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PostSubject: Chaos    Chaos      Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 8:28 pm

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Name: Chaos
Nickname: The Self Proclaimed Greatest Cruiserweight in the World,
The True Prophet

Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 173 lbs
Hometown: Brighton, England

Class: Heel
Gimmick: Psychotic split personality, Greatest Cruiserweight in the
World Ever
Personality: Cocky, Arrogant and manipulative

Entrance Music: "It’s an Omen" screams out before 'Granite' by
Pendulum plays -
Entrance Details: "It’s an Omen" screams out over the loudspeakers
and the green pyro goes off. A searchlight then roams before stopping
on the top of the ramp as Granite plays. Chaos appears through more
pyro Jericho styled to boos from the crowd. He swaggers down to the
ring before saluting the crowd to more boos/raising his title in the air
to boos.

Finishing Move 1: G-Force (Angel's Wings)
Finishing Move 2: Chaos Rising (Modified Starship Pain)
Trademark Moves: Coast to Coast Dropkick, G-Spot (Sharpshooter)
Submission Moves: Half Boston Crab, Huricanrana Armbar
Highflying Moves: Five Star Flog Splash, Moonsault, Spinal Tap
Five - eight common moves:
Missile Dropkick
Double A Spinebuster
One Handed Bulldog
Pele Kick

Taunts/Catchphrases: "I am the True Prophet" "Tick Tick Boom!"
"Silence you Parasites"

Match Tactics: Dirty
Match Style: Highflyer, Technical, Hardcore

Weapon of Choice: Table
Specialty Match: TLC/Ladder

History: Known previously as Gregers, Chaos' transformation
occurred at Born in Fire. Since donning his trademark face paint
he has become increasingly twisted and has recently bought in
The Fanatic as a bodyguard.

Title History
• 1x European Champion
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