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 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!

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PostSubject: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:29 pm

(Long Road to Ruin hits and the crowd cheers as the camera pans around ringside, it settles in on RJ and Michael Wire)

RJ: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Semi Final of 6NG Season 1

MW: Which means that there is only 2 shows left...

RJ: Not quite Michael, as we are proud to announce that Next Friday exclusively on 6NG will have a PPV to finish this first Season Off!

MW: You have got to be kidding me!

RJ: RJ: “Up first tonight 6NG fans we have a singles bout between charismatic fan favourite Yarmouth Blade and flying high villain, Scorpion. This young guy has upset the odds the past couple of weeks across in 6WF picking up victories against Hero and Perfect Jack.”

MW: “His win against Hero was nothing but a sheer fluke. When is Horrigan on?”

RJ: “Get your nose out his backside Mike, you are pathetic.”

With that “The One and Only” hits the speakers and the fans pop wildly as Yarmouth Blade comes from behind the curtain and salutes his fans. He walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of his fans before entering the ring and saluting them once again.

He turns to look up the ramp as “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me!” begins to play and the fans boo wildly bar those few Scor-peons in the crowd who are going crazy for their new favourite heel. He walks down the ramp looking intensely at Blade before rolling under the bottom rope and squaring up to his opponent. They trash talk a little before Scorpion slaps Blade which gains massive heat from the fans. Blade takes a step back holding his face before unleashing a massive right hand across the jaw of Scorpion which cause the referee to ring the bell and begin the match.

Blade continues the hard rights causing Scorpion to retreat towards the ropes. Blade shoots Scorpion across the ring and drops him with a clothesline after he rebounds on the opposite side. Scorpion gets up quickly and Blade drops him with a second clothesline and then a third. The crowd are going crazy as Blade gets them on side.

RJ: “This guy has so much energy and the fans love him. What a start to this match up.”

Blade goes to pick up Scorpion but his opponent rakes his eyes which has the crowd quickly booing the rookie. He kicks Blade in the gut and crashes him to the mat with a massive DDT. He quickly covers his opponent. 1..2.. Kick out from Blade! Scorpion quickly gets to his feet and begins to stomp on Blade. He stomps him a few more times before dropping an elbow across the face of his opponent. He stand up and goads the fan which has them on their feet booing. A few Scor-peons at the front begin to cheer wildly and Scorpion gives them a smile before picking Blade up. He throws him into the corner and follows just behind with a big splash. Blade stumbles out the corner as Scorpion bounces off the ropes and hits a bulldog. He covers, 1..2..Kick out!

RJ: “This is the sort of offence that seen him beat Hero at Shutdown just two weeks ago.”

MW: “Will you please shut up about that cheap victory, he’d never do it again god dam it!!”

Scorpion now has a headlock locked in on the mat and Blade is struggling to break free. The fans begin to chant “Come on Yarmouth..” and it seems to be working as he starts to get to his feet. He hit a couple of body blows and Scorpion’s grip weakens allowing him to throw Scorpion against the ropes. Scorpion bounces off the ropes and is met with a fantastic standing dropkick from Blade. Yarmouth gets to his feet and points to the corner. He ascends the turnbuckle and the crowd are beginning to cheer wildly. He hits his elbow and lands a Randy Savage like elbow drop across the face of Scorpion. The crowd go wild and begin to chant the name of the former wrestler.

RJ: “Great tribute to the late, great Randy Savage. Yarmouth was obviously a big fan.”

Blade gets to his feet and begins to will Scorpion to his feet. His arms are spread as he continues to shout at Scorpion to get up. His opponent stumbles to his feet and Blade makes his way to the back and locks in the Sleeper Hold. Scorpion is flapping wildly as he attempts to break the hold. He does so for several minutes before he slowly falls to his knees as he becomes weaker. The referee begins to talk to Scorpion but doesn’t get much of an answer. He lifts his arm which falls quickly back to by his side, he repeats this for a second time and the crowd begin to cheer.

RJ: “Looks like he is out for the count here Mike.”

The referee raises Scorpion’s hand for the last time but doesn’t get a reaction before calling for the bell. “One and Only” hits the speakers as Blade releases the grip and begins to celebrate. Scorpion is slumped in the middle of the ring unconscious.

RJ: “Massive win here tonight for Blade, he has held his own against a brutally powerful opponent here tonight. We’ve got to go for an ad break now folks but after the break we have James Eagle v The Fanatic in singles action. Now we cut backstage to Clarissa who has an important message for us.”
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:30 pm

C: Thank you RJ and I am here to announce that at 6NG Season Finale, live on PPV, we will see Blue Dragon in action against an opponent that his ex-rookie Ferando Gonzalez has specially chosen. All he had to say was La Familia. And now we cut to the Rookie Challenge for this week, remember this is for immunity through to next weeks final. Edan Ekram is already through to the final so will not be entering this week. Also, Longinus has been withdrawn by his pro Hero. I have a statement:

(Clarissa takes out a piece of paper and reads from it)

C: "Longinus will not be entering into the rookie challenge this week due to his heathen acts upon a Wrestling God such as myself". So now to the rookie challenge entries first up its James Eagle


(James Eagle cones down to the ring and 'Burn Burn' blares out of the speakers. He taunts at the top of the ramp, before pulling a sac from out behind his back. As the music plays, he makes his way down the ramp, while passing on the monetary contents of his bag to his ecstatic fans. He steps into the ring and lifts his signature, golden microphone out from the bottom of his sack.)

JE: I just placed a £1,000 bet.

MW: Whatever! All he ever blags about is money, money, money.

RJ: In a rich man's world, Michael?

MW: Haha. Very funny, be sure to stick to your day job... actually no - quit that too!

JE: A bet on who will be the winner of 6NG. And guess who I placed it! The worrying thing about this is that my odds were as good as twenty to one. People don't believe that I have the capabilities of winning this thing. Just because I don't have any major accolades to go by my name in 6WF history, it doesn't mean I can't go all the way.

JE: So what if The Scorpion fluked a victory over Hero? Nobody really gives a damn. Similarly, who cares that Longinus has his own little group of friends or that Yarmouth Blade always seems to be stood in front of a poster? I certainly don't! The only person that really needs to be watched out for is Edan Ekram. He is the leader, the front runner, the one everybody aims to defeat.

(The crowd return a mixed reaction.)

JE: And that's exactly my problem. You guys need to have more faith in me. These hands are the next pair of hands to embrace those tag team titles. Getting to the final isn't what we need to be concerned about. When the next elimination comes around, the final grains of dust will be blown out of the equation. Edam included.

JE: I do realise that some of my opponents may be much more entertaining outside of the ring, but it's what we do in that squared circle that counts. I bring a new dimension to 6WF; something that has never been seen before. My pro just doesn't understand...

(All of a sudden, the titantron lights up and Chaos' face can be seen - almost filling the screen.)

C: I presume, by "my pro" you mean me?

(James Eagle nods in agreement.)

C: Wrong again! You are nothing but a whining little insignificant parasite, who thinks he can bribe his way into 6WF. [in a mocking voice] Hello. My names James Eagle and I give money to my fans, so they will cheer me.

C: How you weren't kicked from the competition last Friday is beyond me. Somehow you have survived this far, yet done absolutely nothing worthwhile. I've finally had enough...

(The camera shows Eagle still in the ring, looking confused.)

C: Please welcome, my protégé and my new "talent" manager...

C: The Fanatic!

*Crowd Boo*

(The camera zooms out to show Fanatic standing beside his master. He stares at Eagle before laughing, the two of them then walk away and the screen turns blank.)

(Back in the ring, Eagle is recovering his thoughts, while looking rather puzzled.)

JE: ... There we go! Once again, proof that I am being mistreated in this competition. Ever since I put my name down to compete in 6NG, I have been pointed and laughed at. Everyone suspected 'the young businessman from the west' to fall at the first hurdle. But I didn't and I'm still here.

JE: It honestly doesn't change a thing if I really do have a new pro. He still wont be getting any closer to his first championship in 6WF. I told you all last week that I have a little friend backstage, a man who will help me to gaining tag team gold. That hasn't changed either - he's back there, somewhere, lurking in the shadows, waiting for his moment.

JE: Look at me! I will prove that man and his supposed master wrong, the ones who claim to be better than i will ever be, the non-believers who think they know best. The Golden One has yet to fail in his life and he still won't let that feeling emerge. That's because my job is to win 6NG, and win 6NG I will.

*Crowd pop*

(Eagle rolls out through the ropes to the outside and stands by the barricade at ringside.)


C: And our Second and Final entry Yarmouth Blade


RJ:OK next up ladies and gentlemen my favourite rookie Rookie Yarmouth Blade.

MW:oh god not this idiot.

RJ:care full don't let blade hear you say that.

The one and only hits and blade walks down the ramp with Perfect Jack and the crowd goes wild, bot wrestlers are tagging fans as the walk down the ramp.

First Blade slide under the ropes and then followed by Perfect Jack, they wait for the crowd to settle and for the music to stop before each getting a mic from the ring announcer .

PJ:Hello 6ng universe.

crowd cheer x10.

MW:cheep pop there from the crowd.

RJ:Shut up Michael,these two are great, just sit down and listen to what they have to say?

PJ:Now how many of you perfect people want to see me and Blade become tag team champions?

Crowd cheer x10.

PJ: OK then,well Blade its up to you to convince the other pro's why you should win this final?

YB:Well Jack, I have put together a little video for you and all these wonderful peeps in the arena to watch some of my high lights in 6ng so far,so with out wasting no more time please run the vt.

MW:oh god am gonna go to sleep, this is so boring.

RJ:Sorry about this viewers looks like Michael Wire has fell a sleep,yet again.

The titron begins to play with the match that he had with Horrigan.

RJ: Yarmouth Blade must be ruing his decision to target the monster

(Horrigan goes to grab Yarmouth but the young rookies avoids him and slides back out of the ring)

MW: Get back in that ring you wimp!

RJ: Says the man sitting behind the perspex shield

(Yarmouth composes himself before getting back up on the apron. The ref attempts to hold Horrigan back as Yarmouth gets back into the ring. Suddenly Yarmouth starts unloading with left and rights onto Horrigan. Horrigan covers up before hitting a headbut out of nowhere which sends Blade down. Blade is up quickly and ducks the clothesline from the monster)


(Replays show Blade jumping off of the ropes going for a springboard clothesline but is caught by the throat in mid-air and is hit by a huge chokeslam. Cover



RJ: What heart from the rookie

MW: More like stupidity...

(Horrigan roars in anger before mounting Blade and unloading with punches. The ref tries to pull him off before starting a count





Horrigan gets off of Blade just before the 5 count. He looks at the ref with the same look of rage in his eyes)

RJ: This doesn't look good....

(Horrigan grabs the referee and hits a huge Horrigan's Law before turning back to Yarmouth Blade and hitting him with a Horrigan's Law as well)

Ring Announcer: Your winner by a result of a disqualification, Yarmouth Blade!

MW:has it finished yet?

RJ:oh you awake now?

MW:oh god its still Blade and his pet chimp, I'm going back to sleep.

YB:now for my all time Favorite match the one with James Eagle, with me partnering Edam akram.

(The referee calls for the bell as Eagle and Ekram lock up. Eagle gets the initial upper hand and force Ekram into the corner but his opponent manages a stiff kick to the mid section. Eagle takes a step back as Ekram hits a massive chop across his chest. Eagle winces as Ekram bounces off the rope. He goes for the clothesline but Eagle manages to duck underneath and Ekram continues rebounding off the opposite rope and his opponent turns around into a jumping DDT from Ekram which drives his skull into the mat. He goes for the cover


Kick out! Ekram grabs his opponent by the hand and drags him into the corner and tags in Blade. The two begin to stomp into Eagle slouched into the corner.)

RJ: “Eagle not having a good start here.”

(Blade drags Eagle from the corner and lays him on his back before pointing for Ekram to climb the corner. Ekram climbs up and hits a massive senton bomb across the chest of Eagle. Blade quickly gets up and starts to stomp on his opponent before picking him up and throwing him into the adjacent corner. The Belton Brawler then runs at Eagle and looks for the flying cross body but Eagle dodges. Blade rebounds off the turnbuckle whilst Eagle bounces off the ropes.)

RJ: “Massive impact there as both men are laid out!!”

(The pair hit simultaneous clothesline and are now both flat on their backs. Eagle begins to crawl towards the Fanatic but as Eagle pulls closer Chaos appears at the top of the ramp. He is holding a microphone and begins to speak.)

C: “Fanatic, leave that pathetic excuse for a parasite to fend for himself. He does not deserve to have been allowed to tag with you. He is a nothing; he wanders around disrespecting people like me and you. Now leave him to suffer at the hands of these two other idiots.”

(With that Fanatic jumps from the apron as the crowd boo. Chaos begins to walk down the ramp and meets Fanatic at ring side. Eagle looks on in disbelief at what has just happened. He pulls himself up on the ropes and begins to ask Chaos “Why?” His pro just laughs off his pleas before pointing behind him. Blade had made the tag and Ekram was standing behind Eagle. Eagle turns and Ekram does for the Burn Out but Eagle pushes him off and begins to hit hard right hands across the face of his opponent. The crowd pops wildly as Eagle continues to fight back much to the dislike of Chaos. He throws Ekram off the ropes and hits a perfect standing drop kick to his opponent. He covers
Kick out from Erkam. Eagle lifts him up and hits a kick to the gut, uppercut and neck breaker combination before covering Ekram

Kick out again from Edan!

Eagle stands up and looks to the top rope.)

RJ: “Looks like Eagle is going to soar here Mike.”

MW: “I can only hope he falls flat on his face.”

(Eagle begins to climb the top rope as Blade tries to get the crowd on side of his tag partner. Ekram gets to his feet as Eagle adjusts himself. He stands on his feet and looks for the flying clothesline.)


(Ekram jumps off the ground and hits a brutal Burn Out on Eagle who crashes to the mat. Ekram quickly covers his opponent as Chaos stands on the outside laughing.


RJ: “Ekram picks up the victory after an outstanding Burn Out but Eagle will feel aggrieved after his pro Chaos screwed him.”
(The One and Only hits and the crowd cheers. Yarmouth Blade appears and salutes the crowd before running down to the ring, just after he slides in Burn Burn hits and the crowd cheers once more as James Eagle appears through the curtain, he makes his way down to the ring handing out money and slapping hands with some of the fans. The pair shake hands in the ring before the referee rings the bell)

RJ: Two fan favourites here Michael

MW: You don't win titles by being a fan favourite RJ

(Eagle goes straight at Yarmouth hitting him with a flurry of left and rights, he then irish whips him across the ring before hitting a knee to the midsection. Eagle then goes for a suplex but its countered as Blade kicks him before hitting a ddt taking Eagle down.)

RJ: Great chain wrestling there

(Blade stomps on the ankle before putting his hand to his ear bringing a loud cheer from the crowd and attempting to lock in a figure four leglock)

RJ: Learning from his pro there

MW: Spoke too soon RJ

(Eagle manages to kick Blade off before rising and hitting an enzuiguri to the face of Yarmouth Blade. Eagle then picks up Blade before hitting a T-Bone Suplex. He covers....

...1.. Kickout

Yarmouth Blade is back up to his feet but is taken back down with a hiptoss, he rolls through before Eagle charges.)

RJ: What a move!

(Replays show Yarmouth Blade leap up and hit a codebreaker sending Eagle down. He makes the cover...




RJ: He got him

MW: No RJ, foot on the rope!

(Replays show James Eagle just get his foot on the bottom rope, Yarmouth Blade cannot believe it and goes to pick Eagle up again. Out of nowhere Eagle manages to roll up Blade...




MW: Rookie mistake by Blade!

(James Eagle signals to the crowd and lifts blade up)

RJ: The Soar, are we going to see it?

MW: Sleeper!

(Replays show Eagle lift up Blade who manages to slide out and lock in the sleeper, Eagle starts to fade.... but suddenly finds a second wind. Eagle powers out of the sleeper by pulling Blade over his shoulder. Eagle goes for a clothesline but Blade ducks underneath it....)

MW: Sleeper locked in once more

RJ: And Eagle is stuck now

(Yarmouth Blade drops to the mat bringing Eagle with him and locking in the grapevine version of the sleeper hold. Eagle's eyes are misting over as the ref lifts his hand

Once.....It drops

Twice..... It drops


........ Eagle clenches his fist and tries to roll back onto his front. He gradually manages to get to a vertical base before fighting off Blade)

RJ: He's free but that's obviously taken it out of Eagle!

(Blade goes for a snap DDT but Eagle counters him, the Golden One seemingly finding a new wave of energy. Out of nowhere he hits Blade with a backflipkick before setting up for the Golden Eagle. He has Blade in position and...... hits the finisher! The impact knocking Eagle off his feet as well, both men are down and the referee starts his count...

....1......2......3......4.....5.....6......7......8....9....... Both men are back to their feet!)

RJ: What a main event!

MW: Hell even I'm enjoying this!

(Eagle makes his way over to Blade and goes to lift him up further. Out of nowhere Yarmouth Blade spins around Eagle's torso and locks in the third sleeper of the match. Eagle attempts to fight out but the pressure soon becomes too much and the referee calls for the bell)

RingAnnouncer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via submission Yarmouth Blade!

RJ: What a win for Yarmouth Blade tonight

MW: And the first match of this God Damn show that I've enjoyed so far!

RJ: High praise indeed, well Ladies and Gentlemen that's all we have time for this week. Join us next week for the final episode before the second elimination, which I have just been informed will be a Double Elimination! So see you then, as always exclusively on!

YB:an this is why i should win 6ng and become the next tag teah champion with Perfect Jack.


C: Back to you RJ.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:30 pm

RJ: Thank you Clarissa, and now its time for our second match of the evening

MW: As the new Talent Manager The Fanatic takes on his True Prophet's rookie James Eagle

RJ: And after last week james eagle will looking for retribution after last weeks beatdown at the hands of the fanatic and his pro chaos.

MW: the boring one got what he deserve , if i was ever that boring I'd have myself sanctioned.

(Burn Burn hits as James Eagle makes his way to the ring. He tags the hands of some of the fans before making his way down to ringside. He goes to pose on the top rope but the lights in the arena go off and "Its and Omen" screams out before changing to "Warriors Song" as The Fanatic makes his way out to ringside. He snarls at Eagle before making his way to the top rope, Eagle is held back by the referee before Chaos appears on the titontron)

C: Excuse me you Parasite, but aren't you forgetting your place?

(James Eagle stares at the screen but is caught from behind by The Fanatic with a huge elbow to the back of the head)

MW: that's pure genius by Chaos gaining the upper hand before the match has even started.

(The ref calls for the bell and The Fanatic quickly picks up Eagle before hitting a spine-buster. He then starts to stomp a mudhole to james eagle in the corner , he drags him up to his feet and goes to punch eagle but eagle blocks and hits fanatic with a kick to the gut followed by a uppercut and a massive neckbreaker)

RJ: eagle starting gain a hold in the match now and he goes for the cover
kick out by fanatic!

(James Eagle pulls a groggy fanatic to his feet and nails a DDT before covering again

shoulder up!)

RJ: So close by the golden one

(James Eagle picks up the Fanatic and hits another DDT before going up top and hitting a leg drop. He then mounts him and hits the lefts and rights. He goes for the cover when the lights in the arena suddenly go down and "Its an Omen" screams out once more. When the lights come back up James McManus is in the ring. He has a chair in hand)

JM: (Pointing at Eagle) The Parasite must be destroyed!

(McManus swings the chair at Eagle hitting him hard)

MW: This is by far the highlight of this stupid show for me!

(The ref calls for the bell)

RingAnnoucer: BY DQ the winner of the match JAMES EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The Fanatic smiles twistedly at McManus)

RJ: I wonder what these sick individuals have in store for james eagle

(The fanatic pulls Eagle to his feet and laughs before hitting a huge Fanatical Fury onto the remnants of the chair)

MW: Message sent by the Talent Manager

RJ: And join us after the break for the Scorpions goodbye message.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:30 pm

The lights in the arena fade and are replaced by the image of a scorpion scuttling accross the desert on the big screen. The scorpion spots his next victim and as the Scorpion's tail viciously strikes its prey "I won't do what you tell me" blasts out of the sound system and the arena is bathed in golden colours. Scorpion appears on the stage as he rides his bike through a golden curtain pyro falling from the screen, and swirling sand that is blasted from the sides of the ramp as the fan group know as the Scor-Peons cheer.

Crowd Boo + Cheer ( Scor-Peons ) as Scorpion goes into the ring and picks up the mic

Crowd Continue to boo

Scorpion: I will speak when i want to not when you expect me too

Crowd laugh and boo

Scorpion: any way i have noticed something none of you pests would of noticed at that is the fact that the reason why i was voted of was because
the other pros and rookies are jealous of what i have accomplished with Miss Jessica and are jealous that i am a Future Champion! and a threat to there so called careers !

Crowd Boo + Scor-Peons Cheer

Scorpion: Not only that i don't care about being eliminated from a show where less then 5 people decide to tune in to watch !!!

Crowd Boo + cheer

Scorpion: Longuris ... you think your going to destroy the COH ? dont make me laugh by the time your off this show The COH would be in ashes !!

Scorpion gets a Chain out from his pocket with the letter COH as crowd Boo

Scorpion: And Now I Have My full attention on Hero and the Church .... I WILL BRING AN END TO HIS REGAIN OF THE 6WF ! I AM YOUR SAVOIR ! I AM THE SCORPION ! !!!!! AND THE CHURCH IS GOING TO GET STUNG!!!

Scorpion Crushes the chain with his fist and turns to dust as he leaves the ring!
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:31 pm

RJ: And now we cut back to Clarissa with the results of the pro vote for this week

C: Thank you RJ, and the winner of this weeks challenge and hence immune from elimination and through to next weeks final Tuesday show is.........


C: So the two rookies up for elimination are James Eagle and Longinus. Back to you RJ for our Main Event.
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 8:31 pm

RJ: Thank you Clarissa, and now onto our main event.

MW: And as the only reason to watch this show, apart from me, was eliminated last week. Its a blessing he's in tonights main event.

(Rock the Night hits and crowd descends into boos as Frank Horrigan storms down to the ring, he taunts the crowd before Elements of Life hits and Edan Ekram walks out to huge cheers from the crowd. He waits outside the ring as All My Life hits. Longinus appears on the stage and goes to make his way down to the ring before Xeres, Vlad and Zakky Spencer appear.)

RJ: Not this again!

MW: Or not RJ...

(The three COH members usher Longinus down to the ring, he looks confused but makes his way down to the ring. Edan gets in as well and the referee rings the bell. Longinus and Edan take turns running at Horrigan but are both repeatedly swatted away. Horrigan laughs before hitting a double chokeslam on the pair and Longinus rolls out of the ring)

MW: This is not going to end well RJ

(Horrigan laughs once more and follows Longinus out of the ring. Longinus goes to retreat up the ring but is caught between the COH and Horrigan. He goes to run at Horrigan before stopping....)

RJ: Out of this world Michael

(Replays play showing that Edan had recovered and ran at the ropes hitting a suicide dive onto Horrigan)

RJ: And now the wolves attack

(With Edan and Horrigan down the COH members start attacking Longinus, who manages to fight them off before succumbing to the numbers. They start to drag him off before "HOOOOORRRAAAAAHHHH!" is heard and Sanchez runs out and nails a spear of his own onto Xeres, the Atheists then continue fighting with the COH to the back)

MW: 1 on 1 now RJ, and Edan's back up

(Edan is first to his feet and goes to pick Horrigan up who grabs him by the throat out of nowehere and nails a Horrigan's law onto the floor)

MW: Wow, the monster strikes again

(Frank Horrigan picks up Edan Ekram before rolling him into the ring. Horrigan then gets a table from under the ring before getting in himself. The referee pleads with him but is ignored as Horrigan sets up the table. He lifts up Edan before hitting a second massive Horrigan's law through the table. He covers him with his foot and the referee has no choice but to count the 1-2-3)

RJ: And now it looks like we're about to get Horrigan's goodbye speech...


FH: My farewell speech... For a farewell speech, I need to be leaving. Believe this 6WF, Frank Horrigan is going nowhere. There's a simple reason i've been eliminated from 6NG. That reason is because I am too different. In this mocked up world where popularity reigns supreme, you people would rather cheer a sycophant like Edam Ekram. In my world, only the strongest survive. Only the Frank Horrigan's of the world survive, while the vermin like Edam Ekram and James Eagle are the ones burning in radioactive waste. You saw what I did to Ekram, I showed him Horrigan's Law. This isn't over Ekram, you may succeed where I haven't in 6NG due to your ability to pander to the crowds and get cheered simply for doing what they want instead of what you want. I do what I want, it's why I don't need 6NG to make it. I have earned my place in 6WF, and while I didn't exactly get along with my pro Max Adamson, and while some people will point to that as to why I was eliminated, Frank Horrigan rides alone. I am a one man Wolfpack, I am the genetically engineered freak! I am no longer a part of 6NG the competition, but rest assured, Frank Horrigan is forever a part of 6NG the legacy. The remaining contestants can now rest easy, they can now stop holding their breath, Frank Horrigan is now out of their way, but only for a short space of time because I am putting the 6WF roster on notice. Frank Horrigan has arrived, and he is going nowhere...


RJ: And that's all we have time for this week. Join us on Friday for the 3rd Elimination, and then next tuesday for the Final show before the Season Finale. All exclusively live on
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PostSubject: Re: 6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!   6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL! Icon_minitime

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6NG Week 7 - SEMI-FINAL!
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