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 War Results (26/11)

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PostSubject: War Results (26/11)   Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:21 pm

TKO & Big Bang Vs The Red Devils - 6WF World Tag Team titles
This was a rematch from born in fire and both teams showed the same passion. It was the red devils who came out on top this time with Python hitting with a flying legdrop on TKo to get the win- The Red Devils- new tag team champs

The Reaper Vs Gleebo
Reaper and Gleebo went at it in a battle that went all over the arena however Reaper ended it with a ddt at the 20 minute mark
Winner Reaper

Team Vega (Golden Vega, JSS, Golden Gillespie & Acer) Vs Eval Villians (E Z Money, Eval, Tuberculoris & Double B) - Tornado Elimination Match. No DQ
The only way to describe this match was as a war. With all the team members legal in the match and no dq this was brutal. It was The Eval Alliance that scored the first pinfall when Double B and TB double suplexed JSS onto a steel chair. Double B went for the cover and the pin. EZ money got the second when he hit Golden Vega with a Rock bottom to get the pin. Acer got the first for his team when he blasted Eval with a viscous superkick pinning the Internet champ. Golden Gillespie got the second when he leveled Double B with a spear. Acer then made it two on 1 with a swanton bomb onto Tuberculris. EZ Money evened it once again blasting with by DDT acer onto a chair to get the pin. GG na Ez faced off fighting each other across the arena and back to the ring. EZ went for a powerbomb but Gillespie turned it into a ddt of his own quickly covering the champ for the 3 count and the win. AS EZ staggard back to the locker rooms GG watched from the ring signalling that he was coming after EZ for the title
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War Results (26/11)
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