an alamba slam on The Mexican superstar.

Murdoch has La Pulga into a seated hammerlock, applying a knee to the back for extra force. La Pulga slowly manages to fight his way up to a vertical base and spins to escape the hammerlock, he then attempts a Northern Lights suplex but the tag team champion Murdoch blocks this, he follows with a hard knee into the stomach and follows it up with a DDT. Murdoch then drags La Pulga Loco towards the corner where the tag is made to his partner Clarke James.

James heads up to the top rope and Murdoch boots away on La Pulga repeatedly until the ref forces him to leave the ring, which is when James joins the action by hitting a senton from the top rope. We have the first pinfall attempt of the match as Clarke James covers.

Ref: 1...............2.Kick out!

La Pulga gets a strong kick out from the high-flying move, James moves back to the corner where he tags in Murdoch. James lifts up La Pulga from the canvas and hits him with an atomic drop, Murdoch following this up with a hard roundhouse kick to the side of the head. La Pulga falls to the floor as James leaves the ring.

Murdoch places La Pulga into a seated rear chinlock, grounding the high-flier. Marshall then changes position into a side headlock, enabling him to fire in a couple of hard punches to the face. Eventually, Marshall rises to a vertical base with La Pulga still in the side headlock, he bounces back off the ropes hitting a bulldog. He covers again.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

It takes longer for La Pulga’s shoulder to rise up off the canvas on this occasion, Murdoch drags him backwards to the corner where he boots away continuously on LPL before making the tag to James and leaving the ring. Clarke takes over from where Murdoch left off with stiff boots to the face before retreating slightly, only to hit a hesitation dropkick.

La Pulga rolls away to the centre of the ring, James places La Pulga into an armbar whilst stomping away on his right shoulder.

MW: Early Church Domination, Mike Hill and the Soldiers of Fortune haven’t had a look in so far. The Church are doing a great job of isolating La Pulga from getting any sort of tag.

James slowly lifts up LPL before lifting him onto his shoulders for a Samoan Drop but the Mexican fights his way out and reverses into a wheelbarrow bulldog! He slowly rises and moves towards his corner groggily where Hill is desperate for the tag, and he gets it! Mike Hill steps into the ring with an arrogant smile etched across his face, he waits for James to rise before picking him off with a series of jabs to the face. Hill then hits a European Uppercut that sends James toppling into the ropes.

Hill Irish whips James out across the ring meeting him with a spinning heel kick. The former TAW Champion doesn’t cover immediately, instead choosing to hit the Hill Walk(Standing Shooting Star Press) down onto one half of the tag team champions, then covering.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

James powers out just before 2 ½ and Hill is quick to get on the offence, rising to his feet and stomping away at the gut of James. He then moves towards the corner where Marshall Murdoch is stood, mocking him. Murdoch tries to get in the ring but the ref intervenes, this allows La Pulga to hit a springboard leg-drop down across the throat of James before leaving the ring.

The ref turns towards Hill who looks at him with all the innocence in the world, with La Pulga stood on the apron. The crowd boo The Association, who then further incite the masses by making a mocking tag. La Pulga goes up to the top rope and Hill holds James in a suplex position, allowing La Pulga to nail a crossbody splash!

RJ: The Super-Splash!

La Pulga hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Former European Champion La Pulga Loco gets to his feet sharply, only to place Clarke James into a seated rear waistlock. Slowly, La Pulga drags James up onto his feet and sprints with him towards the corner, crashing him abdomen first into the turnbuckles. La Pulga then rolls backward with James hitting a Chaos Theory Suplex. He makes the tag to Hill, who goes to the top rope nailing the Mike Time(450 Splash).

MW: Association on fire at the moment, and we are still to see the Soldiers of Fortune at all in this match.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

James gets the shoulder up, Hill lifts him up and whips him out across the ring only for Angelo Anneire to make a blind tag into the match-up! The crowd cheer at the first sign of action from the Soldiers of Fortune, with Anneire stepping into the ring as James rolls out to recuperate. Anneire moves menacingly towards Hill, He pulls Hill into towards him and then throws him down with a gutwrench suplex. Hill stumbles up to his feet and Anneire knocks him to the floor with a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2.....Kick out!

Anneire gets to his feet, he boots away at the back of Hill placing him into a full nelson with a knee digging into the back. Hill eventually forces his way up to a vertical base but Anneire easily counters this with a Full Nelson Slam. Anneire moves back and tags in Castiguer. The more high-flying of the two goes up to the top rope, Hill rises and Castiguer flies off with a high-angled crossbody that floors Hill.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Castiguer rises to his feet sharply, He lifts up Hill before connecting with a codebreaker. Hill stumbles around and Castiguer knocks him down with a dropkick before tagging in Anneire once more. He steps and places Hill on his front, before dropping a series of knees into the back and then placing Hill into a full nelson hold. Hill manages to roll onto his back and then slowly fight his way up to a vertical base. He tries to elbow out but Anneire resists by nailing a Full Nelson slam on Hill. He covers again.

Ref: 1.............2........Kick out!

Hill manages to force his shoulder up off of the canvas at 2 ½. Anneire is quickly onto his feet and drags Hill up with him. Anneire attempts an implant DDT but Hill scurries away and then bounces off the ropes only for Marshall Murdoch to hit a stiff kick around the back of the head, Hill then falls forward straight into a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Castiguer is tagged in by Anneire, who leaves the ring. Castiguer lifts up Hill and boots him in the stomach setting up for a powerbomb but Hill counters with a hurracanrana, his momentum propelling him forward where the tag is made to the nearest man, Marshall Murdoch.

Murdoch sprints into the ring towards the grounded Castiguer, jumping up and dropping the knee into the back of the head. Murdoch then throws him to the corner, and tags in James. They both begin to stomp on him before the referee intervenes.He ushers Marshall back to the corner as James uses the distraction to choke Castiguer in the corner.

James drags Castiguer up and he headbutts him backwards and then follows up with a brilliant spinning heel kick.James rolls under the ropes onto the apron and then hits a rolling plancha across the top rope. He covers.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

RJ: Castiguer being dominated by the Church of Hero here!

James lifts up Castiguer up, he hits a Samoan Drop before tagging in Marshall Murdoch. Murdoch steps in and Castiguer crawls towards him, Murdoch lifts him up before driving him down to the canvas with a DDT! Castiguer rolls up and Murdoch bounces off the ropes crashing a vicious and sickening big boot into the side of the head.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Murdoch drags up Castiguer, he pulls him in for Faithless but Castiguer manages to elbow his way out of the hold. Murdoch stumbles back and Castiguer drags him in hitting a codebreaker before making the cover.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Castiguer slowly gets to his feet, propelled on by the crowd’s cheers. Castiguer waits for Murdoch to rise before lifting him onto his shoulders nailing a running green bay plunge! He then leaps to his feet and springboards off the ropes into a moonsault.

RJ: He builds momentum so quickly does Castiguer!

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

Castiguer is quick to tag in Anneire, who is intent on going in for the kill straight away. He lifts up Murdoch going for the Fortune Teller but Murdoch hits a back body drop to reverse. He tags in James who goes to the top rope, he steadies himself but Anneire is up quicker than expected. He runs to the corner and the leaps to the 2nd rope, hitting a belly to belly suplex!

MW: What a move! What a move!

Ref: 1...................2.....................La Pulga Loco breaks the pinfall!

LPL just about saves the tag team title match, Castiguer comes sprinting into the ring. La Pulga manages to side-step and Hill pulls down the top rope sending Castiguer flying out of the ring. La Pulga then runs towards Hill who steps into the ring, back-body dropping him allowing La Pulga to hit a flip senton onto one half of the Soldiers of Fortune!

RJ: That was tremendous work from The Association!

Both James and Anneire are grounded, the ground are clearly on Anneire’s side as he fights his way up to his feet. James follows and the two begin to have a booming exchange of punches mid-ring which Anneire manages to gain an advantage in, no surprise give his power. James is soon backed in the corner, where Anneire goes for a running splash.


MW: Pulled the ref in the way. Smart tactics if you ask me RJ!

RJ: Well I didn’t! It’s cheating!

The Association spot their chance with no ref, they are quickly on the scene. Mike Hill runs towards Murdoch who is lay on the edge of the ring canvas, he hits a baseball slide knocking him down to the outside much like Castiguer. Hill then focuses his attention on James whilst La Pulga tackles Anneire.

Hill is booting away on James in the corner whilst La Pulga lifts up Anneire in a front facelock, hitting a series of knees into the face. La Pulga then takes Anneire to the corner where he hits a Tornado DDT on the SOF member. La Pulga leaves Anneire in the middle of the ring and moves over to James, where he assists in Hill in a beat-down.

Crowd: Booooooooooo!

James Hamilton comes out down to ringside and start a three way beatdown on James! Hill smiles at Hamilton who says something to Hill who nods his head. Hill motions La Pulga to focus on Anneire whilst Hamilton goes to the ring apron, Hill lifts James into a powerbomb position.

RJ: What have they got lined up here?

MW: Did you not watch those training video’s? It’s the High Drop!

La Pulga walks towards the pair, ignoring his instructions. He tells Hamilton to leave the apron, Hill looks on confused as the other two start arguing. La Pulga signals he wants to be the one who hits the move, Hamilton is getting more and more angry and suddenly the crowd pop as Anneire is up, he sprints towards Hill hitting a big boot to the back of the head knocking Hill and James to the canvas.

La Pulga spins towards Anneire who shoves him into the ropes, sending Hamilton toppling to the outside followed by clotheslining La Pulga out! The ref stirs to his feet, he shoves Hill from outside of the ring dragging up James...

RJ: Fortune Teller!

MW: No!

RJ: And they’re not finished yet, Castiguer onto the top rope...FIRECRACKER! It’s over! New Champions!

MW: Come on Marshall! Come on Marshall get up!

Ref: 1........................2.................................3!

*Massive pop

Ding, Ding, Ding!


*Anneire gets to his feet following the cover, he is met by Castiguer who embraces him. The ref hands them the tag team titles and they take a moment to look down on the titles before clutching them tight.

RJ: A life-long ambition realized, what a moment! What a team!

MW: I can’t believe it RJ!

RJ: Well get used to it Michael, they’re the tag team champions!

*Commercial Break
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*Mike Hill is shown storming through the backstage area following The Association’s loss in the tag team title. He sees the office door of Danny McGraw’s ajar and bursts in, he sees La Pulga Loco and McGraw watching a replay of the tag team title match laughing as LPL took out Hamilton.

Hill: What the hell is your problem? We were about to win that match La Pulga when you did that! God damn it, what’s wrong with you?

*Hill bolts at La Pulga who gets to his feet and the two are head to head, McGraw casually gets to his feet.

McGraw: You touch him Hill, and I’ll have you fired quicker than James Hamilton! Well done La Pulga, you performed your role admirably. You sacrificed short-term gain for a long-term future.

Hill: What are you talking about?!

McGraw: You see Mike, when Hamilton came in I didn’t really want him here. That’s why I only got him a one month contract that would expire if you lost. Hamilton came in and he is trying to destroy The Association, and you were beginning to join that fight. I told La Pulga to lose that match at whatever cost just so Hamilton would be fired.

Hill: Why would you do that? Don’t you want The Association to be champions? Don’t you want to be seen as the best in the business?

McGraw: You and Hamilton were getting too big for your boots, you thought you owned the place Hill. You thought you could go around making demands as you were the star turn in The Association. But the thing is Mike, you are not. You haven’t done anything in this company for years, you are the past Hill.

Hill: Oh really McGraw. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to be a part of this anymore. I know I can get by without your “assistance” if it can really be called that.

McGraw: Well I hope you enjoy your time with Hamilton lingering in the lower reaches of this company whilst I guide La Pulga to the top of this company. Hill, you’re fired from The Association!

Hill: You can’t fire me, I just quit! Good luck La Pulga, you’re just going to be McGraw’s latest bone, he’ll chew you up and then when he’s finished, he’ll toss you aside. I would say it’s been a pleasure, but it really hasn’t.

McGraw: Get out of my office Hill, you’re the past. I’m looking to the future, and you’re looking at the future right now: La Pulga Loco!

*Hill leaves the locker-room slamming the door behind him.
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*A segment begins to play with RJ and JJ Johnson sat in a cosy looking room.The crowd in the arena give a cheer at the sight of JJ.

RJ::JJ, thankyou for taking the time out to speak to me.

JJ:No problem playa...anything for the 6WF!

RJ:So as you know,this sunday at Mayhem the main event will be contested between Perfect Jack,Lex Hart and Hero.This is possibly the biggest match in 6WF history as we will crown an undisputed champion, the first time a match like this has ever taken place.Now as a former world champion yourself,what do you think when you see a match up like this?

JJ:I think the first thought playa,whether people like it or not, is jealousy. I mean seriously homie this is the biggest opportunity that anybody has ever had in the 6WF, Hero calls himself an undisputed champion but all he managed was a cup of coffee before he dropped the strap...on sunday night they will crown,for me, the first ever legitimate undisputed champion and that is life-changing.

I dont think people truly realise what being a world champion means, from the moment you step through the doors of any wrestling company, being a world champion is the ultimate pipe dream. You start out at the bottom and you see the guys that contest these main event matches and you think to yoself "damn,maybe one day that will be me". But its not just about sitting around and biding your time, its about busting your ass and working harder than anyone else to rise to the top.

When I joined the 6WF, I was cocky and I was arrogant but I was far from the best. I looked up to the echelons of the company and those were the guys that really mattered. The Saint, Nemesis, GWC and River Ace where the guys at the top of the tree when I made my breakthrough and I knew that it was going to take something special to reach that level. You hear the crowd everytime the world champions are in the vicinity and its ovations like that really make the adrenaline drives you,it really makes you strive for the brass ring.

I remember my very first Born in Fire,me and Abe Abercorn put on one heck of a show.We beat each other senseless in a classic ladder match, but when that night was over the only match anybody was talking about was Hobo vs Nemesis for the TAW Title. Hobo won his first ever world title and the crowd were literally rocking from that result...I remember going out to congratulate him and I knew that I would do whatever it took to get a moment like that all for myself.

You walk through the hallways of this illustrious look at the names that have held the world championship and you know that you are talking about the elite. Randy Peeper,EZ Money,Hero,Nemesis,Saint,JJ Johnson....You dont get these chances by accident but when you do get them you need to make sure you make the most of them.

I remember the night I got my chance,I remember it like it was yesterday. August 2009, 6WF Chaos and I challenged Cassius Zhi and Abe Abercorn for the TAW Title.Cassius was a steam-train, one of the most dominant champions this industry had ever seen.Abe was the wily challenger and I was seen as people's choice...the pressure on my shoulders was huge and yet it seemed like a feather when I stepped out that night...there was a primal force burning within my body and I just knew that it was my night...I took some of the worst punishment I have ever taken that night but I knew it was never going to keep me down...the lure of the gold awakened a fire inside me like never before and it was my time to shine...

The feeling when that final bell rung,when 20,000 strong where on their feet chanting my name and the referee handed me that championship belt....priceless RJ,and I mean priceless.You cannot recreate another feeling like that....I defended that belt....I lost that belt and I won it back but nothing every compared to that first time....that feeling....the sense that finally you have made it,its extraordinary.

And there was only one thing that could top it...only one thing that could eclipse it...and that is the opportunity that these three men have on sunday night.To not only call yourself a world champion...but THE world champion.You are undisputed and you are without a shadow of a doubt number one with a look at the list of guys that have held these championships and at Mayhem one of these three guys has a chance to outshine them all...on sunday night,6WF will crown quite frankly the greatest ever....because there will be no shared 6WF Champion and TAW Champion....when all is said and done...there will be man that stands out above all others....the true undisputed champion of the world!

RJ:And any predictions from the great man have faced all of these men,who gets your pick?

JJ:I think it couldnt be a harder match to call.You know I was instrumental in acquiring the contracts of Lex Hart and Perfect Jack...during my tenure as Shutdown GM I approached these guys due to their phenomenal talent....they impressed the heck out of me during their tag team days and I dont know if we have ever seen a better tag team than Perfect Exceution. But as good as they are in the tag team division...they are even better on their own.Wrestling skills unrivalled,both men trained by my long time rival Abercorn and it has most certainly paid off...within a year of debuting in this company both men are in the biggest match we have ever seen...I dont think even JJ Johnson could put a bigger stamp on it than that.

It took me 18 months to capture the TAW Title, in 12 months one of these guys could become the undisputed champion.We are talking serious talent and that is something you cannot manufacture. Lex Hart may be one of the freakisest dudes I have ever come across...his pink panties really do nothing fo' his appearance...expect make him look like he auditioning fo' some Pink Panther Porno...but each to their own and all that shizzle...but I really dont think you can underestimate this guy.He is 6WF Champion,he is athletic and skilled...he is ruthless and dangerous...a big game player if ever I saw one...

But Jack is the man that excels when all others write him off.Who really gave this kid a chance against Solomon Riddick or Cassius Zhi.Because I sure as hell didnt,I thought he was roadkill but his heart and his determination pulled him through and fo' that I applaud him...he also has the crowd on his cannot dismiss that either,its like having a tag team partner in yo corner....that extra big of spirit to dig deep can be drawn from the masses and sometimes its that bit extra that can get you the result....another amazing product of 6CW and I would love to see him leave as champ on sunday...

Yet you cannot forget about Mr "Five time"...or is it "six time" now?

RJ:I think its six..

JJ:How many has he won in 6WF?

RJ:Four I think?

JJ:Well then fo' me thats all that matters...none of this monkey (beep) like 6WE or NWF...this the big leagues and so fo the purposes of this interview I am gonna call him "Mr Four Time" whether his stupid ass likes it or not....thats still more than anyone else and on sunday he could make it five...he could finally get his wish to become the "Alpha Male" and rise to the top.I dont like Hero,I dont think alot of people like Hero but the man is an enigma...he is arguably the best 6WF superstar of all time...he has defined each and every era and he has revolutionised this company time and time again...he is the innovator of so many great matches and moments....he is a hall of famer and you cannot deny him any applause...

Hero knows what it takes to survive and prevail in these big match situations,he has competed with the best of the absolute best and he beaten so many other 6WF legends.But can he kick it with the new age?....That is the question that for me needs answering...Hero has been without a doubt one of the best ever but does he have what it takes to beat these young stallions?

RJ:So you are not willing to go out on a limb?

JJ:Haha you pushing me really want an answer huh?....well put it this way,at Mayhem I think the fans will be treated to one of the greatest matches of all heart tells me that Jack is gonna do it but my head says that the wily old fox is gonna pull it out another memorable moment...

So for that money is on the big pink (beep) Lex Hart

*RJ laughs

JJ:Fo' real...this guy has taught me that you never write him off...and I just think with the fiery jezabel on his side,the world is his matter what happens though...its going to be off the doubt about that.

RJ:Thanks JJ....and just quickly,as all of your fans will be watching....when can we expect a return for the Franchise?

JJ:You got the real cutting edge questions tonight RJ playa....well first off,fo' those who dont know JJ Johnson will be live and exclusive next week at the 6NG for my 6WF' now its on the back burner...I am pursuing other avenues right now...but never say never homies and keep those eyes peeled...holla!

RJ:Thanks for your time JJ...

JJ:Cheers playa!

*They shake hands and JJ winks at the camera as the segment ends.
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*Clarissa is shown backstage with Chris Patricks.

Clarissa: Chris, we are now just moments away from your European Title match...any last thoughts?

Chris Patricks: Clarissa, This title is going to be my springboard. The Saint has had the limelight, but winning this title is what will take me to the top. Last month I narrowly missed out on reaching the Main Event, where everyone aspires to be. But no more of that, tonight I become the European Champion no matter what The Saint does.

I’ve seen what Sainty has had to say, he is just a sad, old, embittered individual who is all grumpy because Miss Jessica was spending more time on getting Cassius Zhi to the top, then Lex Hart. But never The Saint...and that’s because she knows just as well I do, and everyone else does, that he is past it!

*The Saint walks into the picture.

The Saint: Are you still persisting with that line? Did you not hear what The Saint said? You keep giving me these labels, it just riles me up more and more to the point of no return. You are setting yourself up for a big fall at the hands of The Saint.

Do you know how many people have said that to me? You’re past it Saint, yet I am still stood here tonight with the European Title around my waist whilst those people are no longer around, or aren’t at my level. I didn’t need Miss Jessica’s assistance to win this title, and I won’t need her assistance to defend it, especially against you Patricks!

Chris Patricks: Do you think that scares me Saint? You’ve always, always talked a good game. But you think your anger scares me? I’ve been through so much beep, that nothing scares me. Especially you! You are blinded by rage Saint, and I will take advantage of that.

The Saint: People say I’m old and past it, but that means I’m experienced. You don’t think that I’ve never been angered by an opponent before? Every single damn person in this company has peed The Saint off at some point, but never have I let that influence me in my matches. And I won’t make an exception tonight.

Clarissa: Well thank you for your time, I think we better end this now otherwise the match could begin before these two even get to the ring.
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Match 7
6WF European Title
The Saint (c) vs Chris Patricks

ding ding ding

Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen....the following contest is scheduled for one fall....and it is for the 6WF Eurooooooooooooopeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn Chaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmpiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnsssssssssshhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppp!

*Crowd pop

RJ:Battle of the big guns right now in what promises to be a great match...a truly historic night in 6WF history...

MW:Yeah alot of this crowd are behind the challenger but I cannot see anything but the dominant champion retaining....especially being backed by the delightful Miss Jessica...

"Refuse/Resist" accompanies a jet of red and green pyros as the crowd pop.The noise reaches the far corners of the stadium and then a figure walks out from behind the curtain..

Announcer:Introducing first.....the challenger................from Boston,Massachusetts............weighing in at 220 pounds............."The Enigma".......Chriiiiiiis Paaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssss!

The crowd pop as Patricks bounces down the rampway and tags hands with the fans.He runs the rest of the way and dives under the bottom rope before posing on each corner in turn.He kisses the initials on his hands and then points to the sky...

RJ:Chris Patricks knows what it takes to be a 6WF European Champion.....he is a man that has accomplished many things here in this federation but one more spell as a champion could be the leverage he needs to launch his career into the big leagues...

MW:Never will it happen,Chris Patricks is talented but everytime he faces a guy at the top,he cannot topple them.He is destined for a career of mediocrity...

RJ:I dont believe that and neither do these fans....I believe Patricks has the tools essential to becoming one of the best in the business...

Patricks walks around the ring and then "Monster" roars out and there is a mixed reaction as red fireworks burst into the air and a large shadow draws across the stage.

Announcer:And his opponent............from Manchester,England...........weighing in at 270 pounds..........he is the current,reigning and defending 6WF European Champion........Theee Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttttttttttttt!

The Saint walks onto the stage,shouldering his title belt,and he stares down at the ring.His face is of full focus as he strides down to the ring and climbs up onto the apron.,..

RJ:The Saint is a 6WF legend,three time world champion....but these fans are still not completely taken by him.The respect is paramount but his association with Miss Jessica breeds mistrust...there is no doubting this man's talent though...

MW:Ever since that car crash last year though this man has been a different species...he has trimmed down and become an unstable cannot argue with the results that this man produces though...

The bell sounds and the crowd cheer as Patricks and Saint circle one another.They launch into a lockup and Saint easily throws Patricks against the ropes...

RJ:He may have trimmed down but he still posseses that unreal strength...

Saint just glares at Patricks and then they lockup again and this time Saint twists the right arm of Patricks and places it behind his back.Patricks struggles and then leaps onto the top rope and springboards into an armdrag as the crowd cheer...they both get back up and Saint launches at Patricks but is leapfrogged and he crashes into the corner....Patricks goes at him with stiff chops and then looks for an irish whip to the opposite side...its reversed and CP crashes into the corner as Saint runs across after him...

MW:Patricks caught him with a stiff boot there....Tornado DDT!

Patricks nails the spinning DDT from the second rope and covers.............1...............2.............kickout.Saint tries to get up but Patricks boots him in the midsection...Saint staggers towards the ropes and then Patricks darts at him with a superkick..

RJ:Ducked it...PUMPHANDLE!

..........shoulder up!

MW:Whoah thats how quick The Saint's power can change this game...

Saint shakes his head and he easily rags Patricks up and whips him into the corner,Patricks collides chest first and then staggers around as Saint gorilla presses him into the air and then slams him to the mat....Saint goes to the corner and climbs up as Patricks struggles to his feet...

RJ:Saint taking to the skies....crossbody!

1.....................2.............Paricks rolls the pin through...............1....................2..............shoulder up!

MW:Wow Chris Patricks almost stole one there...

They quickly scramble back up and Saint slams his knee into Patricks' gut and then nails an implant DDT and covers.................1.....................2............foot on the ropes.

RJ:The champion starting to take charge here and this is dangerous territory for Chris Patricks...

Saint stands up and shakes his head before pulling Patricks up by the hair,he looks around the arena and then flips his opponent up...

MW:Divine Force...

Patricks plunges fists down into the skull of Saint and then reverses with a headscissors takedown.Saint gets back up but is quickly taken down by a flying heel kick from Patricks and then "The Enigma" runs to the corner and nails a split-legged moonsault...



RJ:New champ...

...........Saint kicks out and the crowd gasp.

MW:Pretty close but the champ still in this...

Patricks looks for an irish whip but its reversed,Patricks leaps onto the top rope and springs back into a moonsault takedown as the crowd.Saint scrambles up and looks for a big boot but Patricks catches his foot and nails a stepover heel kick...

RJ:This is the....the opening he needs....PUZZLE SOLVER!

Saint drives knees up just in time and the crowd groan as Patricks rolls away in agony.Saint holds his jaw and crawls up before breaking into a sprint...


shoulder up!

RJ:This is incredible...on a night when we will crown an undisputed champion,this match is really setting a high pace...

Saint sits up and shakes his head.He punches his hand into the mat and then glares at the referee before standing up.He beckons for his opponent to reach his feet...

MW:Saint senses blood in the water here....RK-

Patricks pushes him into the corner and then connects with a stiff shining wizard...Patricks backs away and Saint looks for a big clothesline but its ducked and Patricks nails a superkick...Saint drops as Patricks runs up the ropes and leaps back into the Big Bang (arabian facebuster)...

RJ:Thats it....that'll do it...


MW:Wow just kicked out...inches away...

RJ:Half of the crowd thought it was over...

Patricks holds his head in his hands and slowly climbs to his feet.He walks to the corner and then climbs out onto the apron.Saint is slowly staggering up as Patricks clings to the top rope and waits for him to reach a vertical base...

RJ:Patricks primed here...looking for the springboard...


The crowd all applaud as Saint catches Patricks in midair and drills him with the huge sitdown powerbomb.Saint is still groggy from the offense he has taken but he shakes away the cobwebs and makes the cover...


MW:Ring the bell!

RJ:NO!...Patricks kicked out! can it be?

The crowd cheer as the referee is signalling to The Saint that Chris Patricks kicked out.Saint looks annoyed as he gets up and kicks the ropes.He stares at Patricks with a cold look and then drags him back to his feet...

RJ:Saint looking for the big finish here...SAINTS ROW!

Patricks floats over the back of the jackhammer attempt and staggers to the corner,Saint runs in at him but Patricks floats around the ropes and delivers a kick to the head over the top (ala Christian)...Saint staggers back as Patricks goes up top again...

MW:Big risk taker is Chris Patricks...

The flashbulbs are going off all around the arena as Patricks reaches the top rope and looks down at his opponent...





MW:Just like that RJ...just like that...

Announcer:Ladies and is your winnner.............and STILL 6WF European Champion.............The Saaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttt!

RJ:Huge mid-flight RKO from The Saint has ended Chris Patricks hopes of walking out of Mayhem as the European champion. It was a fantastic back and forth contest but that move can come from nowhere,and when it can forget about it.

MW:I just knew Saint would win here tonight...he has had that cutting edge over recent weeks and he looked ready to take this match...good showing by Chris Patricks but it just wasnt enough...

RJ:Great contest and a fantastic way to get these fans ready for the main event...we are just moments away folks...
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*The cameras show a split-screen ahead of the Main Event, Hero is shown sat in his locker-room, Lex Hart is shown talking with Miss Jessica and Perfect Jack in his locker-room. The camera then zooms onto Lex Hart first...

Miss Jessica: Come on Lexxy, relax! Don’t think about losing this one, only think about winning. It would like totally change the game, you would be like Stone Cold or The Rock. You’d be the wrestler people associate with this generation, and I would be remembered as the single greatest manager in history.

Lex Hart: Yes you are right Jessica. I’ve got to win this match, I am going to win this match. After all, what sort of challenge do these two bring? You know Hero inside out, every little move he can make. You’ve passed on all the knowledge I need, and then Jack well we all know who was the least talented member of Perfect Execution.

Miss Jessica: Just remember Lex what I will give you when you win this, all the rewards, all that time we will be spending together on the road doing promotional work, how close we will be and all that shopping I’ll be doing, and you know what my favourite store is Lex.

*She winks at Hart.

Do this for me Lex. You are my vehicle for revenge, Jack is the one who brought Cassius’ demise forward, you can bring forward the demise of Not-so Perfect Jack.

*The camera changes to Perfect Jack...

Perfect Jack: Ah isn’t that cute guys? Lexxy needs a bit of encouragement from Jessica...You know what Lex you disgust me! When we worked alongside each other in Perfect Execution, we were the embodiment of Perfection. We were the ones who everyone looked up to!

But now look at you, pathetic, weak. You shouldn’t need motivation or little innuendos from Jessica to get you ready for this match. This is the biggest match of our careers, I’m ready for it. I know I have your number, I know I have Hero’s number. I have a great advantage over both of you.

Both of you are suffering from distraction, Lex is being distracted by Jessica whilst Hero is trying to keep his band of merry men happy. I am in this alone, I am the lone wolf. I have no outside pressures, I can focus solely on what I need to do to win this match. One Perfect-Plex on either of you...and this one is over!

*Finally, Hero is shown on screen.

Hero: Can someone tell me if Hero is involved in this match? Because it seems to me like these two have their focus on each other, well this suits Hero down to the ground.

I am the man in the best position going into this match. I am the man with the least pressure resting on my shoulders. My disciples are not a distraction, they follow my every word, my every movement. Their faith is unwavering even in the face of adversity. You two are carrying your titles, you have everything to lose. I have nothing to lose, but everything to win. My disciples will not turn their back on me, they will not sin and betray their God.

6WF I hope you are ready.
The wait is over.
The time has come.
Rejoice in the rapture for the end is nigh.
The second coming.
Hero shall reign once more.

*Mayhem goes to its final commercial.
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Main Event
6WF and TAW Title
Lex Hart vs Perfect Jack vs Hero

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to 6WF Mayhem where it is now time for the Main Event!

MW: The time for talking is over, there is nothing left to be said. We’ve heard from the good and the great of 6WF, everybody has an opinion ahead of this match.

RJ: This match will no doubt go down as one of the best in 6WF history, and not only that, the winner of this match will be etched in 6WF Folklore forever. When this match is over, a moment of history that is unlikely to ever be surpassed will have happened.

MW: Anyone packed in this arena tonight, anyone watching at home do not get out of your seats if you want to see every little twist and turn of this monumental match-up. Settle in, grab a couple of beers and buckle yourself in for what will be the ride of a lifetime.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is your MAIN EVENT this evening. Your Main Event is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and at the end of this match, we will crown the 6WF UNDISPUTED CHAMPION! The winner will walk away with both the TAW HEAVYWEIGHGT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD and the 6WF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Ladies and Gentleman, History is about to be made!

*Massive pop from the crowd!

RJ: I imagine all of you have your favourites, the one you want to win this match. Just take a moment to think of the nerves you’re experiencing for your favourite, then think about the nerves that the three men waiting to get out into that ring are feeling.

MW: This will feel like a life-time to all of them RJ. They’ve had to wait the whole show, watch everyone else go out there and have their match whilst their nerves continue to build and now all they want to do is get in that ring and wrestle. But they’ll have to wait a few more moments yet.

RA: Introducing first, he hails from Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, USA and weighs in at 220lbs. He is the current Fight For The Right Tournament Winner and is cashing in tonight, he is the leader of the Church, he is a former 6 time champion of the world and the only undisputed Champion in the history of 6WF...he is HERRRRROOOO!

“Here comes the king” hits and the lights in the arena fade to black, the crowd are booing loudly as a single feather drops from the air. A spotlight begins panning the arena stopping in the rafters where Hero is shown attached to a zip-wire. He stands tall momentarily before zip-wiring down to the ring, he lands in the centre of the ring arms outstretched. He unhooks himself from the Zip-Wire and climbs to the top rope to mock the fans.

RJ: An inductee to the 6WF Legends club, a man whose achievements are unrivalled in 6WF. You may not like him, I most certainly don’t, but you cannot debate the merits of this man.

MW: Hero is a 6 time world champion, Hero is the first grand slam winner in 6WF, Hero is the only undisputed champion in 6WF history. Tonight, he will look to continue that fact. He has so much big-match experience it is unreal, that will surely prove beneficial to him.

RA: And now introducing the first of our two world champions...he hails from Robbinsdale, Minnesota, America. He weighs in at 260lbs and is the reigning and defending TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOORRRRLLDDDD...PERFECT JACK!

“I am perfection” blares out through the speakers and Perfect Jack’s arrival is met with a mass of cheers from the crowd. He lifts up the TAW Title to massive cheers, before stomping down to the ring with the title over his shoulder. He rolls into the ring with the title and leaps to his feet, holding the title up.

MW: It could be argued that Jack is the least experienced man in these big match situations, he has only had Pay Per View title defence since defeating Cassius Zhi at Let It Rock.

RJ: Could that play to his advantage though Michael? He may be more willing than Hero or Hart to take a risk that quite easily backfire but in fact gives him the win through this inexperience.

RA: And finally...hailing from Calgary, Canada and weighing in at 240lbs. He is known as THE ICON...He is your REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF WORLD CHAMPION...LEXXXX HARRRTTTT!

“Burn in my light” blasts out and the crowd descend into a hysteria of boos and whistles as Lex Hart walks out onto the stage amidst a flurry of pink fireworks. Hart holds up his 6WF Title to even louder boos as he then swaggers down the ramp as the boos increase as he slides in and holds up the title once more. He walks across to his opponents staring them down.

RJ: We all know that Hart has one weapon waiting in the back that neither of these two can count on...Miss Jessica. She is perhaps even more desperate than Hart for victory in this match as revenge for Cassius Zhi.

MW: Hart has been a world champion since January, he has had a stranglehold over the 6WF Title since then and has looked in imperious form. Can he bring that form into today’s match-up?

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: Wow would you listen to this noise! And there is only person can’t getting all the cheers, and that’s Perfect Jack!

The bell rings to signal the start of the match, the three men stare across at each other looking around tentatively. They start to circle the ring, in an attempt to goad one person forward. Each man feigns entry into the centre of the ring, and they then exchange another 3 way glare. The crowd are still cheering for Jack, and he moves forward slightly and this is all that is wanted by the other two competitors in the match-up.

Hero is first onto the scene, he locks up with Jack who has Hero into a hammerlock almost immediately, demonstrating his technical prowess. Hero reverses into a side headlock as Hart watches on. Perfect Jack goes for a belly to back suplex but Hero manages to land on his feet behind Jack. He then hits a dropkick to the back and the TAW Champion stumbles forward towards Lex Hart. Hart lifts a boot into the side of Jack’s head before grabbing him and hitting a side Russian Leg-Sweep into an armbar hold.

Perfect Jack manages to get up to his feet quickly and reverse the armbar with a hip toss, Hero decides to take a back-seat momentarily, watching on as Lex Hart runs at Perfect Jack who hits a drop toe hold. Hart rises up again and Jack pulls him in close before flinging him down to the canvas with a snap suplex, he floats over into the pinfall.

Ref: 1................2....Kick out!
The 6WF Champion manages to kick out strongly from Jack’s suplex, the TAW Champion has Hart straight into a front facelock. Hart fights up to a vertical base but Jack uses the hold to pummel away on the back of Hart with some clubbing fists until Hart drives him back into the corner. Hart goes for some stiff shoulders into the abdomen but Jack uses the ropes to springboard over and then backslide Hart down into a cover once more.

Ref: 1................2.....Kick out!

Hart takes a while longer to force the shoulder up off the canvas this time, but it is still a relatively comfortable kick out. Jack gets to his feet and drops an elbow down into the stomach. Hart is then lifted up by Jack who whips him across the ring, Jack leaps up for a dropkick but Hart holds onto the ropes and Jack crashes to the floor.

RJ: First mistake of the match.

Hart sprints towards Jack, dropping a knee down into the face. He then lifts up the TAW Champion and hits a dropkick of his own. Jack stumbles backwards into the corner and Hero decides to get involved after taking a time-out.

MW: That is clever tactics from Hero. He has let Hart do all the hard work, take a bit of offence from Jack and now Jack is in the precarious position he takes advantage.

RJ: And it also gave him the chance to get a look at Hart in this match-up, although I’m sure all three men have each other thoroughly scouted.

Hero runs into the corner, hitting Jack with a Shining Wizard and Jack slumps down. Hart and Hero co-exist as they begin to boot away on Jack in the corner until the referee intervenes, he pulls Hart away first allowing Hero to get in some more blows before pulling Hero back and warning both men. Hero allows Jack to stumble up to his feet leaping up and hitting a hurracanrana. Jack stirs to his feet groggily and Hart follows up with a spinning wheel kick. Hart takes the cover.

Ref: 1................2...Kick out!

Jack gets the kick out, Lex Hart rolls away and allows Hero to take over. Hero boots away on the abdomen of Jack before stepping back to allow the TAW Champion to rise. Hero then whips him out across the ring where he hits a lifting knee into the abdomen, he bounces off the ropes and sunset flips down into the pinfall.

Ref: 1.................2.....Kick out!

Hero rises to his feet sharply and brings Jack up with him, he goes for an Irish Whip but Jack is stronger and sends Hero into the ropes. Jack runs towards Hero who holds onto the ropes but Hart cuts him off in mid-sprint with a running forearm smash to the head. Jack falls to the canvas, Hart and Hero exchange a glance momentarily before Hero uses the ropes as a springboard to hit a moonsault. He rises to his feet and smiles arrogantly at Hart.

RJ: Hero is asking Hart to do better than that...

Hart shrugs his shoulders and runs the ropes, hitting a springboard moonsault off his own with slightly more elevation and also straight into the pinfall, catching Hero off guard thinking they would continue this game of one-upmanship.

Ref: 1...............2.....Hero breaks the pinfall!

The former 6 time champion of the world lifts Hart up from the pinfall, he begins to berate him and Hart just smiles. Hero slaps Hart, the current 6WF Champion then flies in with a big right hand that Hero manages to duck. He then boots Hart on the back of his right knee to ground the 6WF Champion. Hero then moves in front of Hart and hits a series of spin kicks into the abdomen of Hart who keels over. Hero is quick to go to the top rope, he hits a double foot stomp down across the back.

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

The Fight for The Right briefcase holder turns Hart onto his front, he then stomps down across the back before placing his foot across the back, grabbing both arms of Hart and hitting the Hero stomp continually. Eventually, Hero steps away and allows the 6WF Champion to rise before hitting a spin shoot kick into the stomach. Hero goes to the apron and springboards off nailing a hurracanrana, he sprints over and hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Hart takes longer to get the shoulder up on this occasion, Hero allows Hart to rise before whipping him out across the ring where he hits a monkey flip. Hart rolls up to his feet and Hero leaps up nailing a leaping reverse STO. Hart rolls away towards the corner and pulls himself up using the ropes, Hero sprints over connecting with a leaping dropkick.

Hero then goes to the outside and waits for Hart to stumble out of the corner, he springboards off the top rope and attempts a bulldog but Hart manages to shove him away. Hero rolls up to his feet and runs at the 6WF Champion who hits a jawbreaker and connects with a DDT! Hart covers.

Ref: 1...............2...........Jack breaks the pinfall with a dropkick to the side of the head! Hart rolls away in agony to the outside and Jack focuses on Hero. He stomps away on Hero before placing him in a seated rear waistlock. Jack then drives a couple of knees into the back before dragging up Hero and hitting him with a big German Suplex.

Jack rises to his feet following the German suplex, he allows Hero to rise and the former 6-time world champion throws a wayward clothesline at Jack that is easily ducked, Jack then pulls Hero down by the head into a backbreaker followed by a reverse spinning neckbreaker. Jack makes the cover.

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Hero forces the shoulder up off the canvas, the crowd are massively behind the TAW Champion as he rises up to his feet and drags Hero up with him, he snapmares him down to the canvas before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the face. Hero rolls up to his feet and Jack hits a delayed vertical suplex, he then moonsaults back into the cover.

RJ: Perfect Jack is pulling out all the stops here!

Ref: 1..............2.............Kick out!

Jack rises to his feet and walks towards the corner, he heads up to the top rope where he waits for Hero to rise before flying off attempting a clothesline, Hero manages to avoid it but Jack rolls through up onto his feet next to the ropes, Hero comes sprinting towards Jack who manages to reverse with a back-body drop and Hero crashes stiffly into the unshielded floor.

MW: He must be broken in half!

RJ: What a great reversal from Jack...Roll up from Hart!

MW: He’s going to get it!

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Jack manages to get the shoulder up before the three count, Hart rolls back and Jack tries to get back onto the offence by running towards Hart in the corner who drop toe holds him into the 2nd turnbuckle. Hart begins to boot away at the back of Jack before dragging him out of the corner and hitting a wheelbarrow facebuster. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

Jack kicks out, Lex Hart drags up the TAW Champion and pulls him in and hits an inverted atomic drop. Hart then pulls Jack in for a jawbreaker but the TAW Champion shoves him away. Hart spins back in towards Jack who hits a spinebuster! He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Hart kicks out, Jack rises to his feet and hits a couple of quick elbow drops before allowing Hart to get up onto his feet, he hits an atomic drop and then goes for a belly to back suplex but Hart counters with a jawbreaker.

RJ: There is almost telepathy between these two, they know all the moves of each other and exactly when they are going to be used.

MW: These guys were part of one of, if not the most, successful teams in 6WF History. They’ve spent a lot of time in that ring together it is no real surprise that it is very hard to separate these two.

RJ: They’ve got to make sure that emotion doesn’t get the better of them. They will be high on adrenaline and there is of course a lot of history between them which could cloud their judgement.

Jack stumbles and Hart whips him into the corner and then quickly begins to a series of stiff knife-edge chops into the abdomen, the crowd boo along with each chop until the ref pulls him away. Jack falls forward and Hart hits a flapjack into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2............Kick out!

Hart is quickly up onto his feet following the kick out, he goes up to the top rope and waits for Jack to rise before flying off going for a missile dropkick, Jack is up and manages to reverse with a double leg takedown.

RJ: Boston Crab locked in!

Jack locks in the Boston Crab to massive cheers from the crowd, Hart desperately struggles to escape from the hold and Jack then drags Hart further back from the ropes, shouting tap at Hart...


The ref is down to check on Hart who seems to be fading, Jack twists even more viciously and changes the move into a lion-tamer by applying the knee into the back. This further increases the pain being suffered and the ref dives down to check.

RJ: He’s going to win this! He’s going to win this!

The arm drops down once......


MW: You’re right RJ! Undisputed Champion.



Ref: 1...................2.....................Kick out!

MW: No way! No Way!

RJ: That is how much this means! How on god’s earth did he kick out of that?!

Hero gets to his feet in disbelief, he stares down at Jack almost in admiration before stomping down for good measure before lifting him up and going for a 2nd encore, Jack shoves him into the ropes and then grabs him from behind and rolls him up.

Ref: 1.................2.................Hart dives over to save the match!

Hart manages to save the match.

MW: Great courage from Hart so soon after that brutal submission hold he was placed in.

Hart gets to his feet, he waits for either man to rise and Hero is the first up, he boots him in the stomach...


Ref: 1...................2....................3.Foot on the rope!

MW: Come on Hero!

Hero manages to get his foot across the bottom rope just before the ref’s hand hit the canvas for the three count. Hart rises to his feet, he turns his attention to Jack who he lifts up, he goes for a boot to the gut but Jack grabs the boot. He spins Hart and then sends him to the canvas with a big boot. Jack doesn’t cover, instead going to the corner. He slowly goes up to the top rope, swear pouring down his face. Jack takes a few seconds to steady himself.

RJ: Don’t normally see Jack up here...SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

MW: My god I never thought I’d see that from Jack...

Jack slowly gets up to his feet, he’s about to go into the cover but Hero is over quickly...


Ref: 1.......................



Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: I am in tears RJ!


RJ: What a match! What a moment!

MW: Hero is the undisputed champion, what a man RJ! What a god damn man he is!

RJ: I don’t think you can deny Michael that both Lex Hart and Perfect Jack gave it their all. All three of these men could have won this match at some point, be it during that frantic exchange or previously in the match.

MW: Most definitely RJ, one of the most emotion-fuelled match I have ever witnessed, I am welling up here. Look at Hero, that man is a true legend!

Hero is on his knees looking to the sky, he is most definitely crying as the ref lifts him up as he has his arm raised in victory. The referee is then handed the two title belts by the time-keeper, and the ref subsequently passes the titles onto Hero who just stands and stares at them.

RJ: For all the criticism I have given Hero, he did that fairly. No cheating, no numbers game, none of that just pure wrestling ability pulled him through to his 2nd Undisputed Title.

MW: Well I’m sorry to inform everyone that is all we have time for. But I’m not going to say anything, I’m just going to leave you with this image as the final moment of this outstanding Pay Per View.

*The PPV ends with Hero stood in the centre of the ring, both titles clutched to his chest as the rest of the Church stand at the top of the ramp applauding their leader.

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