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 Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)

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PostSubject: Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:15 am

Backstage in Acers office, with RockV2 and Acer himself. (RockV2: Acer, who am I facing tonight?) (Acer: It is a surprise Rocky. However I will give you a clue. This man has wrestled in the same team as EZ Money, and was trained by him also) (RockV2: Thanks, I think I know who it is now).

Match 1: Finlay v Phoenix Rose.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this match…
The announcer is cut-off by the sound of Acers music. The commissioner walks down to the ring, with a briefcase in his hand. He grabs the microphone.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, this match will NOT be for one- fall (Crowd boo) Trust me, don’t boo my decision, you’ll regret it.

Now in this briefcase, there is a belt, not a buckled belt…Hell No! This belt is to crown a new champion, and not just a bog standard champion oh no! This belt is for the 6WF Hardcore Title. (Crowd roars in appreciation).

Sorry to take your job from you, Mr. Announcer, but I’ll introduce this match:
This match is for the NEW 6WF Hardcore Title…and it is a LADDER MATCH! The winner of this match will be the first man to grab the case hanging above the ring, or to pin or force his opponent into submission.

Now, Mr. Announcer, you know what to do.’
(Acer exits through the curtain).

Introducing the first participant…Finlay.

Finlay walks out to the ring with the fans chanting his name. He walks down the ramp, and taps hands with everyone in the front row.

And his opponent…Phoenix Rose.

Phoenix comes out to the chants of ‘Phoenix, Phoenix’. In his hand is a DVD in a case, which presumably is the DVD that he has been threatening EZ Money with.

Both men shake hands, and the match is on.

Match 1: Finlay v Phoenix Rose (for the 6WF Hardcore Title). Ladder Match.

Both men throw punches, until Finlay hits a clothesline. He climbs out of the ring and gets a ladder from under the ring. Phoenix sees this and dives over ropes in an attempt to take Finlay down with a cross-body splash. Unfortunately he gets a face-ful of ladder. Finlay gets another ladder, and with this takes Phoenix down and then hits a suplex on it. After putting Rose in a ladder sandwich, Finlay climbs into the ring and goes to the top-rope, something that he has never done before. With the crowd screaming ‘HOLY SH*T’ Finlay executes a perfect Moonsault, crushing Phoenix in the process. Finlay goes for the pin, but only gets a two-count. The Fighting Irishman grabs one of the ladders and sets it up in the ring and starts climbing. After slowly getting to his feet, Phoenix rushes into the ring and pulls Finlay off the ladder, knocking it onto the ropes. Phoenix goes for a scoop-slam, but Finlay counters and hits a reverse DDT. He picks up the ladder, stands it up next to the ropes and climbs. Phoenix climbs and both men slog it out, until Finlay gets the advantage, and attempts a Celtic Cross. Sensing defeat, Phoenix counters and hits a Superplex off the ladder…THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! With the crowd chanting ‘HOLY SH*T, HOLY SH*T’, Phoenix puts his hand on Finlays chest, and the ref counts to three.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and NEW 6WF Hardcore Champion…Phoenix Rose.

EMTs rush out to check on the wrestlers. After about five minutes and with the help of the EMTs, both men are standing to a standing ovation, Phoenix cradling his newly won title.
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PostSubject: Re: Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:15 am

Promo: Backstage with Team Worthy. (Worthy: Tonight we three go into battle with the three biggest pieces of trash in the 6WF. I know that my team will prevail, as the two men behind me, I have undeniable trust in, and know that they will have my back…and I will have theirs). (Acer: Diablo, doing what EZ says ain’t gonna help you pal, because he can’t stop you from facing Phoenix. And to be honest, do you think he really has your back? Also, you should go for this match for yourself, and then you get to choose the match in which you face RockV2 for the number one contendership). All three members walk out of shot.

Match 2: RockV2 v Mystery Opponent.

This match is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first…RockV2.

RockV2 walks through the curtain, with the fans chanting his name.

And his opponent…………TB!!!!

The fans go into silence, before booing the man who jumped ship to TAW.

RockV2 is on the attack from the start, and it is clear that TBs desk-job in TAW has hindered his in-ring abilities, as he can not defend against RockV2s offense. When he gets his chance, TB hits RockV2 with some EZ Monet-esque moves, which RockV2 counters easily. This match is over when RockV2 hits a Rock-Bottom off the top-rope for the win.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner…the number one contender…RockV2.

Promo: Backstage with Team EZ. (EZ: (Mimicking voice) they have my back, and I’ll have theirs. (Normal) Worthy, what has got into you? You used to be one who wrestled by himself, for himself. Anyway it doesn’t matter, as I will beat all your team single-handedly because I am the ratings… (Cut-off by Diablo) How the hell are you going to beat those single-handedly? You can’t beat anybody fairly one-on-one. Why should I listen to you, you filthy piece of sh*t?) (EZ) You see the team name. Team EZ…my team. You will do whatever I say as it is my team, not yours, so when I say WILL jump. Now go get me a Lucozade a**hole) Diablo walks towards EZ and stands nose to nose, before walking out of shot, closely followed by Zi Zheng. (EZ: You see, I can control anybody, I can tell people what to do, that’s the power that the ratings winner has). He walks out of shot.
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PostSubject: Re: Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:16 am

Promo: The battle lines have been drawn. Three men on each team. Team EZ…EZ Money, Diablo and Zi Zheng…versus Team Worthy…Worthy, Acer and Golden Gillespie. Both members of each team have a hatred for one, if not all, members of the other team. These titans of the 6WF will collide tonight, in an elimination six-man tornado tag match…with a difference. If one member of each side is left, then the match will become a Last Man Standing match. Whoever wins this match will get to choose a match against whoever he wants, in whatever match he wants. The stakes in this match are high... the winner gets a match of his choice…the losers…get nothing.

Lades and Gentlemen, it is now time for tonight’s MAIN EVENT…introducing first…Zi Zheng, Diablo and EZ Money… Team EZ.

All three members of Team EZ enter the arena through the curtain, EZ ahead of the other two, with Diablo looking angryly at the champs back. When they are next to the ring, EZ tells Diablo to push down the second rope. After a brief stare-down, Diablo reluctantly obliges.

And their opponents…Worthy, Golden Gillespie and Acer…Team Worthy.

The fans stand in unison as their heroes in this match enter through the curtain, Acer with his head heavily bandaged because of the 3 gashes that he obtained at the hands of Diablo, Golden Gillespie with a chair in each hand; one with Diablo sprayed on it; the other with the name of Zi Zheng, and Worthy, with his internet title over his left shoulder. All three slide into the ring and go nose-to-nose with their opponents; Acer with Diablo, Golden Gillespie with Zi Zheng, and Worthy with EZ who has the Heavyweight belt raised.

Suddenly, all three members throw a punch at their opponents simultaneously. Acer throws Diablo to the outside, and EZ quickly follows, being pursued by Worthy, leaving Golden Gillespie in the ring with Zi Zheng. Zheng is clearly still suffering from Monday, and Gillespie takes advantage of this straight away. He hits a DDT, and then a Piledriver. Diablo breaks up the pin, but Acer then hits Diablo with a clothesline. Zi Zheng is on his feet and attempts to hit Acer, who ducks and hit the Destinator Dominator. Before Diablo can save his fallen protégée, both Golden Gillespie and Acer double drop-kick Diablo out of the ring and just as the referee makes the three-count, Acer hits a sentan bomb over the top ropes on Diablo, taking him to the floor below. As Gillespie kicks the pinned Zheng out, EZ attacks Worthy with his belt behind the refs back. When the referee turns and sees Worthy laid out on the outside of the ring, he goes to check on him, letting EZ creep into the ring, and blasts Golden Gillespie with his Heavyweight belt. As the ref turns round, the champ slides his belt out of the ring and covers the Golden One for the count of three. Diablo gives Acer a low-blow and then hits the Monday Night Draw with a powerbomb onto the concrete floor. He then rolls Worthy into the ring, and with the help of EZ, hits the 3D Deathdrop, and gets the pin. Now, Diablo and EZ turn their attention to Acer, whom they bring into the ring and then attempt the same 3D, but Acer manages to escape, kicking Diablo to the outside. Acer hits EZ with a Powerslam, and then a belly-to-back Superplex from the top rope. Diablo re-enters the ring and again hits a Powerbomb. EZ goes for the cover, but Diablo, realizing that a last man standing match with the already injured Acer will be easier than with EZ, pulls him off and hits a RKO on the ‘ratings winner’, letting Acer pin the champ. Now the last man standing rules come into play. Diablo attempts to end the match early, but Acer keeps getting up before the 10-count. Acer gets his chance to attack, hitting Diablo with a standing drop-kick. Diablo rolls out of the ring clutching his face, and without Acer knowing, picks up one of Gillespie’s chairs. Acer bounces off the ropes and dive through the ropes with a suicido dive; at the same time, Diablo swings the chair, hitting Acer square in the face. Acer lays motionless, with the colour of scarlet seeping through his bandage. The ref counts to 10.

Ladies and Gentlemen…here is your winner…Diablo.

Diablo stands above the motionless Acer, before raising his hands in triumph. He now has the choice of match to face RockV2 in on Friday for the number 1 contenders slot.
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PostSubject: Re: Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)   

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Wednesday Wipeout Results (12/12/2007)
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