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 Brian Fantana

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PostSubject: Brian Fantana   Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:44 am

Name: Brian Fantana
Nickname: The Albino Mexican

Finishing Move: Albino Bomp (Reverse Piledriver)
Common moves:
• Lionsault from top rope
• Camel Clutch
• Falling neck breaker from top rope
• Stong uppercut
• Helicopter throw

History: An accomplished Mexican wrestler who fought for many years masked in Mexico city. He was exiled from Mexico when he was stripped of his costume, and relealed that he was really an albino! He has since been fighting in low budget promotions trying to work his way up! No longer ashamed of his heritage, he is out to make a name! He is an odd mix of brute strength, and high flying skill!
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Brian Fantana
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