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PostSubject: James Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION   James Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION Icon_minitimeThu Aug 25, 2011 8:26 pm

James Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION 4545472101_preJames Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION 4545494431_pre
James Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION 4530101062_preJames Eagle - HARDCORE CHAMPION 4545458016_pre

Name: James Eagle
Nickname: 'The Golden One'

Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 201 lbs
Hometown: Telford, England

Class: Heel
Gimmick: A wealthy businessman who changed his career path to become a wrestler. He believes he is the best and deserves more than he gets.
Personality: Eagle is no longer the generous man he claimed to be. After turning on the 6WF Universe, he has become one of the most arrogant and selfish superstars on the entire roster.

Entrance Music: 'Burn Burn' by Lostprophets -
Entrance Details: A spotlight focuses on the centre of the stage, as James Eagle steps out in his ring attire, topped with a white blazer and designer shades. He sometimes walks to the ring with a black leather briefcase in hand. Eagle taunts and boasts to the fans beside the barrier, as they boo him, before walking the steel steps and climbing up to the turnbuckle from the outside. He puts one arm in the air and points to himself with the other to show his brash, cocky side. Eagle hops down into the centre of the ring, hands over his briefcase to the official and loosens his joints as he waits for the [opponent/bell to be rung].

Finishing Move 1: The Soar (spinning sit-out lariat neckbreaker) -
Finishing Move 2: The Golden Eagle (lifting sit-out spinebuster) -
Trademark Move: Backflipkick (Pele kick with one-arm handstand) -
Submission Move: Full Nelson (with legs around waist)
Highflying Move: Corkscrew Crossbody Splash - or Somersault Boomdrop
Five - eight common moves:
Jumping Leg Lariat -
Diving Clothesline -
T-Bone Suplex -
Inverted Suplex -
Somersault Leg Drop -
Double Underhook DDT -
Missile Dropkick -
Running Neckbreaker -
Chain move: Gut kick, Uppercut, Neckbreaker.

Signature Taunt:
Catchphrase: Uses a series of rhymes in opposition of his opponent, "I'm the only real legend", "it's all in the safe"
Match Tactics: Clean

Match Style (Pick three): High-Flying, Fast-Paced, Risk-Taking

Weapon of Choice: Table

Specialty Match: TLC
Tables Finisher: Golden Eagle/Somersault Boomdrop

History: Previously a very successful businessman from a young age, James Eagle often got into fights on the streets of Telford for flashing his money too much. He would use the surroundings to his advantage, but he soon realised where his future lay... 6wF!

After a few months in 6WF with little avail, Eagle felt he had discovered what was holding him back and decided to turn on the people he had won over so well. Although many thought he had left the fed for good, 'The Golden One' made an emphatic return, where he clearly made a point to turn his back on the fans in order to focus on winning titles.

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