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 Survival Results (06/03)

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PostSubject: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:18 pm

*Survival kicks off with a VT of the past month in 6WF. It shows all the newbies facing off with each other, and shaking hands with their partners. Then it shows River Ace returning and helping Acer fight off the Association. It switches to a clip of Chaos and The Fanatic being fought off by Snake Eyes and Abe Abercorn. It then fades out and becomes Blue Dragon and Crowley facing off. Then the video switches to Soldiers of Fortune being attacked by Trevor Swann and Crime Lord. Then the video becomes Perfect Jack lifting his arm up in the face of Solomon Riddick. The video switches to Lex Hart sliding out of the ring as Hero, Enforcer and GDC clash. The video finally stops as all three tag teams involved in the Main Event 2 stand face to face.*

RJ: Welcome to a MASSIVE event for 6WF tonight, we have some of the biggest and best matches ever on show for this federation tonight and I for one cannot wait to kick it all off.

MW: Everybody has their favourites, everybody is rooting for somebody, but whether your favourite wins tonight is down to them and them alone. Tonight it is all about SURVIVAL!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:18 pm

*The action goes to the backstage area and it shows the 4 teams warming up ahead of the opening match. The camera splits into 4, it first zooms in on the screen and the mic’s switch on to hear Keith Mac and De Vasco De Gama.

De Gama: Here we go Keithy, this is our big chance. This our moment to catapult into the big time. This is my time, I’m going to show how good Puerto Rican wrestling can be. You just get me in that ring man and I’ll do the job for us.

Keith: No worries, we just got to work as a team and we should win this one easy.

*The cameras then change to the room with Dr Shoe and Fernando Gonzalez.

Dr Shoe: Fernando, Let’s win this match. Can you imagine it if we do? We’ll be in prime position for whoever the tag team champions are. We’ll be the guys in the main event, the best in the company. We just got to beat these fools.

The likes of Eagle and Morgan. And when we do, people we see that Dex has no right to just waltz back in to this federation after being AWOL and causing mischief. We are the ones they cheer for now Dex, you’ve lost they’re trust.

*The camera moves down the screen to General Sanchez and James Eagle, they are sat in the changing room both with heads down psyching themselves up.

General Sanchez: I don’t know what it is James but we’ve been treated like dirt this past week. Like Clarissa, what gives you the right to slap James? He told you it straight like I did after Shutdown. Eagle and me made that match a little lively cause let's face it.. We were the only real talent in that ring.

Eagle: Now for that idiot Shoe, he’s lucky I’ve had to wait this long to get my hands on him. Because tonight I’m going to pin you 1....2...3 in the middle of that ring tonight. And the crowd will cheer us as they finally realise what an idiot you are.

*The camera finally turns to Mark Palmer and Dexter Morgan, the process is repeated and the mic’s are turned on but nothing can be heard, they are merely sat in the dressing room.

RJ: Either they are very nervous or there is some tension there for some reason. There match comes next.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:19 pm

Match 1
Dexter Morgan/Mark Palmer vs General Sanchez/James Eagle vs Dr Shoe/Fernando Gonzalez vs Keith Mac/De Vasco De Gama

RJ: Up first for you here on Survival we have a massive 8 man, 4 team tag match involving some of 6WF’s most promising new stars.

MW: Well we had to let them on the pay per view folks, hopefully it’s over with quickly so the real action can begin.

RJ: What the h*ll are you talking about Michael? All of these could be the stars of tomorrow, a new wave of 6WF Talent. The Freshers Ball has been held by former world champions, who’s to say Dexter Morgan won’t be the next one in the list to win a world title?

MW: Me RJ, I’m the one who brings the colour to the partnership, all the interesting and controversial views whilst you sit on the fence. So shut up and let me get on with calling the match!

“Smooth” blares out and Fernando Gonzalez walks out, he flexes his muscles at the top of the ramp before striding down to the ring tagging the fans hands. He slides in and goes to the corner, climbing to the 2nd rope before back-flipping off.

“Doctor Alibi” roars out through the speakers and Dr.Shoe walks out. He is wearing a doctors coat with Dr.Shoe wrote on it. He walks down the ring slapping the fans hands, he stops as he spots an attractive blond in the crowd. He walks towards her and measures up her vital statistics before handing her a business card. She blushes as Shoe slides into the ring and slaps hands with Gonzalez.

RJ: These two had a bit of success in the recent tag team tournament, and as we’ve seen Shoe has taken up issue with one of the other men involved in this match, James Eagle, who teams with General Sanchez tonight.

MW: And here they come now.

“The last fight” roars out through the speakers and the crowd’s cheers continues and the ex marine general strides out onto the ramp. He salutes the fans before stomping down the ramp and stepping into the ring and stares across at Shoe and Gonzalez. He waits as James “The Gold” Eagle appears on the stage as Burn Burn by Lostprophets plays.He gets a generous applause which turns into a rousing reception as he hands some of the money in his hands to the fans next to the barrier and at ringside. He walks down the ramp tagging the fans hands before sliding in. He slaps hands with Sanchez and stares down at Shoe and Gonzalez.

Rooster by Alice in chains plays as Keith Mac walks down the ramp steadily before a barrage of fireworks explode. He remains calm and walks to the ring, wiping his feet before climbing in as “Puerto Rico” blares out through the speakers and the arena goes dark, followed by two spotlights shining on the top of the ramp. De Vasco De Gama appears into the spotlights and spins 360 degrees on the spot as a massive haze of pyro’s go off behind him. He swaggers down to the ring and then slides in.

“Pieces” blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer for the arrival of Mark Palmer. He strolls out onto the ramp and salutes the fans, ‘Dexter’ by Rolfe Kent hits and the crowd cheer a little as Dexter Morgan comes out to the ramp wearing a white lab coat and latex gloves and carrying a forensics kit. He surveys the scene before heading to the ring.

RJ: Shoe and Dexter are the two most experienced men in the ring although they’ve only been here just over two months.

MW: This is a 4 team match, and that means utter chaos in that ring tonight. Emotions and Adrenaline will be running high as these lot get their 15 minutes of fame and they will all want to try and extend their careers by a month.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

It’s Mark Palmer who starts off in the ring, and he goes in with Keith Mac. The two lock up and Mac forces Palmer back into the corner. He goes for a clothesline but Palmer side-steps. He then grabs the head of Mac and smashes it repeatedly into the turnbuckle until the ref forces him to break. He steps back and waits for Mac to move out of the corner, he is caught off-guard by a boot to the gut by Mac who then hits a suplex. He rolls Palmer onto his feet for another suplex but Palmer blocks, he then picks up Mac by the legs and drills him to the canvas with a spinning spinebuster.

Ref: 1....................2.........Kick out!

Palmer gets to his feet, he lifts up Mac and tries to put him in a sleeper. Mac reverses, rolling through and nailing an orton-like backbreaker on Palmer. Mac lifts up Palmer and whips him out across the ring, he places him into a sleeper but Palmer starts to fight with elbows into the side of the head and Mac pulls him down into a backbreaker. Palmer rolls onto his feet and Mac bounces off the ropes with a clothesline. Morgan looks on dissatisfied from the outside as Mac covers.

Ref: 1................2.......kick out!

Mac drags Palmer to his feet, he hits some hard fists to the stomach followed by a boot to the stomach. He then lifts Palmer up for a powerbomb but he fights out with fists and Mac is forced to drop him down. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Mac before dragging him towards the centre of the ring and making the cover.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Palmer drags Mac up and throws him towards the corner. Palmer sprints over and nails a hard knee into the face. He looks to continue with fists but General Sanchez makes the blind tag into the match.

RJ: You have to be so aware in matches like this, as everyone is trying to get involved!

He steps into the ring and goes up to the 2nd rope and hits an elevated DDT from the top rope. He hits a standing moonsault down into the cover.

Ref:1 ..................2........Kick out!

MW: Mac being dominated here.

Mac is dragged up by Sanchez, who whips him across the ring going for a belly to belly suplex on the rebound but he counters with an inverted atomic drop followed by a running bulldog. Mac tags in De Gama who runs in and drops a crunching knee into the back of Sanchez. De Gama rolls him up slowly in a double-underhook lock before nailing a tigerbomb on Sanchez. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2........Kick out!

Sanchez is placed into an armbar by De Gama who pulls him up slowly before knocking him down with a hard clothesline. He drags up Sanchez and whips him to the corner, but Sanchez’s partner James Eagle manages to tag himself in. Eagle goes up to the top rope as De Gama hits a shining wizard on Sanchez. He then performs a backward roll to move away from the corner, Eagle flies off the top rope but De Gama reverses into a side-slam backbreaker.

RJ: De Gama impressive here!

Ref: 1....................2.........Kick out!

De Gama is onto his feet, he waits for Eagle to rise before booting him in the stomach. He lifts him onto his shoulders for a running powerslam but Eagle drops down the back, De Gama spins around straight into a Lou Thesz Press. De Gama is then met with a series of massive fists as the crowd cheer on Eagle. Eventually he is shoved away by De Gama who quickly rolls to the corner and tags in the nearest man, Fernando Gonzalez.

The Mexican steps into the ring slowly, Eagle stares him up and down before Gonzalez sprints at him only to be met with a T-Bone suplex. Gonzalez rolls up and Eagle runs at him and hits a leaping clothesline. He covers Gonzalez.

Ref: 1..................2........Kick out!

Gonzalez forces the shoulder up, Eagle gets to his feet and stomps away at Gonzalez for a few moments before going up to the top rope. He is lining up a corkscrew body splash but Shoe grabs onto the leg and holds Eagle there.

MW: He’s giving time for his tag partner to recover, great work from Dr Shoe there.

Shoe holds on as Eagle gets more and more frustrated, Gonzalez is up and he runs towards the corner and hits a leaping dropkick into the stomach. Gonzalez is quick to tag in Dr Shoe, who gets up onto the top rope and flies off with a bulldog, face-planting Eagle.

Ref: 1....................2............Kick out!

Dr Shoe lifts up Eagle, he kicks away at the back of his right leg before finally chop-blocking him down. Dr Shoe then continues to stomp away on the leg of Eagle, dragging him back towards the corner where he puts Eagle into a leg-lock. Whilst doing so he tags in Gonzalez, who walks around the apron and nails a springboard leg drop whilst the leg lock is still applied. Shoe is eventually forced to leave the ring by the referee as Gonzalez makes the cover.

Ref: 1....................2........Kick out!

Shoe is immediately tagged back in by Gonzalez who whips Eagle across the ring and nails a tilt-a-whirl slam. He drags up Eagle and throws him towards Shoe who goes for a clothesline which Eagle ducks, causing Gonzalez to be hit with the clothesline.

MW: A real break-down in communication there!

Shoe looks down at Gonzalez only momentarily before spinning around where Eagle hits a kick to the gut, followed by an uppercut that sends Shoe bouncing into the ropes. Eagle runs in the opposite direction to shoe, hitting him with a neckbreaker as they meet in the middle.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

Shoe is placed into a front facelock, and he forces his way up onto his feet. Shoe drives Eagle back where Mark Palmer makes a blind tag on Eagle. He drags Shoe away from the corner and crashes in a high-knee strike followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex. Palmer runs over and covers.

Ref: 1....................2............Kick out!

Palmer waits for Shoe to rise before booting him in the stomach, he then begins to pummel down on the back with a series of fists. He goes to run the ropes but Morgan tags himself in.

MW: Morgan’s first action in this match and he got it by blind-tagging in...on his own partner.

Morgan motions for Palmer to leave the ring, he does slowly snarling at Morgan who drags up his rival Dr Shoe and then hits a running clothesline. Shoe rises and Morgan nails a DDT into the cover.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Morgan is quickly onto his feet, the freshers ball holder drags up Shoe and whips him across the ring and nails a gorilla press slam, unbeknownst to him that De Vasco De Gama has tagged in on Shoe. He steps into the ring and goes to the top rope, Morgan spins around straight into the San Juan Superkick from the top rope.

MW: That’s got to win it! What a kick!

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

RJ: No Morgan got the shoulder up, Great heart from the Freshers Ball holder.

Morgan is lifted up by De Gama who seems to think the ref made a slow count. De Gama hits a series of European Uppercuts followed a hard running powerslam. He doesn’t cover immediately, instead choosing to let Morgan rise before hitting a Jack-Hammer suplex. Now he covers.

Ref: 1.....................2...............Kick out!

Again Morgan just about kicks out, De Gama drags him up and boots him in the stomach.


RJ: He just needs the tag now...

Morgan creeps towards the corner, he looks up at Palmer and smiles but Palmer doesn’t return the smile. He stares down at Morgan before dropping down from the apron and shaking his head vehemently. He leaves up the ramp, Morgan tries to get up but is still groggy from the superkick...

MW: I think that reversal was pure instinct, he’s still stumbling around.

Morgan is tagged by Sanchez, he runs past De Gama first and knocks Dr Shoe down to the outside with a big boot. He turns towards the centre of the ring and De Gama is up, he goes for the San Juan Superkick but Sanchez ducks easily and before De Gama can tag in Mac who is near them, Sanchez hits a Russian leg sweep following up off the ropes...


Eagle comes sprinting into the ring and takes out Mac to prevent interference...

Ref: 1........................2.......................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW:Sanchez and Eagle pick up the win here.

RJ:What a great feeling for these two youngsters,a PPV victory under their belts.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:19 pm

MW: We are going backstage right now as Clarissa has managed to catch up with
Mark Palmer following that first match where he turned his back on partner Dexter Morgan.

Clarissa: What was all that about Palmer? Why did you leave Dexter to fend for himself in that ring?

Palmer: Cos I’ve had enough Clarissa, I’ve had enough of being treated like I’m not his equal, like for some reason he’s better than me when in reality he hasn’t done anything more or less than I have. Yet somehow he believes I’m his superior, like he’s some sort of know it all veteran when in fact he’s just a newbie like me, who left me to fend for myself one week ahead of a PPV. Just returning the favour.

Clarissa: Thank you for your time.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:19 pm

Backstage Mike Hill and LPL are sat in the Association locker room.

MH: How you feeling Pulga? You ready for this, they may be old, worn out has-beens, but we still need to make sure we're ready.

LPL: You're right ese, they might not be much of a challenge but we still gotta send a message, that the Association means business.

MH: I couldn't have said it better myself.

The scene changes to River Ace and Acer backstage.

RA: Let's go show everybody that we still have it.

A: Yeah!

RA: Let's go out there and show that the Association cannot bully who they want!

A: D@mn straight!

RA: If I get the chance I'm gonna make that son of a bitch Hill tap!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:20 pm

Match 2
River Ace/Acer vs. Mike Hill/LPL

RJ: After that incredibly interesting match, we have a match up now which has a lot of hard feelings involved. Mike Hill has such a history with River Ace, the man gave him his start in the company and helped him along the way before Mike Hill turned on him. Recently River Ace returned to take on the Association.

MW: On top of that, Mike Hill and Acer have had quite a few tussles for the past couple of months, so there are certainly hard feelings there. As well as the fact LPL as had words to say about both of his opponents today.

RJ: Now, all four men hope to end it here, they will give it their all, and from where I am sitting, I just can’t call a winner.

MW: I can RJ, I am going to go for the fresh, young and frankly better wrestlers tonight, Mike Hill and LPL over the older and worn out River Ace and Acer, who never really had a chance to make a proper impact wrestling as they were too busy with the backstage stuff.

‘When I Get Down’ is blasted out but it is drowned out by ‘Ace of Spades’, the familiar revving sounds are heard and the crowd pop as a single playing card falls from the roof. River Ace steps out and catches the card in his hands and the camera zooms in to show that it is an Ace, but has a picture of him in the centre. Acer drives out on his motorbike, he drives down the ramp lifting his arm in the air on the way, slapping the hands of the fans as River Ace jogs next to him, River Ace slides into the ring and Acer drives around the ring before climbing in after him. They take opposite corners and raise their arms in the air.

RJ: Say what you like about their age, about their time in this company, and their past of backstage antics, these two guys will never be unpopular in 6WF.

MW: Clearly not, River Ace was vilified for years as the head of the Dynasty and his cheating ways. And Acer has walked out on this company more times than I dare count.

‘The Next Big Thing’ booms out of the speakers and the crowd’s cheers quickly change to boos as Mike Hill and LPL both walk slowly out. They raise their arms together and the crowd start a chant of ‘You Suck’. Mike Hill and LPL both swagger down the ramp, ignoring the jeering fans as they go. They both jump up onto the apron before flipping over the ropes. They take to two corners before both flipping off and landing in the centre of the ring on their feet. They taunt River Ace and Acer before the referee has to split the two teams up.

RJ: These two guys are so c0cky it is untrue, how they can team up with each other, knowing the other one only loves themselves never fails to amaze me.

MW: Obviously you are easily amazed, this a team that has been together for over a year now, they have gone through a lot together, and I just can’t see them throwing a win away here.

Mike Hill takes a step back onto the apron and River Ace does the same on the other side of the ring. The bell rings and LPL takes an instant before he flies across the ring and dropkicks Acer who stumbles into the corner. LPL immediately kicks Acer in the chest, before lifting him up and chopping him across the chest. The crowd are booing as LPL whips Acer across the ring. Acer’s back slams into the corner before falling forward. LPL walks over to Acer and waits for the former commissioner to push himself up to his feet, when he does LPL just connects with a swinging neckbreaker.

RJ: LPL isn’t giving Acer any chance to get any sort of advantage in this match.

MW: He has shown a lot if maturity so far in this match, showing that for all the experience of Acer, LPL has learnt how to match him in just a year.

LPL lifts Acer up, but the former commissioner chops LPL’s chest before grabbing hold of his arm and whips him across the ring and he slams chest-first into the corner. Before LPL can fall onto his back Acer grabs hold of him and connects with a backbreaker. LPL rolls on the mat holding his back as Acer kicks him hard in the spine. Acer lifts LPL up and looks ready to connect with a Downward Spiral but LPL pushes him away.



Kick out!

LPL starts crawling towards his corner, and Acer walks over to him, LPL jumps up, kicking Acer to the floor before falling to the mat. They both start crawling towards their corner, LPL gets there first tagging in Mike Hill who jumps up over the ropes and runs into the ring. The crowd pop as Acer dives across the ring and tags in River Ace who ducks underneath the ropes, Mike runs at him, but River Ace dodges the clothesline and responds with a series of punches as Mike is punched into the corner. River Ace grabs hold of Hill and hits him with a snap suplex.

RJ: River Ace has come out here looking fresh and ready for Mike Hill, he is being relentless with his wrestling here against Hill.

MW: I still think Mike will come back fighting.

River Ace grabs hold of Mike’s legs and tries to put him in a Sharpshooter, but Mike kicks him away before jumping to his feet. River Ace goes to chop Mike against his chest, but Mike grabs hold of River’s arm and snaps it back. Mike kicks River Ace in the mid-section before grabbing hold of his waist and lifting him up connecting with a gutwrench suplex. Mike stomps on River’s chest before walking over to the corner, he climbs up to the top rope and taunts the crowd before diving off.







The crowd cheer loudly as the referee sees that River Ace had his foot hooked under the bottom rope. The crowd are chanting ‘River Ace!’ and Mike looks furious, he starts to beat the mat as he urges River Ace to get back to his feet, it’s clear Mike is ready to hit the Over the Hill on River Ace and is waiting for him to get up. River Ace groggily pushes himself to his feet.





Mike looks in serious pain as the crowd cheer loudly, LPL runs into the ring but Acer charges across the ring.



Mike can’t take anymore of the submission hold and he starts to tap as the crowd pop loudly. River Ace and Acer are taken by the referee who lifts their arms in the air and the crowd are going crazy for them as Mike Hill holds his side in the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:20 pm

Backstage River Ace and Acer are talking to Clarissa.

C: Are you happy with that win?

RA: Of course we are, there have been a good share of doubters since we joined together, we have been called has-beens, old, worn out. Yet we have just shown there that we can cut it with the so-called young and talented stars of 6WF.

A: River has said all that needs to be said, I hope through that match we have got more support from people in the arena, at home and here backstage.

C: I am sure you have, well now you two can take your well-deserved break.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:20 pm

Blue Dragon is stood in the gym hitting the punch bag repeatdly, the sweat is pouring down his forehead. Clarissa walks into the gym.

C: Hey Blue, you're working yourself a bit hard considering you're gonna have a big match next?

BD: This is hardcore Clarissa, this is no normal match, I can't just make the normal preperations. I have to be ready to go through pain and suffering.

C: Do you think you are ready to face Mr. Crowley?

BD: I have been ready for this for a while now, I want to show Crowley that Hero is no god, that I am the god of Hardcore!

C: Thankyou for your time.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (06/03)   Survival Results (06/03) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:21 pm

Match 3
Hardcore Title
Blue Dragon (c) vs. Mr. Crowley

RJ: We have already had two brilliant matches so far, but it is only going to get better. Up now we have the Hardcore Title on the line. Blue Dragon promised to bring hardcore back to the Hardcore Title, but he has a big task lying in front of him as he is taking on the Church of Hero member Mr. Crowley.

MW: Blue Dragon has no chance tonight, he is talk, no action. The only way he will bring hardcore back is the way he will be left broken and bl—dy after this match.

RJ: You just have an irrational hatred for Blue Dragon, in my opinion, he is the most suited for the hardcore division of anybody in the roster, including Mr. Crowley.

MW: It is not irrational! I am just tired of having to listen to and watch Blue Dragon talk rubbish and fail to wrestle competently.

Mr. Crowley’s usual organ music plays out and the crowd boo as Mr. Crowley steps out slowly, he is wearing a red robe, with a gold ‘H’ emblazoned on the back. He strides down the ramp ignoring the booing fans. He gets to the ring and climbs up the steps before stepping over the top rope into the ring. He removes his robe and reveals the ‘phantom’ mask underneath. He makes the sign of Hero across his body before raising one arm in the air which is met by loud booing from the packed out arena.

RJ: Mr. Crowley is in his second run in 6WF, but this time he has the backing of the Church of Hero behind him and he is more angry and more dangerous than ever before.

MW: After the way we saw him leave the company last time, in a burning casket, I didn’t expect to ever see him again. But Hero stretched a hand out to Crowley and saved him from the darkness.

‘Freak on a Leash’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd cheer massively loud. Blue Dragon steps out onto the stage wearing his new ring attire. He is holding a steel chair and he raises it in the air before smashing it on the fan barrier and lifting it in the air as the packed out arena start chanting ‘Dragon!’ Blue Dragon walks down the ramp and keeps lifting the chair in the air to big cheers. Blue Dragon climbs into the ring and square up to Mr. Crowley who just stares back at him.

RJ: Blue Dragon has come out here looking confident, and by bringing that chair out with him, he has made his hardcore intentions perfectly clear.

MW: He has made it clear that he can’t actually wrestle and needs to subsidise his talent with metal and wood.

The referee takes the Hardcore Championship off of Blue Dragon and lifts in the air, the crowd cheer and the ring bell rings out throughout the arena and Crowley goes for a big boot, but Blue Dragon lifts the chair up and Crowley’s foot smashes into the chair. Crowley falls to one knee and Blue Dragon boots him with a hard kick. Crowley falls down on his back, Blue Dragon walks slowly around him before stomping down hard on the Church of Hero member. Blue Dragon lifts Crowley up and whips him into the corner, Blue Dragon runs at him and connects with a hard shoulder into his mid-section.

RJ: Blue Dragon has looked mightily impressive in these opening minutes of his title defence, I have been impressed with him.

MW: He has got lucky, using that weapon early on was a dirty, little trick. No need to make this match unfair from the beginning.

RJ: Michael, are you sure you really understand hardcore?

MW: Not what Blue Dragon calls it; no.

Blue Dragon goes to lift Crowley up to the top rope but he kicks Dragon away, Blue Dragon stumbles backwards, he runs at Mr. Crowley, but the Church of Hero member connects with a clothesline and Blue Dragon is nearly flipped over. Crowley kicks Blue Dragon hard in the back of the thigh, he grabs hold of the steel chair that Blue Dragon brought in and smashes it hard down on Blue Dragon’s knee. He repeatedly smashes the chair over the knee before finally digging it into his knee with the edge of the chair.

RJ: Crowley is truly sadistic.

MW: It is brilliant; the so-called ‘master’ of hardcore cannot cope with the sheer sadism of Mr. Crowley!

Crowley lifts their chair up to slam it down on the ribs of Blue Dragon but as he swings down Blue Dragon kicks his leg and Crowley falls down, and the chair opens up and Crowley’s face smashes into the metal. Crowley is slumped, his face smashed on the open chair. Blue Dragon slowly slides out of the ring and walks, he is limping on the left leg, he roots under the ring and slides a table in, 3 steel chairs, a dustbin, some barbed wire and then pulls out a huge ladder to a massive pop. Blue Dragon looks pretty pleased with himself as he sets the ladder up on the outside of the ring, he climbs up the ladder and stands on top. He stretches his arms out before diving off with a senton bomb, Crowley however gets up quick enough and just slams the steel chair over the back of Blue Dragon.

RJ: That has got to hurt, Blue Dragon fell from a great height and had that viscous steel chair shot, he certainly can’t be feeling great.

MW: Dragon took an unnecessary risk and paid for it, he got exactly what he deserved RJ.

Crowley is groggy on his feet, he grabs hold of Blue Dragon’s legs and puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf, the crowd are booing as Blue Dragon’s leg is put under even more stress. Crowley puts a lot of pressure into the hold as he bends down, bending the back and twisting the legs of Blue Dragon. Crowley is laughing as Blue Dragon reaches out for the ropes to no avail. Crowley releases the hold but then grabs the barbed wire and wraps the barbed wire around the legs of Blue Dragon, before resuming the hold, Blue Dragon is crying out loudly in pain now as the barbed wire cuts into his skin. Blue Dragon starts elbowing Crowley, who just ignores him before Dragon catches him on the ribs.

RJ: Blue Dragon needs to get in a better position than this, Crowley is targeting the leg of Blue Dragon, and so far it seems to be working.

MW: Blue Dragon is probably too stup1d to even realise what Crowley’s game plan is, never mind work out a way of stopping him doing it.

Blue Dragon crawls over to the ropes and uses them to help him up, Crowley runs at him but Blue Dragon ducks down and he throws Crowley over the top rope, the challenger’s head smashes against the ladder steps. Blue Dragon pulls the barbed wire off of his legs and wraps it around a steel chair, before sliding out of the ring. Blue Dragon limps up Crowley who is just pushing himself up off of the ladder and swings the chair at Crowley, but the Church of Hero member dodges away and Blue Dragon connects with the ladder. Dragon swings the chair wildly and he connects with Crowley’s head, the barbed wire digs in and the chair hangs on his face as he falls to his knees.


MW: Oh, when Crowley does something similar it’s sadistic, but when Blue Dragon does it, it’s spectacular, favouritism.

Blue Dragon lifts Crowley up, pulling the chair off of his face revealing the crimson mask of Mr. Crowley, he lifts him up and whips him into the steel steps. Crowley smashes into them hard as the crowd chant ‘Dragon!’ Blue Dragon lifts Crowley violently up, but Crowley knees him hard in the mid-section before flipping him over his head and Blue Dragon lands painfully on the steel steps to a big crash. Blue Dragon rolls around on the outside holding his back in pain as the crowd boo Crowley. Mr. Crowley lifts Blue Dragon back up and lays him on the announcer’s table.

RJ: This does not look good for us at all.

MW: If it wins Crowley the Hardcore Title, WOAH! WE NEED TO STEP AWAY I THINK.

Crowley takes the ladder over to the announcer’s table and starts slowly climbing up it, RJ and Michael Wire jump over the fan barrier to the outside. The crowd are silenced in disbelief, Mr. Crowley gets to the top of the ladder and makes the sign of ‘Hero’ before diving off with an elbow drop.



Crowley lays in the wreckage of the announcer’s table as the crowd are chanting ‘This is Awesome!’ Blue Dragon slowly rolls to the ring-side and uses it to help himself up. Dragon grabs hold of the dustbin, table and a steel chair pulling it from the ring. Blue Dragon sets up the table, before walking over to Crowley. He lifts him up, and slams the steel chair against his back as Crowley clearly has a crimson mask now. Blue Dragon drags him over to the table and shoves the dustbin over his head before lifting him back to his feet.




RJ: Blue Dragon has done it!



Blue Dragon is helped up by the referee outside of the ring and handed the Hardcore Title, he lifts it in the air and it is clear his body has a few new scars after that match.
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Mr. Crowley is walking backstage, his head is bandaged up, and he looks very annoyed, he pushes the doors of the Church open and steps inside. All of the Church are stood staring at him, Hero is at the back of the church, and in front of him are various Satanic items.

H: Would you like to explain to your Lord why I have found these in your personal locker?

MC: Why are you looking in there?


MC: I'm staring to get tired of this stuff now Hero, with the powers from Luther himself I beat you 5 times in a row, I was unbeaten against you.


The rest of the Church step towards Crowley who gets ready to fight.

H: Leave him my disciples, he is not worth it. Remember that the Beloved Disicple will join us tonight, remember my followers that the Beloved Disciple is arriving.
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Match 4
Chaos/The Fanatic vs. Abe Abercorn/Snake Eyes

RJ: We have a big match up now where these two have clashed numerous times over the past month, they first faced off in the Tag Team Tournament, this has developed into a feud where all four men have got very personal with each other.

MW: Chaos has made it his personal mission to make it h3ll for both Abe Abercorn and Snake Eyes, and so far, he seems to have done pretty well.

“Keep Pushin’” blasts its way out over the speakers and Abe Abercorn steps out onto the ramp to loud cheers from the capacity crowd. He walks down the ramp, tagging as many of the fans hands as possible. He reaches the bottom of the ramp and turns to face the fans before clapping them. He slides into the ring and leaps to his feet warming up.

‘Good Times’ by Kanye West hits as a spotlight searches the arena before the crowd erupts as Snake Eyes strolls out into the arena. He salutes the fans before walking to the ring to join his tag partner, he slaps Abe’s hand and the two wait as...

RJ: These two have come out to separate entrances, but the bond those two men share is clear. Snake Eyes has said he can sympathise with Abe, and I am not surprised, they have had similar stories for their careers.

MW: They have both been underrated...for a reason. Didn’t win a world title for ages...for a reason. And left without being forced to by injury or firing...for a reason.

“It’s an Omen” rings out followed by “Granite” by Pendulum. Chaos makes his way to the ring with the European Title over his shoulder, being shadowed by the humongous presence of The Fanatic. Chaos slides into the ring and The Fanatic steps over the top rope and stands tall, arms crossed staring at his opponents.

RJ: These two can be incredibly s1ck at times, Chaos has done things that he should have been locked up for.

MW: Don’t be so over-dramatic RJ, he has just been a breath of fresh air to 6WF, and hopefully he will destroy two parasites tonight.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The Fanatic and Snake eyes lock up with The Fanatic getting the upper hand. He hits Snake eyes with a big uppercut rocking him and then whips Snake eyes across the ring and on the rebound goes for the clothesline but Snake eyes duck and jumps off the opposite ropes and hits the Fanatic with a flying cross body. The Fanatic is quickly up but Snake eyes hit him with a few kicks to the ribs and then pushes him into the turnbuckle and jumps onto the second ropes and starts punching him in the face and the fans cheer but the Fanatic grabs Snake eyes and lifts him up to his shoulder and hits a massive powerbomb.

MW: Very fast start by The Fanatic, high-impact powerbomb there.

Ref:1...............2.......Kick out!

The Fanatic drags Snake Eyes to his feet and hits a series of big punches on Snake Eyes that back him against the ropes. Snake Eyes hits a boot into the stomach before running off the ropes and sunset flipping over into the pinfall. He hooks the leg.

Ref:1...............2......Kick out!

Snake Eyes rolls up onto his feet, he hits a series of hard kicks up into the gut of the Fanatic, who then just grabs the leg of Snake Eyes and spins him around but Snakey hits a spinning wheel kick. The Fanatic rolls to his feet and Snake Eyes bounces off the rope going for a one handed bulldog but The Fanatic shoves him away with ease. Snake Eyes rolls to his feet and he is floored with a big boot from the Fanatic.

Ref:1.................2........Kick out!

RJ: Even start.

The Fanatic drags Snake Eyes towards the corner, he hits a series of boots into the face followed by a tag into Chaos, who hits a Jeff Hardy like dropkick using the ropes. Snake Eyes rolls back and Chaos flies back off the top rope with a moonsault which connects. He hooks the leg.

Ref:1..............2......Kick out!

Chaos waits for Snake Eyes to rise followed up with a headbutt, he then goes to whip Snake Eyes to the corner but Snake Eyes reverses sending Chaos to the corner. Snake Eyes runs towards him but Chaos hits an amazing pele kick on Snake Eyes. Chaos then drags the groggy Snake Eyes towards him followed with a reverse STO.

MW: Emporium starting to dominate.

Ref:1..............2..........Kick out!

Chaos makes the tag into The Fanatic who steps in and stomps away on Snake Eyes before lifting him up in a spinebuster position. Chaos flies off the top rope and nails a missile dropkick, The Fanatic covers...

Ref:1...............2..........Kick out!

The Fanatic lifts up Snake Eyes and boots him in the gut before going for a 2nd powerbomb but this time Snake Eyes manages to hit a hurracanrana. The Fanatic stumbles towards Snake Eyes as he tries to tag in Abe, Snakey nails a superkick before tagging in Abe who lifts the giant Fanatic onto his shoulders and hits a Samoan drop. He makes the cover.

Ref:1...............2.........Kick out!

Abe places The Fanatic into an armbar, the big man fights his way up to his feet and then spins away from Abe. He runs towards Abe who hits him with a leaping leg lariat, The Fanatic stumbles to his feet and Abe hits another lariat. The Fanatic rises once more and Abe hits a Leg Lariat. He covers.

Ref:1...............2........Kick out!

MW: Abe Abercorn bringing momentum back to his team.

Abe waits for The Fanatic to rise before hitting a couple of knifedge chops, he then attempts to place The Fanatic onto his shoulders but he elbows his way out. The Fanatic tags in Chaos, Abe runs at Chaos who hits a big spinebuster. Abe stumbles up and Chaos hits a bulldog.

Ref:1...................2..........Kick out!

Chaos lifts up Abe and hits a big neckbreaker, he then runs off the ropes and nails a lionsault. He drags Abercorn towards the centre of the ring and attempts to lock in the G-Spot but Abe manages to boot him away. Abe stumbles to the corner and Chaos runs at him but Abe hits a flapjack into the turnbuckle, he hits a German suplex out of the corner and tags in Snake Eyes. Who climbs up to the top rope, he signals for his finisher.



Snake Eyes dives off of the top rope but Chaos rolls out of the way and Snake Eyes holds onto his back, Abe holds out his arm trying to get the tag, Chaos crawls over to his own corner, trying to tag in The Fanatic. Chaos makes the tag and then Snake Eyes tags in Abe Abercorn to a big cheer! Abe runs into the ring and he grabs The Fanatic around the waist and goes for a German suplex, he connects and bridges the pin.

RJ: 1...2...3!

MW: Nope, no, no RJ. The Fanatic tagged Chaos in...and....CHAOS RISING!

Replays show that as The Fanatic is flipped over, his hand flies through the air and slaps Chaos’ hand tagging him in. Chaos then runs in and catches the confused Abe off guard with his finisher. Snake Eyes runs into the ring, but Chaos manages to dodge the way and Snake Eyes falls through the ropes. Chaos grabs hold of Abe’s legs and puts him in a G-Spot!

RJ: Abe is looking in a lot of pain.



RJ: It’s all over!

MW: Chaos made Abe tap! The ULTIMATE INSULT!

RJ: Chaos and The Fanatic walk out here winners, it was a brilliant match!
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Backstage Abe Abercorn is stood with Clarissa.

C: You asked 6WF to organise you an interview after your match, how dissapointed are you after losing that match?

AA: I have to be honest Clarissa, as always, I am honest. I am brutally dissapointed. I let Snake Eyes down, I let the fans down, but most of all I let myself down. This isn't a simple loss for me, this has affected me to my very core. I only want to do this when I am at my very best, and right now, I don't feel like I am at my best.

C: What are you saying Abe?

AA: Well after some consideration, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of my friend Snake Eyes and step down from 6WF immediately. This is not a final goodbye, I am sure I will be back. But I need to reassess my career, and when I come back, I will be better than ever.

C: This is shocking news Abe, any idea when you will be back?

AA: I will be gone as long as it takes. When I come back though, I can assure you, that I will make a bigger impact than ever before!
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*Max Adamson and Chris Patricks are shown in their locker-room warming up ahead of the Main Event. They are laughing and joking but then their faces turn deadpan.

CP: You see that folks, we may enjoy a laugh and joke at the expense of the two transformers, Saint and Cassius but at the end of the day, we are serious competitors and now is no time for joking. This is our most important night as a team. if we walk out of Survival as Champs we will go down as possibly the best Tag Team in 6WF history, forget Fists of Fun and Perfect Execution, Max and Paddy will surpass them all and with all these new Tag Teams coming through we will have set the bar higher than ever before

Max: I hear what your saying and just to correct you there is no “If’s” about Sunday we WILL be walking out of Survival as Tag Champs, the others haven’t got what it takes to beat us, The Church have tried and failed and Cass and Saint are to busy trying to look all mean and brooding to be a problem to us. The only ones who can cost us are...ourselves. But we aren’t that stupid, so let’s stop pretending to be all robotic and just win the match, then we party...Max and Paddy style.
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*The action returns to the backstage area where Crime Lord is shown in his dressing room, he is talking animatedly on the phone to someone. He is nodding to himself and pacing around the room.

The door jars open and the Freeweight Champion and Crime Lord’s tag team partner Trevor Swann walks into the room. Crime Lord immediately stops the phone call and turns towards Swann.

Trevor Swann: Ready for our match then?

Crime Lord: Of course I’m ready Swann, the question is are you ready for once Swann?

Trevor Swann: Woah chill out. What’s got you so angry? Was is that phone-call, who was it?

Crime Lord: None of your business Swann , Just get out of my way. Make sure you’re ready for this match.

*Crime Lord shoves Swann out of the way and leaves the room, leaving Swann to stand looking bemused.
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Match 5
Soldiers of Fortune vs Crime Lord/Trevor Swann

RJ: Ladies and Gents welcome back to 6WF Survival live on Eurosport and Eurosport HD, what a great show we’ve had tonight so far.

MW: We’ve had a series of enthralling tag team matches so far tonight, and another one is to follow although I can’t see it being that enthralling as Crime Lord and Trevor Swann take on the Soldiers of Fortune. Should be an easy victory for Crime Lord and Swann.

RJ: I don’t think it’ll be that easy Michael, of course the soldiers of Fortune defeated Crime Lord and Trevor Swann in the tag team title tournament, which is what led to this feud and match.

MW: It’s their PPV debut, they’ll be nervous and Crime Lord and Swann will exploit that!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following is a tag team contest scheduled for ONE FALL. Introducing first, at a combined weight off 500lbs the team of Crime Lord and the 6WF Freeweight Champion Trevor Swannnnnnn!

“Rain Wizard" screams out and Crime Lord comes marching out.He stands for a moment and then ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ is blasted out and the crowd boo as Trevor Swann steps out, he has an English flag tied like a cape around him and is holding is trusted cricket bat. He lifts his bat in the air which causes the crowd to get even more hostile. Crime Lord and Swann stride down the ramp simultaneously before stepping into the ring and staring over at the Soldiers of Fortune.

MW: Here’s a real team RJ! A real legend of 6WF and someone who will go on to be a legend, these two are two of the best competitors in the world let alone 6WF and have pulled off big wins on Pay Per View time after time.

RA: And at a combined weight of 480lbs, the team of Castiguer and Angelo Anneire...The Soldiers of Fortune!

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor booms out through the speakers and the Lights go down and then the music pulses with a heartbeat on the screen.Pyros explode all along the stage,blues and reds, and then the camera turns black and white as the masked superstars Angelo Anneire and Castiguer. They pose at the top of the ramp before walking down the ramp as the colour appears back and pyros burst from the announcers desk they slide into the ring, they leap up and salute the fans.

RJ: What a debut month these two have had, and they will be hoping to cap it off with a first Pay Per View victory tonight!

The bell rings for the start of the match up, Crime Lord begins in the ring with Castiguer. They lock up, Castiguer manages to put Crime Lord into a headlock. He whips him out across the ring, Castiguer comes back off the ropes going for a spinning heel kick but Crime Lord drops down to the floor. Castiguer lands behind Crime Lord on his feet, and as he rises he nails a Yakuza kick. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2.....Kick out!

Castiguer rolls up onto his feet, he waits for Crime Lord to rise before booting him in the gut. He then tries to lift Crime Lord onto his shoulders but he can barely hold him as Crime Lord fights his way out. Crime Lord pulls Castiguer in towards him and crashes a big uppercut into the chin. Castiguer stumbles around and Crime Lord hits him with a hard suplex. He unwisely rolls up unsteadily and Crime Lord knocks him down with a running clothesline. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2.......Kick out!

Crime Lord gets to his feet, he stomps away on Castiguer. He then goes for an elbow drop but Castiguer rolls away. He runs off the ropes as Crime Lord rises and hits a springboard back elbow. Crime Lord stumbles up and Castiguer goes to whip him to the corner but Crime Lord is too strong launching the masked star to the corner. Swann offers his hand out for the tag but Crime Lord ignores the offer and goes for a running clothesline but Castiguer gets a boot up into the face. Castiguer walks out of the corner and Crime Lord spins towards him and Castiguer connects with a codebreaker!

Ref: 1...................2.......Kick out!

Castiguer drags up Crime Lord, he hits a knee to the gut and runs at Crime Lord who flips him up into the air and goes for a vicious powerbomb but he slides down the front into a hurracanrana. Castiguer tags in Anneire, who receives a loud pop. He tags in Anneire to a loud pop from the crowd. Anneire goes up to the top rope and Crime Lord rises to be met with a flying clothesline. He groggily rolls to his feet, he is lifted up by Anneire who lands a Samoan Drop.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!
RJ: Anneire has the power game to match Crime Lord.

Anneire places Crime Lord into a full nelson to slow the frantic match pace down. He hits a series of knees into the back, and then slowly gets to his feet. He hits Crime Lord with a full nelson slam immediately. Crime Lord rises and Anneire hits a big German suplex.

Ref: 1..................2...........Kick out!

Crime Lord is dragged up by Anneire, Crime Lord hits a jawbreaker and makes the tag frantically to Swann who looks shocked after Crime Lord didn’t tag him in earlier. He runs towards Angelo who nails a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker spun around into an implant DDT!

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Swann kicks out, Anneire waits for him to rise before going behind him and lifting him up in an electric chair position. Swann manages to roll down the back and roll up Anneire.

MW: Swann’s got this one!

Ref: 1.....................2..................Kick out!

RJ: No he hasn’t Michael!

Angelo just about kicks out, Swann then stomps on him quickly. Anneire shuffles back to the corner and manages to tag in Castiguer, he tries to springboard over the ropes into a shoulder block but Swann is there too quickly and hits a hard kick into the chest followed up with a hard suplex into the canvas. Swann bridges down into the pin.

Ref: 1....................2......Kick out!

Swann drags up Castiguer, he boots him in the stomach and starts to pummel him across the back with a series of clubbing fists. Castiguer grabs him by the waist and sends him out across the ring but Swann comes back off the ropes with a flaying lariat that sends Castiguer crashing down. He makes the cover.

Ref: 1....................2.........Kick out!

Swann rolls to his feet, he drops a series of knees down into the chest before hitting a standing moonsault. Swann rolls away and accepts the offer of the tag from Crime Lord. Crime Lord waits for Castiguer to rise, he runs at the former 6WF Champion who nails a flapjack dropping Castiuger face first into the turnbuckle. Crime Lord hits a running splash followed by a spinebuster out of the corner. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

MW: Too easy for Crime Lord!

Crime Lord picks up Castiguer, he knocks him down with a clothesline before dragging him up and hitting a hard boot into the face. Castiguer rolls away to the corner but Crime Lord drags him out and uses the ropes to lift Castiguer up and hit an alley oop bomb out of the corner. He quickly tags in Swann as he rolls to the outside, he lines up the Swann Dive and connects!

Ref: 1.......................2.................Kick out!

RJ: Amazing will and heart from Castiguer, he just doesn’t give up!

Swann gets up in anger, He drags up Castiguer and goes to lift him onto his shoulders but he fights away and scarpers to the corner where Anneire tags in. Swann runs at Anneire who merely scoops him up and powerslams him down viciously! Swann rises, Anneire boots him in the stomach and has him in a front facelock, Swann spins out and has Anneire into an armbar and tags in Crime Lord who goes up top. He lines up a double axe handle off the top rope onto Anneire but he fights his way out and Crime Lord hits the double axe handle on Swann.


Crime Lord spins around and Anneire nails an instant implant DDT! He makes the cover.

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

Anneire gets to his feet, he waits for Crime Lord to rise before flooring him with an STO backbreaker into a reverse spike STO. Crime Lord rises and Anneire hits a Samoan Drop! He covers quickly...

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

RJ: Getting closer!

Anneire lifts up Crime Lord and boots him in the gut...

RJ: FORTUNE TELLER! This should finish it!

Anneire doesn’t cover following his finisher instead tagging Castiguer who goes up to the top rope and nails an imploding 450 splash.

RJ: This is over!

Ref: 1....................2.................3!

MW: Damn it! Damn it! How the h*ll did that happen?

RJ: Heart, Determination and Ability Michael. What a win on PPV debut for The Soldiers of Fortune and I am sure they will enjoy tonight.

*Anneire steps into the ring and celebrates with Castiguer.
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*The cameras now show Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch, they are in the Church of Hero locker-room, but Hero isn’t in there. James is stood on his feet, Murdoch sat on a chair. They are watching a monitor showing highlights of matches of Cassius Zhi and The Saint, and Max Adamson and Chris Patricks.

Clarke James: This is our chance Marshall. Look at the fear our every move is regarded with. You see it in our opponents. In the eyes of Cassius Zhi, I see the fear he has. Cassius pretends to be this big hard man, someone who isn’t worried or startled, who is emotionless. But deep down, he is scared. He is scared of the Church of Hero Marshall, scared of us.

And you know why? Because we are better than them, in every single department. We are more feared, we are better wrestlers and we have beaten them in these mind-games. They are past-it, all of these men. Cassius, Saint, Adamson, Patricks...They’ve all tried the mind-games. Cassius tries to talk about ending our careers. He seems to have forgot we’ve ended one already. And we are more than happy to add some more names to the list, to our legacy.

See, I bet a few months ago Cassius didn’t think I’d be knocking at his door, one-upping you every time I set foot in this ring? Making the ‘Champ’ look like a chump! He’s not ‘sane’, He’s an unhinged mess. Him and Saint cry the same rivers, bleat the same boring tune. How does it feel knowing your disposable? Knowing anyone in this company could step in and take your place?

This is our opportunity, we have to take it. We take this and domination will be ours. We will be the best, we will cement the legacy that our lord so richly deserved.

*Both James and Murdoch then kneel in prayer.
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Match 6
"Number One Contender" Match
Perfect Jack vs Solomon Riddick

RJ:Big grudge match now folks on what has been an exceptional night of 6WF action.Not only is this one personal,but it is also highly lucrative.The winner will be next in line for a shot at Cassius Zhi and the TAW World Title.

MW:Solomon Riddick is just moments away from claiming the interim prize,and then sooner rather than later he will lay seige to the door of Cassius' title reign and he will rest the championship from his grasp.

RJ:Maybe but I wouldnt count Perfect Jack out of this.Jack has a very legitimate reason to feel aggrieved here tonight,he already won a match last month making him number one contender but now Danny McGraw has stacked the odds against him again...and said that if Jack doesnt win this match then his previous title shot is null and void.

MW:Brilliant Association tactics,Jack got lucky last month when he beat La Pulga Loco but he will not be so fortunate here tonight.He knows that Riddick is the most dangerous prospect in the 6WF...

RJ:Indeed he does.And Riddick does hold a good claim to not only this match but a showdown with the TAW Champion himself.Three times has Solomon defeated Cassius Zhi,and he also holds a pinfall victory over Jack this month aswell....whoever walks away victorious poses a very real threat to the monopoly of Miss Jessica's army.

The lights in the arena dim and the crowd boo as a white light shines from the stage and then erupts in pyros as "Always" blasts out.The eerie Solomon Riddick marches to the ring,eyes unmoving behind his mask and he climbs into the ring.He throws his head back and a sick smile crosses his face as he looks up towards the titantron.

RJ:The monster of The Association,and this man has terrified the masses since joing this federation...he has put many superstars on the shelf,including the TAW Champion and tonight he looks to carry on his path of destruction...

MW:This guy is the real deal...he combines speed,athleticism and power into an incredible hybrid and tonight he will take one step closer to the top of the mountain...

"I am Perfection" plays out and the crowd in the arena pop loud as Perfect Jack storms onto the stage.His eyes blaze with focus and he walks down the ramp,the fans reach out and tag his back as he reaches the ring.He looks up at Riddick,with no fear,and then storms the ring as the crowd cheer.

RJ:Jack wasting no time here...he wants to take the fight to Riddick...

Jack runs into Solomon as the bell sounds and both men trade blows.Jack pounds Riddick back to the ropes but then takes a solid knee to the gut and a very stiff uppercut.Riddick launches Jack into the corner and repeatedly punches and kicks him until Jack slumps in a heap.Riddick ignores the referee and then runs in and slams his knee into Jack's jaw...

MW:Haha that flipped very quickly...Jack cant stand toe to toe with Solomon,that just wont work!

Riddick drags Jack up and punches him back against the ropes and then sends him across the ring,he tilt-a-whirls Jack as he comes back but Perfect slides out and connects with a russian legsweep..........1.........kickout!.....Jack stomps and pummels Riddick before dragging him up and knife edge chopping him back to the ropes...


Jack goes for an irish whip buts its reversed with ease,Jack comes back off the ropes and Riddick looks for a big boot but its ducked....

RJ:Chopblock from Jack...clever tactics,target the knee and keep the big man down!

Jack stomps away at Riddick's right leg and then wishbones it as the crowd cheer.He jumps up and drives his knee into the leg of Riddick before synching in a standing leglock.He squeezes with pressure until the hold is released when Riddick kicks him backwards...

MW:Alot of strength left in those legs though....

Jack runs back and leaps at Riddick but is caught in a bearhug.Solomon slams Jack back into the corner and stomps on his stomach before dragging him into the middle,he flips Jack into the powerbomb position and then into the fallout neckbreaker..........1...............2........kickout from Jack.

RJ:Solomon trying to take control now...

Riddick drags Jack up with ease and then headbutts him back against the ropes.He sends Perfect across the ring and then gorilla presses him into the air,he stands there for a moment,demonstrating his strength,and then slams Jack into the mat.Riddick smiles and then runs off the ropes...

MW:Big splash coming up...oh!

The crowd cheer as Jack gets his knees up and Riddick rolls away.Jack scrambles up and he european uppercuts Riddick into the corner and then kicks him repeatedly before snap suplexing him into the centre of the ring.Riddick gets back up and Jack suplexes him again...........1.................2.........powerout!.

RJ:We knows its going to take more than that to keep this man down but its a good start from Jack...

Perfect jags his elbow into the back of Riddick's neck and then whips him to the corner.He runs in but eats a boot to the face and staggers back,Riddick takes a moment and then sprints out with the bicycle kick...

RJ:Dodged it....GERMAN!

The crowd cheer as Jack nails a brilliant bridging german..........1................2............kickout.Jack wipes sweat from his brow but is immediately on Solomon with clubs to the back and then a double underhook suplex..........1.................2..........shoulder up.Jack kneels and pummels Solomon before standing up and letting out a roar of frustration...

RJ:This crowd is right behind Perfect Jack...they can feel the injustice that he is even in this match....

MW:Thats rubbish...this match was signed by Danny McGraw...

RJ:Who runs the Association!


RJ:What group do La Pulga Loco and Solomon Riddick belong to?

MW:The Association...


Jack punches Riddick onto the ropes and then looks for another irish whip.Riddick keeps ahold of Jack's right arm and pulls him into the centre and onto his shoulders...he looks for a death valley driver but Jack spins off the back and stomps in the back of Riddick's knee before nailing a float over facebuster...........1....................2...........Solomon kicks out!

RJ:Its been nearfall after nearfall in the last few minutes for Perfect jack...really upped his game here tonight....

Solomon struggles up as Jack goes to the corner and stands on the second rope...


The crowd groan as Riddick amazingly bicycle kicks Jack in midair and knocks him to the mat.Jack staggers up again and Solomon runs through him with a huge clothesline,sending Jack crashing to the outside.Solomon ignores the referee and follows.He grabs Jack's head and slams it against the announce table before pulling him to the steel steps and slamming his head against that aswell...Jack sways on the spot before Riddick throws him,head-first into the ringside barrier!

RJ:Its some serious head trauma for Jack to survive now...Riddick is on a mission...

Solomon throws Jack back in the ring and then climbs up on the apron.He watches Jack trying to get up as Riddick goes to the top rope....

MW:Beauitful spinning back elbow...the big man has some serious grace...

Riddick floors Jack again and then climbs to his feet.His dark eyes are still unblinking as he waits for Jack to stand up...

RJ:X-Factor....that could do it...

Solomon pins after the facebuster............1..................2..........kickout from Jack.Solomon climbs up and stares at the referee before adjusting his glove....

MW:What is he thinking here....Devils Advocate?

RJ:I think maybe a chokeslam...

Riddick clutches Jack around the throat and lifts him for a chokeslam but Jack spins in midair and rolls through into a pinning combo........1................2........Solomon kicks out.Both men scramble up and Solomon ducks a right hand....

RJ:Huge bicycle kick again....Jack is going to have a concussion in the morning....

The crowd boo Solomon as he puts Jack down and then goes back to the ropes and climbs up.He stands motionless on the top rope and stares down down at Jack...

MW:So at home on the top rope....its quite unnerving for such a big man....

RJ:I agree....OH WHAT SPEED!

Crowd:Per-fect Jack x5

MW:Where did he come from?

Jack is up in a flash,he darts to the corner and up the ropes before overhead belly to belly suplexing Solomon down onto the canvass.There is a few minutes pause as both men struggle to move and then...

RJ:Jack has the cover...

.............thr-shoulder up!

MW:Whiskers away....Solomon needs to get his head back in this game...

Jack stands up,his eyes blazing,and he beats his chest and holds his arms out with focus as the crowd cheer him.He jumps up and down as he waits for Solomon to stand up...

RJ:Jack is fired up big time here....he senses a big win....PERFECT SLAM!

Jack's version of the "Angle Slam" is nailed and then he rolls up and grabs the legs of Solomon,the whole arena erupts...

MW:You dont think....


Jack spins into the submission put as he turns his back he is kicked into the turnbuckle by Riddick...Solomon climbs up and runs in for a clothesline but Jack ducks it and waistlocks him....

RJ:German suplex....second time....SUBMISSION LOCKED IN!

This time Jack synches in the figure four and Solomon can be heard shouting in pain.The crowd scream "Tap!....Tap!.....Tap!" over and over as Riddick tries desperately to reach the ropes.Jack is squeezing with all is might as Riddick claws at his own mask and looks in real pain...

MW:I have never seen the monster look so vulnerable/..I think he is gonna tap....

RJ:I think you could be...


MW:Solomon almost passed out from the pain....UH OH!

RJ:Games may have just stopped!

Riddick sits up and a red glow emenates from his eyes as he reaches over and grasps Jack around the throat.The hold is broken and both men get to their feet....

RJ:This isnt good....WHAT A CHOKESLAM!

Riddick drills Jack into the mat and then takes a few moments as he tries to recover from the figure four...he finally collapses down next to Jack...


MW:Its....he kicked out!

RJ:Half a second way.....

Solomon stands up and brushes his head and then grabs Jack by the head.He draws his finger across his throat and then pulls Perfect up....

RJ:Jack may be about to enter his final resting place....CATA-NORTHERN LIGHTS!

1.................2................Riddick kicks out!

MW:Great counter by Jack....

Both men scramble up and Jack shoulder tackles Solomon back against the ropes,Riddick comes forwards and looks for a big boot but Jack ducks it and looks for a german...

RJ:Great back and forth....THE PUNCH....OH MY GOD!

MW:Devils Advocate connects....


RJ:Ring the bell....

MW:Oh ho yes....

The crowd are all cheering as the referee waves his hands away and points to Jack's foot on the ropes.Riddick cannot believe it as he stands up and gets in the ref's face.There is a lot of a argument as another "Jack" chant starts in the crowd...

RJ:This is unreal...what a heart this young kid has...

MW:But how much farther can it take him?

Solomon seems angry but he grabs Jack by the head and pulls him up.He flips him into the Catacombs and runs off the ropes...

RJ:Jack slid off the back,look....SPRINGBOARD BULLDOG!

Jack stands up from his aerial assault and sways unsteadily,he lets Riddick stagger up and he kicks him in the stomach....


Riddick spins from the suplex attempt and seizes Jack around the throat.He lifts him skywards but Jack manages to seat himself on Solomon's shoulders and he performs a forward roll into a pinning combo....


MW:He kicked out....

RJ:No he never Wire....this match is over!


The crowd are on their feet applauding as "I am Perfection" screams out and the referee raises Jack's arm in victory.Jack slides from the ring and celebrates with the fans as Riddick is going ballistic in the ring,kicking the ropes and holding his head in fury.The replays show Jack holding Solomon down just for the three count.

RJ:Great match between two very exceptional athletes...I said before the contest that either one of these men would prove a stern test for Cassius Zhi but on this night it has been proven that Jack's heart will not be stopped....this young kid has the eye of the tiger and he is set for a world title showdown....fully deserved,well done Jack.

MW:I hate to admit it but your right.Both men gave it their all but Jack survived all of the monster's onslaught,not many can boast that.He is a deserving contender and I cannot wait to see him go up against Cassius....

RJ:Credit where credit is due,Solomon fought one heck of a fight and that man could easily be a world champion.But tonight was his night....he couldnt beat Jack....and now Perfect is moving onwards and upwards.

Jack stands on the ramps and smiles at the crowd cheers before walking into the backstage area.
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*Clarissa is stood backstage following the 6th match of the evening, Perfect Jack is strolling down the corridor smiling to himself.

Clarissa: Quick word if possible Jack?

PJ: Of course Clarissa fire away.

Clarissa: Great win there over Solomon Riddick, now you’ve defended your right to the N01 Contendership is the target now Cassius Zhi and his TAW Title?

PJ: Yes most definitely Clarissa. That is my ambition, that is what every single person in this company is working towards a world title. There is no denying how good a competitor Cassius Zhi is, and just how dangerous he can be.

But he seems to have been distracted by a little fly, my former tag team partner Lex Hart. Now I sympathise with Cassius, I really do because I know just how annoying he can be. But Cassius can’t be distracted especially when his next challenger is the Perfect One. To reach complete Perfection, I need the world title. And I will get it.

Clarissa: Thank you for your time.
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Backstage Lex Hart is with Miss Jessica.

MJ: C'mon Lexy, relax a little, you've been tense all night.

LH: Can you blame me? Really?! I am going into my first defence with a load of nutters!

MJ: But you're the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

LH: Hero has his Church, GDC could pull something out his bag, and Enforcer something?

MJ: You have this match in the bag, let's face it Lexy Babe.
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Main Event 1
6WF World Championship
Lex Hart (c) vs. Hero vs. Enforcer vs. GDC

RJ: This crowd are going absolutely crazy, and I do not blame them! We have had a stunning show so far, and things are about to get even more amazing.

MW: You are right RJ, we now have Lex taking on three other men, but with his world title on the line the odds are stacked against him.

RJ: That’s right, and remember folks, Lex Hart does not have to be pinned or submitted to lose the title he won just one month ago.

MW: Anybody can be pinned, anybody can be made to submit, and Lex will lose the title, unless of course Lex is the one who wins.

RJ: Which will be an incredibly hard task, like you said the odds are stacked against him, he faces off against Hero, the man who is followed by his loyal flock literally religiously, and is a 6 time World Champion, a 2 time 6WF World Champion and TAW Champion, being our very first Undisputed Champion and Grand Slam winner.

MW: Quite a list of achievements, GDC, while he hasn’t won a big one just yet, is a former Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champion and I am positive GDC would be world champion by now if he hadn’t took on the hard task of being Shutdown Commissioner, having to fight against the rising power of the Association.

RJ: I wouldn’t forget Enforcer, he is a former European and Tag Team Champion, not forgetting his impressive 6WF World Championship win, where he actually beat Hero, he then joined forces with Cassius and Mr. King to form the Super Powers, before looking for a challenge somewhere else. But he is where he belongs these days and he will look to regain the title he gave up tonight.

MW: In short, the odds are firmly against Lex Hart, but is from a good family stock, who wouldn’t ever let the odds dictate whether they won or not.

‘Scotland the Brave’ booms out of the speakers and the crowd boo loudly as a long line of bagpipe players all walk down the ramp, playing their instruments, a limousine slowly drives down the ramp, stopping in the middle of the two lines of bagpipe players. The booing increasing in volume when GDC steps out of the back seats. The limo drives back, and GDC raises one arm in the air. GDC strides down the ramp, coming to the steps he walks up them and gets into the ring, he climbs up one corner and lifts his arms in the air.

RJ: GDC has turned his back on the fans, he asked for redemption from them, and threw it back into their faces. I am not sure whether they will ever forgive him for that.

MW: But since he relinquished that need to ‘love’ the fans, he has been challenging at the very top, and I truly believe that tonight could be his night.

‘Saturday Night’ blasts out of the arena speakers and the entire arena erupts into cheers. Enforcer walks out wearing some hockey gear, on the back instead of a number it has 6WF, and above it says ‘Enforcer’ and below says ‘World Champion’. Enforcer lifts his arm in the air and the crowd start chanting his name over and over again. Enforcer walks over to some fans and rips off his hockey shirt he throws it at the fans and they all grab hold onto it, fighting over who gets to keep it. Enforcer removes the rest of the gear and runs down the ramp, he climbs into the ring. He stares at GDC, and looks him up and down before climbing up to the top rope, he lifts his arms in the air as the crowd cheer him.

RJ: This sell out crowd are making no secret over who they are going to support tonight. Enforcer is the remaining Beacon! He is taking on the delusional ‘king’ GDC, he is taking on the egomaniacal Lex Hart, and he is fighting a self-proclaimed ‘god’ in Hero. It’s no surprise that he has such massive support behind him.

MW: He can have as much support as he wants, it’s not going to win him this match.

‘Here Comes the King’ starts to play and the crowd’s cheers change to boos. The entire arena is bathed in dark and suddenly a white spotlight switches on and start searching on the titantron, before it stops on a figure who has his back to the ring. His arms are outstretched, his long hair and beard are fully visible though and Hero flips off of the titantron and he starts floating down to the ring upside down, every time he passes a certain section of the arena the lights comes back on, he gets to the ring and flips back down landing on his feet. The crowd are booing him really loudly as he climbs up to the rope and stretches his arms out. He flips down, landing on his feet once more.

RJ: Hero is an arrogant, egotistical, smug, conceited liar! He has sucked in some naive and ignorant young wrestlers into his false promises and fancy words. For five years I have had to put up with Hero, and while he has done some dodgy things in the path, Anarchy, Omnicide and turning on Trash TV, this whole Church of Hero <censored> is the worst thing so far.

MW: We can always count on Hero to give us an amazing entrance though. He is the master of appearance. RJ, you cannot insult Hero like that, he has got such followers on his side because he is charismatic, talented and is offering salvation. It’s simple really. He has got rid of the sinners like Crowley, and already tonight we have heard that the ‘Beloved Disciple’ will be making his debut, could it be in this match?!

‘Burn in my Light’ screams out of the speakers and the crowd are silent before bursting into a massive chant of ‘YOU SUCK!’ Lex Hart swaggers out slowly with Miss Jessica by his side, he kisses Miss Jessica as the crowd continue their chant. Miss Jessica strokes his chest with one finger before making her way backstage. Lex Hart walks c0ckily down the ramp, shouting back at the jeering fans. He holds the 6WF World Title up in their faces before walking over to the ring, he climbs up the stairs before standing in the middle of the challengers and just showing off the world title in front of them. He kisses it before climbing over to the corner and lifting the title in the air.

RJ: Lex Hart never fails to amaze me with his sheer c0ckiness. It really is astounding that one man can love himself so much. Yet, especially with Miss Jessica by his side, he is a formidable force and one that I believe everybody in 6WF has to worry about. However I can’t help but wonder who wears the pants in that relationship.

MW: Well it is clearly Lex Hart, he wears the pink pants! It doesn’t matter who is in charge, it is a mutually benefiting relationship, and it seems that they really have fallen for each other. You should respect that RJ; he has found somebody who is good for him.

The referee is handed the belt and he lifts in the air as the announcer picks up the mic.


The referee hands the title to a stage hand before he signals for the bell to be rung, and when the familiar sound of the ring bell is heard the crowd pop. Immediately all three men pile onto Lex, GDC connects with the first hit, connecting with a hard swinging fist to his jaw, Enforcer is next kicking Lex in the mid-section which causes him to bend over, Hero grabs hold of his head and hits him with a DDT. Lex Hart just rolls out of the ring and the other three men stand there, looking at each other, before GDC makes the first move, going for a big boot on Hero, but the Grand Slammer winner ducks underneath the big foot and connects with a shoulder on GDC’s leg taking him down.

RJ: Lex Hart was targeted from the beginning and is pretty motionless on the outside of the ring after a quick barrage of three moves.

MW: It’s down to the three men in the ring for now, and wouldn’t be that be shocking if one of them got a quick pin now, with Lex quickly taken out of the picture for a short while.

Hero is quick to get back to his feet, but isn’t quick enough as Enforcer elbows him hard in the face, Hero stumbles backwards and Enforcer pushes him hard into the corner. Enforcer smashes his shoulder into Hero’s ribs before connecting with three punches, each punch greeted with a massive cheer from the crowd. Enforcer lifts Hero up to the top rope and climbs up with him, Enforcer looks ready to connect with a superplex, the crowd are chanting his name as he sets the move up.


MW: They flew through the air!



MW: The 6WF World Champion is back into the equation!

Lex Hart lifts Enforcer up and hits him with a few jabs before chopping him across the chest, Lex hooks his leg behind Enforcer’s and takes him down to the ground. He turns around and GDC connects with a massive uppercut which sends Lex Hart stumbling backwards. GDC grabs hold of Lex’s arm and whips him into the corner and he connects hard before falling face first into the mat. GDC is urging Enforcer to get up, and when he does...





GDC runs and tries to connect with the Highland Hell but Enforcer ducks underneath it, when GDC turns around Enforcer goes for a Face Check but GDC hits him with a thunderous big boot and Enforcer slumps to the mat. GDC turns around and Hero dives off of the top rope, hitting him with a crossbody which takes him down, Hero goes to roll him up, but GDC uses the momentum to get out of the pin attempt. Hero flips back to his feet and GDC groggily gets back to his, Hero kicks GDC in the mid-section and connects with a bulldog. Hero goes to the top rope.



Hero flies through the air with the big high-flying move but Lex Hart connects with him in mid-air which an impressive super kick. Hero rolls out of the ring and Lex Hart slides out of the ring, he grabs the groggy Hero and slams his face against the ring apron, before grabbing hold of Hero’s arm and going to whip him into the ring’s steel steps, Hero smashes into them with a crash. Lex Hart stands c0ckily with his arms outstretched before he walks over to Hero and kicks him in the ribs, he bends down and Hero grabs hold of his head and smashes it into the steel steps, and Lex Hart starts to bleed slightly.

RJ: Hero has just made Lex Hart bleed!

MW: I just can’t see a winner yet.

Hero gets back up, holding his back he pushes Lex away who is holding his face. Hero whips Lex Hart into the announcer’s table. Hero grabs hold of Lex Hart’s head and tries to slam it down, but Lex stops him and instead reverses it and slams Hero’s face onto the announcer’s table. Hero groggily turns around.


MW: Enforcer is on the outside!

Enforcer connects with his finisher on Hero, Lex tries to kick Enforcer away but the Beacon of Excellence grabs hold of Lex’s leg and pulls him closer punching Lex hard across the jaw, Lex stumbles away and Enforcer grabs hold of his arm and whips him into the fan barrier. Lex’s ribs hit against the barrier hard and the crowd are going crazy, Enforcer starts punching Lex at the barrier before rolling the world champion under the ropes into the ring, Enforcer starts to climb to the top rope and the crowd are going absolutely crazy!

RJ: He wouldn’t....or he would.....MOONSAULT!


Enforcer flies off with the moonsault, but Lex Hart rolls out of the way at the very last second and Enforcer connects hard with the mat. Lex Hart is using the ropes to get himself up when suddenly he is taken out by GDC who clotheslines him over the top rope and starts to pin Enforcer.

Kick out!

RJ: GDC tried to take advantage of the situation, but Enforcer was still far too aware to be pinned at that point.

MW: GDC was smart to try that though.

GDC lifts Enforcer up and lifts him onto his shoulders, he throws him down to the mat and Enforcer crashes down. GDC kicks Enforcer in the ribs before hitting a knee drop on his arm. GDC grabs hold of Enforcer’s arm and puts him in arm bar. GDC releases the hold and gets back to his feet raising his arms to massive boos. Suddenly Hero comes flying from the top rope connecting with a missile dropkick and GDC is sent flying. Hero grabs hold of Enforcer’s legs and puts the big man in a Sharpshooter.

RJ: Enforcer looks in serious pain from the submission hold, Hero is back into this fight now and is punishing Enforcer.

MW: Still Lex Hart is out of the ring and can’t seem to find the energy to get back into this contest.

Enforcer cries out in pain as he reaches for the ropes, but they are just out of reach. The crowd are chanting his name repeatedly, hoping that it urges him to fight out of it. Hero is screaming at Enforcer to ‘Repent!’ Enforcer’s face is screwed up in agony as he tries to resist the temptation to tap and end the suffering now. Hero bends further down increasing the excruciating pain. Enforcer looks ready to tap when Hero is kicked violently around the head by Lex Hart.

RJ: The sound of that boot connecting with Hero’s skull was heard all around this arena!

MW: Lex Hart just saved his title there; Enforcer didn’t have much left in him.

Lex Hart stomps on Hero before grabbing turning around and almost having his head taken off by GDC’s boot, Lex Hart ducks underneath it before kicking GDC in the mid-section, he grabs hold of GDC’s arm and twists it behind his back before jumping up and hitting him with a neckbreaker. Lex Hart climbs up to the top rope, the crowd are booing him as he taunts them before he signals for a high-flying manoeuvre.



3broken up!

Lex Hart connects with the moonsault on GDC but Hero dives across and breaks the pin attempt up. Lex Hart crawls over to the ropes and uses them to help himself up as he stands up his crimson mask is clearly visible. Lex stumbles forward and Hero kicks him in the mid-section.



3broken up!



Hero stands up slowly and looks furious as he stands toe to toe with Enforcer, the crowd are going crazy as they chant ‘Let’s go ‘Forcer!’ Hero slaps Enforcer across the chest and Enforcer grabs hold of Hero and whips him into the corner. The crowd start to boo as Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch appear on the ramp. Xeres and Vladimir Reznikova both climb down through the crowd. Enforcer dives from out of the ring and starts trying to fight off Xeres and Reznikova, but Clarke and Marshall attack him from behind, Enforcer tries to fight him, but they’re all going backstage.

RJ: Enforcer tried to fight the Church of Hero off, but it has fallen backstage, I sure hope he is okay, but at the moment we have to concentrate on this match, which seems to have become a Triple Threat.

MW: Hero obviously had that in mind the entire team, Enforcer seems to have ruined his plans, but Hero will still believe he has a very good chance at winning this match.

The crowd are stunned into silence, in the ring Hero walks over to Lex Hart and lifts him up, he chops the world champion across the chest, before pushing him into the corner.



GDC charges across the ring and goes for his finisher, but Hero just grabs hold of his arm and turns it into his own finisher, Hero turns around.



A: The winner of this match and STILL 6WF WORLD CHAMPION OF THE WORLD..........LEEEEEEEXXXX HAAAARRRRRTTT!!!!!!!!!

The crowd all boo as Lex Hart is handed his World Title as he lays on his back pulling the belt close to his chest. Miss Jessica struts down the ramp and into the ring, she helps Lex Hart up, and lifts his arm in the air as Lex holds up his world title in the air with his other hand.

RJ: What a massive first main event we have had tonight at Survival, Lex Hart, against the odds, has walked out of this match still world champion.

MW: But up next is the final match of the night, and it’s for the 6WF Tag Team Championship!
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*The action goes backstage for the final time in the evening, With Cassius Zhi and The Saint the final team shown ahead of the main event.

Cassius Zhi: Oh how some people in this company amuse me! James says me and you bleat about the same things, that we are boring. Yet he seems to have some sort of unhealthy obsession with us. What is the point in you and Murdoch? You say we are play-toys for Jessica, not as much as you are for Hero.

Your reason for existence is to being some bizarre, subservient, toy-boy whor(beep) for a creepy middle aged head-case who, led by a desire to feel wanted again, began to encourage all the new young kids in the company to come into his room, with its phallic symbols and it’s dark corners. Where’s your ambition Clarke, where’s your desire? Where’s your independence...where’s your pride Clarke?
If you had any of those you wouldn’t be following Hero around like a dog, you’d be out there fending for yourself trying to get to the top, reach a level that is reserved for greats like Me and The Saint.

The Saint: Me and Cassius, our relationship was fractious...we were on the point of collapse Clarke. And that would have made yours, and those two fools Paddy and Max’s life a lot easier. But we knew that we had to impose ourselves upon the tag team division and impart the mantra our partnership was built upon, instil it until the ring of the bell that solidifies our status as the most dominant tag team in 6WF history, spread the word until we are named Tag Team Champions, let 6WF know that No-one is Safe.

And what has come of our realisation? Countless bodies strewn in our wake, an overwhelming inevitable tide that breaks closer and closer to the gold strapped round Adamson and Patricks’ waist, The Ultimate Team, building and forming a solid, dangerous cohesion that threatens to come into its own at Survival.
What the Church of Hero aims to achieve is domination, yet your aims, goals and objectives will be stifled by the sheer magnitude of what you will face. Your Lord may forgive you both, for your endless failure but myself and Cassius are the opposite, an unforgiving, relentless force that’s only goal is to destroy, whether it be physically or costing our opponent their sanity! Start considering your offerings of forgiveness now, for your post match thoughts will be consumed by the horror you have just been on the receiving end of.

Then Paddy and Max... One a failed Australian Comedian, whose limited vocabulary is supplemented by a wanting ability to perform under pressure, similar to that of the faulty chromosomes that led to your being here. And then the other proponent of the cringe worthy slapstick that has reduced the integrity of those tag team titles, Chris Patricks. A man with so many demons, yet choses to air these demons to suck the sympathy out of every pore of the crowd.

Don’t worry Christopher, your failure to hold on to those titles at Survival will only complement your deceased’s ability to navigate a car properly reducing the Patricks name to one of failure. A failure at wrestling, a failure at retaining titles and a failure at life!

Cassius: The world superpower...The Ultimate Weapon...A combination that strikes fear through bodies and hears whenever the name is heard. Together we shall bring Ultimate Destruction and Carnage to the tag team division. The reign of terror begins tonight.
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Main Event
6WF Tag Team Championships
Max Adamson/Chris Patricks(C) vs Cassius Zhi/The Saint vs Church of Hero(Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James)

RJ: Folks, it is now time for one of the most talked about tag team matches of all time, our Main Event tonight for the tag team titles.

MW: The tag team tournament really has re-ignited the tag team division, and tonight is the culmination of this tournament, and it will be competed in by three of the best teams to have ever graced 6WF.

RJ: And three teams who really cannot stand each other, the hatred and tension between these teams has been seen all week, in fact all month. The war of words has just gone on and on, but now it’s time for the words to stop up and only the actions to be counted.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the following is your 2nd MAIN EVENT of this evening, it is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

*Crowd Pop

RA: Introducing the first a combined weight of 446lbs representing the CHURCH OF HERO...CLARKE JAMES AND MARSHALL MURDOCH!

‘Papercut’ is blasted out and Marshall Murdoch steps out, he kisses his necklace which is just a ‘H’, before taking it off and holding it tight in his hand. He strides up the ramp ignoring the booing crowd, and he slides into the ring. He grabs the ropes and starts pulling on them all, making sure the ring is in good shape before he points up and then does the sign of the ‘H’.

“Spotlight” blares out and the crowd’s boo continue as a hooded Clarke James strides out onto the stage, he takes off the head and the crowd boo louder. He then walks down the ramp almost transfixed before stepping in to reveal his own necklace with “H” on it, He also kisses it before he and Murdoch sink to their knees and pray with their necklaces.

RJ: The two least experienced men in this match but they really have been impressive since joining 6WF...

MW: That lack of experience doesn’t match RJ, they have been learning from the very best in Hero. The man is a god, a bonafide legend RJ. The most experienced man in 6WF, they have collateral of his experience.

RA: The 2nd of their a combined weight 590lbs...The Saint and the TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Cassius Zhi!

‘They Say’ screeches out of the speakers and some of the crowd start a chant of ‘Cassius gonna k1ll ya!’ as Cassius walks out calmly onto the stage, he has the TAW World Title over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp confidently. He ignores as the fans all stretch the arms out to get a touch of the two time world champion, Cassius climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring. He lifts the title in the air.

‘Monster’ is blasted out and the crowd give a mixed reaction as Saint steps out, he lifts both of his arms in the air as the crowd give an almost half and half reaction to the former World and Internet Champion. The Saint strides confidently down the ramp before stepping into the ring and staring across at the COH, he then walks towards Zhi and stares across uneasily.

RJ: What a terrific combo these two are folks, absolutely destructive and both love inflicting this destruction!

MW: With Miss Jessica seemingly caught up with Lex Hart, these two could be looking to prove something to her, Hart and the wider public. You don’t hear that much when talking about a champion of the world.


The crowd pop loudly, “Refuse/Resist” hits and the crowd start to cheer, Patricks walks out, he lifts his arms in the air as pyros go off, he takes off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd, he then comes sprinting down the ramp and slides into the ring before leaping up and saluting the fans.

“Lets talk about it" by White Denim plays and the crowd pop as Max Adamson strides out onto the ramp, before posing at the top and then striding down the ramp saluting Patricks in the ring and slapping the fans hands before sliding into the ring!

RJ: No doubt about it, one of the best tag teams there has been in 6WF despite their relatively short time together as a team.

MW: They’ve got a great mix of skills, but face a very difficult task tonight. They are clearly at a disadvantage in the match.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings for the beginning of the match, and it’s Max Adamson who starts off in the ring with The Saint. The two men lock up, and are quiet even. They break cleanly, Adamson goes back in for the lock up with The Saint but he crunches a boot into the stomach. The Saint then begins to press down on the back of Adamson with some clubbing fists. Adamson pushes The Saint back towards the corner but The Saint is able to whip Adamson into the steel post shoulder first, he brings Adamson out from the corner and hits a Samoan Drop. He covers.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Adamson is beat down upon by The Saint immediately, hitting a series of stomps down onto the back. He then has Adamson into a seated abdominal stretch. Adamson fights his way up and The Saint drills him down to the canvas with a pumphandle slam. The Saint makes the tag to Cassius Zhi who steps into the ring, Zhi drags up Adamson and goes for a spinning roundhouse kick but Adamson manages to duck underneath it and nail a German suplex. He bridges over into the pinfall.

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

Cassius kicks out, Max is slowly up onto his feet and he drags up Zhi hitting a series of European Uppercuts. He then whips Cassius across the ring and hits a big back body drop followed by a tag into Chris Patricks who goes to the top rope and nails a guillotine leg drop! He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2.....Kick out!

Patricks lifts up Cassius Zhi and boots him in the stomach, he goes to run the ropes for a front flip piledriver but Zhi counters with a spinning wheel kick. Zhi waits for Patricks to rise before hitting a series of roundhouse kicks into the stomach and side, followed by one final kick to the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

MW: Quite an even start in this match up.

Cassius quickly boots away on Patricks before running off the ropes, James makes the blind tag and Cassius hits a dropkick on Patricks. He get up to continue the offence but he is forced out of the ring by the ref, James steps past with a smirk etched on his face. Cassius gets right into the face of James, giving Patricks time to roll to the corner where The Saint tags himself in. Cassius now leaves the ring satisfied his team are still in the match.

James runs towards The Saint and hits a clothesline. James places the former world champion into an armbar. The Saint uses his power to fight up onto his feet and James. The Saint spins out, James aims a boot into the stomach but it’s caught by The Saint, James reverses with a vicious enzaguri kick. The Saint stumbles to his feet and sways towards the centre of the ring where James bounces off the ropes and hits a leaping reverse elbow to the face. The Saint is sent down to the canvas and James covers.

Ref: 1.................2.......Kick out!

James gets to his feet, he makes the tag into Murdoch who slowly steps through the ropes. They lift up The Saint and hit a double suplex. James then hauls up The Saint in a standing chickenwing and Murdoch crashes a series of fists into the stomach. He then drags The Saint away from James and scoops him up before hitting a slam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2.Kick out!

The Saint gets a powerful kick out from the scoop slam, Murdoch allows The Saint onto his feet and then boots him in the stomach. He hits a shoulderbreaker on the former world champion before tagging in Clarke James, who hits a plancha onto The Saint. He covers as Murdoch leaves the ring.

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

The Saint forces his shoulder up, James rolls onto his feet and pulls up The Saint. He goes for a boot to the gut but Saint grabs it, James counters with an enzaguri kick. The Saint stumbles up and James scoops The Saint onto his shoulders for a samoan drop but The Saint fights his way out and nails an implant DDT. The Saint covers.

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

RJ: That was a good series of offence for the Church of Hero but now The Saint has an opportunity to get back into the match.

The Saint gets to his feet, he drags up James and whips him out across the ring. He hits an impressive gorilla press slam, James hitting the canvas face first. The Saint runs off the ropes and crashes a vicious kick into the gut of the grounded James. He rolls in agony and The Saint pulls him to the centre of the ring where he hooks the leg.

Ref:1 ................2...Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up, The Saint is up and tags in Cassius Zhi. Sainty drags up James and throws him towards Zhi who hits a hard kick to the side, James spins around into a big right hand shot from The Saint which sends him back towards Zhi, who hits a spinning kick to the stomach. The Saint then pulls James towards him and hits a forward Russian leg sweep. He leaves the ring as Cassius covers.

Ref: 1.................2......Kick out!

Cassius drags up James, he hits a hard knee into the stomach before running off the ropes and connecting with a vicious swinging neckbreaker that sends James crashing to the floor. Cassius runs off the ropes and drives a knee into the back. He then runs off the ropes once more and hits a leaping elbow into the back of the head.

Ref: 1............2......Kick out!

Zhi hits some boots into the side, before placing him into an abdominal stretch. He slowly lifts James up and goes for a pumphandle slam but James manages to roll through with an arm drag on Zhi. James rolls away and looks to tag in Marshall, he gets the tag as Zhi rises. The TAW Champion runs towards Murdoch who hits a big spinebuster!

MW: Great power!

Ref: 1...................2............Kick out!

Murdoch allows Zhi up before hitting a knee into the stomach, before then throwing him across the ring with a T-Bone suplex. Murdoch allows him up before placing Zhi into an electric chair position. He manages to escape with a series of fists, Zhi is groggy and he stumbles in the ring where Patricks tags himself in.

Patricks places Murdoch into a front facelock. He heaves the Church of Hero member up to his feet and Murdoch counters by whipping Patricks across the ring before stopping him with a knee to the gut on the rebound. Murdoch runs past Patricks before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a bulldog, planting Patricks face first. Murdoch hits a running boot to the stomach for good measure before making the cover.

Ref: 1.................2.......Kick out!

Patricks gets the shoulder up, Murdoch is quickly onto the offence with a series of stomps down on the gut of Patricks. He then lifts the tag team champion to his feet and goes for a scoop slam but Patricks counters out of the slam with a snapmare. Murdoch rises to his feet and Patricks sprints across and leaps up to connect with a huge DDT!

MW: Amazing athleticism there from Chris Patricks.

Patricks pulls Murdoch back towards the corner where he begins to pile away with a series of fists into the stomach, he then makes the tag into Max Adamson. Patricks doesn’t leave the ring, he moves back from the corner and Adamson monkey flips Murdoch out of the corner and then Patricks leaps up and hurracanrana’s Murdoch to the canvas. Patricks then runs off the ropes and Adamson back body drops him into a splash on Murdoch. Patricks rolls to the apron on the ref’s order and Max makes the cover.

Ref: 1................2....Kick out!

RJ: Some great innovation there from Adamson and Patricks, mixing power and agility to maximum affect. That is why they’re the tag team champions.
Adamson rises to his feet after the kick out, he lifts up Murdoch and hits a series of European uppercuts that back Murdoch against the ropes. Adamson then whips him across the ring and goes for a back body drop...

MW: What a roundhouse kick from Murdoch! Adamson looks out of it!

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Adamson gets the shoulder up, Murdoch goes to the corner and he makes the tag to Clarke James who goes up to the top rope. Murdoch lifts up Adamson and hits a scoop slam and then James flies off the top rope with a plancha splash that connects. Murdoch leaves the ring, James lifts up Adamson and goes for a boot to the stomach, somehow he grabs it but James nails an enzaguri kick to the head.

Ref: 1..................2.......Kick out!

James rolls up to his feet, he stomps away on the head of Adamson. He then lifts him up and nails an atomic drop. He then goes to his corner and tags in Murdoch, they both bounce off the ropes...

MW: Spinning heel kick to the face from James just as Murdoch nails a big boot into the back of the head.

RJ: This is where the Church excel in a situation where they can take full advantage of the double team moves at their disposal. Constant, quick tags is a tactic that can’t you go far wrong with.

Ref: 1.................2......Kick out!

Murdoch places Max into a front facelock hold, he slowly heaves up Adamson and hits him with a series of stiff knees into the face. Murdoch continues with the knees that back Adamson to the corner, he hits a series of shoulder thrusts up into the abdomen of Max who hits a knee into the face as a way of counter. Murdoch falls back and Adamson runs at him...Murdoch lines up a belly to belly throw but Adamson reverses with a throw of his own. Murdoch rises and Adamson runs the ropes...

RJ: Fa-Maxxer!

Ref:1 ...................2..............Kick out!

MW: Barely a kick out from Murdoch!

Adamson gets to his feet in disbelief, he lifts up Murdoch and goes for the cyclone but he manages to spin away and he looks for a desperation tag, which The Saint makes. He sneaks up behind Adamson...

RJ: RKO! They’re going to win this one!
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Ref:1 .................2....................3.Foot on the rope!

MW: No way!

RJ: The Saint can’t believe it either...

Adamson is dragged up by The Saint, Adamson hits a jawbreaker he falls back and
Clarke James tags himself in quickly. He quickly has The Saint into a full nelson hold...

MW: Now James hits his finisher, Devils Cross.

Ref: 1...............2................Cassius Zhi breaks the pinfall!

RJ: Zhi has saved his team there!

MW: And now he’s going to have to face the Punishment.

Marshall Murdoch is now recovered, and he makes it his business to exact some revenge for his team-mate. He lifts up Cassius Zhi and begins to hit a series of fists and then runs off the ropes as Cassius stumbles...

RJ: Marshall Law! Zhi’s out of this match for the time-being at least.

Murdoch spins around only to be knocked to the outside by a Saint clothesline, Chris Patricks runs around the outside of the ring and then grabs Saint by the head and throws him out of the ring. The ref constitutes this as a tag...James runs over but Patricks pulls him down throat first across the ropes. Patricks walks backs along the apron to the top rope but James is up quickly, Patricks goes for a crossbody...

RJ: He pulled the ref in the way damn it!

MW: Clever tactics actually RJ, saving himself and his team.

Patricks gets up and checks on the ref. James runs up behind him and places him into a full nelson, going for the devils cross again. Patricks manages to spin his way out of the full nelson and hits a boot into the stomach...

RJ: Enigma Bomb!

MW: What was the point, the ref is out. And now he’s going to the top rope...

Chris Patricks heads to the top rope, he steadies himself upon the ropes and looks all set to land the Puzzle Solver when the crowd begin to boo. He seems confused and he spins around to see a man leaping over the barrier with an iron pole. He smashes it into the head of Patricks who falls from the top rope in almost slow motion.

He rolls into the ring and lifts up Patricks, he places him on his shoulders as the camera zooms in...
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RJ: This is sick...

MW: No, No, No RJ! It is brilliant, Hero is a god alright.

Crime Lord hits the lock n load, he drags James over Patricks and then helps to revive the ref before hastily hiding on the outside...

RJ: Not like this, ruining a great match...

The ref slowly rolls to the pinfall...

Ref: 1...............................2...................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this match by way of PINFALL and your NEEEEEWWW 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Representing the CHURCH OF HERO, Marshall Murdoch and Clarke Jamesssssss!

The crowd descend into a mass chorus of boos, Crime Lord helps up Marshall on the outside before grabbing the tag team titles. Murdoch slides into the ring with the belts, they help up James and he is handed one of the belts.

MW: What a momentous event, the first of many titles for the Church. What a sense of pride Hero must be feeling.

Hero comes walking out onto the ramps, James and Murdoch turn towards the ramps and fall to their knees in prayer...Crime Lord slowly follows suit as Hero smirks.

RJ: I think that confirmation of Crime Lord’s as a Church member.
The three men slowly rise and Hero claps them.

MW: He really is an all-loving god RJ. He may have lost his match but he is out here to show his appreciation for his disciples...what a man!

RJ: Well that’s all we have time for folks. Be sure to tune in for Lockdown this Thursday!

*Survival ends with The Church of Hero stood tall in the middle of the ring.
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Survival Results (06/03)
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