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 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:36 pm

(The following video plays Before the opening 6NG Video plays and we go straight to ringside as a flurry of pyro goes off and Long Road to Ruin hits as the crowd cheers wildly)

RJ: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and what an evening we have ahead for you. Welcome to the Season Finale of 6NG!

MW: Even I'm excited for Tonights show and not only due to it signalling the end of this ridiculous show!

RJ: But before we get on with the action there is the small matter of finding out who has made it into the Final two rookies!

(Suddenly The Lights in the arena go out and the Britains Got More Talent theme plays out and the crowd explode into cheering)

RJ: And here comes the most important man of the night, its the Guest Host.... MISSSSTTTTTEEERRRRR STEPHEN MULHERN!

(Mulhern appears through a flurry of pyro and makes his way down to the ring. He grabs a microphone and goes to speak but is cut off my a MULHERN chant from the crowd. Eventually he begins to speak)

SM: Good Evening 6WF Universe and Welcome to the Season Finale that will prove that 6NG has got more talent (Mulhern holds the mic up into the air)


SM: Come on Michael, surely even you can appreciate the talent on show tonight! As you are all aware I am Stephen Mulhern the greatest tv presenter of all time and host of Britain's Got More Talent but can I just say that this is the greatest moment of my career to date! As a lifelong 6WF fan I was bouncing off of the ceiling when I got the call to host tonights show! For tonight we will find out the winner of 6NG, but in my opinion all three of the 6NG Rookies that are left in the competition are set to become the biggest names in the 6WF within the next few years! In fact you could call all three of them GameLords!


SM: But when I was looking over the initial show plans I realised that something was missing, and as you lovely people all found out on last weeks show that thing was JJ Johnson who will be making a one off return for tonight and tonight only!

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ!

SM: So without further ado lets get this show on the road! Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for the two rookies whose future was left in the balance by yours truly last week. 'The Golden One' James Eagle and 'The Belton Brawler' Yarmouth Blade!

(I Made It hits and James Eagle and Yarmouth Blade make their way out to the ring)

SM: I have the results here in my hands. (He reveals a golden envelope) And the rookie who will be going through to the final to compete with Edan Ekram for the title of 6NG Season One Winner is........


(Yarmouth looks shocked whilst Eagle looks deflated. Eventually the two rookies hug and make their way to the back with Mulhern)

RJ: Up next is our first match of the evening, with the Hardcore Champion taking on his former rookie's brother!

MW: Federico is going to shut up Blue Dragon once and for all!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:37 pm

(Freak on a Leash blares out as Blue Dragon appears to a huge ovation from the capacity crowd. He has the 6WF Hardcore Title slung across his shoulder. He gets into the ring)

MW: Question: How do you make 6NG worse? Answer: Add Blue Dragon! (Wire laughs at his own joke)

(Suddenly the lights in the arena go down before a solitary gong is heard and Federico Gonzalez runs out to ringside. He slides into the ring and stares at Blue Dragon as the referee rings the bell)

RJ: I don't think this kid knows what he's getting himself into!

(Federico walks up to blue dragon and gives him a staredown and pokes him in the eye, Federico starts to lay punches in the corner , Blue Drahon knees him and pushes Federico into the corner and gives them the finger and slapping them across the head. As the crowd cheers)

MW: Blatent disrespect from Dragon there

(Dragon swings Gonzalez into the ropes and nails a Big Boot to the skull, he then lifts Gonzalez back to his feet and nails a T-bone suplex. He then lifts him up once more and lifts Gonzalez into a high cross position. But Gonzalez slithers down the back and hits a low blow, Federico then hits a fisherman suplex into a pin
shoulder up!)

RJ: Close for the newcomer there

(Gonzalez pulls Dragon up and swings him into the rope and lands a side walk slam.
kick out! Federico locks in a triangle choke hold onto dragon who is slowly passing out but manages to get a fingertip onto the rope to break the hold.

MW: Blue Dragon showing his limited talent here!

(Gonzalez then pulls a groggy dragon to his feet and bounces off the rope and goes to nail a clothesline but dragon ducks and catches gonzalez with a High Knee to the jaw which hits so hard gonzalez rolls out to ringside.
dragon throws gonzalez into the ringsteps and starts to smash his head on them. blue dragon pulls gonzalez to the ramp and body slams onto the steel, he pulls gonzalez up again who reverses it and lands a massive tiger suplex onto the ramp and goes for the pin
kick out by dragon!)

RJ: Maybe Dragon underestimated Gonzalez's fight!

(Gonzalez pulls dragon to the top of the stage and goes to f-5 dragon off the stage through the tables below....)

MW: He calls this the Federico Factor!

(Out of nowhere Dragon pokes him in the eye and nails a ddt onto the stage. Dragon then picks up Gonzalez and hits a powerbomb onto the tables below
blue dragon crawl and lays an arm over gonzalez
kick out!)

RJ: Getting closer to the end here!

(The pair gradually get to their feet before fighting over into the crowd, blue dragon grabs a chair and lands a massive chairshot to the head which causes Federico to bleed profusely and puts the chair over his head and dropkicks him into a the barrier crushing his throat causing him to fall to the floor in agony. Dragon makes the pin...



MW: Whats this idiot doing?

RJ: Dragon lifted Federico's shoulders breaking the pin!

(Dragon picks up Federico before chucking him over the barrier at ringside. Dragon then signals to the crowd who cheer as Dragon hits a huge Big Boot to the side of the head. He then picks up the almost motionless Federico and drags him over the production area. Dragon the hits a huge Death Note onto the electrical equipment at the top of the ramp)

MW: Come on this is to much

RJ: I think that is literally the point of a hardcore match!

(Dragon then signals to the crowd and climbs the scaffolding. Before launching off with a huge frog splash crushing Federico. He then makes the cover


Ring Anouncer: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner the 6WF Hardcore Champion BLUE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MW: He Cheated!

RJ: How do you cheat in a hardcore match Michael?

MW: Well he, he....

RJ: We'll be right back when the Franchise Initiative himself will be here to referee the Scorpion versus one of the 6NG Finalists Yarmouth Blade!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:37 pm

(We go backstage where Stephen Mulhern is standing talking to some of the production team he gets tapped on the shoulder)


(The camera turns around where JJ Johnson is standing in his referee outfit. He smiles at Mulhern)

JJ: I just wanted to swing by and thank ya once again for inviting me to your show tonight!

SM: No problem JJ, after all what better way to make sure this show is off the hook than to have a bonefide legend such as yourself back for one night and one night only!

JJ: As well as the fact that together we are the Main Event Playas!

(Mulhern and JJ high five before the camera turns showing JJ making his way to the ring area)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:37 pm

(Champion blares out as JJ Johnson makes his way out to the ring. He gives the Coalition salute as the fans cheer maniacally. He then makes his way into to the ring as "I Won't do What you tell me hits and The Scorpion rides his motorbike out to the ring. Most of the crowd is booing but a small portion of Scor-Peons is cheering. Finally The One and Only hits and Yarmouth Blade walks out to a standing ovation from the capacity crowd. Some of the crowd sing along as he makes his way down to ringside. Once he gets into the ring JJ checks both of the rookies wrist tape before calling for the bell)

RJ: What a pleasure seeing JJ back hey Michael?

MW: Whatever RJ, your talking to a true SCOR-PEON here!

(The two rookies lock up before Scorpions size advantage comes into effect almost straight away pushing Yarmouth back into the corner. He hits a few chops before pushing his boot into Yarmouths neck)

JJ: ...1.....2.....3.....4.....

(JJ pulls Scorpion off at 4 and 1/2. Scorpion then pushes JJ before going back to Yarmouth and hitting a viscous uppercut. He follows this up with a bridging suplex)

JJ: ...1......2.... (KICKOUT!)

MW: Great start from Scorpion here

(Scorpion shouts at JJ who explains it was a two count only. He turns back to Yarmouth who hits a knee to the head out of nowhere. Yarmouth seizes on the advantage and locks in a modified crossface but Scorpion quickly powers out. Scorpion then runs at Yarmouth but Blade hits him with a back body drop. Scorpions quickly back up and is taken down almost as quickly with a scoop slam. Yarmouth Covers....)

JJ: ....1.....KICKOUT!

RJ: Great work from Yarmouth there

(Yarmouth then sizes up Scorpion before attempting to lock in his devestating sleeper hold. Scorpion manages to power out again before kicking Yarmouth in the bottom of the jaw. Scorpion the taunts the crowd before lining up the Arizona Bark (Spear) He runs at Yarmouth who leap frogs and Scorpion crashes into JJ!)

MW: What was that fool doing in the way?

(Scorpion looks confused before turning around into a huge powerbomb from Blade. Who makes the cover before realising that JJ is down)

RJ: Scorpion may have inadvertently saved himself there!

(Blade goes to check on JJ before the Scorpion grabs him from behind and hits his Death Stalker. Scorpion then smiles before rolling out of the ring and fetching a chair. He then proceeds to smash the chair into Yarmouth's ribs. He picks up Blade again before hitting Yarmouths own Powerbomb onto Blade. He sees JJ stirring before chucking the chair away and making the cover)

RJ: Not this way!

(JJ staggers over favouring his ribs before making the count)

JJ: .....1......2...... 3

(I wont do what you tell me hits and the Scorpion starts to celebrate)

MW: Whats the fool doing now?

JJ: Wait one second playa!

(JJ signals the Scorpion to Just Bring It! JJ then hits a huge Access all Areas onto Scorpion sending Scorpion halfway across the ring)

JJ: You see I saw it all playa. I saw the chair shots and more importantly I saw you hit the Franchise Initiative with that mightily impressive spear! Which is why I'm disqualifying you from the first match and restarting this as a second match right now!

(Yarmouth has made it back to his feet and grabs Scorpion from behind and locks in the Sleeper Hold. Scorpion is soon tapping.)

JJ: Your winner via both Disqualification and Submission.... YARRRRRMOOOUUTTTTHHHHH BLLLLLLAAADDDDEEE! (JJ raises Blade's hand as The One and Only blares out)

MW: This is a disgrace, Scorpion had this match won!

RJ: Yet somehow he lost twice, Blade on a roll as we march towards the main event!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:37 pm

(The following video plays: before the crowd cheers all four of the semi finalists. We then cut back to ringside)

RJ: “We have a massive grudge match up next for you here folks, over the last couple of weeks Frank Horrigan has went out of his way to bring as much pain to Edan Ekram as humanly possible and tonight Edan get his opportunity for revenge.”

(Michael Wire has suddenly taken off his headset and walks over to the ringside attendant where he collects a microphone. RJ looks on bemused as Wire climbs into the ring and begins to talk.)

MW: “As we all know I absolutely hate this show. I could be doing so much better things with my Tuesday nights but there has been that silver lining on this massive dark cloud. The silver lining? Frank Horrigan. I have taken it upon me to make this match as enjoyable for him as possible and have managed to have this match changed to a No DQ. This means that we will see maximum punishment dished out to that pathetic loser Ekram. Hope you appreciate the thought Horrigan.”

RJ: “What the hell is Mike on? He has gone out of his to get the stipulation of this match so his man crush takes interest. Pathetic!!”

(“Rock the Night” then hits the speakers as Frank Horrigan appears from behind the curtain. The fans boo him whilst he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He walks across the ring and completely ignores Michael Wire who obviously looks very upset.

“Elements of Life” begins to play as Ekram appears from behind the curtain holding a 4x4. He screams at the top of his lung before charging down the ramp. Wire quickly scampers back to the announce table as the two men clash. Erkam hits a thunderous blow to the ribs of Horrigan after dodging an initial clothesline.)

RJ: “What the hell were you playing at? It hasn’t even made a difference, he still doesn’t love you.”

MW: “He never shows his emotions. I know he appreciates the gesture.”

(Ekram hits a second blow to the ribs which has Horrigan on one knee. He goes to hit it across the head of his opponent but Horrigan sticks a hand out and stops the blow from contacting. He roars loudly as he pushes Ekram away before getting to his feet and ripping the 4x4 out of the grip of his opponent. The look on Ekram’s face has changed as Horrigan laughs menacingly.)

RJ: “Wow, what a shot!!”

(Horrigan is back on one knee after Ekram kicked him hard between the knees. He screams in pain and drops the 4x4. Ekram bounces off the ropes and drops Horrigan to the mat with a low dropkick to the side of the head. He quickly mounts his opponent and hits several right hands to the fore head. He gets off, lifting Horrigan up in the process and throwing him against the ropes and executing a perfect standing drop kick which has Horrigan stumbling back and then flying over the top rope after his opponent clotheslines him to the outside. Ekram quickly follows and spears his opponent hard into the ring side barrier. He makes quick work in then throwing Horrigan across into the ring post.)

RJ: “Ekram taking all he has to Horrigan here tonight. Regret making that change now partner?”

MW: “Never, he’ll turn things around. Just you watch.”

(Ekram goes under the ring and takes out a kendo stick which he quickly uses by cracking it across the back of Horrigan. The crowd pop like crazy as Ekram goes crazy and hits Horrigan across the back another 6 or 7 times before hitting a sickening shot to the head which busts him wide open.)

RJ: “Horrigan is not looking in good shape here.”

(Ekram gets Horrigan to his feet and Irish whips him in the direction of the steel steps but his opponent counters and Ekram goes tumbling over the steps with massive impact. Horrigan takes a few moments to recover as Ekram tries to get to his feet. The monster of a man then walks over to Ekram and throws him hard into the ring side barrier. He quickly makes his way under the ring and collects a chair, he taps it a few times on the steel steps before hitting a thunderous shot to the head of Ekram who is now bleeding heavily too. Horrigan laughs to himself as he looks at the Spanish announce table before ripping the lid off and the two tv monitors. He keeps one in his hand and hits Ekram with it, again dropping him to the floor. Horrigan picks his opponent up and rolls him onto the table before following him seconds later. He picks him up and kicks Ekram to the gut.)

RJ: “Oh god no, Horrigan’s Law through the table? Don’t do it god dam it!!”

(Horrigan has Ekram positioned over his shoulder but Ekram manages to wriggle free.)


MW: “No, this can’t be happening..”

(Ekram drives Horrigan through the table with a massive Burn Out which has both men lying completely motionless on the wreckage.)

RJ: Can Ekram make the cover?”

(The crowd are chanting “Holy ****” after what they just witnessed. Ekram begins to move and slumps an arm across the chest of Horrigan. The referee makes the count ..


RJ: “Ekram has done it, what a victory for this young guy. He has finally got that revenge he so badly wanted. What a match to do it in too.”

MW: “I can’t believe that just happened. I hope Horrigan doesn’t remember what I did.”

RJ: “Grow a pair, this is all your fault. What a wreckage here in front of his folks. We still have a two massive matches that are going up just right after this.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:38 pm

(We cut backstage where James Eagle is warming up. He is approached by a man in a hoodie with the hood up)

???: This week on Lockdown we shall start our crusade but due to contracts I am not allowed to appear at ringside until then

JE: I know, but on Thursday this revolution starts

(The camera swivels revealing a man with a white mask on. He is carrying a kendo stick)

???: Exactly. After Born in Fire I was told I would never compete again, but here I am. And you know the one image that kept me going?

JE: Watching the True Prophet who did that to you suffer as you have

???: Exactly, now watch your back. The numbers game is against you tonight. But soon all of that will change. The Black Mage, the Golden One and the Japanese Sensation will take it to the hypocrisy of the True Prophet!

(The scene fades to black)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:38 pm

(We return to ringside just as Burn Burn hits and James Eagle walks out through his signature golden rain pyro. He tags the hands of a few of the fans on his way down to ringside. As soon as he gets into the ring "Its an Omen" screams outs, the music then fades into Warriors Dance as The Fanatic steps out to a huge series of boos from the crowd. He pauses on the ramp as his music fades into The Final Countdown as James McManus swaggers out. He has new entrance apparel and is wearing a boxing style robe with the hood up. It has The Future written across the back. He smiles at the Fanatic before chucking his robe to the floor and running to the ring. Almost immediately Eagle tries to seize the advantage by stomping away onto McManus' back before the referee calls for the bell)

MW: Have I ever mentioned that Eagle bores me half to death?

RJ: Its got better then, only half to death now!

(Eagle carries on with his assault onto McManus before lifting him and hitting a snap suplex. He then mounts him before hitting a series of 5 punches before McManus pokes him in the eye. McManus follows this with a codebreaker and goes for the cover)

....1... KICKOUT!

(McManus picks up Eagle before hitting a series of knife edge chops followed by a DDT. He covers again but doesn't even get a one count)

MW: McManus showing why he is The Future!

(McManus berates the referee before turning around into a small package by Eagle)

....1.....2.... Kickout

RJ: Eagle showing he's no rookie with that textbook roll up.

(Eagle then lifts McManus up and whips him into the corner. He goes for a series of punches but The Fanatic gets up on the apron and distracts the referee as McManus reverses with a low blow. McManus goes up top and goes for a frog splash but Eagle moves as McManus crashes and burns. Out of nowhere Eagle then runs and launches himself over the top rope at The Fanatic but is caught in midair and hit with a thunderous powerbomb)

Crowd: HOLY ****!, HOLY ****!, HOLY ****!

MW: What a move, the Parasite is Killed!

RJ: Eagle more fussed about sending a signal than winning the match!

(The Fanatic laughs at Eagle before a Japanese voice is heard shouting. The Fanatic looks confused before turning around into a hurricanrana from a Japanese cruiserweight)

RJ: That's Keisuke Kawasaki, the Japanese Sensation!

MW: And he's out here why?

(The referee leaves the ring and tells Keisuke to leave the ringside area)


(Meanwhile McManus has got back to his feet and runs at the ropes and hits a picture perfect somersault plancha over the top rope onto James Eagle. He then rolls him back into the ring and goes for the cover)

MW: That Naughty Ninja is still confusing the referee!

(McManus screams as he realises the referee is no longer in the ring. He then sets up for and nails Eagle with a viscous death valley driver sending both men to the mat. Outside the ring The Fanatic has got back up and walked over the the Japanese sensation, he pushes the referee out of the ring and goes to grab Kawasaki who backs up the ramp)

MW: What a coward!

RJ: He's made his statement though Michael!

MW: Wait a second, look behind you!

(Kawasaki gulps as he has walked backwards into Chaos who has walked down the ramp. The crowd boos as Chaos kicks the japanese sensation in the midsection before hitting a G-Force onto the ramp. Back in the ring Mcmanus makes the cover as the referee gets back into the ring


MW: Its all over

RJ: No Michael, Eagle got the shoulder up!

(Replays show Eagle just get the shoulder up. McManus shouts at the referee before lifting Eagle up)

MW: Tombstone!

RJ: No Reversed!

(Eagle manages to reverse the tombstone attempt before hitting the devastating Soar. He laughs at Chaos and The Fanatic before making the pin


(Burn Burn hits as James Eagle starts to celebrate)

RJ: What a win for Eagle!

MW: Shut up Michael, and just watch!

(Chaos and The Fanatic enter the ring and circle Eagle before The Fanatic hits a monstrous F-Kick to the exhausted Eagle. As Eagle falls he is caught by Chaos who hits a G-Force sending Eagle to the mat. The Fanatic then picks up McManus and holds his arm up in victory and Granite hits as the trio celebrate)

MW: What a site RJ, THE FUTURE, THE FANATIC and THE TRUE PROPHET together in the ring!

RJ: What a heinous attack I think you mean. Look at the destruction, Eagle and Kawasaki are laid out!

MW: Isn't it brilliant RJ!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:38 pm

(We go backstage where Mulhern is standing with Clarissa)

SM: You know what Clarissa I think you have what it takes to win Britains Got Talent

C: (Blushing) Oh Stephen your such a charm

SM: Problem is I can see someone over there who is even more talented than you!

C: (Turning angry) What do you mean Stephen!

MRS G: (Suddenly walking over) Heya Stephen baby, I see your talking to the second best interviewer in 6WF history

SM: (Looking nervous) Um, well, yeah. You see.... Well I did say you were more talented baby....

MRS G: Thing is Stephen a celebrity such as yourself can be interviewed by whomever he wants (She stands next to Clarissa)

C: (Scowling) Just because you filled in for me once doesn't make you the best dear

(The two women start arguing)

SM: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa ladies. This is easily solved, its time for a GAMELORD challenge to end all challenges!

(The crowd can be heard chanting GAMELORD! GAMELORD! GAMELORD!)

SM: And luckily we have a twister mat right here!

(The camera pans to show the twister mat)

SM: You both know the rules?


SM: Then let us begin!

(The camera plays in fast forward and shows the two women playing twister as Mulhern calls out the combinations. Suddenly Clarissa falls)

SM: (Smiling profusely) Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Your GAMELORD, or should that be GAMELADY, is MRS G!

(The camera fades to black as the three hug. We then cut back to ringside for our next match)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:38 pm

RJ: “Up next Ladies and Gentlemen we have a HUGE grudge match between former rookie and pro. There has been huge animosity between Hero and his former protégé, Longinus ever since the rookie hit Hero with the spear and cut all ties with the Church of Hero. Ever since that moment, Hero has promised that Longinus would get what he deserved and he has finally been given that opportunity.”

(The fans fall quickly quiet in wait for the wrestlers to enter the arena. “Here Comes The King” hits the speaker and the crowd begin to boo as the ‘God’ of the Church of Hero enters from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp with his three unified title belts and absorbs the boos, merely laughing them off.)

RJ: “Hero out here alone tonight after the Church of Hero was banned from ringside in this match up.”

(Hero slowly walks down the ramp before entering the ring and making his final preparations. The crowd pop wildly as “All My Life” begins to blast around the arena and Longinus charges from behind the curtain and storms down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and floors Hero with a massive clothesline from behind and begins to throw punches left, right and centre on the body of his opponent. Hero covers up and tries to absorb the blows but is saved by the referee who has pulled Longinus off the 6WF legend. Longinus takes a few steps back and shares a nod with Sanchez who has been allowed at ringside to ensure no involvement from Hero’s lackeys in the match.)

(Hero gets to his feet, dusts himself off and laughs across the ring at his former rookie. The crowd boos at Hero’s actions before the referee calls for the bell. The two men begin to circle the ring and lock up with massive impact. They both struggle for the upper hand but it is Hero who drives Longinus into the corner. Longinus tries to push his opponent off but is hit across the chest with a massive chop that echoes around the arena. Longinus grabs his chest in pain but is quickly thrown across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Hero quickly follows in behind and connects with a clothesline. His opponent stumbles out of the corner and Hero connects with a bulldog after a run off the ropes. Longinus quickly gets to his feet but it met with a hard right across the jaw. He stumbles back a little and is clotheslined to the outside by Hero via the top tope.

Longinus crashes to the outside as Hero stands in the ring and mocks the rookie by laughing at him as he falls before looking over at Sanchez and laughing again. Hero slides out the ring and picks up Longinus before crashing him into the ringside barrier. The crowd wince as Longinus’s back connects. Hero hits a couple of punches before dragging him off the wall and hits a scoop slam onto the mat. Longinus’s face says it all as he crashes to the floor. Hero picks Longinus up and rolls him into the ring. He quickly follows inside and stomps couple of times on the mid section of his opponent. Longiuns is picked up by his opponent and quickly gets hit with a suplex by Hero who rolls into a pin. 1..2.. Kick out! Sanchez is on the outside shouting encouragement to his partner to try and get a reaction.)

RJ: “Hero methodically taking out his opponent here with a series of high impact moves.”

(Hero quickly gets to his feet and boots his opponent in the head as he tries to get back to his feet. Hero picks him up and throws him into the corner, quickly following in behind and crashing with a crossbody. Hero quickly starts to hit kick at the mid section of Longinus again before sitting him on the top rope. Longinus sits on the tope rope groggy as Hero climbs and puts him in the suplex position. He attempts to lift his opponent but Longinus grabs the shorts of Hero and manages to stay footed. Hero attempts the suplex again but Longinus counters with a punch to the ribs. He hits a second and third punch until Hero loosens his grips before pushing him to the mat below.

Hero groggily gets to his feet and is met with a drop kick from the top rope by Longinus. They both quickly get to their feet with Hero running at Longinus who dodges the clothesline. He rebounds off the opposite rope but is met with a massive belly to belly suplex from Longinus. Sanchez hits the mat and gets the fans cheering for his partner. Hero gets to his feet but is met with a kick to the gut; Longinus then sends his opponents head crashing to the mat with a big time DDT. He covers, 1..2.. Kick out!)

RJ: “Longinus getting back in this match here, can he capitalise?”

(Longinus gets to his feet and encourages Hero to follow. He takes a few steps back into the corner.)

RJ: “Looks like he goes for the Spear here folks.”

(Hero slowly gets to his feet and turns around as Longinus begins to charge.)

RJ: “Oh god, the referee has been taken out!!”

(Hero had grabbed the nearby referee and thrown him into Longinus’s spear. Hero quickly stomps on the grounded opponent before walking over to the side nearest the ramp. He begins to wave for people to get into the ring before Vlad and Xeres appear at the top of the ramp. The crowd boo furiously and the camera cuts to the face of Sanchez who’s expression hasn’t changed, he begins talking to himself and sits slumped against the ringside barrier. Vlad and Xeres enter the ring and begin to stomp on the vulnerable Longinus who’s partner is just watching on. The Church of Hero lackies continue to beatdown Longinus before Vlad picks up the former member and hits a big time powerbomb. Sanchez then enters the ring and has finally decided to chase Vlad and Xeres from the ring and up the ramp.)

RJ: “What the hell was going on there? Sanchez just stood and watched Longinus getting a beating. He finally chased them off but why the delay?”

(The crowd continue to boo as Hero stands over the body of Longinus laughing to himself. Hero slaps the lifeless referee into a half awakened state before picking up his opponent. Hero laughs again before kicking Longinus in the stomach .. ENCORE!!)


(Replaus show that Longinus had countered the Encore and somehow rolled up Hero for the win.)

RJ: “Longinus held the tights and has somehow managed to steal the win from under the nose of Hero, against all odds!!”

MW: He cheated, how can this wannabe rookie beat the Unified Champion?

(Hero has crawled into the corner with a look of sheer shock on his face. He can’t believe what has happened. Sanchez appears at the top of the ramp. The crowd pop as he walks down towards the ring. Hero is still in the corner, looking on as Sanchez enters the ring. He gets Longinus to his feet before the both walk over to Hero who is still in the corner. The crowd are cheering and encouraging The Atheists to finally give Hero what he deserves. Sanchez tells Longinus to start before rolling out the ring and going to grab a steel chair from under the ring. Longinus has pulled Hero into the middle of the ring and is screaming at his partner to hit him with the steel chair. Hero’s expression quickly changes as Sanchez lifts the chair from a look of fear to an evil smile. He looks on as Sanchez floors Longinus with the chair.)

RJ: “What the hell is going on here?? What is Sanchez playing at?”

(Longinus slumps onto his knees after the massive chair shot. Hero stands up and next to Sanchez. He whispers something in his ear before Sanchez slams the chair against the skull of Longinus one last time. His face now covered in blood as he crashes to the mat. Sanchez stands over the motionless body of Longinus, the chair lifted over his head as the crowd boo furiously at what has just happened. Hero stands over the body of Longinus shouting at him furiously. “I told you to never cross me!” The crowd continue to boo as Clarke James, Marshall Murdoch and Crime Lord appear at the top of the ramp. They all applaud what has just happened as Sanchez nods in acknowledgement.)

RJ: “I still can’t get over what we have just seen folks, absolute betrayal. Sanchez has screwed his short team tag partner Longinus and from what I can make of it, he is now a new member of the Church? What night we’ve had so far and we still have the winner to be revealed.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:39 pm

(The camera cuts backstage to guest host Stephen Mulhern who is making his way out to ringside. Scorpion storms past them after losing to Yarmouth Blade.)

SM: “Hey, Snake?”

Scorpion: “I’m a scorpion you idiot. Who are you anyway?”

(Scorpion looks at Mulhern with a look of pure hatred in his eyes.)

SM: “Who am I? Are you serious? I am the greatest TV host of all time. I am the man that will be awarding the winner of the show with their prize. Which reminds me, you won’t be winning.”

(Scoprion’s eyes flare up at what was just said. He walks towards Mulhern and gets in his face.)

Scorpion: “What did you just say?”

SM: “I said that you won’t be winning the competition. I was only reminding you. Here, I know something that will cheer you up. How about a magic trick?”

(Mulhern take a pack of cards out but before he can do anything with them Scorpion slaps them out his hand.)

Scorpion: “Do you want to get stung?”

(The guest host laughs to himself before speaking.)

SM: “Sorry mate I don’t swing that way but I know a few guys that do if you want me to hook you up? Maybe Dec, after all he does have quite an effeminate voice!"

(Scorpion slaps the guest host across the face who stumbles a couple of steps back with the impact. He slowly looks up at Scorpion, wiping off a small speck of blood on his lip.)

SM: Okay well how was I meant to know you were an Ant kind of guy!

(Scorpion glares at Mulhern before going for an uppercut. Mulhern moves out of the way and takes Scorpion down with a Double A Spinebuster through a nearby table which has refreshments all over it)

SM: Mulhern Magic!

(Mulhern then proceeds to hit the downed Scorpion with a Peoples Elbow before dusting himself off and heading off to the ring entrance. Leaving Scorpion laid out with refreshments all over him)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View   6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:39 pm

(The Britains got more Talent music hits once more and Mulhern makes his way out to join RJ and Michael Wire on commentary for the final match of 6NG Season One!)

RJ: Good Evening Stephen and welcome to ringside

SM: Thank you RJ, and Michael I see that you've enjoyed tonight more than you though you would

MW: (Mumbles to himself)

SM: Anyways, here we go. Its the Final of 6NG Season One!

(The One and Only hits and Yarmouth Blade comes out still showing signs of his match with Scorpion. He salutes the fans before Elements of Life hits and Edan Ekram makes his way out to a huge cheer. He slides into the ring and shakes hands with Yarmouth before the referee rings the bell)

RJ: Both men have been through hell in their respective matches earlier tonight, but surely Blade is going to be slightly fresher?

MW: As long as he doesn't try and injure me I'm happy

(The two finalists lock up before Blade grabs the advantage with a snapmare takedown. He then applies a headlock. Edan screams in pain before managing to fight his way back to a vertical base. Edan then reverses the headlock into a waistlock and hits a German suplex. He bridges for the pin....1.......2.. Kickout. Edan then goes for a snap suplex but its countered and Blade hits a dropkick)

SM: Both these men have given there all, the stamina they both have is incredible!

(Blade is back to his feat first and hits a chinbreaker. He then hits a viscous roundhouse kick before locking in his patented Sleeper Hold. Edan is visibly fading and the referee starts to check if Edan is fading. He lifts the arm and it drops, he lifts it again but Edan manages to just grab the ropes before Blade is able to grapevine the hold. Edan goes for a quick takedown but its reversed into a codebreaker by Blade. Blade then whips Edan into the corner and runs after him. Moves out of the way of the splash before placing Blade into the corner)

MW: You know what this has actually been a great match!

SM: Thank you Michael!

(Edan hits a chop before going for a superplex. Edan pushes him away and goes for a high risk flying shoulder block)

Crowd: HOLY ****!, HOLY ****!, HOLY ****!

SM: WOW! This is why 6NG has got more talent!

RJ: Correct there Stephen!

(Replays show that as Blade launches himself off of the top rope Edan hits a huge Burn Out out of nowhere. Both men are down and the referee starts his count


SM: Both men are down and counted out! What an end to 6NG!

MW: What a finish! This show has shown its worth tonight!

RJ: I have to agree with you both! WOW! Just WOW!

(Mulhern then gets up and walks into the ring and helps both Edan and Yarmouth to their feet)

SM: Ladies and Gentlemen you 6NG Finalists!

(Crowd cheers)

SM: But there can be only one winner of the First Season of 6NG so dim the lights as the voting is now closed!

(The lights go down and the Britains Got Talent vote closing sound plays)

SM: Edan Ekram and Yarmouth Blade you are both worthy winners and I know you both have huge careers ahead of you.... But the Winner of 6NG is...........


(I Made It hits and the confetti falls. Yarmouth Blade is the first to congratulate Edan and the pair hug to cheers from the crowd. Jerome Dubois and Perfect Jack have also made their way down to the ring. Jack congratulates Edan and then hugs Blade. Dubois who has also comisserated Blade then goes over and holds up Edan's hand in celebration as even more pyro goes off.)

SM: Ladies and Gentelemen, Your Winner EDAN EKRAM!

(Mulhern then presents Edan with the 6NG Trophy. Edan has tears in his eyes as he lifts the trophy high in the air. Stephen Mulhern, Yarmouth Blade, Jerome Dubois and Perfect Jack are clapping him)

MW: What an evening!

RJ: You can say that again Michael, unfortunately that's all we've got time for Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the end of 6NG Season One. So its goodnight from me...

MW: And Goodnight from me

RJ: Join us on Thursday on Lockdown where all of the rookies, including our runner up Yarmouth Blade

MW: And of course our winner Edan Ekram

RJ: Will be looking to make their mark! And all of this, as always, exclusively live on Eurosport HD and

(The camera focusses in on Edan Ekram who is still celebrating before fading to black as the 6NG theme "Long Road to Ruin" plays us out)
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6NG Week 9 - The Pay Per View
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