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PostSubject: The Saint - EUROPEAN CHAMPION   Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:14 am

Name: The Saint
Nickname: 'The Divine Force', 'The Divine Destroyer'

Weight: 270 lbs
Height: 6'6"
Age: 26
Hometown: Manchester, England
Class: Tweener

Gimmick: A man on the edge who knows what it takes to stay on top but after years of being a favourite amongst the fans, has an innate urge to do what is right. This conflict makes him unstable and potentially dangerous to anyone.
Personality: Unpredictable, erratic

Entrance Music: ‘Monster’ by Skillet -
Entrance Details: ‘Monster’ plays and the lights in the arena dim, Sparks begin to fall from above the entrance way and The Saint purposefully walks through them, stopping at the top of the ramp and looking down, he looks up at his opponent(s) and lets out a massive roar and raises his arms in the air, causing a succession of fireworks exploding above his head. He walks to the ring slowly, constantly eyeballing his opponent(s).

Finishing Move 1: Divine Intervention (R.K.O)
Finishing Move 2: The Saints Row (Jackhammer)
Trademark Moves: Divine Destroyer (Crucifix Powerbomb), Divine Force (Sit-down Powerbomb)
Submission Move: The Crucifier (Master Lock)
Highflying Move: Flying Cross Body
Five - eight common moves:
Implant DDT
Pumphandle Slam
Gorilla Press Slam
German Suplex

Taunts: "You will be Sainted!"
Movesets: As a result of the Association caused car accident that sidelined him, The Saint has lost a lot of weight and is now a similar build to Goldberg, enabling him to be agile but powerful and effective at the same time.

Title History
-- 2x TAW Champion
-- 1x 6WF Champion
-- 1x Tag Team Champion
-- 1x Freeweight Champion
-- 1x European Champion
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