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 6NG Week 8 - The Final

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:34 pm

(Long Road to Ruin hits and the opening 6NG video plays. We then go to ringside as the pyro goes off and RJ welcomes us as always)

RJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Final Weekly Show of 6NG

MW: Finally this show is coming to an end...

RJ: (Interrupting) Beep Beepity Beep Beep

MW: What was that RJ?

RJ: Everytime you bad mouth this show I'm going to talk over you!

MW: Then I'll get you fired!

RJ: Anyways, tonight we're set to find out who the final 2 rookies are! First up we're going to go backstage where Clarissa is standing by with a returnee!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:34 pm

(We cut backstage where Clarissa is standing)

C: Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to announce a match for the Season Finale. Live on PPV it will be Edan Ekram vs Frank Horrigan. The 6NG Commissioner would not disclose if this would be a Tables Match...

(Frank Horrigan suddenly appears and snatches the microphone off of Clarissa)

FH: Tables match or not Edan, at the Season Finale you will once again be going through one. Horrigan's Law will be maintained

(Horrigan slams the microphone back into Clarissa's chest and storms off)

C: (Looking shaken) Back to you at Ringside RJ

RJ: Thank you Clarissa and wow what an announcement!

MW: Horrigan to dominate as always RJ, the best thing about this competition by far!

RJ: And now I've heard that James Eagle has asked for interview time as well!

(We cut back to Clarissa who is no longer shaking)

C: Thank you RJ. Without further ado, a man who needs little introduction... James Eagle!

(The camera turns to the left, where an intense looking 'Golden One' is standing.)

JE: After discussions with my good friend Edan during the week, I have come to the realisation that I don't actually need any kind of mentor associated with me to win this competition. Edan and that Belton Trawler have had great luck with their pros in 6NG. Each of them has a cordial relationship with their pro and have actually learned wonders of the business and how to get by. I however, have had to learn this the hard way. What my opponents have yet to discover is that not everyone is going to like you in 6WF. I can tell they reckon they will get by by being 'nice'. GET BY! Getting by in 6WF won't win you championships!

JE: I only have two men to thank for teaching me this... two men who don't even realise how much help they have given me. In fact, I can only assume that they set out to make sure I learned flip all. All they cared about was making my career a living hell. Yet I learned more than anyone in this competition. In fact, I learned so much that I no longer require the bullying and beatings from two invalids to make myself a tag team champion. Tonight, on the final of 6NG, I am officially emancipating myself from the True Prophet and his protégé, the Fanatic! I will no longer be associated with either man for the remainder of my 6NG career!

MW: 'The Golden One' has spoken.

RJ: Yes he has, Michael. This young star is determined to win the whole competition and he won't let little annoyances distract him. Very wise...

MW: WISE?! Are you kidding me? This man has no clue! He is foolish for dumping the greatest... not wise, RJ.

RJ: Opinions, Michael, opinions. Anyway, enough arguments about James Eagle. Let's get back to the show.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:34 pm

MW: Up next we have the leaving speech of a loser

RJ: Are you going to have a rant then Michael?

MW: No, its Longinus


The lights in the arena dim and there is a sound of a battle coming from the speakers.
It is a sound of battle cries and swords clashes.
The stage lights up and a procession of 8 Roman Soldiers come out onto it. Dressed in full body armor and carrying swords and shields they engage in an theatrical battle with each other.

The battle cries are getting louder through the speakers as the Soldiers' battle intensifies. The Crowd are loving it. They are putting on a great show.

As the battle continues on stage, Longinus appears through the curtain carrying a large spear.
He is wearing body armor on his chest with a Roman helmet on his head.
Longinus makes his way to the battle area and the Soldiers stop their battle and salute him.
They line up in front of Longinus who salutes them back.

The Titantron bursts into life show a red letter 'A' symbol. Longinus salutes the Soldiers once more who engage in battle with each other again.

Longinus places his spear on the stage, takes off his helmet and chest armor to reveal the familiar t-shirt with a letter 'A' on it.
Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song pumps through the sound system as Longinus leaves the battle area and makes his way down the ramp to the ring.

He Gives 'hi fives' to members of the crowd on the way to the ring and raising his arm to the cheers coming from the crowd.

RJ "Now that's what I call an entrance. He knows how to put on a show that kid."
MW "Shame he could never put on a show in the ring."

Longinus enters the ring with the crowd cheering for him. Longinus salutes the crowd in the same way he saluted the Soldiers earlier. The music dies away and Longinus reaches for the microphone being passed to him through the ring.

The crowd is still cheering for him and a chant starts "Atheists" "Atheists" "Atheists"

Longinus raises the microphone to speak, but lowers it. The chant gets louder and he looks at the crowd, he turns to his left, then spins around to his right, the whole arena is shouting "Atheists" "Atheists" "Atheists".
Longinus moves his head from side to side in time to the chant.

Longinus smiles and raises the microphone.
L "First off I want to thank Hero"

The crowd boo at this, just the mention of his name draws so much heat.
Longinus smiles and continues.
L "I want to thank Hero for showing me the correct path for me to go down. With the treatment I received at the hands of the COH I quickly realised that road was a dead end. So I took matters into my own hands. Role the VT"

'The Titantron shows Hero & Longinus in the ring talking. Hero drops the microphone and charges at Longinus. Longinus ducks the flying clothesarm and rebounds off the ropes hitting Hero with a spear.'

The crowd are cheering again after seeing this.
L "That was the turning point. That is when everything started to fit into place. But there was more happening behind the scenes that no one knew of. There was someone else in 6WF that did not know which way to turn. Confronted with his own personal demons he needed to be shown which path to follow and has now joined me on a new and exciting journey."

The crowd starts chanting "General Sanchez" "General Sanchez" "General Sanchez"

L "I always maintained during my time on 6NG that I would rock the foundations of 6WF, well, truth be known I could not do this alone. But together, me and The General can accomplish everything we put out to do. The Atheists are different to all these other stables in 6WF, whilst they have their own agenda's and philosophies we do not. The Atheists do not believe in anything. Apart from one thing. You. The fans!"

The crowd go nuts at this and the "Atheists" chants ring around the arena once more.

L "Seeing as I'm doing all the talking, I think its only fair that Sanchez comes out, he is my tag team partner after all. I'm sure he has a few things to tell you."

Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song plays once more through the speakers and Longinus turns to the stage awaiting the appearance of his new partner.

20 seconds go by, 30 seconds, a minute.
Sanchez does not appear on the stage and the music dies away.

MW "Oh dear, I'm guessing that's the end of The Atheists. Can we get this clown out of the ring now."

Longinus is looking slightly embarrassed and doesn't know what to say.
But the Titantron comes to life, showing Clarissa running down a corridor. You can hear the panting from the camera man as he tries to keep up.

C "Hurry up, we are nearly there."

They finally reach their destination. The crowd goes nuts at what they are seeing.

RJ "Oh my god!"

Clarissa is standing outside of the Church of Hero which has been covered in graffiti.
Red letter 'A's are covered all over the walls with 'The Atheists' also written on.

C "Over here, come one" she says to the camera man.
They make their way to the side of the COH where General Sanchez is spraying a letter 'A' on the wall.

The cheers in the crowd are ringing throughout the arena.

Sanchez turns to the camera with a cheeky smile and continues his work.

Back in the ring Longinus continues:
L "Looks like hes a bit busy at the moment, best leave him to it."

‘Hero’ by Nas - plays through the speakers as the Church of Hero make their way onto the stage. The crowd boo their arrival and launch a tirade of abuse.

The music dies away and Longinus raises the microphone.
L "Hi guys, thought you might appreciate a bit of redecoration at the Church. It needed brightening up."

The crowd laugh at this, waiting to see the response from Hero.

But Hero doesn't say anything, instead he looks straight at Longinus and starts to charge to the ring followed by his cronies. Longinus, obviously knowing he is outnumbered, exists the ring through the middle rope and runs into the crowd as the COH make their way into the ring.

MW "That's right, take the cowards way out."
RJ "Come on, he wouldn't stand a chance. Smart move if you ask me"

Hero, with a look of hate in his eyes, looks up to Longinus standing safe in the crowd.

Longinus simply raises both his arms to cheers from the crowd and then makes his way out of one of the exits and out of sight.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:35 pm

(The Scorpion is shown backstage, while checking his watch and looking around for someone. The Scor-peons go wild in the arena.)

RJ: What's Scorpion doing back?

MW: He's just like the rest of them, RJ. Yet another loser who thinks defeating Hero makes him the best around.

RJ: I'm not sure, Michael. I think he has something planned. The Scorpion seems to be waiting for someone or something in particular

(The Scorpion walks aimlessly up and down the corridor, before a technical manager hands him a microphone.)

S: About time! In my last three matches, I've faced legends of the federation - two former world champions and a reigning freeweight champ. And let me tell you this, just over two weeks ago, I defeated Hero in the main event of Shutdown. Now I've made my goals clear, it's time to put them into action. I will put a stop to Hero's Church and I will end all of their careers. In a year's time, all everyone will be talking about is the day Hero... got... stung!

(Just as The Scorpion says the word "stung", a hooded person comes from behind the camera lens and charges into him with a flying forearm. Scorpion falls back against the wall, as the assailant continues to focus on a brutal attack. He throws alternate punches before suplexing him onto the hard floor below. He lifts the opponent and hits a big powerbomb into the camera.

???: You won't sting me buddy!

The unidentified man leaves the scene as both the cameramen and Scorpion lie in a bundle on the ground. Out of the corner of the dis-positioned camera, Scorpion's attacker can be seen pointing to his jacket... The letters 'JJ' printed on the back.

RJ: What on earth was that, Michael?

MW: I don't know, but I certainly enjoyed it. Now, has this show finished yet?

RJ: Not yet, Michael. You can go back to your ironing classes after the finale next week. Don't fret! And right now we can see the Journey that we have all taken to get to this point!

(A video package plays, showcasing all the major events of 6NG so far.)

(‘WEEK ONE’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

VO: 7 Rookies, 1 Goal. To become the next breakout star in the 6WF! Ladies and Gentlemen this is 6WF Next Gen!

EE: I can trust anybody in this company probably as much as I’d trust Nick Clegg.

TS: I am here to end careers!

RJ: Yarmouth Blade picks up the first win in 6WF Next Gen!

(‘WEEK TWO’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

MW: I will be sitting in my own private announcer booth known as the Wire Well!

RJ: James Eagle picks up a huge win!

(Horrigan hits a monstrous spear on Blade sending him through the Wire Well, leaving both men unconscious on top of Michael Wire!)

MW: (Screaming) Help! Help! Help!

(‘WEEK THREE’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

L: I am officially part of the Church of Hero. (Echoes)

YB: Yarmouth Bladeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

JE: ‘The Golden One’ James Eagle!

Crowd: Eagle, Eagle, Eagle!

RJ: Horrigan’s rage has gotten the best of him!

(‘WEEK FOUR’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

RJ: The first elimination! (Echoes)

MW: Another huge victory for Edan.

RJ: Horrigan’s Law!

RJ: The first rookie to leave the competition… Fernando Gonzalez!

(‘WEEK FIVE’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

Crowd: Mrs G, Mrs G, Mrs G!

RJ: Burn Out! He wins the match

Mrs G: James Eagle and Longinus!

(‘WEEK SIX’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

RJ: Longinus leaves the Church for good!

RJ: And Edan continues to dominate!

JE: I will no longer be associated with these thugs. Free me!

C: A double elimination!

RJ: Going home are… The Scorpion… Frank Horrigan.

MW: Down to four!

(‘WEEK SEVEN’ flashes up on the bottom of the screen.)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Semi Final!

C: Longinus will not be entering the rookie challenge.

RJ: Yarmouth Blade picks up two immunity points.

MW: Longinus is sent packing.

(The video package closes and a voiceover is heard around the arena.)

VO: Who will make it to the 6NG final?

(A poster showing the seven rookies flashes up on the titantron, with the remaining three stood at the front.)

RJ: This time next week, all the rookies will return for a one off, 6NG pay per view!

*Crowd pop*

RJ: But only two of them will fight it out for the coveted crown of 6NG champion! Tonight, we cut it down once again. Who wins... you'll have to wait and see!

MW: Yawn, seeing that again was even worse than the first time round!

RJ: And now we go to our one and only match of the evening!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:35 pm

(The One and Only hits and Yarmouth Blade makes his way down to the ring as the crowd sings along with the words. Burn Burn then hits and Eagle makes his way out through his trademark golden rain, he passes out some money before making his way to the ring)

MW: Two down Two to go (Yawn)

(Elements of Life hits and Edan Makes his way out to the ramp, slapping the hands as he makes his way down to the ring, the crowd cheers as the three finalists stand in the ring before All My Life hits and the crowd pops as Longinus makes his way out onto the ramp. He points at the ring before running down and sliding in. The four men look at each other as the referee rings the bell)

RJ: The four semi-finalists here Michael

(Longinus locks up with Eagle and takes him down with a suplex. Meanwhile Edan gets the upper hand on Yarmouth before pushing him back into the corner and hits a series of Knife Edge chops. Out of nowhere Eagle hits a kick to the chin of Longinus grabbing the advantage and hitting a drop toe hold before locking in a Half Boston Crab. Longinus crawls forward before grabbing the rope. Edan then hits a Bulldog out of the corner and makes the cover...

...1... Kickout with authority from Blade.)

RJ: What speed from these Rookies

MW: And they're so well matched...

RJ: Because they're all so talented!

MW: That's one way of putting it!

(Edan continues on Blade by hitting a German suplex, he holds on and gets back to his feet. But Blade spins out before trying to lock in his devastating Sleeper hold. Edan spins out and the two stare at each other. Meanwhile Eagle picked up Longinus and hit a snap suplex. He lifted him up again but Longinus manages to block the incoming kick and dodges the enzuiguri, he then hits a snapmare and goes for the cover....1.. Kickout. Longinus and Eagle get back to their feet and the four stare at each other again)

MW: Business is about to pick up!

(Frank Horrigan and The Scorpion come charging down to the ring and slide in and start attacking all four of the men in the ring and the Referee rings the bell for the DQ. Horrigan attacks Edan and Eagle as the Scorpion takes it to Blade and Longinus)

MW: All of the 6 rookies going at it!

(Horrigan knocks Eagle to the ground before turning his attention to Edan. Edan goes for a kick but is caught by Horrigan. He grabs him and goes for the Horrigan's Law)

MW: Here it is!

RJ: Wait!

(Eagle hits a low blow onto the monster before hitting The Soar. Horrigan rolls from the ring as Eagle and Edan taunt him. Meanwhile The Scorpion has got the better of Longinus and Blade. He hits a suplex onto Blade before dodging the Spear of Longinus. Longinus turns around into a huge Clothesline causing Longinus to roll from the ring. He then taunts Longinus but is caught from behind by Yarmouth Blade who locks in his Sleeper hold. Scorpion struggles before Blade alters his grip and hits a sleeper suplex causing Scorpion to roll from the ring as well)

RJ: The three Finalists standing tall Michael

MW: Even I'm impressed!

RJ: And on that bombshell we're going to the back where Clarissa has another announcement!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:35 pm

C: Thank you RJ and we have just learnt that at the 6NG Season 1 Finale it will be James Eagle versus an opponent specially picked by his pro Chaos. Its James McManus! (Crowd boos) And what's more The Fanatic will be the special guest enforcer!

RJ: Wow Michael, this PPV card is looking amazing!

MW: (Laughing) Eagle doesn't stand a chance!

C: And what's more we've also been told that Longinus will be facing his pro, Fight for the Right holder and a self proclaimed Wrestling God.... HERO!

MW: This card just gets better and better!

RJ: Indeed it does Michael, and finally something on this show that we agree on! And just before we announce the final two rookies we go backstage to the rookie's locker room


(Backstage, Edan Ekram and James Eagle are talking.)

EE: Good luck tonight, James. Hopefully we can both make it through to the final.

JE: I sure hope so, because that trash talking whimp doesn't deserve to be here any more. If justice is served, it'll be me versus you next Tuesday.

EE: Don't be so hard on the guy. He's alright you know, just... not as good as us!

(Edan and James do a little secret handshake, as Yarmouth Blade walks into shot.)

YB: Hey guys! What's up?

JE: Oh you is it, where's good old PJ, Yarmouth? [mocking voice] I wouldn't want you getting hurt by us two scary wolves!

EE: Leave it James. Us three have got this far and it would be nice if we could all get along. One of us will go tonight and we wouldn't want it to be on bad terms, would we?

JE: Yeah, I suppose. Good look guys and may the best man win.

YB: Cheers boys. Good luck, you'll be needing it, Jimmy!

(Eagle starts to walk away, but returns after hearing Yarmouth. He stares angrily at the Belton Brawler for a few seconds, before storming off in the direction of his dressing room.)

EE: What did I just say?!

YB: Sorry Akram... I mean Ekram. He's just so easy to annoy.

(Edan rolls his eyes in disgust.)

EE: Oh well, good luck anyway.

YB: You too!

(The two rookies leave in opposite directions, as the camera moves back to the commentators.)

RJ: You'd think that, after all they've been through together, these three future stars would be best of buddies by now. But there's clearly been a lot of tension between Eagle and Blade recently and both men always want to get in the last word, while Edan seems to be playing peacekeeper.

MW: Where's Frank Horrigan when you need him? The only good rookie to have been entered into the competition, and he's not even in the final. This is outrageous! I couldn't give a flying monkeys about who wins now... just so long as Horrigan destroys them all in the finale.

RJ: And now Michael, its time for the final Elimination of 6NG to find out who the final two competitors are!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:36 pm

(I Made It hits as Yarmouth Blade, Edan Ekram and James Eagle make their way down to ringside. RJ also gets up and gets into the ring.)

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen it is my greatest pleasure to be standing before you with the results of the final elimination.... The rookie who is eliminated at the final hurdle is...

(Suddenly the lights in the arena go out and a voice is heard...)

???: 6NG has got More Talent..... CORRECT!

(The Britains Got Talent theme music hits and the crowd goes wild as the lights come back on as the 6NG Season Finale host Stephen Mulhern walks out onto the stage. Pyro goes off and the camera pans showing the fans cheering and taking photos. Stephen Mulhern then walks down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans before getting into the ring. He smiles at the finalists and RJ before going to speak)


SM: Sorry to interrupt you RJ but I couldn't resist coming out and greeting the great 6WF Universe! And to make a few huge announcements, first of all Yarmouth Blade will face The Scorpion live at the Season Finale. But they've already faced off I hear you cry... well that's where I'm incredibly proud that a great friend of mine will be the Special Guest Referee. Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who truly has More Talent.... Mr J J JOHNSON!!!!!!!

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ!

SM: Now to the second announcement.... There will be no elimination tonight! All three rookies have showed such great talent and therefore I am making an executive decision to postpone the results of the Pro vote until the beginning of the PPV!

MW: What? Can he make that decision... actually I'm not going to argue as I LOVE Stephen Mulhern as much as everyone else!

SM: However, I can announce that the rookie who is definitely through to the Final two and making up one half of the main event at Season Finale is.......


(Edan looks shocked before composing himself and shaking the hands of James Eagle and Yarmouth Blade)

SM: James and Yarmouth, you will learn which one of you has made it through to the final two live at the beginning of the PPV! One of you will then go onto face Edan in the main event. Before yours truly presents the trophy and the Tag Title Contract Shot to the winning Rookie and his Pro!

RJ: What an announcement by the Guest host. Unfortunately that's all we've got time for Ladies and Gentlemen. So join us next Tuesday for the live PPV the Season Finale of 6NG!

(Long Road to Ruin hits as the three Rookies pose in the ring along with Stephen Mulhern. The camera then fades to black)
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 8 - The Final   6NG Week 8 - The Final Icon_minitime

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6NG Week 8 - The Final
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