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 Betrayal Results (30/01)

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PostSubject: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:11 pm

*The cameras start rolling for Betrayal and the packed arena is going crazy, all the fans are cheering and going wild as music fills the arena. The camera goes around the arena showing certain people.*


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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:12 pm

Match 1
Fresher’s Ball
Dexter Morgan vs. Rob Loghain vs. Dan Everett vs. Cole Law vs. Dr. Shoe

RJ: Well we have our first match up now, and I will tell you now, keep your eye on whoever wins this match, after the history of people who have won this match, one of these guys could be a future world champion!

MW: From what I have seen of them all, they’re all more likely to end up being future McDonald’s workers.

RJ: Don’t be so pessimistic Michael.

MW: I’m being realistic.

Dan Everett’s music hits and the big man walks out onto the stage, he lifts his arm in the air as the crowd boo him, he walks down the ramp ignoring the jeering fans before climbing into the ring, he climbs to the top rope and rips off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd, he flexes his muscles on the top rope before looking around at the fans in disgust.

RJ: Dan Everett has strength on his side, but whether that is enough for him to walk out a winner remains to be seen.

MW: He looks pretty cocky, why I’m not really sure.

Rob Loghain’s music blasts out of the speakers and the crowd start cheering, Rob jumps up onto the stage, he has a big smile on his face, he walks down the ramp and slaps the hands of the fans as he passes them. He sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes, he slaps Dan on the chest and the referee has to hold him back, Rob climbs to the top rope and flips off landing on his feet. He runs around the ring, shaking the ropes and bouncing on the spot.

RJ: Rob is a high-flyer, but he hasn’t really lit 6WF up since his debut, he will hope to make a massive impact here tonight.

MW: More likely he is going to make a massive impact on the mat when he is slammed down on it.

Dr. Shoe’s music starts to play and the crowd continue to cheer as Dr. Shoe walks out, he is in his wrestling gear and he slaps the hands of some fans close to him, before inspecting their faces and handing out his business card. Dr. Shoe walks down the ramp and he points at the two guys in the ring and shakes his head before climbing up the steps, he checks out Dan’s behind and looks disgusted, he goes to hand Dan a business card, but Everett just rips it up in his face.

RJ: Dr. Shoe is one of the strangest guys I have ever seen in this company, and that is really something.

MW: He is desperate for people to use him a plastic surgeon, he has got to be joking, I wouldn’t go within 2 miles of him and a knife.

‘I Fought the Law’ is blasted out of the speakers and the crowd boo loudly as Cole Law steps out, he pulls out a trungeon and makes some swipes with it before laying it down on the stage. Cole walks down the ramp ignoring the jeering fans either side of him, Cole slides into the ring and he squares up to Dr. Shoe, he looks him up and down before making a handcuff signal, Dr. Shoe just responds by trying to hand him a card, which Cole looks at for a while before pulling out an evidence bag and placing it in.

RJ: Cole Law is a former police man, and he takes the discipline he learned on the streets into the wrestling ring.

MW: That has got to be one of the cheesiest things you have ever said RJ.

‘Dexter’s Theme’ starts to play and the crowd give the biggest cheer so far as Dexter Morgan walks out, he surveys the crowd before lifting one arm in the air. He walks down the ramp and signs a few autographs on the way, a group of fans are dressed in white lab-coats and are chanting his name, he walks over to them and starts shaking all their hands before getting into the ring. He and Cole Law start trying to stare each other down before Dexter cheekily slaps him on the cheek.

RJ: Dexter Morgan and Cole Law have been anything but close for the past month and tonight they have a real test, to see which of them is better.

MW: Really they’re finding out which of them is the best of the worst.

The bell rings and all five men just start brawling wildly, Cole Law connects with a massive uppercut on Rob Loghain, who stumbles backwards, Dr. Shoe and Dexter Morgan team up on Dan Everett, they whip him into the corner together before running at him and connecting with a double knee, before Dr. Shoe rolls Dexter up.

Kick out!

RJ: We have just seen a massive example of what this match is all about; you can’t trust anybody, it’s every man for himself.

MW: We have just seen how bad at pinning people these newbies are, I swear I could do a better job sometimes.

RJ: Would you like to test that theory out?

MW: No thanks.

Cole Law grabs Rob around the waist and connects with a German suplex, but keeps his arms locked around Rob before lifting him up again and connecting with a second German suplex, before lifting up for the third, but suddenly Dr. Shoe comes from behind and connects with a neckbreaker, Dan Everett grabs Dr. Shoe and throws him violently into the corner, Dan connects with a hard punch to the face but is Dan is suddenly taken out by a running bicycle kick courtesy of Dexter Morgan.

RJ: Dexter showing off his wrestling skills there.

MW: Showing off his lack of wrestling skills more like.

Dexter turns around and Cole Law kicks him hard in the mid-section, Cole throws Dexter into the ring post, and Morgan’s shoulder connects hard with the steel ring post, Cole lifts Dexter’s legs up and pulls him up smashing his head off of the turnbuckle, Cole pulls Dexter out and grabs him and connects with a Belly to Belly suplex. Cole turns around to see Rob Loghain on the top rope.



Cole catches Rob and puts him in the Million Dollar Dream, Rob is trying to struggle out of the hold, but can’t get out Cole’s grip, Rob is clearly losing consciousness as Cole puts more pressure into his submission hold, Rob’s eyes start going and the referee walks over, and lifts his arm up.


And again.


Once more.



Cole rolls Rob out of the ring but as soon as he turns around Dr. Shoe connects with a hard spear, he starts punching Cole hard in the face and then Dr. Shoe puts Cole Law into a Chickenwing submission hold. Dan lifts Dexter to his feet and pushes him into the corner, Dan smashes his shoulder into the ribcage of Dexter, before lifting him up to the top rope, Dan climbs to the top rope up with Dexter, and looks ready to connect with a superplex off of the top rope, but Dexter starts punching Dan, and he starts wobbling before falling down to the mat, Dexter dives off and connects with a hard splash on Dan.

Kick out!

RJ: Close there, Dan Everett was nearly our second elimination in two minutes.

MW: If he had been pinned there, he may as well have given up and walked from this company now.

Cole is reaching for the ropes, but can’t reach them as Dr. Shoe puts more pressure into the Chicken wing, Cole isn’t far from tapping and starts elbowing Dr. Shoe in the ribs, and after a split second lapse in concentration from Dr. Shoe, Cole takes the advantage and powers out of the hold, Cole uses the ropes to help him up, Dr. Shoe runs at him going for a clothesline but Cole connects with a hard big boot, Cole turns around and is taken down by Dexter who connects with a clothesline. Dexter climbs to the top rope and looks ready to connect with the Dark Passenger.





RJ: Close call for Cole Law there!

MW: You have got that right!

Replays show that as Dexter flies through the air, Cole drags Dan to where he was laying and Dexter lands on him instead. Dexter jumps to his feet and looks pretty happy with himself, Dexter lifts Cole up and kicks him hard in the mid-section, Dexter walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope and lifts Cole up at the same time.

RJ: M99!

MW: Pin now! Pin now!

Dexter grabs Cole and puts him in a Crossface, Cole cries out and pain and reaches out blindly for the ropes, he is just fingertips away from them, but he can’t grab hold, but then with one final push he grabs hold of the ropes and Dexter releases the submission move, Dr. Shoe walks over to Cole and lifts him up he kicks him in the mid-section and goes for a quick piledriver, but Cole clumsily pushes Dr. Shoe to the floor, but then violently connects with a Cole’s Law!



RJ: And we are down to two.

MW: Maybe one!




Dexter is celebrating in the ring as confetti falls from the ceiling and a man in a suit comes into the ring and he signs the contract.

RJ: Remember the name Dexter Morgan, he could be a future world champion if the history of this match is repeated.

MW: I seriously doubt it, I wasn’t impressed with any of those guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:12 pm

*Backstage Trevor Swann is in the gym, he is running between two points and bleeps go off every time he reaches each point, he stops doing his running and grabs the FreeWeight title which was hanging over a piece of equipment, he walks out and is met by Acer who squares up to him.*

A: I hope you haven't got that belt all sweaty in there Swann, I want it in pristine conditions for when I win it.

TS: Acer, you can have the right to be cocky when you actually achieve something, since you've been here for nearly 4 years, that doesn't look it will happen any time soon.


???: Spare us the rant Acer.

*Mike Hill swaggers up behind Acer.*

MH: Let's face it Acer, you don't have a chance in the world of winning that title, I have held that title before, and I am going to make sure tonight I hold it again.

TS: You think just because Duke can bribe his way into getting you into this match that you will beat me, don't make me laugh!

A: Both of you can shut your 'ego-tastic' mouths, because I am going to win that title, and you Hill will finally get off of my case!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:12 pm

Match 2
FreeWeight Title
Trevor Swann (c) vs. Mike Hill vs. Acer

RJ: A brilliant match on show for us next, Trevor Swann will defend his title against two men wrapped in a passionate feud.

MW: Trevor will hope that the other two guys are so distracted by each other that he can walk out STILL champion and continue on his quest for his century.

‘When I Get Down’ starts to play and the crowd cheer loudly as the familiar revs of the motorbike can be heard and Acer rides out onto the stage, his arm raised in the air. He drives down the ramp, and slaps the hands of some fans on the way down, Acer rides around the ring before getting of the bike and sliding into the ring. Acer climbs to the top rope lifts his arms in the air as the crowd pop, and start chanting his name.

RJ: Acer has had a hard time since his return, he has been dogged by Mike Hill who just has some vendetta against him, which doesn’t seem to be quenched by anything.

MW: Once again Acer is being shown as what he is; overrated!

‘Next Big Thing’ is blasted out and the crowd boo as Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage, he raises an arm in the air and the crowd boo as Mike cockily walks down the ramp, he taunts some fans on the way down before jumping up onto the apron and flipping over the ropes, he walks over to Acer and makes a title motion around his waist, before climbing to the top rope, he raises both arms in the air as the crowd boo and he flips down, landing on his feet.

RJ: Mike Hill is far too cocky for my liking, and the way he has betrayed people more than once makes me sick.

MW: Mike has done what is necessary to get ahead in this company, I condone him for that.

“Dreadlock holiday” blares out over the speakers and the crowd boo as a series of men dressed in cricket whites stroll out, they begin to bowl balls at the stage as Trevor Swann steps out and swats them away with his FreeWeight title. He smirks before walking down to the ring and sliding in.

RJ: Trevor Swann is one heck of a confident guy, and I honestly don’t blame him, for his faults, his rise up this company is mightily impressive.

MW: You got that right!

Trevor Swann suddenly slides out of the ring and the other two guys don’t even seem to notice as they square up to each other. The referee separates them before the bell rings and he takes a step back as the two men circle the ring, not breaking eye contact. Acer makes the first move, going to grab Mike Hill, but he is too quick for Acer and spins away dodging him, Acer turns around quickly but Mike connects with a swinging kick to his ribs, Mike jumps up and goes for a drop kick, but Acer catches his legs and pulls him into a Boston Crab, Mike cries out in pain but grabs hold of the ropes immediately, Acer releases the hold, he stomps down on Mike’s back before rolling him over and climbing to the top rope.

RJ: Acer gaining the early advantage to this match, but Trevor is playing the smart game staying outside of the ring.

MW: He will have to get involved at some point.

Trevor climbs up onto the apron and springboards off the ropes connecting with a missile dropkick taking Acer to the mat, Trevor starts kicking Acer hard in the ribs before pulling his legs up and putting him in a Sharpshooter, Acer reaches for the ropes but they are still far away, Trevor puts more pressure into the hold before releasing it, Trevor starts climbing to the top rope and the crowd boo loudly as Trevor signals for a 450 splash on Acer. Trevor dives off.



3broken up!

RJ: That was truly amazing stuff!

MW: I have got to say, that’s something I’d like to see in slow motion.

Replays show that as Trevor flips through the air Mike Hill jumps through the air and connects with a viscous Over the Hill, but Acer breaks up the pin attempt. Mike Hill gets to his feet but is taken down by Acer. Acer is back to his feet and he lifts Mike Hill up, but the former world champion slaps Acer hard across the face and before the referee can warn him he grabs Acer around the waist and takes him to the ground, Mike starts punching Acer in the face, before jumping to his feet, he grabs Acer by the arm, lifting him up and connecting with a hip toss, Acer slams down behind him, and Mike grabs Acer pulling him to his feet, Mike kicks him in the gut, and looks ready to connect with his finisher.



Acer reverses the move into a facebuster, and he rolls Mike over, he gets to his feet and Acer climbs to the top rope the crowd are going crazy as Acer dives off with a Shooting Star Knee Drop, and connects!

3kick out!

RJ: Close call for Mike!

MW: Trevor is slowly getting back to his feet; he needs to get back into this match if he is to have any hope of retaining his title.

Trevor groggily walks over to Acer, who chops him across the chest which is greeted by ‘Wooo’s from the crowd. Trevor stumbles backwards but as Acer goes for another chop, Trevor grabs him by the arm and connects with a hip toss, Trevor climbs to the top rope, he dives off with an elbow drop and connects with Acer. Trevor grabs Acer and lifts him to his feet, he whips Acer into the corner and then lifts Acer to the top rope. He looks ready to connect with a hurrincanrana off of the top rope.



Mike comes running across and as Acer slams into the mat, Mike connects with a flying clothesline which takes Trevor out of the ring, Mike lays one arm over Acer’s chest.

3kick out!

RJ: Mike nearly capitalised on a big risky move from Trevor Swann there, but Acer found the energy to kick out.

MW: All three men are running on fumes, the highflying action takes it toll.

Mike starts pushing himself to his feet and Trevor is back in the ring, he sees his opportunity as Mike is on his knees.


MW: That nearly took Mike’s head off!

Trevor climbs to the top rope and signals for it.




Trevor pushes himself to his feet as the fans boo, the referee hands him his title and Trevor lifts it up in celebration, Trevor slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp clinging onto the title belt.
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:13 pm

Match 3
European Title
Chaos (C) vs. Abe Abercorn

RJ: Yet more title action lined up next for you at Betrayal, as Chaos puts his European Title on the line against Abe Abercorn.

MW: Chaos really has made an impressive start to this new year, he won the European Title at our new year’s special show and has not looked back since. He’s got stronger and stronger, and has also created the Chaos emporium alongside the Fanatic.

RJ: Abe Abercorn really has had a bit of a mixed bag this new year, it started off with a loss in a TAW Title match against Cassius Zhi but he seems to have re-discovered some form heading into this match with Chaos. These two really are completely different in their outlook on wrestling and the way it should be conducted, but both are equally as effective.

RA: Ladies and Gentleman, The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first the challenger, he hails from Castlederg, County Tyrone and weighs 225lbs...ABE ABERCORN!

“Keep Pushin’” blasts it’s way out over the speakers and Abe Abercorn steps out onto the ramp to loud cheers from the capacity crowd. He walks down the ramp, tagging as many of the fans hands as possible. He reaches the bottom of the ramp and turns to face the fans before clapping them. He slides into the ring and leaps to his feet warming up.

MW: Abe Abercorn is a former world champion and an extremely experienced wrestler. He has dealt with many of 6WF’s biggest stars and no doubting he will be up for this tonight as he looks to win back a title that really propelled him up to the upper echelons of 6WF in his first stint.

RJ: Abe’s got a very submission based, technical style which he will have to utilise to the maximum to defeat Chaos.

RA: And now, from Brighton, England and weighing in at 173lbs he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION...CHAOOSSSSSSSS!

“It’s an Omen” rings out followed by “Granite” by Pendulum. Chaos makes his way to the ring with the European Title over his shoulder, being shadowed by the humongous presence of The Fanatic. Chaos slides into the ring and The Fanatic stays on the outside, arms crossed.

MW: Chaos really has kicked on as a competitor since the turn of the year, and no doubt the transformation from Gregers to Chaos has really given him that little extra something that separates good from great.

RJ: And having a figure like The Fanatic backing you up isn’t bad either!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings, the two men begin to circle the ring as Abe stares across at Chaos who smiles back. Eventually the two move forward and lock up and the crowd immediately cheer Abe on. Abe manages to manoeuvre Chaos into a headlock. Chaos spins out and goes for an arm drag but Abe blocks and then whips him out across the ring. Abe ducks his head for a back body drop which Chaos leapfrogs over, he bounces back off the ropes and goes for a bulldog but Abe pushes him away. Chaos lands on his feet only for Abe to run up behind him and get an Oklahoma roll!

Ref: 1..............2.....Kick out!

MW: That is one thing Chaos will have to watch out for, Abe has an array of quick pinfalls that he uses to perfection at most points.

RJ: It offers him an element of surprise.

Abe rolls up onto his feet, He hits a couple of stomps onto the right shoulder before placing Chaos into an armbar. The European Champion manages to fight to his feet and he aims a series of elbows into the side of Abercorn. Abe pulls Chaos towards him and changes tact hitting a snap suplex into a bridged pinfall.

Ref: 1................2......Kick out!

MW: Strong start here from Abercorn.

Chaos is allowed to his feet by Abe, who then hits him with a knifedge chop. Chaos clutches at his chest as Abe reels off a couple more knife-edge chops that send Chaos to the corner. Abe then retreats back before running at Chaos who uses the ropes to spring up. He puts Abe into a headscissors before flipping out of the corner and nailing an innovative Hurracanrana takedown. Chaos lifts up Abe only to knock him down with an STO into the cover.

Ref: 1................2........Kick out!

Chaos gets to his feet quickly, he brutally starts to stomp away at the head of Abercorn. He fires in around 20 stomps before the ref is forced to intervene. Abe crawls towards the ropes and Abe lifts himself up, Chaos walks over and whips Abe across the ring meeting him with a lifting knee to the stomach on return. Chaos then bounces off the opposite ropes and nails a one-handed bulldog. He rolls Abe onto his back and hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Again Abe gets the shoulder out, Chaos is quickly back onto the offence by hitting a series of knee drops down into the face. Eventually Chaos moves back and Abe gets to his knee only for Chaos to run over and hit a sickening boot into the stomach. He doesn’t give Abe any rest bite pulling him up onto his feet and hitting him with a couple of headbutts that back Abe towards the corner. Abe is placed on the 2nd rope by Chaos who hits a series of big uppercuts into the chin. Abe manages to lift a boot into the head and sends Chaos out of the corner. Abe then leaps off the 2nd rope towards Chaos....

MW: What a move from the European Champion!

RJ: Brilliant! Pele kick to the head! Outstanding awareness and agility from Chaos!

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

MW: Abe Abercorn is being dominated at the moment by Chaos. He’s really got himself back into this match following a slow start which could be put down to nerves of his first defence on PPV.

RJ: Abe’s going to have do something pretty quickly if he wants to get back into the match.

Chaos lifts Abe up, he then whips him across the ring and nails a double A spinebuster. Chaos doesn’t cover instead choosing to run the ropes and nail a lionsault!

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

Chaos gets to his feet angrily, he begins to hurl abuse at the ref who looks like slightly perplexed and signals for Chaos to get on with hit. Chaos moves back towards Abe and drags him towards the corner where he sits him down and then begins to stomp a mudhole into the face and head of Abercorn. He then stops as the ref looks about to intervene to then just place his boot across the throat of Abe and choke him out. The ref starts a count...

Ref: 1................2...............3..............4.........Chaos breaks the choke just before the 5 count and subsequent disqualification. Chaos then drags Abe forward and goes to put him in a half boston crab...

MW: Trying to use Abe’s game against him.

RJ: Not a clever move from Chaos. Abe boots him away.

Abercorn rolls up onto his feet, Chaos comes sprinting at him.


MW: Abe has that move down to a tee. Right at the perfect time!

Ref: 1.....................2..................Kick out!

Chaos just about kicks out of the leaping spear and the crowd begin to chant and cheer for Abe. He slowly gets to his feet and they cheer even louder, only to boo as Chaos gets to his feet. Abe quickly reels off a series of knife-edge chops, he fires in 10 that send Chaos to the corner. Abe then hits a running lariat in the corner, and as Chaos falls out of the corner puts him onto his shoulders and hits an airplane spin. As Chaos spins groggily, Abe boots him in the stomach and nails a DDT!

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

Chaos kicks out, Abe waits for him to rise before hitting a knee into the stomach. He grabs him from behind and nails a German suplex, he doesn’t bridge instead allowing Chaos to rise before hitting a running lariat. Chaos rolls to his feet and Abe nails a leaping leg lariat, and then Chaos rolls up again only to be floored with a running lariat and Abe dives down into the cover.

Ref: 1...................2............Kick out!

Abe gets to his feet, he stomps away at the right arm repeatedly before hauling Chaos up only to send him back down with a Northern Lights suplex...

MW: We know what’s coming next, Abe lining up the armbar submission.

Abe tries to put Chaos into the armbar, Chaos writhes and wriggles on the canvas trying to fight away from the armbar. Abe almost has him in the hold but Chaos manages to fend it off, he is still in the armbar but he fights up to a vertical base. He spins and ducks around and manages to spin Abe into an armbar of his own, he then grabs Abe’s other arm...
RJ: G-Force!

MW: He hit it! This one could be over.

Ref: 1......................2....................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

MW: This one is over...


The crowd boo loudly as Chaos rises to his feet in victory. The Fanatic walks around the outside of the ring and grabs the European Title. He steps over the top rope into the ring and bows to Chaos handing him the European Title. Chaos nods his head and grabs the title, he orders the ref to wrap it around his waist. The Fanatic gets to his feet and holds Chaos’ arm aloft to loud boos.

MW: Very impressive display from Chaos tonight.

Chaos turns and sees Abe on one knee, he snarls and then points his head in Abe’s direction. The Fanatic nods and runs over and boots Abe in the gut.

RJ: What the h*ll was that for? Is this really needed?

Chaos orders The Fanatic to lift up Abe, he then holds him in a double underhook hold as Chaos trash talks Abe, and slaps him around the face. Chaos hits a series of slaps into the face as the crowd boo loudly. Chaos then moves away, he speaks to the Fanatic who spins Abe around and holds him in a double-handed choke. Chaos smirks and gives a thumbs down and The Fanatic hits a double chokebomb! Chaos goes to the outside, he picks up two chairs and throws them in. He lifts Abe’s head up and places one chair underneath him.

RJ: Not a con-chair-to god damn it! This is ridiculous!

Suddenly there’s a shriek from the crowd, the arena goes pitch black...

MW: What in the world is going on now?

A spotlight begins to flash all over the arena, it then stops and it follows a small sign of motion, the lights get brighter and brighter until they are fully on just as a man on a zipwire enters into the ring and takes Chaos out with a dropkick!

RJ: What the h*ll!?

The hooded figure rips unhooks himself from the zipwire, The Fanatic moves towards him menacingly...

MW: Oh what a kick!

RJ: That move looked familiar to me Michael!

The crowd cheer the hooded man loudly, he looks out towards them and then to the centre of ring at the grounded Chaos and Fanatic. He turns back around, he grabs his hood and slowly draws it back to revealing the smiling face of...



RJ: Former 6WF World champion, Snake Eyes is back Ladies and Gentleman. I don’t quite believe it, he’s back and he just saved Abe from a potentially career-threatening beatdown!

Snake Eyes smirks as the crowd pop hugely, he turns towards Abe and helps the Irishman up. Abe looks shocked to see Snake Eyes, but the former 6WF Champion smiles at him and then shakes his hand. The crowd cheer loudly as Snake Eyes holds Abe’s arm aloft.

MW: Snake Eyes has returned and saved Abe from The Chaos Emporium!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:13 pm

*Clarissa is stood backstage, she seems to be preparing for an interview when Snake Eyes comes sprinting down the corridor. He almost bumps into Clarissa but just about applies the brakes...

Snake Eyes: Well hello Clarissa, Long time no...ahem!

Clarissa: Snake Eyes, I can’t believe you’re back! I never thought I’d say this, but I am so happy to see you!

Snake Eyes: And you always thought I was weird? You went out with that Gregers dude and look at him now, he walks around wearing more make-up than Miss Jessica damn it! Oh god, It’s so good to be back!

Clarissa: I think I’ve learnt my lesson Snake Eyes, never trust the edgy ones...

Snake Eyes: Or the ones who you find wearing your make-up when you get home! What a freak!

Clarissa: Is there any chance...

Snake Eyes: You’ve got a chance whenever you want Clarissa...

Clarissa: Is there any chance of an exclusive first word from the recently returned Snake Eyes?

Snake Eyes: Why not? Chaos and that big lumbering idiot stood alongside you, now is time to stop the act. You aren’t some kind of higher being, you have no right to do what you intended to on a good man such as Abe Abercorn. You’ve chosen the wrong path, but there is still a time for you to change direction back towards the light. But I can’t see that happening, that’s why I’m back. My mission is to get 6WF away from freaks like you and back in the hands of great men, Anyone who wants my support against you two freaks is more than welcome. You think you are a poisonous influence, you don’t know poison until you feel a SNAKE BITE!

Clarissa: Thanks for your time Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes: Anytime babe!

*The crowd cheer loudly as Snake Eyes salutes down the camera!
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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal Results (30/01)   Betrayal Results (30/01) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:14 pm

Match 4
Hardcore Title
Hero (C) vs. Blue Dragon vs. Crime Lord vs. Enforcer

RJ: What an amazing show we have had so far Ladies and Gentleman, but it is only going to get better, we have the Hardcore Championship on show now in the first of our two Fatal Fourways of the show.

MW: Hero doesn’t have his Church of Hero with him now, and with two guys wanting to win back a title they have held before and Enforcer wanting to just completely destroy Hero, the odds are firmly against him.

RJ: Hero has made a career of surprising people, of overcoming impossible odds, yet for some reason today I just think there is far too much against him for him to overcome it.

MW: For once RJ I agree with you, I believe that Crime Lord will walk out Hardcore Champion once more.

RJ: I don’t agree with that, but let’s just get this match started!

MW: Let’s.

‘Freak on a Leash’ screeches out of the speakers and the crowd go mental as Blue Dragon steps out onto the stage, he flexes his muscles on the stage, before lifting his arms in the air, the crowd are chanting his name as Blue walks down the ramp, he slaps the hands of the fans on the way down before climbing into the ring. Blue climbs to the top rope as pyros go off all around him, he lifts both arms in the air before jumping back down off of the ropes.

RJ: Blue Dragon is a former Hardcore Champion and will hope to regain his title here at Betrayal, but with old foe Crime Lord also involved, he will hope to avoid Crime Lord distracted him from his goal.

MW: You got that right, Blue Dragon will need both eyes on the prize if he wants to come out winning.

‘Rain Wizard’ is blasted out and the crowd’s cheers change to boos as Crime Lord steps out angrily onto the stage. He lifts his arm in the air as the crowd chant ‘You Suck’ he strides down the ramp ignoring the jeering fans before he climbs up the steps into the ring, he walks up to Blue Dragon and starts shouting in his face before climbing to the middle rope and beating his chest. Crime Lord gets down and starts shouting abuse back at the fans.

RJ: Crime Lord is somewhat of an expert in Hardcore matches, he is a three-time Hardcore Champion, and will hope to add some more title reigns tonight.

MW: Crime Lord is hardly in the form of his life at the moment though, but he’s been in this position before and this match could be the one where he turns it all around.

‘Saturday Night’ starts to play and the crowd pop as Enforcer walks out onto the stage, he lifts both arms in the air as the crowd chant his name. He walks confidently down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans before he slides into the ring, he lifts his arms in the air and pyros go off from all the ring posts. He makes a title belt motion around his waist.

RJ: Enforcer is making a title motion there, but he has been recorded as saying that Hero’s punishment comes first, which is understandable after what Hero’s Church did to Hobo.

MW: Enforcer needs to get his head straight, beating up Hero won’t achieve anything, Hero will just come back again, but taking away Hero’s title will hit Hero where it really hurts him; his pride.

‘Here Comes the King’ is blasted out and the crowd boo loudly as the arena is bathed in white light and Hero is lowered down onto the stage, the crowd are jeering loudly as Hero lands on the stage and stretches his arms out, he pulls off his robes and lays them down beside him. Hero slowly walks down the ramp, he starts trying to preach to the fans, but they just hurl abuse back at him. Hero walks into the ring and he holds the Hardcore Championship up in the face of his challengers before handing it over to the referee.

RJ: Hero looks incredibly assured with himself as he enters this match, for a man about to face three angry men baying for his title that seems rather strange.

MW: The fact he thinks he is a god is the most strange thing about Hero, when somebody believes that, I’m pretty sure thinking he can win a wrestling match isn’t that far-fetched.

The referee holds the Hardcore Championship in the air and the bell rings and Crime Lord slides out of the ring straight away as Enforcer smashes into Hero taking him down, he starts laying into him with hard fists while Crime Lord roots under the ring for weapons, Crime Lord pulls out a steel chair, but Blue Dragon is there to boot the chair into Crime Lord’s head, and the Iron Man falls back first. Blue Dragon picks up the steel chair and slams it hard down on Crime Lord’s leg, before pushing it over his leg. Blue looks ready to stamp down on the chair, but Crime Lord rolls out of the way just in time.

RJ: Already the weapons being used in this match, I have a feeling this could end brutally.

MW: This is a Hardcore match RJ, I think everybody was expecting that, just because you have a ‘feeling’ doesn’t make you Sherlock Holmes.

Enforcer whips Hero into the corner and he lands with a smash, Enforcer runs at him and goes for a spear, but Hero jumps up onto the top rope and Enforcer connects painfully with the ropes, Hero grabs Enforcer’s waist and hits him with a Sunset Flip. Outside of the ring, Crime Lord has pulled the chair off of his leg and he swings it at Blue Dragon, but he dodges it, Crime Lord smashes the edge of the chair into Blue Dragon’s ribs before smashing it over his back. Crime Lord looks under the ring and pulls out a 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire, she swings it at Blue Dragon and the barbed wire sticks into Blue Dragon, Crime Lord spears him to the ground.

RJ: Crime Lord is getting revenge for last month where Blue Dragon defeated him.

MW: Crime Lord is taking out one of his opponents so that he can win the title, he is concentrating on that, and that only.

Hero has Enforcer in a Sharpshooter in the ring and the referee is clearly struggling to keep up with both fights, another referee comes running down the ramp and starts concentrating on Crime Lord and Blue Dragon, Enforcer reaches for the ropes and grabs hold, but Hero just keeps the hold locked in, putting in more pressure onto Enforcer’s lower back. Enforcer starts trying to push himself up, but Hero releases the hold and just stamps on his back. Enforcer suddenly explodes with energy and jumps to his feet, Hero tries to kick Enforcer, but he catches Hero’s leg and punches him hard, Enforcer clotheslines Hero over the top rope, but Hero pulls him over with him. Crime Lord is slamming Blue Dragon’s head on the ring apron when Hero falls on him.

RJ: They have all left the ring now, this match is getting closer to ending in chaos every single minute.

MW: This match is only going to get better as they get more brutal.

Blue Dragon grabs Hero and whips him into the fan barrier, and Enforcer big boots Hero over the top of the fan barrier, Blue Dragon pulls a guitar from under the ring, he starts playing a little song on it as the crowd cheer before he smashes it over Crime Lord’s head, Crime Lord’s head is now stuck inside the guitar, and Blue Dragon grabs him and hits him with a spinebuster.

Kick out!

RJ: Remember that pinfalls can happen anywhere in this match, and it seems Hero and Enforcer are taking that to the very extreme, they are making their way through the crowd, brawling all the way.

MW: Blue Dragon has used so many weapons on Crime Lord now, it’s ridiculous!

Enforcer whips Hero and Hero goes flying through the doors to the backstage area, Blue Dragon jumps over the fan barrier and runs through the crowd who pat him on the back to get to Enforcer and Hero. Enforcer kicks Hero in the ribs as Hero crawls along the floor trying to get away from the angry Enforcer, Hero if lifted back to his feet and Enforcer goes for a big swinging punch, but Hero ducks underneath it and kicks him in the mid-section.




RJ: Hero came so close to retaining his title there.

MW: Blue Dragon was just in time.

Blue Dragon lifts Hero off of Enforcer and tries to whip him into the food cart, but Hero uses his one momentum to throw Blue Dragon into the cart and he smashes into it, taking it down and sending food everywhere, Hero grabs a picture off of the wall and he smashes it over the groggy Blue Dragon’s head, and the frame is around his body. Enforcer is pushing himself up, and Hero lifts him up and looks ready to connect with a Canadian Destroyer, when suddenly Crime Lord comes flying in and connects with a massive clothesline taking Hero down. Crime Lord grabs Enforcer and connects with a spinebuster.

RJ: Crime Lord has come back with a vengeance. He wants to win and he isn’t going to let anything get in his way.

MW: You got that right RJ, he looks furious.

Crime Lord lifts Blue Dragon up and kicks him so hard that the frame snaps around him, Crime Lord lifts him up onto his shoulders.




3broken up!

RJ: Hero just manages to save his title by breaking up that pinfall.

MW: Crime Lord really let his guard down there.

Blue Dragon knees Hero in the mid-section, but Hero replies with a chop across Blue Dragon’s face, Hero pushes Blue Dragon into the wall and goes for a superkick, but connects painfully with the hard wall. Hero turns groggily around and Blue Dragon wraps his arms around Hero’s waist and connects with a release German suplex, Hero goes sliding along the ground, Blue Dragon gets up and Enforcer connects with a hard uppercut which sends him stumbling, Enforcer kicks Blue Dragon in the mid-section and lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Hero comes behind and rolls him up and Blue Dragon connects face first with the floor.

3kick out!

RJ: Hero nearly caught Enforcer there.

MW: Hero looks determined to retain his title.

Hero gets up and sees Blue Dragon groggily getting to his feet, Hero starts walking towards him before Blue pushes himself up and points at Hero, the Hardcore Champion starts running away and Blue Dragon chases after him, Hero turns around a corner and the camera man just manage to catch up to see Blue Dragon being dragged through a doorway screaming by a mysterious dark figure, Hero looks through the door with a smile. Hero picks up a baseball bat that’s lying on the ground and walks back to where Crime Lord and Enforcer are laying down.

RJ: What just happened then?!

MW: I have no idea RJ, but it clearly isn’t something good.

Enforcer and Crime Lord are exchanging punches when Hero comes running in and connects with a hard shot with the baseball to Enforcer’s knees. Crime Lord grabs Enforcer’s arms and Hero connects with a hard baseball shot to his stomach, Crime Lord betrays their short team-up by throwing Enforcer into Hero, the baseball bat falls just a little bit away from Hero, the Hardcore Champ goes to grab it but Crime Lord slams his foot down on Hero’s arm and picks the baseball bat himself, he slams it hard down where Hero’s face was, but Hero just dodges the shot, as Crime Lord goes to smash it against Hero’s skull, Hero uses his leg to trip Crime Lord up.

RJ: Smart move from Hero there.

MW: Crime Lord just wasn’t concentrating.

Hero gets up but so too does Enforcer, he goes to grab Hero, but the champion slips out of his grip and starts walking worriedly away, Enforcer walks slowly after him staring at him with fury in his eyes. They go around the corner, the camera man following them, Enforcer grabs Hero and slams him against a wall. Suddenly they hear a scream and Enforcer walks back to where they were and Crime Lord’s legs are visible just being pulled back behind a door. Enforcer is about to open the door when Hero runs at him, Enforcer spins around and throws Hero through the doors back into the crowd area who are cheering like mad. Enforcer looks furious as he kicks the doors open and walks down through the crowd, as Hero quickly gets down through them and jumps over the fan barrier.

RJ: Hero can’t get away forever, Enforcer is running on pure anger now.

MW: That mysterious guy seems to have struck again though, taking out Crime Lord now.

Hero slides into the ring and Enforcer tries to climb into the ring, but suddenly Hero connects with a neckbreaker when Enforcer stands on the apron and Enforcer groggily falls into the ring. Hero climbs to the top rope, he signals for the Best Frickin’ Moonsault Ever and dives off but Enforcer catches him on his shoulders, Hero swings around and goes for a DDT, but Enforcer pushes Hero off of him and they both stand face to face, the crowd are booing like crazy.

RJ: NO! We know who the mysterious person is now!


Behind Enforcer Mr. Crowley stands there ominously, he is wearing a necklace with a ‘H’ around it, and is staring at Enforcer venomously. Crowley grabs Enforcer’s arms and Hero kicks him in the mid-section.



Hero jumps to his feet and is handed the Hardcore Title as the crowd go crazy with boos.

A: And the winner of this match, and STILL Hardcore Champion; HEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOO!

Mr. Crowley lifts Hero’s arm up before bowing at his feet.

RJ: The Church has a new disciple and it’s somebody we’ve seen before, it’s the maniacal, the devastating Mr. Crowley. They just got a lot more dangerous.

MW: Hero though will be concentrating on the fact that he has managed to retain his title, and make a statement that the Church is only getting stronger.
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Clarissa: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome my guests at this time...the 6WF Tag Team Champions Max Adamson and Christopher Patricks.

*Crowd pop

Clarissa: We are just moments away from your defence of the tag team titles, Any last minute thoughts on the match?

Max Adamson: Well one thing we won’t have to offer you is some fancy mumbo jumbo prayer thing, that Hero claims to be Latin. One thought I have on the match is...That it’s about time we showed these Church of Hero lot who the real gods of 6WF are. I don’t know what Hero spiked their drinks with but it must be real strong stuff...

Chris Patricks: Or...They’re just really dumb?

Max Adamson: Yeah, you’re probably right actually. Well, they’ve been dumb enough to challenge us again, I would have thought they’d had enough of being beat each and every week by us.

Chris Patricks: And that was when you had a numbers advantage, 3 on 1, 4 on 1 whatever the h*ll you like we still managed to beat you. Tonight, it’s just a tag team match. No outside interference, no Hero to bless you from the outside. And you’re going to miss that, because you’re going to need all of the lord’s power to even come close to us tonight.

Max Adamson: Not that we are condoning these dirty actions. Because sure as h*ll, if the moment comes I’ll be the first to poke you in the eye, pull your straggily hair, and sneakily kick you in the Hero's! I used to be evil once you know. And Chris, hell, he's set a man on fire, and he's the good guy! You two have no idea what you're getting yourselves into!

Chris Patricks: I did go a bit crazy there didn’t I?

Max Adamson: Just a tad!

Clarissa: Thank you for your time...

*Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James walk into picture, they stare across at Adamson and Patricks. They walk closer and grab the mic from Clarissa.

Clarke James: A new chapter of the bible of Hero begins tonight Paddy and Max. Tonight is the night When our Church signals its intentions and power in one night of destruction. No longer will this arena be filled by the churlish, disrespectful actions of Adamson and Patricks or the petulant, hate filled rampages of the twisted Enforcer…

*crowd pop*

Oh no. This arena will be filled with the sounds of a united Church. Our Hero’s name chanted through the rafters and his divine knowledge spread throughout the world. And our reward, our prize for our loyalty and belief will be wrapped around our waists when the Tag Team Championship comes to it’s rightful place…
Marshall Murdoch: Wrapped around our waist. Enjoy your final moments with those belts.

*Murdoch and James stroll off arrogantly, As Adamson and Patricks stand motionless.
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Match 5
Tag Team titles
Chris Patricks/Max Adamson vs. Church of Hero(Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch)

RJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and let me welcome you back to the first 6WF PPV of 2011, Betrayal. What a brilliant show it has been so far with so many twists and turns, and I’m sure those will continue into our next match. Michael, what are your thoughts on the next match?

MW: Well these two teams have been at each other’s throats for 2 months now, but things have really heated up these past few weeks. No doubting that this disharmony between the two teams will continue tonight in the tag team title match.

RJ: We’ll now hand over to our ring announcer...

RA: Ladies and Gentleman, the following is a TAG TEAM MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

*Crowd pop

RA: Introducing first the challengers, at a combined weight of 446lbs, representing the CHURCH OF HERO, MARSHALL MURDOCH AND CLARKE JAMESSSS!

‘Papercut’ is blasted out and Marshall Murdoch steps out, he kisses his necklace which is just a ‘H’, before taking it off and holding it tight in his hand. “Spotlight” blares out and the crowd’s boo continue as a hooded Clarke James strides out onto the stage, he takes off the head and the crowd boo louder. He slaps hands with Murdoch and both hold up their H necklaces before striding down the ramp ignoring the torrent of abuse they are receiving from the crowd. They slide into the ring and then go to separate corners and place their necklaces on the turnbuckle before praying.

RJ: What Hero has done to these two is disgusting, he has manipulated two innocent minds into following his “cult”.

MW: I don’t think their minds needed too much manipulating RJ, and they don’t seem very innocent. These two are clever individuals, they knew what sort of impact it would have on their careers being associated with a legendary figure like Hero. They are a very good team RJ, and will pose a massive threat to the title reign of Adamson and Patricks.


The crowd pop loudly, “Refuse/Resist” hits and the crowd start to cheer, Patricks walks out, he lifts his arms in the air as pyros go off, he takes off his T-shirt and throws it into the crowd, he then comes sprinting down the ramp and slides into the ring before leaping up and saluting the fans.

“Lets talk about it" by White Denim plays and the crowd pop as Max Adamson strides out onto the ramp, before posing at the top and then striding down the ramp saluting Patricks in the ring and slapping the fans hands before sliding into the ring!

RJ: No doubt about it, one of the best tag teams there has been in 6WF despite their relatively short time together as a team.

MW: They’ve got a great mix of skills, but face a very difficult task tonight.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings for the beginning of the match, the two men begin to circle the ring as Patricks stares at James whilst Murdoch shares at Adamson who smirks confidently. Patricks moves in and he boots Murdoch in the stomach. He places him into a headlock, but Murdoch quickly reverses with a belly to back suplex only for Patricks to land on his feet. He hits a forearm into the back before bouncing off the ropes going for a bulldog but Murdoch hits him with an elbow to the head. Patricks stumbles back against the ropes. Murdoch runs across and goes for a clothesline but Patricks reverses with a back body drop. Murdoch lands on the apron and Patricks swivels and aims a roundhouse kick to the head, which Murdoch sways out of the way of but over-balances. James grabs him before he falls off the apron and nods at Murdoch who steadies himself on the apron only for Patricks to run across and hit a baseball slide to the knee, Murdoch hits the 2nd rope right across his neck. Patricks helps him over the top rope with a suplex. Murdoch stumbles to his feet and Patricks aims a boot into the gut which Murdoch catches only for Patricks to step over into a spinning heel kick. Murdoch falls to the canvas and we have the first pinfall of the match.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Patricks places Murdoch into a front facelock. He heaves the Church of Hero member up to his feet and Murdoch counters by whipping Patricks across the ring before stopping him with a knee to the gut on the rebound. Murdoch runs past Patricks before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a bulldog, planting Patricks face first. Murdoch hits a running boot to the stomach for good measure before making the cover.

Ref: 1.................2.......Kick out!

Patricks gets the shoulder up, Murdoch is quickly onto the offence with a series of stomps down on the gut of Patricks. He then lifts the tag team champion to his feet and goes for a scoop slam but Patricks counters out of the slam with a snapmare. Murdoch rises to his feet and Patricks sprints across and leaps up to connect with a huge DDT!

MW: Amazing athleticism there from Chris Patricks.

Patricks pulls Murdoch back towards the corner where he begins to pile away with a series of fists into the stomach, he then makes the tag into Max Adamson. Patricks doesn’t leave the ring, he moves back from the corner and Adamson monkey flips Murdoch out of the corner and then Patricks leaps up and hurracanrana’s Murdoch to the canvas. Patricks then runs off the ropes and Adamson back body drops him into a splash on Murdoch. Patricks rolls to the apron on the ref’s order and Max makes the cover.

Ref: 1................2....Kick out!

RJ: Some great innovation there from Adamson and Patricks, mixing power and agility to maximum affect. They are dominating this match early on, but there will be a long way to go yet.

Max rises to his feet, he drops a series of knees down into the back of Murdoch before placing him into a rear waistlock. Murdoch gets to his feet only for Adamson send him back to the canvas with a German suplex. The Australian waits for Murdoch to rise before going for a clothesline but Murdoch ducks underneath it, Adamson heads towards the ropes and Murdoch attempts a dropkick but Adamson has it scouted and holds onto the ropes. He quickly runs over and nails a neckbreaker on Murdoch! He makes the cover.

Ref: 1..........2......Kick out!

Adamson rises to his feet after the kick out, he lifts up Murdoch and hits a series of European uppercuts that back Murdoch against the ropes. Adamson then whips him across the ring and goes for a back body drop...

MW: What a roundhouse kick from Murdoch! Adamson looks out of it!

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Adamson gets the shoulder up, Murdoch goes to the corner and he makes the tag to Clarke James who goes up to the top rope. Murdoch lifts up Adamson and hits a scoop slam and then James flies off the top rope with a plancha splash that connects. Murdoch leaves the ring, James lifts up Adamson and goes for a boot to the stomach, somehow he grabs it but James nails an enzaguri kick to the head.

Ref: 1..................2.......Kick out!

James rolls up to his feet, he stomps away on the head of Adamson. He then lifts him up and nails an atomic drop. He then goes to his corner and tags in Murdoch, they both bounce off the ropes...

MW: Spinning heel kick to the face from James just as Murdoch nails a big boot into the back of the head.

RJ: This is where the Church excel in a situation where they can take full advantage of the double team moves at their disposal. Constant, quick tags is a tactic that can’t you go far wrong with.

Ref: 1.................2......Kick out!

Murdoch places Max into a front facelock hold, he slowly heaves up Adamson and hits him with a series of stiff knees into the face. Murdoch continues with the knees that back Adamson to the corner, he hits a series of shoulder thrusts up into the abdomen of Max who hits a knee into the face as a way of counter. Murdoch falls back and Adamson runs at him...

MW: Belly to belly Throw from Murdoch.

Murdoch lifts up Adamson and nails a shoulder-breaker down into the cover.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

RJ: Church of Hero really dominating this match now.

Murdoch again makes a tag into James, he lifts up Max Adamson and knees him in the stomach before nailing a T-Bone suplex...

MW: Corkscrew senton from James!

James makes the cover.

Ref: 1...................2...........Kick out!

Adamson manages to kick out once more, James waits for Max to rise before booting him in the stomach and then setting up for a samoan drop. Adamson drops down the back and shoves James to the corner, he then uses the ropes to springboard up and flip backwards for a flying clothesline...


Ref: 1......................2....................Kick out!

MW: How the h*ll did James kick out of that one?

RJ: Tremendous heart from James, you can see how much this means to both teams. Adamson showed some great resilience earlier on and now it’s James’ turn.

Both Adamson and James remain grounded. Both roll towards the ropes and slowly pull themselves up, they move towards the corner and James aims a wild clothesline at Adamson that he ducks and nails a big DDT! Both men are once again down, they start to crawl towards their corner, Adamson is the first to tag in. He pulls himself up on the ropes and stands on the outside as Patricks steps into the ring just as James tags Murdoch. He comes sprinting into the ramp and ducks underneath a clothesline from Patricks and knocks Adamson down to the outside with a clothesline, Patricks runs up behind him and hits a rolling German Suplex into a bridged pin!

Ref: 1.................2........Kick out!

Patricks heaves up Murdoch just to knock him down with a sidekick, Murdoch rolls up and Patricks knocks him down with a clothesline. Murdoch rises again and Patricks boots him in the stomach...

MW: Front flip piledriver!

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

Murdoch manages to get the shoulder up, Patricks retreats backwards and waits for Murdoch to rise before hitting a big superkick, he then goes up to the top rope...

RJ: Lining up the Puzzle Solver...KNEES UP FROM MURDOCH!

Murdoch manages to get the knees up, He rolls up to his feet and heaves Patricks to the centre and nails a T-Bone suplex. He then lifts up Patricks and drags him to the corner where the tag is made to Clarke James. James heads up to the top rope and has Patricks in position for a sliced bread...

MW: Lining up the final sermon, Murdoch just needs to get in the powerbomb position...

RJ: He won’t have the chance! Another GORE from Adamson!

Patricks is dragged away from the corner by Max but James steadies himself on the top rope...


All 4 are down in the centre of the ring and the ref is forced to start a count...

MW: What a tremendous match this has been folks, a real tag team classic.

Ref: 1..............2............3............4...........5...........6.........7.........8.....Patricks rises to his feet as does his tag partner......slowly James fights his way up to his feet but Murdoch is down. He runs at the pair but Adamson sidesteps the attempted boot and Patricks counters with a spinning wheel kick. Adamson is forced to leave the ring and Patricks boots James in the stomach...

RJ: Enigma bomb!

Ref: 1....................2........................Kick out!

MW: NO <censored> WAY!

RJ: Amazing from James, just how did he kick out of that move?

Patricks gets to his feet in utter shock, he looks up the rafters in disbelief as the crowd cheer him on. He sends James to the corner where Max tags in, he puts James on the top rope and goes up with him...


RJ: James is going to steal it! James is going to steal it!

Ref: 1..................2...............Kick out!

MW: Adamson’s turn to just kick out!

James gets to his feet, Adamson rises and he places him into a full nelson for the devils cross but Max fights out...


MW: Surely it’s over now?

Ref: 1....................2......................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: What a match!

RA: Ladies and Gentleman the winners of this match by way of pinfall...AND STILL YOUR 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...MAX ADAMSON AND CHRISTOPHER PATRICKS!

*Adamson and Patricks celebrate in the middle of the ring.

MW:Tremendous match,which Adamson and Patricks somehow won.
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*La Pulga Loco is shown sat in The Association locker-room, He is watching a tv monitor showing Perfect Jack matches. He gets up and turns the TV off, he then heads out of the locker-room into the corridor. He walks down the corridor slowly, seemingly psyching himself up for the match coming up.

??: What’s up La Pulga? You seem a little stressed, I would go as far to say you look afraid!

*La Pulga spins around and sees Perfect Jack stood, smiling at him.

LPL: I can’t wait to wipe that grin off your face ese, you seem pretty confident considering some of the beatings I’ve given you recently.

Perfect Jack: Were those supposed to intimidate me La Pulga? Because they didn’t, they just motivated me to show you that there is only one way to go about winning matches, the right way. No blindside attacks, no double teaming just pure perfection and technical skills.

LPL: Homes, you may think that’s the right way to go about things but for me, All I care about is winning. Being nice gets you nowhere, being ruthless gets you to the top. And that is where I want to be Jack, and you evidently don’t because you don’t play to win, You play for mutual admiration and respect. Well you will have none of that from me because I can’t respect anyone who doesn’t want to win.

Perfect Jack: Oh I want to win La Pulga, if you don’t think I want to win you must be more stupid than you look. And that is hard to imagine. It just makes victory all the more sweeter when I know I’m better than my opponent, not that I needed 2 other guys to help me win the match.

LPL: Well we’ll see which one is of most benefit won’t we. See you out there Jack.

Perfect Jack: Yeah, Good luck La Pulga cos you sure as h*ll going to need it.
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RJ: Ladies and Gentleman we are just moments away from our TAW World Heavyweight title match, a match with so many different sub-plots and rivalries that we know it’s going to be explosive.

*A split screen is shown, it’s divided into 4. It shows all 4 men warming up.

MW: Cassius Zhi, The Saint, Solomon Riddick and GDC. Two men have been world champions, two haven’t. Is experience going to prove vital in this match, or will that experience go out of the window for Emotion and revenge.

*Solomon Riddick and The Saint’s screens move closer together.

RJ: The Saint was taken out viciously by The Association, only to return alongside Cassius Zhi. We know what The Saint enjoys, pain, destruction, mayhem. The Saint wants all of this and more to be done to The Association who nearly cost him his career.

MW: But one thing The Saint wants more than anything, is to be back at the top of the tree. The Saint wants to be world champion.

*Riddick’s screen moves away, and Cassius Zhi’s screen is shown next to The Saint.

RJ: And this is where things get really interesting. These two are the ultimate team, destruction is their common ground. But that destruction could come from within. Both of these guys are so driven, so determined, so cold-blooded , so powerful they want to destroy anything put in their paths. And as we saw earlier in the week, that may well include each other!


-The Saint rounds on Cassius, eyes blazing.-

Cassius: Respect? This is MY titl........

The Saint: ENOUGH! Enough of the facade! You said it all. You painted your picture perfectly. I know where you stand. All credit to being selfish, I didn't get to where I am without it. But what you just said, proved that everything you said of this partnership in the past is a massive lie!

Jessica: Sainty, baby, just hear us ou....

The Saint: I SAID ENOUGH! Don't think I don't know what you've been doing. Trying to rile me up every show, whispering sweet nothings, forcing me to relive the darkest moments of my life, just to protect THAT.

-The Saint points to the TAW Championship.-

The Saint: I had months of being force fed lie after lie, broken promise upon broken promise by that snake McGraw. And you know what, nothings changed. Because the whole time I've been in on this group, it's always been Cassius. I've just been treated like the muscle. The muscle that is expendable.

The very same as what happened with The Association.

And yet you have the nerve...

-The Saint points back to Cassius.-

The stand there and rant and rave about how you needed know one to get to where you are. Now that. That is the ultimate disrespect to this partnership.

MW: Massive signs of tension and uprising within the camp. And as Cassius so aptly put it, when when two super-powers collide… their Ultimate Weapons will bring about mutually assured destruction.

RJ: And we expect destruction tonight. And the final man in the match, GDC. With all these sub-plots surrounding The Saint and Cassius, And The Saint and The Association he seems to have passed by seemingly un-noticed with those blinded by rage.

MW: And how fitting would it be to see our King finally become champion of his empire! GDC will be hoping to capitalise on the raw emotion involved in this match and get the win and world title he so desperately craves.
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Match 7
TAW Title
Cassius Zhi vs. GDC vs. The Saint vs. Solomon Riddick

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to 6WF Betrayal and what a great show it has been tonight, full of topsy-turvy actions and a couple of shock returns!

MW: Unfortunately we are nearing the end of the first 6WF PPV of the year, but there is still both of our world title matches remaining...

RJ: And up first is the TAW Title match, where Cassius Zhi will defend his title against 3 of 6WF’s biggest and best stars.

MW: With some of the biggest ego’s!

RA: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN...The following is a FATAL FOUR WAY match scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the TAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHP OF THE WORLD! Introducing the first challengers, he hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and weighs in at 260lbs...The king of 6WF...GDC!

‘Numb’ is blasted out and the crowd boo very loudly as GDC steps out onto the stage wearing his crown, a long rope and holding a sceptre, he lifts the sceptre in the air as the crowd boo really loudly, he walks down the ramp slowly, occasionally looking at the crowd and lifting his nose up in disgust, he climbs into the ring and slams his sceptre down onto the mat, before taking off his robe and crown.

RJ: GDC...


RJ: King GDC certainly has been very impressive this month and has earned his chance and opportunity to win his first world title, although his ego would then definitely become unbearable!

RA: And the 2nd challengers, from parts unknown...weighing in at 290lbs he is representing The Association...SOLOMON RIDDICK!

‘Always’ is blasted out and the crowd boo loudly as Solomon Riddick steps out slowly onto the stage, he lifts on arm in the air as the crowd jeer him. He slowly strides down the ramp as the fans ignore him. He climbs into the ring and stares at the referee menacingly who takes a step back, Solomon lifts both arms in the air as pyros go off.

MW: Another one gunning for his first world title, what Riddick lacks in experience in terms of big matches he certainly makes up for with power.

RA: And the 3rd challengers, he hails from Manchester, England and weighs in at 340lbs...The ultimate weapon...THE SAINT!

‘Monster’ is blasted out and the crowd give a mixed reaction as Saint steps out, he lifts both of his arms in the air as the crowd give an almost half and half reaction to the former World and Internet Champion. The Saint strides confidently down the ramp before stepping into the ring and staring across at GDC and Riddick with great intensity.

MW: One thing The Saint doesn’t lack is experience. A former three time world champion, he has returned as an ally of Cassius Zhi and has been more menacing than ever. He’s got the power and the know-how of world title matches, this could be a big night for Saint.


‘They Say’ screeches out of the speakers and the crowd start a chant of ‘Cassius gonna k1ll ya!’ as Cassius walks out calmly onto the stage, he has the TAW World Title over his shoulder as he walks down the ramp confidently. He ignores as the fans all stretch the arms out to get a touch of the two time world champion, Cassius climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring. He lifts the title in the air.

RJ: Everyone knows what Cassius Zhi brings to the table, he is dangerous and psychotic along with the skills and ability to back it up, That makes for a lethal combination.

MW: Speaking of a lethal combination, the same can be said of Cassius Zhi and The Saint. We know what to expect from these two in the match, they will look to side together as much as possible which will prove a tough challenge for GDC and Riddick.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Cassius Zhi and The Saint stare at each other, Riddick and GDC stare across at them uncomfortably. The Saint moves towards Riddick whilst Zhi heads towards GDC. The Saint hits a big punch to the head of Riddick, the two begin to exchange massive blows. Zhi and GDC actually lock up, GDC pushes Cassius Zhi towards the corner. He hits a series of boots up into the stomach, Zhi aims a sharp side kick to the gut but GDC catches it, he pulls Zhi forward and nails a spinebuster. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2.Kick out!

Cassius Zhi powers his way out of the first pinfall of the match, the king of 6WF GDC rolls up to his feet and he drags the current world champion with him. He whips him towards the corner but Cassius reverses sending GDC to the corner, Cassius follows in with a shining wizard, GDC manages to dodge the move and Zhi lands feet first on the 2nd rope. GDC runs at Zhi but he hits a back kick to the head, GDC stumbles back and Zhi leaps off the rope and spins into a clothesline. Cassius makes the cover.

Ref: 1...............2...Kick out!

Zhi gets to his feet, he begins to stomp away at the head of GDC. The Scotsman rolls away towards the ropes and Zhi continues to stomp away on him. The ref pulls him back and Cassius listens to the ref’s instruction only to run back across and hit a big boot into the gut of GDC. He lifts up GDC and hits a couple of sharp spinning kicks to the stomach before clotheslining him to the outside. Zhi immediately turns his attentions to assisting The Saint who is still brawling with Riddick. Cassius runs over and he drives his knee into the back of Riddick’s head, who was sat on Saint pummelling him fists. Riddick is thrown to the floor by Zhi, who then helps up The Saint. The Saint drags up Riddick and whips him across the ring, he lifts a knee into the gut to stop Riddick. Zhi then runs off the ropes and hits a boot to the side of the head.

The Saint does not cover, he instead begins to kick away at the back of Riddick. The Association man rolls away into the corner and The Saint lifts him up before laying into Riddick with a series of shoulder thrusts. He then moves out of the way as Cassius sprints over and this time he connects with a shining wizard. Riddick stumbles forward out of the cover and Saint nails a gorilla press slam, dropping Riddick face first into the canvas. This time Zhi covers.

Ref: 1..............2.......Kick out!

MW: We knew that Zhi and Saint would come into this match with a plan, and that plan seems to be to try and take out Solomon Riddick in a double team and then see where it goes from there.

RJ: They got rid of GDC early and that given them the chance to double team Riddick to great effect.

The Saint takes over as soon as Riddick kicks out, he drops a concession of knees down into the face of Riddick. He then drags Riddick towards the edge of ring, before than sling-shoting him throat first across the bottom rope. The Saint then lifts him up and throws him to Zhi, who places Riddick into a sleeper hold. Whilst the ref is checking on Riddick in the sleeper hold, The Saint discreetly removes the turnbuckle cover in one of the corners. He then moves back towards Zhi, and takes a series of free shots at the abdomen of Riddick. He then takes over, having Riddick in the sleeper hold whilst Zhi hits roundhouse kicks to the stomach. The Saint then shoves Riddick in the back straight into a massive Cassius Superkick. Riddick slumps to the floor, and Saint covers.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

The Saint hauls Riddick up to his feet, he grabs Riddick by the head and throws him towards the corner. The Saint then lifts him by the hair and smashes him repeatedly into the steel from where the turnbuckle cover was removed. Blood begins to pour from the face of Riddick, The Saint is forced to retreat back by the ref. He then runs and nails a big boot that sends Riddick spiralling out of the ring. The Saint spins and around and he ends up face to face, head to head with Cassius Zhi.

MW: WOAH! Are we going to see these two finally clash?

The crowd are cheering, waiting for the ultimate showdown. Zhi and Saint continue to just stare at each other. They are both looking around...

RJ: I think it’s about to go down Michael, the clash of titans that was inevitable in this match at some point...


GDC comes sprinting into the ring, he clubs Zhi across the head propelling him straight into The Saint, knocking him down to the canvas. GDC picks up Cassius Zhi, he hits a couple of European Uppercuts that send Cassius toppling into the ropes. GDC then whips Cassius hard across the ring and connects with a running shoulder block off the opposite ropes. GDC dives into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

GDC gets up onto his feet, he grabs Zhi by the hair and holds his head up before slapping him across the face. GDC grabs Zhi again, and hits another slap. He finally brings Cassius up onto his feet before drilling him down to the mat with a stiff looking suplex. GDC doesn’t bridge over, he waits for Zhi to rise before hitting a leaping knee up into the face that sends Cassius to the canvas.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

MW: GDC is setting a quick pace now, he knows he needs to dominate Cassius and get this one done before The Saint or Riddick can get back into it.

GDC is up onto his feet, he heaves up Cassius in a full nelson hold. The TAW Champion manages to fight his way out of it and he whips GDC across the ring. The King goes for a big boot but Zhi sidesteps and GDC inadvertently boots Riddick back to the outside as he leapt onto the apron. Cassius comes running across as GDC turns around and goes for the dragons fury but GDC manages to duck underneath it and hit a massive German suplex that sends Zhi flying across the ring. GDC runs over and drops an elbow to the face for good measure before covering.

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

The crowd boo as GDC slowly gets to his feet and signals for the crowd to bow down to him. The camera pans the arena and shows various fans making a series of rude hand gestures towards GDC.

MW: That’s no way to treat a king damn it!

RJ: He’s no King Michael, he’s a fraud!

MW: He’s our king RJ, Our king who is about to become world champion!

GDC ignores the reaction from the crowd, he lifts Cassius up and whips him towards the corner. Cassius uses the 2nd rope as a springboard and attempts a crossbody block...GDC catches him and nails a backbreaker. He holds Zhi and then hits a fallaway slam...he dives into the cover.

Ref: 1..............2..............Kick out!

Cassius again kicks out of the hold, GDC rises up to his feet in anger and hauls Zhi up, he immediately bounces off the ropes...


MW: He’s going to win it...


MW: That is amazing athleticism from such a big guy!

Just as GDC thinks he is about to win the world title, The Saint flies off the top rope with a crossbody into a cover.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

GDC kicks out and the crowd cheer for The Saint, he rolls up to his feet and waits for GDC to rise and then scoops him into his shoulders and nails a death valley driver! GDC somehow stumbles up to his feet quite unwisely and The Saint bounces off the ropes and decimates him with a spear!

MW: By god, what impact with that spear!

Ref: 1..............2...............Kick out!

GDC forces his shoulder up off the canvas before the three count and finally the pace of the match starts to slow a little as The Saint places GDC into a grounded abdominal stretch. He leaves his knee in the back as he keeps the hold applied for as long as possible. Eventually GDC gets up to a vertical base, only to be driven back to the canvas with a pumphandle slam! The Saint does not cover immediately, instead choosing to run the ropes and hit a running splash for good measure and then hooking the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Again GDC gets the kick out, The Saint quickly has him into a front facelock. He begins to smash knees into the face of GDC who drives The Saint back to the corner. He hits a couple of shoulder thrusts and The Saint releases him from the front facelock only to smash GDC’s head into the exposed steel. He smashes GDC’s head into the steel about 10 times before retreating back, GDC falls forward straight into an implant DDT!

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

The Saint waits for GDC to get to his feet before attempting to place him in a full nelson hold, GDC counters with a jawbreaker. He bounces off the ropes but Riddick leaps up behind on the apron and pulls the rope down, sending GDC flying over to the outside. The Saint runs towards Riddick who ducks an attempted clothesline and then pulls The Saint viciously down across the top rope, throat first. Riddick steps into the ring and hits The Saint with a big German suplex. He runs over and picks The Saint up before hitting an X-Factor facebuster!

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

The Association member is up to his feet quickly, he allows The Saint up before knocking him down with a discus clothesline. The Saint spins up to his feet and he is nailed with a running bicycle kick. Riddick hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

RJ: A big chance here for Riddick, a first world title is only one big move away!

Riddick heaves up The Saint only to him with a spinebuster. Solomon then bounces off the ropes and nails a springboard moonsault on The Saint.

MW: Riddick pulling out all the stops here.

Ref: 1................2...............Kick out!

Riddick cannot believe The Saint kicked out again, he rises to his feet and drops a series of fists down into the face. He then lifts up The Saint and whips him out across the ring, he connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He then lifts spins The Saint around and boots him in the gut, He puts The Saint into a powerbomb position but he rolls down the front.

MW: RKO...Riddick shoved him away...


Ref: 1...................2.....................Cassius breaks the pin!

MW: Missile dropkick from Cassius! He just saved his title!

RJ: Riddick will not come any closer than that, unless he wins it! Literally a last second save!

Cassius is down, as our Riddick and The Saint. GDC slides back into the ring, he spots his opportunity and picks up The Saint, he hits a boot to the gut...

MW: Bankruptcy!

RJ: GDC’s going to steal it...

Ref: 1....................2.......................Kick out!


GDC rises to his feet in frustration, he lifts up The Saint and then taunts the crowd, he runs the ropes for his clothesline from Scotland...RKO!


Ref: 1...................2..................3.Foot on the rope!

MW: No Way!

RJ: This is how much winning the world title means to these men!

The Saint is on his knees looking to the sky in despair. He gets to his feet and drags GDC with him, he boots him in the stomach and sets up for The Saint’s Row...


Riddick nails the vicious punch, The Saint falls back inadvertently completing a big suplex on GDC. Riddick is about to cover just as Zhi stirs...


MW: Cassius going up top...


Ref: 1......................2.......................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!


MW: Unbelievable, Amazing, Out of this wolrd.

RJ: What an outstanding match. Four outstanding competitors who all came so close to winning the title at points in the match, but somehow Zhi has come out of this still TAW Champion!

The ref hands Zhi the title, he collapses to the floor and holds the title firmly in his grasp.
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*Backstage Tyson Armstrong is stood with Clarissa.*

C: You're just minutes away from your title defense against Lex Hart in a Last Man Standing match, how are you feeling?

TA: I'm not gonna lie Clarissa, I'm feeling nervous. Lex is a top wrestler, and there are a lot of people backing him to beat me. But I am used to be written off, being told that I'm not good enough and I just kept on fighting, that won't change tonight!

C: Do you think Lex will play fairly with you?

TA: He's got to Clarissa, he owes it to the 6WF fans, he owes it to me, people are expecting a match for the ages, and Lex owes it to them to give them what they paid for.

C: You seem to trust Lex too much.

TA: Maybe I do Clarissa, but I just hope Lex gives the fans what they want.
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Main Event
Last Man Standing
6WF World Championship
Tyson Armstrong (c) vs. Lex Hart





‘Brianstorm’ is blasted out and is barely loud enough to be heard over the fans that are going completely crazy. Fireworks go off as Tyson steps out into the exploding corner, he lifts the 6WF World Championship belt in the air as the crowd chant his name loudly. Tyson steps forward and he starts slapping the hands of the fans that have stretched their arms out to touch their hero. Tyson sprints down the rest of the ramp and jumps up onto the apron, he steps through the ropes into the ring and he climbs to the top rope as the crowd chant his name.

RJ: Ladies and Gentleman, that is Tyson Armstrong, possibly one of the most dominating wrestlers 6WF has ever come across. He spent 6 months unbeaten from his debut, he beat our longest reigning Internet Champion ever in Jerome Dubois, almost sending him completely in the process, and at Born in Fire he completed his amazing rise by defeating Crime Lord to capture his first World Championship.

MW: He is a self-assured young man and he goes into every match believing that he can walk out winner, this match will be no different, he has beaten Lex Hart before, he has defended his title against Lex Hart before, he can go into this match feeling confident. Yet, I am not so sure, Lex is in the form of his life, while Tyson seems to be stumbling a bit, like the spotlight from being world champion has got too much for him.

RJ: Tyson works well under pressure, tonight will be no different. Lex Hart knows Tyson has beaten him before, even with other people in his way. Tonight they are one on one in a match that requires your opponent to beat you to the point that you just can’t get up. The psychological edge is with Armstrong.

MW: I feel that the wrestling edge is with Lex though, he went through a gruelling submission match with Perfect Jack at Born in Fire, and came out on top, taking Jack to the point where he could no longer move, tonight he will feel like he can do it again, Tyson is all about explosions of energy, Lex is slower, more technical and will wear Tyson down, bit by bit.

RJ: But one big move from Tyson could leave Lex out of it.

MW: We shall see won’t we?

‘Burn in my Light’ blasts out of the speakers and is immediately greeted with loud boos from the packed arena, the fans make it clear what they think of Lex as their jeers rain down from the seats even before Lex has stepped out onto the stage. Hart finally steps out, he is wearing a boxing-style hoodie which says ‘I am Excellence’ he swaggers cockily down the ramp, ignoring the furious fans who hurl abuse at the former Tag Team Champion, he shouts right back at the them before climbing up the steps into the ring, he stands in front of Tyson and mocks him before climbing up to the top rope and mockingly makes an ‘X’ with his arms.

RJ: Lex Hart is quite possibly the most arrogant, cocky, self-obsessed, egotistical wrestler we’ve ever met in 6WF, yet the way he uses words and wrestles makes it hard not to respect him a little bit. He’s shown everybody that he is capable of doing it with the best and that is not easy in 6WF.

MW: Lex has the right to be that arrogant, he has shown his entire career that he is such a good in-ring technician that only the best can even try and counter him, he has beaten some of the top men in 6WF, and at the moment seems to have eclipsed his former mentor Abe Abercorn and his old partner Perfect Jack to show that when it comes to Perfection, he is it.

RJ: That’s a bold statement to make Michael.

MW: I love the controversy!

The bell rings and the crowd go crazy, Tyson and Lex circle each other, neither man daring to take their eyes off of each other. Tyson makes the first move going to grab Lex, but the Hart family member dodges the swinging arm and connects with a hard kick to the back of Tyson’s legs, Lex immediately takes hold of the advantage, grabbing Tyson’s arms and pushing him down to the mat, on his knees, he pulls back on Tyson’s arms while digging his knee into his back, Lex puts in a lot of the pressure into the submission hold as Tyson’s back bends around his knee. Lex pulls back harder on Tyson’s arms and the 6WF World Champion doesn’t show signs of pain, just concentration.

RJ: Tyson Armstrong has such sheer strength, both in giving pain and taking it, Lex will have to give his best performance ever to even have a chance of beating Tyson tonight.

MW: Tyson is only human, there is only so much pain he can take in a certain space of time, and Lex will test his resolve.

The crowd pop as Tyson shows off his strength by pulling Lex over his head and slamming down on the mat, Tyson doesn’t let go of Lex’s arms as he gets to his feet and he swings Lex around and releasing him sending him crashing into the ringpost, Lex starts using the ropes to get up, and Tyson runs at him and connects with a big clothesline. Tyson grabs Lex and drags him into the centre of the ring, Tyson grabs Lex’s arm and knees down on it, Lex cries out as Tyson slams his knee down, trapping Lex’s arm between the mat and his knee. Tyson lifts Lex up and whips him into the corner, Tyson runs at Lex but the former Tag Team Champion lifts his legs up and Tyson connects painfully with his feet.

RJ: Tyson looked pretty impressive there for a little bit, but Lex pulls it back in his favour with a well-timed counter.

MW: And it is small things like that which could make the difference in this match, Tyson needs to build up momentum.

Tyson stumbles around and Lex jumps up to the middle rope and jumps off connecting with a double axe handle, with takes Tyson down to his knees, Lex kicks him in the back of the head which sends Tyson down face first into the mat. Lex grabs Tyson’s legs and puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf as the crowd boo loudly, Lex scrunches his face up in concentration as he tries to wear down Tyson’s legs, Lex pulls back, putting in immense pressure into the hold, the crowd can’t hold in their disgust at Lex as they all chant ‘You Suck’. This support from the crowd seems to rejuvenate Tyson who powers out of the hold and Lex stumbles backwards, Hart runs at Tyson, but he connects with a massive slam.

RJ: Tyson showing exactly why Lex can’t slip up in any way, one slip and his title winning dreams could be over.

MW: This is a Last Man Standing match, it would require a pretty big slip for Tyson to capitalise to the point of putting Lex out of it for the 10 count!

Tyson slides out of the ring and drags Lex out with him, he throws him into the barrier and Lex crashes into it, Tyson takes a run up before connecting with a massive boot to Lex’s face and the former Tag Team Champion slumps down. Tyson starts rooting underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair, he swings it at Lex but he dodges it and Tyson’s chair connects hard with the barrier, Lex runs at him but Tyson is quick to react and slams the chair down on Lex’s back. Tyson lays the chair down and lifts Lex up, he looks ready to spinebuster him down on the chair...



The smash of Tyson’s head connecting with the steel chair is heard all around the arena. Lex lifts Tyson up who has blood dripping down his face, Lex chops him across the chest before pushing him into the corner, Lex grabs Tyson’s arm and swings it back before slamming it hard against the steel ring post, Tyson cries out in pain as Lex repeats the smashing of his arm before connecting with a neckbreaker. Lex is quick to react and grabs Tyson’s legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter outside of the ring, Tyson is grabbing hold of the floor and almost pulls up all the pads as Lex puts in more and more pressure. Tyson starts lifting himself up as if he was doing press ups, Lex let’s go of the hold, but before Tyson can do anything, Lex drop kicks him and Tyson falls into the announcer’s table.

RJ: Get the hell away from here!

MW: No, we need to get away from here!

Michael Wire and RJ jump over the fan barrier and just look over, they are given mics to hold, as Lex rolls Tyson up onto the announcer’s table, Lex lifts Tyson up, and gets him ready in the Canadian Destroyer position.



Tyson pushes Lex off of him and grabs Lex and connects with a Tysonator through the table, Tyson crawls over to the ring and lifts himself up as the referee starts the count, the fans joining in with him.


RJ: Has Tyson retained his world championship?

MW: C’mon Lex!


Lex stirs


The crowd boo loudly as Lex just manages to push himself up to his feet, Tyson goes to spear Lex, but Hart dodges it and Tyson goes smashing through the ring barrier, Tyson is down with the fan barrier in pieces around him with Michael and RJ moving away from him, Lex looks pretty pleased with himself and cockily walks up to Tyson as the security hold the fans back, Lex kicks Tyson hard in the ribs before lifting him up, he chops Tyson across the chest, and then grabs his legs taking him to the ground, before putting him in a Figure Four Leglock.

RJ: Lex is just wearing Tyson down bit by bit, Tyson needs to end this sooner rather than later, as I don’t think he will be able to take much more.

MW: Lex has played the clever game in this match, and I’m sure that will continue, and the confidence is in his court after he got up before the ten count.

Tyson manages to power out of the hold, and Lex immediately gets away, and starts pulling out weapons from under the ring, he pulls out some barbed wire and a steel pipe, Lex pulls up the barbed wire, but Tyson spears him and the barbed wire falls onto Lex, and when Lex rolls on the mat, the barbed wire wraps around him, digging into his skin. Tyson lifts Lex up and whips him into the ring, and he smashes into the apron and the barbed wire digs in further, Lex starts trying to pull it off him, which puts him under extreme pain, he almost gets it all off before Tyson connects with a massive big boot and Lex falls to the mat.

RJ: Lex probably should have stayed in his comfort zone, he tried to use weapons and it backfired.

MW: Lex can do what he likes in this match, those are the rules.

Lex rolls out of the barbed wire, Tyson picks up the steel pipe and he bends Lex’s leg around it, the submission specialist cries out in pain before kicking out and catching Tyson, Lex uses the ring to help himself up and when Tyson runs at him, he quickly moves out of the way and Tyson’s head smashes hard into the ring post and he gets a crimson mask. Lex is quick to capitalise and he picks up the steel chair and slams it hard into Tyson’s back, Lex starts mocking Tyson, by walking slowly in front of him as the 6WF World Champion crawls after him before going to finish him off with a big steel chair shot, but as he swings down Tyson grabs the chair and throws it away.

RJ: The fury in Tyson’s eyes is truly terrifying!

MW: This match is not about fear though, Lex has worn Tyson down, he only has a few explosions of energy left in him, mark my words.

Tyson charges at Lex but Hart dodges and starts running up the ramp, Tyson catches up to him though and connects with a series of punches finishing off with a big uppercut, and performs the Coalition Salute in homage to old friend JJ Johnson. Tyson lifts Lex up and he slaps him across the face, Tyson kicks him hard in the mid-section and lifts him up for the powerbomb and the crowd go crazy as Tyson slams Lex hard down on the steel ramp.


RJ: I just don’t see Lex having anyway back now.

MW: He’s stirring!





Lex pushes himself to his feet and nobody can believe it, Tyson grabs Lex and lifts him onto his shoulders, but Lex slides down his back and pushes him forwards, Tyson nearly stumbles over, but he doesn’t and he turns around to be met with a dropkick from Lex. Tyson is dragged up the ramp towards the stage and Lex puts him in a chickenwing submission hold. Tyson struggles to get out of it, but Lex holds on with all his strength to keep the submission locked in, Tyson can’t get out of the hold, but Lex just lets him and he lifts Tyson up and looks ready to connect with a Canadian Destroyer off of the stage.

RJ: Don’t do it Lex!

MW: That would be a massive risk, I’m not sure either of them would make it if that happened.

Tyson pushes them both forward but Lex connects with his finisher anyway on the hard steel of the ramp.


Tyson starts to move.


RJ: Tyson is back up!

MW: That is the first time Tyson has looked like losing this match, the longer this match goes on for, the more I believe Lex will come out victorious.

Lex chops Tyson across the chest, but Tyson responds with a hard jab to the stomach of Lex Hart, Tyson grabs Lex and puts him in the Tysonator position and looks ready to throw him off of the stage.

RJ: Will Tyson really do it?!


Tyson falls to his knees, but it wasn’t Lex who low blowed him.



Miss Jessica urges Lex to throw Tyson off of the stage, and he does.

RJ: Tyson has toppled off of the stage, and any fall like that could result in a major injury, but the real big thing here is Miss Jessica screwing over Tyson and seemingly teaming with Lex Hart!








RJ: Miss Jessica has a new client, and that client is Lex Hart, and she has just made him 6WF World Champion.

MW: Unfortunatly that’s all we have got time for, Tyson Armstrong is being attended to by medics, but I have heard it’s not looking good, we will have more updates for you, and all the reaction from one the most shocking pay per views in 6WF history at Lockdown See you then!

Betrayal ends with the image of Lex Hart in the ring holding up the 6WF World Championship while Miss Jessica stands next to him clapping him, the entire arena filled with boos.
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Betrayal Results (30/01)
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