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 Survival Results (21/01)

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PostSubject: Survival Results (21/01)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:09 am

MATCH 1 : Team 6WF vs Revolution

Diablo, Rock V2, Finlay & EZ Money
Hero, E-val, Cruiser Jim & Real Dude

Commentator : What an event we have in store here, and we couldn’t have a better opener! Team 6WF vs Revolution…EZ will be able to get his hands on the new World Champ sooner than he expected. Team 6WF are first to enter the ring accompanied by the lovely Trish Stratus.

They are soon followed by Revolution, with 1 of its newly crowned champions E-Val but Hero nowhere to be seen. Real Dude takes a mic and announces that Hero’s fall from the cell has kept him out of this match-up. EZ Money is visibly frustrated in the ring and he makes his charge up the ramp to meet Revolution. Diablo, Rock and Finlay follow and we quickly have a 4 on 3 battle on the ramp with EZ Money paying particular attention to E-val.

Finlay and Cruiser Jim are the first two to actually make it into the ring and Cruiser Jim takes the initial advantage with a big boot to Finlay’s face. Cruiser waits for Finlay to get up before Irish Whipping him into the ropes and taking him down with a flying clothesline.

Gradually the other members of the teams make it to the apron and the match officially begins. Finlay reverses another Irish Whip into his own which he follows up with a bodyslam on the rebound that gains a 2 count. Finlay gives Rock V2 a tag and Rocky mounts a stomping offensive on Revolution’s muscle. As Cruiser tries to crawl to his corner, Rock attempts a sharpshooter, but Cruiser is far too fresh for that and reverses the hold and gets a tag to E-Val.

E-Val immediately leaps onto the top turnbuckle and lands a missile dropkick on Rock, and follows it up with a forward roll into a legdrop. Rock V2 rolls out of the ring for some recuperation and E-Val thrusts his fist into the air. EZ Money climbs in and retaliates with a neckbreaker which allows Rock to regain the advantage when he rolls back in. Rock takes E-Val into the corner and starts to unload some punches before whipping him to the other corner and quickly following with a body splash in the corner. Rock V2 gets the tag to EZ Money who stomps E-Val into the corner. EZ takes a moment to milk the crowd’s reception which allows E-Val to recover and he goes for the Rouge Spear. Trish yells to EZ to hit the floor which he does. E-Val spears the thin air above EZ’s laying body and appears to hurt his shoulder. EZ always quick to capitalize on a weakness locks in a Crossface, wrenching on E-Val’s shoulder as well as his neck. E-Val clearly in some discomfort taps out to the hold and rolls to the outside writhing in pain. Real Dude takes it upon himself to enter next.
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (21/01)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:10 am

EZ Money takes the early initiative over Real Dude too. EZ is on fire in this match, clearly anxious to send a message to Revolution’s “injured” leader. EZ hits a big Samoan Drop on Real Dude and follows up with a neatly executed armbar. Real Dude struggles free and gets to his feet only to be whipped into the ropes by EZ and put into another Crossface from the rebound. Real Dude wriggles to the ropes and manages to grab hold of the bottom rope. EZ shows no signs of releasing the hold and suddenly E-Val from the outside slams a steel chair into EZ’s face. Real Dude capitalizes with a simple cradle pin to gain the 3 count. EZ quickly recovers from the chair shot and chases E-Val to the backstage area.

Diablo enters the action for the first time but is met with a great dropkick from Real Dude. Real Dude tries an ambitious pin which is met with a one count and allows Diablo time to get to his feet. Diablo hits a suplex on Real Dude and follows it over for a one count of his own. The two men trade quick, technically perfect moves and Diablo hits the biggest with a Release German Suplex. Just as Real Dude hits the mat the lights go out. The lights stay out for over a minute, and when they come back on Diablo and Real Dude are flat out and bloodied, Real Dude’s hand over Diablo’s torso. The ref counts to three. Finlay and Rock V2 look at each other and look around disturbed, then get even more disturbed at the absence of Trish Stratus at ringside. She has completely disappeared!

Rock V2 takes to the action and pins Real Dude who is also completely out of it. The EMT’s run to the ring to take away Diablo and Real Dude, yet another two victims of Nemesis’ brutality.

This leaves Rock V2 and Finlay vs Cruiser Jim and the 6WFers waste no time in utilizing their man advantage, trading quick tags in their own corner, beating down the last remaining Revolution member. Finlay goes for the roll-up pin to end the match…1…..2….Cruiser uses his phenomenal power to reverse it…1….2…..Rock V2 intervenes and rolls it back the other way and uses his weight to keep the pin steady for the 3 count!

Here are your winners 6WF with Finlay and Rock V2 progressing!

MATCH 2 : DXNT vs Team TAW

Pheonix Rose, Ethan Page, Acer & Zi Zheng
SCSA, Randy Peeper, GWC & Marvelous Mike Manning

The fans are thrilled to see DXNT in action for the first time. Pheonix and Ethan stroll out with their guest member Zi Zheng, behind the roaring motorcycle of Commissioner Acer. They are followed by a horrendous reception for Team TAW. The hostile 6WF crowd as unforgiving as ever to the invaders.

Ethan Page and SCSA start this match up and Ethan is eager to show Pheonix that he won’t let his enthusiasm to impress the crowd come before winning a match again. Ethan lands some unpretty chops across SCSA’s chest that are still met with a chorus of “Woooooo”s from the adoring fans. SCSA reverses one and whips Ethan into the TAW corner and the four of them begin beating down the youngster. This prompts the DXNT team to storm the ring and all hell breaks loose between the eight men. Pheonix takes SCSA to the outside and launches him into the steel steps. Acer and Randy Peeper also end up on the outside with Randy taking advantage of Acer’s leg injuries, first by hitting a chop block and applying a figure 4 leg lock. In the ring Ethan is battling with GWC and Zi Zheng takes on MMM. The titantron kicks in and shows a weird video, a distorted image of Trish appears on screen. Zheng is clearly disturbed by the image and takes his leave of the ring, running to the backstage area to find his friend. Ethan calls out for Zheng to come back but to no avail and as he turns back around he’s met with a 3D by GWC and MMM, who gain the three count to eliminate Ethan Page.

The odds already look stacked against DXNT who are at least a man down and don’t seem to be able to count on Zheng returning either. Pheonix scoops up SCSA and puts him on the announcer’s table. In the ring Acer, now recovered from the earlier assault executes a fantastic hurrancaranna on Randy and yells to Pheonix to get out of the way. Acer runs and leaps onto the turnbuckle, then rapidly launches himself off, landing a swanton bomb on SCSA, sending them both crashing through the commentary table. Acer rolls away from the carnage as Pheonix puts an ankle lock on the broken SCSA which he taps out to.

With Acer lying in a mess on the floor from his heroic swan dive, MMM, GWC and Randy Peeper now pick their opportunity to take apart Pheonix Rose. They take it in turns to land leg drops and stomps. Then as MMM goes for a leg drop, Pheonix pounces like a snake to catch his landing leg and hyper-extend his knee, causing MMM to tap to the heinous hold immediately, even before one of his team mates can break it up.

We are now back to 2 on 2. Pheonix Rose and Acer vs GWC and Randy Peeper. But its still a handicap match as Acer is still recovering amongst the carnage of his creation, so GWC and Randy again take it upon themselves to double team the 6WFer. The TAW stars again try to hit the same 3D they took Ethan Page out with but Pheonix is wise to it and as GWC lifts him into the air he comes down with a roll over neckbreaker, he twists as he hits the floor and instantaneously turns it into a sleeper hold which this time is broken up by Randy. We are really seeing how deep Pheonix Rose’s talent runs tonight. He’s turning every assault into a submission hold. The ref finally gains some control and sends Randy to his corner, leaving Pheonix and GWC as the legal men.

GWC finally gains some momentum on Pheonix when Pheonix catches hold of a kick but GWC quickly re-counters with an enziguri. GWC applies a little sleeper of his own which quickly turns into a chokehold which is spotted by the referee and broken up. Again GWC takes down Pheonix and applies a second chokehold. This time Acer appears outside the ring and punches GWC through the ropes to break it up. Peeper takes a dive from the apron and spears the 6WF Commissioner to the ground. Pheonix Rose uses the attack from Acer to roll backwards and apply a boston crab. It looks like GWC is going to tap when the lights in the arena go out for a second time. GWC can be heard screaming and tapping out to Pheonix’s hold but it can’t be seen, then the screaming stops. The lights come back on and Pheonix isn’t there. Pheonix has disappeared just like Trish earlier. Randy Peeper takes hold of Acer on the outside and launches him into the other steel steps, leg first. Then he lies Acer’s injured leg on the steel and slams a chair on top of it. Once he’s satisfied he’s done enough damage to the injured commissioner he rolls him into the ring. GWC hits the 6WF Commissioner with a powerbomb. Not content he picks him up again and hits another. GWC has a thirst for destruction and powerbombs Acer for a third time before covering him for a 3 count.

Commentator : What a final we have now! Team 6WF of Finlay and Rock V2 vs TAW’s team of GWC and Randy Peeper. The two companies will do battle once again. I can’t wait!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (21/01)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:11 am

MATCH 3 : The Saint vs JSS

The Saint dominated this match from the off. The powerhouse who has been terrorizing Zi Zheng and Ethan Page with brutal assaults over the last few weeks was showing off why he is regarded as such an exciting prospect in 6WF. Hitting a number of powerful moves, JSS was struggling to keep up with the intensity of the match.

JSS is never to be taken lightly though, and this was proved when he escaped The Saint’s grasp for just a second and capitalized, running to the ropes and executing an Asai Moonsault into a hurrancarrana, gaining a 2 count.

Again after breaking the pin, The Saint resumed the offensive, and a torture rack looked like ending the match by submission, but JSS just wriggled free, only to be met by a powerful clothesline. The Saint stalked JSS waiting to hit another power clothesline but this one was avoided by JSS and was met head on by the referee.

With the ref out, The Saint hits JSS with a piledriver and seeing the chance to inflict some more suffering, goes to the outside to get a chair. The Saint gets back in the ring and raises the chair to attack JSS. The Japanese Show Stopper again showing that he’s no slouch meets the chair with a sweet chin music straight into The Saint’s face. JSS covers his opponent, kicking the evidence out of the ring, just as the referee recovers to make a 3 count.

MAIN EVENT : Team 6WF vs Team TAW
Rock V2 & Finlay vs Randy Peeper and GWC

Chants of “6WF 6WF 6WF!” roll around the arena like thunder as the two teams make their way to the ring. The chants are deafening and Rock V2 and Finlay look ready for the fight, clearly enthused by the pop of the crowd.

The match starts with Rock V2 and Randy Peeper in the ring. They tentatively lock up for the first time but it breaks down. They lock up again but again the test of strength breaks down. They lock up for a third time but Randy hits Rocky with a knee to the ribs, and slings him into the ropes. On the rebound Peeper hits a powerslam. He follows up with a legdrop straight across Rocky’s chest. Peeper gets an early tag to GWC who follows up on the early initiative, putting a sleeper hold onto Rock V2. The ref raises Rock’s hand and lets it drop once, and again. The third time Rock V2 battles back and starts elbowing GWC to release the hold. Rock V2 struggles free and belly to belly suplexes GWC to the floor, followed up with an elbow drop. Rock V2 goes for another elbow drop which is evaded by GWC who grabs his arm on the way down to implement an arm bar. When Rock gets out of the hold he’s taken down again by a bulldog followed by another sleeper hold. Finlay is itching to get in the ring to help his teammate as Rock fights back on three again.

This time Rock manages a Russian leg sweep and makes it to his corner to tag in Finlay. Finlay burst into the ring and clotheslines GWC to the floor. He follows through and takes Randy Peeper to the outside. Rock V2 meets Randy outside and they start to brawl on the ramp, heading up towards the stage.

Finlay has GWC in a leg lock in the centre of the ring but GWC manages to find a way to the ropes. Finlay releases the hold but doesn’t release his grip on GWC’s legs and he slingshots his opponent across to the other side of the ring.

Back at the stage Rock V2 and Randy Peeper are still fighting, trading blows one for one. Rock V2 gets in a kick to Randy’s groin and lands a DDT on the steel. Rock signals for the People’s elbow on the stage. As he runs to his left Randy Peeper flicks himself up off the floor and meets Rock on his return with a overhead belly to belly suplex straight off the stage!


In the ring Finlay hits a hanging suplex on his opponent and points to the top turnbuckle. He goes to the top and lands a perfectly executed moonsault on GWC which gains a 3 count. As Finlay celebrates GWC’s elimination, Randy Peeper climbs the turnbuckle behind him. Finlay turns around and is met with a Tornado DDT. GWC refuses to leave the ring and helps Randy hit a Spike Piledriver on Finlay. As the referee tries to remove a reluctant GWC, Randy Peeper stand on Finlay’s throat, choking him out. As the referee turns back Peeper puts a Tazzmission on Finlay who is already unconscious. The referee calls for the bell and declares Team TAW the winners of Survival.

Randy Peeper goes to the corner of the arena where there are a bunch of wild TAW fans who embrace their hero. The rest of the arena are booing ferociously. The rest of TAW come to the ring to celebrate with their fans.

The lights go out…when they come back on Zi Zheng and Pheonix Rose are laid in the ring, both a bloody mess. There is still no sign of Trish Stratus. Randy Peeper picks up a note that has been left in the ring and passes it to the commentator.

Commentator : What the hell? “To eat a rose you have to spit out the thorns” What does that mean? Trish? I have bad feeling about Trish Stratus! Nemesis has to be stopped now! And look at that damned TAW team. Still celebrating like nothing has happened. 6WF is in grave trouble folks. This could be the beginning of the end for 6WF. First Revolution take our titles, then TAW take our pride and now Nemesis is taking our spirit and anything else he likes!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Survival Results (21/01)   

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Survival Results (21/01)
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